The Russians Played a Prank (And Adam Schiff Fell for It)

Boy, if you wanted a perfect metaphor for the entire Russia investigation, you couldn’t write one better than this. Move over, Project Veritas; move over, Jesse Waters. You’ve got nothing on the Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus, radio comedians who succeeded last year in making an absolute fool out of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee.

You know Schiff. He’s the one who is always on TV telling Rachel Maddow and the rest of gullible America that Trump is really, really, really guilty of…something. The one who thinks it’s an outrage that Devin Nunes told the country that Carter Page’s FISA warrant was improperly obtained. The one who really believes that, when it’s all said and done, he will stand tall and proud and be recognized as the patriotic hero that he is.

We knew he was dumb; we just didn’t know he was this dumb.

In April of 2017, Schiff received a “long-awaited” phone call from Andriy Parubiy, the chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament, who promised he had some juicy information about the Russian “kompromat” Vladimir Putin had on President Trump. This would have been a momentous turn in the investigation, if only for one little problem: Schiff wasn’t on the phone with Parubiy. Or anyone else in the Ukrainian leadership, for that matter. He was on the phone with the pranksters, and they were having a field day with his gullibility.

On the call, “Parubiy” told Schiff a fanciful story of the time Trump came to Moscow in 2013 to host the Miss Universe pageant. At that time, the Kremlin, via “Russian journalist and celebrity Knesia Sobchak,” furnished Trump with a special celebrity escort, ex-Playboy model Olga Buzova. According to the pranksters, Buzova is actually a “special agent of Russian secret service.” Long story short, the two of them had sex, Buzova acquired “compromising materials on Trump” over the course of their one-night stand, and now the evidence was sitting in Putin’s hot little hands.

“There were pictures of naked Trump,” the prankster solemnly informed the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee.

“And so Putin was made aware of the availability of the compromising material?” Schiff asked.

“Yes, of course,” the “Ukrainian leader” replied. He told Schiff that as long as Trump lifted the U.S. sanctions on Russia, those materials would never see the light of day.

The prankster told him that Ukrainian officials had recorded Sobchak and Buzov discussing all of this in a recent visit to Ukraine and that they would do everything they could to get the recordings to the House committee, via the FBI.

The problem, of course, isn’t that Schiff took this call or even that he acted interested. It was that he fell for it hook, line, and sinker, and directed his staff to coordinate with the pranksters in an effort to secure the bombshell material they promised. Once the story was released, a spokesman for Schiff tried to pretend that they knew the call was BS from the start, but emails show otherwise.

“I understand Mr. Schiff had a productive call with Mr. Parubiy, and that Mr. Parubiy would like to make some materials available to Mr. Schiff through your Embassy,” a top member of Schiff’s staff wrote to the pranksters a day or two after the call.

Um, that doesn’t sound like someone who thinks they’ve been had. That sounds like someone who thinks her boss is on the verge of blowing the Russian investigation wide open.

And this is really the problem. It’s not that Schiff got fooled by a prankster; that seems to happen to nearly everyone in the public eye these days. It’s embarrassing, but it’s not the end of the world. The problem is that this incident betrays Schiff’s credulity; he is literally willing to believe anything if it matches the narrative in his head. And that makes him a very poor choice to be the Democrats’ point man on this investigation.

Of course, looking at the rest of the field, we’re not sure anyone would do better. The party as a whole IS Schiff right now, all of them willing to believe anything and everything as long as it tells them what they already “know” in their hearts: That Trump is evil, that he’s hopelessly compromised by the Russians, and that he will soon go down in flames. They may have figured out that Schiff’s call with Ukrainian leaders was fake, but they still haven’t realized that the goddamn DOSSIER is the biggest prank of them all!

If they weren’t on the verge of overthrowing American democracy, you would almost have to laugh.

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  1. Shiff represents the gullible. Perhaps some of the gullibility is rubbing off on him,

    • Judging by the results of the last presidential election there is a frightening number of gullibles registered as Democrats. They may be gullible but the Dems play them like a fiddle. This whole special council thing is a real obstruction to progress. As for the Republicans, all these facts proving that laws were broken will mean nothing unless someone ( many of them ) go to jail. This has gone way beyond a partisan revenge investigation. Real crimes by real people. And the Republicans are standing there watching it.

