The Ominous Case of the Racist Fruit Basket

Remember the good old days when you weren’t constantly in danger of accidentally becoming a racist? Very few Americans wake up in the morning, a vague voice at the back of their heads warning them not to accidentally murder someone. We just assume that we’ll make it through the day without decapitating our neighbors or stuffing a homeless man into an industrial trash compactor.

But when it comes to being a racist, there’s no telling what the day will bring. You don’t feel racist in your mind. You don’t hate minorities. You pride yourself on judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.

Doesn’t matter. You can have a heart of gold and still find yourself branded a racist by day’s end. It could happen at anytime.

Oops, you mentioned that you liked some of the things Donald Trump was saying about immigration.


Whoa, you made the mistake of saying that all lives matter.


Oh no, you made up a fruit basket for your rival marching band.


Wait, what?

Students at Atascocita High School in Texas probably didn’t wake up on October 16 thinking they would be branded racists by the end of the day, but that’s exactly what happened. Let us examine this cautionary tale in detail so that we don’t make the same mistake.

Atascocita and rivals Summer Creek apparently have a tradition where the marching bands meet on the field prior to the football games. There, they have a little ceremony and exchange gifts as a sign of good sportsmanship. Well, on this fateful night, the Atascocita band members handed their rivals a fruit basket filled with canned pineapple, a coconut, a watermelon, and some watermelon gum.

Truly, the legacy of the Ku Klux Klan echoed throughout Texas that night.

“School Administrators conducted an investigation and after considering the totality of circumstances, determined that the gift was inappropriate and lacked good sportsmanship,” a high school official told Todd Starnes at Fox News. “Atascocita High School will not tolerate racial insensitivity.”

As you can probably guess, the RACIST element of the fruit basket is not the coconut or the pineapple.

In a letter to parents, Humble Independent School District Assistant Superintendent Trey Kraemer said Summer Creek students were puzzled by the gift. “Typically, these gifts contain snacks such as crackers, candy and popcorn that can be readily shared among students and eaten during the game,” he wrote.

Oh, so the problem is fruit itself? It’s now racist to promote a healthier way of eating? What does Michelle Obama have to say about all of this?

Of course, it’s not the fruit. It’s not the coconut or the pineapple. It’s the watermelon. The weakest of all racist stereotypes. Oh, you eat a fruit that is healthy and delicious, haha!

But there’s apparently still enough power in that old garbage to brand high school students as racists for daring to include a fruit like that in their basket.

“We didn’t do anything wrong,” said bandmember Carolina Andaverde. “We wouldn’t do that because we know better than that. Our parents raised us better.”

But according to one Summer Creek student, it doesn’t really matter what the kids intended. “If they find it racist, then that is their perception, and you can’t invalidate the feelings of someone,” Summer Creek senior Briget Davies told a local news affiliate. “So I would say it’s race involved.”

Atascocita principal William Daniels agrees. In an email to parents, Daniels said, “My investigation did not lead me to believe that the students were engaging in racial harassment, but their actions were inappropriate given the context.”

In-school-suspensions were dished out to the participating students.

So the official investigation says that the students intended no harm, but yet they were still punished. Accidental racism is now just as punishable as intentional racism. All that matters is how the “victims” perceive your actions.

And that’s why, no matter how carefully you tread the balance beam of racial sensitivity, you could find yourself branded a RACIST by the end of the day.

Go cautiously, my friends.


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  1. It’s amazing how some people think only black people eat watermelon. What’s next? Fried chicken? The Last time I heard, Colonel Sanders was white, but became famous for frying chicken.

  2. This is just @ssnine. I love watermelon. Does that make me a “racist” person???? I have yet to see a “pic-nic” defined as a “racist” gathering because of all of the watermelons that are all over the place. Just go to a Juneteenth celebration (i have with friends, many times) and you know what??? According to this type of ridiculous, malicious, and racist view of things, there must be a h3ll of a lot of confused people there. Not one student who was “racist” stated this was done for nefarious reasons. Some people need to go back and crawl under what ever rock they came from.

    • I don’t eat watermelon. I am not racist.

      • OK, and that is just the point, whether you do or don’t, doesn’t make you racist. Just like these kids including watermelon in the food basket.

        • That’s right. It is just cheap shots at personal preferences. The term racist has been devalued to suit the needs of the liberals and racists.

      • No, because you do not eat watermelon…you are a racist ! It’s a no win idiocy.

        • No. I’m not racist. But, you are. That is proven by your comment.

