The Year Voters Took Back the Republican Party

On Tuesday, Donald Trump crushed the last of his Republican opposition, sending Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich to the locker room. By the time he gave his victory speech from Manhattan, Trump had been honored by the RNC as the presumptive nominee. After spending millions of dollars to stop this very moment from becoming a reality, the NeverTrump movement confronted their ultimate failure. In a whirlwind campaign that historians will be studying for years, a man best known as the host of Celebrity Apprentice defeated governors, senators, brain surgeons, and one of the most powerful families in politics to become the Republican nominee for president.

Watch any news broadcast this week, read any paper, click on any political website, and you’ll find the same question: How did Donald Trump execute a hostile takeover of the GOP with such ease?

But by asking this question, the pundit class is proceeding on a false premise. Yes, the extraordinary rise of Trump deserves to be dissected and studied. Yes, he has manipulated the mainstream media using a species of psychological magic that America – nay, the world – has never witnessed before. And yes, he overcame a Republican establishment that would give anything right about now for a time machine.

But if Republican leaders had such a machine and they took the premise of the pundits seriously, they would only travel back in time to last summer. Instead of ignoring Trump for the first couple of months, they would go after him mercilessly from the first day of his campaign. They would beg all of the no-chance candidates to sit it out, thus giving a select group of hopefuls the opportunity to stand out. And it’s possible that they would, by following this playbook, be able to change the course of history.

More likely, though, they would only hasten Trump’s victory.

Trump deserves all the credit in the world for what he accomplished, but the seeds for his victory were planted long before he threw his name into the ring. After eight long years of failed presidential candidates, inept Republican lawmakers, and outright betrayal, conservative voters came into this primary season angry, discouraged, and determined to send a message to the GOP.

Just look at the only two men who ever represented even the slightest challenge to Trump: Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. Carson’s stay atop the polls was brief but significant, and Cruz turned out to be the last (realistic) candidate standing. Both of them outsiders. If there are still Republicans who think that there was some avenue they might have taken to make Jeb, Marco, or any of the other traditional candidates on the ticket, they are delusional. They may or may not have been able to stop Trump, but this was never going to be the year for an establishment nominee.

This was the year that the voters took back the Republican Party. And whether you agree with the decision they made or not, this has been an extraordinary moment in American democracy.

Now let’s go forward and make some real history.

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  1. As a patriotic American citizen, I’m thrilled with the prospect of ANOTHER patriotic American citizen of exceptional ABILITIES becoming our next president. TRUMP FOR AMERICA 2016 – 2024!

    • Right on!

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        • Inappropriate. Please don’t do this. Besides, you probably turn off individuals going to this website more than you turn them on.

          • These posters of these scams never actually follow the blogs they post on so they never see our efforts to get them to stop posting them. There is no need for them to do so.
            I try and try to get them banned but to no avail.

        • Cherie Lynn Davis

          This tripe does not belong in this venue. I am embarrassed for you since you obviously do not have the sense to know that yourself.

          • Lucile (fake name) is just running the same scam on as many sites as “he/she/it” can and doesn’t ever return to read our comments. So we waste our time commenting. I usually do comment just to warn new people to beware.

            We are all frustrated with the likes of these scam posts.

    • Follow his coming donor list of banks and bankers to bigger and better corporate fascism, Trump is self serving, a lying snake oil salesman who truly has many mental health issues, ask a psychologist …I did, he is unstable.

      • Who was your psychologist? Mitt Romney!!

        • Of course not, Ted Cruz…

          • Another loser

          • All of you will be the losers when you find your “God” has feet of clay! So long Republican Party, so long Fox News, so long 37% of Republicans. The rest of us, 63 %, are going to start another Party and you guys can go down the drain by yourselves.

          • Where did you get your numbers? Berry Obama or Baghdad Bob?

            Now if you said 37% of the Democrats are voting for Trump I might believe you.

            BTW, There is very little dirt on Trump that already hasn’t already been dug up. None of it hurt him much, either.

          • Matthew you are crazy, those numbers have been out there for months, by all the experts and polls. You just don’t listen to anyone or anything unless it has Trump’s name on it. Guess what he did to day, have you read it? “Yes, you conservatives who keep waiting for Donald Trump to turn into Ronald Reagan, who hope to unify behind him thinking that he’ll surround himself with good people and that they will guide him to all the best decisions.

            In the last 24 hours Trump has indeed pivoted – directly against all of his supposedly conservative positions. Here are four examples:

            •Trump Embraces A Higher Minimum Wage. Remember when Trump said early in the campaign that Americans were being paid too much, and that their wages were uncompetitive? Back in November, he said, “Our taxes are too high, our wages are too high, everything is too high. What’s going to happen is now people are going to start firing people.” Now he’s telling the media that he would consider a higher minimum wage.

            •Trump Won’t Be Self-Funding. Remember that time Trump said he’d self-fund, unlike his rivals? Even as donors signal that they won’t be opening their pocketbooks for Trump, Trump announced that he won’t self-fund his campaign. “I’ll be putting up money,” he said, “but won’t be completely self-funding.”

            •Trump Hires A Former Goldman Sachs Fundraiser Who Managed Money For George Soros. Remember that time Donald Trump suggested that Ted Cruz was in the pocket of Goldman Sachs (“I know the guys at Goldman Sachs, they have total, total control over him”)?

            •Trump Bashes His Own Tax Plan. Remember that tax plan Trump touted as supremely conservative? Yeah, that’s out the window now.”

          • Just wait… and you won’t have to wait long because it’s already happening… as soon as Trump gets the GOP nomination he’s going to disavow all the hyper-conservative things he lied about believing in to get the nomination. He’s going to throw the Tea Party overboard just like the original Boston Tea Party did with the tea.

            For every Democrat stupid and gullible enough to vote for Herr Trumpf there will be two or three Republicans who either vote for Clinton or simply stay home because they can see how dangerous it would be having a narcissistic, ego-maniacal bully with no foreign policy experience and a terrible record as a businessman as our next President.

            You’re correct in saying the dirt on Trump hasn’t hurt him much… but that’s just with Republicans. Democrats and Independents won’t be fooled as easily and that’s why he has ZERO chance of being our next President.

            WAKE UP!! Donald Trump cares about one thing and one thing only… Donald Trump.

          • More likely your gonna continue your pity party and boohooing. Your figures are those of Cruz and the establishment. Trump garnered MORE votes than any Repub candidate EVER. Gee guess your pee party turned out to be no better than the RINOs and Demoncrats, in that all you want to do is tell the rest of us what to do. The Eagle woke up and WE THE PEOPLE said enough. Either get in line or sit and pout,it really doesn’t matter which.

          • You are correct, it DOESN’T matter what they do! Or say! We see a chance to stop the downhill course of our nation, and We the People will bring better times.
            I had almost given up after so many years of obama! But, he can still do much damage in his months he has left in office.

          • Patricia A Galle

            This life long far left liberal Democrat pretending to be a Republican has never taken anything except other people’s money in his whole 70 year old filthy life. He is a walking talking scam and swindle. He has never spoken one word of truth to the people. His so-called policies are already changing, since he began to think he won. He hired a Goldman Sachs executive and friend of George Soros to be his finance manager yesterday. He is no longer financing his own campaign, and he never actually was at all. He likes a one payer health plan and a ban on assault rifles all of a sudden. His tax plan has completely changed to favor the rich. He is a fraud and has no business on our ballot in the first place.

