The Left’s War on Homeschooling Persists

Over the last couple of decades, Democrats have made private schools and homeschooling two of their prime targets. Why wouldn’t they? They are the party of government. If there’s a problem, our tax dollars and elected officials can solve it. It might take a hundred years, it might “get worse before it gets better,” and it might mean half your paycheck goes to the IRS, but they’ll get there. You may not be around to see it, but they’ll get there.

Some parents aren’t willing to wait around for the eventual. They’ve decided they want their kids to actually get an education instead of being forced to learn at the speed of the slowest student in class. They’ve decided they don’t want to turn on the news and see some maniac has killed their kid in an act of random violence. They’ve chosen to shelter their children from the government-decreed standards known as Common Core. And in doing so, they have naturally attracted the ire of the Democrats.

Yes, Please Tell Us What We Can’t Do

One such Democrat – Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper – is facing some heat for his comments last week. Speaking at a luncheon, Hickenlooper said that government “should do what people individually can’t do, or can’t do well themselves — you know, educating our young people, making sure our roads are designed and built properly, making sure our communities are safe.”

The Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) fired back, asking Hickenlooper to revise his comments. They insisted the Democrat owes an “apology to the tens of thousands of parents who save the state millions of dollars and responsibly and competently educate their own children at home.”

Public Failure

To many liberals, the homeschool movement is one based in Christian white America, propagated by families who think there’s some far-reaching conspiracy against their way of life. Nothing could be further from the truth. Parents cite many different reasons for wanting to homeschool their children, and none of them are as nutty as the left would like to think. Customized education, accelerated academics, better family relations, and safety are among the leading reasons.

Let’s talk about that last point for a moment. Whenever there’s a high-profile school shooting, the left starts beating the drums for gun control. But the problem isn’t guns. And the problem isn’t really the handful of sensational stories that capture the headlines. The problem is a growing culture of violence within the public school system.

The Blackboard Jungle

According to data from the U.S. National Center for Education Statistics and the CDC, school violence is a problem that is growing rapidly. In 2007 – the last year for which comprehensive data was made available – nearly 6% of high school students brought weapons to school, 7.8% of students reported being threatened or injured with a weapon, 12.4% had been in a physical fight, and 5.5% reported staying home from school at least once because they did not feel safe.

Do you think things have improved or worsened in the last seven years since those numbers were collected?

Parents have a right and a responsibility to make sure their kids are safe and protected. That umbrella of protection can only go so far, but I think keeping them out of public school is a reasonable step. Not every family can afford it, but those that can should not be impeded by busybodies in government.

Who knows? Maybe by 2114, America will have figured out this whole public school disaster. In the meantime, I can’t blame any parent who wants something better for their children. Until Democrats can offer it, they should keep their mouths shut about homeschooling.

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  1. “…families who think there’s some far-reaching conspiracy against their way of
    life. Nothing could be further from the truth.” Really? Did you just parachute in?
    Take a closer look at Common Core and the incursion of Islam into the public school system. Consider the following: “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” Vladimir Illyich Lenin
    “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a
    mother’s care, shall be in state institutions at state expense.” Karl Marx


    • You CANNOT change the world if you don’t CHANGE mentality – and that was tried with many communist countries. Now the nigga and all of his cronies have a conspiracy in the making, but it will never come to fruition because the dumbasses are quickly learning that you’ll NEVER change EVERYONE, and those that “hold out” will become the liberals’ demise….

      • Do you really think that this is something obama (the raciest term “nigga”, as you put it) and his cronies started? How about carter and his cronies? He/they are the ones who gave us the “Department of Education” (indoctrination) in 1979. And since that time only one “politician” who ever ran for the office of President has advocated (and rightly so) getting rid of it; Ron Paul.

    • I went to Fremont Elementary School in sixth grade in Arvada, CO.

      I was bullied something awful and will never forget it. Made me have a lifelong hatred of bullies and their actions.

      When my son was bullied in 4th through 8th grade in Benton, Illinois, believe me I was hated by school administrators like you wouldn’t believe.

      To learn recently that some of those same bullies, who tried to burn our house down with us inside, were now on the school board made me want to puke.

