The Media’s Big “Meals on Wheels” Lie

In roughly 6,000 online articles, 300 hard copy newspapers, 150 cable news shows, and countless late-night monologues, the liberal media told us last week that President Trump’s proposed budget would eliminate the Meals on Wheels program. This silliness extended to elected Democrats as well, who criticized Trump for his heartless attack on the poor and infirm.

And it’s basically nonsense. Meals on Wheels is not a government-funded program, at least not in a direct sense. Oh, and it’s not mentioned in Trump’s budget proposal. But besides that, yeah, great story, you guys. Nailed it.

What Trump’s budget does call for is an end to the Community Development Block Grant program, which distributes funds intended for the poor…but in actuality sends money to quite a few kooky programs that have nothing to do with helping Americans in poverty. According to, these funds have been used to build a Louisiana marina, expand a Pennsylvania art museum, develop an educational zoo program in Houston, and create a canopy walk at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, among other non-charitable ends.

Furthermore, as was nicely explained in the Weekly Standard, what government funding does go to Meals on Wheels does not go through the CDBG program. It is a separate funding source allocated by the Older Americans Act of the 1960s, and there is nothing in Trump’s budget about cutting that money. Meals on Wheels does occasionally, almost incidentally, get some of that CDBG money, but it doesn’t make up a serious portion of their funding. So anyone who says the organization will dry up and disappear on account of Trump is either misinformed or lying.

Now, this is just one tiny story about the budget. Liberals are attacking it from every angle they can find. But if the truth about how the budget affects Meals on Wheels is any example, we can safely assume that many other DIRE WARNINGS we’ve heard about the proposal are similarly deceptive. You hear these shrieks – Oh my lawd, he’s slashing the HUD budget, what are we ever gonna do? But who could even estimate how much waste is stuffed into that budget in the first place? Miraculously, government agencies tend to, ya know, make do with what they’ve got. If that means streamlining things to the point where you can only focus on your primary goal…well guess what? That’s exactly what should already be happening!

This is a fact about the Land of the Free: If there is a societal need for something, that need will be filled. Maybe some of these agencies do need these bloated budgets. But how will we ever know for sure until they go without?

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  1. The Food For Belgium program was overseen by Herbert Hoover!
    A relative of his, Margaret Hoover, directed the Hoover Foundation!
    She also sat on a Belgian “education” panel!
    Foreign aid?
    Did Trump ever denounce Hoover or that foundation?

  2. So, this Right wing nut is correct and more than 6,000 are in-correct? Yea, of course. The single insane being is always Right, right?

    • Yep, 6000 lying news programs…. and you are still a fool…

    • What are you talking about?

    • Here are some facts for you, research them they are authentic. All major news outlets have Democratic Presidents and or CEOs. 85 tp 90% of all journalists are left wingers, why would they use a right wing point of view? Learn something before you show your ignorance. You probably think Hollywood isn’t biased to the extreme left, and our Colleges and Universities are not liberal. Why do they call them “liberal” arts. God! man open your ears and eyes and mind, quit swallowing all the left wing garbage.

      • A fact 4U: The smartest people on the planet live in college towns, are college teacher/professors, and r college students. So, I guess you are correct. They are Liberal.

  3. Is there any doubt that the MEDIA is biased?
    Is there any doubt that the same MEDIA uses its bias to control public opinion?
    Is there any doubt that this Goebbels style MEDIA has influenced Elections?

    Did you know you could do something about it?

    Join and tell the Manufacturers that advertise on ABC, NBC, and CBS to move their ads off the news program time slots… This works, but we need more numbers.

    Did you know that every time you purchase a product that advertises on one of these news programs a small chunk of YOUR money is used to keep the propaganda on the air? That makes me Mad As Hell….

    For those that have joined and send out petitions, thank you.
    For those that have not joined, please let me know why below.


    • I replied to your other comment, and YES, I did join. My phone did not explode nor did it get hacked. Apparently, it is a SAFE site.