          • Cherie Lynn Davis

            Wow!! The vitriol is mixed with a touch of battery acid, but that is okay. Haven’t you noticed? The more stuff like this that is slung at him, the more popular he gets. I have to say that Mr. Trump was not my first choice either but the people have spoken, so get a grip!!

          • Thank you Cherie Lynn Davis…well done!

          • Cherie Lynn Davis

            It is obvious you are a patriot and I appreciate the compliment. Thank you.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            Trump is/was NOT a life long Democrat. He was a builder/developer in New York City. He didn’t have a lot of time to worry about politics and isn’t a political animal. And when you live in a city of over 8 million, where 24% of the total population is Jewish, you go with the flow. He was able to “make it” in THE toughest place in the world because he was honest and customers [mostly that 24%] new he was honest. So don’t make him out to be something he isn’t. Yes, he DID make campaign donations to a number of people. ALL builders and developers are smart to do so. The people you donate to can make or break a huge project you’re building. So Trump, while a bit rough around the edges IS a patriot and IS NOT a crass, sleazy politician. To put it mildly, the 24% OWN New York and when in Rome…..

          • Patricia A Galle

            Trump gave money to both parties to grease the skids (his words, not mine), so that when he needed a favor the door would be open. that is the corrupt establishment in the flesh. Today he suggested we could just renege on our national debt, and print more money. He also said, debt is fine, I love debt. I have so much of it. That would really be great for the next generation. He is very political and always has been a far left liberal in every way. He strongly supported Jimmy Carter, Pelosi, Reid, Schummer, the Clintons and Obama’s first run. He did go to the Reform Party to support Ross Perot, which cost Republicans the election. He started a run for President in 2000 in the Reform Party, and got laughed at. He made by importing illegals to build his hotels and casinos, and got fined a million dollars for doing it. He will be in court in November testifying in New York over his fake college. It was shut down, and he was charged with fraud for not even getting a license to operate a college. There are 3 more suits pending from the 5,000 people he swindled out of millions. He will lose this case. How many of the sheep that follow this fraud will vote for him then?

          • Just whom IS this “God” of whom you are speaking?

          • John E Strom Jr.

            Sandra, short of resurrecting Jesus Christ, ALL politicians have feet of clay. But Donald Trump is NOT a politician and has never held public office. Donald Trump is a patriot and THAT is why he has won the hearts and minds of most Americans and why he will win in November. Even if he has to run third party. The Republican Party, run by arrogant crooks, is done for. Paul Ryan showed America just how corrupt they are.

          • Yay Yay…well done John E. Strom, Jr.

          • Patricia A Galle

            Donald Trump will never take control of the real conservative Republican Party. He is a liberal Democrat, and he has no say in our party. He does not have one delegate until the first ballot is cast on the convention floor. We still have 9 primaries left as well. Ted Cruz is still on every ballot, and he suspended campaigning, he didn’t quit. Trump is a fraud who bought his way on our ballot, but we will not welcome him to stick his nose in our business, and we will not change any rules to suit the egomaniac old impostor and fool. The media may have chosen a nominee, but we have not.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            Patricia, I hate to correct you but the “establishment” GOP are all RINOs. George HW Bush is a moderate and was forced on Ronald Reagan as his vice president. Son George W. Bush is a RINO and no friend of conservatives even though WE got the SOB elected. Paul Ryan [and John Boehner before him] is a RINO and gave Obama everything he wanted without putting up a fight. Mitt Romney is a RINO and a Judas. Mitch McConnell is a RINO. Blocking the confirmation of Merrick Garland is the first thing he’s done for conservatives in a very long time. And do we REALLY need FOUR Jews out of nine on the court? No. The very people complaining Donald Trump isn’t conservative enough hated the one conservative in the bunch – Ted Cruz. The “establishment” GOP do not want us to select who WE want and are sabotaging Trump in the process. They have a very low regard for those of us who vote and send them money. THAT is all they want from us – our vote and our money. The rest of the time they want us to shut the Hell up. SCREW ALL OF THEM.

          • The Wicked Witch?

          • BAcked up by Graham and Bush

        • That was AWESOME!!!!!!! Well done Robert Baird…definitely had me laughing on that one. Good one!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        And now all the sorry assed liberals will piss and moan and whine….What’sa matter LOSER???

        • Fascism is the matter, calling it what it is.

          • You must be referring to the Thugs of BO and Soros.

          • Stupid racist jackass Trump does not give a rats ass about your simple behind.

          • Oh, and how is he a racist. By employing minorities, oh maybe you meant misogynist, with his greatest number of female executive level employees than any other corporate entity. Or maybe you just do not like the truth being told to you about the violent types of people that are circumventing our laws and would have been turned away had their past lives been vetted by the normal immigration process.

          • Trump has no respect for women, he thinks of them as sex objects. You can tell by the way he has treated his wives and the despicable names he calls them. Wives: #1 – Ivana Zeinickova – He had a mistress the last two yrs of this marriage. #2 – Marla Maples – his mistress for the last 2 yrs of marriage to Ivana. She was 17 yrs younger than Ivana. #3 – Melania Knauss who is 24 yrs younger than Trump. All three were models, so was most of his sexual conquests. He has a lifelong pattern of deriding women for aging (first 2 wives) and having bodily functions, calling them terrible names. He’s a disgusting scumbag.

          • Oh stop already with the women BS. I suppose you think Killary is a better model for women? Before you answer you better check your facts. Frankly, his personal life is none of your business. He is a genius when it comes to Business. I’m sick to death of the PC crap and the pissing and whining of women. Get over it.

          • I applaud your response Btty…well done!

          • Thank you Phoebe! It’s just so boring. Some women need to wake up to whats really been going on around them for the past 40 or so years! They’ve allowed themselves to be progressive political pawns. The women I know are smarter than that!

          • Same with the women I know meaning smarter than that comment you made. God Bless and thanks Btty

          • Never mind, got it. LOL

          • billdeserthills

            Sounds like you prefer being over run by muslims with 3-4 wives, who love to marry children, just like their hero, muhammed. Just wait until all those wives have bunches of muslim kids–All while being supported on the taxpayers dime. Hillary loves the idea, her party thinks they can control their new, us paid for subjects. They don’t realize the muslims will elect a muslim, like themselves, as soon as they have enough votes.

          • Retired Marine

            I bet you thank God for Bill Clinton then, that pillar of fidelity who NEVER cheated on that thing he married, lied about it, was impeached by Congress with the Senate too chicken s–t to follow their lead. Check out Monica’s dress, and recall she was just over twenty when he abused her. Check out all the criminal complaints about his rapist sexual encounters. Take off your blinders. At least Trump never RAPED a woman.

          • I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you Sir and thank you for your service.

          • Cherie Lynn Davis

            You scored a good one against Sandra Miller. I see she didn’t have anything to say to you after you set her straight about Bill Clinton’s sex capades! Good for you! She is probably a paid troll and when you confront them with facts and point out their hypocrisy, they usually go elsewhere to spread their vitriol or pick on someone else who is not quite as well informed.

