The Ongoing Employment Costs of Obamacare

It’s made up only a fraction of political debate in this year’s elections, but Obamacare continues to be, in my opinion, one of the biggest things holding us back from a full and robust economic recovery. Even with it standing in the way, numbers are on the rise. There’s no doubt about that, even if the numbers aren’t as good as the administration makes them seem. However, Obamacare threatens to not only keep national employment from blossoming, but to present even worse challenges in the future.

The big problem with our current recovery is that a lot of the job numbers Obama is so proud of are comprised of part-time employment. That can make the unemployment rate go down, but it’s hardly a sign that the country is booming. Americans are more optimistic, economically-speaking, than they have been in a long time. Good. Let’s hope that pattern continues. But that doesn’t mean we can afford to ignore the very real problems that still persist.

The Rise of the Part-Timer

Obamacare is at least partly to blame for this increase in part-time employment. Of course, many Democrats see that as a positive thing. They point out that subsidized health insurance is letting people reduce their employment hours without worrying about getting sick in the meantime. If that’s true, then bully for those people. But I don’t think the majority of part-time workers are taking it easy because of their newfound healthcare fortunes. They are forced into a part-time position because that’s all many employers can afford to offer. And that’s directly attributable to rising healthcare costs.

The surveys tell the story. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York published an employer survey earlier this year, and it revealed that a full 20 percent of responding companies planned to increase their part-time workforce ratios as a direct result of Obamacare’s burdens. Federal Reserve surveys in Atlanta and Philadelphia found similar responses.

Destructive to the Little Guy

Though Target and Wal-Mart have taken up headlines with their slashed worker hours, it is small business that has been hurt the most by the healthcare law. According to a report last month from the American Action Forum, small business employees saw their take-home pay slashed by more than $22 billion a year because of the Affordable Care Act. Additionally, more than 350,000 small business jobs have been lost due to the law.

Keep in mind, the dreaded employer mandate aspect of the law has yet to be enforced. Experts suggest that the economic picture could grow considerably worse when it goes into effect.

Unfortunately, it appears as though Republicans have lost their will to fight when it comes to Obamacare. It’s not surprising; we fought this healthcare bill so vigorously precisely because we knew how hard it would be to roll it back. Once big government gets a taste of private sector takeover, it literally takes an act of Congress to undo the damage. As long as it’s in effect, though, the job market will likely remain sluggish and depressing. As the kids are saying these days: Thanks, Obama.


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  1. When we All start losing our jobs,
    because OBUMMERcare will cost employers too much …..

    They will lay-off & cut to PART-Time

    who’s gonna pay for Obama’s “Gravy Train”?????

    No Job = No taxes = No more free stuff!

    Happy dumpster diving the next 2 Years!!

    • there are 92.6 million able bodied people no longer in the work force. The REAL unemployment rate is about 23%, not the 5.6% that Obamas’ new math would have you believe.

    • Mac Boy

      who’s gonna pay for Obama’s “Gravy Train”?????
      Our grandchildren will have to pay since Obama will just borrow more money and print more money.

      • not if we put the right people in DC and then demand that they do the “right” thing….

        • Agreed! But can we find people who will reduce spending, boost the economy, mandate a balanced budget, and replace the tax system with a fair tax system? Once we have found hem. can we elect them?

          • I hear you David, the good folks most often do not want to deal with the snake pit….some do and stand up and say not only what is on their mind, but they back it up with facts. Sen Coburn has many detractors, some because he suggested that any MORE money for Katrina victims should come out of the huge amount of pork headed all over the country…was he wrong? I do not think so. He also publishes an annual report of government waste that should be required reading for all voters and their elected representatives….DC is like a fully loaded truck runaway on Grapevine….we keep trying the brakes, but they were inoperable a long time ago….

          • Sorry to see him leaving the senate due to health.

  2. and no one in .gov, from 0bama down, gives a s***

    • that’s not true. the Pres. cares so much he worries so much about it he has to take an enormous amount of expensive tax payer paid vacations just to be able to cope. poor guy. a Florida golf outing on the one plane with rich athletes and movie stars just isn’t enough. As a matter of fact we’ve still got two vacations before the end of the year. They will probably take their annual trip to the Gulf and on out to the Bahama’s where they can still get in the water and then it will be Hawaii for Christmas that’s a Movie star thing and of course people who are really for poor and working class people. Then prob a stop for Moochelle in Denver Ski country on the way home to round out her over month long vacation. it’s just work, work, work up there.

