The Three Reasons Obama Can’t Win Back America

The 2014 election season was notable for one story above all others: the way Democrats in almost every state regarded the president as poisonous to their campaigns. Watching Dems distance themselves from their chief representative has been almost surreal, especially considering that their differences are hardly ideological. Most of these candidates who want to keep Obama as far away from their rallies as possible voted with him (or would have) on every issue of significance. It’s an image problem, nothing more or less.

But why is Obama experiencing such dreadful approval numbers? Why is he so unpopular, even within his own party? I think there are three reasons, and they are issues of such entrenched substance that it will be impossible for Obama to win back the country. None of them are his race, contrary to the opinions of Mary Landrieu.

1 – The Economy
If you ever want to pinpoint a president’s dropping poll numbers, start with the state of the economy. Americans don’t care about anything else as much as their livelihood, their retirement options, their careers. Unless a catastrophic event has happened – a major breach of national security or a very unpopular war – Americans are going to look first at how much money they have in the bank. And there’s no question that Obama has been murder on the economy. Unfortunately, his tax-the-rich, spend-it-all liberal philosophy is unlikely to usher in a boom anytime soon.

2 – The Affordable Healthcare Act
Obamacare has been regarded with suspicion from Day One, and things are worse now than they ever have been. Though liberal cheerleaders have declared that Republicans were wrong about the law, the American people see it differently. They see major corporations slashing full-time jobs ahead of the employer mandate. Small business owners see what the law is going to do to their bottom line. And millions of Americans have seen the disastrous effects it has had on their personal insurance plans. The ACA isn’t going anywhere, though; even if it is miraculously repealed, it won’t do anything for Obama’s approval numbers.

3 – Incompetency and Scandal
Obama seemed to his acolytes like the perfect antidote to Bush. He was old and white, Obama was young and black. Bush was a hawk, Obama a pacifist. Bush was a cowboy, Obama an intellectual. If it’s possible to take any joy in watching your own country in decline, it has to come from seeing liberals realize they elected a mirage. Obama’s presidency has been mired in incompetency and scandal from the beginning. From the IRS to the VA to the border to the Justice Department to Bergdahl to Benghazi, it’s been one thing after another. There’s a sizable portion of Obama supporters still waiting anxiously for him to make good on one of his earliest campaign promises – to close Gitmo.

Even as someone who fiercely opposed Obama for ideological reasons, I hoped he would at least acquit himself as the first black president. Unfortunately, it looks more and more like that title will be the only part of his legacy that will shine throughout history. The rest has been an unqualified disaster.

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  2. The scandal started with the FALSE record of live birth, we are still waiting for the actual birth certificate. More than likely it is still in an office located in Kenya, Africa! Go back further and the cover up and lies Barrack Hussein Obama has committed before running for president.

    • He has absolutely NO legal U.S. Documents to his name! Even the SSN he is currently using is stolen, (042-68-4425)!

      • What about a Selective Service registration? That is questionable lately. But the dumbest part of it all was people voting in support of someone to the highest office in the land who was essentially unknown. We would not have done any worse by blowing up a plastic doll and calling it Mr. President or
        grabbing the next passerby on a sidewalk and telling him he’s our President.
        Actually we might have avoided the awkward outcomes we now have.
        1. Higher debt than all prior Presidential administrations combined. 2. An unworkable healthcare idea that was not needed yet forced onto the population against the will of We the People with a funding gouged out of the people as a tax. 3. An Economy in shambles with staggering unemployment levels including the workers who gave up trying to find jobs. 4. Reduction in the size of the Department of Defense thus betraying the Constitutional clause of “protect and defend” and a nation of people betrayed by a person from Kenya claiming to have been born in the USA yet has sealed his official Birth Certificate from disclosure as well as his alleged
        academic records which he claims to have accomplished yet has sealed them so We the People cannot see the truth, So it is now the duty of the US Congress to begin investigations into the possibility of removing the person sitting as US President by way of means provided by the Constitution. Now that we can look forward to a new beginning January 3rd, 2015 let us pray that God will Bless America with ways to overcome failures of the past six
        years. This is the Shemitah, the seventh year of the seven year cycle as revealed to Moses. Wake up everyone! Shalom