          • Retired Marine

            Thank you. It’s just that I truly hate BS.
            Semper Fi, Cherie

          • You have no idea what a racist is. Tell us ehy you thing Mt. Trump is a racist. Can You?

          • Yes, Dolly, I can, #1 -In 1973 he was accused by the Justice Department of violations of the Fair Housing Dept. in the operation of 39 buildings. He would not rent to minorities. In 1975 he paid a lot of money to settle with the Justice Dept. #2 He brings in workers from other countries to work in his Club in Florida and pays them pittance. He would have to pay American workers more so he tells the government he can’t get enough of us to work there, which is a lie. #3 He has a building going up in the Middle East and hired a bunch of workers from Pakastan. He offered them $3 dollars an hr and room and board. When they got there their passports were taken from them and they are not allowed to leave. They dropped the salary to $1.50 an hour and they have to live in vermin infested housing. He looks down on other nationalities and treats them like dirt.

          • Retired Marine

            Proof please.

          • Post your facts or shut your pie hole! Because all you have are accusations.

          • What’s wrong canidce white? Did your hero get called out and gonna get their ass EXECUTED for treasonous murdering crimes? You bet your ass they are so no more camel piss kool-aid drinkers hahaha. Your as pathetic as your hero’s ovomit and kilary. Go get yourself some of those muzrats he is brining into our country and let them live with you and your kids then come back oh wait you won’t be able to and your kids will hate you until the day they die because the one that’s supposed to protect them fed them to those most vile screwd up things next to you on this planet. You have fun watching what’s going to happen to your whole family because YOU love ovomit and kilary. You reap what you see and you just bit off a big piece of shit

          • Retired Marine

            Racist? Trump? Better check your facts, comrade.

          • Funny, Trump wants to lower the tax rate of all to allow them to keep more money. That does not sound like someone that wants the government to control every aspect of their lives. Yes, money is freedom, if you could not understand my point.

          • I heard he wants to raise taxes, don’t know where you were when he was stating all this nonsense.

          • Retired Marine

            You must hear a lot of things, did you stop your meds?

          • If people acted with consciousness and intelligence and righteousness the government wouldn’t need to control every aspect of your life. Mr. Trump said yesterday that he would bankrupt the country to ‘pla with debt’ that works in real estate but not how the government works. Scary, goofy, crooked man who is mentally unstable.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            That’s the very reason liberals have to live for – to tell everyone else how to live. Screw liberals.

          • Screw you Reich wing fascists.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            You really are a nasty piece of work aren’t you. I’m guessing you’re a member of “Gays and Lesbians for Hillary”, right rowland? You have the sense of humor of glass – brittle.

          • Thank you John.

        • But Trump is a liberal. You do know this?

        • I’m reminded of a old song called “Who’s Crying Now”!

          • I’m not crying, I’m just disgusted with all you Trump low information voters. Remember you are only 37%, we are 63%. If trump hadn’t paid off the idiot governor of Ohio to keep him in the race, Cruz would have wiped the floor with him.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            Miller, obviously you’re no math whiz. Trump ran against, at one time, 16 others. He survived ALL of them and amassed substantially more delegates than Cruz did. In fact Cruz won Iowa only because his campaign passed along false information that Dr. Ben Carson was quitting the race otherwise Dr. Carson or Donald Trump would have won. Regardless, Trumps last 6 races have been WELL over 50% and most at 60%. So you’re math is a bit off. There are about 5 more states yet to vote. I’ll bet he averages over 50%, Want to bet?

          • She uses new math, whatever you feel the answer is, then it is correct.

          • Cherie Lynn Davis

            Sandra, I think you had better re-think who the low information voters are because you have confused Mr. Trump with George Soros. Soros contributed $700,000 to Kasich’s campaign at just about the time it became obvious that he had no chance of winning. That strategy was probably cooked up by the Washington Mafia boys and girls in the hopes that it would knock Mr. Trump out of the race!

          • sorry BUT HE DROPPED OUT!

          • Cherie Lynn Davis

            Yup!! Connie Francis didn’t know it at the time that song was released, but that song fits perfectly in today’s political atmosphere. (Actually, I think it was titled,”Who’s Sorry Now,” but either fits.) The Washington Mafia is so used to getting their way, they have forgotten their purpose in Washington and were sorely in need of this long-overdue put down. Now they are pouting like a bunch of cry babies and still don’t get the resounding in-your-face message that “We the People” are sending them. Geeeez, and they think WE are the stupid ones!!


      • And who would you like to see as president, Hillary Clinton, a self serving lying snake oil sales person who truly has mental issues? You and your psychologist are truly nuts….

      • Well you would know all about fascism as that is a leftist construct.

        • Your wrong and don’t know our history : 1963 right wing fascist coup; 2000 right wing fascist coup…54 years of fascism. if it were the Eisenhower years today’s democrats would be considered ‘center right’ and has sadly been pushed right when we need to move back to the liberalism of pre ’64. The problem in our politics is that we only have one party .

          • Retired Marine

            Psychotic moron. Please read something about history, your delusions will eventually destroy you.

          • I teach it on a college level …modern American history .

          • Retired Marine

            Then teach REAL history and study it yourself, because if you support Hillery it is obvious you have not studied the past. Failure to learn the mistakes of the past, dooms us to repeat them.
            If you promote and teach lies, you are not an educator but an indoctrinator. No different than those used in Russia, Germany, China, all of Islam, or any others who wish to control the masses by feeding them lies.
            I say this because you sound like that is what you do.

          • You should change your name to Rip because you’re asleep. I teach honest ugly history not the lies in your grandkids book of indoctrination.

      • i knew it that Trump was into witchcraft to maupliat the Media i told it in this web site long ago but no one billived me

      • Go soak your head! Psychologists need their own psychologist

      • You mean like Hillary?

      • Blah blah blah look at what the past career politicians have done to this country their all liars taking money from whoever and whatever. Proof they are liars they said they would support the winner and now they’re not.

        • Trump is a loser even when he wins, a big zero, they agreed to support a winner. Trump is a liar as well …factcheck- out of every 1000 words Secretary Clinton lies or misleads 26% while Mr. Trump is at 59%. Career politicians are like hiring those WITH EXPERIENCE to work for your business I think that makes more sense than hiring someone with no experience, aptitude or ability.

          • Retired Marine

            The numbers are not factual, I now see why you see a shrink, delusions can be treated by medication, but you apparently need a stint as an inmate at a mental health center for treatment. Seek better help than what you are recieving.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            Or a two week vacation to Syria at Spa ISL should do the trick! 😉

          • John E Strom Jr.

            Retired Marine, a stint “hanging” with ISL would be far better. They’re really into conflict resolution! 🙂
            Semper fi

          • John E Strom Jr.

            Rowland, since you’re a BIG HildaBeast fan why not leave THIS forum and traipse over to her forum and gush a bit. The Clinton Crime Family is alive and well thanks to dumb fools like you. How many minds do you think YOU are changing here? It’s SO easy to disprove every word you type.

          • Nothing is gained by listening to only one’s own voice.

        • GodBlessRealAmerica!!

          trump 2016!

