The Ultimate Scapegoat: Clinton Blames Obama for Her Loss

When it comes to explaining her loss to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and her campaign team have no shortage of people to blame. Russia, of course. Fake news, yes. FBI Director James Comey, certainly. Sexist voters, sure. Bernie Sanders, probably.

But according to a new story in Axios, there is one man they blame more than anyone else: Former President Barack Obama.

Clinton’s top aides believe that Obama cost them the election by hesitating in regards to the Russian DNC hacks. They feel that if the president had forcefully condemned Vladimir Putin earlier and applied sanctions, it would have helped Hillary reign victorious on election day. They claim that his caution gave the public an unclear sense of the Russian interference, leaving more doubt about the culprits than there actually was inside U.S. intelligence circles.

“The White House was like everyone else: They thought she’d win anyway,” a Clinton campaign official told Axios. “If he had done more, it might have lessened a lot of aggrieved feelings, although I don’t think it would have altered the outcome. The Russia thing was like a spy novel, and anything he had said or done would have helped get people to believe it was real.”

It’s ridiculous to watch how far Clinton’s people will go to avoid taking responsibility for their own failures. Every time they pop up with another excuse, it gives us another reason to be thankful that she’s not the president. Is this what her administration would have been like? Constant blame-shifting? Oh, we didn’t do anything wrong, it’s those gosh-darned Republicans! It was Obama! Don’t look at us, we just work here.

This inability to accept responsibility is part of what actually cost her the election. She spent months denying that she’d done anything wrong by using a private server before finally offering a weak, backhanded apology. When a debate moderator asked her about her comments calling for open borders, she started talking about Abraham Lincoln. This is a woman whose career is littered with scandal…but yet she believes that none of it is her fault.

That’s not leadership, and that’s why she lost.

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  1. She will never stop blaming someone or something else for her loss. The people who have been hurt the most by 0bamas policies are the reason she lost. She never talked to them. She said she wanted to continue and expand his policies. It kills me listening to the leaders of other countries too. Not a single one of them is listening to the PEOPLE that elected Trump. They criticize Trump for not bringing in refugees without a thought that it was WE THE PEOPLE that elected him to stop bringing them in. WE don’t a president that focuses more on foreigners than the citizens of this country. Hillary would have brought even more in. That’s not what WE want. What is so hard to understand about that?

    • THE BEST EDUCATOR for hard-headed people is….hard experience!!!

    • She has been SCUM, IS SCUM, and always will be SCUM! America dodged a bullet by her NOT making President!

    • Didn’t those people see what those migrants have done to Sweden and Germany with their brutal rape gangs? Why should those people think that the migrants behavior would be any different when they are brought to America? Or maybe they just don’t care because they are safe behind their armed guards and in their gated communities.

      • They don’t care because it doesn’t affect them personally. Pushing those savages on the everyday Americans is ok with them because they are protected and won’t be affected. Wait until one of their family members is savagely murdered. They will be singing a different tune when that happens.

      • Bingo!!!! That’s exactly it, they are protected we are not.

    • Mike with the Silver Star

      Fedup…It astounds me that liberals will believe every dirty, rotten lie,about President Trump but won’t believe the truth about Obama and Hillary!?

      • Even with the truth, in their very own words on video, they still refuse to see it. It amazes me that 0bama issues a statement saying he likes seeing people rioting and burning their cities down, which is what he said with “pretty” words, instead of telling these people enough is enough and it’s ok to express your 1st Amendment rights but NOT in the way they are doing it. They still don’t see that he is still causing, and encouraging, division. I have NEVER seen this country so divided. It’s blacks against whites, gays against straights, refugees/illegals against citizens, AND conservatives against liberals/progressives. Hillary would have divided us even further. She would have divided the classes even further and put more people in poverty in order to create more wealth for her and her rich “friends”. It amazes me that their supporters are so blind to all of it. She lied and lied and lied some more and if you proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that she lied, her supporters still wouldn’t believe that she lied. Trump wants to keep Americans safe, create jobs to stimulate the economy, and bring this country together but the liberals/progressives refuse to give him a chance to do it only because they are butt hurt over their candidate losing the election. I will never understand why they are so against stopping possible terrorists from entering our country. Why is it that putting the citizens of this country first so unpopular with the left? What are they so afraid of? Are they afraid of being safe? Are they afraid of success? What is it?