  2. Mother Nature played a prank on him too!

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  3. Typical…Adam Shift is nothing but another political liar, something like all of the CLINTON’S.
    Stories are created to suit the occasion…and then some

  4. The Russians played a prank on the US electorate (and Trump supporters fell for it)

    • Oh God, your droning on and on about this is really tiresome! Can’t you freaks come up with something better? Like Pres. Trump is really the anti-Christ referenced in the Bible. And at night, he lies down in the middle of a pentagram with the First Lady (nude of course) and Baron at his side. He’s been heard chanting incantations and casting spells on, yep, Nancy Pelosi (this might actually be true and successful. Because she’s a loon.) Tired! Tired! Tired!

      • TontonB- Good morning and thank you for your reply. “…droning on and on…”? Really? I tried to be brief and to the point. And no, I don’t think Trump is the “anti-Christ”.
        As I am sure you are well aware, the Russians attacked our election last year in a new form of cyber-warfare. Was the Russian attack enough to swing the election for Trump? No one really knows at this point. I am surre you are a patriotic American and I am sure you are just as concerned about this attack as I am. It’s not a Democrat or Republican issue, but an American issue. Do you have any ideas about why Trump has done nothing to protect future elections from similar attacks?

        • Your question is a red herring. Why? Because the inference contained in your question presupposes that this Russian story has some truth! It’s a complete hoax invented by the Clinton campaign and the DNC to keep Pres. Trump bottled up in defending himself. The Steele dossier has been proven to be completely false and badly created. The stench coming from the FBI and DOJ is thick! The so-called ‘swamp’, or ‘deep-state’ is neck deep in scandal. Ultimately, this entire fiasco emanated from one place – Obama! I’m not so naïve to think that Obama, Holder, Lynch, Comey et al gathered in the Oval Office and hatched this plan. They are all of the same ideology and only require a public statement here and there to get their directives out. Eg. When Obama declared publicly that Hillary was not guilt of storing highly classified documents on her private server. This was the signal to the DOJ, FBI, Congress etc. that the ‘boss’ has declared her not guilty. They fell in line accordingly.

          • Well, I disagree. My question gets at the heart of the problem. Putin was furious with Hillary because she questioned the legitimacy of his last election. (He won by something like 80% , I think). He was also angry at President Obama for the sanctions imposed because of Crimea. The attack was multi-pronged and including hacking emails, planting fake news stories in swing states and hacking into election systems in a number of states. Contrary to what you may have read in the “conservative” media, no one is claiming that votes were changed…this time. We got our first glimpse into the scheme in January 2017 when the intelligence agencies published their assessment. Just this week our Secretary of State acknowledged the Russians attacked the election.
            I am fully aware that the “conservative” media has been relentless in claiming “The Steele dossier has been proven to be completely false..” However, much of it has been corroborated. Some of it remains unverified. None of it has been proven untrue. Now, if you have some concrete evidence that would prove my statement wrong, I would sure like to see it.
            I think what we are watching is quite different than your assessment. Trump is in hot water and he is willing to take down the FBI to save his own skin. Why do I say that? Well, since the election, Trump has consistently deferred to Putin. He has repeated “No collusion” over and over, but at no time has he behaved like an innocent person. Trump has told us that he is very smart ( I am a stable genius). He has told us that he is very articulate ( I know a lot of words) and that he is completely innocent. If that is the case, then why doesn’t he simply fully cooperate with the investigation? Why doesn’t he invite Robert Mueller over to the White House for Big Macs and Diet Cokes and answer every question? Why didn’t he release the Democrat memo last night? If he has nothing to hide…. why?

          • OMG. You’re so anti-Trump that the truth is impossible for you to digest. Steele used, of all things, Yahoo! News as a source! But of course if you are a leftist who listens only to PBS, CNN, MSNBC and the other ‘news’ outlets, then you’re going to believe the propaganda they spew at you. Until you lose your hate for Trump, and expose yourself to objective analyses of events, you’ll never free yourself from the Democrat Party and their Socialist/Communist allies. So, all I can say is ‘good luck’ and consider not being used as a ‘fool’ by the looney Left.

          • Good morning Tonton- Actually I work very hard to “expose (myself) to objective analyses of events”. That’s a very well stated goal that we all should strive for.