      • Thanks again.. I am looking into what has happened to the SSL certificate. Something has changed, It might be some sort of attack. But, I have talked to the host, and none of your data is known to be compromised.

        Most of these attacks are designed so that I can not get the word out, and so that people will not visit the site. It looks like this might be one of those attacks.

      • Site is fixed. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    • Russia affected the election? The MSM tried their hardest and failed, so let’s try the Russian card.

  4. The lieberal MEDIA will not stop in their promotion of liberal values.. They are ALL in for their ideology.

    They use bias by omission to ignore all bad things about their liberal ideology, and ignore all GOOD things about conservative values.

    That is how they control the news narrative, and public opinion.

    The Founding Fathers never expected the MEDIA to get this corrupt. We need to stop the LIBERAL MEDIA.

    • I don’t think there really is a liberal media anymore . I believe they are socialist claiming to be liberal . In my 66 yrs. conservatives and liberal Dems . could find a middle to agree on . No longer this country is headed to flat out socialism brought to you via our college system . Alynsky tactics straight down the line .

      • In the Book “The Naked Communist” there is a list of agenda items that were designed by Communists with the intent of weakening America’s institutions. The list has been followed by liberal progressives/communists for many years now. Several dealt with the MEDIA.

        20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.
        21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

        To make a long story short, Socialists/Communists have taken over the MEDIA, that is why I created Please consider joining.

      • Terry, sorry but outright communism was and still is the goal. I lived and worked under socialism and my spouse under both socialism and communism, and we see nothing but communism which was the goal of the DNC’s published 1963 Communist Manifesto with gall enough to publish on the Congressional Record!

    • The reason that you are not getting a ton of subscribers is because it says that “your site is a fake, it could cause damage to your computer, it’s license is out of date, etc. Someone apparently has hacked the site or my virus scan is working overtime.

      • THANK YOU… I will get right on it.

        This is a form of censorship, the site has been blacklisted by spam filters and all kinds of things.

        I really appreciate it that you brought this to my attention.

    • The news media is Hitler

  5. America needs fact checkers for both sides of the isle. Reading or listening to a left leaning MEDIA is a waste of time. You will only get half the story.

  6. THE LIE that PELOSI and the NEWEST IDIOT IN THE (D) SENATE Van Hollen have been REGURGITATING on the AIR so that the PRESSTITUTES can PRINT!

  7. Oh, man, all those pork programs have to dry up except for the funds used to build a Louisiana marina. As a boy from Louisiana, that one was necessary. The other 56 states (using Obama’s alternative reality) can fend for themselves. Cut baby cut.

  8. Media outlets have once again scored. Always use the explosive headline to get attention. They know a large majority of their readers and listeners will go no further than that headline.

    • the “explosive lie headline”….

    • Every lie that they get away with, emboldens them even more. They have no integrity, morals, or honesty.

      They do it to control public opinion and to advance a Liberal progressive/socialist/communist agenda.

      We can do something about it, but it takes a lot of effort.

  9. I wonder if the Marina has a coffee shop for the know so they can wet their whistle while their cruiser is being gassed up..

  10. The meals on wheels as so many other things that t need fixing.
    The Democratic Party of Socialist, far leaning leftist progressives and full blown Communist that run the Democratic party will say and do anything to get the power back.
    They wanted to make America into a One World Order, and it was headed that way until Trump entered the picture.
    it was the direction that “Barack Hussein Obama and his cabinet started heading this country 8 + years ago.
    I am so glad that Trump is President and will fix what he has to to keep us the greatest Country in the World.
    Just one person’s opinion.

    • I so agree with you. You are right on target. So many Judges are either left wing nutsos, bought or threatened. Goes for the rest of those Liberals as well.

      Too bad the Snowflakes don’t realize that they are now turning into COMMUNISTS without even knowing it . Guilty by Association.

    • History will record that Donald Trump saved America from the evil liberal left.

