The Planned Failure of Obamacare

If you didn’t already suspect that President Obama’s Affordable Care Act was just a stepping stone towards socialized medicine, a recent analysis from the New York Times indicates that we’re moving into the “it’s not working” phase of the program. After defending Obama’s plan for years, our media masters are starting to feel comfortable pointing out what conservatives have been screaming about since the beginning: Namely, that this system just isn’t going to work.

In the piece, the New York Times points to a number of problems with the current state of affairs: Patients are limited to a very narrow network of hospitals and doctors, the insurance is basically worthless when you leave your home state, the “keep your children on the plan until they’re 26” provision doesn’t work when grown children move out of state, prescriptions are more expensive, and premiums are going through the roof.

What’s to be done about it? Scrap the system and go with something that puts true choice back in the hands of the American people? Abide by capitalistic principles and let these insurance companies compete for the good of patients?

No, no. It’s this:

This disappointment is fueling renewed interest in a “public option” that would supplement current offerings. That idea found support from both Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton as the Affordable Care Act was making its way through Congress. It was taken up again last week by Mrs. Clinton, when she suggested allowing people 55 and over to buy into Medicare, the government-run insurance for people 65 and over, which is accepted by virtually all hospitals.

Yes, the mask is starting to fall and it’s becoming increasingly clear that Obamacare was meant to fail from the beginning. Democrats have one and only one response to the failures of their policies: double-down on said policies. And when it comes to healthcare, it’s been their goal to adopt universal coverage for decades. The ACA was just a way to get Americans used to the idea of the federal government running the show.

Republicans have no time to spare when it comes to finding an Obamacare replacement plan. They’ve been twiddling their fingers for long enough. Republicans have been reliable critics of the president’s healthcare plan, but they have been woefully inadequate when it comes to replacing it with sensible legislation. Until they have a plan they can sell to the public, they are powerless.

The time to act is now. If we wait until Obamacare comes crashing down in a smoldering heap of ruin, Democrats will use the chaos to push us towards socialized medicine. We must repeal and replace before it’s too late.

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