      If I had it to do over again, I would have home-schooled my son.

      Hickenlooper was and remains an idiot who knows NOTHING of the public school system anywhere. It’s real easy for a private school dolt to say that he wants everyone else’s kid to go to public school, isn’t it???

      • Hickenlooper is not of the real life type of person. he voted for a rooster ,when the question was a roster ,He did not know the difference .there are many that would homeschool if they knew where to get started .And Yes I lived in Denver for17 years.

        • You are so right. May kids live in Colorado Springs and are stationed at Fort Carson. The two youngest kids go to DOD schools on post. My eldest granddaughter just started high school in the Colorado Springs public school system.

          My mom always says that Jefferson County schools are horrible. I was bullied because I got a huge black eye (referred to as a “mouse”) playing football with neighborhood kids before we transferred to Fremont. It took MONTHS for it to heal and the whole side of my face was black and blue. Needless to say, I was a good target. It wasn’t until I began standing up for myself that they let up, but only SLIGHTLY.

          We also attended Allendale Elementary before our house was finished. The principal there did not put up with any bullying, we knew it, and EVERYONE behaved themselves.

          At Fremont, I had my lunch tray kicked out of my hands, was regularly beaten up on the playground, had my lunch stolen, you name it. Only when they stole a candy bar from a lunch I took to school did I finally say anything.– and I swore at them. I was 11 years old and grew up with parents who expected us to stand up for ourselves.

          We rode the bus to school for the first time and had a tough as nails bus driver who would stop the bus if the kids didn’t behave, telling the junior high kids in no uncertain terms that “(He) didn’t give a shit whether or not we got to school on time or not.” He would stop the bus until we were all quiet. Sometimes he would only go about a hundred feet before it started again. So he stopped the bus again, and so on . . .

          I am now 60, and still don’t put up with it.

        • If you want to know Hillary’s agenda for 2016, read Edward Klein’s books — The Real Hillary Clinton, The Amateur, and Blood Feud. Very eye opening.

          One of her goals is to abolish homeschooling by law “when” she becomes President.

          If the American people vote her in, we are all screwed.

        • Wow. A rooster, huh? Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Lenin and Marx are dead, and so are most of their ideas. Calm down.

      • It is time to really open your eyes and if you think they are dead, then you are living in denial. OB is one of the biggest Lenin and Marx likeness there is. He is a pure bred communist mindset and his ideologies are proving that more and more all the time. His whole agenda is to change the States into a communist country and he will if he is allowed to. When he pulls off his executive authority to push things through without allowing the congress and senate to have any say in it is a dictatorship. He has stated that he will discuss things and if they are not in agreement of his thinking he will do what he wants anyway, sorry, this is a communist mindset.
        He is pulling everything he can to weaken the country so everyone will be depended upon the gov’t so they will be able to control them, just like the communist mindset. Look at the democratic society the country has had and look how he is changing things toward this dictating mindset. Common Core started in the communist countries and it failed there, but this clown wants to run it down everyone’s throat and program the kids to their liking.

      • Sorry Erin, they ARE NOT DEAD. They are alive and well, and residing in the white house. Even Korea’s emperor calls Ovomit “that monkey in the big white building over there!”. HA

      • But the problem is in those that want to replicate those teachings.

  2. Reasons why to homeschool. How about starting with Common Core. Students are dumbed down to the level of uneducated students. There are no exactly right answers. People don’t want to hire Common Core Educated students. Common Core is stupid. Graphic sex education that is unauthorized by parents. Teachers are trying to corrupt children and encourage perverse behavior. There are all sorts of crazy stuff being talked about now. Sharing restrooms, sharing rooms with the opposite gender. Letting pervs who claim they are the opposite sex to share locker rooms and showers. Students being forced to listen to propaganda and denied their rights to choose their religious practices while having to submit to the practices of others. There are racial issues and most have been minimized but with the protest and riots now they will not not take long to infiltrate public schools. Parents have no say anymore due to the Government overstepping their boundaries and feeding our children crap thanks to HeMan Moonshael.
    Homeschooled children are some of the smartest, politest, and most disciplined students I have ever seen. Students can learn at their own rates and are not drug down by students who don’t have the the same ability to learn or are not held back by disruptive problem students. Now there is no discipline in schools and there is little or no way to get rid of a problem student. My wife had a gang member in her class that went as far as threatening her and she could not get rid of him. She was told the student had the right to be exposed to the education opportunity and whether he participated or not was up to him. We discussed home schooling out children through the elementary grades but sent or children to a Catholic School instead. Our Children were a year ahead of public school when they entered.

