The Top 3 Reasons Robert Mueller MUST Resign as Special Counsel

Calls for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to either resign or be fired are growing louder by the day. Problems that were originally only spotlighted in the pages of right-wing blogs are now being examined on the floor of the House of Representatives. And while the Republican leadership continues to insist that we should all stand back and allow Mueller to proceed with his investigation, there are three very good reasons why that cannot – or at least should not – be the case.

Reason Number One: Mueller Is Too Close to a Prime Witness

Mueller may be a man of upstanding character as all of his colleagues insist, but that doesn’t make him above the simple motivations of human nature. He is, by all accounts, a mentor and a friend to former FBI Director James Comey, and Comey’s firing is why, essentially, Mueller was brought in as independent counsel in the first place. It has not been confirmed one way or the other that President Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice, but regardless, Mueller is indisputably too close to one of the witnesses in this case. His judgement cannot help but be affected by this relationship, and, indeed, it would not be a stretch if someone wanted to make the case that he was out for revenge. This alone makes him unfit to lead the investigation.

Reason Number Two: Mueller Has Outfitted His Team With Democrats

This is supposed to be an independent investigation into the crimes and misdeeds of the President of the United States and his campaign. Some liberals have even used the Big T word to describe Trump’s affiliations and his alleged collusion with Russia. Well, if that’s the case, then it calls for a prosecutorial team of unimpeachable status. A team that could not be confused with a group of partisan hacks, by any means. So what was Mueller’s first order of business? To fill his team with the very EPITOME of partisan hacks. An Obama donor here, a Clinton donor there, here a Democrat, there a Democrat, everywhere a ‘Crat, ‘Crat. At this point, Mueller could produce evidence of the damned pee tape itself, and we wouldn’t blame half the country for disbelieving their eyes. How much bias can one investigation take?

Reason Number Three: Mueller’s FBI Screwed the Pooch on the Uranium One Deal

Two weeks ago, The Hill reported that the FBI came upon “substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion, and money laundering” in an effort to expand Russia’s nuclear ambitions inside the United States. The Justice Department did not bother to make any of this public or to inform Congress about any of it until 2014, after the sale of Uranium One to the Russian government. We’re talking about an FBI under the watch of Robert Mueller, and we’re talking about a scandal that he not only overlooked but actually signed his approval of while in office.

Mueller doesn’t need to be investigating anything; in fact, he needs to be investigated himself.

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