        • Is it just me… or has it not occurred to others to wonder; where the hell are all of the thousands upon thousands of “formerly employed workers”… who have “given up on trying to find jobs”? We’ve all heard about them for years. How are they surviving, day-to-day? How are they paying mortgages/rent, making car payments, putting food on their tables, etc.? They can’t have simply vanished from the face of the earth!
          Where are they? Are they all on welfare… now that their unemployment benefits have dried up? Surely, some have ended up as ‘homeless’… yet, I haven’t noticed an appreciable uptick in the extant ‘street population’ of such unfortunate victims (victims… relative to our current economic downturn).
          I don’t spend an inordinate amount of time wandering the streets looking for these sad souls… nor, do I have any special talents for identifying or distinguishing them from ‘others’… my point being, that I don’t ‘hear’ about them from the news media, either.
          With the colder weather soon to settle upon us, and in consideration of the fast approaching holiday season about to arrive… I hope everyone will find a way to reach out and give a bit of assistance, even in some small measure, wherever the opportunity presents itself.
          I don’t understand how anyone can just “give up on “trying” to find work”… and perhaps, that is an inaccurate description of what has happened with those thousands of folks; no matter how difficult the task becomes. I also recognize the unfortunate fact that, at some point, one runs out of funds or means to pursue that venture. It costs money to travel to and from job interviews (if one is even available), and one cannot always entertain the notion of ‘re-education’. That is not a realistic proponent for everyone, for many different reasons.
          Higher education in this country is ridiculously expensive… to the overall detriment of the nation. I’ve always thought that any society will only benefit by having as many people as possible to be as highly educated as possible, throughout every stage of their lives. That would necessitate the affordability of said education… for everyone, young and elder. I’m not convinced that an instructor who has 2000 students attending his lecture has to speak louder than one entertaining 1000, or 1500, for example. That’s why we have p.a.-systems and grad student-teacher assistants.
          Sorry. Don’t mean to ramble or get off point. Just some random reflections.

          • they are taking other jobs and getting paid under the table and paying no taxes. they qualify for food stamps and get unemployment checks.

        • “The tree is known by its fruits.” The people who voted for him are the likes of him and, his other half ~ parasites! Parasites do not have any useful skills, other than how to hide around, so to survive; survive for yet another day! Once it is being discovered, that painful elimination process begins. It is NOW! Please, do it with Full Force ~ leave no eggs laying around! We don’t need any more parasites to consume us, the Host~ the Nation of the United States of America!

    • What about his college records also?

    • Obama signed up for College as a Foreign Student !

    • One has to blame those in Congress who refused to look into or move forward in making a man (Obama) PROVE he was born here especially after the FBI found that his Birth was indeed a forgery…. yet they all did NOTHING… giving Obama the green light . Members of Congress are too concerned with their own seats to move on this… so it took just ONE man, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, to do something about this.. and even after PROVING his BC was a forgery, Congress still did NOTHING…. Well, what in the heck is Congress for or is it for those who want to keep their jobs, cause it’s certainly not to DO their job…

  3. Admin’s conclusions about 3 reasons why Obama can’t win back America are like the little girl’s Democrat kittens that transformed overnight into Republican kittens. They opened their eyes! Surely, many, if not most, Democrats had doubts about the wisdom of the course Obama plotted, but he made it sound so good that they went along with the program. Now that the majority of voters’ decisions made them open their eyes, they saw more clearly what was happening. They got a taste of socialism, and they didn’t like it. Maybe they could even see what his programs have done to adversely affect not only the economy, healthcare, and the corruption level, but wrecking our military by cutting funding and removing officers who wouldn’t violate their oaths to support unlawful actions. Without a viable military, we are vulnerable to attack by many nations in today’s world. The Rule of Man just doesn’t seem as workable as the Rule of Law, especially if you aren’t one of the cronies of the Man. The next year or so will tell the story, and if Congress gets rid of its 2 leaders and replaces them with real conservatives, it can be a good story indeed.

  4. Three other reasons that bo will not have any respect or trust or power is that the U.S. Patriotic Citizens have proven bo is a liar that violates U.S. Laws and creates unjust executive orders that aid the U.S. enemies that has all the stench of treason and dereliction of duty to his sworn oath to protect U.S. Laws & Constitutional Rights with his continual abuse of power toward the U.S. Citizens Bill of Rights…! His treason has to be eliminated now …!

    • The Rule Of Law Applies To Everyone Most Expressively To Those Who Govern As It Applies To The Governed. There Are No Exceptions To This Rule Which Is Sovereign And Unalterable.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Oslobba has already stated the HE will not repeal Oslobbacare and the Republicans laughed there asses off and told him, “WE are already making plans to trash that joke, and YOU won’t stop us!”. I’ve been laughing my ass off since yesterday.

