The Radical Agenda of Planned Parenthood

We are probably not going to live to see a day when abortion is no longer a controversial subject. Pro-life advocates believe that abortion is nothing less than murder while pro-choice activists think it’s the right of every woman to do as she pleases. It’s hard to see how the two sides could ever find common ground.

Planned Parenthood, a taxpayer-funded organization that carries out roughly 300,000 abortions each year, is ready to make the pro-life movement a thing of the past. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards unveiled her hopes for abortion as it pertained to American politics. Noting that she didn’t see any pro-life campaigns in the midterm elections, Richards said Planned Parenthood wanted to kill the idea that abortion was a partisan issue:

We clearly want to move the needle away from the idea that these issues are partisan, because I don’t believe they are, and we want to make it completely unacceptable to run for office as someone who opposes women’s rights or wants to take us backward.

If this is somewhat stronger language than we’re used to hearing from the pro-abortion crowd, it certainly isn’t inconsistent with their overall aims of the last fifty years. They’ve (somewhat successfully) repositioned abortion as just another facet of “women’s health,” hoping desperately that someday Americans will see the gruesome procedure in the same light as a mammogram.

Richards’ comments aren’t even the worst we’ve seen. Back in May, the Center for Reproductive Rights sent a letter to the United Nations asking them to condemn Catholic Church leaders as having “perpetuated torture” with their pro-life stance. That’s how far the debate over abortion has fallen. A group can, without a hint of irony, make a comparison between an anti-abortion stance and torture.

Still Some Fight Left

Unfortunately for the abortion crowd, Planned Parenthood’s review of the 2014 midterms isn’t quite as rosy as Richards makes it sound. Half of America still believes that abortion is wrong, and the voters went to the polls with their consciences intact. Mark Udall of Colorado – nicknamed “Mark Uterus” for his relentlessly pro-abortion campaign – was crushed by pro-lifer Cory Gardener. In Texas, Wendy Davis was handily defeated in the governor’s race after her “brave” filibuster against a bill made national headlines. The bill in question was meant to provide protection for children in the third trimester.

While it’s true that abortion was not a front-and-center issue this time around, in state after state, pro-life candidates trounced the competition.

It’s an important time for conscience-minded conservatives who oppose unrestricted abortions. Obamacare is riddled with federal subsidies aimed at supporting abortions, to say nothing of regulations that force even religious employers to provide abortion coverage for their employees. And, as you heard straight from the horse’s mouth, abortion activists think they can soon move the pro-lifers out of the mainstream. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before the Southern Poverty Law Center begins adding pro-life organizations to their list of “hate groups” and liberalism chalks up another victory in the culture war.

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