    • HAHAHAHAH @Students being forced to listen to propaganda and denied their rights to choose their religious practices while having to submit to the practices of others. It’s funny how the red-est states are the ones with the lowest graduation rates.

      The main reason cited in the article is because kids are bringing guns to school, yet the next article this stupid site runs will be about how we need to make it easier to get guns

      Talk out of both sides of your mouth much?

      • When you cannot defend your point of view with out being derisive you lose those who would support it.

      • You spew more propaganda.Show proof of your putrid leftist statement. Who are the ones with the lowest grades? Common Core has no “real” grades. Common Core is like the old curve grading system.

        • I’m not saying it’s being implemented well, but that’s not what Common Core is about.

          • Then what IS Common Core about?You seem to be just about the only one that supports it.I guess your going to tell me that OHOMOCare is not about ripping off the working class to pay for the freeloaders either. Oh but Congress and high ranking criminals don’t have to use it.
            y wife is a schoolteacher and Common Core has caused her nothing but H.E. double L.Between Common Core and about 80% of her students being illegal aliens (now up to 90%) it has turned a 44/hr a week job into an 80+/hr a week job. You Jeb Bush and all the Demoncrats. If you lived in Texas you would be upset too. But you ain’t seen nothing yet.

          • Teachers (Your wife) don’t like Common Core because for once teachers are going to be evaluated on their results. No more sitting back while Johnny fails and the teachers get the protections of the unions and tenure. I’d love my job too if I was never evaluated and permitted to exist in a state of perpetual failure.

          • Jimmy Queen talks out of both sides of his mouth.

        • Ok I’ll type slowly because I know this is hard for you to follow. My post says “graduation rates” Not “grades” I assume the school you went to graduated at least 2 students right?? Well with simple division You Too can figure out what the graduation “rate” was. If you need help let me know

          • I g u e s s I s h o u l d t y p e r e a l s l o w f o r y o u. You have not shown me a single fact. You have only said things like Ohomo has. Lies. What is the difference of graduation rates between Red and blue states. Believe me I know the difference in graduation rates and GPA. I was in a class of 123 students and 121 graduation. One student dropped out his junior year the other student left after his junior year and got his GED and went on to college. I gave you facts you g i v e m e l i e s a n d p r o p a g a n d a.

          • So 2 people dropped out so you were 121 out of 121 instead of 123 out of 123

          • Actually I was a straight A student and graduated #12 or 13. Did you even go to school much less graduate?

          • I have a JD and an LLM in Constitutional Law What grade school was it that you graduated from?

          • If you truly have what you say you do, why don’t you use it? Theres not much worse than an educated idiot that THINKS that they know everything and actually doesn’t have enough sense to get out of the rain during a thunderstorm. I respect your opinion even though it is different than mine. That is your right and I have mine. I am sorry I stooped to your tactics but I responded to a personal attack upon my intelligence and dignity. This is my last communication with you. I know you will have to get the last word because you only seek to insult and attempt to cause humility to your victim. I do not and will not go to left winged sites and try to antagonize it’s followers.Maybe someone here appreciates your arrogance and vile attacks. If they did then I will no longer entertain them. Good day to you sir. Evidently Will Rodgers never met you.

          • I don’t come here to antagonize anyone. You don’t go to left leaning sites and therefore only get one version of the truth. It is why Fox viewers are the most misinformed, they tend to only watch fox. On the other hand, I come here to see why you think your way is better. Because I do not follow a strict party line, I think for myself. And the better informed I am about each side of the argument or issue, the better equipped I am to come to an intelligent position. I am here not to rant to like minded people, rather to challenge my thoughts and beliefs to make me a better, more informed person. But sometimes due to the sheer ridiculous nature of the comments on here, I am forced to poke fun

          • You’re wrong, Jimmy King. Most of us Fox viewers also watch main stream media, read newspapers from both sides of the aisle, and become convinced that very few of those leaning left do the same. You can say that you see both sides, but I’m sorry…I doubt that very much. Truth keeps getting in your way.

