The Shocking Lies Leftists Tell About Mass Shootings in America

Once again, the media – specifically, in this case, The New York Times – is lying about mass shootings in America. In order to make the most effective gun control argument possible, they are trying to make it look like massacres like the one that took place in Las Vegas are practically commonplace in our country – even though anyone paying the slightest attention knows that isn’t the case.

To get the point across, the Times ran a piece on Tuesday entitled: “477 Days. 521 Mass Shootings. Zero Action From Congress.”

Powerful stuff.

To avoid the discomfort of actively lying to their readers, the Times didn’t bother with a straightforward, written editorial. Instead, they put calendar boxes up and down the page, filled out with the days a “mass shooting” occurred. Using evidence from the Gun Violence Archive, they attempted to convince subscribers that there have been more than 500 American mass shootings since last summer.

Does that seem even slightly possible?

Of course not. The Gun Violence Archive does not use the same definition of “mass shooting” as the FBI, local police, or anyone with a working brain would use. Instead, they define a mass shooting as any incident that “involves four or more people injured or killed in a single event at the same time and location.” As you might have guessed, this allows them to not only include shocking acts of evil like the one that unfolded on Sunday, but also random incidents where no one is actually killed.

Furthermore, this “mass shooting” definition is deceptive in another way. When most Americans think “mass shooting,” they think of something similar to what happened in Las Vegas or Aurora or Orlando. They don’t think about gang-related shootings that involve people from opposing factions killing each other in the inner city streets of Chicago. But The New York Times and the Gun Violence Archive counts them all under the same umbrella, thus giving this insane number that seems to demand action from Washington.

If there is to be a reasonable gun violence debate in this country, we need to begin by making sure everyone is on the same page.

But see, the left doesn’t want a “debate.” They want to use these shootings as political rocket fuel to help them win elections. They distort the facts, prey on a population that is largely ignorant about guns, and use natural human sympathy and fear to trample our freedoms.

It hasn’t worked yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t start working in the future. Stay vigilant.


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