The Top 3 Reasons Robert Mueller MUST Resign as Special Counsel

Calls for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to either resign or be fired are growing louder by the day. Problems that were originally only spotlighted in the pages of right-wing blogs are now being examined on the floor of the House of Representatives. And while the Republican leadership continues to insist that we should all stand back and allow Mueller to proceed with his investigation, there are three very good reasons why that cannot – or at least should not – be the case.

Reason Number One: Mueller Is Too Close to a Prime Witness

Mueller may be a man of upstanding character as all of his colleagues insist, but that doesn’t make him above the simple motivations of human nature. He is, by all accounts, a mentor and a friend to former FBI Director James Comey, and Comey’s firing is why, essentially, Mueller was brought in as independent counsel in the first place. It has not been confirmed one way or the other that President Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice, but regardless, Mueller is indisputably too close to one of the witnesses in this case. His judgement cannot help but be affected by this relationship, and, indeed, it would not be a stretch if someone wanted to make the case that he was out for revenge. This alone makes him unfit to lead the investigation.

Reason Number Two: Mueller Has Outfitted His Team With Democrats

This is supposed to be an independent investigation into the crimes and misdeeds of the President of the United States and his campaign. Some liberals have even used the Big T word to describe Trump’s affiliations and his alleged collusion with Russia. Well, if that’s the case, then it calls for a prosecutorial team of unimpeachable status. A team that could not be confused with a group of partisan hacks, by any means. So what was Mueller’s first order of business? To fill his team with the very EPITOME of partisan hacks. An Obama donor here, a Clinton donor there, here a Democrat, there a Democrat, everywhere a ‘Crat, ‘Crat. At this point, Mueller could produce evidence of the damned pee tape itself, and we wouldn’t blame half the country for disbelieving their eyes. How much bias can one investigation take?

Reason Number Three: Mueller’s FBI Screwed the Pooch on the Uranium One Deal

Two weeks ago, The Hill reported that the FBI came upon “substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion, and money laundering” in an effort to expand Russia’s nuclear ambitions inside the United States. The Justice Department did not bother to make any of this public or to inform Congress about any of it until 2014, after the sale of Uranium One to the Russian government. We’re talking about an FBI under the watch of Robert Mueller, and we’re talking about a scandal that he not only overlooked but actually signed his approval of while in office.

Mueller doesn’t need to be investigating anything; in fact, he needs to be investigated himself.

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  2. Mueller had no business heading this Investigation from the very beginning it is totally corrupt and should be ended.

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    • AMEN, Warren!!

  3. These last 4 presidents are so dirty ot will take years of lye soap and crow bars to get them seperated from their innertwined thefts.

    • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

      You are right about the last four presidents. We now have a President that these last a holes want gone.

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  4. Do not worry about Robert Mueller, When he finishes his investigation, he will quietly retire and accept the accolades from a grateful nation for exposing the traitors now in the White House and putting them behind bars so we can restore our national integrity which has been compromised by the Russians with the support of Trump and the Republicans, The Constitution will survive with the loyal help of Robert Mueller.

  5. Ass hole should be in jail!

  6. The first reason given was all that should have been needed to have prevented the appointment in the first place.
    The natural affinity and empathetic understanding between two people, having held the same capacity, are strong.
    To be objective, while not impossible, is obviously not the reality. A completely impartial investigator, unswayed by political considerations, was what was needed. The country’s major problem is the extent to which law is obviated, manipulated or violated for partisan-political reasons. This is entirely unacceptable. There is no equal justice without equal obedience to the law. The cost and consequences of violation are too great.

  7. Comey and Mueller both act as if they fear for their lives, and Mueller acts like the other pouting Demo’s who think the Hildabeast ought to be the POTUS.

  8. Forget about simply resigning, that boat has sailed! We need a special investigator for the special investigator! Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, Lynch, Holder, Rice, Soros, Wassermann-Schultz, the DNC, Uranium One, GPS Fusion, Perkins-Coie, the Podestas, the Clintons, and Obama that whole ball of yarn is unraveling and needs to be kicked with a special investigator to speed up the process so we can finally get to the just end of it and the televised public trials begin, no deals, no immunity, no more sealed or presidential library hidden records, no mitigating and excusing; treason is a serious matter.

    • Just get a bunch of ropes. ..

    • You almost got them all. The only one you forgot was McCabe.

      • Don’t overlook Lerner. She’ll be lonely if she doesn’t get a cell next to Obozo.

        • That’s if we get to include the IRS Scandal, but then we also have to include Koskinen the smirker whom Sessions already left off the hook “Nothing to see here!” At that point how about Mr. Jonathan Gruber of Obamadoesn’tcare fame, Mr. Jeffrey Neely the GSA “Champagne hot tub exec on taxpayer’s dime”, the intermission clowns of “Fast and Furious”, “Solyndra”, “Lightsquared”, the stock property theft of the car manufacturer bail out, “Obama’s forged online birth certificate”, the non-Congress authorized known terrorist releases from Gitmo, etc., etc., etc. … . Clapper, Brennan, a.s.o. …. . To go through all the crimes of the DNC/Obama/Clinton Crime Syndicate will take centuries.

