This Must End: Another Asinine Court Rules Against the Trump Travel Ban

On Thursday, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals joined the league of disgraceful judicial activism when they ruled against President Trump’s Middle Eastern travel ban with the absurd justification that it was “unconstitutionally tainted with animus toward Islam.”

We’d like to sit down with each of the 9 liberal judges who signed onto this ludicrous opinion and have them point out to us in the Constitution exactly where they derived this nonsense. And when they tried to point to the First Amendment, we’d slap them in their dumb faces with a photograph of the World Trade Center.

Nothing about the time-tested concept of freedom of religion means the U.S. has to stick its head in the sand and pretend we don’t see what’s really happening. As the left LOVES to say about the Second Amendment: The Constitution is not a suicide pact. Except in this case, there’s actually nothing in the Constitution that comes CLOSE to saying that an executive order must not be “tainted with animus toward Islam,” even if you can prove that it is. Which is also highly debatable.

The Supreme Court has already issued a temporary ruling putting the ban back into effect (though by now much of it has lapsed) and it already set to consider the ban’s constitutionality in full thanks to prior rulings against it. But this hasn’t stopped the 4th Circuit and one other appeals court from striking it down anew, using the same, tired arguments that have been rejected before.

The premise of this ruling and some of the others is that by making remarks about a “Muslim ban” on the campaign trail, Trump magically gave up some portion of his right to exercise authority over incoming travelers and national security. Presumably, if he’d made disparaging remarks about all other religions, he would be stripped entirely of his ability to mark any country on the planet for travel restrictions. Which is patently ridiculous, absent from any law that any Congress has ever passed, and should result in every single one of these judges being thrown off the court in disgrace.

“An objective observer could conclude that the President’s repeated statements convey the primary purpose of the Proclamation — to exclude Muslims from the United States,” wrote Judge Roger Gregory, a Clinton appointee. “In fact, it is hard to imagine how an objective observer could come to any other conclusion when the president’s own deputy press secretary made this connection express.”

Well, here’s how:

There are NON-MUSLIM countries on the ban list. How about that, that wasn’t so hard.

Many MUSLIM countries are NOT on the list. Wow, we did it again.

Oh, and there’s nothing in the text of the order that says one word about banning Muslims. See, it’s easy unless you’re a liberal activist with an ax to grind, masquerading as an impartial man of the law.

Frankly, we think that circumstances being as they are, even a temporary ban of all Muslims could reasonably pass the test of law, but that isn’t what this is and it isn’t something we need to litigate. These judges need to get their minds right, the Supreme Court needs to correct these massively biased decisions, and we need to do what’s best for the security of our nation.


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  1. When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty…

  2. There ruling was derived from their ideology…

    It will never make sense to anyone that is not a liberal.

  3. The Lib’s are for almost all of the Laws that allow them to do things that are almost against the Law! In this case they are against any Law that is good Law! So, they have us in this pickle because it is against the Law to shot Left-leaning politicians and very Left-leaning Judges!

  4. Lay the law in front of these Judges that authorizes the President to protect citizens,

    and make the Judges “Justify” their decision “in context” with the law.

    “IF” they can’t, remove them from the courts.

    Bias in any decision is as much a “Crime” as the crime charged in the case.

    We don’t want “Criminals” as Judges.

    • HELL, we have a few in the SCOTUS that “legislate from the bench” due to their “personal” political “feelings” and corrupt “beliefs”. MOST just seem to have a “D” after their “title”.
      They are there to uphold the LAW, and go by the CONSTITUTION as WRITTEN, but are seemed to be given “latitude” to push THEIR OWN “personal beliefs”. (or send it back to the “lower courts” because they are too cowardly to go by the rule of Law and let the “lesser courts” take the “HEAT”.) I agree it is long past due to hold the dictators in black robes as responsible for breaking or “changing” the law as much as we the “common citizen” would be if WE tried to do the same..