  3. The economy has gotten better, a lot better in one South Central and two North Central States. That leaves 47 states in the toilet. That 47 number rings a bell doesn’t it?

    Two programs that have ushered in the largest tax increase in the history of this country. The first was Social Security Taxes. The second is the ACA Program. We know the first. But only know the second is a calamity. The CAO pegged it at 1.8 Trillion but this does not cover the collateral damage.

    The Democrats have found a way to tax the “little guy” without appearing to. I am referring to the 70% of American workers making less than $20 per hour.

    Think of this when going to vote. One party at least provides hope, the other, continued decline as shown over the past 6 years.

  4. Memo for all the liberals wait till after the mid-term elections and see what boy wonder has for a surprise for America. You keep living in your liberal bubble and voting for the demo rats and watch Our Great Country destroyed which is what Barry wants.

  5. Jobs for aliens via alien Resident in WH.

  6. what i don’t get is how is raising your premiums and deductibles and reducing your benefits a PLUS?

    how is being a “Part timer” a PLUS? now you’re gonna hafta work two or more part time jobs just to afford to support your family….

    • well being a part timer means no premiums or deductibles…it means no health care because only full time employees will be covered by kenyan boyo’s unaffordable healthcare destruction act….of course then you can go to the “exchanges” and get some really great coverage that will be designed for those that are unemployed…ie welfare coverage paid for by the Real Americans, those still employed..

  7. The number one goal of the ACA was to control cost.

    • the number one goal of kenyan boy’s aca was to bust the insurance companies chops and when they said they are through all insurance coverage would then be paid for by the government…the failure is still a work in is called “single payer” by progressives….the rest of us know it by it’s real name…communism..

    • The number one goal of obamacare is to control the people.

  8. I am a 61 yr. old retired person and I have no insurance!!! I know I have no choice but to sign up for Obama care and it scares the hell out of me. I did not do it last year hoping it would get repealed but no such luck and now after the second year they will ding my taxes big time if I don’t!! My biggest fear is the gov.t having access to my checking acct. and being able to take what they want when they want and with this admin. that scares me to death! Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should handle this?

    • I would suggest closing your checking account & putting all your money somewhere Obama & the IRS can’t touch. I have no idea if that’s even doable though.

    • unfortunately you will have to use kenyan boy’s “single payer taxpayer funded health debacle”…Right now B it is a joke in progress, however when the insurance companies fold up their card tables and go home it will be just like the entitlement program called welfare….at least we have a chance to vote the criminals out of office and send in the A team to dismantle this clown’s efforts at destroying our country..

  9. How many of you guys Voted for tis dush-bag not me!!!!!!

  10. Remember all this when you vote. Did you get one of the shovel ready jobs? Did you keep your health insurance and doctors? Do you save $2500 per year on health insurance/ The list goes on.

  11. nothing but destruction comes from the obama adminstrtion. almost forgot, lies,lies and more lies.

  12. Only the democrats voted for this CRAP
    But you can keep your insurance and doctor, NOT
    Another tax on those who cannot afford it
    More taxes imbedded in this CRAP bill
    And it’s still broken after billions has been spent on this CRAP
    Corruption at it’s finest
    And now the democrats are running away from this CRAP at election time
    Repulsive acts by repulsive democrats
    Evil flows through their veins.


NO RINO’s !!
    and…NO Pantsuits !!!

    and— in California -
    “If it’s BROWN..
    Flush Him Down !”

  14. This Resident is robbing the people to pay for Obama Care… the IRS is robbing the peoples’ money, their life’s earnings, retirement, Livelihood form their bank accounts for Obama Care , orders from you know who… robbing Medicare, millions of dollars that belong to the people….When is this Man going to be stopped, when he has completed his agenda ?? ” THE FALL OF AMERICA “…. BY AN ILLEGAL in WASHINGTON !.

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