      • Liberals have been in charge for too long. They think their way, is the only way. They won’t accept reality.

    • That’s right, actually I am so sick of foreigners being treated better than our veterans, seniors, and children of THIS COUNTRY. Its beyond pathetic.

  2. RAYCIST!!
    Actually Hillary you were rejected because you are as mad as a box of frogs, as sick as a dog and consummately evil.

    • I am so disappointed that you maligned those poor frogs…whatever could they possibly have done to incur your wrath ….on the other hand you have well described the hore leaving out only her very dishonorable service to the USA and Real Americans while being overpaid as senior hore in the skate department…however she did give us a rule by which to measure that moron ahole that followed her into the skate department..johnny “I was wounded three or four times during my four months in Vietnam” kerryinski..he is a hore as well..

      • Yes maligned the frogs and insulted dogs! If Hillary had been more like a dog she would have had lots of redeeming qualities and might have won! She called us Trump supporters a basket of deplorables when actually she is deplorable.

      • I was a supporter of the swift boat veterans when lurch was running for president. All of his purple hearts were for very superficial wounds. Were I to get a purple heart for similar wounds that I got just in everyday life, I would probably have several dozen of them by now.

        • And ALL of those Purple Hearts issued to the DISHONORABLE John Kerry should be TAKEN AWAY FROM HIM!!!! He did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for our Great Nation!!!!

        • yes and do you recall how badly the twats in the media(sic) treated the Swift Boat group…?? I give the media in the US and other global retards nearly all of the credit for the misinformation of any person not in school for the past 30 years and 50% of the responsibility for the indoctrination for school age morons…K through Graduate school…

      • Mike with the Silver Star

        kerry is full of shit…wounded 3 or 4 times….When you are wounded , a soldier knows damn well how many times he was wounded…….How did he get wounded? Fell out of the chair he was sleeping in????

      • Has anyone besides me seen pictures of her with all that hate, evil, meanness in her eyes? Also, arrogant, self centered, selfish, etc. etc.? Some of those pictures show the true Hillary, not the posed, fake, big tooth smiles. She was caught off guard and apparently not prepared for the public to see her for real. If you can, take notice.

    • HILLARY has as many flaws as there are animal in thr zoo.

    • I like Robert Barone’s comment that she’s got “squirrels juggling knives in her head”. ROFL

      Sorry, it makes me laugh every time I hear it or think about it.

    • You put that statement beautifully and have some GREAT FACTS! Thank you for showing people exactly how rotten she was and how America dodged the bullet of her getting into the White House!

    • Mike with the Silver Star

      EnemyoftheState; I couldn’t have said it better……….

    • Beautifully said, thank you.

  3. Well, at least the Energizer Bunny is safe from Hillary’s blame, for the moment!

    • She should have been on SNL more that she could have campaigned more.
      We could have seen more of the warm snuggly lovable HILLARY NOT.

  4. George Basil Constantine

    How about that. She didn’t blame Bush

  5. In a way she is correct, look at all the federal, state and local elections lost thanks to Barry.

  6. Hillary is typical of democrats. They never except their failures as their fault but blame others. The reason they are losing is they are too stupid to see that the citizens of this nation do not want a party that endorses riots, racism, violence, lazy people leeching tax payers dry, illegals free to rape, kill and rob our citizens, imported terrorist killing our citizens and our elderly parent to lay down and die so they can give themselves raises, and support all the leeches they have allowed and created. They do not see that we resent our freedoms being taken while they live off our hard work in their ivory towers with their security teams all paid for by the people they feel they have the right to walk on.

