The Republican Principles for American Renewal

The GOP this week released a set of eleven principles with which they can build a platform heading into the midterms and beyond. Called the “Republican Principles for American Renewal,” they bear a strong resemblance to Newt Gingrich’s successful Contract with America that helped him become Speaker of the House in 1994. It seems a bit late in the game to release these principles in terms of the election, but it is nice to see an often-fractured party deliver something coherent.

Say what you will about the Democrats, but they have been the party to beat for the last eight years. Republicans have earned themselves a reputation for obstinacy, division, and in-fighting during that time. It’s enough to make one wish for the days when conservatives could gather harmoniously behind our best national representative. Perhaps these principles can usher in a new age for the Republicans. Certainly, releasing something akin to a mission statement is a great step forward.

The document refrains from getting too specific, but it does a nice job letting young voters know what the party stands for. The principles include:

Constitution: Our Constitution should be preserved, valued and honored.

Economy: We need to start growing America’s economy instead of Washington’s economy so that working Americans see better wages and more opportunity.

Budget/Debt: We need to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, make government more efficient, and leave the next generation with opportunity, not debt.

The release goes on to elaborate on the GOP’s position when it comes to healthcare, veterans, security, education, poverty, values, energy, and immigration. Nothing in the document will surprise a conservative active in politics, but it could be enough to sway a new generation getting into the game for the first time. Republicans need to work on erasing their mainstream reputation as the Party of No, and these tidbits of philosophy are a good first step.

If there’s one thing that separates liberals from conservatives, it’s that conservatives don’t waste a lot of time getting dreamy-eyed about politicians. Yeah, there’s Reagan, but c’mon. The guy was a Founding Father out of time. Other than that, most conservatives know that politicians are, by and large, not to be trusted. That includes…and sometimes typifies…Republicans. They talk a great game, but what do they actually do? Lately, they haven’t even been talking much of a game.

Will a release like this repair some of the bridge between establishment Republicans and the Tea Party? It’s broad enough that almost everyone who considers themselves a conservative can get behind, but the generalities also undermine their power. They make a great introduction to the GOP for people not sure how to vote in November, but they probably aren’t going to sway anyone who has followed politics for more than a year.

Overall, chances look good for Republicans to take the Senate in November. Whether a GOP victory will really mean a period of American renewal, though, remains to be seen.


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  1. I am not impressed. They have been claiming these same principles since I left the Democratic party and became an Independent in 2012.

    Yet, they have failed to advance their ’causes’ or halt the advancement of out-of-control liberal government as led by Obama and the Democratic party.

    Pooh on talk, more on action!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      But……It won’t be long before we won’t have to worry about those horrible Republicans! The asswipe in charge has enuf of his mooselum people over here that, once he declares martial law, WE’RE ALL SCREWED!!

  2. davesnrakleberger

    I don’t believe they believe what they are spewing…hollow words….create a “we will do this by doing that” and put your principles (which I don’t believe you have, and then maybe you can convince the the party has principles.Does Boehner’s refusal to particularly after the “principled” Boehner has refused to release GOP candidates if they won’t support him for speaker seem principled? Looks more like the Chicago mob politics that this regime uses all the time. Boehner been there way too long.. The mainstream GOP is nothing more than cowardly democrat lites and I don’t trust them at all.

    “we’re for all that is good and we are against all that is bad. Vote for us” ha ha ha ha ha

    • We need short ,simple solutions and I don”t see any. What is wrong with another “contract with America”?

      • davesnrakleberger

        you got that right, Ken. I don’t think they understand the problems we are faced with. They’re more concerned with being called weenies by the dems and the press instead of pleasing the folks who put them in office. They are relying on the party not voting them out. Lesser of two EVILS at this point it is hard to see the difference between a dem and a RINO except dems don’t throw ofter dems under the bus and the dems have spines.

        • “Dems don’t throw other dems under the bus and the dems have spines”. with all due respect, where did you get this nonsense from? From what we’ve seen in the past six years, these spineless, lying hypocrites would, cheat, still, kill each other, their mothers, fathers, sisters and first born and if there is anyone left then they will throw them under the bus. Where did you get that shit from?

  3. One more word should be added to the first principle shown “Constitution: Our Constitution should be preserved, valued, honored and `obeyed’.” If you do not obey what is written in the Constitution then preserving, valuing and honoring it become words in the past tense.

  4. What Republican principles? The last leading Republican to have any was Ronald Reagan and the party largely hated him. It would be good for the Republicans to lose this election and flush our toilet.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

  5. awesome…i’m glad the republicans have finally seen the light and are moving in the right direction…the communist party of the democrats have taken us so far left, the republicans can move to the middle and it will seem like conservative yet welcoming policy for americans…not hard nosed conservatism…moving to either polar opposite or extreme of any nature is never good for a person, country, nor economy. You want a well functioning economy with jobs for people at all levels of the employment spectrum…not just rich or poor, but a country where everyone can enjoy and live a life that they choose that does not harm another. Do what ye will, but do no harm to another…

    • so far it’s just talk to calm the restless natives.

