They Said WHAT? McCabe Firing Triggers an Avalanche of Fake News

The mainstream media didn’t know quite what to do with the abrupt firing of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Oh, who are we kidding, they knew exactly what to do with it: Twist it and turn it so that the American people believed that this was some egregious example of President Trump’s overreach. Exaggerate, obfuscate, and lie so that viewers and readers walked away ready to tell anyone who would listen that Trump was unhinged and on the warpath, ready to do anything and everything to get away with conspiring with Moscow to defraud the electorate and defeat Hillary Clinton.

Over at the liberal hotbed of insanity known as Vox, Alex Ward took McCabe’s firing, combined it with Trump’s tweets about Robert Mueller, and stirred it up into a predictably hysterical stew of nonsense.

“Taken together, the weekend’s developments show that Trump’s war with US law enforcement has entered a new phase and that the president and his loyalists feel more emboldened to attack Mueller and others working on the Trump-Russia probe directly,” he wrote. “It also raised new fears that Trump would take the extreme step of actually firing Mueller himself — a move that both Democrats and Republicans say would spark a constitutional crisis.”

Yes, but only because no one actually knows what the term “constitutional crisis” means. It sounds horrifying, but we’re pretty sure we’ve had approximately 633 such crises since Trump was elected, according to the geniuses at Vox.

But rest assured, you don’t have to sully your internet browser with substandard left-wing blogs to get your fill of fake McCabe news. You can tune into Meet the Press on NBC and listen to Chuck Todd take viewers down the primrose path.

“I think the fact that how the President made the McCabe firing happen, I mean, it is an extraordinary — if you go back 18 months, the systemic campaign against McCabe to delegitimize him to raise questions about him, to a deputy FBI director that nobody had ever heard of and the president using his bully pulpit to do that,” Todd intoned on Sunday.

He too connected McCabe’s firing with the Mueller tweets. “I think that’s most significant because it signals this president is no longer cooperating with Mueller, it’s time for war, and I think this thing is about to come to a head and it’s either going to go radically one way or radically in another direction,” he said.

Pretty safe prediction…definitely either one thing or its opposite will happen.

Over on ABC, George Stephanopoulos nearly came off the Good Morning America couch when his co-host Paula Faris suggested that McCabe might have actually been fired for cause and that his usefulness as a Russia witness was limited because of his ties to the Texting Twosome, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

Hold your horses, said Little George, “you’re mixing up a lot of different things there.” He informed Faris that you couldn’t talk about the McCabe firing without telling viewers that the “entire process has been politicized by the President for several months.”

Oh, and of course she should have known better than to suggest that anyone had a pro-Clinton bias in the FBI when talking to her co-host, a noted friend and former employee of Bill’s and a prominent donor to the Clinton Foundation.

“Those messages you’re talking about are actually private text messages which probably should have never been leaked in the first place and there were also anti-Clinton and anti-politician messages wrapped up in that as well,” Stephanopoulos said. “So I think that’s separate from Andrew McCabe.”

Yeah, but it isn’t.

We really shouldn’t expect better from the media, but for some reason, we continue to hold out hope for just a little bit of objective journalism in the Era of Trump. Oh well, maybe next week.

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