The Ominous Story of Donald Montgomery

If you proclaim allegiance to Islam and Marxism, fight endlessly for the destruction of everything the United States stands for, and practice the kind of political thuggery common to Chicago, they’ll put you in the White House. If you serve your country with distinction, dedicate your life to standing on the thin blue line between criminals and civilized society, and seek treatment for your depression, they’ll declare you a danger to others and steal your guns.

If the story of Donald Montgomery is anything to go by, we truly are living in a post-constitutional America. Montgomery is a Navy veteran and a retired NYPD detective. Not exactly the kind of guy I would fear owning a gun. Because he was suffering from insomnia and depression, however, New York state officials have decided that he’s no longer fit to own a firearm. Relying on Andrew Cuomo’s illegal SAFE Act, state officials confiscated Montgomery’s guns after a Long Island hospital “mistakenly” labeled him as an involuntary admission.

Under the SAFE Act, anyone who has been involuntarily committed to the hospital for a mental health issue loses their right to bear arms. Shortly after the hospital’s mistake, state officials seized four guns from Montgomery’s home. If this situation doesn’t send a chill down your spine, nothing will. Officials in New York are flaunting the Second Amendment, violating medical right-to-privacy laws, committing illegal search and seizure, and acting outside the boundaries of a democratic government.

Montgomery is fighting back. He’s filed a lawsuit against Andrew Cuomo and other state officials, and it could be time for the SAFE Act to meet a swift judicial end. This is a piece of legislation that was passed like a thief in the night, and that’s exactly what it has turned New York’s law enforcement authorities into. There was little debate on this law, it went against the will of the people, and it is a violation of the Constitution. We still have one of those, right? Obama hasn’t gotten around to burning it in a secret Muslim ceremony on the White House south lawn, has he? Just making sure.

Don’t get me wrong, the focus on mental illness as it pertains to so-called “gun control” is a good one. It’s where much of the focus should be. We need to make it easier for people to get the mental health treatment they need. But what’s dismaying about the SAFE Act is that it makes it harder to do that. Let’s say you were struggling with depression or schizophrenia or insomnia, and you wanted to get help. Would the Donald Montgomery story make you more likely to seek that help or less likely? If you own a gun you don’t want authorities to seize, the answer is obvious.

Obama and his liberal cronies want to erase the line between doctors and the state. Don’t want to vaccinate your children? We’ll make you. Don’t want to get cancer treatment? We’ll make you. Don’t meet our arbitrary definition of a responsible gun owner? We’ll come take them away.

I hope Montgomery is successful in his lawsuit, because they’re already talking about passing various forms of the SAFE Act in other states. A strike against it in New York could save us from the spread of a very scary piece of legislation.

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