    • There are many of them. The 9th Circus Court is one of them.

  5. men and hores in black…Levin had it right..

  6. Trump must ignore their ignorance and their illegal decisions. They do not have the power. Trump as the top law maker and DACA represents illegals in our country. Get them out!

  7. As I have said before, the President should just ignore these fools and do what’s necessary to protect the American public. He knows what the Supreme Court has ruled.

    • So you are in favor of the US being a dictatorship.

      • Only a delusional democrat would make such a stupid suggestion. Since you obviously have comprehension problems, let me more fully explain. The Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, has already ruled on this travel ban business. That court has upheld the Trump administration’s travel ban; therefore, a lower court has no standing.

      • where the hell do you get that

  8. The ruling is based on the Constitution as a result of Trump’s bragged about desire to discriminate. Trump can not escape the condescending things he has loudly proclaimed about Mexicans and Muslims. He said it he meant to say it and the Constitution prevent’s his using discrimination based on prejudice being turned into policy.

  9. Will, hopefully the next terrorist attack will be on them…. That’s is horrible to say and not Christian like but this is really getting ridiculous…

  10. Richard Bagenstose

    funny how no one ever talks about the law on the books saying islam is not compatable with our laws , and i think that law was pasted in the 60’s or 70’s , these judges should be made to prove their decisions and if they can’t they get removed from the bench , they are here to enforce our laws , not to rewrite them, just like congress , you show me where it says in the constitution we have to let illegals into our country , that’s why we do have immigration laws , but because congress wants to change the law with out rewriting it ,makes what they are trying to do illegal, until you rewrite the laws enforce them as written now , have a bunch of morons running the country

    • And a bunch of morons voting these morons into power.

      • They Should Be Much Better Vetting By The Voters Of Who Is Elected Federal Judges. Voters Should Be Exceedingly Selective About Who Will Be Seated On The Federal Court Benches And That They Correctly And Consistently Interpret The Laws Of This Country While At The Same Time Disregarding Their Political Alliances.

        • Federal judges should be subject to term limitations. This “lifetime appointment” crap is what is part of that which is ruining this country with liberalism.

          • Agreed.

          • I Agree That Federal Judges As Well As Members Of Both Chambers Of Congress Should Be Subjected To Term Limits Which Would Drastically End This Form Of Government Corruption. If There Is Going To Be An Serious Effort To Drain The Corruption Swamp That Is Washington, D.C This Is The Most Appropriate Point To Begin.

          • You, I, and many other citizens know this. Trump said there should be term limits on Congress. That is one of the reason the good ole boys establishment on both sides of the aisle hate him & want him out of office. Does Congress have the sole say on term limits? If so, it will never happen & we remain screwed.

          • Said this many many years ago.Absolutely ludicrous!

        • Federal judges are appointed by POTUS’ not elected at all.

    • We already have a lot of morons in office:(:(:( MAGA is exactly what our POTUS is trying to fix now. So far, is doing a good job. MAGA

    • June of ’52; the McCarran-Walter act, and it was signed into law by HS Truman!

  11. Two things here. Number 1: the Supreme Court has already ruled on this to the extend the appeals court has no say in the matter since the Supreme Court did not refer it back to the appeals court. So the Administration should just ignore these bozos. Number 2: Islam is a totalitarian political ideology disguised as a religion and should not be dealt with as a religion. It was created by a barbarian warlord named mohammed as a way to coerce ignorant peoples into submitting to his rule. Has worked as planned for 1400 years! True, the majority of Muslims practice Islam as a religion because they don’t know any better. However, the Jihadists practice Islam just as mohammed intended with barbarism and terror.

