“The NRA is Funded by Russia” Story Rapidly Unravels

It was only a few short weeks ago that the left smelled blood in the water. Could it be possible – in their wildest dreams – that they could somehow connect two of their most absurd and yet popular narratives? Was there actually a way they could convince America that the NRA was not only a “domestic terror organization” standing in the way of “common sense gun control,” but also unmask the organization as a Russian front group? What a coup that would be? Why, they could ride that train to electoral victory in November and beyond! All hail David Hogg! All hail the new rise of THE LEFT! Gun control and Russian conspiracy theories in one handy-dandy basket? Truly this is a moment to remember.

And then, like all of the left’s Russian fantasies, it disappeared into a cloud of embarrassment and corrections.

Using a neverending supply of poorly-sourced sources and speculation, the left-wing blogosphere began making the case that millions of dollars’ worth of dark, Russian money was flowing into the NRA, laundered, and then funneled into the Trump campaign. Gun grabbers and anti-Trump hysterics (if there is any daylight between the two groups) went into maximum overdrive, trying to piece together this bombshell story of treason and terrorism. And when they couldn’t put the puzzle together, they simply used sensational headlines and heaps of speculation to let readers come to their own conclusions.

But now the facts are out and (oops), it turns out that the big collusion between Russia and the NRA barely even qualifies as a molehill, much less a mountain.

From ABC:

The National Rifle Association tells ABC News that it has received a single contribution from a Russian individual of less than $1,000 during the 2012-2018 election cycle.

“We have one contribution from a Russian,” Steven Hart, outside counsel to the NRA, said in an interview with ABC News.

Hart said it was the “life membership payment” made by Alexander Torshin, a Russian politician who contributed to the NRA’s non-profit parent organization which is not required by law to disclose the donation. Hart added, “The donation was the person’s membership dues” and was not used for election-related activities. “That was not a major donor program,” he said.

We’ll just say this: If Robert Mueller comes up with a story that is this lame in comparison to the left’s universe-bending expectations, it’s going to give us fuel to mock the left for the rest of our lives.

Not that we need any more gas for that particular fire.

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