      • Andrew McCabe former assistant FBI Director, indeed an oversight on my part!

  9. Unfortunately, the power of reason is not going to get the job done in a case such as this one. At this stage, I do not believe that any show of hands on the Senate Floor, or some directive handed down by a competent judge, will make any difference. It may very well be necessary to use some form of force to dislodge this miscreant – Mr. Robert Mueller. Things could get very ugly, I hesitate to point out. Mr. Robert Mueller is little more than an Antifa operative wearing a coat-and-tie. He is a Bolshevik carrying a briefcase, as is the case with most of Wall Street.

  10. Sadly – “The Swamp”, will not allow this to happen.

    IF anything is being seen, it is the clear and obvious abuse of power by these people who are indeed proving they are above the law.

    I am not sure what the answer is, to be honest, at this point?

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      Draining the swamp was and still is A NO, NO for both sides !! remember McConnell asking President Trump to stop saying that!!!! He needs to be gone also!!!!!

      • McConnell must be having his sorry a$$ blackmailed, threatened, or something. He sure has gone belly up for the libs. Maybe he’s pouting because one of his fair-haired boys didn’t get the nomination.

  11. I don’t know anything that going on in D.C. but Rothstein put Mueller in as council It smelled though my computer. It seem so obvious I said NO it can’t be I’m wrong. Well if I saw this at first glance every politician had to have know the fix was in and Trump should have nixed it or fired Comey’s older brother Bob.

  12. Mueller needs to go! He should be investigated for his own corruptive actions, i.e. Uranium one, cover for Comey, cover for Clinton’s and others. He’s part of the swamp.

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      Good luck with that reasoning!!! Mueller is as crooked as they come!!! if not more so!!! KICK HIM TO THE DAMN CURB!!!

    • Yes! Sessions should remove Mueller and replace him with Bannon🤣

    • The minute I saw the guy on TV for the first time my sixth sense or gut feeling was exactly that… “bad news dude”. The more I hear about him the more my gut feeling was right on.

  13. Once again they are asking for mueller to do the right thing. Honesty and facts to a liberal are like kryptonite to Superman.

  14. Here are my top three reasons Robert Mueller MUST resign as special counsel:

    1. He is incompetent – At a nationally televised congressional hearing, when asked very simple questions about the Benghazi investigation, he did not know the answers–questions like who are the investigators on the investigating team? and other such simple questions.
    2. He is biased by being close friends with Comey and hiring only Democrats who supported Hillary on his special prosecutor team.
    3. He is compromised by being a participant in the Clinton Russian collusion and Uranium 1 corruption. See the following graphic.

  15. This Clinton and obola minion should be shot. Period.

  16. Should be ended now.Muellar is a conspirator himself,The only thing he is digging for is trash on our beloved President.Mueller needs to step down,or replace him.

    • He will never resign. He wants Trump to fire him so the democommies and the MSM will be able to cry “corruption”. Bite the bullet Mr. Trump. Demand Congress do the right thing and stop Mueller’s illegal and tainted appointment.

  17. i do hope that someone up there has the fortitude and respect for America to do the right thing. this has become a farce and embarassment to this country. i am certain that other countries are veiwing this corruption with total distain and repulsion! i know i am!!

  18. I agree He is too close to Coney and has proven every step of the way how bias he is.

  19. SO–If he does not resign do all or any of these factors serve to render his prosecutions malicious in nature and , as such, be mitigated or even dismissed by some honest judge—assuming that one exists?

  20. Mueller may be a man of upstanding character. That’s a riot. He’s so far in Obama, and Killary’s pocket, it isn’t funny. Mueller saved Barry’s worthless ass during the Solyndra scandal.

  21. Where is the Department of Justice in all this? If you aren’t goung to do anything, resign and let somebody with courage do the job. Yes, it’s gonna be a really dirty business, but it has to be done. Mueller is a political hack and needs to be gone yesterday, never should have been appointed. Talk about letting the fox guard the henhouse! How stupid are these people?

    • Sessions is a gutless little southern wimp. Would not be surprised if McConnell recommended him to Trump since McConnell is still the ultimate “never Trumper”. Just looking at his face makes me want to puke.

    • Sessions must have something to hide, or he would have done SOMETHING by now. Maybe the Klinton Kartel has some dirt on him that he wants to hide.

      • I for one will support him if makes the right decisions, without regard to past blunders or indiscretions, except maybe homicide, and that would depend on who and the circumstances.

    • The organization formerly known as the U.S. Department of Justice has been sufficiently stacked by Obama with his political appointees and hack career operatives to obstruct the pursuit of justice indefinitely. The only available remedy would be a Ronald Reagan style clear cut a la “1981 FAA/PATCO air controller strike solution”. Fire ’em all and hire new untainted personnel, other than that one crow won’t peck out another crow’s eye.

      • One can hope that happens soon, maybe if we bombard the WH, Congress and the DOJ, we can get some action. Those jobs could go to deserving Americans who know how to work and get the job done. The Constitutional Convention has my support, this may be our last chance to get back to our constitutional law and our republic.