  12. Congress Impeaching These Activist Judges For Gross Misconduct In Their Official Capacity As Federal Judges Should Be The Next Thing To Happen To End This Deliberate Obstruction Of An Sitting President And Of The Government For Explicitly Partisan Political Purposes Which Serves Only To Cause Much Harm To This Country Through Blind Obligation To Their Political Ideology. Such Activities By These Activist Judges Are Unethical As Well As An Legal Abomination And Should Be Punished By Removal For The Best Interest Of This Country’s Legal System And In The Best Interest Of Justice Itself. The American People Deserves Much Better!

  13. Time for President Trump to start weeding out these lame judges! They have no business ruling on this or any other Presidental ruling. Where were they when Odummer did the uranium sale to Russia? When Killary got away with murder in the Benghazi incident? What a waste they are!!

  14. How does anyone go about shopping for the right judge or court, and why is it allowed?

    • If you are liberal and want a liberal decision go to the 9th circuit is one way.

      • It is amazing! Obama was able to liberalize the courts, the administration, including all departments, and a good portion of the Republicans. And, he did this all in 8 yrs or less. IMO Islam is not a religion, it is a cult and our elected President needs to clean house and drain the swamp

  15. That’s what happens when you have a bunch of libs as judges.

    • What they are is activists pretending to be “judges” and legislating from their benches, instead of adjudicating according to the laws as written.

  16. The oath these judges take is only a matter of ceremony to them. They answer a matter before they hear it and bring folly and shame to themselves and the court. They tip the scales in favor of their prejudices and subvert the law to protect those who share their ideology, both of these are an abomination against justice and truth. They show favor to the elites and ignore the common man and by their actions they are a curse to the people and the nation groans.

  17. The 4th and 9th Curcuits have gone rogue! The SCOTUS has already ruled regarding this matter. The law is crystal clear — that a president has the absolute right to exclude anyone or any group of individuals from entry into the U. S. if the president unilaterally (without the involvement of any court) determines that they represent a threat to our national security and/or a threat to American citizens. (Leftist judges who ruled based on President Trump’s campaign statements, and for other purely political excuses, constituted illegal obstruction of President Trump’s lawful Executive powers; and those judges should be summarily removed from the bench. Period!

    President Trump needs to move forward to implement an indefinite ban on Muslim immigration…and for one very logical and practical reason, namely that faithful (i.e., “Sharia-supremacist”) Muslims CANNOT assimilate into our culture of democracy and individual freedom, and yet remain faithful to their faith…the theocratic tenets of the Qur’an, the Hadiths and Sharia law. Muslims are forbidden to swear allegiance to any laws other than those proclaimed by their prophet, Mohammed. The individual rights enumerated in OUR Constitution are in direct opposition to their dictatorial and hateful teachings regarding how their followers are permitted to act towards non-believers… “infidels” like us. So…, leaving Muslims in Muslim-dominated countries is a “no-brainer” for minimizing both “civilization jihad” and violent jihad in America.

    When your ultimate goal is to overthrow all western-style democracies, plus any constitutional republics like ours…and replace them with a world-wide Islamic Caliphate (the Muslim’s only vision for “peace”), the items below speak volumes to those who are actually paying attention :

  18. The Courts are making up laws as they go along. We must speak up to our legislators and remind them that the Justices are not gods that can supersede our Constitution. The only way to stop this is to make sure that we elect persons to office who will not subject us to globalist concepts and make sure they understand the Constitution. The next thing is to begin to impeach each and every judge who thinks they can create their own laws.

    • Lester E. Martin Jr.

      Are you serious, speak-up to our legislators ? ? ? ? Do you believe they actually listen to “WE THE PEOPLE” ? ? ? ? I doubt it very much or things wouldn’t have gotten this bad ! ! ! ! They have their own agenda and it doesn’t include anything “WE THE PEOPLE” have to say ! ! ! ! It’s the same way every time a new politician heads to Washington with good intentions of straightening things out, but alas he falls victim to the “GOOD OLD BOYS CLUB” and everything remains the same “NO IMPROVEMENT” ! ! ! ! I think that “WE THE PEOPLE ” should vote everyone of our “POLITICIANS” out of office and vote new ones in ! ! ! ! ! Definition…..”POLITICS”…Poli is Latin for many….and tics are blood sucking critters ! ! “NEED I SAY MORE”……! ! ! ! !