            Have you read the dossier? If not, in your own search for an “objective analyses of events”, I would respectfully suggest it is good place to start. It includes a series of reports from inside Russia collected over a series of months. It was never intended to be a finished product. It is instead “raw intelligence” (the term used by the CIA), meant to be analyzed by the higher-ups in Washington. Christopher Steele himself has estimated that about 70-90% of the reports are true because there is a possibility that some of it is misinformation- deliberately planted by the Russians. Much of it has corroborated. I’ll try to provide you with a link. For example, one report in the dossier says that the Russians have launched a “cyber-campaign” against Hillary and the Democrats. This was reported long before the general public became aware of. We didn’t find out until after the election in the assessment by the joint intelligence agencies- Jan. 2017. There is a lot more—


            Now, if you can provide me with some concrete evidence to back up your claim that
            “Steele dossier has been proven to be completely false “, I would sure like to see it. If your evidence checks out, I will retract what I have said and issue you a personal apology.

            It is interesting also to note, that for all the hysteria in the “conservative” media over the “phony dossier”, none of it was used by the Hillary campaign. None of the contents were mentioned in campaign ads, at rallies, or in the debates. I assume that is because, Hillary’s campaign knew the specifics had not been verified at that time. That didn’t stop Trump from using all kinds of false stories against Hillary, including “selling 20% of our uranium” and “she wants “open borders”.

          • Ok if this dossier is true, then why is the Left not up-in-arms about it being debunked? Why is the Left not defending Steele and the dossier with ever fiber of their being? The reason nothing in the dossier was used in Hillary’s campaign was because she paid for it and knew it was made-up, salacious garbage. We don’t hear one Democrat defending Steele or the dossier. Why not? If it’s true, as you purport, they should be delivering hard copies to CNN, MSNBC, PBS and the other lunatic leftist media. Not happening!

          • “..why is the Left not up-in-arms about it being debunked?” Has it actually been “debunked”? Not that I am aware of. I asked you to provide me with some concrete evidence that it is “completely false”.

            Did you read the article that I linked above? It gives a better summary of the situation than I could. But ” We don’t hear one Democrat defending Steele or the dossier” misses the point. The dossier is not a exhaustive analysis- it is raw data which is meant as a starting point and to be verified by the intelligence community. I do assume that Robert Mueller’s team has been looking into dossier to see if the individual reports can be confirmed elsewhere.

            “If it’s true, as you purport”? Really? I have purported no such thing. I have found that much of it has been corroborated, but that is a far cry from claiming conclusively that every word is true. As I said before, even Christopher Steele has estimated that 70-90% of it is true.
            The big concern for every American is that if certain parts of the dossier are confirmed, then Putin has compromising information (kompromat) on Donald Trump, which would make him a potential for some kind of blackmail. I do find it very concerning that Trump has not said a single thing critical of Putin. He has repeatedly deferred to Putin. Of course, that alone doesn’t prove anything, but it does raise a red flag.

    • No, Trump supporters ELECTED HIM POTUS. I guess the pranks on you, since YOU fell for it…

      • Retired Marine- Good morning and thank you for your reply. Thank you also for your service to our country. I agree with you ( “Trump supporters ELECTED HIM POTUS”). However as I am sure you are well aware, our election was attacked by a hostile foreign power. As I am sure you are aware, Putin was furious with Hillary and sought to undermine her chances. No one is claiming that the Russians changed any votes or the Russian attack was the only reason that Trump was elected. So far, Trump has done nothing to protect us from another attack in the future. Do you have any ideas why that would be?

    • But Trump is president and Hillary is not get over it already we tire of the same old gnashing of teeth and weeping of how Trump is POTUS, its going to be a long 7 more years for you.

      • jolly roger- Good morning and thank you for your reply. Believe me, I know who is president. And I got over it about 15 minutes after I heard the news. No “gnashing of teeth” or “weeping” here. However, as I am sure you are well aware, Russian attacked our election. Since then, Trump has consistently deferred to Putin and has done nothing to protect our country from a future attack. Do you have any ideas about why he has done those things?

        • I know exactly why he is doing what he is doing. Because the entire ‘Russians attacked our elections’ is a fake, made-up story. Why should Pres. Trump take action against something that doesn’t exist? What action would he take against a phony attack? We are attacked daily by bad actors. This is nothing new with Pres. Trump. This has been going on for decades. Why is the Left suddenly so concerned about our security. Was it not a problem with Obama? Of course it was, with one big difference. The attacks were internal, not external. Pres. Trump has called for increased cybersecurity in the budget just recently passed.