          • You are misreading the message. Whether “someone” does or does not, they are still open to being called a racist.

          • That does not make them a racist. That just means the term “racist” is being misused. Kind of like suing someone when you know they did nothing wrong, but you can manipulate the language of the law to get your way.

      • I eat watermelon. If the PC Libtards don’t like it, they can stick it where the sun never shines.

        • The PC grown ups do not6 care much for nursery school name calling.

          • I don’t know of any nursery school kids who knopw what a Libtard is. And the genre gets no respect from me because of their endless practice of sticking their noses in other peoples’ lives and trying to force them to march, act and speak in lockstep with their dogma.

          • You are a prime example of the genre of right-wing ignorance.

          • I consider that a compliment, coming from a liberal. Libs such as yourself consider anyone ignorant if the don’t conform to PC culture and don’t march in lockstep with liberal ideology, two things I’d rather die than submit my family and myself to.

          • I am not a liberal.
            Assumptions are the hallmark of ignorance.
            A true conservative is such in all their actions.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

            -LYNDON B. JOHNSON, 1960

          • A very factual description of an ignorant, Southern bigot.

          • You mean a Southern, Dim KKK bigot?

          • If I had meant to say that, I would have used those words.
            The KKK was/is a Christian men’s organization.
            It was founded by Confederate military officers.
            You relly should read up on the history of America’s political parties. The Democrats and Republicans have basically traded their bekief sets.

          • “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (George Santayana)

          • YAWN! Again

          • ..“There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”
            ― Isaac Asimov

          • “Those who beat their swords into plowshares will soon be plowing for those that didn’t “. Ben Franklin

          • Yup, that cult is found in the ghettos and the union teacher educated public school systems. You libterds think you are such intellectual powerhouses, when in reality you are the lowest IQ examples among us.

          • Your post is a prime example of fine American education. Not only that, it is also an excellent example as to why this country is failing.

          • My fine American education took place during the 50s and 60s when most students graduated and went to college. I graduated in the top quarter of my class and had a firm foundation in history. Most of your ghetto goblins never graduate and a union teacher education today doesn’t teach history. YouTube is full of interviews with high school and college students who don’t even know of WW2. The people you support and the past few generations are why this country is failing. Your gullible, low IQ generations will be the death knell of America. You are part of that malaise.

          • You are a prime example of why America is going down the tubes: assume, assume, assume …

            I graduated medical school at age 20. Did my internship in the U.S. Army. My surgical residency was courtesy of the Vietnam War — in Vietnam.

          • Yawn! I’m not impressed. Obviously you haven’t learned anything from your experiences, if they really did occur.

          • SO! I’m not impressed. Did you ASS-U-ME I would be impressed?

          • When are you going to post something that took thought to compose?

          • Just as soon as you increase your reading comprehension level to the point you can actually understand irony, sarcasm, etc.

          • From your posts we can tell you are far from grown up. Or you are a grown up who is slow in the mind. Most of the posters here don’t do PC.

          • Who elected you spokesman?

            When was that election held?

            Where was that election held?

          • You missed it all.

          • You did also.

          • Learn the difference between fact and opinion. Your life will improve greatly.

    • Wonder how long it’ll be, before our Southern farmers will be ordered to “NOT grow watermelons” because it’s a racist produce!!?!!

      • DOWN WITH WATERMELONS! Don’tcha know they’re a menace to society?! (sarc) 8>0

        • Yeah and they’re heavy,too. You could use them as weapons and kill somebody. Obama and the left will call for a ban on them. Not only are you racist if you eat one,but you could become a murderer, too. DOWN with watermelons!!!!!!!

  3. Wow! Just wow!
    The only racists in this ridiculous situation are the ones who branded the students racist.
    This nonsense has to end.

    • You have just named the problem.

    • That’s the LIBTURD/DEM/COMMIEcrat PC Movement , at its Finest . EXTERMINATE , LIBERALISM , LIBERALS and the DEM COMMIE Party . And WE will be fine

      • Nursery school name calling needs to end.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”


        • Proctologist delight, LBJ was a southern KKK Democrat. He said “Get the Civil Rights Act passed and I’ll have those Ni**ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years”.

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      • StupidConservativeValues

        Y’all probably think that if Parisians were armed, none of the killing would have occurred. You fools are just all upset you were promised in the tea bag election wins Obama and his policies would be taken down/reversed. When it didn’t happen (and never could), your wittle teeny brains couldn’t handle how this nation was designed to function as laid down by the constitution. Check in with tea bag Governor Niki Haley who concurs. You fools live in a bubble and your collective brains are inflexible….the writing is on the wall, you and your ilk are doomed for extinction. lol

    • It seems liberals have redefined the term racist to mean anyone that does not agree with their racists policies….