  11. Most of the CDBG program went to real estate development in older historical areas. Never heard of it feeding people. I am one of many who have gained from this program. I am a developer…..LOL….The Left is a bunch of cry babies

  12. The liberals won’t give up. What a bunch of low lives. The media, and they wonder why people don’t watch network news. The only news would be if they told the truth.

    • No, they won’t give up. They are starting a civil war. It is subtle right now with name calling and false news and jabs. It will escalate. It will be in the streets soon. Problem is, no one will be wearing blue or grey. We will have to figure it out as we go. Should not be to hard. First go to all safe spaces, kill everyone in there. Then college campuses. Kill all professors. Next, kill all the lawyers. That will narrow things down a bit.

  13. Another twist of the truth.

  14. It’s a great tactic to find out what;s going on. You take an action and wait for the blow back, if there is no blow back, you were right. If there is blow back, where is it?, is it legitimate? correct it. Simple business tactic, I’ve used it my self, it works every time. Meals on wheels will not be hurt by anything Trump does, he’s not the heartless monster the left is trying to make him out to be. The heartless monster is the left.

  15. Another lie from the Demoncraps. How these people look at themselves in the mirror I will never figure out. Lies upon lies after lies. Trumps budget eliminates waste and redundancy, nothing else. And yes, feeding and housing illegal immigrants is waste. And criminal I might add. Susan Rice saying today that lies are detrimental to our standing in the world. She lied about a non-existant video resulting in four deaths. Would suck being her on judgement day. Her and Obama and Hillary. And Chuck Schumer??? If Satan took a human form, he would look like Schumer. Nancy P is just a drunk old bat w/Alzheimer’s.

  16. Yes, I’ve seen that government waste. That’s probably one of the most important things to get a handle on….waste! Special interests should be raising their own funds instead of relying on tax payers.

  17. There is a Dem.that is named Maryanne,last week she told that same lie on Fox.She has been on OReilly,Carlson and Hannity,they told her she was wrong but she kept saying it was true. O had told all churches and other charities when he was in the WH that they couldn’t donate anymore.That was not something he should have even addressed,he was fanatical though about taking away any freedom we had.

  18. what’s wrong with helping communities build museums and zoos and also means on wheels? It draws business to museums and zoos etc. How much of meals on wheels is funded by the block grants? The articles does not qualify it in numbers.

  19. The Media lied? Who would have ever thought? The sad thing is that today’s so-called media is filled with a bunch of lying, low life, Liberal morons. It’s truly unfortunate that the American people no longer have a media they can trust to report the truth.

  20. The Democrats keep wearing out the Joseph Book on the Big Lie….ask Harry Reid…it doesn’t matter if it’s true…just like Reid did with Rmoney..when asked after yhe election ..he said…he didn’t win did he….the fight goes on…I’m sure opinions will vary…

  21. They are FULL OF $#IT, as usual. The MSM needs to empty directly into the nearest Wastewater Treatment Plant.

  22. Isn’t funny how the same people who work so hard to find some dirt on President Trump – turn a blind eye or seem oblivious to all of the evidence mounting up against both Clinton and Obama?

  23. As the American public becomes less intelligent, the Media needs less facts to convince them they are being screwed by the Govt, the Establishment, the White Race, the Coal Mines, etc.

    So very sad that our once intelligent masses have been reduced to a bunch of computer controlled robots more interested in selfies and video games than how our Country was built, the people who created it and the lives that were lost to protect us. Without that background, the Media can pretty much say anything and the masses will run with it.

    How do you separate the fallacies from the truths being spewed by the Media? By researching thoroughly the subject matter and supposed facts and sharing that info with everyone you know — including blogs. If you know facts that are being ignored, please share them. We can no longer trust the Media to tell truths but to inflame, misinform and lie.