          • TontonB- Good morning and thank you for your reply. Here’s a brief summary of one part of the attack-

            “Russia hacked into the voting systems of 39 states

            The hack into Illinois’s election system is the one we know the most about. Ken Menzel, who serves as general counsel for the Illinois state board of elections, told Bloomberg that a part-time contractor for the state board of elections noticed unauthorized data leaving the network
            That data contained the personal information of around 15 million people, including names, birthdays, genders, and partial Social Security numbers. It was a huge coup for the Russians, as around half of those 15 million were active voters. Apparently, the cyber intruders aimed to delete or alter voter data they got a hold of”
            We also know they hacked the DNC and fed those emails to Wikileaks. The emails were then released in a way to inflict damage to Hillary’s campaign.
            They also planted fake news stories which targeting Hillary in swing states. Considering the fact that Trump’s margin of victory was razor thin (about 40,000 voters in 3 states), this was a very effective tactic.
            Now, no one that I have heard is claiming that the Russian efforts alone swung the election in Trump’s favor. No votes were changed but that’s an extremely low standard by which to judge the attack.
            I think these actions by the Russians should be a concern to us all. It’s not a Democrat issue or Republican issue- it’s an American issue.

          • I lived in the Socialist Worker’s Paradise of Illinois. If what you say it true, then why didn’t Pres. Trump win Illinois? Illinois has a long ‘tradition’ of voter fraud. Who do you think arranged Illinois for John F. Kennedy? None other than Papa Daly. Without Daly’s ‘help’, Richard M. Nixon would have been inaugurated President on Jan. 21, 1961. What fake news stories about Hillary? That she collapsed several times while campaigning? That she sold 20% of our uranium supply to our enemy for $140M ‘donation’ to the Clinton Crime Syndicate? That she lied about Benghazi (remember the video caused it)? That she enabled her sex offender husband while in the White House? That she turned $10k into $100k in 6 months dealing in cattle futures? That 95% of the money donated to the Clinton Crime Syndicate for Haiti relief never saw the light of day to help Haiti? That she stored top secret information on a home grown, unsecured server? And then she lied about it? This person you so revere is a criminal of the worst kind. She has lied and twisted the truth her entire adult life. She stays with her sex offender husband out of political expediency for her own gain. She has sold her soul and the United States of America to the highest bidder. Were this happening 200 years ago in this country, she would long ago been hanged for treason!!!! Maybe it’s not too late! I’ll provide the rope!!!

          • Good morning Tonton-As I said above, we have no evidence that votes were changed in the last election. However we know that the Russians intend to continue their operations. Trump has done nothing so far to prevent future attacks. Someone ( possibly you) should inform Trump that while last time, Putin’s efforts were to harm Hillary’s chances, next time they could be against Trump.
            Concerning the rest of your charges against the Clintons, Lee Atwater would be very proud of you.

          • Refute any of the crimes, I outlined, committed by Hillary! Your sarcasm (Atwater would be very proud…) shows your blindness to open your thoughts to think that maybe, just maybe, she is a criminal. You need to stop exposing your mind to leftist propaganda. It will eventually destroy you and this country if allowed to live in your way of thinking.

          • Good morning again Tonton- As I am sure you are aware, Hillary has not been found guilty of any crime. In fact, she has not even been charged with a crime. But to just delve into one of your alleged “crimes”, I am well aware of the relentless attempt in the media to say “Hillary sold 20% of our uranium” (I’m paraphrasing). The fact is that there is no way she could have “sold uranium”. She served on a 9 member board which approved sales of that nature. So she had one vote among nine and we don’t even know how she voted.
            I can get quite sarcastic, but there was none involved in my Lee Atwater remark. As I am sure you are well aware, not long before he died, Atwater provided the inspiration to Richard Mellon Scaife to pour millions of his money into the “Arkansas Project.” Atwater and Scailfe were worried about the charismatic young southern governor who might be a threat to George H.W. Bush’s re-election chances. So Scaife sent a team to Arkansas to dig up dirt, start rumors, spread lies, and generally attempt to destroy the Clintons. They got the ball rolling and in many ways, the Arkansas Project never really ended. It was picked up and maintained for years by people like Rush Limbaugh and many, many others.

