The NFL is on the Verge of Losing One of its Biggest Sponsors

In an earnings call on Wednesday, the CEO of Papa John’s Pizza said that the NFL’s botched efforts at getting players to stand for the national anthem was not just hurting the league’s own ratings and ticket sales – it was causing customers to abandon their pizza as well!

In the call, CEO John Schnatter said, “The NFL has hurt us. More importantly, by not resolving the current debacle to the players’ and owners’ satisfaction, NFL leadership has hurt Papa John’s shareholders.”

Papa John’s has been one of the NFL’s biggest and most visible sponsors since 2010, having used their logos and even some of their most famous stars in their commercials and advertising campaigns. The pizza company is one of the few corporations allowed to use the NFL’s precious and highly-guarded “Super Bowl” marketing insignias. The company has spent untold millions running ads during the league’s games, and it is no exaggeration to say that no other outside company – save perhaps Budweiser – is as closely associated with the NFL as Papa John’s. Certainly no other pizza place.

Papa John’s sales figures have not been released for the last quarter, but the company’s shares did fall 8% on Wednesday, possibly in reaction to Schnatter’s earnings call to investors. And while Pizza Hut and others dispute that their NFL relationships have hurt their bottom line, none of those other companies are as intensely related to the NFL brand as Papa John’s. Also, you can’t really blame them for trying to take advantage of this situation to improve their own sponsorship of the league. There’s always a chance, after all, that all of this anthem nonsense will blow over and we can go back to enjoying football without feeling slimy every time we turn on a game. It’s a chance that’s getting slimmer by the week, but hey, we’re optimists.

“Leadership starts at the top, and this is an example of poor leadership,” Schnatter said of the NFL.

The company went further, canceling their NFL-related advertising due to the ongoing “negative consumer sentiment” of the brand.

At some point, someone in the league’s front office is going to have to stop being so terrified of a bajillion angry liberals – most of whom probably don’t watch football to begin with – and take a stand for the United States of America. Because if they keep allowing these reprehensible protests to take place, the tsunami of negative reaction is going to grow too large to stop.


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  1. Good! That’s music to my ears. No stand, no viewers. Figured it out yet meatheads? Pro football reminds me of a day care center, their all on their knees. I don’t watch day care centers either, although it might be more enjoying and entertaining than watching so called “Pro Football Athletes”. After watching these un – Americans, I’m not sure if I’d watch if they did grow up and act like adult athlete’s. Simply put, these cry babies really are not as special as they think they are. I doubt I’ll ever watch pro football again. There are lot’s of other sports played by American’s. Why waste any more of my time watching, so called pro’s on their knees? To the owners, how’s those ticket sales going?

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    • I’m with you. I can do without pro football, even cancelled my TV cable. Reading a good book is much more enjoyable.

      • What a liar. You didnt cancel anything. You may have got shut off, but nobody’s protesting the take-a-knee protest in any material way.

        • Calling someone a liar without proof does prove you are a kneeling ass hole supporter that also to be protested & abolished for supporting high treason in the n f l ! Up yours !

          • Thanks ward. I blocked Jim unDandy weeks ago. I don’t allow trash onto my screen. To liberals everyone’s a liar who does not support Hillary, Bernie, Barack, Chuckie, Nancy, Dianne, Maxine or the Frederica Wilson clown from Florida.

          • Thanks ward. I blocked Jim unDandy weeks ago. I don’t allow trash onto my screen. To liberals everyone’s a liar who does not support Hillary, Bernie, Barack, Chuckie, Nancy, Dianne, Maxine or the Frederica Wilson clown from Florida.

          • You probably support the unrepentant liar, General Kelly, who slandered Frederica Wilson and refuses to apologize for the LIE he told about her. Military honor out the window!

          • Your head might be on straight but your cerebral computer is wired with reverse polarity.

          • Frederica Wilson is an airhead clown. She’s what Florida gets when airheads are allowed to vote. You liberals are good at nitpicking out irrelevant nonsense. But it was OK to let a foreign student illegally take the Presidential Oath of Office January 2009 then give US funds to an arch enemy of our Nation. But “What difference does it make at this point?” You’re still mad the lamp thrower didn’t win. Get over it!

        • foundingfathersfollower

          You are wrong, we are not watching anymore.
          Five people. Instead of ordering pizza and watching the game we hike or read or go to the movies etc…….
          In the past it was great to be able to watch football
          games without being hit with other peoples (football players) political
          opinions. We are SICK and TIRED of it!!!

          • Watch NASCAR

          • Yep–NASCAR, the redneck’s delight!

          • headon run to your safe place and play with Hillary, Bernie, Nancy, Chuckie, Maxine, Dianne and the latest clown from Florida, Frederica Wilson.

          • Sharon Helms-Dulin

            That’s a nasty bit of class prejudice and stereotyping. Typical lib “tolerance” and “inclusion.”

          • If you are at all alive and alert, you are being hit daily with “other peoples [sic] political opinions.” So cozy up to the ones you approve of and get over your whining about those you don’t.

          • foundingfathersfollower

            Vote for Donald Trump 2020.

          • Amen founding. The economy is doing well now. Quite the opposite it was doing when the foreign student from a former British Protectorate wangled his way into the White House and created the highest national debt ever, committed treason by giving aid and comfort to enemies of the United States of America. Barack Obama is the first illegal pResident of the USA.

          • headon you talk down to “founding” with your negative bitching. Suggest you get over YOUR whining.

          • “Divide and conquer!” Kaepernick swallowed Saul Alinsky’s bait hook, line and sinker. He continues to stir up discord right in line with the communist plan. Whose paying him for this anti-American hoodlum behavior? Soros?