      • Have you ever attended your Precinct Convention after the primary?. Have you ever participated in your County Convention? Have you ever been to your State’s Party Convention? Have you ever noticed how conservative the state of Texas Is? Christians got involved on the Grass Roots level. I am a precinct chair in my city in the Republican Party. The Reason why Texas is so Pro-life is because we Christians got involved. You can’t just vote. You have to go to your Conventions and get involved. You don’t have to take up arms like in the American Revolution. You have to get involved in your political party’s decisions. With the help of the Christian Coalition in the 80’s, my wife and I found out how we can make a difference. Do you like Ted Cruz? I have spoken with him and know what a powerful Christian he is. That is why he is not well liked by the Senate. Gohmert is another strong Christian. We need to elect more of these than the ones who claim they are conservative and remove the Rinos. I think we also need to remove the Chrinos as well–Christians in name only. You CAN make a difference.

  19. It is Congress’ duty to review these judges and to impeach them when appropriate.

    Yet another dereliction of duty.

  20. Seems Obama reach has included our court system My attorney quit in a product liability case then I find her spending her time speaking with Nancy Pelosi on women’s health. Well my daughter has been totally destroyed. Getting new attorneys and refiling with the same judge now this product liability sits in court in Chicago not moving at all from early last year . Now it seems our judge has quit. What the hell is going on in our country. Meanwhile I have run out of funds to take care of my daughter. No Senator or representative from my state even return my call about the situation.

  21. The 9th and 4th U.S. Circuit Court of should be FIRED.

  22. DirtyDaveyDownEast

    Islam is most incompatible with AMERICAN civilization as it is intolerant of any other religion, government, culture or society. Actually; there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim which these judges and others like to point to. Should the radical worldwide Caliphate ever come into being all AMERICAN Muslims will never choose AMERICA’s Judeo-Christian morals, ethics and values, but the morals, ethics and values of radical Islam.

    I refuse to believe Muslims do not realize where their money goes when they give to Muslim charities at their Mosques. These Muslims came to AMERICA, tha Greatest Nation Evah, to earn AMERICAN money then give that money to Muslim charities, (read terrorist groups), to be used against AMERICA. I don’t think we should ever have allowed them into AMERICA in the first place. The Barbary Wars taught our early leaders just who and what they really are.

    Maybe we should keep the illegal aliens coming across the Mexican border and deport the Muslims instead.


  23. Carol Juliano Popp

    Stupid liberals spend more time trying to short change Americans than they do anything else….including the jobs we elected them to do. Protect our borders and our citizens!

  24. I think it is high time these liberal “judges” are removed from the bench for the good of the country and it’s future.
    If my reading of our Constitution is right, the President has the powers to restrict immigration into this country. We may be the ‘melting pot’ of the world, but we don’t have to accept those that wish us death. That southern border can be sealed so tight a cockroach couldn’t get through if those weakling, snowflakes, cry baby so called legislators in the ‘Swamp’ would just get off their collective asses and do it. The more they deny securing the border, the more I am inclined to believe they have a vested interest in the drug cartels.

    • Sure they do, why do you think that they are so screwed up

      • Lester E. Martin Jr.

        Where do you suppose they get the money they use to live so high on the hog, my guess is drug money ! ! ! ! My monthly income wouldn’t even pay the tips on their meals, and yet they seem to live like kings, and there are individuals in this country who have less of an income than I do ! ! ! ! No wonder there are so many on welfare, food stamps (I’m only allowed $5.00 in food stamps) and in lines at soup kitchens! ! ! !