          • Your logic in regards to Hillary (“she’s never been convicted of a crime”) screams in the face of all of her scandals. Al Capone was only convicted of tax fraud. Are you denying that he was a psychotic killer who reigned over a huge criminal enterprise? As to Billy Jeff, “I never had sex with that woman, Monica Lewisky”. There’s your dirt. And bombing a Chinese aspirin factory in the country of Yugoslavia (before the official breakup). I’m not going to exchange any more posts with you. Why? Because you are a hopeless liberal who will remain convinced the Democrats are not the new Communist Party. Unfortunately, for people like you to be convinced of the evils of big government, you will need to experience it and live it! I have relatives who escaped from Communist controlled Hungary in 1956! Communism crushes the soul and destroys everything it touches. Of course, you will continue to deny that the slow (however quickening) takeover of this country by Soros-type lunatics is occurring until they appear at your home or workplace and ‘ask’ you to purchase a ‘color photo’ of the ‘Dear Leader.’ Think it won’t happen? My relatives didn’t think it would happen in Hungary either. Under God’s protection they made it out. On foot by the way!

          • Good morning Tonton- Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions with me. I hope you and your family are doing well today.

    • Another troll we can use the phrase….”you can’t fix stupid”

      You go with the name….seen the Roadrunner lately? Beep bee p

      • Shecky- Good morning and thank you for your reply. I agree completely- “you can’t fix stupid”. “Roadrunner….beep bee” Good one. I get it.
        Concerning the subject at hand- as I am sure you are well aware, our election was attacked during the last election. Do you have any ideas about why Trump has done nothing to protect us from another attack?

        • Wow…when you say he hasn’t done anything. You know this to be a fact? Next, if he does follow through… you know who’s going to prison? Yep, members of the dnc, clinton, obeyme and members of the fbi. The Steele Dossier was manufactured by a foreign agent, helped by the Russians, asked for and paid by the dnc and clinton campaign. Obeyme with his fingers in the investigation of clinton and making sure his justice department didn’t do their job…..yeah, the Dems and their friends should be wearing orange by now…hoping it all comes out in the wash.

          Anyone that thinks President Trump is involved really should seek help….mueller hasn’t been able to find anything and the lamestream media sounds like a broken record.

          • Good afternoon Shecky- Yes, I know that Trump has done nothing. He has consistently deferred to Putin. Jeff Sessions has stated there have been no meetings, briefings, or actions taken to prevent another attack. Rex Tillerson, last week stated

            Russia is already trying to meddle in this year’s midterm congressional elections, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said.

            “In an interview with Fox News, the former Exxon Mobil CEO casted doubt on whether the U.S. could prevent Russia from causing damage again.

            “I don’t know that I would say we are better prepared, because the Russians will adapt as well,” Tillerson said in the Tuesday night interview. “The point is, if it’s their intention to interfere, they are going to find ways to do that.”

            You state “…Mueller hasn’t been able to find anything..” Really? “You know this to be a fact?” Please allow me to respectfully suggest to you that unless you are on Mueller’s team ( I assume you are not) then you don’t know what he has found. Unlike our president, Mueller is not a showboat. He has kept his head down and done the people’s work. There have been no leaks. We do know that Michael Flynn is now cooperating with Mueller. Remember Flynn? He has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. President Obama counseled Trump not to hire Flynn. Of course Trump had to do the opposite. Trump has said “He’s ‘a very good person’”
            The basic question that I think everyone should examine is this- If Trump truly has nothing to hide, then why doesn’t he simply cooperate fully, release all documents, answer all questions, and get this thing behind him? His contention that a decorated war hero and registered Republican (Robert Mueller) would conduct a partisan “witchhunt” is absurd.

          • First….Russia hasn’t caused any damage other than showing how corrupt the dnc, the clintons and the fbi are. Steele Dossier….a load of crap the dnc and clinton campaign paid for…the fbi trying to keep hilLIARy out of jail…the AG lynch not going after clinton for her email fiasco. The fbi not putting hiLIARy under oath when questioned….she lied to them of course and they weren’t going to do anything BECAUSE they didn’t. Slick willie talking to lynch during the investigation. He also got huge speaking fees from the Russians while The uranium one deal was being made. Abden’s hubby the photo op guy that shows his wiener to little girls….yeah the one with a laptop with clinton emails on it. Jeez you are gullible….the hits just keep on coming.

