The Role of Race in Trump’s Victory

It’s unfortunate, but not surprising, to see the mainstream media play Donald Trump’s victory from the standpoint that America has just done some unimaginable evil to herself. If you were watching anything other than Fox News on election night, the dread – the terror – was palpable as the returns rolled in. Shock was part of it; the pundits thought the only question in the air that night was “Just how historic of a landslide will Hillary’s victory be?” But very few of them even pretended that Trump’s election was anything that anyone – even his voters – would actually see as a good thing.

But while these New York liberals were pouting and grumbling, rural and suburban communities across America were cheering. Having been utterly ignored by the media, lied to by politicians in both parties, and having had their culture – nay, their very skin color – mocked and derided for more than a decade, millions of men and women celebrated an upset that no one saw coming.

In recent years, “white” has become a race for the first time in a very long time. Liberal academics have resurrected the white identity politics that had been naturally going out of fashion since the civil rights era. THEY dug it up, THEY insisted that it make a return to our national conversation. Bored and no longer stimulated by the slow and steady progress of racial equality, these instigators decided to throw some gasoline on a nearly-extinguished fire. “Hey,” they thought, “what would happen if we started telling white people that they’re racist and evil…EVEN if they aren’t!?”

Well…uh…what did you think was going to happen?

Look, that’s not to suggest that Trump voters were motivated by white supremacy. There is no evidence of that and no reason to believe that – at least of the vast, vast majority of his voters.

BUT, there’s a difference between white supremacy and white survival. And don’t think there weren’t a few million whites in this country looking at the increasingly-unhinged rhetoric coming from the left and thinking…okay…today we’re tearing down statues and pulling down flags…what exactly is coming tomorrow? What happens after 30 years of this trend when whites officially become a minority? What does it mean when politicians have to apologize for saying, “All lives matter.”? Why are they comparing my Confederate ancestors to Nazis?

The liberal press wants to make Trump’s victory all about racism, which is just more of the usual elitism. But there probably WAS a small racial element in this election that helped Trump’s voters wave off things like that weird KKK interview back in the primaries. After all, in 2016, is the KKK worse than your average white Christian? You know, seeing as how all whites are racist? Where are they on the spectrum?

It’s actually sad. As a country, we had never been closer to MLK’s dream of a colorblind society.

But liberals don’t have any use for a country that isn’t divided, and they’ve been hard at work slicing us up into every demographic possible and turning each of them against a single enemy: Straight, white Christian conservatives.



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