    • I agree with the principal, however, not the timing. Convicted before a new Republican President is sworn in in 2017 Jan. Ole Joe blabber mouth would pardon him. The same goes for Injustice Holder.

      • The V.P cannot save bo or holder when “ole joe” is also indicted for his share of the violations to his dereliction of duty crimes when he did not protect the U.S. Citizens Laws and Constitutional Rights.. ! All of the crony bo administration that violated U.S. Laws have to be indicted by 2015..!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        What really gets me: Now I still believe what my father taught me as a child “All politicians are corrupt to a degree,” but it’s amazing what defeat does to many people. Now, instead of realizing their OWN failures, the democrats will exhaust themselves for the next umpteen years, trying to tear the Republicans apart, degrade them and make it look like THEY are actually what has screwed up this great country. WAKE UP you asswipes! You’ve had the last 6 years as living proof of what you demoncrats are (incapable) of. Now STFU and get out of the way. If you dumbasses understand anything, then prove it by standing WITH and HELP to put this country back together, NOT spend all your damned energy degrading. Most are only pissed because they’re in fear of losing all those freebies Ovomit has given them..

        • The so called democrat party is no longer the working person’s representation or any U.S. Patriotic Citizens party for Freedom & Rights …! The dems have become a socialistic tyranny of support for bo’s wannabe dictatorship & he is using their ignorance to achieve his greedy whims & ways to create his totalitarian regime of control by the 10% rich N.W.O. .. !

      • phxgeo, I have a question about your statement? If A president is impeached can the newly sworn in President pardon him, and than obama can still get his benefits as if his term was just over. I am not a constitutional lawyer.

  5. You left out the very most important factor, which is the fact he is an ‘Illegal immigrant’, and is intentionally disrupting and destroying this Nation very foundations !

    • IF bo is illegal & cannot be indicted for treason then he is a spy that commands the same type of criminal indictment and court martial trial for the maximum sentence by a guilty as charged verdict …! Patriotic Citizens believe bo is illegal, just by his racist E.O. violations & changing of U.S. Laws….!

  6. This faux POTUS has more scandals than a dog has fleas, and his protective blanket has finally been yanked off by awakened voters. Years will pass before the damage is undone; some never will be. Pathetic excuse for a leader of the free world,; not so free now, thanks to his Leftist policies. He should resign immediately.

  7. What appears to be The Community Organizer’s gross incompetence has been incompetence by design to weaken and destroy America from the inside out. As far as all his the scandals go, The Community Organizer was certain that our spineless congress would not get in his way and he was right. A wide open Mexican border and trading those 5 worst of the worst terrorists for Baghdad Bowe Bergdahl are arguably his worst scandals and the trade an illegal action. Why have we and the congress coddled this communist and Muslim sympathizer and apologist? Is is because he is a black in color?

    • Simply stated, racism got Barry Soetoro the white house. [lower case letters on purpose]

    • Arming, funding and training the Syrian terrorists, euphemistically labeled “freedom fighters”, who became ISIS has up there somewhere too!

    • Incompetence by design is faulty; he has no clue how to manage the nation, any nation! But I agree his whole agenda is to follow the instructions of his puppeteers; at that, he’s adept. Impeach of arrest for Treason to the US.

  8. It is best to work for his arrest for high treason, criminal negligence, reckless endangerment of our children’s lives, AND…. old business, ineligibility and fraud. He and his Democratic minions are responsible for causing this Constitutional crisis, and his pResidency must be declared null and void. For a complete explanation of these charges, go to –

    Thank you.

  9. You left out that 0bama is a queer and is married to a transvestite.

  10. Here are a few other reasons:

    1. He hates America
    2. He hates the Constitution
    3. He hates the military
    4. He is a traitor
    5. He is a Muslim
    6. He is a commie

    I could go on for pages but I think you get the point.

  11. Try him for treason and hang him. He deserves it for crimes against the Constitution of The United States

    • Michael Dennewitz

      NO NO NO!! You must do it the correct way. Put his sorry mooselum ass before a firing squad, but MAKE SURE THEIR BULLETS WERE DIPPED IN PIG’S BLOOD!!!

  12. Proud US vet/American

    This POTUS should never have been allowed to be president in the first place! There were too many questions in the beginning that have never been answered and he never had the experience or personal fortitude to do the job properly in the start. He didn’t finish his first job as Senator and he can’t finish this one now! All to the loss of America and her citizen’s, but then again, a non-American has no business running our country in the first place. He kept piling on to his problems with inept cabinet members and corrupt advisers that should have been in the local jail for some of their illegal activities.

