The Ominous Story of Donald Montgomery

If you proclaim allegiance to Islam and Marxism, fight endlessly for the destruction of everything the United States stands for, and practice the kind of political thuggery common to Chicago, they’ll put you in the White House. If you serve your country with distinction, dedicate your life to standing on the thin blue line between criminals and civilized society, and seek treatment for your depression, they’ll declare you a danger to others and steal your guns.

If the story of Donald Montgomery is anything to go by, we truly are living in a post-constitutional America. Montgomery is a Navy veteran and a retired NYPD detective. Not exactly the kind of guy I would fear owning a gun. Because he was suffering from insomnia and depression, however, New York state officials have decided that he’s no longer fit to own a firearm. Relying on Andrew Cuomo’s illegal SAFE Act, state officials confiscated Montgomery’s guns after a Long Island hospital “mistakenly” labeled him as an involuntary admission.

Under the SAFE Act, anyone who has been involuntarily committed to the hospital for a mental health issue loses their right to bear arms. Shortly after the hospital’s mistake, state officials seized four guns from Montgomery’s home. If this situation doesn’t send a chill down your spine, nothing will. Officials in New York are flaunting the Second Amendment, violating medical right-to-privacy laws, committing illegal search and seizure, and acting outside the boundaries of a democratic government.

Montgomery is fighting back. He’s filed a lawsuit against Andrew Cuomo and other state officials, and it could be time for the SAFE Act to meet a swift judicial end. This is a piece of legislation that was passed like a thief in the night, and that’s exactly what it has turned New York’s law enforcement authorities into. There was little debate on this law, it went against the will of the people, and it is a violation of the Constitution. We still have one of those, right? Obama hasn’t gotten around to burning it in a secret Muslim ceremony on the White House south lawn, has he? Just making sure.

Don’t get me wrong, the focus on mental illness as it pertains to so-called “gun control” is a good one. It’s where much of the focus should be. We need to make it easier for people to get the mental health treatment they need. But what’s dismaying about the SAFE Act is that it makes it harder to do that. Let’s say you were struggling with depression or schizophrenia or insomnia, and you wanted to get help. Would the Donald Montgomery story make you more likely to seek that help or less likely? If you own a gun you don’t want authorities to seize, the answer is obvious.

Obama and his liberal cronies want to erase the line between doctors and the state. Don’t want to vaccinate your children? We’ll make you. Don’t want to get cancer treatment? We’ll make you. Don’t meet our arbitrary definition of a responsible gun owner? We’ll come take them away.

I hope Montgomery is successful in his lawsuit, because they’re already talking about passing various forms of the SAFE Act in other states. A strike against it in New York could save us from the spread of a very scary piece of legislation.

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  1. “If you proclaim allegiance to Islam and Marxism, fight endlessly for the destruction of everything the United States stands for, and practice the kind of political thuggery common to Chicago, they’ll put you in the White House.”

    Wow so many untruths in a single statement. Our current president is a Cristian and a capitalist.

    • You’re really not too bright.

    • Too bad he isn’t a Christian. Who know what a Cristian will do! And I haven’t seen much capitalist action or rhetoric from him either.

    • You cannot be serious, offer some real proof.

    • I believe that statement should say “SARC ON! “

    • Sarcasm, correct?

    • You must be referring to Bush, right?

    • Yet, in 2007 he stated in an interview that he would “stand with the Muslims” and talked about how much he loved “his Muslim faith.”

      • Standing with a group does not change your personal beliefs. It makes you a compasionate person. Jesus himself would ‘stand with the Muslims’

        • You completely missed my point and you obviously did not see the interview.

          Ovomit was asked that question in the context of a war between the United States and the Muslim/Islamic terrorists. Ovomit stated in no uncertain terms that he would “stand with the Muslims.”

          In the last six years, he has done just that — just look at his record:

          1. Calling the terrorist attack on Fort Hood an incident of “work place violence.”

          2. Calling the underwear bomber a “lone wolf attack.”

          3. Calling the terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon a “lone wolf attack.”

          4. Refusing to even SAY the word terrorist;

          5. Refusing to attend the rally in Paris — it was NOT a “security concern” and we all know it.

          6. There are plenty of other incidences as well.

          7. Inviting the Muslim Brotherhood into our government;

          The list goes on and on. And Jesus would never recognize senseless violence and murder.

        • He was not “standing” he was sitting down in a very comfortable, friendly (ABC News) setting.

    • Can you name another human who stated “my Muslim faith” and had to be immediately corrected and then said “Christian faith”? Do you think that is a “mistake” made by your normal Harvard Law School graduate and sitting Senator of the US? But you may be right, Obama just may be a “Cristian” after all.

  2. Can you imagine Mr. Montgomery as the owner of the unnamed hospital, having won it as a result of legal action brought against it?

  3. If nut cases can’t own guns, why can they hold elected office?

    • Love that question, sure seem to be more than a few with questionable mental abilities, starting with Nancy, Botox< Pelosi, as I watch I am more and more for term limits

      • Biggest mistake the framers of the Constitution made was not establishing term limits. But if they had the politicians would most like have amended the Constitution to eliminate that restriction.

        • I so agree with that. I also think lifetime pensions and free health benefits for life are a complete joke. Simple formula, you get that huge pension 1 for 1 for years of service, same goes for heath benefits. No company in the world will give you a lifetime pension for 4-6 years of part time work. They sure wrote themselves a nice deal there didn’t they?

          • As my dad used to say any politician who serves more than two terms in office will suffer from a big head, big pockets and a shrinking brain.