  25. When in the hell did glorified lawyers wearing black robes become POTUS? Citizens did not elect them! These left wing radical bozos should be literally thrown off the bench, if not jailed for being a threat to the security of the USA. Ruthie Ginsberg of the SCOTUS is a prime example of a far left wing radical whack job who should not be wearing a black robe! Her comment while a sitting justice about leaving the USA if Trump became President showed what a radical she is! That alone should have been cause too strip her of her robe. Further, that old coyote ugly broad is a prime example to eliminate life time appointments which is ludicrous! She belongs is a strait jacket in a padded cell, or at least in an old age home with her depends diapers & a truck load of laxatives!

  26. These out of control, bias, politically motivated judges must be impeached for obvious, purposeful mis-interpretation of the law.

  27. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 9th circuits are dominated by idiot judges.

  28. Everyone of the Clinton and Obama judges need to be replaced quickly!

  29. First year law students shouldn’t be appointed Judges.

  30. it is time to get rid all activis judges. they are suppose to rule on the constitution not on what their party says.they are all liers

    • Lester E. Martin Jr.

      All “TREASONISTS” from the “POLITICIANS” on down and “TERRORISTS” should be hanged (and televised not only to the U.S. but to the world) that way the world will know “WE THE PEOPLE” of the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” MEAN BUSINESS” ! ! ! !

  31. to the idiots in robes. The constitution is a document that protects american citizens from adverse actions of the government. It does not provide protection to foreign nationals seeking entry into the US. The executive branch has final authority on immigration.

  32. TREASONOUS !!!!!!!


  34. It will end when that day of true justice finally comes; and these judges are hanged.

    • Lester E. Martin Jr.

      I think we need a “HANGING JUDGE” to hang the judges ! ! ! !

      • Where is Judge Roy Bean when you need him.

      • I know there are millions of us, Lester. We’re just not organized. If we were, we couid solve most of America’s problems in less than 24 hours.

        • YES, Babyboomers: much of this is our fault. We have had the best of the U.S. for more than 50 years, and we’ve not been concerned about the direction of the nation. IT IS OUR responsibility and power; to stop this unAmerican/left/fascist/lawless democratic party from pushing their agenda on We the People. Another election, as with Trump 2016; in 11/2018 and WE MUST TURN OUT AT THE POLLS, elect new GOP, who make the promises to respect/honor our laws, our Constitution, etc., put U.S. citizens first. Ex: left who support sanctuary cities = lawless, AS THEY PROPOSE MORE AND MORE LAWS/regulations??? Not in the U.S. If more dems. are elected, THERE WILL BE NO MORE POSITIVE CHANGE IN OUR NATION.= FACT

  35. Get rid 0f these liberal judges!!! They are destroying our Country!

  36. I know exactly where they “derived this nonsense”. Right out from there lying, thieving democrat arse’s!

  37. muslims have been killing each other since islam was started in the 7th Century and it got even worse after the death of their beloved prophet died and the religion split. Whenever they run out of other muslims to kill they venture out into the rest of the world and kill those people for not accepting islam. islam teaches that you must convert to islam or you will become a slave or killed. islam teaches that a child can be marries off at 12 years old. islam teaches that a woman can be stoned to death for adultery with only the accusation of her husband. islam teaches that so call honor killings are allowed
    Se we are supposed to open or boarders and our hearts to people that are sworn to kill us if we do not bend to their way of life, people who feel that they are not subject to the laws of our country and can only be held accountable to the laws of islam
    I don’t know about the rest of the country but I take it a bet personally when someone thinks that it is Ok to kill me and my family

  38. Another Leftist Court with the Liberal Gene “Delusime” camiflaging their real intent — disrupting our Federal Govt’s ability to make America safe for legitimate Americans. Hopefully the Supreme Court will reinstate the ban while slapping the hands of those “Delusime” judges while putting them in time out forever!