      • StupidConservativeValues

        “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

  4. This racist crap needs to stop. Our president also needs to stop all the BS he is doing and really creating more problems. We were on the road to recovery before he came into play. Of course we must not forget who is the one pulling his strings. George Soros and the rest of the elites. Wouldn’t it be nice for him to show his face. It wouldn’t talk long before he had another hole in his head.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

      – LYNDON B. JOHNSON, 1960

  5. This is what is happening in the US…our Democratic educators have shifted so far to the left that everything a person does including what our children do or say is now open to scrutiny as being “racist” in tone because some person or a group of persons has defined what someone said or didn’t say as being “offensive” i.e. therefore such folks are deserving of being called “racist”…When is this mental sickness going to end?…not so long as we have liberal Democrats teaching our children.

  6. I love watermelon and fried chicken and I am apparently using that thought track (or lack thereof) now a racist.
    This is ridiculous and in texas ye,t how stupid is it that we let them get away with this?

  7. You are entitled to your opinion. So am I. If I do not like the Indian (oops Native American) lifestyle, I am not racist. If I think Asians look funny. I am not racist. etc. blah, blah, blah

  8. As far as our “educators” are concerned, they should be called “indoctrinators”.. I say it is far past time to add more chlorine into the gene pool! This pc crap needs to stop it is getting ridiculous! should we all be sensitive perhaps, but do we need to be harangued constantly? NO!

    • yes the communist inspired clowns have infected millions and many have stayed in the education system to continue indoctrination while others have entered the political arena to further the efforts to destroy America by making her look like so many of the other cesspools around the world….some even look nice due their having been rebuilt with US taxpayers dollars two or three times just in the twentieth century kenyan boyo is doing his best to rebuild the rag caliphate….where are you Persia??

      • StupidConservativeValues

        If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.

        -LYNDON B. JOHNSON, 1960,

        • a democrapo talking about other democrapos..

        • Is your computer frozen on STUPID?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Your knuckles are dragging on the ground you traitor. Learn the truth about Mars, aliens and the true threat to Amurika…green globules. You frreakin fool.

          • Look in the mirror when you say frreakin fool.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You must be a nigger.

          • No, I’m a white Conservative Tea Party member.
            pro God, pro gun, pro Constitution, anti Obozo the Clown and anti abortion Conservative.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Even worse: WHITE TRASH!

          • LOL! Retired with retired wife. Secure future with our IRAs, No mortgage or car payments. Live in a cozy little house in a town in Monmouth County (Monmouth County was voted the third best county in the US by money magazine). Considered lower middle class by our yearly earnings. Married for 33 years. What do you have to show proctologist delight? By the way, any douche who has something to hide on their main page is a douche.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            LOL, I’m a self made white liberal man who lives in Sandy Hook. Never had to work, inherited a shit load of money from my family. I have a Hispanic wife and a black mistress and we love having three way sex. We have parties where stupid ass whites like you come over in bagger costumes to pay us to piss on them. It’s so fucking funny, but we all love it, it’s great fun for everyone! Own several tenements infested with white sum trying to survive in them like the fucking rats they are….good luck with that uneducated God fearing fools! They try to get into our parties, of course they can’t afford the costumes or the privilege to be pissed on the minorities I invite. Of course my finances are secure because I got the world by the balls! Live in a huge apartment building that never lets any stupid ass baggers near the place, as we would exercise our 2nd Amendment rights and blow their fucking heads off (they change in to bagger clothes after they get into the party, otherwise they would have “lead in their head.” Been fucking really fine white bitches for most my adult life. I mean the best looking pun tang you can imagine. They’ll do anything, ass to mouth, butt plugs, you name it, they do it for ME! Yea, so you’re proud of being white bagger trash, just the type who likes to be pissed on by niggas! By the way, when you look in the mirror, I imagine you puke knowing you’re place in society is shrinking and the generations of white scum like you are getting smaller and smaller and increasingly less relevant. Gotta go now and take another piss on whitey.

          • TALK ABOUT WHITE TRASH, YOUR LIFE IS THE EPIDAMY OF TRASH, IF IT WERE TRUE. I’ll bet in reality you are a whimpering little nerd, with a big imagination, in your parents basement. If what you say is true, and I doubt it, you probably have every STD known to man.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You best go to the ER, you sound as though you’re infected with “conservatism,” it’s the worst STD one can have. If you do have it, go home, put a gun barrel to your mouth and exercise your 2nd amendment rights and save this country the indignity of having to put up with another conservative. And please, no more breeding like rats.