          • so very true, smart man! Much of my family is from North Carolina, I don’t know how many terms Jesse Helms served, but seeing that as a youth, I turned conservative, plus my dad was also a conservative.

          • Wasn”t Jesse Helms also in the KKK??

          • Didn’t Helms recant his KKK days? Mot sure if Robert Byrd (D-WV) ever did.

          • Beats me. I don’t think Robert Byrd ever recanted anything.

          • Byrd was a democrat. Just like Helms they were about a 100 and had been in Congress for about 50 years too long.

          • Yes, I know that. On all counts, you are right.

          • Living in North Carolina, you should be aware, and make family and friends aware that the school system is teaching Islam to your children or grandchildren, and no other religion is being taught. One paper I saw had the kids ‘imagining that they were with Mohamed meditating and saying that wouldn’t it be great to be with him.” Can’t mention Jesus or God but they are indoctrinating our children with the ideology of hate and murder. If you see it speak out, this incident was going on in Monroe County, N.C.

          • I wish every winter I still lived in NC. I now reside in Michigan,at least on the west side of the state, the east side of MI. has a huge population of Muslims. I don’t let the schools here indoctrinate my children into any Muslim ideology. I look at their lesson plan and assignments. Muslims are satanic in nature. This country has gone completely away from God and look where we sit today because of it. Muslims are not here to assimilate or offer anything good for any country. They are all about invasion and takeover. Anything short of that is a disappointment to the Islamunist in the White Mosque.

          • You are right Sir. Do not despair but keep on praying for our Nation and our enemies, but we will not surrender our culture, our beliefs and our freedoms to the islamists who are here and the huge influx Obama is bringing. God Bless and take care, and be prepared.

          • Thanks! I keep my powder dry and am ready to do what I must to defend my family and my way of life.

          • Good one!

          • I dream. But would it not be nice for someone in Congress to submit a serious bill doing exactly what you propose? And have a voice vote on it too? I dream.

          • I agree. Who gets paid their salary for the rest of their life, even once they are retired and a pension on top of it. That is being greedy and called double dipping.

          • Greed and double dipping are necessary qualities to become a member of Congress.

        • You are so right. They seem to be able to amend it at will with little — or not so little — amendments to legislation designed to circumvent the Constitution at will.

  4. I used to wear a badge. I took an oath to the Constitution. As a result, I left law enforcement when it became evident I might have to enforce unconstitutional laws. Something I would refuse to do.

    • I wish there were more with integrity like you, unfortunately (as I am sure you are aware), that leaves the dregs happily ensconced in their power-trip.

  5. “flaunting the Second Amendment, violating medical right-to-privacy laws, committing illegal search and seizure, and acting outside the boundaries of a democratic government” Sounds like Islamunism to me.

  6. NY govt. a bunch of evil SOB’s.

  7. Re the dummies that voted for Cuomo the first time, and subsequently to keep him in office, likely along with his cronies in the state legislature too, many of whom might not be gun owners nor people interested in Gun Rights seem to forget that people like Cuomo are ANTI FREEDOM/ANTI RIGHTS, period. If you all think that Cuomo et al will stop with trashing the rights of law abiding gun owners, and leave rights you cherish alone, I have some lovely old bridges for sale.

  8. Gun control freaks and law abiding citizens are at different ends of the spectrum when it comes too the Constitution. this proves it..

  9. Obamists are re-defining several words, the latest being ‘extremists’. This includes most people who disagree with the Liberals. The Obamaists are also trying to include anyone who owns a gun as ‘extremist’, and in need of psychiatric help in a government hospital whether you want it or not.

  10. Deport all illegals

    Why when I try to post to twitter is this considered SPAM?

  11. Interesting. But, this is all about the state law. What does Obama have to do with this? I would assume that Conservatives would support SAFE Act because they support state rights.

    • Conservative types, by my definition at least. Want to preserve the constitution as the law of the land. That would mean that any state law that is in violation of the US constitution would also be unconstitutional. The rights of states have much more leeway according to the constitution, while the federal government duties and responsibilities are very limited. No state legislature can legally inhibit the bill of rights. It is just too bad we will never go back to legal, constitutionally restricted government. Ever (without of course another revolution, which won’t happen either).

  12. Only in new york and chicago

  13. We are seeing the dictatorship being established before our eyes, and plans getting underway to rig the 2016 election to install the Benghazi battleaxe and complete the transition to one-party socialism. Every citizen who supports the Bill of Rights generally and the Second Amendment particularly needs to be preparing for that time, probably coming very soon, when the choice will have to be made between emigration and resistance to a criminal regime.

  14. Under these rules, most lawyers and liberals and politicians should definitely have all their guns seized!

  15. If the top 500 politicians in NY were rounded up and placed in a mental institution sans their guns, NY might once again be a suitable place for a real American to reside!

  16. What UTTER Twaddle! That’s about all the comment I have for this piece of garbage. The desperate republican/tea party traitor, clown party is falling apart at the seams! LOLOLOL! Keep whining, ya’ll.. LOLOLOLOL!

  17. obama and all his fellow liberals/communists will do anything to get guns away from LEGAL American citizens. They only allow thieves, rapists, murderers and terrorists to have guns. Also, now they are going to let ILLEGAL ALIENS have guns rights and they can have all the guns they want because when obama declares martial law, he thinks they will fight against legal Americans and on obama’s side along with the muslims he has brought into our country from Syria – 9,000 at last count.

  18. We definitely need term limits to two. It will never happen though, it should have been done when term limits were placed on the Presidency after FDR died.

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