        • Sorry to burst your tiny little bubble there Jimmie boy….but there are millions of us turning off the National Felons League (no fans league). I used to have the nfl pkg through Directv, I cancelled that and now do work around the house. I used to do that on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, now I golf on Saturday and do that work on Sunday. My business cancelled the order for new Ford trucks this year (been a faithful Ford lover for all my life) and I’m working with Dodge to get the 8 trucks through them.

          Oh, by the way….I won’t ever come back to the nfl or the nba!! All those poor black boys can kiss my ass!
          Marines 1973-83. OoohRahh

          • foundingfathersfollower


          • What’s with this minority in the Black population who have a fetish for stirring up controversy. Do they give their $Millions to charity to help the downtrodden in their race? Hmmm? This guy Colin (Colon) is overloaded with self-aggrandizement. He and his kneelers are about as anti-America as anyone can get. He and his knee buddies are overgrown delinquent brats. Tim Tebow is the only athlete who kneels appropriately. God Bless Tim and this Great Nation he represents.

          • My wife is a huge Tebow fan and we talked about that when this all started. She thought how bad it was when Tim kneeled and the nfl blew up about it. Heck, the Cowboys weren’t even allowed to wear patches honoring the police officers killed in Dallas….nfl gave the thumbs down to it too. Now these children pull this crap kneeling during the Anthem….that’s okay, they have the 1st Amendment that protects that right and I gave an oath back in 1973 to protect that right. BUT….I don’t have to watch it, or support it…as millions of others have shown they won’t support a league that kowtows to these ingrates.

          • Tim Tebow kneeled in reverence to the Creator of Heaven and Earth.
            Colin Kaepernick kneeled in reverence to a man-made racist organization.

          • Oh the :
            BLM = Bloodthirsty Leftist Maniacs

            BLM = Baboons Lizards Monkeys!Courtesy of Don

            BLM = Banana Loving Monkeys

          • I am proudly one of those that gave the same oath back in 1964. That oath is still good today.

          • OoohRah Brother….
            Semper Fi

          • Colin is the right name as Colon is a Spanish name, and Colin does not in any way or form looks or acts hispanic. lol Just saying.

          • My use of “Colon” referred to the anatomical large intestine known to be filled with feces. It was my polite way of saying Kaepernick is full of it.

          • Got it. Sorry for the misunderstanding. It is true though.

          • No es problema.

          • DIRECTV has to be hurting first I canceled my nfl package, then my DIRECTV.

          • I was Air Foce but a big OoohRahh but to ya!!
            AMEN & a Hallelujah for good measure!!!!!!!!

          • Semper Fi Brother!

          • We/ us/ ALL PATRIOTS need to stick together as I see something VERY ominous on the horizon!! I hope and pray to God Almighty that it DOES NOT happen but I fear it may become a reality!

          • Amen to that…we are at a tipping point, lest we forget what history has taught us we are doomed to the same fates. Be vigilant…be prepared and alway be ready.


          • hey thanks for your service,my dad served in ww2 on flatops. However I own a auto repair shop. owing a government motors or a dodge will make you understand why a ford product is that much bettershed Ithink
            you will shed the dodge/mercedes/ fiat after an assortment of electrical problems for 5yrs. On gov motors between 120,00 & 150,000 you will found out I have Purchased a rolling parts distribution center.If you buy a yota you will just luv the 1500.00 starters. Defend your bank account, stick with the only american car/truck company not on welfare.websters dic says under Dodge it says “TO AVOID” check it out. We beat chevrolets with a 1963 406 cylinder head. c3ae6090c I should,nt say this because the gv motors dodge/merc/fiat, yotas keep me in business when ourun winton in old 999 he told it stands for FIRST ON RACE DAY

          • lol….yeah I’ve been talking with just about all of the companies. My problem is we carry a lot of weight and the only ones that can handle the job are the (at minimum) F350 and that’s with aftermarket overloads. We went to the F450 and with some of the aftermarket stuff we were able to get 2 solid years before they showed signs of abuse. I also have to have the 8’ beds with crew cabs, or steel racks carry 22’ steel beams, rods and other misc steel. The two bigger trucks we were going to up grade to the F750’s….the F650’s were fine but I like the new F750’s with the 20’ staked flat bed dump, they are very versatile….I may have to bite the bullet as none of the others are coming close.

        • What an A hole you are calling someone a liar.

        • I beg your pardon…. where have you been? Television fans are in retreat…the NFL lost over 20% viewership since 2015 season …the one before Kapernick. That translates to not only multi millions of fans but advertiser dollars have diminished and this season so has stadium revenue in several markets. So…you’re WRONG…and the stupidity of the players union is that they have not reminded their members that all the aforementioned is how they are paid!! Silly silly…ungrateful men.

    • Day care Center? No Garth, I’d rather adjourn to PetsMart and watch “doggie daycare” than to tune in to an NFL game😂

  2. “….the tsunami of negative reaction is going to grow too large to stop.” Perhaps, this is a good thing. Life is not a spectator sport and, ironically, it is those who “play the game” for the adoration of spectators who have chosen to protest the few moments of recognition given to the symbol of the country which has gifted them with rewards—because of their abilities, not the color of their skin—which outstrip the rewards given to most people with far greater responsibility and importance than whether one professional team wins and the other loses. Essentially, what this says is that the two teams, playing the same game—by the same rules—have advantages which are not enjoyed by many others in American society. In particular, the military, which is expected to play a survival game with another team whose singular goal is our elimination. What we have learned, as American citizens, is that we are not all on the SAME team. Because we are not all on the SAME team, holding the same values, we discriminate on the basis of the prejudices garnered from the belief system and values which have been proved to fulfill purpose, especially, economic purpose and benefit. Obedience to the law is a principle which fulfills purpose and avoids conflict, suspicion, and discrimination. The law is prejudiced, in fact. If it does not survive, people do not survive. It is that simple.