  24. Here’s a good rule of thumb, folks: If a liberal says it — don’t believe it!

  25. Well, if the MSM can’t lie, what is the whole point of being news (fake news for sure). Yep, they love to twist, delete or whatever to anything from, about or to Trump. And they wonder why people are causing newspapers to close down, or lay off scads of people such as the NY Times, and on TV fewer and fewer watching news, and I stopped watching PBS for lack of real news and objectivity and especially non-objective with the NPR woman, Mark and Brooks. So, yes, I am glad money to PBS is going bye bye. They made the mistake and now will pay the price.

  26. Yea they should talk more about the big tax breaks Trump wants to give that top 1%.

    • Francisco Machado

      They don’t talk about things that benefit the economy. The more government takes out of the private sector the more it slows the economy. The slower the cash flow, the fewer the jobs. It’s cash in the private sector that grows the economy. Obama’s economy widened the gap between the wealthy and the poor and reduced the middle class, and not by elevating their status.

      • Man you got that right. All those Republicans want to do is take from the less fortunate and give to the most fortunate.

        • That’s more fake news, Wayne. You are posting your lies on the wrong website. THE VAST MAJORITY OF VISITORS TO THIS WEBSITE ARE MUCH TO INTELLIGENT TO BELIEVE YOUR LIES AND RADICAL PROPAGANDA.

          • I am on this website to try and educate some innocent Trump voters that were conned into voting for the biggest con artist this country has ever produced. His support is down around 30% far from the 68% he had. The biggest drop any president has ever had in 2 months. He will never finish his term.

          • You are wasting your time, Wayne. We weren’t duped by hilLIARy’s lies and propaganda a few months ago; why would we be duped by yours now.

            About 96% of the participants on this website are pro-USA Trump and Republican supporters who are much too intelligent to be duped by your lies and propaganda. The other 4% are rude, obnoxious, foul trolls such as yourself.

            Actually, Wayne, you should continue wasting your time posting on this website because YOUR POSTS ARE GOOD FOR LAUGHS.

          • Only because you have no sense of humor.

  27. Trump would have to hire a small staff to deal with all of the lies that the mainstream media is and has been telling its ignorant audience. But, that may be a wise thing to do since the media has gained a certain amount of control over our society and can and does say anything that will put Trump in a negative light. Time to remove the veil of deceit that the mainstream media has used and expose them for what they are – biased and liberal with their only agenda to destroy Trump and his administration.

  28. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    PRESIDENT TRUMP cut all the waste and put our country back on the ROAD OF RECOVERY.

  29. I knew Trump would not cut funds to Meals on Wheels. He knows this is very important to a lot of seniors and handcap people and he is all for helping these people. Just more of the liberal media/senators trying to cause trouble. You would think EVEN the liberals wouldn’t want to hurt the senior citizens or the handicapped but they don’t seem to care what stress they put on these people.

  30. The thing is, I don’t believe people are going for it anymore and the demo rats will be very hurt come next election. The media

  31. What about the little children, and polar bears.

  32. Until people start shooting these commiecrats in the face they will continue their lies and theft.

  33. The liberal dem bloodsucking parasites have a “Strangers in the night” relationship with truth

  34. These days if you want credible news, one has to turn to the National Enquirer…..

  35. The media is completely stupid and dangerous, for America.

  36. People that want the truth…will have to look else where for it, rather than at the MSM. They are out of the news business, and into the slandering business…plain & simple!

  37. Lies about Trump’s intent are endless and relentless. Obama screwed this nation royally yet no one did anything about it. The media covered up his lies and errors in judgement. Premiums for many individuals increased from 8,000 dollars to 12,0000 annually. The democrats are so clueless they truly believe this is not a hardship on the lower working middle class? Many are earning under 40,000 a year salary.
    Obama screwed this nation, he hurt our children’s future, he secretly pissed away trillions of dollars, doubled the national debt, and constantly lied to us. Most of the executive branch openly lied in our faces, and like Jed Johnson laughed in our faces when asked by the secret deeds he was doing in bring in millions and millions of illegals as refugees at the border. Trump will never be as evil and deceitful as the sneaky lying con-artists that just left the executive branch. The media protected Obama’s lying ass for eight years. When does Obama answer for his sneaky crimes like refusing to enforce federal law, who the hell is he?