    • Kay, PLEASE, in your next post, tell us how you really, truly feel!! I COULD NOT find one teensy weeny little thing I did not agree or concur with!! But please don’t hold back next time!! LOL!

      • Sorry, I felt it a little overboard to call the democrats the new party of terrorists and anti-American as Iranian Islamic terrorists. I thought I should hold a little back instead of saying how Obama and Clinton and her VP running mate along with most elected democrats are encouraging and endorsing the burning of our cities, killing of our police and the violent attacks on our citizens. I mean I want to save something for a later post.After all if they endorse their supporters who are busy doing all this violence to continue then they are the real terrorist leaders our nation faces.Now don’t you agree I needed to hold back just a tad?

    • I wouldn’t call them stupid though. Everything was going fine for them to ruin the country and get their NWO Socialism in place until Trump came along. They are better defined as arrogantly elitist, but otherwise, I too, agree with your post. Just my opinion though….have a really good day.

    • I also agree. I’m sure glad people woke up to the NWO that was near completion of destroying our country. Unfortunately, it was Dems and Repubs for the last 25 years that was giving our country away. Glad to see some the younger generation starting to realize it too.

    • Weather it is delta smelt, spotted owls, illegal aliens, Muslim migrants, or whatever, the welfare of the American people never seems to be on their agenda. During the campaign President Trump said the three magic words: American People First.

  7. Obama is no doubt a good part of the blame but it runs through the whole democratic party not in his failure to bring to light Russian interferance. She would have had a better shot if she distanced herself from the Obama failures but she wouldn’t and it cost her dearly.

  8. But, But the Russians did it ha, ha, ha what a loser now she’s blaming Odumbo who you would have to admit was the worst president ever coupled with a bunch of incompetent democrats the people were just sick and tired of. Come on Trump didn’t win just because he was different with new and better plans with an agenda for America in stead of one against it. Crooked Hillary was a stupid candidate running on nothing more than being a woman and
    it’s just my turn. People were hungry for change and a new direction she offered nothing but more of the same. Trump closed the books on the Clinton’s, Bush’s, and the Obama’s and we are all better off for it. But it’s the lame media that won’t let them go with nonsense stories about them daily.


    • Probably the Russians were aware of her abusive treatment of White house staff and throwing things at Bill and were concerned about her not having the temperament to have her fingers on the nuclear trigger. Apparently after finding out that she lost on election night, she had a total meltdown and became so crazy and violent that she had to be tranquilized like an animal. I am sure glad that she does not have access to the nuclear codes.

  9. The only person Hillary Clinton could blame for losing the election is her self and the Americans she called deplorable who went out and did the American thing they voted.

  10. I’ve never seen any denial by the dems saying the information released was false, just whining it was released. I consider it to be the ultimate in transparency, revealing what a lying, sleazy criminal she was along with the rest of the sludge in her party. Obama promised transparency but it may have taken the Russians to get it.

    • Obama was also lying when he promised transparency! But unthinking people wanted to believe the “first Black President”. He wasn’t even that….he was only one half!!

    • But she was so ahead in the mainstream media polls. Gag! We were all led to believe by every scientific professional method a HILLARY had it all wrapped up. Gag! We were blindsided that PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP WON BY A LANDSLIDE. Now we have a lot of fat old women ? crying. Cher, Madonna, whoopi, Rosie ODONNEL. GO PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!

  11. The reason she lost is because she’s “DEPLORABLE “! PERIOD!

  12. Hillary lost because everyone knows the Clintons are Criminals and they were tired of Obama and his lawless regime trying to take down America from within.

    • Most of the hard working Patriotic American tax payers and retirees could read between their lies and knew from the very beginning that Obozo’s family history of radical muslum and communist ties were a problem. He had been groomed for the top job ever since he was abandoned by his communist mother, father and step father and lived with the radical hard core communist family of Bill Ayers (the Weather Underground). The UN and EU commie elites were Obozo’s Puppet Masters.