      • psychologist –
        1. Someone who wanted to be psychiatrist but busted out.

        2. Someone who never did an honest days work in their life.

        3. Someone with no experience in real life completely lacking street seance.

        • …a street séance? I think a séance requires dim light and no traffic. You know Trump is unstable, goofy and crooked by virtue of his many personalities and the kkkompulsity of his egomaniacal lying .

      • If you really ask a psychologist and he said that I strongly advise you both get help. SOUR GRAPES?

      • H m Rowland having trouble cooing in the real world are you? Sounds like you have been seeking phycological help for some time. Your just a JEALOUS loser in life crying for help and its very obvious since you fully admit to talking to a phycologist. What you just described is your own evaluation results. I bet mitt Romney the loser is the idiot you followed to get your turn in the shrinks office. Next time you have a thought do yourself a favor and just don’t. Your going to seriously hurt yourself if you try tonform anymore of these dillusional thoughts. Ovomit is calling for you to come and lickbrhe shit off his shoes so scamper along you pathetic excuse for a AMERICAN CITIZEN. Run to your muzrat hero like the little mindless twit that you are.

        • …an American ….’a’ before a consonant, ‘an’ before a vowel. What’s ‘tonform’, “Ovomit’, and a ‘lickbrhe’ ? The psychologist is a colleague who was exercising his patriotism by warning fellow Americans about the insane inane Trump, like Paul Revere. His words are of course beyond your comprehension and not in brail to accommodate your blindness, sorry. If Mr. Drumpf were poor and speaking as he does he’d be one of those old crazy guys you walk clear of in the park, a real nut job.

          • Retired Marine

            So, Dr. Ben Carson is supporting Trump because? _______ Please fill in the blank, can’t wait to hear you and your shrinks answer.

          • Stupid is as stupid does . Bill Maher says “now the stupid are enlisting the stupid to do jobs .”, about the subject. Personally I think that this is Mr. Drumpf’s idea of uniting the party, having ex candidates pass out the scissor and the paste, who knows what big goofy is thinking, or if. As far as what my colleague thinks about this non issue I couldn’t tell you .

      • John E Strom Jr.

        Get a life Rowland. Do you really think Hillary is a patriot? Or honest? She’s a lying snake (including her e-mails) she’s a low life thief (Bill and Hillary stole the White House furniture – right down to the rugs on the floor. She managed to get our Ambassador to Libya murdered along with three other good men then tried to say the attack was due to a video no one saw. She has almost certainly engaged in espionage – against this country, and quite possibly treason with her home spun server and her casual handling of secret, top secret and ABOVE top secret e-mails. Unlucky for her, the government just extradited the Romanian who hacked into her “secure” server. He is now in FBI custody and being interviewed. So are her aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. Hillary can’t complain they it’s some “vast, right wing conspiracy” either since this is Obama’s FBI that’s doing the investigation.

        That saidI think the fix is in and FBI Director Comey will not make a referral to the Department of Justice. Democrats don’t prosecute Democrats just as rats don’t eat their own. Too bad for America because she is THE MOST CORRUPT politician in our history -surpassing even rapist husband Bill and the Lying AFrikan, Obama

        • Whatever pacifier or woobie you need to sleep at night Strom, personally I think you’ve become FOXized. I know that Secretary Clinton has spent her entire adult life serving the people of this country. Not many could stand after so many unfounded attacks as have been fabricated by the fascist party over the past 25 years but she has. Politicians lie and spin; our country has been built on lies especially since the coup in ’63. We have elected murderers in the Bush men and their cronies as well as Prescott Bush’s financial support of Hitler, do you whine about their acts? If you want to go modern day then todays candidates: per 1000 words Clinton lies or misinforms 26%; Trump 59%. My pacifier is that we now have an adult in the White House who has served with grace and dignity. What wakes me in the night is the thought that the electorate has become dumbed down enough to elect the mentally ill Trump(even his name is a lie).

          • John E Strom Jr.

            The Clintons have spent their entire life ENRICHING themselves. They are NOW $$$$ Multi-Millionaires with their phony slush funds, the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative. They’re thieves – even going so far as to STEAL the White House furniture. Look it up – easily verified. Then there is that HUGE criminal [YES, criminal] investigation by the FBI of Hillary’s e-mail server and how she INTENTIONALLY mishandled Secret, Top Secret and ABOVE Top Secret e-mails. ALL felonies. Not just her but her aides as well. AND Sidney Blumenthal. So forget Donald Trump, the issue is Hillary Clinton and the fact she’s a liar, a thief and most likely guilty of espionage and possibly treason, not to mention murder. Two out of three of those crimes there is NO Statute of Limitations. So YOU need to do a bit of fact checking. Who cares about the Bush family or Adolph Hitler. Hitler is dead and the Bush family is forever gone from politics – thankfully.

          • Clinton does not serve the people she serves her self first then her small group of greedy elites, then the uninformed sheep follow, it’s typical in history to use the week and ignorant this time I happens to be democrats, in Germany it was hittler and the union democrat socialist party.

          • Which week? I happens to be Independent, you don’t sound like a Democrat but if you say I believe. Hitler was created and supported by American Nazis such as Prescott Bush, Rockefeller, DuPont ; Henry Ford and Herbert Walker, Brown and Harriman. You write ‘democrat socialist party’ the word form would be ‘democratic’ meaning a type of government not a political party . The U.S. is a socialist republic in a democratic form. Similarly to your comments on Secretary Clinton Mr. Trump stirs the fascist sheep, awakens a previously sleeping ignorance incubated by the fascist right and their desire to create a gullible populace how else could an insane man become a candidate for world leader? How else could their evil past and future plans float? “To Dumb To Fail” by Matt Lewis , right wing strategist on the concerted effort to”draw the stupid into the base”, since 2012……its obviously working.

    • Right.. A “patriotic american” that Rails against the Chinese but has all his clothing line made by them Including his “make america great again hats” A Patriot usually understands that Freedom of Religion means ALL Religions not just the ones his bigoted Supports claim to belong to. A patriot understands that Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech means people have the Right to disagree with you and your positions without you trying to bully everyone. That’s a Patriot.. So tell me when is the GOP going to get one of those? They surely don’t have one now.

      • 1. All the “Official Stuff” sold by Trump’s campaign is made in the USA. The Chicom stuff is all bootlegged.

        2. Freedom of religion dose not extend to suicide. Moslem Sharia law means any American citizen that dose not convert to Islam would be killed. Any American citizen who converts to Moslem Sharia law has to denounce all facets of the US Constitution. We did not allow German SS Soldiers or Japanese Commandos into the country either. You would have to be nuts to let Moslems in with out knowing which ones would advocate the violent overthrow of this country. AND just for the record. Trump did NOT say “No Moslem ever” He said no Moslems until we can weed out the bad guys. And that goes for Christians, Jews, and Buddhists,Hindus and even atheists and any body else. We want to who you are and what you have done before you get past the dock.

        3. If you are such a week kneed sissy that if you disagreed with someone and can’t stand their rebuttal then you deserve to be “Bullied” and should have never have opened you mouth in the first place if you are not willing and able to defend your point.

        The GOP doesn’t need to look for a patriot to support for Prez,,,,We got one.