          • Good morning Shecky- I disagree with your assessment “Russia hasn’t caused any damage”. They managed to penetrate the voting systems in 39 states. In Illinois, they were able to get data- “That data contained the personal information of around 15 million people, including names, birthdays, genders, and partial Social Security numbers. It was a huge coup for the Russians, as around half of those 15 million were active voters.Apparently, the cyber intruders aimed to delete or alter voter data they got a hold of. ”
            Now it is true that no votes were changed, but that is an incredibly low standard by which t judge the attack.
            Let’s put it this way- Suppose that North Korea launched a missile aimed at Seattle. Fortunately, the guidance system was off by 0.003% and the missile fell harmlessly into the ocean off the coast. Would you be saying “Korea hasn’t caused any damage…no one was killed”?
            Actually, Putin’s intention is to weaken all Western democracies. There are reports that like most everybody else, he expected Hillary to win. He just wanted to show he could mess with her. But Putin won in two ways, First of all Trump won. And our democracy has been weakened because of all the turmoil that has been created. We have a president who has attacked law enforcement. We have increased partisan fighting over dueling memos. We are spinning our wheels over stupid things while Russia is now working toward being capable of actually changing votes in the next election.

          • America won BECAUSE President Trump won…..if hilLIARy had won we would be on our way to a global order and away from the greatest Republic and free nation to ever exist. That criminal and those around her should be in jail.

            By the way…I’m a Marine (1973-83) and as always stand by the oath I gave in July 1973. Those like the clintons and the obeyme’s are in collusion with people like George soros. He is an enemy to our nation…he and his ilk are the ones you should be worried about. I will always stand ready to defend our great nation against all enemies both foreign and domestic…
            Semper Fi

          • Shecky- Good morning. And also, thank you for your service to our country. Speaking of that, how do you feel about a presidential candidate who chose not to serve our country passing judgment on sitting US Senator who was shot down, tortured, and who sacrificed over 5 years of his life in a N. Viet prison?

          • As far as President Trump not serving….I couldn’t care less. McCain….you don’t really want me to tell you how I feel about old “Song Bird the Admiral’s son”

            I’d much rather have a man like President Trump in the White House. He shows the military respect and works to keep us strong. Unlike old Hussain…his dislike of all of us was readily evidenced by not only his actions but his words. By the way, obeyme was just your typical pot smoking politician of the liberal/socialist persuasion. He couldn’t have gotten to his second day of boot….

          • Good morning Shecky- For that matter, I don’t really care whether Trump served or not either. But he is someone who chose not to serve and somehow found the need to pass judgment- “I prefer pilots who were not shot down” and other outrageous things.

            Concerning John McCain, I am well aware of the false stories which were evidently planted in S. Carolina during the 2008 election.

            Here is what his cellmate had to say-

            “We were all tortured and we wrote confessions under the pressure of torture,” said Swindle, who was a cellmate with McCain and is active in his campaign. “John McCain never collaborated with the enemy. He, like every one of us, submitted to severe torture. John McCain did nothing dishonorable. He was heroic.”

            The “bone spurs” which kept Trump out of the military, somehow didn’t prevent him from partying and dancing in the Manhattan clubs during the same time McCain was kept in captivity.

          • Sorry, to much information that songbird divulged…..such as strike patterns and altitude levels that the planes were using, cost the lives of pilots. It was because of this information the north was able to set up it air defense systems accurately and pushed an end to these bombing runs.

          • Good morning Shecky- Well, those are some of the charges that were part of the disinformation campaign against McCain. Here is what actually happened-

            “When he was later interrogated, McCain gave his ship’s name and squadron number and confirmed the target of his failed mission, he wrote. He also gave the names of the Green Bay Packers’ offensive line and said they were members of his squadron.
            Asked to identify future targets, he mentioned North Vietnamese cities that U.S. planes had already bombed.”

            Call me old fashioned (or just old) but I have always thought we should show respect to people who have served our country. For someone who chose not to serve ( D. Trump) to pass judgment on McCain shows a distinct lack of class.

          • Yeah, here’s another POW that was there with McCain. John Dramesi….he was a Lt Col at the time they were captured. He tells a different story of the self professed hero.

          • Good morning Shecky- “…self professed hero”? Really?

            Here is what McCain has actually said about that-

            “In the case of many of our veterans, when Mr. Trump said that he prefers to be with people who are not captured, well, the great honor of my life was to serve in the company of heroes,” McCain said. “I’m not a hero. But those who were my senior ranking officers … those that have inspired us to do things that we otherwise wouldn’t have been capable of doing, those are the people that I think he owes an apology to.”