          • Robert A. Clemons


          • I’d be angry is a no brains red neck like you thought anything else

          • What??? Obviously a product of our failed education system.

          • Yes, you obviously are

          • “I know you are but what am I”..Hey aqssturd, hear the sotua??? Ocumstain and the Marxist dumbocrats have
            cured cancer, eliminated famine, built hospitals and homes in every
            third world village, put EVERY American to work, lowered fuel prices,
            pumped oil, educated every kid, eliminated global warming……. add
            your own lies here……….

          • Full of sheite, full of yourself.

          • “You don’t go to left leaning sites and therefore only get one version of the truth.”… That’s why your mis-informed ass came here, to get some truth.

          • I wish I hadn’t started reading posts on this site because it’s futile to reason with you. Your objective is to belittle people and their ideas, stating “facts” that are merely wishful thinking. If you are trying to help people understand your point of view, it is not helpful to be so condescending and vitriolic. You simply turn people off with your sarcasm and derision. You SAY you have a JD and LLM in Constitutional law, but it obviously was gained in an ultra-liberal university because you sound just like your idol, BHO. I’m not buying any of that.

          • That’s Pitiful Pearl

          • And they did not explain that even though you have attained that level you should get a real ,life and a real job ??

          • Why, he has us red state working class to support his lazy arse.

          • Prove it dimbulb!!

          • I have a PHD.from Berkeley Univershitty in political science, a Doctorate in Anthropology from S.F. State and I still can not figure out how stupid libTURDS are.

          • Talk about stupid Those are 2 of the most worthless degree ever obtained

          • Schmuck

          • Worst states high school graduation rates
            51 Georgia 54%
            50 Nevada 58%
            49 Florida 59 %
            48 Arizona 59%
            47 Tennessee 60%
            46 South Carolina 62%
            45 Mississippi 62%
            44. Alabama 62 %
            45 North Carolina 63%

            Not a lot of blue huh vapiddumper?

          • Many of these states have historically been Blue states and have only recently become Red States in the Midterm elections. You can blame all Red States for what happened when the state have been historically blue. There are also reports that citizens of Blue states are flocking to Red States. Hmm, wonder why that is? What is the graduation rate of NY and Michigan. Red versus blue is not the best comparison. One must look at the demographic make-up of each state also. The states with higher percentages of migrant workers will have a lower graduation rates than those with lower migrant workers. When you compare apples to apples you can get real numbers. Wonder what the graduation rate of Detroit is now and it’s Demographics.Michigan has historically been a blue state and Detroit is a blue city. You gave a few handpicked numbers but did not compare those rates with other states. D o I n e e d t o s a y i t s l o w – e r. By the way Jeb Bush is a Democrat, it doesn’t matter what he calls himself, it is what he really is.

          • I love when morons make baseless BS statements like: “There are also reports that citizens of Blue states are flocking to Red States.” Really??? Reports?? WOW it MUST be true. When Jeb Bush gets the Republican party nomination, will he still be a democrat?

          • Most establishment Republicans are Democrats. Those who claim to be Democrats are Demoncrats, socialist or communist. Those who support and defend the Constitution are real Republicans. The establishment republicans and demoncrats are one party against the citizens of the United States. And by the way there are no illegal citizens. There are illegal criminals not citizens.

          • If there are “illegal criminals” are there “legal criminals” too ?

          • LibTURD!

          • No, he’ll still be a DEMONcrat in Republican clothing! I wouldn’t vote for him for county dog catcher, and I’ve been a Republican all my life!

          • What a statist, big gov’t. stooge!

          • Jack off!