        I cannot stand weakness and Trump is the strongest of all those that ran against him.

        • All the “Official Stuff” sold by Trump is made in the USA. Yes. This year when it became politically advantageous to do so. Didn’t bother him a bit to use Chinese goods before that.

        • So let me get this right, you equate strength with bullying. It’s alright to hit someone in the face if they disagree with your point of view. Trump evidently agrees with you or you agree with him. At 13 he hit his teacher and threw things in the classroom. His father, instead of disciplining him at home, sent him to a military school for them to handle his anger issues. I don’t think it helped, but that’s a sociopath for you. So try bulling this grandma all you want and I will keep defending my point of view.

          • Retired Marine

            Didn’t realize we had someone who is totally perfect still walking the earth. Never got angry in your life, never had a bad thought, never did anything you might regret? Never spanked a child? I am impressed.
            I thought that only applied only to Jesus.
            I am now enlightened.

        • 1. I have bad luck to have Relatives that support Trump. The got their stuff directly from the campaign. AND ALL of it was marked Made in China. So you are wrong on that one.
          2. The constitution does not allow for you to discriminate against Religion.. NO MUSLIMS is discrimination

          3. And if i was so Scare of you poor excuses of Americans do you actually believe I would be on this Site arguing with low information voters and have my picture, Where I work, my Real email address. all out for anyone to find.. Not very likely.

      • Retired Marine

        The gist is that you support Islam and are pissed at Trump because he is correct. You like it, got to Iran.

        • No Retired Marine. I Support the 1st Amendment. Here let me help you remember. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

          There is no way on this Earth oyou can say you support the constitution if you support Trumps Ideas. Because it said religion not Christianity. And while you may hate it, Islam is the 3 largest religion in the world today. And I am willing to bet you served with some Muslims when you were in the Marines. But your mistake is “Islamic Terrorist” are not true followers. And if you helps you I was born and raised methodist so no I personally am not a follow of islam.

          • Retired Marine

            You do know that there are two Quran’s don’t you? The first was basically a pagan bible if you will, and was exceptionally peaceful. The second, Muhammad’s version, is disgustingly evil, and not in the least peaceful, and not a religion but Theocracy, political in nature under the guise of religion. This is the book that the Islamic terrorists live by. It is loaded with allowed perversions and tortures. The Muslims I served with, were NOT Islamists, but Christians or faiths other than Islam. Good people, loaded with courage living in a hell hole that want’s them dead.

          • Wow.. Were do I start.. Ok.. First if someone says they are Muslim then they are following Islam. 2. Exactlly how many VERSIONS of the Bible Are there? 3. Muslims Christians and Jews are all “children of the book”. Which means except for the name they are all following the same GOD.. and the sooner people acknowledge that the sooner maybe people will start talking and stop trying to kill each other.

    • Yes! For the first time in many years, I have a hope that the youth of this nation may be able to have a bright future!

  2. Barbara Hoffman

    No way. Trump will ruin this country.

    • WTH are you talking about>>>>Obama already ruined America and the ignorant low informed people let it happen.

    • Obama has already done that,sorry

      • with help from boehner, mcconnel, ryan and friends!!!

        • Republicans can’t overturn an executive order without a 2/3 majority of congress which they couldn’t muster,also too many Rinos on the Republican side

        • Next phase, clean out the trash in DC. McCain is history in AZ. We are fed up with his rino ways. And he stayed in Hanoi for the press. The Hanoi folks tried to send him home to Daddy. Guaranteed he was not treated like the other POWs. Daddy was a general and his future was already planned in politics. He stayed and turned down his pass for home but no real hero either.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Like I said above, now we get to hear all the sorry assed, whining freebie loving liberals.. ROFLMFAO
        Come on crybabies, whine really loud now.. HAHAHA

    • will??? the gop has already “ruined” the country, with those specifics you love, and no results!!!

      • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


        • Separate the republicans into rinos versus the rest of the republicans. Rinos joined the dem wit lemmings. Then you have it right.

        • i didn’t leave anything out!!! i expected that from bama, but what i didn’t expect, is that garbage our elected officials threw at us!!! i voted for both mccain and romney, even though i despised both!!! i live in az, and only once, have i voted for mccain (potus)…and he like many of the gop leaders, with liberal socialist brown stuff on their noses, betrayed us!!!

    • If Obama couldn’t do it it can’t be done

    • Trump has common sense. Bernie and Hillary are for socialism and Communism.. But if you want to give up half of what you earn to the government to give to other people. then that is your rights.. l want to keep what l worked for.. Seems like USA has been ruin for decades

    • You mean Obama hasn’t done that yet?

    • To ruin the country would be to ruin to his wealth……. to bad the socialist element cannot see and understand this.

    • then vote for the butcher of benghazzi and get another obama to sink us down the hole to a banana republic.

      • Or not vote because you could not put on your big boy or big girl pants and support the winner which is what got us BO in the first place. I have been very dissatisfied with the candidates for years but held my nose and voted republican. Now the choice is one I prefer. So if there is a time to support a people’s candidate, it is now. Grow up! It is Trump or more of the current agenda.

    • Everyone needs to look at BO’s record and performance. Hillary will not move off his agenda guaranteed. So do you want the new world order or our country back? This political in fighting of conservatives versus the rest which includes Trumps support has got to refocus. Either you are against Hillary or with her cause if you do not fight her, you are giving her the NWO. I am not buying your fatalism.

  3. Thank you America ! You finally took Jessie Jackson’s advice, “Stay out the Bush’s”
    Poor Jeb ! He’s going to boycott the convention ! Who gives a sh-t ? We finally got a real man to go up against the Power Whore !!!

    • Well Frankie boy Drumpf may be your idea of a hot date but if this fascist lying egotist jack ass is a ‘real man’ then I don’t wanna be one. I think that the hairspray has gotten to your brain big boy Hate, bigotry and ignorance are not manly traits, if you have a mother, sister or daughter(obviously u have no daughter), you need to bust him in the mouth, A real man indeed….

      • You’re afraid that your handouts are going to go ,away aren’t you?

        • Not at all, i will continue ‘handing out’ to any who have needs…a few fish and some bread maybe some kale, a coat of many colors and a drop of water go a long way toward giving hope.

          • Uh huh, will you start using your time , money and labor or will you continue to try to raise taxes on the decent people to pay for it?

          • Maybe you should look into preaching the Word…… your political analysis sucks

          • There you go again attempting to form opinions and blowing them out your ass.

          • Haha you like giving your stuff away. That’s nice. How about you teach them how to fish and they can get their fish. But you need to feel that superiority in knowing they depend on you and that gives you power over them. Do you honestly believe the government gives these freebies willingly out of the good of their hearts? Their reward is your votes that keep them in power and their lesser’s on the teet.

          • …Out of the goodness of ‘our’ hearts, none should suffer when collectively we have so much . Hope and a belief in the future as well as physical and mental health are prerequisites for learning to fish.

          • Retired Marine

            Spoken like a true socialist. Ever spend any time in a real socialist country? Before you wish this on us, go spend a year under socialism, your opinion will be changed forever.

      • Man you need to get over all your hate

      • Here’s a hot date for you, hm……Caitlin Jenner!! Sounds more like your idea of a ‘real man’!

