Things Getting Very Ugly At Florida Gas Stations

Photo by Mehluli Hikwa on Unsplash

On Sunday, a Florida-based user posted a video on Twitter that allegedly shows a fight breaking out in southern Florida over who will get to use the pump next. The region is currently facing a significant gas shortage following extreme weather conditions and floods.

The Twitter user @TrainLikeDime is a Miami-based woman who posted the video with the message “They really [are] about to fight out here over gas.” As she alleges, four people got into a fight over who would get to use the pump next. The clip shows three drivers arguing, but what they are saying cannot exactly be heard. According to the Twitter user, it took her 40 minutes to get gas on that day.

Other Twitter users have shared similar experiences stating that they were struggling to find a gas station that was open and operating, as most of them had “No gas” signs. CBS News Miami correspondent Cristian Benavides also questioned in a tweet which gas station in South Florida still had gas, stating that he found one in Doral where he could get gas.

Following the extreme flooding in Florida, delivery trucks have been unable to make their regular gas deliveries, especially as the heavy rain blocked eastern Broward County following the floods in Port Everglades roads. According to local news stations, there are long lines for gas across Miami-Dade and Broward counties with many drivers waiting up to an hour in line in order to get gas along the U.S. Route 1.