          • I can give you a little updated information, here. Detroit went blue, as usual, but the new mayor is white and a go-getter. I have some real hope for Detroit. As for graduation rates, I believe they are even lower than you and Jimmy King have been discussing. The last I heard, the inner-city (black schools) were running around 17% graduation, but that may be influenced by the fact that, by the time the students get to senior high, most of the boys are either in prison or dead. And, finally, Michigan is a notoriously “purple” state: we elect Demoncrats, leave them in place for 8/12/16 years, and then vote them all out and replace them with Republicans, leave them in place for 8/12/16 years, and then vote them all out and replace them with Demoncrats, leave them in place . . . . You get the idea. Hope that helps.

          • Liar!

          • HAHAHAH I love when the brain dead chime in with their rebuttals Pure stupidity

          • Awesome retort!

          • You are a libTURD LIAR! “California students continue to score near the bottom among states in math and reading, according to results of a national test released Thursday.
            The Golden State’s fourth-graders ranked 47th in the nation in both math and reading. Eighth-graders ranked 45th in math and 42nd in reading. And the scores show that the gap separating white students from their black and Latino peers in English and math is bigger in California than it is nationwide.” San Jose Mercury News…Yet Kalifornia is the bluest state in the union. We have the most libTURD electorate as well. We elect leftist buffoons like SteinTURD, Boxcar, Frumpstein and Brownstain. We also stupidly vote ourselves tax increases to pay off the public sectors union pensions. HOPE AND CHANGE JIMMY QUEEN???

      • Like all libTURDS you LIE!!! Kalifornia is 49th in the nation where education is concerned! It is also populated by the stupidest electorate in the nation. We elect libTURDS like SteinTURD, Boxcar, Frumpstein and Brownstain. We also vote ourselves tax increases to pay off the public sector union’s pensions. Go back to your blue state utopia and mutter to yourself, “HOPE AND CHANGE”

        • Check out the 5th grader who can make up nicknames Your momma must have been proud, before she ran off with the garbageman

          • Regardless of your diatribe, Calif., a blue state, (libTURD), is still ranked last in education! Isn’t it a shame when facts get in the way??

          • Its too bad those aren’t “facts” dummy Didn’t they teach you that before you failed out of 3rd grade. According to your conservative bible the wall street journal, the bottom 5 are

            1. West Virginia
            2. Mississippi
            3. Louisiana
            4. New Mexico
            5. District of Columbia

            and NOT cal. Try again Odummy


          • Hey dimbulb!! This is from the communistic L.A. Weekly, YOUR Bible….”Of 15,277 schools deemed eligible across 49 states, a brain-draining 2,720 are located in California. And we can’t even blame it on the fact that we’re the largest U.S. state, because our percentage of underperforming schools is right up there in the Top 5 as well.”

          • WTF is the LA Weekly??? I cite a study from the wall street journal and you give me a comic book The only proof you have that the California schools suck, is that you’re a product of them And I notice that you neither provided a link to a real story, nor did you cite what they are “eligible” for. Man you are fucking stupid

          • Ever heard of punctuation Jackoff? L.A. Weekly is a statist, leftist rag that you libTURDS in L.A. read.

          • So again, I cite the wall street journal and you cite some convenience store throw away. Very convincing. Way to support your argument

          • Uh, L.A. Weekly…leftist rag supporting leftist ideals admits it’s statist school system is failed…..Wall Street Journal……evil, capitalist rag lies about our statist education system. Take your pick dunce. By the way, you still suck at punctuation. LMAO!!!

          • I live quite far from there, and am way too busy to spend my day worrying about how I punctuate comments to brainless twits on the internet.

          • Yet, you are paying attention aren’t you maggot!

          • Maybe you could back your bullshit up to a link to the article. Or better yet, since you have a subscription to this rag, just scan it. If you’ve already tossed it, pick up another copy at the NAMBLA meeting you attend each week

          • Prattle on queenie girl. As usual, you’re too lazy to search this yourself. Hey, your punctuation is getting better! Congrats libTURD!

          • Again. Absolutely nothing to back up what you say. Only school yard name calling. Typical

          • Here’s one from yesterdays Houston Chronicle saying Texas has the worst school system


            Again, dumb ass, notice I provide a link. Last time I checked Texas was a VERY RED state, and the homeschooling capital

          • Houston? Houston has a dumbocrat mayor dimbulb. Do you need a link to check that queenie? You libTURDS hate home schoolers cause you cannot indoctrinate home schooled kids. You can’t teach them LGBT, political correctness, Global warming crap. Calif., BLUE STATE, has one of the worst school systems money can buy. Now go and spew your venom elsewhere.