          • Hit a nerve did I? You libterds who are supposed to be so peace loving, always tell someone to kill themselves when you libterds are caught in a corner with the truth. I won’t wish you to kill yourself as your STDs will do the trick.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            It’s going to be funny a year from now when you ingrates realize the next POTUS will be Hillary! Meanwhile, all you cons are in a circular firing squad offing each other (yea, kill baby kill)! I got the popcorn out an am enjoying the show you’re putting on. Soon, no more cons!

          • My show? I’m not the white trash posting about killing and the make believe life you live. I keep responding because I enjoy seeing your lame responses. Jousting with you is like playing the game BATTLESHIP. Every time one of my truth bombs hit the target, your lies, I see it your response.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You’re funny.

          • Thank you.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Actually, it would be blast to meet and play Battleship, it really is one of my favorite games! Hey, we’re both Americans!

          • You’re not an American. You are a far left commie liberal.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Who said we’re peace loving? I’d love to go hunting down you idiot cons and put you in camps for retards and watch you all die off. Oh, wait a moment, I just realized, you’re proverbially doing that to yourselves! You dipsticks have ignored the changing demographics and ideals of this glorious nation that was built on immigration and have painted yourselves into an increasingly smaller corner. Now all you fools can do is fight amongst yourselves. Idiot cons have been fooling themselves for years and now it’s time to reap what has been sown by Rush and Faux Snooze all these years! Y’all been living in a little bubble, as evidenced by Romney’s loss in ’12. Fools never learn! Come a year from now when you realize the Senate has flipped to blue and the POTUS will be Hillary, you’ll collectively be crapping out bricks and your pea brains will be exploding (not that there is much inside to explode). btw- the House will remain red due to the chicken shit gerrymandering by the GOP, but that too will begin to change after 2020 after then census. Glad your wife loves you, no one else does. Cling to it idiot!

          • Big words from your long, useless screed. You know nothing about me, and you obviously know nothing of anything else. You are just a low IQ, gullible piece of white trash, your posts tell me so. As far as being loved, your whore of a girlfriend, and all the others you associate with don’t love you at all. They just are using you (if anything you have posted is true), but I doubt you have posted anything here that didn’t come from a drug addled imagination. I’ve read the words you have posted in a poorly written, third rate novel.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You probably think that if Parisians were armed, none of the killing would have occurred. You fools are just all upset you were promised in the tea bag election wins Obama and his policies would be taken down/reversed. When it didn’t happen (and never could), your wittle teeny brains couldn’t handle how this nation was designed to function as laid down by the constitution. Check in with tea bag Governor Niki Haley who concurs. You fools live in a bubble and your collective brains are inflexible….the writing is on the wall, you and your ilk are doomed for extinction. lol

          • Yawn, and you’re a proctologist delight.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Funny you should mention that, I get a colonoscopy on Thursday…via the Affordable Care Act! lol

          • It will be amazing that the proctologist will be able to see anything with all the times you’ve taken it up the butt. I hope you don’t have your AFC through United Healthcare. They are dropping their roll in the ACA.

          • YAWN! Anger management.

          • You are the very definition of White Trash. Your story shows you have a propensity too write fiction. You’re nothing but a low bred, STD infested waste of human life.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Remember, no more breeding low-life…

          • Can’t get any lower than you. How many lowlife, retarded babies have come from your make believe rutting events? Your stories are a sign of a syphilis infected brain. The final stages of syphilis include delusion and madness.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You sure you’re not a Wigger, you sure sound like one? Do you breed like a nigga?

          • I told you who I was. You told me who you are. I have no children, and my wife and I don’t breed like you nigga lovers and niggas. I have been married for 33 years to the same loving woman. No woman would have you for more than a few hours, and you have to pay for your sex. You are a typical libterd, low life turd with the brain of a turd.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You’re a dipstick. The next POTUS will be Hillary. Conservatism is a sham. You’ve got some tough times ahead Mr. Patriot.

          • Keep on believing that you totally useless white trash.

        • He also said “I’ll have those n#ggers voting Democrat for the next 100 years”.

    • I like that phrase, “add more chlorine to the gene pool.” Haven’t heard that before.