  13. The Muslim N Chief is the biggest pathological prolific LIAR this nation has ever seen. He is a total disgrace! He is a muslim usurper plant and even a lot of his “useful idiots” want nothing to do with him anymore. As General Eisenhower stated, “Excuses are the first sign of weak pathetic leadership”. And what have we got from our LIAR n Chief from day one? LIES and Excuse after Excuse. What a pathetic LOSER!!

  14. How about the Sennett push for Obama’s REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE and if he does NOT present it within a given time period then kick him out of office, arrest him and charge him with multiple counts of HIGH TREASON! Arrest Lois Learner, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, and Nancy Pelozi. It is time to clean house permenantly!

  15. STILL bellowing the same bullshit, republicans?
    Well, the eyes of the nation are on YOU now..
    Fuck up, and you are TOAST!
    Let’s just see what you repub/tea party idiots do from this point on..

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Yeah bitch, and you damned demoncraps will be whining for years to come. You may feel sweet sitting in your own damned shit, but get ready…we’re about to make it harder to wipe your fat ass with all that free shitpaper!!

      • Not whining, you fucked in the head bastard. I am TELLING you! You repubs lied and bullshitted your way to where you wanna be. Don’t fuck up. The country will be waiting for you to do so. Of course, you are now going to ‘attempt’ to set your traitor bullshit in motion now that you have the power. Nothing has changed. Your bullshit lies have gotten what you wanted, They WILL continue, much to this country’s chagrin… , Michael… Now just don’t screw it up. You WILL be watched and scrutinized on everything you do.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          HAHAHA And we’ll be hearing this whining for months and months to come… Sheesh…

        • So what you are saying is your a bigot and after that, nothing you say is worth listening to.

          • Mah, take a look in the mirror, bitch..
            Bigotry and stupidity are the republican by-words…

          • Typical moronic comment from the left. It shows just how bigoted you are. Yet you have grown accustomed to pointing a finger and trying to claim that Republicans are exactly what you are. Look in the mirror bitch.

          • Mah, you must NOT be looking in the mirror…
            Your OWN reflection SCREAMS bigoted hypocrite..
            Go stand in the corner where you belong.
            You don’t belong on this thread..

          • you keep proving me right with every breath you post. LOLOLO.
            The source of your bigotry lies in your stupidity. As it always does.

          • Keep whining, you lil blubbering, traitor bitch. The country and the WORLD is just waiting for you republican traitor/clowns to fuck up… and you WILL fuck up again. You repub assholes can’t HELP yourselves.. It’s in your genes and you CAN’T FIX STUPID, you asswipe… LOLOLOL! Keep whining and mewling and denying… It only makes your party look even MORE stupid… (IF that is possible…)

          • You are the person that Jonathan Gruber called too stupid to understand that 0bamacare was a tax.
            I must be clairvoyant because I knew it was a tax and illegal all along.

        • Why do liberals have verbal dysentery? Still angry about Tuesday? Go tell mama, she’ll make it better!!

          • Like A LOT of folks, I will be watching to see what republican stupidity will be next to ‘attempt’ to bring this country to her knees in the name of republican idiocy. I KNOW it won’t be long before the gop shows it’s “other face.” and screws things up again. It’s inevitable.

          • The voters have already decided who has brought the economy and the country to it’s knees. When the democrats have been in charge of the economy for six years and has failed. Harry Reid, Obama’s auto veto pen hasn’t brought one republican bill to the floor. Democrat and insanity have the same definition, keep trying the same thing over and over hoping for a different result.

    • Melinda don’t be stupid, F u and we are toast? Really obammy did nothing but that; with a senate of his own and our country paid for it. Screw you and every one of you stupid stinking immoral untruthful ignorant libtards.

    • I have to agree with parts of your post Melinda. Your choice in words…, well, I think you’re being very emotional right now. Let’s not forget that the Democrat’s also spew the same nonsense and are partly to blame for putting us in this pickle we’re in today! So right back at ya…. lol.
      I think if any body messes up right now Democrat or Republican…., we’re all toast Melinda.
      The country is divided, tensions are high, many people are disappointed in all factions of our federal government, be it Dem or Rep. This is by no means a healthy place for our country to be in. I can tell you’re passionate about your politics, I hope you’re also compassionate regarding your fellow American. Like it or not, we’re in this together. Nice dog by the way!