        • D. Drumpf is a whining little bitch reminiscent of the stereotypical woman of the ’50’s. By the way your ‘man’ has said he would consider Caitlin for his veep. What’s true is that Secretary Clinton has more balls than both of them.

          • Retired Marine

            Lost cause, you can’t get out of your rut, and refuse to learn. You claim to be a professor, if true, you are a great socialist and a piss poor educator.

          • This is and has been a socialist country since the first tax dollar went to a fire department, police bullshit; street department; school system or the military, hell we celebrate the birthday of a socialist and we all take the day off to do it. You know nothing about my ability as an educator anymore than I know about you being a piss poor soldier. My dissertation was a focus on modern American right wing fascism 1963-2000 ….yours was in murder and maiming? Camping with the boys? A dissertation on doing as your told and how high to do it, zombieization? Perhaps you researched the FOXizing of the ignorant masses ?

          • Retired Marine

            Proof positive, you are an idiot, and should not be allowed to corrupt students. Of course you think you are God, but are just another liberal puke. A sad commentary on where our education system has gone, they allow things like you to teach, if of course you are not just lying your ass off. My bet is you are.

          • Betting is more often a loss than a win. Is your trailer in the country or more urban? Just wondering if there is someone close by to check in on you, perhaps help you get your head out of there before your sphincter chokes you to death.
            Now that I’ve mimicked a Trump tweet let me say this, yes I am God and so are you. I respect that about you. I respect your service to our country (‘if of course you’re not just lying …), while you disrespect mine. I hope you weren’t duped into some war or conflict or to murder by our government as my father was in WWII, his hindsight of his participation and his gullibility was a weight he drug to his grave. He would talk of how he watched friends blown apart and of the deaths of opposing men whom he didn’t know or have animosity toward; peoples lives and homes destroyed “all about a damn dollar” he would say . You will be glad to know that I teach only one class per semester as I wear many hats in a day covering many personal interests. I have taught adjunct for 28 yrs. and sign contracts as I donate the checks back to a department fund to send students to the National Archives for research. I can assure you that the bulk of those who teach strive against the “dumbing down”, here in Indiana, set forth by a right wing state government placing education as a non priority. A book that you might read written by Matt Lewis, right wing strategist, entitled “To Dumb to Fail”. eBay/amazon. Main stream media has deteriorated the ability to open students to free thought so you needn’t worry about my indoctrination …its been done by fascist propaganda television before they get to me ..

          • Retired Marine

            I am saying simply this: If you are a professor, teach real history not tripe. The made up history being propounded is inane. Have you seen any of the interviews of the college students? Watch Waters World and others, these kids don’t know who the Vice-President is, or anything else in current events. Teaching a political view and skewing the facts is not teaching but indoctrination. So If you are a professor and not lying about it, do your job and teach factual history and keep your left wing bias out of it.

          • No you wish to indoctrinate not teach, teach all views let the student chose, liberals chose to indoctrinat and spew hate then if you don’t have an argument you scream racism.

          • My goal is to share truth not an ‘official version’ in a comparative fact based way. I split them wide open and allow the students to rebuild their own belief system. Speaking against what is unjust barbarism and lies is patriotism.

      • Ah! Poor Rowland ! Sounds like another limp dick numocrat. Probably never really worked a day in his life. Typical numo ! Will always kiss the butt of a free hand out !

      • Love to see your bird ass stand in front of his toes and crack smart like that. He would drive you in the ground like a nail.

    • Well said FB……how childish of the Bush’s, couldn’t have it their way so to he** with WE THE PEOPLE! Protectors and defenders of our Constitution my a**!! They remind me of a bunch of cry babies on the playground who didn’t get their way, so they just take there ball and go home!! I say: ‘Good riddance!

      • I used to have respect for the Bushs, but they are crying because there son & brother was butt whipped in the primaries! Well, he did not want what we in Florida wanted and he kept his frame of mind just like he always did! Then he joined Rubio to push the Immigration, which they do not get! We want to STOP it !! Especially from the muslims!! Look what they are doing to Europe!! But, these politicians are going to d what THEY want to do!! Well, it is time the Americans throw them out of their policy changing ways!! GO TRUMP!!

        • It probably has to do with Trump’s detestable comment President Bush and 9-11 (or as trump calls it “7-11′) If you agree with him then, so be it.

          • Retired Marine

            Get the context correct 7-11 was fire department designation, not a store as you would have us believe. Talk facts not bullshit.

    • Retired Marine

      Like it, I know it was not meant to be funny, but I am LMAO.
      Semper Fi

  4. many of the people who are anti trump, are directly related to the anger we have!!! personally, i want the gop gutted, starting with those hypocrites who claim “moral” conservative ideology!!! it’s possible, they will be directly related to hilary, picking possibly up to 4 new judges…but they have their morals!!! trump ’16!!!

  5. He’s always slapping some thing or someone..Ithink it’s time past due to slap hell out of him!! Big dDn will get to this boy wonder for an ass kicking party!!

  6. God Bless all who voted for Trump. Time has come to fight as we have our backs against the wall. We fight or lose everything USA stands for.

  7. The republican party has to adjust if it is going to compete with the liberal left. We need to concentrate on the real issues of the economy, trade, and growing the base. Perseverating about gays, transgenders and other insignificant issues only further alienates republicans from everyone.

  8. “a man best known as the host of Celebrity Apprentice defeated governors, senators, brain surgeons, and one of the most powerful families in politics to become the Republican nominee for president.”
    Except for the brain surgeon(s), the rest will never understand that America is tired of the establishment good old boy’s elite club who thinks they know what is good for Americans. The republican party has become to “democratic” for America and the democrats to “socialist” for America.
    New face, new start and America will be great again!

    • This Republican is going BACK to the way our Forefathers were thinking when they came up with the Constitution and NOW, we have all of these self proclaimed idiots demanding changes to our Constitution and the Amendments WITHOUT the Americans interest, but what this nut case in the White House tells them to do!! They are scared because they will have to work for their salaries!!

    • Their problem is they don’t want to lose their cushie place. Even the ones who the tea party got voted in have gone to the dark side andlet the establishment people sway how they vote. We put them in because they acted like they was smarter than the ones who are career politicans. They need to do what they should be doing. Serve their term and get out that is what the constitution states. We the people even voted for them to serve two terms and then leave. Some like McCain who buy the way is running again for the Senate for the umteent time. Isn’t it time for us to retire all the hanging oners and get some new blood on the front lines. Some of them die in office they’ve been there so long. If they have served two terms get rid of them.

    • The billionaire playboy and reality show host = money and power, can buy just about anything in our world which Satan rules. Shows you how many greedy people are in this world. Thank goodness there are some people who have principals that can’t be bought, like Cruz. Think of all the ones he did buy, like Carson, Kasch, Christy, etc, etc.

  9. The republican elite have never listened to the people. They have never stood for conservative values. They have stood for promises they never intended to keep and giving in to democrats to placate a liberal press. Their one goal has been to stay the opposition party and maintain their Washington lifestyles. Now they can not figure out why the electorate has turned against them. Stupid is as stupid does.

