Thief Carjacks Man Over Chicken Nuggets

That’s fowl.

A hangry Florida man carjacked a Wendy’s customer at gunpoint — for refusing to buy him chicken nuggets, according to reports.

Miami-Dade police said the victim had just parked his car and was heading into the fast-food chain when John Earl Taylor, 34, asked him to buy him some food.

The victim explained that he only had enough money to purchase his own meal and went into the eatery, according to Local 10.

As he returned to his vehicle after eating, Taylor again approached him — this time brandishing a semi-automatic pistol with an extended magazine.

Coveting more than nuggets at this point, Taylor ordered the victim to hand over his gold chain and car keys before speeding off in the vehicle, according to reports.

A burglary detective spotted the stolen car parked nearby Friday morning, but Taylor hopped in and fled as backup units arrived.

With cops giving chase, Taylor eventually crashed the car and was taken into custody.

He faces a slew of felony raps, including armed robbery, driving without a license and fleeing police.

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  1. Holly mackel Andy this is surelly the stupidest stunt done by a criminal.

  2. In my opinion the stupid stunt was taking the perp into custody.

  3. Figures and these peeps always play the race card and say they are the victim and are being oppressed or xome such stuff when they get caught or shot. This guy destroyed another person’s car after robbing the victim, yeah the perp needs to go back to jail for another dozen years or so till he learns how to be a law abiding person.

  4. TIRED OF THE RACIST 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
    You do the crime—do the the time
    Why don’t the lowlife get a job for a change

  5. frederick fetty jr

    Here’s a thought. Why didn’t the thief just go into the restaurant and tell the manager he would work for a meal?? My bad. most likely beneath him. After all he is in a very popular occupation popular with the BLM crowd.

  6. And what are the chances that gun was purchased legally…NOT A CHANCE IN THE WORLD. so all you pathetic democrats instead of trying to take away our 2nd Amendment right how about coming up with something to get the illegal guns off the streets. It is truly amazing that the illegal guns that are killing thousands of innocent people in our country are not the guns the democrats are going after, they are going after the legal gun owners. Can anyone out there please tell me one idea the idiot libs in office have come up with to get illegal guns off the streets. I’m telling you the democrats depend on stupid people to get elected and damn we have a lot of stupid people in this country, stupid and NO COMMON SENSE

  7. Just another good reason to carry. Even with the high price of ammunition – could have been solved for less than $2.00, now will cost society a huge amount of money to prosecute and incarcerate.

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