      Wait until they show who they support and who they kowtow too.

      Who they back and who they stab in the back…..

  6. I’ll believe [republicans] when they PROVE the RINOs are no longer welcome under the Conservative banner and they start forcing liberals to defend the corruption they operate under.

    Gutting the financial support of obamacare and force reid to act like a man instead of a slimy weasel. {no offense intended to the Weasel family}

  7. They need to define the American dream and swear to support that definition and stop all efforts to defeat that dream.
    That definition to me would be , ” To allow every American to follow the dictates of his or her heart to serve, create, design, and profit by their GOD given TALENTS and personal efforts without interference by the State and Federal Governments. All taxes to be determined by the amount of goods and services CONSUMED by each individual “, NOT by the amount of returns profits received from the exercise of using these GOD given TALENTS and services.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Boy, when you dream, you dream big, eh Reason?? hahaha

      • Mike ! If you read and understand the teachings of Jesus, you would know that dream is what GOD intended for his creations. Not slavery, total submission, and control by Kings,Emperors, Pharaoh’s, Commissars and the like.

  8. Well, it was supposed to be 11 principles, but I only see three and no detail as to what is intended. Conclusion: Insufficient information.

  9. How about HONORING THE CONTRACT WITH AMERICA? Is that too much to ask? The GOP lost its way when it started acting like the democ-RATS and apologizing for being Conservative. I agree with Gramps43 as well. It is time for the GOP to RETURN to its foundation and the CONSTITUTIONAL BASICS

  10. Dropping the tax rates and cutting out special interest deductions would be a great step. Regulations must be dropped like a hot potato and the agencies like EPA, DNR, and IRS should be disarmed and demilitarized. There is no need for them to be militarized.

  11. What’s needed is a law requiring all who take the oath of office must follow the oath or resign. Ohomo would have been forced to retire within a couple of months. Pelosi and the local Magistrate in Hawaii should be arrested for fraud along with the Homo-in Chief for fraudulently certifying the birth of this East African Colony Subject.

  12. 1.- The Republicans don’t have a Presidential candidate and they have not had one since Reagan, and when he, started it looked bleak. I think that Ben Carson would be an excellent, no nonsense, candidate. However, I am sure that he would not let the RNC run him.
    2.- People need to go back to work even if it is kicking and screaming. Full employment would take care of the deficit, and promote small business. Since small business is the backbone of our economy, the ruling political party must, pass laws that insure that the hoarding banks make, under Law, short term loans to small business for operating expenses.
    3.- The tax code is an abysmal hoax. It is used by both parties to secure big, fat, donations for their re-election. Taxes need to be paid to support what the Federal Government should be involved in: Good water, good food and protection of the country. A flat tax MUST be passed, no exemptions, no special groups, no nothing. IF this flat tax is an excise tax, or value added tax, the businesses will collect it and turn it over to the Fed. on a quarterly basis. Then you only need a few IRS people to audit the businesses, not 2 million sucking the pot dry!
    The Public needs to cry out and voice their disgust with the politicians, who are not even producing anything coherent to vote for!
    There is much more to get rid of: EPA, ICC, “Czars”.

  13. Thank God for some action. I thought they were all dead in there.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get smart.

  14. Wow. Gramps 43, right on. Carolina Sistah, your right, you should not be impressed. One note would be with a Dem in the WH and a Dem Senate it’s game over. It has been 50 years since I got to vote the first time and I have never missed voting even when I was in Viet Nam. If nothing else, one thing I have learned about elections, candidates and party politics. The candidate is going to say exactly what his highly paid campaign manager tells him you want to hear, to get you to punch his ticket. That is the end of the story right there. Oh I forgot, how the guy looks on television is right up there too. Power is the greatest corrupter of all. Any politician who has been in Washington more than a few years becomes part of the problem. This next election is so important. Shifting the balance of power in the senate is critical if obama is going to be stopped. I am even thinking of going against my own pattern of voting and voting for those I think are very strong Republicans with a long history because I think it’s more important to stop obama than it is to clean up Washington right now. Next time around I will be voting against every incumbent that is finishing his or her second term and casting my vote for his replacement. We have wanted term limits in Congress and the Senate for as long as I can remember. I have yet to see the politician who will fire himself. We The People hold the key to term limits with our votes. Some of us have and idea what is coming down the road soon in the way of covert attacks on our money and economy. I’m afraid our country won’t look the same for many years to come and when the dust has all settled the one thing that needs to remain, unchanged, revered and obeyed is our Constitution. One thing our Founding Fathers were masters in their understanding of was and still is Human Nature and that above all else is what the Constitution protects us from as the governed. Long Live Our Republic and God Bless Our America.

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