The Ultimate Scapegoat: Clinton Blames Obama for Her Loss

When it comes to explaining her loss to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and her campaign team have no shortage of people to blame. Russia, of course. Fake news, yes. FBI Director James Comey, certainly. Sexist voters, sure. Bernie Sanders, probably.

But according to a new story in Axios, there is one man they blame more than anyone else: Former President Barack Obama.

Clinton’s top aides believe that Obama cost them the election by hesitating in regards to the Russian DNC hacks. They feel that if the president had forcefully condemned Vladimir Putin earlier and applied sanctions, it would have helped Hillary reign victorious on election day. They claim that his caution gave the public an unclear sense of the Russian interference, leaving more doubt about the culprits than there actually was inside U.S. intelligence circles.

“The White House was like everyone else: They thought she’d win anyway,” a Clinton campaign official told Axios. “If he had done more, it might have lessened a lot of aggrieved feelings, although I don’t think it would have altered the outcome. The Russia thing was like a spy novel, and anything he had said or done would have helped get people to believe it was real.”

It’s ridiculous to watch how far Clinton’s people will go to avoid taking responsibility for their own failures. Every time they pop up with another excuse, it gives us another reason to be thankful that she’s not the president. Is this what her administration would have been like? Constant blame-shifting? Oh, we didn’t do anything wrong, it’s those gosh-darned Republicans! It was Obama! Don’t look at us, we just work here.

This inability to accept responsibility is part of what actually cost her the election. She spent months denying that she’d done anything wrong by using a private server before finally offering a weak, backhanded apology. When a debate moderator asked her about her comments calling for open borders, she started talking about Abraham Lincoln. This is a woman whose career is littered with scandal…but yet she believes that none of it is her fault.

That’s not leadership, and that’s why she lost.

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