      So THEY PUT A MUCH WORSE CON MAN and criminal into office. IMPEACH TRUMP!

  13. I can see that. Obama has been a loser for the past eight years and with his continued comments will continue to be a loser. He needs to go away forever.

    • He probably thinks that his constant denigrating remarks he continues to make will bring voters “back” to the Democratic Party, I think he is wrong! His continual comments will only cause MORE people to abandon them (the Democrats) and turn to the voices of reason and truth in America. The people who voted for Trump are tired of the lying Democrats!!!

    • Obama must have visited Delaware prison. Everywhere OBAMA goes he incites violence.

  14. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    Obama did try to help her by telling illegals to get out and vote for Hillary ILLEGALLY. Hillary cannot accept the fact that her entire political career has been a story of greed, corruption, pay to play, bribery, murder and dishonesty. Sorry Hillary, but we had eight horrid years of that under Obama, maybe that is what she really meant, Obama’s intentional destruction of the USA was a wake up call to those Americans who aren’t fully indoctrinated into liberal idiocy.

  15. I don’t care who the Butcher Of Benghazi blames. I just thank God that Hillary lost and President Trump won.

  16. Oh!?!
    …..and his policies had nothing to do with it!???
    Not to mention her baggage??!

  17. HILLARY, HERSELF, is the MAIN reason she lost the election!
    You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time but NEVER…..
    ALL of the people ALL of the time!!!!!

  18. What about the actual ‘content’ of your hacked emails? You are sick and so is your whole demoRat party!

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable


    • It was just wedding plans. And her private emails to Bill. Dam on national tv said he never uses emails. HILLARY just smiled sweetly as she threw her hands in the air. Bill just didn’t know she was emailing him

      • Funny that when Hillary laughed-off her emails about “Chelsea’s Wedding” she failed to mention that it was held on the old Astor estate in NY owned by George Soros and that it was mostly communist and muslim “donors” in attendance, which of course is why the Clintons refused to let the media anywhere near it.

        • That HILLARY shore knows how to lie. Anyone else would have been shamed. She just gets mad insults throws a fit and faints. HILLARY she stands for nothing and falls for everything. As long as the price is paid in not traceable cash.

  19. Someone, please send the DeoNAZIS including KILLary a box of tissues…they’re still sniveling, errr, sniffling over their HUGE losses.

  20. She is the reason why she did not win! She lies. She has a very bad attitude! She is ugly to everyone! She did not accomplish anything but stuff her bank accounts with pay for play money from all over the world. Very obvious now with the Clinton Foundation shutting down and really making the liberals that defended her look stupid! I’ll bet you, if she ever travels through Arkansas again she will be looking over her shoulder the whole way expecting her come uppance!

    • I wonder how she will be able to travel the world now with all the money she “stole’ from around the world for her Clinton Foundation. Are those Countries demanding a refund???

      • You’d think they’d want it back. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP isn’t giving out free money those days are over. If they had money to give it should have gone to US government.

  21. Can we get this straight? Hillary Clinton, alone, was responsible for her election loss. She was a lousy candidate who couldn’t tell the truth about anything and was as corrupt as any Mafia don. The democrats knew it, but still tried to fix the primaries so she’d win the nomination for the snowflake party. Worse, the people knew she was a liar and a cheat and she lost solidly by 306-232 electoral college votes on election day. Time to give it up, Hillary. Just go away and take that dopey husband with you.

  22. Hillary in prison in 2017 Let`s make it happen to the bitch.

  23. Hilary has terminal cranial vaginal impaction

  24. It was hers to win, or lose. In the beginning, she had it in the bag only because her name was Clinton, but once people realized she really had NOTHING to offer but more division, elitism, corruption and oppression, they spoke with their votes.

