The Ugly Prospect of Justice Barack Obama

We know, of course, that former Vice President Joe Biden will say or do anything to remind voters that he’s good buddies with Barack Obama, and we know (despite his claims to the contrary) that he is desperate to get that Obama Seal of Approval. So, knowing all of that, we can’t really take Biden’s remark this week – that he would gladly nominate the 44th president to the Supreme Court – all that seriously. Still, seeing as how Biden is a goofball politician who could easily make such an asinine decision if given the power of the presidency, we can’t entirely dismiss the possibility, either.

At a campaign stop in Iowa, someone asked Biden if he would consider nominating Obama to the court.

“If he’d take it, yes,” Biden replied immediately.


In a Democratic primary that has been a maelstrom of terrible ideas, the thought of nominating Barack Obama to the Supreme Court probably doesn’t even crack the top five stupidest things we’ve heard on the campaign trail. But that speaks to the radical extremism on display in this primary and not to the idiocy of the suggestion itself…because this is, indeed, a very stupid proposition.

No president in modern history (and perhaps no president in our entire history) showed as much disdain for the Constitution as Barack Hussein Obama. It’s actually tempting to forget how lawless and tyrannical Obama was, seen through the lens of our current crop of so-called democratic socialists. To look at the aspirational totalitarianism of a Bernie Sanders is to look back on Obama as someone reasonable and restrained. That kind of thinking is a mistake. Yeah, they’re taking the Democratic Party in wild and wondrous new directions, but the path was forged by Obama himself.

Among Obama’s most flagrant violations of the Constitution: An executive order that stole the power to write immigration law away from Congress, recessed administration appointments that actually took place when the Senate was in session, supporting anti-free speech laws that were ultimately shot down by the Supreme Court, and reworking Title IX laws to reflect his pro-gay agenda. Oh, and he ordered the assassination of a U.S. citizen, lest we forget.

Granted, whoever Biden nominates to the Supreme Court (should he gain the presidency) will undoubtedly be just as flagrantly anti-constitutional as the former president. So, rather than dread the specific possibility of seeing Obama on the court, perhaps we should just take this as a reminder of how important it is to keep Democrats – ANY Democrats – from winning the election.

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