The Washington Post Has Decided Andrew McCabe is Innocent

Thanks, Washington Post, for determining – not in an op-ed or an editorial, but in a straight news article – that despite the fact that federal prosecutors have impaneled a grand jury to look into the misdeeds of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the man is innocent of all charges and the victim of a partisan attack by the Justice Department. After months of assuring your readers that Trump and his campaign associates are guilty until proven innocent, it’s gratifying to know that you don’t ALWAYS automatically assume that a federal investigation means you committed a crime. Only when it’s someone aligned with the president. Good to know.

The left still insists that there’s really no such thing as liberal media bias and certainly no such thing as “fake news” – at least as it pertains to their favorite outlets. Oh, you’ll find fake news aplenty on conservative Facebook pages, but never, EVER, in the New York Times or the Washington Post. Even some of Trump’s supporters take issue with his attacks on the media, insisting that journalists are usually getting their stories right. We see these defenses as ludicrous, but we’re starting to understand why so many Americans buy into it: They think that by “fake news,” the president is saying that Times writers are sitting around the office writing fiction, like Stephen King or James Patterson.

But see, the media is just a little more sophisticated than that. They aren’t printing outright fiction. No, their fake news comes in the form of lying sources, rampant speculation, and, worst of all, opinions printed as straight news articles. It might be better to say that there is a fake slant to the news, although we concede that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

Just take this paragraph from the McCabe article:

The special counsel’s office has charged several former Trump campaign officials for allegedly misleading investigators examining Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. If the Justice Department were to decline to take up the case against the FBI’s former No. 2 official, that could fuel outrage from conservatives who assert that federal law enforcement has been unfairly aggressive toward their party. Using a grand jury could give federal prosecutors some political cover to argue they pursued the case using the most forceful tools available to them and still came up empty-handed.

Without any evidence, the Post is telling readers that the only reason DOJ prosecutors are actually investigating McCabe’s crime is to mollify Trump supporters who would cry foul if they didn’t. Not because McCabe is actually guilty of lying to his superiors, as the Inspector General concluded. No, just because a bunch of rubes who voted for Trump and a bunch of frothing Fox News hosts have forced them into a corner. It’s just a charade for Red State America, don’t worry about it, clever WaPo readers.

The truth is, there’s no reason to assume that federal prosecutors will “come up empty-handed.” In fact, there is every reason to assume otherwise. We guess Washington Post readers will be mightily shocked when and if that happens.

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