  25. Obama’s crumbling, failing, unpopular programs certainly did play a role in Hillary’s defeat. I don’t see how that can be questioned. To pass the blame from Obama to his erstwhile protegĂ©, however, she promised to pursue and amplify the ongoing disaster. And that’s aside from running a stinker of a campaign. I can picture a number of Hollywood roles into which she would fit with no prep at all – none of them nice. She does do a magnificently convincing fit of towering, irrational rage.

  26. I think it all boils down to the fact that Bill and Hill stepped on Michelle’s wiener and Obozo took offense at having to deliver their coffee’s at the country club that time in the earlier campaign……or not??

  27. The depth and the trajectory of her self importance was off the charts.
    I hated the screaming and the loud speeches that were repeated over
    and over like a broken record. They even came out in the debates and that
    is all she had to offer. More empty promises.

    • Mike with the Silver Star

      God forbid we might of had to listen to this screeching hag for 4 years……brrrrr shudder at the thought…..

  28. It was the free airplane rides that OBAMA gave HILLARY that lost her the election. No, it was she didn’t campaign harder. No, it was the vicious Wikileaks. No, it was Bernie Sanders. It was not that she is a flawed Illegitimate candidate.

  29. I pray every day that all of the clintons and son in law and all of the obamas, pelosi, reid, mccain, warren, boxer, schmuer, et al from both parties, corrupt as the day is long, will be brought to justice in my lifetime.
    But I also pray that the Good Lord will remove them and their seed from the face of the earth and let them feel the pain they have caused to honorable Americans.
    I pray that Pres.Trump does allow DOJ free reign and have independent investaigation for these criminals and do not pardon them, make them go thru the criminal process, get life or for High Treason which they have all committed Hang em high.

  30. The Clinton Machine has blamed every one for their loss except for the REAL reason, the Clintons themselves and their sordid background of their Arkansas CIA/ cocaine/ marijuana dealings and the questionable funding for their library, the corrupt CGI/CF/ the death panel list/ old Slick Willy’s list of “girl friends” and their efforts to cover it up/ ….. I compare them to old Al Capone, also from Chicago, the socialist cess pool of America.

  31. Hitlery was sooo arrogant, that she actually told a bunch of coal miners in Kentucky she was going to shut down all of the coal mines and then for added measure, she told them she was going to raise taxes a minimum of 50% on them, the middle working class. That’s how arrogant she was and is, and still can’t figure out why they voted against her, after all she’s hillary clinton the annointed one (in her warped mind).

    • Let them eat cake.

    • Mike with the Silver Star

      Yeah….hahahah, the dumb bitch then goes to West Virginia and tells them just the opposite!!!!!!!!!!What the f—…She thinks just because they are coal miners that they don’t keep up with political comments? W VA voted Trump

      • She actually thinks most Americans are brain-dead and gullible to the demon-crats spiel, but we proved to them that we are up on all things political, including breaking out our U.S. Constitutions, and re-studying the Bill of Rights, etc., etc. An informed people are a strong people.

  32. Put this old sow in prison and SHUT HER UP!

  33. I’m a bit surprised that there so many liberal/progressive/nut cases reading the Patriot Daily News – they can’t spell Patriot and don’t know what it means – but they continue to try to be relevant in a worl that is passing them by.

  34. Hiring all those women to make false claims against Trump didn’t help her any. The left has used that tactic so many times, people are wise to it.

  35. To the extent that “she” might have struck many voters as Obama Redoux, she might have a point.

  36. michael schimanski

    I still want to see her in jail . She broke the law and MUST be prosacuted .

  37. Poor ol POTUS O’bama; was just trying to rid himself of the mud all pigs roll in and try to pass off on to another other piggys

  38. RUSSIA …. Had NOTHING to do with the “Actual Outcome” of the Election …… GO AWAY and GET OVER IT, PERIOD!!!!!!!


  40. THAT’S why she’ll NEVER become President; she never accepts responsibility for anything, thinks she’s above the law, she’s arrogant beyond belief, everyone is despicable and beneath her and are subservient to her.


