The Most Delusional (Wo)man on Earth

Trans women are “real” women and should be competing against other women, according to transgender track cycling world champion Veronica Ivy, who called for the end of “policing who counts as a real woman.” Ivy, formerly known as Rachel McKinnon, accused “white women’s conceptions of femininity” of singling out intersex “women of color” and warned that transgender people are coming to push their agenda on every aspect of society.

Appearing on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show on Thursday, Veronica Ivy, a trans rights activist, athlete, and self-proclaimed “biological female” despite being born a male, weighed in on the debate over the inclusion of trans women in women’s sports with host Trevor Noah.

Noah began by claiming that in today’s world, “there are people who are so transphobic that it makes it almost impossible for people who aren’t to ask any questions, to have any conversations, to have any discourse, that doesn’t lump them in with transphobia.”

“It feels like one of the biggest issues in America, and, yet, no one can seem to talk about it,” he said.

Ivy won the 2018 UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Los Angeles by edging out natural-born female contestants Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen of the Netherlands and American Jennifer Wagner.

Defending the right of transgender athletes to compete in the categories of their choice in sport, Ivy called sports a “human right” and a “fundamental tenet” of the Olympic movement.

“People like to say that it’s a complicated issue, and I don’t actually think it is. I think it’s very simple,” Ivy said. “It all boils down to do you actually think that trans women and intersex women are real women and are really female or not.”

“And if you do, it’s very simple. Just stop policing who counts as a real woman because this has had [a] history of racism built into it over the years,” Ivy added.

Ivy, who was sporting a hoodie reading, “sport is a human right,” blamed racism for the alleged singling out of intersex participants in sports.

“It’s not an accident that the intersex athletes who get singled out are women of color from the global south,” Ivy said. “Because who gets singled out for scrutiny is based on white women’s conceptions of femininity.” 

“And that’s being weaponized against trans people, too,” Ivy added. “So it’s a fear of protecting the fragile, weak, cis white woman from the rest of us.”

Asked about the charge that trans athletes have an “unnatural advantage” over others, Ivy claimed to be a full female.

“I am a woman, that’s a fact — I am female,” Ivy said. “So all my identity records, my racing license, my medical records all say ‘female,’ and I’m pretty sure I’m made of biological stuff.”

“So I’m a biological female as well,” Ivy added. 

Regarding the question of whether trans women “have an advantage over cis women,” Ivy admitted, “We don’t know.” 

Despite there being “basically no published research on this question,” Ivy insisted, “there’s good reason” to believe there is no such advantage, though arguing the whole question is of no relevance.

“I think it’s irrelevant because we allow all kinds of competitive advantages within women’s sport,” Ivy said, noting the differences in height between the first place winner and the one who came in tenth place during the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics women’s high jump final.

“So a 10.5-inch height difference between first and tenth at the Olympics in high jump, and we call that fair,” Ivy said, noting, “the range of body types within the female category is way, way bigger than anything that could be attributed to trans women.”

“So if there’s an advantage — and I’m not saying that there is — for trans women in women’s sport, it’s not an unfair advantage,” Ivy added.

Ivy also claimed that despite trans athletes competing “at the highest level for decades,” none have won an elite world championship or Olympic gold medal. 

“This Tokyo Olympics was the first time a trans woman even qualified for the Olympics,” Ivy said. “So this idea that trans women are suddenly going to take over women’s sport is an irrational fear of trans women, which is the dictionary definition of transphobia.”

After Noah posed the argument that trans women could and should be able to compete in men’s races, Ivy appeared offended.

“But they’re women and they’re female,” Ivy said. “So, like I said, this boils down to are trans women really women? Are they really female? Because if you think yes, we belong competing with other women.” 

“It’s an extreme indignity to say, ‘I think you’re a woman except for sport,’” Ivy added, noting the significance of sports in society.

After Noah asked if “we’re limiting ourselves by saying ‘men’s’ sports, ‘women’s’ sports, when we now know there are so many more genders,” Ivy called the question important and difficult but ultimately a separate one.

“The question we’re talking about is given how sport is currently structured, should we include trans women and intersex women in women’s sport? And my answer to that is a clear yes,” Ivy said. 

“If you want to say should we revisit how we structure all of sport, I would say, yeah, we should do that,” Ivy added. “But if your only reason for doing that is because you just can’t accept trans women are women, that’s a problem I’ve got with you — not with you personally.”