  9. “Be aware of those who might commit those dastardly micro-aggressions against you” is right out of the Progressive handbook. These loons are trying to convince us that even words like “husband” or “wife” are covert attempts to stereotype people politically.

  10. This story Reminds me about a Time My Girlfriend , Her Special Needs Son and I was Shopping at a Wegman’s Grocery Store in Western Up-State NY.
    We were going through the Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Section and Her Son saw a Black Family Shopping in front of the Watermelons and Out of No Where he speaks Out and Says “Niger Want a Watermelon this was back in 1985 before times got this Bad. Remember this was way before We Elected Our First and Hopefully Last Black President unless Ben Carson gets to follow this First Disaster of One. All the Black Family did was look at Her Son. They saw he was not the Brightest Kid in the Store. All they did was Smile and Walk on by. I knew we had just missed a big Misunderstanding.

    • A natural born American

      I took my 2 years old daughter shopping for the upcoming July 4th celebrations. Shortly after entering the store my child noticed an Asian family walking in behind us. My daughter cried out, “Look Mommy, Chinettes!” As I looked around for the paper products I noticed the Asian family glaring at my little one. That’s when I realized my child’s error. They weren’t Chinese. They were Vietnamese.

      • Cute I am a Vietnam Veteran and to this Day I am No Expert on which Oriental is which. I usually get the Vietnamese Right but the Rest are a Toss Up for Me. We can’t expect Children to know the Difference Either

        • A natural born American

          I know. I tried doing some research online to help make differentiating easier. That’s when I realized they are all from the same gene pool. The Asians all think their own nationality is superior to all other Asian nationalities when in fact they have all descended from the same invading armies of each country thus giving them a common gene pool. Kind of like our Hispanic population. I’ve worked with people from all over Central and South America including the islands. I’d often listen to them criticize all the other Hispanics. Colombians are better than Dominicans; Puerto Ricans are better than Brazilians; Uruguayans are better than Paraguayans; Chileans are better than Argentinians. And vice versa for all. I’d start laughing while listening to them until someone would think to ask me what I found so amusing.

          I’d remind them that they are ALL descended of the same gene pool so if one group of them is stupid then they must also be just as stupid. I’d ask them if they were ever taught about back when the Americas were first discovered and ripe for plucking, the Spanish invaded the islands and left all the women pregnant. Then they’d move on, invade again, leave all the women pregnant. The same army of Spaniards repeated this activity until there were thousands of mini Spaniard-Native mix running around all over the Americas. The Chinese armies did the same. So did the African armies and the conquering armies from every other nationality from every other continent including the armies of Europe.

          Reminds me of the old saying: Half the world runs around laughing at the other half of the world– and all are fools.

          • I like your true Assessment of the People Living on and in all these different Nationalities and Countries. Every Damn one from Mexicans to Muslims Run from their Corrupt Leaders and Drug Gangs Like Sissies and We let them Get Away with it. Instead of Trying to Fix their Screwed Up People they Run to the United States. If We do not Fix this Problem Fast it will be Way too Late to Even try and Save this Piss Poor Situation We now have. Thanks again for Your Input.
            I am also a Natural Born American Citizen.

          • A natural born American

            I could never understand why people chose to run away rather than fight to make their own homelands better. Sure there will be bloodshed. Our country saw lots of it on our own soil back in the 18th and 19th centuries, but we didn’t run like the Hispanics do. And we didn’t hide behind skirts and diapers like allah’s army does.

          • These Rag Heads are Not Rubbing To or For Freedom these People Invading right now are going to Rape Kill Pillage and Burn When and Where ever they feel they can get away with it. There are a few Reporters Reporting the Truth but Most News papers or News Programs are NOT Reporting it Because it Does NOT Fit their Narrative of Peace Seeking
            People running to save their Innocent Lives. There are a few Video’s showing Hundreds of Men of Fighting Age and NOT a Singly Woman or Child. I believe like a few Reporting this IS an Invasion of Europe and Obama is Importing our Problem so We feel all Warm and Cozy

    • StupidConservativeValues

      “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

      -LYNDON B. JOHNSON, 1961

  11. Idiotic response from a Summer Creek student and stupid Williams Daniels deserve a big “shut up” agitator. Name of the game is get their name out there as a champion for politically correct asinine indignation. Certainly the CFR corporate media public opinion creators will want to put these idiots out in their lime light as glorious fighters for protecting the oppressed. Read Dan Smoot’s book “The Invisible Government.”

  12. I smell B.S spread all through this article. If you go looking for something to be offended by I am sure you can find it. This shows the amount of stupidity possessed by those in charge!

