The Media’s Big “Meals on Wheels” Lie

In roughly 6,000 online articles, 300 hard copy newspapers, 150 cable news shows, and countless late-night monologues, the liberal media told us last week that President Trump’s proposed budget would eliminate the Meals on Wheels program. This silliness extended to elected Democrats as well, who criticized Trump for his heartless attack on the poor and infirm.

And it’s basically nonsense. Meals on Wheels is not a government-funded program, at least not in a direct sense. Oh, and it’s not mentioned in Trump’s budget proposal. But besides that, yeah, great story, you guys. Nailed it.

What Trump’s budget does call for is an end to the Community Development Block Grant program, which distributes funds intended for the poor…but in actuality sends money to quite a few kooky programs that have nothing to do with helping Americans in poverty. According to, these funds have been used to build a Louisiana marina, expand a Pennsylvania art museum, develop an educational zoo program in Houston, and create a canopy walk at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, among other non-charitable ends.

Furthermore, as was nicely explained in the Weekly Standard, what government funding does go to Meals on Wheels does not go through the CDBG program. It is a separate funding source allocated by the Older Americans Act of the 1960s, and there is nothing in Trump’s budget about cutting that money. Meals on Wheels does occasionally, almost incidentally, get some of that CDBG money, but it doesn’t make up a serious portion of their funding. So anyone who says the organization will dry up and disappear on account of Trump is either misinformed or lying.

Now, this is just one tiny story about the budget. Liberals are attacking it from every angle they can find. But if the truth about how the budget affects Meals on Wheels is any example, we can safely assume that many other DIRE WARNINGS we’ve heard about the proposal are similarly deceptive. You hear these shrieks – Oh my lawd, he’s slashing the HUD budget, what are we ever gonna do? But who could even estimate how much waste is stuffed into that budget in the first place? Miraculously, government agencies tend to, ya know, make do with what they’ve got. If that means streamlining things to the point where you can only focus on your primary goal…well guess what? That’s exactly what should already be happening!

This is a fact about the Land of the Free: If there is a societal need for something, that need will be filled. Maybe some of these agencies do need these bloated budgets. But how will we ever know for sure until they go without?

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