This Could Derail Fetterman’s Election Bid

A civic accountability organization is accusing Democratic Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman of failing to disclose several homes he owns to the public.

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) filed a complaint with the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Ethics Tuesday against Fetterman, according to the organization’s letter. The non-profit is requesting an investigation into Fetterman’s potentially failing to file a financial report on the eight homes he allegedly owns in Braddock, Pennsylvania.

Ethics rules require candidates and office holders to file a personal financial disclosure, including any properties owned by the person with a fair market value above $1,000. If an individual knowingly or willfully files a false report, they face a civil penalty of up to $50,000 and could also face criminal prosecution, according to the rules and standards of conduct of the U.S. Senate.

The executive director of FACT, Kendra Arnold, said that Fetterman’s financial report “is a clear violation of federal law and Senate ethics rules” because “candidates are well aware of their duty to comply with the law and have an affirmative duty to do so.” (RELATED: Washington Post Calls On John Fetterman To Debate ‘More Than Once’ As Candidate Continues To Duck Oz)

“The Senate Select Committee on Ethics must act to ensure compliance with the most basic ethics requirements to maintain the public’s trust,” Arnold added. “Senate candidate Fetterman’s failure to disclose his assets and apparent failure to comply with federal law must be investigated and appropriate sanctions imposed.”

The complaint comes as Fetterman has criticized Republican Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz’s wealth and the fact he owns several homes.

Original Article: Watchdog Group Accuses John Fetterman Of Breaking Federal Law | The Daily Caller

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  1. The democrat’s recuord in the senate leadership and Fetterman’s public positions on the issues should be enough to defeat him regardless of who’s running against him.

  2. Did Dr. Oz list his properties on the financial disclosure form? If he did why did Fetterman even mention it?

  3. Fetterman is a total hypocrite. He should not be elected for his lying about his financial record

  4. Fetterman is a total hypocrite. He should not be elected for his lying about his financial record. I have not posted this before so tell the truth and post it

  5. Fetterman should be allowed to run. He has ALL the qualities of a lying, deceitful liberal. He should lose by a landslide.


    I think Fetterman was put together with body parts from Karl Marx and Stalin!!

  7. That maybe true—but Dr. Oz is not winning because he is doing something wrong in his candidacy. Fetterman is an enigma. I hear some people saying he is from a wealthy family, and lives at home doing nothing, and now they say he owns 8 homes? Seriously? Which is it? I agree he IS a horrible candidate who is politically left of Bernie Sanders. If that is true, that alone DEFINITELY makes him a full blown COMMUNIST.

    Why can’t the people of Pennsylvania see this and know this guy is a fraud? Do they feel sorry for him because he had a stroke? If that is the case, no wonder Biden is President because we feel sorry for him because he has dementia??? I’m sorry, but political candidates like Fetterman and Biden have no place in politics with severe health issues. but Biden is there, and only the voters in Penn. can keep from making another mistake by electing Fetterman. And one other critical point. Fetterman’s election would be a Democrat pickup of a Republican seat, that would make it very hard for Republicans to win the Senate. Oz MUST win the seat just to hold it from flipping. Not a good situation for the GOP.

    • Being from PA I would never vote for someone who just moved here to run things in my name. That automatically puts Fetterman above OZ. I’ll probably go Libertarian like I always do.

      • Another wasted vote!
        That’s good thinking!!!
        Well… long as you’re convinced.
        “Let’s fold to the communists because someone moved to our state!!”

        • Aren’t they protective of our great rights? Vot for a loser and knowingly throw the race to the worst candidate. This is how communism is spread!

      • And your vote will be wasted on the libertarian who is never going to win and you’ll be stuck with a guy like fetterman that’s for emptying the jails, you have enough horrific crime in Phili get ready for more. Like I say if fetterman does win you all get what you voted for.

    • Bob, I’m from PA and am ashamed to say many Pennsylvanian’s will vote for Fetterman because the unions are doing everything they can to ensure votes are cast for a Democrat. The governor pretty much bought votes but giving UNION workers a $1,000 “thank you ” bonus for working through the pandemic. Never mind they were at home, many have never returned to offices to see clients and now permanently telework, the Governor recently gave all remaining contractual bonuses in August rather than let them occur over the next year. Union workers don’t vote for what is best for our country. They vote for what is best for themselves and sadly, it’s destroying our state and country.

    • Yea, but Dr Odds is no prize either. Other then he is crazy,,,(Tells people to drink water glasses full of vinegar???) Never mind he is a Turkish citizen. He was a card carrying member of the Turkish Army for 2 years and has sworn an oath of allegiance to the the Turkish Army. –

      Thn the cockamamie story about why he has to maintain his Turkish Citizenship. The talking head is a multi millionaire and claims he has to maintain the Turkish citizenship so he can “Take care” of his mother over there who has altzhimer’s and ,kind of like biden, doesn’t know WHERE she is. (1-He lives HERE so he spent very little time “taking care of his mom and 2-With his money why didn’t he pack her up and build her a room at his house with 24/7 nursing care. – Tell me the care over there is better then it is here)

      My problem is if he keeps his oath to the Turks how can we trust him with OUR secrets. If he breaks it how can we trust an Oath Beaker. Either way, You cannot trust him….(one more thing , He is a balls out RINO.) No win with this screwball.

      So in PA you got a choice between a self proclaimed communist crook and a rich nimrod RINO Nut case you cannot trust to take out the garbage at night.

      What was PRESIDENT TRUMP thinking when he endorsed this flake, and potential traitor . —- Well I guess RINO back stabbing Turk or not or not hope he beats the commie. Not by much but he is the lesser of 2 evils. —-


  8. Ah, the pot calling the kettle black.
    Typical Democrat.

  9. Nothing to investigate. Just look at firms that were filed. Either the 8 homes were listed or not. Pretty cut and dried. Don’t need a long drawn out investigation that will last until after election month (day) or til somebody’s picket gets lined to say nothing ti see here. What a dam joke, another investigation

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