  10. davesnrakleberger

    the morons in the GOP leadership has not changed. Rove, Preibus, McConnell, McCain, Graham, Cornyn, aren’t going anywhere so I expect they will keep on supporting the agenda put forward by the left. The GOP voters are screwed until the aforementioned and plenty of others are replaced by patriots who support the constitution and the rule of law. Nice try though

    • You have just pointed out the next phase of the removal of the trash from DC. McCain is going to be out. The rest of the trash is for the other states. In AZ McCain is going to be H I S T O R Y! So get off your butt dave and do your job in your state. Flakey is next in AZ in 2018.

    • I agree. They are not going away. Should Trump get elected, he will no doubt be making deals with them.

  11. Michael Dennewitz

    So, there you go teddie boy! You and idiot boy kashit THOUGHT you were going to derail Mr Trump, and what happened? Ha! Everything negative that was lodged against him just made him more popular.. Now go back to choking down your pablum and STFU, boy!!

    • With ya,,,,and Trump,,,,and now the party 100%

      Now let’s all band together and get our guy into the White House and put that treasonous felon in the house of many slams where she belongs.

      Too bad she can’t be tried for the murder of the 4 guys she killed in Benghazi, convicted and (slowly) hug by her neck until dead.

      Hey. Let’s get the FBI to waterboard her. She’ll the the truth then.

      Elect Trump Prez, get rid of the RINOS, Flatten the Democrap party. and make America great again. .

  12. richard schlinder

    Interesting! A foreign diplomat was interviewed on CNN Inter. the other day. His quote was,: “the oval office could remain empty for the next eight years and be as effective as the last eight years.
    No one knows how well Trump will do as president but it sure will be different. We found change!

    • The implication is that the congress must be leading our nation and BO was worthless. So let us see if our republican party really backs our candidate or we put another dem wit in the oval office by not uniting. Such a sorry future if we fail to finish off the liberal left’s agenda after such a resounding battle with the establishment of the GOP. Hillary is not going to do anything different than BO. She will double down on all his insane policies and we will be a broken nation. So much for the future generations future. Personally I am not accepting such fatalism. Next phase is cleaning out the trash in DC. McCain is history for AZ. And I am voting for Trump.

      • richard schlinder

        Agree completely. The interesting part of my first post is how foreigners view this administration and to be so blatant about it. That tells us something. It is rare that a diplomat would have such a curse statement. They generally avoid those kind of statements.

    • Retired Marine

      What an incredible statement by a foreign dignitary, and I believe he hit the nail on the head. Thanks for the post.
      Semper Fi

      • richard schlinder

        Thank you for your service and your reply.
        We must remember that even diplomats are human also. An E.U.diplomat was flying to the States.On the way he mentioned that he has to change his thinking about issues because what is conservative in the States is liberal in the E.U. and visa versa. This has to make you think about our relationships with foreigners and why such a thing should be.

  13. Now it is our job to clean out the rest of the trash in congress, then the agencies. McCain is out this year in AZ. Dump all dem lemmings and rinos as they come to reelection. Vet all candidates. No track record check out their work records. Community activist for the dems, OUT! That spells another BO and stinks to high heaven.

  14. Loving America

    Americans have always had the faith and backbones to come together One Nation Under God….in whatever crisis We the People have been under and around Us. The Crimes against Us the Patriots of America have been the worst troubles since the Depression and god is bringing Us through it now with His Love and Faith in the
    Christians that stood and will continue to Keep America Free! The day is coming that there will be a “burn Obamas unlawful laws day, no more lights over Our White House that represents the sin of the gays, (it was blasphemous for those lights of the Rainbow of God to be used to represent the sin of people), no more hungry children, the poor,and elderly and SNAP will be back in business, no more Veterans beiang mistreated, no more sinful ways being pushed onto Us by the Supreme Court members who a part of peoples sins in any way, Our Flag will not be burned without
    punisment for those who do the crimes, no more pushing onto Americans the sinful
    misuse of allowing crimes to happen to the American females in Our public bathrooms!
    We have alot of work to do in just a few months to reinstate the Rights and Freedoms
    of the Patriots of America and We The People need to make sure Our Leader Will Be Mr. Trump! No more known Criminals in Our Politics of America….Prison for Hitler Hillary and all of her likened politicians who have tried to destroy It!

  15. This is a huge win for we the people! Time to rid ourselves of lying politicians who say they will do one thing and then fail to perform

  16. Nothing says “Saving the Country” like angry populism.












  18. If you want to know how it happened, it was because the Republican Party turned into the Weimar Republican Party, and the guy who just kicked the door in of the rotten edifice bears a too-familiar appearance to the successor of that fiasco.

  19. You are dreaming if you think this is still a democracy. We are a plutocracy and have been for some time. Those for Trump can’t lose as he has been on every side of every issue. If you believe what he says, I have a bridge for sale.

  20. You idiotic strumpets have sold out everything worthwhile to the liberal machine. Trump, clinton, obama, all the same. We are just further along way to becoming a fully socialist country or should I say communist country. Trump is just the icing on the oppressive cake.

  21. It’s too bad that the government still doesn’t realize that the people want change, not the same BS.
    Why is it that politicians get richer, while the working class gets poorer?
    Looks like more people are noticing this trend and are not going to accept the status quo anymore.

    Let us bid farewell to the “good ole boys” system of government.

    There’s a storm coming.

  22. You hit the Nail right on its head. The Constitution did does not state any specific qualifications to gain the Presidency. Politicians, Lawyers, or Monied Special Interest Groups have usurped the Office and disenfranchised the People who they were elected to serve. They have sold the Parties down the River and the Traitors will be one by one eliminated from the Parties.

  23. Only 37% of the Republican Party voted for the scumbag sociopath. Your article has not anything to do with patriots. You all are a bunch of low information voters that can’t study, read, or listen about all the things your precious Trump has done. He is a pathological liar, read in his book about the many adulterous relationships he has had. His father sent him to a military school when he was 13 because of his anger issues (hitting his teacher, etc). He has been a Democrat and big time liberal for years, and he hasn’t changed just tries to hide it but sometimes he lets his mouth override a certain part of his anatomy. Then he tells you he is for universal healthcare (interview with Scott Pelley on CBS 60 Mins), he is still for abortion (he thinks that his federal judge sister would be wonderful on the Supreme Court (she is very liberal and is for late term abortion). He had 5 deferments during the Vietnam War because of his Dad and his money. Did anyone in your family get that? He got the first million from his father and lost that when his Taj Mahal Casino went bankrupt (this is where he tried to throw a little old lady off her property to build a parking lot). Also trying to do that to a lot of people in Scotland where he is trying to take their property for a golf course. His father left him around 70 million when he died. I could go on and on but you won’t check it for yourself or believe it if Trump stood up and told you all the bad things he has done. As he said he could shoot and kill someone on the street and you guys would stand behind him. I’m telling you right now the guy is certifiable.

    • Hey Genius,

      First, over the first several contests Trump only had an aggregate average of over 30 odd percent over his 14 opponents. which was VERY good.Together they averaged 5% each. When he got down to 3 he was well over 55% and both saw the writing on the wall and went belly up. Numbers bite mental midgets .

