The Lows that Anti-Gun Advocates Will Sink To

This month, the anti-gun organization that calls themselves the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence issued a memo to their followers on Twitter:

If you see someone carrying a firearm in public – openly or concealed – and have ANY doubts about their intent, call 911 immediately and ask police to come to the scene. Never put your safety, or the safety of your loved ones, at the mercy of weak gun laws that arm individuals in public with little or no criminal and/or mental health screening.

While it would seem to be a matter of common sense to call the police if you see an armed individual who appears to have violence on his mind, the Coalition isn’t just talking about common sense. They are actually advocating a far more sinister course of action which includes calling the cops on law-abiding citizens who carry firearms in full compliance with the law. Unfortunately, this practice – one championed by a great many loons on the left – can have deadly consequences. Police arrive on the scene in full-alert mode, believing they may soon encounter a dangerous, armed individual. In a worst case scenario, it can end in tragedy.

No major anti-gun organization would dare advocate this so blatantly, but the Facebook pages of groups like Moms Demand Action are rife with kooks who will. Some consider it their moral and ethical duty to call the cops whenever they see someone with a gun, regardless of what the laws happen to be in their area. They believe that only the police should be armed, and they think it’s funny to ruin someone’s day – or even their life – when they see a person exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Perhaps those of us who believe in the right to bear arms should fight fire with fire. Start calling the police every time we see a moron driving a car with an anti-gun bumper sticker. Report them for driving erratically. After all, anyone who buys into this leftist nonsense is probably not mentally fit to drive a three-ton vehicle in traffic. What do you know of their intentions? Better safe than sorry, right?

But while that makes for an amusing fantasy, the better answer is the one that calls on us to be better than our persecutors. Frankly, that shouldn’t be too hard. It involves being on our best behavior, especially when we are open-carrying or otherwise representing the pro-Second Amendment lifestyle. No, you’re not going to win over the kind of rabid zealots who would call the cops on you in the grocery store, but you can certainly win over the fence-sitters. And when it comes to pushing the law towards constitutional freedom, that’s good enough.

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