Asked about a biological woman from birth who was raised a woman and experienced life as one, telling a trans woman that she feels more time is needed to determine any advantages trans athletes may have before allowing them to compete with other women, Ivy argued, “that’s not how human rights work.” 

“The way human rights work in the default is inclusion, and the burden of proof is on the people seeking to exclude, not the people seeking to include,” Ivy said.

Later, Noah asked Ivy to explain if “natural” hormone levels can be advantageous, disadvantageous, or neither.

“I’m a little confused — and forgive me if I’m slow to understand this — [but] you just said the natural level doesn’t give you an advantage or disadvantage. But you said if people do have an addition or subtraction of it, it does give you an advantage or disadvantage?” the host asked.

In response, Ivy admitted, “it affects things.” 

“For example, my body doesn’t produce testosterone and it hasn’t for a decade, but I switched sports from a road cycling event to a track power event and I switched training and I put on 25 pounds of muscle, and I went from being able to squat 170 to 375,” Ivy said. “So I don’t produce any testosterone, and I squat a lot. And that’s just because I changed training.” 

“So it’s not so simple as, okay, if you drop your testosterone, you will get weaker,” Ivy added. “Because if you change your training, your diet, your rest and recovery, your sport — your performance can change.”

In a rather bizarre moment of the interview, Noah failed in an attempt to quell any fears that transgender people would seek to push their agenda on more and more parts of society.

“It seems like we’re always going to end up in a cul-de-sac because many people use it as a cudgel, I’ve realized, to scare people [into thinking]: ‘The transgenders are coming for you — your bathrooms, your sports, your everything…’”

“Oh, we are,” Ivy interrupted, eliciting applause from the audience and to which a seemingly unprepared Noah awkwardly replied, “Be careful what you say.” 

Noah concluded by agreeing with his guest that “the research, the science, everything hasn’t caught up.” 

The interview comes as pro-LGBTQ sentiment and transgender propaganda continue to be featured in the media.

Last week, President Joe Biden’s Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine, who is transgender, called “gender-affirming care” for youth, a far-left euphemism for child mutilation, a “lifesaving” and a medical necessity.

“Gender affirming care is lifesaving, medically necessary, age-appropriate, and a critical tool for health care providers,” Levine said.

Last month, Fina, the group that governs swimming competitions worldwide, minted new rules that exclude males who have experienced puberty from women’s competitions.

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  1. This society has become so corrupt it can no longer survive. It is no longer fit to survive.

  2. Why don’t u stop publicizing this nonsense ?? It’s not NEWS!!… stop making a big deal out of it..

  3. This Veronica or rachel is a MAN, he is in no way any type of woman. One half of a second that anyone looks at him, it is obvious that He is a Man. He can call himself anything he wants but that does not make it true. He is a FAKE and he is a dude. Real women are born women with female DNA. Keep lying to yourself dude. You can live in fantasyland all you want, but we will not live there with you.

    • I wonder if these fake dudes are calling themselves women so if Biden gets us in a war and the draft is reinstated they won’t register? I mean why would a man not want to be a man?

    • One question how many women have trans gender to male and dominated or even was competitive haven’t heard much about that . I think because women are not equal to male basic genetic codes . Doesn’t that say it all !

  4. So sick of the FREAKS! Would love to hear their evil arguments, when they meet God, face to face! It ain’t going to be pretty!

    FOR WHAT “””THEY BELIEVE””””!!!!!”””

  6. frederick fetty jr

    This person post said if you think that transwomen are female then they are. It also posted that it is a female. It was born a male. I am 78 years old and can honestly say , I have never heard such unmitigated bull crap in my life.

  7. Sorry, but as a past former athlete at a world level and seeing the difference of male and female events in every sport including my own, yes they are a man! The male body IS different from a natural woman!

    Just because you are mentally telling yourselves you feel like a woman does not mean you are changing your dynamics no matter what you do!

    Unless you have been born with the female genatilia you are NOT a woman! I don’t know what you don’t get about basic male and female anatomy!

