The Radical Agenda of Planned Parenthood

We are probably not going to live to see a day when abortion is no longer a controversial subject. Pro-life advocates believe that abortion is nothing less than murder while pro-choice activists think it’s the right of every woman to do as she pleases. It’s hard to see how the two sides could ever find common ground.

Planned Parenthood, a taxpayer-funded organization that carries out roughly 300,000 abortions each year, is ready to make the pro-life movement a thing of the past. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards unveiled her hopes for abortion as it pertained to American politics. Noting that she didn’t see any pro-life campaigns in the midterm elections, Richards said Planned Parenthood wanted to kill the idea that abortion was a partisan issue:

We clearly want to move the needle away from the idea that these issues are partisan, because I don’t believe they are, and we want to make it completely unacceptable to run for office as someone who opposes women’s rights or wants to take us backward.

If this is somewhat stronger language than we’re used to hearing from the pro-abortion crowd, it certainly isn’t inconsistent with their overall aims of the last fifty years. They’ve (somewhat successfully) repositioned abortion as just another facet of “women’s health,” hoping desperately that someday Americans will see the gruesome procedure in the same light as a mammogram.

Richards’ comments aren’t even the worst we’ve seen. Back in May, the Center for Reproductive Rights sent a letter to the United Nations asking them to condemn Catholic Church leaders as having “perpetuated torture” with their pro-life stance. That’s how far the debate over abortion has fallen. A group can, without a hint of irony, make a comparison between an anti-abortion stance and torture.

Still Some Fight Left

Unfortunately for the abortion crowd, Planned Parenthood’s review of the 2014 midterms isn’t quite as rosy as Richards makes it sound. Half of America still believes that abortion is wrong, and the voters went to the polls with their consciences intact. Mark Udall of Colorado – nicknamed “Mark Uterus” for his relentlessly pro-abortion campaign – was crushed by pro-lifer Cory Gardener. In Texas, Wendy Davis was handily defeated in the governor’s race after her “brave” filibuster against a bill made national headlines. The bill in question was meant to provide protection for children in the third trimester.

While it’s true that abortion was not a front-and-center issue this time around, in state after state, pro-life candidates trounced the competition.

It’s an important time for conscience-minded conservatives who oppose unrestricted abortions. Obamacare is riddled with federal subsidies aimed at supporting abortions, to say nothing of regulations that force even religious employers to provide abortion coverage for their employees. And, as you heard straight from the horse’s mouth, abortion activists think they can soon move the pro-lifers out of the mainstream. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before the Southern Poverty Law Center begins adding pro-life organizations to their list of “hate groups” and liberalism chalks up another victory in the culture war.

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  1. Planned Parenthood, a
    taxpayer-funded organization that carries out roughly 300,000 abortions each
    year…….The Nazi’s would be green with envy when they could have had this as
    a method rather than their solution of what to do with the Jewish
    Problem…….Planned Parenthood is just another indoctrination center to
    brainwash young women that their lack of self-control of their sexuality is ok
    and we are here as an eraser at the end of a pencil to take care of your
    mistakes so you can continue on with your dysfunctional behavior…..Planned
    Parenthood is an ENABLING organization for a lack of morals and human conduct

    • As are ALL lib/soc commie b@$t@rd organizations.

    • I am strong pro life and think that the penalty for abortion should be tried for murder 1 for premeditated murder. Since I don’t see abortion coming to an end soon I think that every abortion should require a hysterectomy so that we the people won’t get ripped off for women using abortion for birth control.

      • Agreed. Maybe they’d think once about their behavior then! Insure its a pan hyst. And no HRT to follow. That might get the next generation to thinking much more clearly.

    • No, it was the other way around. “Slavs, Latins (Hispanics) and Hebrew immigrants are human weeds…a deadweight of human waste. Blacks, soldiers and Jews are a menace to the race”. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, 1916. Sanger’s eugenics theories were a model for Hitler.

  2. There is no difference between abortion and shooting your twelve year old just because you don’t like the way they are turning out. Murder is murder.

  3. I am totally opposed to Planned Parenthood, and I’m totally opposed to the DEPTH of sexual education that they are pushing to teach our kids in schools. I think all kids need proper information on sex education then maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about Planned parenthood, but in my opini Teaching the responsibilities that come with being a teenage parent is overwhelming…the cost, a 24/7 BIG responsibility and that is YOUR responsibility to care for. Teaching 13 yr old’s about transexual surgeries, and total sexual activity is not the right thing. To much information can also influence kids to see what all this information is about. They need to know the consequences and that abortion is NOT a way out. Being sexually active they do need to know about prevention of STD, etc; but not given the whole meal.