    • Definition of nigger in the dictionary is proof the n f l is the prime example ! Scum bag traitors also fits !

      • did you really just say that? What’s wrong with you?

        • “ward” is obviously a degenerate lowlife racist and is so depraved that he likes to anonymously placard his disgusting racism on venues like this. Ignore the ignoramus.

          • It has become an offensive word, but I have heard people use that for thugs. I can never understand why black people call each other that and are fine with that, but they get angry when others do. I don’t use it because it is offensive, but I just don’t understand why they use it themselves if it is an insulting word to them. If one of you is black, can you explain that to me? I am not being a smart Alec, I just don’t understand it.

          • Your comment is the only one of about a dozen I have received on this forum topic that has any merit or substance. Others show their ignorance and polemical incompetence by barfing up insults or irrelevant nonsense, as as though that proved anything. The great majority of blacks do not use that offensive word. It is commonplace within the “gangsta rap” community and in the monologues of some black comedians and they get a lot of attention, as a result, but that does not translate to any kind of ubiquitous use within the black community. I can say without qualification that none of the many blacks that I know use the term. BTW, I am Caucasian, with French, German, and Irish branches on my family tree.

          • Thank-you for answering that for me. Although I am not into political correctness…this is something completely different to me, so I don’t use it. What you said makes sense. People do pretty outrageous things to get attention. But, even though I am not black, it somehow offends me when I hear people do that. I think that there is a wrong way and a right way to get attention or to make a statement. I believe that the men who feel strongly that these people are down and out should go to the neighborhoods and help. They are affluent enough, that I am sure that they could help to create decent jobs or help with trades. That would be something that all people would admire. Many people did not like Jimmy Carter. I know that he may have done some things that should have been done differently, but Habitat for Humanity is pretty amazing and I think that most people do give him credit for that and they should. But, positive action done personally achieves so much more than being negative about our country or groups of people. Our country is not perfect, but it is better than other countries. Anytime something is run by people, it is not perfect, because we are not perfect. And, it is so much worse when we focus on ourselves instead of God and other people. You have a blessed day!

          • First place, what makes the word so offensive?! If the shoe fits, wear it! Guess you haven’t been around many of them, buddy.

          • The word is not the problem or racist but the blacks continue to use it as a scapegoat for their own short comings to raise hell about nothing just like the n f l is doing with a stupid ass knee sucking position of treason ! Protesting cops is really lame & a lie when the hate Trump is obvious & these n f l idiots don’t deserve U.S. Freedom or their overpaid $$’s …. !They have to bedeported to adictaor nation toget educated … !

          • Really!! You never heard of the double standard that’s everywhere in dealing with the pond scum!! They get away with murder while you and I pay the daaammm bill!

          • What I believe, is that are bad and there are good in all races. I also believe that of democrats and republicans. However, I do believe that when you elect a political official who supports things against the Bible, such as abortion, they are in danger of the fire of hell. Because, they are supporting people who do such evil. I don’t waste my time on hate. I don’t believe it benefits anyone and I don’t believe it is what Christ wants of us. I believe that we are to honor Him in everything that we do. Whether it is in speech, voting, working diligently, our thoughts and actions. Some people do have a double standard and, it can be frustrating, if we let it. I am sad for the children when the world is so messed up. All we can do is the right thing, even when others don’t.

          • You & your type of dem libtard stupidity with head up your ass ! The truth really tears your type a new ass like a dem’s logo of stupid ass !

          • I am in no need of a new complement of gluteus maximus. The nice symmetrical set with which I was born continues to serve me well. If you are looking for damaged asses, though, plenty of them can be found in Virginia. The intelligent electorate in that swing state, which is to say the voters who repudiated Trumpism, elected Democrats to all three major state offices and snared enough seats in the legislature to gain a majority. Read up on this repudiation of the Tweeter-in-Chief and then get in touch with any of your wingnut friends or family in the Commonwealth of Virginia and give them your condolences.


        • Sure as hell put the truth out so your type can get off the warped dem libtard,B.S. racist stench to face reality of acts & the definition of nigger is not racist ! The dictionary is the education source you evidently lack !

          • ward-

            What dialect of the English language are you speaking?

            Is English your second language?

            Just wondering….

      • find an old dictionary, the meaning of the word has changed

        • IF the old definition changed then there is a problem with the new definition created by a stench of socialistic race baiting ass holes !

      • Wish for the sorry loser nitwit crowd that these comments so truthfully written were required reading – if they’re able to read!!!

  3. You should always be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

    Good for the morons.
    Stand up and be counted.

  4. These spoiled players and owners have it far better than most Americans do,yet,here they are disrespecting our country,our flag and our police officers and armed forces that have made it possible for them to be so well off to begin with,ralk about biteing the hand that feeds you! They are a bunch of ungreatful thugs who will be nothing without fans,who they are driving away fast with their hatred for our country.

    • These n f l bastards do not deserve U.S. Freedom bought & paid for by all Patriotic U.S. Citizens … !

      • Papa John’s Pizza lost two millions in one day for backing on Blacks protesting racial discrimination. Now Papa Johns will lose more if you morons encourage him continue to discriminate against Blacks. We welcome Papa John’s Pizza on unemployment line so that he can know what it feels to be without money in your pocket.