      I didn’t read your total BS but I did catch your crap about Vietnam. Again you had no facts. When Trump was 18 he reported and was classified 4F due to a heart murmur. A couple of years later he outgrew it (This happened to my son BTW so I know it is possible.) When he reported for a second physical he was classified 1-A and took his chance in the lottery. – Ended up with a high number and never got called. There is zero point no evidence of him making any attempt to avoid the draft so put up or shut up. You have any hard evidence or are you like the Royal Exulted Bomma or Bagdad Bob?

      Do a little research before you run your mouth and look like the complete damn fool that you are.

      When every true American should be uniting to keep that Filthy Felon out of the White House and into Prison you are making disparaging statements about the guy who is going to be running against her.

  24. We should not stop now. We should continue to primary establishment RINOs, most notably Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan and others in the leadership. We have done a good job cleaning out RINOs in Texas but more needs to go.

  25. republican career elite politicians are now proving why millions of us voted for trump. We are tired of their political games they made all the candidates sing a paper that they would support the winner. Immediately after that they attacked Trump almost everyday and now that he won they are showing what liars they are by not supporting the person picked by the people. We will replace you one by one.

  26. It’s a Question of “Which Billionaire will WIN”-? In 2007 the American Communist Party was “Celebrating on
    the Internet with e-mails”–saying that George Soros “Had just Bought the Democrat Party”-! Now–we see
    ‘Another Billionaire’–“Who Fought Thru the Republican Party”-! (‘An Immovable Object VS “An Irresistible
    Force”–What Happens Next–Who Knows-!?) Just Hope For The Best or Worse Days Ahead–Time will Tell-!

  27. michael schimanski

    What gets me is what happened to the pledge to support the nominee ? They wanted Trump to make the pledge but now it’s oh we were kidding , we don’t have to keep our pledge . It REALLY shows the intagrity of the republican party and their leaders . They lied to Trump about honoring the pledge of support and to the American people , again . This republican party has got to go , all of the traitors to We The People and to Donald Trump . Donald Trump President of the United States of America 2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. michael schimanski

    Election time is coming up and We The People have a chance to replace some of these traitors in the republican party . We The People can send a Real message to these traitors and vote their lying , betraying piece of $hit a$$es out of office . They are only looking out for themselves , not us or America . They don’t care about what We The People think or want . They want to help the democrats flood our country with muSLIMS and other foreigners for cheep labor . The ones that don’t want to work give them our taxpayer money , welfare , free medical free food stamps , free housing and who pays for it , we do . Our tax dollars pay for all of them , yet our seniors suffer with medical bills , our vets get $hity medical care , our poor and homeless don’t even get a card board box to sleep in or a bowl of soup to eat but the muSLIMS and other foreigners get it all , handed to them on a silver platter . So think long and hard about it and if you come to the same conclusion I have then its time to get together and get rid of them , starting with paul ryan .

  29. We said nothing about the Satire of the GOP! We said We Want TRUMP!!! Maybe if You Can Pull Your Head Out, We might consider the Republican Party? GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  30. Finally someone with the nerve to talk about the suffering American families and the reason for the suffering. Mass immigration, over generous work visas and seven amnesties coupled with free trade agreements has made America into world leaders in EXPORTING JOBS and IMPORTING WORKERS. It is transforming America into third world status to create the NEW WORLD ORDER the money are demanding.

    • Get it right. Big corporations and billionaire investors are ruining America. They’re the ones sending jobs overseas so they can pay workers less and less while making more and more money. Immigrants often take the jobs in America that no one else wants. They’re more willing to work for less just so they can have a job to support their families. Might I remind you that unless you’re Native American, you too and all your family are descendents of immigrants.

      • I agree it is big corporations and billionaire investors sending jobs out but their puppet politicians that grease the path for them.
        Yes my family came here in the 1870’s.
        Look at what has happened to the middle class since the legal limit of immigrants was raised to over a million per year, the TRAITOR Reagan granting the first of 7 amnesties and an ever increasing work visa numbers they have been in rapid decline. I don’t know what you are trying to say it sounds like you approve of no borders and the right of all to come.

        • Immigrants are not ruining America. Americans are ruining America. Read in depth about the billionaire Koch brothers and their cronies who want all the money for themselves and are indeed buying politicians to represent and promote their wishes. As one example, where before most of our clothes were manufactured in America, now 95% are outsourced to foreign countries. Who profits from outsourcing? It’s not immigrants. The billionaires who own the fast fashion and other major companies are the ones ruining our middle class.

          • I agree it is the money boys but mass immigration and the 7 amnesties play a major role in the demise of the American middle class. Yes most of our jobs have been off shored by free trade agreements. Immigrants accomplish two things for money it drives down wages and allows for enough workers to turn career jobs into part time work with no benefits it brings in millions of new customers to create demand and drive up prices.
            I don’t blame immigrants I am happily married to one I blame the money boys and politicians so willing to sell our country into third world status.

  31. The year conservatives let progressives destroy the GOP. Yeah, with RINO help.

  32. GodBlessRealAmerica!!


  33. TRUMP 2016!!!

  34. “Let’s go forward and make some real history.” Yeah, elect a racist bigot to lead America. Apparently that’s what the Republican people want, so therefore it must be good, right?

  35. It is time for the liberal RINO party to implode and collapse. We have only had one party in Washington DC for a very long time and it has been the liberal RINO/democratic party. The people want a party which will make America great again rather than becoming a socialist country on its way to financial ruin. The so called gop/Republican party is not an alternative to the democratic party and people have finally learned the truth about them.

  36. It’s about time we take back our Government. The candidates should not be able to serve more than 4 years in office. This would keep the special interest groups out of play.

  37. I will always remember this presidential election as the election in which American citizen-voters got their voice back. I couldn’t be more excited about that. It is also the year in which the Establishment was served a powerful notice and a long-overdue, well-deserved shake-up. May they long be shaken up!

  38. Trump is not who a lot of people think he is, and he’s been revealing this along the way, but so many of his followers have closed their eyes too tightly they can’t see these truths…the problem is we all suffer because of it…

    Trump used a pied-piper, supposedly non-establishment strategy just like Obama did, but both are progressives at best…and who knows what at worst.

    The voters didn’t win back the Republican Party…the voters were tricked out of having a choice for someone who truly stands for the U.S. Constitution with all our full inalienable rights, and who stands for the sovereignty of our nation!

    The voters were tricked by one of the biggest tricksters there are!

    Lord, help us!

  39. We can hold off on conservative issues until the USA is straightened out financially. I know it would help but don’t say that. Just say straightening out financially. And getting the high cost of crime and education under control. Start by holding off on aliens for at least 5 years and stop Ho’s supporting themselves by having babies just to create more demo voters down the road. Then, NO more Pork Barrel spending just to buy votes back home to stay in a too well paid job. Limit the law makers time in congress to 6-8 years.
    Do NOT vote for somebody because of a name. Keep politics out. USA is first per our founders.

  40. I supported Cruz over Trump, but my choice didn’t make it. Now we Republican voters have to follow the example of the Democrats. They stick together no matter what. It may not be right, but it works. We must put aside our personal feelings and support Trump. He has no history of screwing over America, Hillary does, We cannot have Hillary as President. That is the only thing that matters,

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