    • Easy to see why you voted for Obama Melinda, you are clueless and stupid. The blame for Obama being where he is falls on the Democratic and Republican National Committees. No one vetted this fake, or if they did they were bought off. Simple as that!
      1.- How could they let this man even run for State Senator?
      a.- There is controversy at all levels: Birth Certificate, SSN, College transcripts, kids with no birth certificates, and on and on.
      2.- He basically had no voting record in the U.S. Senate.
      3.- ACA was rammed through Congress in 2010 because the Dems. knew that they were going to lose the House. The bottom line has not been written on the ACA, but it has been on Healthcare policy prices.
      4.- Obama is number 1 when reading a teleprompter, below zero at adlibs. I think maybe he is an android!
      5.- Obama does not look menacing, said so himself.
      6.- In a nutshell there are too many loose ends to make the man viable as any more than a dishwasher.
      BUT: He was elected by the black vote and whites who thought they were doing the right thing, TWICE!
      If the truth ever comes out, the man should be impeached, jailed and drawn and quartered along with those who flaunted the system and put him there.
      I also know that you, Melinda, will vote him even after he is dead!

      • Terry, same ole same ole bullshit from republican trolls..
        Same ole blah bullshit.
        Well, you won the midterms..
        Let’s just see how long it takes the so called gop to screw things up ROYALLY again and bring this country to her knees.
        I KNOW it won’t be that long.
        The republicans can’t help themselves from being stupid. It’s inherit in their genes..

    • Liberals are so emotional! Hope you don’t own a firearm!!

  16. The list is not long enough.
    4. Mikey/ Michelle “Tranny”Obama. The First Plus One has been big on spending money like Marie Antoinette while saying “Let them eat lowfat, low calories meals” if they are kids and teens.
    5. Ebola- Nothing says to the public that you are a souless political engine like shipping unlimited African Ebola victims to the US, when the Dems and Republicans are screaming for you to quit.
    6. Bad Bromance- Barracks slavish devotion to his “former” religion of Sunni Islam included shipping in countless unreopentant extremist Somalians and other Islamics to every state in the union as refugees while fecklesslty leaving the actual persected Christians, Jews and Yesidi to die.
    7. Golf, anyone? Barracks dream of becoming Tiger Woods instead of doing his job, in war and peace, torked off the public, with the “What, me worry?” attitude.
    8. Revenge is a dish best served cold.- Barrack has used the NSA, INS, IRS, and any other agency he can to wreck revenge on his enemies, including the State of Texas, Conservatives, Tea Party folk, and Libertarians.

  17. I would have thought that the top reason is that 0bama is a liar and has no credibility.
    Even Democrats are walking away from him now.

  18. Putting all three reasons together adds up to one main reason – TRUST- the American people can not trust the president and that is a sad state of affairs when we the people cannot trust the man who should be our leader and work for us, not against us

  19. I DONT consider Obama an intellectual and his manner of speaking doesnt sound at all intellectual, in my opinion. I think he has,somewhat of a speaking disorder.

    • The media portrayed his style as thoughtful. I think it is a stutter.
      The media portrayed Bush’s style as dumb. I thought it was thoughtful.
      Guess the media is as corrupt as the politicians.

      • The mainstream media is every bit as corrupt as the emperor. Just look at what they DON’T report in their nightly broadcasts: The emperor’s approval ratings down – no mention. Benghazi scandal – no mention. IRS scandal – no mention. Nationwide disapproval of moochelle’s school lunch program – no mention. The list goes on and on, and you could see how badly the anchors were shaken on election night. The picture of Chris Matthews chewing on his teeth as the returns came in was priceless!

      • The libtard meltdown…

      • I don’t buy the paper for that very reason.


  21. Obama has created more racists among blacks that he has created among whites. He is just a pathetic America hater with a belief In his own world view that prohibits any positive thinking that would be beneficial to any White people, anywhere.

  22. i disagree 1. he’s a racist 2. he’s a racist and 3.he’s a racist

  23. 0bama is summed up in three words: STIPID FUCKING NIGGER!

    • blacks and whites were starting to get along and then Obama got elected by blacks and whites and it all went down hill from there…

  24. All of you are on the RIGHT TRACK with your comments! If you look at the “BIG PICTURE”, you might think of One World Government! That’s what they discuss in NATO & at the G-8 Summits. First they need to confiscate all your guns to render all Americans’ helpless. That’ll sure make those illegals, felons’ & radical Muslims’ happy when they come knocking! Don’t think it can happen?? Look at Australia & Great Britain. They’ll tell you not to give up you protection. Think outside the BOX!