        • BULL SHIT this is not a race issue & if it is the blacks created the race baiting iies ! The #1 issue is the n f l treason against all Patriotic U.S. Citizens that have fought & died for U.S. Freedom while a bunch of ass holes in the n f l create a non-existing cop problem using our National Anthem for their cowardly crutch to destroy U.S. Freedom ! These idiots are #1 asses that do not deserve U.S. Freedom ! As far as no $$’s get a real job for a living is that these kneeling asses do not deserve their big bucks from U.S. Freedom.. ! Don’t violate U.S. Laws & cops won’t bother them but you cannot comprehend the facts !

          • There is and will continue to be a “cop problem” so long as a few macho swaggering renegade cops defame their profession by violating constitutional protections and committing such acts as gunning down a fleeing black suspect from behind, pumping lead into an unarmed black man in the middle of a street in full public view and illegally strangle-holding and killing a black father of several children whose only offense was peddling individual cigarettes. Since body cameras and cameras on police cars have come into widespread use, it has now become glaringly apparent that such abuses DO happen and moreover, that the great majority of them involve white cops abusing–including MURDERING–blacks.

          • Dorene Rowand-Schmidt

            I agree there are a FEW renegade cops BUT the GOOD ones OUTNUMER the bad. As for getting shot in the back, maybe they should STOP TRYING TO RUN AWAY. There are MANY more whites shot by cops than black but the news media isn’t interested in that and maybe whites feel if a white is shot in the back they shouldn’t be running away.

            In 2015, The Washington Post launched a real-time database to track fatal police shootings, and the project continues this year. As of Sunday, 1,502 people have been shot and killed by on-duty police officers since Jan. 1, 2015. Of them, 732 were white, and 381 were black (and 382 were of another or unknown race).

            STILL the Post went on to try to say if you go by population ratios, more blacks are killed. Wouldn’t that imply that for there being fewer blacks in this country than whites, more blacks committee crimes? I TRULY hate to think that because I’m one who is always shouting STOP racism speech and actions.

          • You chided a poster above for failing to use Spell Check. Now YOU are failing in a much more significant way by failing to recognize the legal and Constitutional constraints regarding the shooting of a fleeing suspect. Unless there is imminent danger involved (e.g., a suspect firing back at police as he runs or shooting at bystanders as he runs from police), it is illegal and unconstitutional for a law enforcement officer or anyone else to shoot a fleeing person. When this precept is violated, it is those renegade cops who are in the wrong!

          • Do the goods ones really “OUTNUMER the bad?” Didn’t Spell Check that one, did you?

        • It also shows that boycotting businesses works. Let’s keep it up , so they lose more sponsors. Budweiser should be the next one. MAGA

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            Flag by clicking on the invisible carrot in the top right
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          • WAY TO GO!!!!

        • there is a hell of a lot more white people that bought Papa Johns than blacks and he going to loose a lot more money from whites and anyone else that disrespects our flag and athem.
          And the only moron I see is you.

          • That IDIOT only eats PIZZA with BLACK CHEESE ….But then he iS stupid and knows nothing about BUSINESS!… nEXt may be BUDWEISER ….MILLER GOES NICE WITH PAPA JOHN….ITs MILLER TIME!

          • The more Patriotic business’ that drop these treasonous asses in n f l the sooner justice is served for all the Patriotic U.S. Citizens that have been blatantly mocked & defied with their treason ! Hang ’em High … !

          • SPOT ON !!

          • RIGHT FRIGGIN ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          • Again?????????????

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          • Dorene Rowand-Schmidt

            When I see that type of post, I click ‘BLOCK USER”.

          • All you do by that is”YOU” will never see it’s post! You have not blocked it from the site!!

        • You can’t write a sensable reply to the Papajohns story. They aren’t discriminating aganst blacks moron. They have a drop in sales because their advertising is not being watched on TV as the viewership is down. We the customers who used to watch the NFL have gone away. So long you stupid suckah! Bad bad Michael Brown was a crook and
          a criminal and not a victim. Hands Up stupid!

          • 3 Autopsies & 1 Grand Jury later, the shooting of Michael Brown was found to be “justified”! NOT my fault, nor “white” America’s fault, that he was a GANG member, on Drugs, strong arm robber, and attacked a Cop, & tried to take away the cop’s gun. There NEVER was a “Hand Up, Don’t Shoot” scenario, except in the MINDS of a bunch of losers!

        • How, specifically, did Papa John discriminate against blacks?Frankly, I’m so proud of Papa John’s for calling out the NFL thugs, I’m treating my family to Papa John’s pizza every day this week. And if the NFL can’t get it’s head on straight by Turkey Day, we’ll be serving pizza then, too. To tell you the truth, if blacks didn’t commit 50 percent of the crime in this county they’d never see cops in their neighborhoods. Time to wake up, dude!


          • YES—-I agree. Papa John’s is too good of a Company, to continue to throw good $$$$ after bad. Dump the NFL, it isn’t worth your time. America will all continue to support you Papa John’s.

        • you sir would more informed if you did some real fact checking. stop listening to the fake news. There are more black millionares in the US than any other country, anywhere. there are more black on black killings every year, than all the bad police shootings put together, ths, not to say they should,nt be prosecuted. now if you find out how many people die in car accidents every year & the find out how many are black americans the amount of people that die in car accidents is in the 1000s, but we all socially accept it , no matter skin color. we need to get the kids that are not to college into vocational schools to learn welding hvac& things of that nature that can pay them 60,000 & more after a2 year course. And dont bother telling me some BS that blacks cant do that, theyu can do anything any body else can do. Dont worry about papa johns they support more venues than you can imagine & guess what the employ a lot of black employs also. you can kill the drug problem if everybody can get a job for more money than sitting on your ass. thas my 2 cents worth

          • Dorene Rowand-Schmidt

            I agree with you 100% but please use the Spell Check that pops up when a word is misspelled — especially when you are referencing education.

