The View’s Joy Behar on Mueller Hearings: GOP is “Disrespectful to Veterans”

ABC’s “The View” is regularly home to some of the stupidest political talk on television, and of the hosts, Joy Behar is usually the one spewing the most ridiculous nonsense. This week was no exception as the gals talked about the Mueller hearings. While legal analyst Dan Abrams was there to lend some semblance of gravity to the discussion, Behar did her best to take the conversation into the Realm of the Idiotic, and we have to admit, she did a pretty fine job of it.

Abrams took an unusual line on Mueller’s testimony, insisting that it was not a “win for President Trump” the way most who watched it concluded. Abrams is apparently one of those liberals who has forgotten that this entire investigation was (at one, long distant time) about whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government. He has bought hook, line, and sinker into the new hotness: Obstruction of justice. And since Mueller told Congress that he’d not xonerated Trump for that crime, Abrams thinks it was a victory for Democrats.

One would think that a legal analyst would know that it’s not a prosecutor’s job to “exonerate” people, but there you have it.

At that point, we would have merely stayed at the usual idiot levels of the mainstream media, but Behar was determined to take things a rung or two lower.

“They were very disrespectful, I thought, the Republicans. They have a tendency to be disrespectful to veterans in this country,” Behar said, ridiculously. “It really is upsetting. I don’t want to hear the Republicans say that they are the most patriotic party anymore. I don’t want to hear it. Or family values, as long as they’re locking up children. I don’t want to hear it anymore!”

Okay, so Republicans are not “patriotic” because they had the gall to question Robert Mueller, who happens to be a veteran? This is mind-numbingly moronic reasoning, but it’s about what we’d expect from a liberal who thinks anyone who was opposed to the nation’s first black president was a racist.

It’s not worth our time to go back and disprove Behar’s claim that Republicans hate the vets; winning a factual victory over an idiot is no victory at all. It is just continually amazing that this is the level of political commentary that the American public is getting on our networks. You could hang out on the nearest street corner and hear analysis more informed that “The View” is handing out. And yet, as sad as it is to realize, there are probably many Americans sitting at home, nodding their heads, and yelling, “Yeah, Joy, you go girl!”

Swear to God, it’s enough to make you rethink democracy.

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