    • Bottom line ….. it’s the parents responsibility to teach those things to the kids, not the schools.

    • What about the gay being allowed to educate kids on their orientation. REALLY!!!! The muslims I am sure will try this too.

    • Abstinence “isn’t happening” because the kids were not taught accountability in general. Teach them there are choices and consequences, for good or I’ll, to every choice they make, and that they won’t be bailed out of the consequences of bad choices, then abstinence becomes much more attractive.

    • There is little or no linkage being taught to the consequences of early childbearing, negative consequences that are borne out by the overwhelmingly negative statistics regarding the poverty rates, not just of those who have children to early, but also of the generation brought into this world under these circumstances.
      Without government backstopping this epidemic and being the ultimate “sugar daddy” and taking on to itself [then passing it on to the taxpayers, whether we want to accept them or not] the responsibilities that legitimately are those of the two people responsible for bringing this child into the world the responsibility is avoided. This is well known in the poor communities, particularly the multi-generational welfare leeches who have never contributed anything to society except more mouths to feed.

  4. I could be wrong not having read he 1600 page budget, but I believe PP is still funded. Isn’t there a law against tax payer funded abortions? The Republican leadership in the House and Senate must go. They are chickafied wimps without backbone. Didn’t they hear the voters in November? Give Bend Over Bathhouse Barry nothing. Balance the budget. Defund all pork. Do something for the nation, not for the politicians.

    • Hi Chuck: There is such a law. Here’s how PP gets around the law. PP provides other (legitimate) services to women. PP also gets donations from other sources than our tax money. So PP claims to keep the government portion of their finances in a separate account so that none of our taxes goes for abortion. I agree with you, however, that PP should get absolutely NONE of our tax money!!

      • The only services that PP provides is abortion, period. A woman can’t get a mammogram or exam by a gynecologist at an abortion clinic.

      • I think that I can believe that portion about the “separate accounts”…I believe that to be the source of the PP management’s “bonus” funding…A similar rape of the American taxpayer is going on down the street at the Acorn nut house……

    • You are correct about the 1600 page Bill does alot PP around $700,000,000 until this time next year.

    • Too late ; they already funded it all, AND the criminal invasion as well !

  5. Over 55 MILLION babies MURDERED since America lost its conscience! Abominable!

    • murder inc is about to catch up with the chinkee clown, mao…the only difference is that he specialized in late late late term abortion….something that might work here with certain democrapo politicians…

  6. Imagine if Planned Parenthood was around for Ann Dunham’s “unwanted” controversial pregnancy! We all would have been spared the “torture” that little bastard is wreaking on us now!!

  7. Hello Mr. Alexander – I am in total agreement with your stated position !! I believe it is no different then Murder !!! Why it is still being condoned is beyond my comprehension !!! Further more, we must get back to the teachings of the Bible and a renewed belief in GOD !!!


    • Hello Davidme2: I fully agree! Abortion procedures continue to thrive because there is financial profit in performing this “service.”. And I have a suggestion: Remove all possible monetary profit from abortion! How? The doctors and medical people must DONATE their time and training; the pharmaceutical companies must DONATE the medications; the building owners must DONATE the space for the clinic; and the medical equipment companies must DONATE the “vacuums” and other needed ancillaries to kill the unborn. No financial gain = fewer abortions, even though this evil is legal.

      • Hello Larry – You have a good point and suggestion that could work. However, the government continues to provide more funding for this outrageous act !! Therefore, not until we find a way to rein in our government and the politicians who want these votes nothing is going to change !?!?


        • Hello Davidme2, Thanks for your reply. May I suggest that we CAN reverse this sorry state of affairs. If you and I and other like-minded citizens will e-mail and phone the offices of our senators and congressmen, our simple actions can be an influence for good. Also, when a government figure stands up for our point of view, we should THANK him or her. For example, the governor of my state, so far, is supporting traditional marriage. I called his office and registered my appreciation for his stand on this issue.

          • I already do call regularly to the Capital central number and I have the entire list of representatives with contact e-mail and phone numbers and Speaker Boehner’s office !!!