  41. The mentally deluded, demented Leftist loonies just can’t seem to comprehend that America, not the “TRANSFORMED & TRANS-GENDERED AMERIKA”, didn’t want a fat, ole, ugly political commie whore as their president!

  42. What will the Dems do when the public finds out there were no ” Russian hacks ” and the story was invented by CIA director John Brennan ?

  43. she got what she deserved

  44. Sadly…I slightly agree with the old hag on this point. For 8 LONG years, Bath House Barry “fundamentally changed America” for the WORST. Barry tried desperately to campaign for this loser so his legacy would be carried on. She welcomed him with open arms! However…it was because she said she would either continue or double down on HIS policies. Americans are starting to wake up to the lies and hypocracy of the sick left wing communists.

  45. She sucked, plain and simple.

  46. Jackie Welytok Urbanski

    I hope Trump follows through with finding out just how many illegals voted, how many dead people were still voting and how many duplicate ballots there were. If they just counted California, that would be enough to prove Voter Fraud and a good excuse for a need for Voter ID. All those illegals that voted would be the criminal felons Trump was talking about that need to be escorted out of the country.

    • Millions of voters share the feeling however I fervently hope that The President will focus not on the likelihood of how many illegal votes occurred, but on the quality of life, education, security and stability of our country. We’ve gone through eight years of pettiness, let’s get to the meat.

  47. and don’t forget Madonna. Hillary claims that Madonna didn’t keep her promise to give everyone who voted for Hillary B.J.’s.and that cost the Hilda Beast the election.

  48. Clinton lost because Americans finally got tired of her constant lies and manipulations besides never owning up to any mistakes (and she has HUGE ONES) she has made, nor accept the consequences of her actions.
    Hillary is a Narcissist pure and simple and would be the WORST President ever — even rival obama and that’s hard to do!

  49. She’s coming my to the end of the line for people to blame!! Some day she’s going to have to come to terms with the fact that SHE SUCKS!! She’s a Liar ? a crook a murder, has a really boring personality that just DOES NOT connect with people, unless of course you are voting for her if you are illegal or voting for her for the simple reason that she is a women! That one is really really stupid! As a women that one offends me the most. Not a reason just not a reason! Doesn’t matter that she is a total moron being a women is not enough. When the right women comes along I will be thrilled and proud to vote for her

    • HILLARY is flawed as is the whole family. HILLARY is incapable incompetent inept and unfit convuluted crooked criminal con disoriented and incognitively incoherent

      • I’m so sick of looking at her I really am. Goes to a play standing ovation. Seriously??? Did you forget she rain on nothing but dissing Donald Trump?? People are so freaking stupid I can’t stand it.

  50. Hillary and all that support her kind are detrimental to human kind in general! The scary fact is the number of these creatures in America! If we don’t get our act together, get aggressive, become proactive…they will destroy this country! Talk will no longer suffice…

  51. Never her fault! Always someone else! Hey libs that must be because she is R-A-C-I-S-T, right?!!!!! After all anyone else who didn’t like his policies was always R-A-C-I-S-T!!!!!

  52. of course hildabeast blames bobo…liberals NEVER blame themselves….it is always someone or something else
    s fault….it could never be that hildabeast is anti social, congenital liar, making it clear how she despises people around her, has been caught lying sooooo many times, condones and enables a serial rapist husband, and has been caught selling US trace secrets to other nations, specially china!!

  53. Can someone please explain to hillary that the voters hated her…its that simple lol

  54. This is ridiculous!! The BIG ‘hack’ only surfaced AFTER several other trial balloons had failed. Have we so soon forgotten the attack on the electoral college or the ill fated recount? When the ‘hack’ balloon got some press support ALL the propaganda ports were opened full blast. Remember at first there was VERY little official support for her claim BUT after the President ‘directed’ his intelligence chiefs to “check it out”, everything changed. Collusion (?) I don’t know. However it’s interesting to note that NONE of the (highly prejudiced) news services ever even gave it a thought. One thing we do know — all of the ‘leaked’ information was TRUE !!