            McCain has admitted that he broke after 4 days of torture and has said that he is not proud of that. He wrote confession in which he said “I am a black criminal..” Does that sound like a sincere confession to you? I also wonder how long Trump would have lasted under torture.

          • So now you are saying he broke….?? Then you ask how long President Trump would last….I’ll ask you how long that pos obeyme would have lasted? That idiot showed no respect for our military….only time he did is when he knew pictures had to be taken. There are lots of people that couldn’t last and they shouldn’t enlist or be drafted. McCain should have stayed out of the public eye but what does he do….becomes a lousy senator, runs for President (because he could have one upped his dad and grandfather) and then shows his true colors of being a turncoat. Nothing you can say will make me think more of this short man with a short man’s syndrome.
            My last deployment in Grenada, put me in front of a Navy surgeon having my shoulder reconstructed. Then a day later I found out my best friend died in that same blast next to me. I spent the next year rehabbing to get my life back together. My best friend had just found out he was a father 4 days before being shipped off….I’m his Godfather. When he was 6 he said he wanted to be like his dad and be a Marine. I made sure he went to a good prep school and got his recommendation to go to Annapolis. He graduated in 2005 and started pilot training the following year. He’s a Major in the Marines and has flown F/A18s and F-35Bs. He has grown up around Marines all his life (his step dad is retired MstSgt) and there are just a few things you never bring up in a conversation around us, McCain being one of them….everyone knew he was the son and grandson of admirals, silver spoon fed and a spoiled brat with a bad attitude.

          • Good morning Shecky- Thanks again for your service to our country. And thank you for taking the time to share your opinions with me.

          • Good morning to you too W. …Back at you, have a great day.

          • Thanks. Actually, it will be a sad day. My 91 year old uncle just passed away, We’ll have the funeral in a cold rain today. By the way, he served in the Pacific theatre during WWII.

          • I’m sorry to hear that, my heartfelt condolences. Would have loved to talk to him, those guys always had the best tales. My Dad’s oldest brother was on the Thomas Jefferson during the landing on Normandy on D Day….He had just turned 19.
            My dad was 12 years younger and said he only remembered “AJ” being his best friend and wondered why he never came back. Be happy you had your uncle for all those years and cherish the memories….
            Semper Fi

          • Thank you Shecky- It was a small, touching ceremony. He was buried with military honors, including the bugler playing taps. My uncle was an amateur poet and I was asked to read one of his poems. I’m sure you would have enjoyed knowing him. He was a great story teller. In fact I talked to him just a few hours before he died and he was telling jokes as usual. We’ll have a larger “celebration of life” later when the weather cooperates.

  5. I was told to ‘never ask a person how ‘stupid’ they can get’!! Some people take that as a ‘challenge’!! The last place we can afford ‘stupid’ is in our government!!

  6. how come Adam Schiff always looks like his testicles are hooked up to a stun gun

  7. The biggest joke is on the American People — Schiff still is in office and can continue to screw us every day! DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!

  8. It explains a lot. Another politician bought & paid for by Soros.

  9. Robertfantelli Fantelli

    Ypa! NaZdorovie! In short American: ” Cheers! toast! (To the Russian ” Pranksters !”)

  10. I am so sick & tired of all the wailing by the democrats that they lost.
    I get it they do not like the Republicans choice. But we did not like your last choice either
    Just for once do something great for your country & the American taxpayer
    Not the illegal foreign nationals & refugees Stop all money & perks to them.
    I will not vote in the next general election for anyone who had anything to do with EX-President Obama & his Crooked Cabinet, That also goes for state positions. So think carefully before you back or run a candidate. That goes for the Republicans on the state level who are digging up has bins .
    Maybe we should make it a law that once you have held a national office you cannot run for any other national office

  11. When they handed out brains , leftists and Democrats thought they said trains and asked for big empty Boxcars !

  12. I bet Hilary could sell him some ocean front property in Cleveland.

  13. This jerk is part of Soro’s family![look it up! He is out to destroy our government along with Trump!

  14. Adam Schiff is a complete jerk of a politician, if you can call him one. He has but one message and that is to spew hatred of President Trump and any and all conservatives.

    The man is a disgrace to his Office, this country and hisconstituents and he is perhaps one of the biggest liars in Congress among many.

    If left to him, we would have no country, no Constitution and no laws worth speaking of to keep this country together.