  8. I am most appalled by every LGBT plus or whatever initial, constantly saying, no one will talk about it. That is all we have done and had shoved down our throats for the last several decades until these misguided morons have convinced the nonthinking folks that THEY are the majority when in fact, it is only about 2% of the population!!! Why are these people changing our laws, our rules, our schools, our government and everything else they can get their grimy claws into? I AM OFFENDED! I am sick of listening to their offensive comments and demands to change our world to suit them! Our leaders need to grow a pair and stop the minority from destroying what our Founders died for! Freedom of choice!

  9. I can’t believe that there’s not more protests of this craziness. Women Gaught hard to overcome issues with male dominance and finally achieved a good stance. They were not happy and wanted the spotlight again and flocked to becoming females. Not satisfied with their situation, Men again want to destroy What God designed and what women fought for and finally achieved
    During puberty the bone, musculature and reproductive changes greatly diversify the boys from the girls. Even after years of hormonal treatments they still have the advantages that were achieved during puberty. You can’t change those things and revert to prepubescent levels.
    If the want to compete, they should have categories of their own for fairness. Otherwise everyone should compete against each other, no men or women categories. Then true women lose again. How can less than 1% of the population make all these drastic and far reaching changes. All because they altered their bodies because of their feelings.

  10. This entire situation is beyond ludicrous. What other psychological condition are we as an entire species required to acquiesce to the delusions of a mentally ill person? If I claim to be the king of the world does that require everyone to accept my rule? The answer is obviously no and the same should apply here. Government has absolutely no business telling people what and whom they must accept. We’re watching the total destruction of our nation while we’re forced to argue with delusional people about what gender they “believe” they are and to accept 40 plus genders when in reality there are two and only two. As if what an individual likes in bed is a determinant factor in their gender which is ridiculous. These people are confused and rather than try to help them with their confusion we’re expected to play along with their delusional thought. Worse yet this garbage is being force fed to our children without our knowledge or permission which will only serve to confuse those children more. If you want to walk around with a beard and wearing a dress go right ahead but don’t ask me to play along. When you choose to ignore reality and make a spectacle of yourself you can expect derision. Thats just how life works. No different than tattooing your face. It’s intentionally pushing the limits of society and if that’s what you choose to do be prepared to accept the consequences. We see daily outrageous behaviors perpetrated by these people because they insist on garnering attention. This is not normal behavior. Acute body dismorphia is a diagnosable psychological disorder and that’s a fact. Creating false narratives helps no one and only harms young children who are already having difficulty fitting in. During the developmental years of childhood we absolutely should not be pushing abstract concepts in such an aggressive manner. Parents are entirely responsible for the actions of their children but are intentionally being kept in the dark over these issues. If you are foolish enough to take your five year old to a drag queen show you yourself have serious problems. The answer for actually females in sports is to refuse to compete with any male confused or not. Let them compete alone and this will end immediately. Sports is about money for those that sponsor and hold these events. If only “trans” women are competing let’s just find out how much support they will receive from the general public. This nonsense needs to end now because we have far too many real issues going on to be playing this ridiculous game.

  11. There should never be males competing in female sports or anything at all. If you were born a biological male, then you are a male. Surgery doesn’t fix DNA. These mentally I’ll and deficient people that think that they are a gender or species that they aren’t, need to be locked up in mental institutions to protect our children from their base and degenerate ideas. They are mentally deficient and need to be isolated from the world population. The more isolated the better.

  12. Ridiculous, I agree with all 7 of the above comments.

  13. Let us set the record STRAIGHT. There is no such thing as a Transgender ANYTHING. See the name says that a person’s gender was changed but since GENDER is SET in DNA and man CANNOT alter DNA they can’t make a Transgender. Those who claim they are female when FACT is they are male should NEVER be allowed to compete. The only reason there is the IGNORANCE of Transgenderism is it gives Democraps votes and certain GREEDY QUACKS a constant income source.

  14. Amen Amen to every comment!!!! I am so sick of it!! I just don’t understand why any of these women athletes and their families aren’t being more vocal and calling for Boycotts And where are the Protesters for these women athletes?? What happened to the Me To Movement???? And Politics and Racism should stay out of it!!!!

  15. Like the women before me said ” when they meet God, it’s not going to be pretty. ” If you read the Bible you will find we are in end times. Jesus is coming soon, ready or not. Time to repent, is now! For tomorrow may be too late.

  16. President Reagan said it best, America is one Nation Under God – Remove God and we will be one nation gone under.

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