  55. Yes everyone I agree with you all!!! However…remember all this when 2020 comes around & these sleaze bags begin their ranting & raving again…&…just a not to say that obamalamadingdong & eric holder are trying to make a come back starting with Virginia…they’re going to do whatever they can being they have all the money from stealing it from us & the poor folks that they claim they care about??? HA! Not too mention old soros who is hopefully bankrupt soon giving his money to start riots & cause all kinds of chaos all over the world not only here…believe me their eyes are on the world not just America….oh yeah unless we take a firm stand calling out to our GOD begging forgiveness we don’t stand a chance….we need to walk softly & carry a big stick…seriously don’t believe all the jive talk these liars tell you they pretend to want what we want then they turn around & stab you in the back!!! They are evil & they must be stopped now!! We are bigger better stronger when we stand together & it can be done….lets do it otherwise we will be living in cages & fed like animals….you know how people treat animals….remember that…but…first & utmost get on your knees & pray for a DIVINE ENCOUNTER WITH THE ONLY LIVING GOD….HE listens see what happens but we have to be real…HE will know….GOD BLESS!

  56. Blame ALL of YOU’S………………….Each and every Progressive Marxist Socialist POS

  57. I am sorry to say it but the day bill, hillery michelle and obuma are burried it will be ha happy day for both political parties and the American people. However 50% of the people aren”t smart enough to understand it.

    • True, and I think there will be crowds cheering and celebrating all over the world if the Clintons get arrested and tried for all their crimes.

  58. Obama and Hillary never liked one another, and it showed on the campaign trail. Together they have left in their wake a party floundering in search for purpose and direction. And much as it will irritate the ultra liberal base, the leader of the future will have to be a moderate able to work with Republicans and resist playing perpetual identity politics.

  59. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    this turkey was bound to lose –she cheated and still lost–can fool some people some of the time BUT NOT ALL the people all the time

  60. Don’t they call this malady “BACK BITTING”?

  61. It has now been confirm. Hillary Clinton is Nancy Pelosi’s sister! It took the integrated fruit loop test to confirm this relationship long hidden.


    If Hilary Clinton had as clean a record as Obama she would have won.

    • Delusional. HILLARY flaws as numerous as fleas on animals in the zoo. President Donald Trump far and away beat out all the other candidates by we the people. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP

  63. Trumph will put her and all enemy’s of America where they
    Belong !!! Dying in prison

  64. Next week it will be something or someone else.Excuse after Excuse after Excuse and she still can’t see the forest for the trees.This woman is incompetent and it is a great thing that she lost.Four years of her would have been a huge disaster and America would have been damaged beyond repair.Her and her buddy Osama Obama are two peas in a pod.Both ignorant losers who had no business being President.Lucky for us she will never be POTUS and we are very lucky that we survived Obama.At times I didn’t think we would.

  65. Why should we care what her excuses are? The bottom line is that we are rid of her hopefully for good. I doubt if she can come back in four years and if she does we will be ready for her.

  66. If Hillary really wants to know who beat her at the polls last November, she need look no farther than the nearest mirror.

  67. Here is why you lost: Clinton not fit- Literally Unfit For the Presidency!
    Can’t Walk, Needs Assistance, Can’t Think, Often Confused, Can’t See, Has Double Vision, Wears Long Coats to Hide Her Adult Diapers, Has Multiple Seizures On Camera, Left in Middle of Debate For Unexplained Reason, Called Donald Trump Her Husband, Massive Coughing Fits During Speeches… she’s a devout lesbian with her Muslim girlfriend/aid, She’s a known Cocain addict, part of the 6 th biggest crime families in NY ( Clintons), ( muslims will never fit within our society and will try to push Sharia law on a society/constitution that is based on Judea christian values), she’s totally responsible for the Death of four Americans in Bengazi ( gross negligence), Bill Clinton appointed the FBI official who investigated her for mishandling security Mail during his term ( who failed to prosecute her – placing her above the law). The democratic platform has been highjacked by the corrupt and evil Billionare Socialist- George Sorros ( known destroyer of countries) who is promoting a world order and is anti American. this speaks volumes about a Party and it’s followers who have lost their way and are Anti American and the new Satin within America.