  13. disqus_e1rjNMkUay

    what about red necks…….old grey haired white men

  14. It takes a real racist to dig this deep to find their perception of racism in such an innocent act. The racists here are the recipients and school administrators who arrived at such a warped interpretation.
    These idiots might as well realize that their misapplied criticism isn’t going to change behavior that doesn’t need correction.

  15. When you start worrying about what someone might call you, you’re stupid. When a politician does it, recall them. When a school administrator does it fire them.

  16. How in the world did that numbskull of an administrator get to be a superintendent? He must have scored the highest on the incompetence meter. I suppose now the government is going to step in and create an issue where none exist, by making it a crime to grow or sell watermelons. If no-one can eat watermelon, racism would no longer become an issue in this country..Then the self promoting race baiters will have to seek another venue to spew their ill conceived venom on society. That’s the liberal/progressive nitwits way of solving a solution.

  17. The whole country has gone nuts.

  18. What’s wrong with all these racial fruits nowadays.

    • they have become bureaucrats, politicians, and news media personalities on tedly turnip’s “communist news network”….oh and a bunch of them are out in hollowwoody making millions acting in fairy tails…or creating the “angry American” like that ahole mikey moorehole….

  19. There was absolutely nothing racist about a fruit basket. What about all the people for years and years and years have been giving fruit baskets. They are a very nice gift but the liberals make EVERYTHING racist. I am so sick of hearing everything is racist when it is just a nice gift. I would love that basket as a gift and I would never ever think of it as racist.

  20. Ignorant PC academia is the cause of this problem–stupid idiots. No one complained about the basket not even the opposing school that the basket was given to. Shut up academia.

  21. Maybe they Shouldve thrown in a Bunch of NANNERS TOO .

  22. What our society has come to anymore is,…….if you wake up in the morning, look in a mirror & you’re still white, just consider yourself a G.D. racist!!! I for one, am damn sick of hearing all this total B.S. about racism!!! What these idiots are doing & don’t realize is, they are “driving” people to BE racist, that ordinarily wouldn’t have a racist bone in their body!!!! They are driving a wedge right into the heart of a “blended” society & don’t even know it!!!

  23. I am not amazed, yet I am amazed that we have allowed a false meme to become a racist expression and insult. Yes, as a sponsor of the gift, I would have removed the “racist” item. Yet sometimes the sponsor is undercut by a move made by one or more students who wanted to keep the “racist” item in the basket, mainly if he or she had thought it up as such and thought it was highly humorous or clever. I was once a victim of such a student action, after the fact, and it was not known to me until months later that I had been outsmarted by a selfabsorbed student who got her way with the yearbook photos after I had finished the year, closed the book, and moved on. Never, ever assume that one bad apple can’t ruin the harvest, but maybe punishing the bad apple and not the crop would be a better solution. ( I spent 43 years in teaching grades 7-13(college freshmen) and only a few rotten apples.)

    • WHAT is racist about watermelon? Truly, what is it? Because blacks might have picked it when they worked the plantations? If that’s the case, then ban all clothing made from cotton.

      Or is watermelon racist because it’s reserved for blacks only?

      If we apply your thinking, we should eliminate everything for the sake of a few rotten apples?

      Get a life, you got buzzed. So because it involved race, it was a racist move? Grow a backbone and this nation has to start enforcing that lesson to all….it’s raising wussies who cry at everything.

      Back when I was a kid, all kinds of bullying went on, racist and otherwise. And kids were taught the jingle, “sticks and stone will hurt my bones…” And that ended that. Once the bully/racist realized he/she was going nowhere, they dropped it or otherwise left.

      The ONLY reason we have any of this BS going on today, besides the fact that Obama and Democrat socialists are playing it up to get new voters, is that people are coddled to INVOKE racism or other phobias. It’s not that these people are truly offended, it’s their way of using power over someone else.

      I bet if we started to ignore every ranting of racism, bigotry, homophobia, mysogeny, or whatever else is being used to day, it would end.

      Just ignore it and give out the watermelon.

  24. While I supported the rights of the LGBT folks due to the Constitution, I was branded a bigot because I am a Christian. So it seems to be unavoidable.

  25. My suggestion to end racism is to segregate everything immediately! Go back to the Jim Crow days (which Democrats and blacks still accuse whites of doing!) and make blacks do everything separate from whites. Don’t mingle together in schools because inevitably, some white kid is going to be sucking on a watermelon pop, or fried chicken served for lunch…who knows? And make sure there are black supermarkets as well as markets for everyone else. This way here, blacks won’t even know whites are frying their chicken or eating watermelon, so they can’t be offended. Plus, they’ll have the added benefit of not having watermelon in their fruit section or chicken (which inevitably would be fried) into the meat sections.