        • I believe the Convention of States is our only hope. That Soros is hyperactive against it should tell the critics of it all they need to know. The residents of camp swampy will never on their own accord vote for term limits, spending limits, removal of special privileges and immunity for members of Congress, or a balanced budget, nor for a return to constitutional law instead of precedence law, to cut whole government departments and civil service unions, or to outlaw immigration for persons who follow an ideology or religion that opposes our Constitution and discriminates against Americans who do follow the Constitution (i.e. communists and sharia followers). Progressivism has been allowed to regress America into the ancient past with policies developed by Roman emperors and Egyptian pharaohs with mob manipulation, arbitrary taxes, slavery, poverty, handouts by the “elites”, and idol worship of those in power long enough. Time to get back to American constitutional conservatism and lead America back to the future and freedom and rights of the individual.

  22. Mueller must be investigated and prosecuted……along with his buddies…..

  23. Dream on, LeeRoy.

  24. There’s only one reason you want to get rid of Mueller, and it is that he’s got the goods on the Fuhrer wannabe and your little fascistfest will be over (thank God!).

  25. The actions that Comey took, leaking private information of his meetings with Trump” to his good buddy Mueller are totally criminal. He did it in order to get a “special counsel” assigned to the witch hunt. His actions were to get the person he wanted appointed as that special counsel. Mueller and the entire team he put together needs to be fired and a new counsel appointed and a team selected by someone other than the counsel. And now Mueller’s actions regarding the Uranium One deal needs to be investigated. Who in their right mind would allow the US uranium resources be sold to Russia or any other country????

  26. The news breaking tonight reports that Flynn was organizing a kidnapping for $5 million from Turkey when Trump asked Comey to lay off Flynn. Trump fired Comey for not doing it, That is real interference with a serious investigation. GREAT NEWS: We will see Trump in prison for this. Thank you to Robert Mueller for your service to a grateful nation,

  27. Mueller should not lead the investigation…..too close to Comey…..doesn’t have any republicans on the panel….was FBI director when the uranium deal went down..

  28. Let’s all be honest. If your on the left, you may want to look up the word HONEST. Mueller and everyone on his staff has been hand picked for two simple reasons and orchestrated to a tee. Number one and most important, make sure the Clinton’s are free of all charges. Which would be criminal. Number two, do as much damage to the president that WE the people elected to be president. I’ve been around since 1948, served in Nam, Never missed my right to vote, not once. After all these years of being a true American I can not believe that the American people are allowing high end criminals to take over our courts and country. It only takes a few minutes to contact your senators and congressmen and let them know EXACTLY how you feel and how you vote. Don’t be shy, you pay their salaries. Many Americans have become complacent, the left hasn’t and I for one will never give in.

  29. Like I said it is like the special investagative counsel with Scooter Libby whom Mr. Fitspatrick already knew it was Richard Armitage that had outed Valerie Plame. Just as we already know that Hillary and Podesta were collaborating with the Russians for Uranium One and the Steele Dossier. What else can be said but that Robert Mueller was in his head to his heels in Uranium One.

  30. Carol Juliano Popp

    Mueller is a criminal and a Scumbocrat puppet. Fire him.


  32. I saw it clearly that appointing Mueller the special counsel by Rosenstein had a egregious agenda behind it. When Mueller staffed his team with Hillary’s lawyer and other trump haters, the dark side of the appointment became more obvious. I was happy that some members in the congress also saw what I saw. I just hope the few individuals of perspicacity will have the power to convince the congress to fire Mueller.

  33. As anyone considered how Mueller came to be? It was Rosenstein who wrote a letter to President Trump suggesting his dismissal. Trump did so. Sessions had already recused himself so Rosenstein was in the batters box. When Trump dismissed Comey, and Comey leaked that letter to the press, immediately, Rosenstein (who was involved in the Uranium One deal) made Mueller a special prosecutor. Mueller (who is also implicated in the Uranium One deal) immediately picked a who’s who in the arena of Democrat Politics to work with him. Has Mueller been attempting to cover up Obama crimes, DOJ crimes and FBI crimes? Is he in there simply to destroy evidence that link Obama, Clinton, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe and himself? Is that even possible?

  34. Mueller? The name itself sounds like an Arkansas hillbilly hound dog. Its taken him enough time to have licked that Russian story cleaner than a hounds tooth. He didnt even leave the front porch!!!

  35. Since most government employees get hired because of their political connections I am not sure it is possible to find someone who is without influence of some kind. Does not matter which side of the fence you are on, someone out there probably helped you get your foot in the door and you feel that you owe them.

  36. Perhaps saving his own butt might be the best reason.

  37. Mueller should not have been given this special counsel and for him to get together a hit team to go after President Trump. Mueller is corrupt like Hillary. He was the one who took a sample of uranium to Russia for Hillary so if he is looking for collusion all he would have to do is look in the mirror and then look at Hillary and other people like Holder, Rosenstein, Comey etc.

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