    The best thing that can happen to him is to be voted out of Office and never be seen in public again.

  15. I bet Adam Schiff believes in the tooth fairy.

  16. Schiff is a piece of human feces! i wonder how could anybody vote this piece of s**t in to office. Only in California and/or in New York

  17. Is this weasel related to the Schiff Empire?-I believe it’s in pharmaceuticals. The old man Schiff gave monetary support to Lenin when he was in the U.S., and helped finance Lenin in the Communist revolution. Talk about traitors!

  18. Shiftie is on the dream team —dream it up –sniff it out–to looney toon Nancy–

  19. Adam Schitt is a pathetic liar and a dumb fuxk! You just look at him, and he has an EVIL look about him!

  20. I love it. Hook, line and sinker. Just showed how gullible he is. I would almost bet just about ALL of the loony ones would have fell for it as well. Serves them right for the BS that they have done. His credibility just blew out the window if he even really had any left. Would be great if someone could actually call from Russia and pull another one of them into the same kind of crap. Say Nancy or Mad Maxine. LMAO

  21. The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine. Those rotating stones in Mr. Mueller’s mill will grind out the truth in time and there will be some big surprises for the Trumpites who are now so convinced that the Tweeter-in-Chief had no improper dealings with the Russkies.

  22. Good article. Dems are getting sloppy.

  23. “The narrative in Schiff’s head” is not inconsistent with the narrative created by Dirty Don’s publich philandery, remarks about the sexiness of underage girls—including his own daughter—and grabbing pussy. You can pretend to be incredulous as you want, but Schiff’s suspicions are not that much of a stretch. the president is a perv, and he’s said as much publicly.

  24. Adam Schiff is a joke. I wouldn’t believe a word coming out of his mouth. He has no credibility, and is also gullible. Wow, he’s a great representative for the Dems.

  25. When you see these Libturd politicians you gotta think what kind of American is voting these Psychotic POS Lunes into office.

    • The American electorate is capable of being deceived into voting quite a few LOONS (correct spelling) into political office. The chief beneficiary of this sad situation is currently occupying the Oval Office.

      • You must be one of those left over OBLOZO TROLLS there Grammar NAZI. It’s about time we got a President who cares more about the People than lining their friggin pockets and lying to the People there butt wipe.

  26. Excuse me, God’s last name is NOT damn! Lose the profanity, or lose me as a subscriber!

  27. I will no longer answer to this rag, true fake news. You protect trump, while he destroys are democracy, rapes the institutions that are the pillars of our country. You jerks want to believe cheating lying stealing, traitorous trump, your choice. I foolishly thought this was the Washington post, but not even close. This is a racist, biased not journalist rag. You ignore the facts, support traitors and I realize you are so drunk on trump koolaid i am wasting time and therefore money. Support trump all you want, he is destroying your democracy, america as we know it and has 0 for average americans like me. Tax cuts, i pay more. Pence in Korea insulting our atheletes and our allies. Sickened by this behavior, but your are all fools, dont read or listen to anything but trump and fox. Fools one and all. Trump is a pox on our democracy. Look it up.

  28. I believe the real reason for the Russian investigation, sanctions, etc is to keep Putin and Trump from working together to defeat ISIS, and exposure of shady obama/clinton dealings. The truth might come out. Makes a perfect scapegoat.

  29. Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

    I guess you could say he is very schiff faced. Lol. This idiot is willing to conspire with any foreign national as long as it is against Trump. Now that is proof of corruption if not actual collusion. How you going to spin this one far left loons?

    • You need to stay out of American politics and worry about how to remove your murdering dictator Putin before he gets all of you filthy Russian pigs turned into crispy critters that glow in the dark.

    • Just remember it was your murdering dictator Putin that thought that he was Billie Bad A** and started this war. After we impeach his golden shower butt boy the tangerine turd ; in early 2019; we will be coming to give you pigs the attitude adjustment you so badly need. The time for talking has passed it is time for fighting . Like the song says ” Just give war a chance”.

    • I know as of late there is a big debate whether you filthy Russian pigs are human or Neanderthal I think that is an insult to Neanderthals they were a highly intelligent species. There is really no evidence that Neanderthals stunk like a cross between a skunk and a pile if pig s**t .

  30. IS Adam Schiff a Russian Spy ? There is your Collaboration. Meeting with Russian spies to get dirt on the President of the United States. Isn’t there a law that covers that.

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