  68. That’s it, that’s what it was – Patriot news is trying to tell us something!

    Russia,…Fake news, and yes. FBI Director James Comey, and certainly. Sexist voters, and to be sure Bernie Sanders,…Wiki Leaks – Obama lead them all in a conspiracy of leftists to undermine Hillary

    A Conspiracy .-

    Obama probably did it with his Blackberry – the phone that can do anything – it has conference call!

    Tell Hillary,”’tell that secondary syphilitic moon bat any garbage about why she lost and she will believe it and so will millions of her mentally challenged followers.

  69. I keep hearing “THE RUSSIANS” did it!
    But as of yet, as Putin stated:
    ………… “Put up or shut up!”

    I have yet to see or hear anything beyond what amounts to “hearsay” and “innuendos” and the every popular: Anonymous Source … said ….

    But as of yet, has anyone actually heard or read or seen any actual PROOF, beyond the afore mentioned …. ‘hearsay’?

    I guess, if you repeat a lie long enough, some might start believing it, not needing any actual OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE!

  70. Her losing was a double-great thing! We dumped her ugly butt and also caused Ole Little Willie to have to spend his old age with ole Ms. Ugly Butt! If only someone could come up with a way to get Harry Reid, Madam Stool Sample and Chucky Schumer to move in with them, they would all “off themselves” to end their misery very soon!

  71. What the heck is that Hillary chick smoking? Yes, Obama cost her the election because he wanted to remain the leader of the Democrat Party.

  72. You lost you evil witch because of who you are and you used Obama’s platform to try to get elected, so ithat sense your failure hs a contributing factor of Obama rejection to it. You need to look to the inner you to really face the true reason of your loss..

  73. until the dems fully embrace their loss was because of who the ran and their platform, they will keep loosing. All the obstructionism and rioting will only put more folks into the , Never vate for a Dem group

  74. Oh what/who will it be next? Her Housekeeper? She is just PATHETIC!

  75. Why can’t Hillary AND Obama just slink off into the sunset and leave us normal Americans alone….

  76. Eventually they turn on each other! PERFECT!!!

  77. Shades of Obama. He was forever blaming everyone else for his failures!! & she learned that lesson well!!

  78. She has to blame someone just like Obama it could not be my fault

  79. wow, what a change, it is not Bush’s fault Hilary lost.
    But, judge Dumb Arse in washington is

  80. this story is garbage. there are no facts to back it up., as usual. all it does is excite the righties.

  81. Typical democrat. Blame everyone else but yourself. Maybe all the things listed in this article had a hand but the candidate herself was the main problem. Hillary is just not likeable. The democrats have as a whole lost so many seats in the country: state houses, governorships, the house and the senate. Now finally the presidency. Most hard working Americans don’t like the policies the democrats are pushing. We want freedom not a nanny state.

  82. I don’t guess it had anything to do with all the lie’s and the thieving and letting people get murdered in bengz. for your benifit ,not counting all the one’s you and bill had killed ,or the treason you commited to the u.s….not to mention all the money you took from our enemies for top secret’s info.and who knows what else…you and that queer soros tried to destroy the u.s. and with the help of that idiot obama’s you thought you had it done but the people showed you you aren’t as powerful as you thought …so shut up about why you lost you’ve had and used every excuse in the book and all was bologna you lost because you’re a lying crooked lizzy… know one but you lost the election …besides you lost before you started know ones going to put a crook in the w.h. not even most dem.

  83. I think it was because you sucked

  84. Casting about for straws … a bootless task.

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