        • Your attitude about this, is the problem:( The black protestors are just trying to start crap. Well, since the NFL seems to be OK with that action, I choose to take my own action & NOT tune in to a bunch of anti American people. I fought in Vietnam, putting my life on the line because I love America. These a holes wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a real war zone, so let them stand alone in the stadium & see what happens:):):) Have a nice day:)

          • Dorene Rowand-Schmidt

            Thank you for your service. My husband, uncle and some friends also fought in Viet Nam. Once classmate died, one friend physically wounded and my uncle went back when his time was up with the Air Force to teach South Vietnamese to fix helicopters. Some, no, ALL live with mental wounds from all wars. Thank God most manage to shove it to the back and live full lives.

          • Hey, Ms. Grammar Sharp, that “once” should be “one.” Spell Check doesn’t help when the wrong word, correctly spelled, is used. People who live in glass houses…..

      • AS soon as the NFL and Owners GROW a pair and WAKE up to the fact that WITHOUT Audiences, thee are NO Sposorships nor Priducts advertising, TV contracts etc etc etc…..and these Kneeling MORONS will be Shining Shoes at Airports since for the most parts that is all they can achieve or be jailed for spousal abuse or worse…

        • Go ahead and say it BALL 🔫🇺🇸🤠🇨🇱

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          • Well I Don’t want to Diminish the VALUE of BALLS by using them in the same phrase as these BALLS FREE MORONS

          • Google is paying 97$ per hour,with weekly payouts.You can also avail this.
            On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $11752 this last four weeks..with-out any doubt it’s the most-comfortable job I have ever done .. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it
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        • Dorene Rowand-Schmidt

          Please use Spell Check. You are FAR from the only one posting here that needs to use it. Other posts are far worse because of the language they use to go along with their misspelling. I agree with what you are saying but………

      • Ward, So well Said. KUDOS TO YOU
        BOBBY ~!~

      • 👍🏻👍🏻🔫🇺🇸🤠🇨🇱

    • they are all 1% ers and what do they do for their people except run their mouths

      • And most can’t even read.

        • ever hear them speaking in an interview ?

        • I bet when they sign their paychecks, they use an inked fingerprint as a signature.

          • Not the “X” like in the olden days??? Now a days they probably had their agent set them up with Direct Deposit!!

          • It is possible, if they know what a k is and how to sign it.

          • I was down in Baton Rouge 20 years ago and when filing for unemployment they made you watch a movie > The movie was that if you couldnt sign your name except with a X you had to have 2 witnesses . The reason for the movie was that they were getting the checks back with 3 Xs

          • ROFLMAO!! Does that mean the check was a “PORNO” check????????

          • might as well have been ,if you cant write read or write

        • Or spell cat.

        • Yeah—BUT—they ALL have college degree’s:(:(:( How did they manage that I ask???? What a bunch of things that needs to be fixed in America:(:(:( Let’s start with the NFL & all of the looser players. Lots more to go, but this is a great start.

          • How do n f l and sorry crap players succeed on the grand scale?! Only through support of stupid Americans paying hard-earned $$ to them! Don’t fill stadiums; they’re brought down to reality right away.

        • Dorene Rowand-Schmidt

          What bugs me is so many sports figures can’t speak English. They have to have an interpreter. I wonder who pays for the interpreter, the person or the team? Bet it’s the team! I STRONGLY believe IF you want to play sports with the intention of playing MAJOR league ball of any type in the USA then you MUST SPEAK ENGLISH. With the money they’re being paid they can afford an English tutor to be with them 18/24 (have to give them time to sleep. lol), 365 days until they can.

    • You nailed it, cathy!

  5. Why anyone would want to shoot themselves in the foot is beyond me. One drop of vinegar in a jar of honey could leave a bad taste for a long time to come, so wise up guys!

    • Brain dead is the n f l’s new logo & deep shit is their stench of bo’s treason … !

    • the real problem here is the balless, spineless, vagina leftest, roger goddell. If he would agree with some of the owners who have balls, THEY would tell the players you are actually are employees & will either stand for our flag & our military or you can stand in the unemployment line, which ever you want to stand in. we can replace your asses with undrafted college who will work for a whole lot less & I gurantee your will draw a crowd, beacuse they respect (help me aretha) their country &theyre freedom. after you have spent millions, call george soros for a job. I,m sure will give you a protest job for 20.00 a hr about what your worth!!!!

  6. No stand, NO PIZZA

  7. I will go out today and Support Papa John’s and buy a pizza. More sponsors should take a stand and bring this thing to an end. I myself have
    stopped watching the NFL until this is resolved. I will not have a Budweiser either

  8. Been watching the NFL since the late 50’s on TV………………..”Not any more” aka: NAM! And being a Texan and living near Dallas not watching my Cowboy’s really stinks, but I’m done-up with the NationalFelonsLeague, Period!

    • I live east of Houston and won’t be watching either the Texans, Cowboys, Saints or any other NFL team for that matter. Texans owner Bob McNair was right about the inmates running the prison. His only mistake was apologizing for such an honest comment.

      • foundingfathersfollower

        I agree with you 100%!!!

      • b.m.’s mistake & the n f l’s demise for supporting minority asses that have no reasoning … !

      • The mistake is…………… It’s Football and having played the game I don’t remember anything about politics when you are just about to “Bust-up” the other teams QB! Listen up NFL, “It’s Football, not PC Politics you bunch of dumbasses”!

    • I agree with you. I miss my Boys too but this bs has got to stop

      • ‘Boys’!! Grown up sorry assed entitlement crowd is more like it! No boys to it. They’re all full-grown adults, goofball!

    • Me & thee James. I live in Austin & do NOT miss watching a bunch of looser’s that hate America. Screw them one & all.