    Buses? Screw the back of the bus thing. Just send out two buses…one for blacks and those who identify as black or those who are likewise offended as black people are, like say hispanics, and one bus for whites. This way, blacks can call each other the n word all they want without OFFENDING WHITES for using banned language.

    Make sure those schools are segregated. That way, black schools can ban all books and sing their hip hop with their pants down below their knees waiting to be raped, while white kids can go to their school and read previously banned literature like Huck Finn or Lord of the Flies.

    And then to prevent further racism in the workplace, employment ads will need to differentiate whether or not the job opening is fit for blacks or whites, but never both, regardless of education or character.

    End affirmative action. Blacks never appreciated any of it anyway.

    Once we’re fully segregated, we can get back to business without being harrassed or accused by blacks of offending them. Likewise, whites won’t have to fear saying the wrong thing, eating the wrong food, reading good literature, or getting back to real history books that teach America’s true history and not the whitewashed version we use today so as not to offend anyone.

    And if segregation doesn’t work, vote for Donald Trump. After he sends all the illegals home, he can start shipping blacks back to their homes and then no one will have to worry about anything.

  26. Blacks have proven that integration DOES NOT WORK!

  27. I’m white my son in law is a black American we both eat watermelon so I guess we are both racists.

  28. The “racists” create their OWN racism..every time they open their ignorant mouths! It all begins at The White House where the two biggest racists (white haters) reside… (for now). Lincoln freed the slaves a long time ago and the same with The Equal Rights Amendment. Get over it, already! And YES, ALL lives matter, dumbheads!

  29. Those who look for insult and injury all the time, are sure to find it in the most INNOCUOUS of situations. It is time to start taking things at face value. Instead of digging and scratching at something until it bleeds. put a little ointment of common sense on it and it will get better.

    • But SCOTUS did so well with making the Commerce Clause (Art.1 sect. 8) cover everything (including obamaocare), I doubt ‘common sense’ will ever be able to find work again, but after 6 months, it won’t be considered unemployed any longer.

  30. Seriously? This nation has now gone “over to the Dark Side”!!!!

  31. .So why did they not find the coconut and pineapple offensive, where there no Pacific Islander attending Summer Creek. Maybe Atascocita got offended when they were served crackers the prior year. Please help me understand why do blacks find watermelon offensive anyways

  32. So is KFC racist because the Colonel wears all white and pushes fried chicken?

  33. Hillary for prison 2016 Obama her cell mate

  34. Liberals and PC types always seem to go out of their way to be offended.

  35. What bulls**t! Racism here is truly in the eye of the beholder.

  36. I think this crap has went why to far.people need to buck up! Skippy and don’t be so dam pitiful ,I am so sick of all this stupid crap.grow a pair and live and let live!

  37. Ken Dometriosis .

    WAAAAUUUGH! WAAAUUUUGGHH! WWAAAAUUUUGGGHH! I’m so sick of the sub-humans making such a big friggin’ deal over everything that offends their hyper-sensitive, racist and hypocritical feelings. I didn’t know they HAD any feelings, considering that they rape white women in 94% of the reported rapes in the US and commit over 58% of the hate crimes in America despite ONLY being 13% of the population.
    White people seriously need to wake the hell UP! The blacks ARE the enemy within and they HATE you ALL, even if you’re one of those liberal “we’re all the same race” spouting morons! LA, Detroit, The Seattle Fat Tuesday riots, Toledo, New Orleans, Cincinatti, ALL show the negroids TRUE colors and they aren’t red, white and blue, but rather those of their cousins int he deepest Africa jungle.
    I just hope that no white person here who reads this ever has to learn that we were right by being a victim of the blacks. I was lucky. I’ve survived several diversity encounters so to me, racism is EARNED by the blacks and their own words, thoughts and deeds, collectively, against us, collectively.

    Semper fi!

  38. It is past time that the Right take off their gloves and take the fight to these communist bastards and it can start by defining them as such. Let the games begin! We are being controlled by a bunch of Leftist punk-A$$, geek-A$$ pseudo-intellectual wimps and this must change -NOW! Time to get in their face and let them know it is our place!