    • AMEN eloquently spoken!!!!!

  8. The advocates of planned parenthood are the new promoters of the New Auschwitz. Here’s a sample of their work….. This is the institutionalized murder camps in America and anywhere else in the world they perform abortions. These places, & the Doctors who perform these procedures are nothing less than murderers. To systematically take the life of an innocent child, and throw it in a trash labeled “Bio Hazard”, is the ultimate atrocity. There’s no debating this…, Pro Choice is legalized murder.

    • That baby looks between 6-7months gestation, and viable! It’s INFANTICIDE, and the persons participating are conspirators in that murder; all should be tried!

      • Sandra…, I can’t view that picture I posted too long because it brings me to tears. I only posted it to remind me and those here what an atrocity abortion truly is. Those that support “Planned Parenthood” support & advocate this atrocity. Children are one of the most beautiful gifts we receive in life. They’re literally miracles.

        • Yourko, I’ve cared for babies that size, born prematurely. I’ve seen how they fight to survive. It makes me sick too.

        • John H. Kohlenberg

          They claim it is a woman’s right to kill her baby. What about the man’s right. He is the one who carry’s the seed to life.

          • This is where they, “Planned Parenthood” come up real short. Once we, the man plant our seed, the following 9 months are all about a dedicated mommy, making sure the child inside her get’s everything he or she needs to grow. The mans right and responsibility IMHO is, to provide for mommy & the baby now. This is where in today’s society regarding this particular discussion many men/fathers come up short as well. To the point where the woman feels abandoned, and in many cases is, and left to make decisions on her and the child’s behalf. Where does she turn, she turns to the fine folks at Planned Parenthood that give her no other options & convince her, murdering her unborn child is the best choice.


            What a con & a scam to legalize murder. In PP case…, murder means $$$$. Welcome to the new “Auschwitz”! Remember how the America and her allies vowed after Hitler’s atrocities to the Jew’s “We can never let this happen again” slogan…, well sorry to inform everybody. It’s happening again, on a different scale & in a different country. The systemic profitable business of murder is one the evil dark truths of Capitalism that’s routinely promoted by the progressive/Liberal, moral less population in America.

            I’m gonna go and give my children a big hug and kiss now. I’m also going to thank God for blessing me with my wife & two amazing daughters.

  9. The only good thing is the aborted go straight to heaven and don’t have to go through life as they would have known it. AND NO I don’t believe in abortion. Please don’t send hate mail. Read the whole statement because I am sure some one is just waiting to jump in to cause trouble. God knows what they do and what they mean for evil he uses for good.

  10. Even though abortion is murder, most girls/women who seek this remedy are of loose moral standards. Like the girls in public housing. By restricting their ability to have abortions is BREEDING the WELFARE STATE. Most of the children you save today, are tomorrows Hood Rat Bastards (like Michael Brown) . They also vote for a living. Thats why there are more Democrats in Big Cities. Most conservatives live out of the cities. We have allowed the Democrats breed a voter base, at the country’s expense. Right now it costs $100,000 to raise a child from birth to 18. Then 80% of the girls get pregnant, and the cycle starts over again.

  11. And the beat goes on…Seems some of them even think we (America) should be paying for them globally, or at least in all 3rd world nations!

  12. Larry: Yes, I know PP is supposed to give legitimate services to women. But with all due respect we cannot believe tax money is not used for abortion. It is just clever covering it up. Creative accounting and PP is an expert at that.

  13. In New York City there were more black children terminated by abortion then were born. Talk about a war on blacks!

  14. Can’t tweet anything from this site! What the hell is going on !!

  15. This once great nation is finished! It is the moment between to initiation of the explosion and the collapse of the “building” under its own weight! The building is America! The weight is sin! This nation is so divided against itself that it can no longer stand! This nation has turned against God and He has simply removed His sustaining grace! This nation wantonly kills its young through abortion which is contrary to God’s commandment not to kill (murder).

  16. Planned Parenthood is just one more nail in the coffin of America! A nation that murders its unborn children cannot survive! It is an anti-God, vile, immoral organization and it will reap its due reward!

  17. I would like to take every woman who had a “not needed” abortion back to the few seconds before conception and ask them a question. What did you think? Probably you thought , If I get pregnant I’ll just kill it. How does it feel to be a killer.

  18. planned non-parenthood is where the Acorn nut rejects go when they are not considered as “superior” nut jobs..

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