    Since when does a District Court think they can change our Nation’s Security Actions? — Since that District Court is full of Leftist judges, not Patriot Judges. Paaaaaaathetic! ☆★☆★☆

  39. I just don’t understand why this country can’t uphold the laws on the books. In 1952, there was a Law passsed that EXPRESSLY DENIED ALL MUSLIMS from entering the USA.

    Enforce the laws on the books, for cry’n out loud!!!!

  40. It’s the Constitutional right of the president and not the say of the courts. He needs to implement the travel ban as he sees fit and not pay any attention to the courts. The longer it is delayed the more they will pour in. The supreme Court already made there decision and this court is trying to over rule it. If need be disband the court.

  41. These Judges & Liberals in general need to be made to eat the corpses of the next dead of an Islamic attack of which there will surely be one. They have not learned a thing from 9/11 and I wish them all death by cancer.

  42. Islam is not a religion. It is a cult set up by a killer pedophile called Mohammad. Qur’an says thou shall not break bread with Christians and Jews for they are our enemies and shall be destroyed. Also a verse like, Islam is a religion of peace and love for all those who believe Allah is the one true God. All others are infidels and shall be destroyed. If a person is of the ISLAM cult and believe the Qur’an like a Christian believe the Bible then you now know where you stand.
    PS: To pappy450 who already posted. I bet that city in Michigan is Dearborn.

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  45. The “opinion” is just part of the libs’ ongoing effort to defeat POTUS Trump at every opportunity. How would you like to have your case judged by these dishonest, jaded judges?

  46. Islam is not a religion…its an idiology and there is a law that states immigration can be stopped if the immigrants do not adhere to our constitution and our laws

  47. remove all of these so called judges

  48. Didn’t the Supreme Court already rule on this once? Need to replace a few judges that don’t get the Constituton.

  49. There is NO cure for stupid, and the worst part of stupid, is it is ON PURPOSE! All one has to do is to SEE history and know that histroy can prove: Muslims can NOTbe trusted! Muslims are here in this nation as they were in many countries that they took over to cause trouble and break down a nation thru Political Jihad and take over! Muslims are cowards; Remember Desrt Storm, the surrender en masse when he U.S. troops had then surrounded! Muslims are not soldiers they fight only thru population and political Jihad! then they take over! They use emotins and sensibilities to make people feel bad when they don’t get their way! SEE Sharia Law #1 and 2 as well mas the other 36 other S/Laws! Allah is NOT GOD, and Mohammed is NO Prophet as per Sura 6:50! READ a FREE Koran and study it and the Sharia Law and KNOW the enemy!


  51. Who in the hell elected these glorified lawyers wearing black robes POTUS? If these yahoos went by the Constitution & common sense, there would be no need to designate them as Liberal or Conservative judges?

  52. Just uphold the law. Muzzies were banned in 1952.

  53. these so called judges need to be fired and prosecuted for treason

  54. Fet all these animals out of the country….muslims, mexi, etc…We have enough ppl in America now…

  55. Why is the President putting up with this crap is he going to let every Nitwit Liberal Judge tell him what he can’t do?? Kick their Dumb @$$eS off the Bench …!!!!

  56. These libturd scumbag judges need to go the supreme court already lifted these judges bans. These asswipes should be shot after being canned. They obviously don’t give a damn about what the highest court in the land has already said a d for not following what they said every single one of them should be jailed in a federal prison. I think they would look great in those orange jumpsuits . The inmates would have fun with this scum.

  57. It’s a shame that you protect our upper class and they never have to be on ground level with us. First of all it’s the Presidents responsibility and the way I read it, the court system has no right ti interfere. If I were Sessions, I’d move forward, no questions asked, or just shout down immigration completely. We’ve lost all common sense !

  58. The court can legally be disbanded in that location and reactivated in another location with new justices due to judicial incompetence and documented animus toward the Constitution. The DOJ in league with Congress may implement this action…

  59. “One single object … [will merit] the endless gratitude of the society: that of restraining the judges from usurping legislation.” |

    —Thomas Jefferson (1825)

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