      • It’s all about football, nothing else! Yes, they/we do have the right to resist, but not on the fan’s time. I do have the right to not watch the games and soon some of these dumbasses will be playing in Canada, or just looking for a Bankrupt Lawyer, who will skin them alive, and then, they can go back to the looking for a real job!

  9. These kids are supposed to be college educate … supposed to be!
    Maybe their heads have been rattled too much in their helmets to cause them to act without rational thought.
    They all have seen what Colin is doing now, so possibly just by their sheer numbers, they’re thinking that “we” can do this, get away with it, still collect our fat checks and still have a job next year!
    Don’t think they thought it through though. The owner of the team signs their checks, but he get that money from various ‘fan dependent’ sources: ticket sales, season holders, etc. and a lot through “sponsors’ who sell their wares to again, the fans.
    Enough sponsors drop out, ticket sales dwindle, TV viewership becomes a thing of the past, then the owners, who care about their ‘bottom line’, will shut it down.
    “Sorry guys … you’re all fired! Go find something else to do.”
    If however all the teams survive this season, then quite a few, if not all of the ‘protesting players’, may no longer have a team. No employer wants a disruptive employee!

  10. The n f l chiefs deserve nothing in the U.S.A. when they support a cowardly attack by kneeling asses to undermine the U.S. Patriotic Citizens for a lying creation of so called protests when they are guilty by their own shortcomings ! This treason by any definition & the asinine idiots that support degrading the U.S.A. that feeds them are assholes with a strong stench of bo’s treasonous wannabe dictator whims & ways from hell …. !

  11. That’s just the problem though, there aren’t a bajillion angry liberals. There are a few thousand rabidly fanatical liberals with far to much time on their hands and nothing better to do than call companies over and over again and make it appear as if their numbers are much greater than they actually are. These hardcore loonies simply keep the pressure up until the companies cave, then pat themselves on the back for a cheap emotional blackmail well done. In between calls they’re making vagina hats, smearing themselves with menstual blood, filling cans with their own feces then running hither and yon armed with their bizarre weapons to fight a hate that has never existed outside of their own imaginations. Created by their Democratic leaders and their bought and paid for media, so desperate to regain their power and control they’ve thrown caution, responsibility, truth, civility, and reality to the winds in favor of a cutthroat, no holds barred approach that is solely based on hysterical and extremely hyperbolic fear mongering. I think many of the more moderate liberals are as uncomfortable with the increasingly childish, spiteful and un-american turn their counterparts have taken as conservatives are, they just fear their shrieking rage far to much to speak up. So the loons take their silence as consent and go even further from reality in their efforts to cut the ties that bind us while falsely accusing us of that very thing. It’s a Don Quixote style quest to save the country from imaginary things by thrashing everything about it and tearing it apart apparently. If thy right eye offend thee pluck it out, even if the offense was never real to begin with.

  12. The NFL players including their coached want respect but they are not willing to give it. I praise the men who stand with their hand on their heart. People pay to watch them play football not to watch protest. If you were in the corporate world they would terminate you because you do not represent the best value for the company you work for. I hope you get your hearts right and do the right thing. Respect the people who sacrifice their lives for you. You have the right to do whatever you want as long as you do not infringe on my rights. Think about it the next time when they play the national anthem.

    • The n f l kneeling asses have not merited any respect no matter how good they think they are ! They are now 3 miles below whale shit and sinking rapidly with their daddy bo the treason instigator for 8 years ! These keeling asses have infringed on Patriotic U.S. Citizens National Security by conspiring treason !

  13. This is to be expected.

  14. I am boycotting Patriot News until they remove the Illegal ads.

    • You have to be a left winging democratic, notice I did not capitalize d in democrat, d is for dummies

      • Well Jimbo, you are wrong I have a 4 x 8 double sided sign still up in my front yard. It says Trump/Pence. More correctly they are Demorroids first cousin to a Hemorroid. I was speaking of the BS ads that these “mussies” post on here telling us how much they have made this month.

        PS I hope the NFL goes belly up. Bunch of damn fools.

  15. The NFL is a NOT FOR PROFIT tax charter, is the reason for all of that cash they shuful it into wages by the fans fet stabed every time they buy tickets!

  16. Papa John’s just went up in my book. Taking a stand against the NFL and opposing the un-American, disrespectful antics of these whiny crybaby athletes is step in the right direction. Other sponsors should follow suit. I personally remain committed to boycott all NFL games, events and refuse to participate in the purchase of any merchandise that supports the NFL. Like hundreds of thousands of Americans across this country, I’m DONE with them!

  17. The tsunami is just now gathering momentum. It’s not at full peak yet because the NFL season just started. Wait until January and February!

  18. Way to go, Papa John ! I am one of the many pizza lovers who wrote your corporate HQ and stated that your sponsoring of the NFL was actually damaging your image.
    News for the NFL, Goodell, and the concussion prone, racist, babies that show disrespect for the land that gives them a living. Football is NOT necessary to life ! It is NOT addicting ! We CAN live without it !
    And lots of we patriotic citizens of the United States WILL do so until those spoiled, racist, stage stealing, jerks stop insulting our anthem, flag, and nation.
    But I might reconsider Papa John’s, though !

  19. John Schnatter is a right wing freak show, and he may just cut off his nose to spite his face. Meanwhile, there are plenty of other sponsors who’d like exclusive use of the Super Bowl logo, and dollars to donuts the Super Bowl will remain the most watched show on TV. If Schatter’s business is down, it may be due to a whole bunch of people like me who don’t buy his products on account of his own political misguidedness. Domino’s pizza is a lot better, anyway.