  39. “Go cautiously, my friends.” NO. do NOT go cautiously. Throw it right back in their faces. Smash that watermelon right back into thier useful idiot faces. Do NOT take this stuff lying down. The band should go on strike and the parents should support it. Be offended. Be activist. Protest the stupid school principal and demand that he be fired. Etc. etc. anything you can think of to cause trouble trouble over this rediculous made up crap. Protect your children.

  40. Thomas Lee Mullins

    Branding the students racists for not knowing that the watermelon would be offensive to the receiver of the basket is stupidity incarnate; IMO. If this makes me a racists too, so be it.

  41. I think the kids at Summer Creak need to grow some thicker skin.Racist my ass.

  42. As a black man, I would not have made a issue of it, neither should the school official. Time would have told if it was racial. If the receivers DID NOT make a issue of it.

  43. More PC crap. This is nonsense and those schools who participated in it should be punished themselves or at least those who made this an issue!

  44. Cherie Lynn Davis

    Political correctness has gone completely amok leading me to the conclusion that no matter what you say, someone is going to find a way to be offended. So…., I have decided to say whatever I please as long as I feel comfortable that it is said innocently and without malice. For goodness sake, we live in America. It is still viewed as the “Land of the Free” last time I heard. There have been times in my life when I didn’t agree with something someone said, but I sure didn’t demand that they be muzzled. To those of you screaming racism every time someone says something with which you don’t agree, GET A GRIP and stop your whining!! Complaining about every little thing you find offensive only makes you look petty and small minded. Please give the rest of us a break. We are growing weary of your thin skin and we are becoming immune, in most instances, to your unwarranted and never-ending complaints. If I unwittingly say something you find offensive, I honestly do not care if you call me a racist because I know in my heart that it is not true!

  45. That is why Negroes cannot ever get along with any other race. Moslems are the same way. One because of their sking color the other because of his religion. So, race and religion again.

    That is why you also cannot tell jokes if it involves a negro. Even if it is for fun. The racist or the Negro will NEVER see it that way. So you see, you cannot EVER get along with Negroes or feel any affinity to them because of this.

    And for the same way you cannot criticize him giving the negro a free pass. This is why it is so hard to nail down the illegality of the sodomite Nerogro acting as if he was president.

    NO ONE dare tell the negro he is not one!!!

    • I’ve been meaning to talk to you about “negro.” The term negro (spanish for black), was replaced by colored (considered better than black for a time to include more people i.e. Nat’l Assoc.for Advancement of Colored People), then Negro again (United Negro College Fund), then African American, then Black, again. Please update your card frequently, or you will be considered RACIST for not knowing the current term of the prevailing group. I think it is another way to marginalize WHAT you say, by focusing on HOW you say it (see Marx/Lenin/Alinsky for more suggestions on avoiding meaningful rational debate).

  46. This is stupid …. retailers everywhere sell tons and tons of watermelons every day to a variety of patrons with out thinking “racist”. My family raised several varieties on our farm and gave away most of them to the town and co-op food pantry. The mind sets of these idiots looking for something to cry “racist” are nut jobs, probably radical liberals, progressives, socialist, commie idiots. Let’em cry and whine until their bleeding hearts can bleed no more. Their mantra: never let a crisis go to waste.

  47. Disgusting, is what it is! So, every time I eat some watermelon in the summer, it’s because I’m RACIST? Insane.

    • RACIST!!!!!!!!! (I’m not sure if even mentioning watermelon is illegal, but I’m sure in a short period of time, it will be as horrible as the Mississippi State flag. PoliticallyCorrupt isn’t about what you say, it’s only about how it can be used against you, now that the First Amendment is racist).

  48. StupidConservativeValues

    “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

    -LYNDON B. JOHNSON, 1960,

  49. Dominic Roy Accampo

    Will we ever learn that there is no limit to liberal, politically correct insanity!

    • You, and Dr. Ben Carson, are obviously racist. But the answer is “not while it still works.”

      • Dominic Roy Accampo

        It has never worked while your stupidity of calling both of us racists? Against which race Mr. Dull? If atheists can’t counter something with logic nor fact they just insult us and hope we will go away. A billion+ abortions, soaring crime, chaos and disorder, the world is falling apart as your delusions tell you things are getting better. WAKE UP!!! Atheism is destroying our society all about us!

  50. It is all in the plan. In 1963, the Communist Goals were entered into the Congressional Registry. If you will take the time to read the document, you will find that turning us against each other is a definite part of the ‘mission’. It is up to us to stop this garbage. Parents and students at that school should be speaking loud and clear – and make the powers that be – APOLOGIZE for their insane announcement and punishment.

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