  25. He`s DONE and even HE knows it. But they`ll keep on stirring up the Country until the last Dawg` is Daid! HE has nothing to show for what HE has done in or outside of Governmental and life. What`s left for the next 13 months plus? Terrorizing This Country!

  26. i will take a cowboy, any cowboy, over the manchild we got now!

  27. We the people demand justice. Why is forgery the of federal documents being allowed, and nothing being done about it?

    #1. HE IS MUSLIM
    #2 HE IS BLACK

  29. Obama, and every thing about him screams fraud! Obama’s own grandmother once stated that she was present at the moment of Obama’s birth in Kenya! Obama is a devout Muslim, communist, criminal offender and has committed treason. He stopped deportation of over 300,000 illegal aliens, including his own relatives who are here in this country illegally! Obama has surrounded himself with other Muslims in his regime, and is doing his best to destroy this country from within, refusing to secure our borders so that millions of illegal aliens and drug thugs can invade our country and take over. Illegal aliens were voting in the last election. Immediately indict, try and convict Obama for his many crimes, and also do the same for Eric Holder. Tell Congress to denounce Obama’s latest nomination for Attorney General. She is owned by Obama, and is another corrupt Democrat! Here we go again…


    The presidents are just there for someone to blame. Many others are also responsible. We have congress members there for decades, family dynasties in gov and business, corporations, criminals in business, and we the people all have a share of the blame.

  31. I can remember Obama saying over and over .. Those that do not tell truth have some thing to hide back in 2008 . If i am correct it was some thing along those lines

  32. Dennis B Anderson

    With all of his false truths and the things he rises up to call improvements for the american people spring boards us into the graphics of a new third world country with no teeth in our laws anymore. A terrorist caught on US soil should be brought up on charges, of illegal entry and punishable by death. We need the death penalty brought back into our prison system. What is it Florida & Texas still have the death penalty. If a person in there normal frame of mind without drugs and alcohol can acknowledge these consequences there would be less murder, and the jails wouldnt be as full as they are. You should know that the court system the way it is sucks.
    You can now phone in what used to be a crime. Thanks to Obama the words CIVIL MATTER comes into play. The courts will be happy to take your money its a legal white collar crime. Our goverment has turned into a bunch of theifs. You would almost say the Mafia has opened up another front of business.

  33. Things Tyrants do !

  34. Many people talk about Obama , but what drives him . His political career started with Valerie Jarrett ,his chief of staff . A unelected appointee by Obama . If you know something about her you will know what drives him . You see there is no question he has a Muslim background , because Valerie Jarrett was Born and raised in IRAN . Her family has close ties with the Supreme Leader Ayatollah. Funny how after the 2012 election Obama opened ties with Iran . That was not by chance , everything Obama does also has a lot to do with Valerie Jarrett . Obama is going to go around Congress to work out a deal with Iran , to help them ,not America . Anyone can Google Valerie Jarrett , I challenge anyone to check this women out . Most of Obama’s appointees are not by chance ,most are Muslim .

  35. How about his Forked tongue?? Reason #!

  36. After reading the comments I have nothing more to add except: I agree. Now let us go to work to make sure this does not happen again.

  37. Lies, lies and more lies.

  38. I believe big money was responsible for putting a puppet like Obama in office. With the help of Jarrett and Holder everything is secret. He will veto everything that will help this economy such as the Exxon Pipe Line. His biggest donor owns the railroad and therefore would lose millions if the bill goes through.


    All of you make good points. But why do we let them get away with it? The military does not perform as original militia. All the various police. Retired people that once had high positions. No one seems to raise hell bring charges speak out. Etc. I contacted police and military several times. Got sad response.

  40. he NEVER was popular…that’s the image the left wanted to paint of him…he’s a loser…always was, always will be.

  41. FIRST OF ALL HE IS NOT, not a black man. HE IS A HALF BREED. I would not put the black community down like that.

  42. Every time he opens his mouth he’s lying, it’s hard to believe anything he says, do you think anyone but the democraps and the complicit media who have covered up for him has anything to do with it? Scariest ever to live in our White House, he will replace Carter as the worst.

  43. Parasites, good word for those law breakers in Ferguson, MO.

  44. Change the 3 reasons to 10 and you’ll be closer; 7 more are famous scandals; he’s no longer bulletproof, IMHO

  45. And now they want to run Hellory or the idiot from Mass. for POTUS. The Democratic Party is nuts, and morally bankrupt; Elmer Fudd could do a better job of running the nation. Pathetic bunch of losers and idiots.

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