  20. foundingfathersfollower

    These overpaid football players don’t know how good they have it. To play football is their “job” and they should stick to doing that. As far as I know, ones employer pay
    us for doing the job we were hired for, not have political
    discussions or make political statements.
    Where in the world can a guy make millions of $$ without
    being able to articulate or put together a sentence that
    anyone can understand???

    • “Where in the world can a guy make millions of $$ without
      being able to articulate or put together a sentence that
      anyone can understand???”

      Trump-former real mediocre estate investor and current POTUS

      • foundingfathersfollower

        He may not be slick and articulate like Obama but I will vote for
        Donald Trump again and again……………..
        Never someone like Obama or the Clinton crime syndicate…………..

        • NO. He accepts the $400,000 salary, then donates it to some charity and takes the deduction on his tax returns, at least that is what his spokespersons say. But since the Tweetin’ Cretin will not release those returns, that can not be verified. As the walls close in on the Trump-Russia issue, watch for the Tweeter-in-Chief to become ever more resistant to releasing those returns.

          You Trumpites remind me of the die-hard Nixonites who refused to believe the Tricky One was guilty of any wrongdoing until the awful truth became inescapable.

          • foundingfathersfollower

            Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha………….Vote for Donald Trump 2020!

          • You don’t do your own taxes , do you?

          • I most certainly do, and have done my own for 55 years. I also do my own research on such matters as how the Tweetin’ Cretin (AKA Tweeter-in Chief) disposes of his salary. Read up and get yourself educated before you ASSert yourself again on such matters:



            And if you think he does not itemize these charitable contributions on his tax returns, then I have some lovely beachfront property in Iowa that I will give you a good price on.

            There is plenty of additional confirmation online. Google is a better friend than ignorant speculation. More homework for you:


          • Do a little math: if you get $400 in income, and give it to a real charity,
            it has zero effect on the taxes you owe. It doesn’t help, if you owed a tax
            before you got the $400, you still owe them, the “charity ” did not help.You
            better hope the IRS isn’t auditing you.
            P.S. I don’t need your permission to post, so give it a rest, and maybe your
            panties will untwist a bit.

  21. The CEO of Papa John’s Pizza ought to consider the idea that one judges an entity by the company it keeps.

  22. The worse part of all of this is that are protesting the wrong things…. The Flag our Anthem and Our military have nothing to do with what they want…. Its Congress that make the laws… they are going after the wrong people…. but what do you expect Greed verse Greed will never be….Our Congress makes the Laws and our court system follows them…. fix Our Congress maybe we will get better laws to live by….But to disrespect our Flag Anthem and our Military.. just shows how stupid they are….

  23. No more NFL for me, ever. Surprising how much one can accomplish without spending all day Sunday watching what has become predictable and mediocre entertainment, anyway. On the positive side, Papa John’s pizza is on my take-out list as never before. Thanks for being the first major advertiser to take a real stand on this issue, which transcends the profit and loss statement.

  24. The hand writing is on the wall. The NFL is soon to be a has been. I am glad to say I am glad.
    Maybe this country will take the money that has been going to waste paying a lot of money to a group of self righteous ego manic’s and spend it on making our education system.

  25. NFL is stupid putting a Communist before money and they lost their bet. K is a communist pig, and hater of America as was our last president. Nice going NFL haven’t watched since you made your decision to screw up, don’t even read about you in the sports section. Papa Johns is crazy if they stay. They should go with the people not the communist

  26. Papa John’s and Budweiser both need to say bye,bye,to the sorry NFL.

  27. We have been and will continue to boycott ALL of the sponsors and hopefully, others are doing the same. We refuse to support any entity, and the sponsors of that entity, that disrespects our country’s flag.

  28. Glad to see all(except Jim dandy) boycotting the NFL unAmerican baby brigade! Let’s stand tall for what is right. No NFL in this house!

  29. Goodbye NFL. I couldn’t care less. A bunch of overpaid fools that need to be either digging ditches or serving in the military.

  30. Stand for the Flag, Anthem and Pledge, Kneel before the Cross. It is literally that Simple.

  31. I can Imagine all the KNEELING IDIOTS, once OUT of Work: may become the NEW Leaders of Antifailures and Black LUNATICS matter as a chapter in the Whatever happened to … Books of IDIOTS with nO Statues about them!!!

  32. We are boycotting NFL and its sponsors for life. God Bless America and our Great Flag and its people. NFL and players go to some other country and make millions, Maybe somewhere in the middle east! To many many of our military had to make the ultimate sacrifice for our great country. We stand behind Military .law enforcement,first res ponders, and all other Patriotic people in this country. God Bless you all!

  33. I was in a bar with my sister today and saw that papa John’s was advertising on one of the ball games. So how is papa John’s pulling the advertisements

  34. Sherree Hobbs-Ingle

    I see NO NEED for ANY pro-sports. There are PLENTY of us that play for fun.

    FLOYD Ingle.

  35. Poor little fetusball players going to loose all those huge paychecks and sponsor dollars. It’s going to be funny watching those idiots turn their JOBS into nothing more than glorified trash collector positions. Scratch that, a trash collector is a public health service. Fetusball players, are just muscle headed actors. Like actors, the only thing bigger than their over inflated salaries, are their egos.

  36. BFD Papa John’s makes lousy pizza and stiffs his employees to live beyond his means. If he stops advertising, he’ll just lose more $$$$. Those who actually pay their money to watch football agree with the players and think TRUMP SUCKS

  37. My son and I love Papa John’s pizza but are disgusted by the NFL trash and the NBA trash. We have sworn off watching those two leagues forever. We will still order tons of Papa John’s pizza at home and at NHL games in DC where they serve pizza during games. We also still enjoy baseball unless the players there turn total retard also!!