    • The biggest problem with the ACA is in the cost of using it. Deductibles of $3500 and up with out of pocket of $6500 and up per person. What “poor” person can afford this on an income of under 40K.

  38. This story of Meals on Wheels defunding is just FAKE NEWSERS lying~~!

  39. Here is the truth. Please read and become enlightened. If the block grants were eradicated, the funds would be reduced to the states. Many older individuals would suffer. Do not believe half truths – twisted lies.

    The Older Americans Act (OAA) is the principal piece of federal legislation designed to provide a range of community services to adults age sixty and above.

    In the formal terms of federalism, the OAA is a federal-state grant-in-aid (GIA) program whereby the federal government makes funds available to the states and requires that they follow certain guidelines and contribute monies of their own on a matching basis. Most of the grants initiated in the 1960s—such as the OAA—tended
    to be “categorical,” that is they contained quite rigid federal requirements in order for states to receive federal
    funding. Because states were simultaneously administering many grants, they often found coordinating different federal requirements very cumbersome. As a result, more recent GIAs are “block grants,” giving
    states much more flexibility in grant administration (Holt). This trend has held in the case of the OAA, where today states enjoy much greater choice in services to be delivered (e.g., home or congregate meals) and
    around agreements to be struck with other state-level agencies (e.g., the state Medicaid agency).

    This trend in federalism, new pressures being brought on state governments by increasing numbers of frail elders living in their states, and twenty years of nearly level federal funding for the OAA have combined to make the states increasingly important in aging-related policy making. Unlike the early years of the OAA, when the states were heavily dependent on both OAA dollars and AoA (Administration on Aging) approvals, the situation today finds the states in the lead in the design and funding of new programs with both the OAA and AoA playing a secondary role. Problematic as this might seem, ironically, it is in keeping with what OAA’s founders actually had in mind in 1965. Their hope was that the OAA would stimulate initiative and innovation in state governments and that, having served as a catalyst, the OAA itself might become a less central player (Hudson, 1995). – Encyclopedia of Aging

    COPYRIGHT 2002 The Gale Group Inc.

  40. Sometimes people don’t pay attention to what they are actually reading, and will read what they think they want to see or hear. Be attentive folks, and don’t believe everything you see in the press. Investigate claims and then make up your mind.

  41. This meals on wheels stuff is probably fake news just to scare people.

  42. I surmise that ALL media outlets will try to underscore Pres. Trump. What idiots

  43. Liberal schmucks

  44. Lets get a tv program on 24 hours a day telling the truth, that the Media outlets keep putting out only part of the information, as lies and make the conservatives look bad.

  45. President Donald Trump has all the solutions! Hillary Clinton never had a clue!
    President Trump, the man that didn’t need to be President!
    President Trump, the man that America needed to be President!
    Trump-Pence, the dream team of and for the American people!
    Making America safer, stronger and greater than ever before!

    Sixteen Republican challengers couldn’t stop Donald Trump, the Democrats couldn’t stop him, adversaries in his own party couldn’t stop him, the lying liberal media couldn’t stop him, the thug protesters hired by the Democrats to disrupt his rallies couldn’t stop him, crooked Hillary, despite her underhanded cheating and attempt to rig the election couldn’t stop him, so why are so many wasting their time? Donald Trump overcame adversity never before seen in the history of an American Presidential election and no one is going to stop him! I truly believe that Donald Trump will be the GREATEST President that America has ever seen! A safer, stronger more prosperous and greater than ever before AMERICA!

    President, Donald Trump will lead us to prosperity with no help from our former failed President! He has built a cabinet of carefully selected advisors that can only help him make America, safer, stronger, more prosperous and greater than ever before! DONALD TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT and PRESIDENT for all AMERICANS!

    Oh yeah and he is working for us for FREE!

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