The Only Thing Interesting About Omarosa’s Tapes is That They Exist

Omarosa Manigault Newman has been making thousands of headlines over the past week or so, thanks to her habit of making secret tape recordings during her stint at the White House. While we can hardly blame the media for falling prey to the gossipy fascination inherent in Omarosa’s story and her tapes (they are, after all, guilty of many worse journalistic crimes), we’re struggling to see why this is such a huge deal. Yes, Omarosa is a snake in the grass, but we knew that. Yes, she’s got a lot of scandalous stuff to say about the president and his administration, but she’s hardly the first. What sets her apart are these tapes, which are rather stunning…but only for the fact that they exist in the first place. So far, though, nothing we’ve heard on the tapes themselves is really that interesting at all.

The first tape was of Gen. John Kelly. Omarosa turned on the recorder when he fired her in January. Again, it’s interesting to hear a behind-the-scenes, raw tidbit from a world we don’t often have access to. It’s always interesting, in a way, to hear this kind of real-world REALITY from the White House. And it’s interesting that a White House official was making secret recordings inside the Situation Room. But the tape itself? It’s snoozeville all the way.

The same can be said of the second tape, which was of a phone call Omarosa had with the president the day after she was fired. Trump sympathizes with his old pal from The Apprentice and insists he didn’t know she was being let go by his chief of staff – a sentiment that may or may not have been a put on, we don’t know for sure. But is it really that interesting? Um, no. Trump says things that are far more explosive and shocking every time he gets in front of a crowd of supporters.

The third tape Omarosa produced proved that a couple of Trump’s campaign associates had a discussion once about an “N-Word” tape that may or may not exist. This was utterly boring.

The fourth and final tape (so far) is the most interesting, but again, it’s not because of what’s on it. In the recording, Lara Trump, the chairperson of the president’s re-election campaign, offers Omarosa a job – in part, it seems, to keep her from going out there in the media and…well, doing exactly what she’s doing now. Why did Omarosa offer this tape into evidence? Who knows, but the interesting part was Lara Trump’s response, in which you could tell that she was genuinely hurt by this betrayal from someone she had considered a friend.

“I hope it’s all worth it for you, Omarosa, because some things you just can’t put a price on,” Lara Trump said.

That doesn’t make Omarosa look good, but then, we’re not sure she even cares about looking good. She’s here to dish the dirt and make some money, and we assume she’s got plenty of the former and will make plenty of the latter. We’re just not sure if any of this is quite as interesting as the media’s making it out to be.

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