  38. I stopped watching ANY pro sports in the mid 1980s. The teams were changing cities, players were changing teams like popcorn popping and it showed me there was little interest in fan loyalty. They did not care so I did not, either. This nonsense of today is even worse. As some other posts have noted, the owners and the players are not paying any attention to those who pay, percentage wise, a great deal of money for their families to watch these games. The owners and many players apparently do not care for us, so they can go their way until they are no more.

  39. Personally I am done with pro sports…period!

  40. angelo cucuzza,jr


  41. Time to take their franchises–as to Football games for broadcast–As outlined in the FCC–Violation of the National Anthem and pride of our nation–also, the fact that many people died to live under the US Constitution-and OUR NATIONAL ANthem.. Many of my buddies died to defend our country and it’s flag… Tell those who do not want to give pride in our nation and those who died for it–Desire to be kicked out

  42. Well Papa you can always sue the NFL.Just think of the publicity that would get you – maybe have Judge Judy preside – your pizza sales will skyrocket!

  43. Like many former NFL fans, I will never watch another NFL game until this nonsense stops. I don’t miss it at all, so maybe I won’t return even if they do stop this nonsense.

  44. To hell with them all. These “boys” can go pitch pennies on street corners for all I care. (If it weren’t for selling drugs, you wouldn’t have ANY career options, would you)?

  45. If the NFL demands them to stand and respect the anthem it will be nothing but due to being told to do it. It is never going to be from the heart nor from respect for it . A sham . . Now if the fbi did a little research on Colins girl friend things may take a different turn.

  46. These ungrateful owners and players keep kneeling instead of helping in your community you’re only digging deeper.

  47. Take the guns away and they will use knifes

  48. BOYCOTT THE SUPER BOWL. Send these numb-skull liberal idiots a message showing them who pays their multimillion dollar saleries!

  49. My husband and I lived for football season. This year we can’t even watch games. We check the score every now and then and then go off and do something else.

  50. He calls this Anthem nonsense, but to call my Anthem nonsense I will never buy another Papa Johns Pizza as long as I live, and I hope its a long time, nor will my family.

  51. Good for you, Papa John’s! Come on Budweiser… where are your balls?

  52. Let me try to understand the problem: 1st, TOO many WHITE Quarter backs, NO Other OR FEW of COLOR Quarter Backs. Most team members were WHITE.
    Regular pay $100,000.00 / YEAR ?
    Most Quarter Backs are of COLOR, Most Team MEMBERS are OF COLOR………
    NOW: $100,000,000.00 + –

    Yes, many people, black / white / yellow tan / ETC. are not a very friendly group.
    Some are TRUE RECTUMS………. Some times you just have to live with them.
    or move. I’ve worked with a lot of all types, In the service,while working TWO JOBS
    that means 18+ hrs a day. And local nuts.
    Don’t forget to leave a “penny”on EVERY VETS MARKER, Friend of VET “nickle”
    Was KIA ? Pray for his FAMILY that has no father / mother.
    Could B, U R The RECTUM !!!!!!

  53. My spouse & I went to Smokey Bones this evening for dinner. The restaurant & bar were the Emptiest I have ever seen, in all the years it’s been there. Leftists won’t see the connection, but I do.

  54. I hope they go under, and then the owners can start a new league with rules. They can also interview each player to see where his mind is regarding our country’s flag, and the national anthem. If they have no regard for our country, they do not play in the NFL period. These punks have given nothing to this country. They have only taken from it. Let these morons who are doing this can go play in Canada, but do not expect the same pay you get here.


  56. “For every action, there is a reaction.”

  57. Man – Talk about a bunch of ungrateful nuggets…….

  58. I am going to scream if I see this “news” article re-circulated one more time. This is nearly a week old story. News is supposed to be new. I waste time clicking on the same articles with slightly different headlines.


  60. The overpaid underworked crybabies of the NFL and NBA should all be put of of work. They hate America which has given them whatever they want. All sponsors should pull out permanently!! The ungrateful scum thugs are not worth a nickle to anyone. A lot of good people died for the US in war and the scumbag blacks keep calling racism, go to hell NFL and NBA


  62. NFL has over 600 potential sponsors standing in line hoping to sponsor the games. NFL happens to be the strongest sport in America!!


  64. Shelby Nadler [Student EHS]

    I stopped watching the NFL games and found many more constructive things to do with my time. I have also stopped buying the items who sponoser the NFL games.



  67. Dear Cathy, the ones disrespecting our Country are the ones waving the CSA flag. The ones that think this Country should not accept the existence of Blacks, Latinos, LGBTs, women and handicapped persons. Just pay attention to Trump’s toxic bluster. The kneeling before our Flag was about their reverence to the ideals it represents; FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.

  68. Maybe we should boycott Papa John’s

  69. Make an announcement NOW Mr Schnatter, AND I believe you will have a SPIKE in sales! The announcement of course is that you QUIT supporting the NFL.
    Remember…they “don’t need your monies or help or the spectators monies either”!!

  70. Touche’ to Papa Johns!!! Going to order one now and what soccer! SCREW the NFL!!!

  71. Re the NFL being “on the verge of loosing one of it’s sponsors”, only one?

  72. In England they call football Rugby no fancy uniforms or helmets these are real men not spoiled brats as we continue to boycott you are going to lose your bed or cott kneel for the left as long as you like we don’t care if you have to ride a bike so take a hike

  73. ……………pizza sales are down and we need to cut costs?

  74. HOW STUPID AND RACIST you people are. We took a knee to bring attention to the injustices and racist behavior which has been used by the police on Black men. We are protested because the Trump Administration in more interested in siding with RUSSIA than bringing America together. DO YOU PEOPLE HAVE BRAINS………

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