          • Its funny how you call it my bible, when I have never heard of it and you quote it in every post. Its your subscription, how can it be my bible?? Paste a link to it because your posts make no sense whatsoever San Francisco State?? Is that even a school?

          • Sorry. I should have said, “your Koran”. Youe posts lack punctuation, making them hard to interpret. Ask Ms. Jarret how to do that LibTURD!. Your favorite time of the year is coming, Income tax time, where the wealth is re-distributed to the illegals (Thanx Obumbler) welfare cheats and unions.

  3. As a former NYC public school educator, I’m all for homeschooling. We should all be working on an economic plan to make this work for parents – more night shifts, split shifts, work at home jobs – to make it easier for parents wanting to homeschool thier kids. But, that will happen only when we get this flat tire and his cronies out of our White House. What a disaster these menopausal hippy-socialist assholes have been. The lefty-greenies had their chance. Time to flush them down the toilet & put grownups in charge!

    • Dear Sir . as an educato ryou do nkow the differences of the students, and that no matter what is presented all may not understand an the out come is only when you use a one on one approach . It is this special ,attention that helps the student accept what you are trying to show him/her

    • NYC public school educator, —There is an oxymoron if I EVER saw one

  4. I disagree with one important premise of this essay. The admin uses the terms “Democrat”, “Liberal”, and “the Left” interchangeably, and on this topic, it’s NOT all the same thing. Liberals participate in, and are in favor of homeschooling for a lot of the same reasons that Conservative parents do (I should know). Both Democrat and Republican politicians will line up for campaign money from the public school industry, whether it’s the unions or the textbook industry. Greed knows no party line.

    • But isn’t it really interesting to see how one conversation can bring out so many liberal leftists in the world?? HAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. There’s only TWO reasons why these communist lefties don’t want your kids home schooled! Number 1, they won’t be learning all the bullshit the government is trying to cram down everyone’s throat, and number 2, the government will lose millions if you home school your children. My God, we can’t let the government starve to death, now can we?????

  6. Who would want to put their children in a government warehouse, anyway?

  7. Hickenlooper squeaked by in the last election. He backpedaled on antigun rhetoric and has shown zero ability as a leader in our state. Now he wants to indoctrinate our children with socialist philosophy? Not a snowballs chance in Hell.

  8. We had public schools in the 60’s and 70’s when I was attending them. So how is it that public schools are so great if they continually complain that our children are less educated than ever before? We’ve thrown billions into education yet its getting worse. Oh that’s right, those billions went to better pay, benefits, numerous high level managers making $140000 plus a year, one million dollar sports scoreboards, ect. Every time you turn around they scream “remember the children” to get more money. But they don’t spend it wisely. When the school needs repairs, they scream for more money. Why didn’t they properly budget the money they had been receiving over the years. I could go on and on, but what’s the use. We have become a totally irresponsible society of corruption.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Here in Orlando, OUR TAX DOLLARS paid for the Oakridge High School to be COMPLETELY re-built! It opened just this year. The school is 95%, pants hanging the knees blacks! So far, rather than walk an extra 20 feet to the pedestrian gate, they’ve broken and destroyed half the decorative fence to get to the sidewalk. The interior of the school shows wear you’d only expect to see in a school about 10 or 15 years old. The bleachers are half destroyed and they throw trash over their shoulders as they walk away. I bet, if you asked them who the hell is buried in Grant’s tomb, not many of them could answer correctly!!

      • Michael, its the ghetto mentality. They demand someone to take care of them but then when you build them homes and schools, they trash them. No sense of right and wrong. No understanding of the value life. Such a waste of a human life to be born but totally neglected of decent mentoring.

  9. Randall Razz Taylor

    I only wish all Americans would consider homeschooling and save their children from Communistic style brainwashing.
    The government school system is a disgrace to education and an absolute failure.
    Wanna know who their poster child was? Madeleine Murray O’Hare a devout atheist and the most hated women in America.
    We have her to thank, but too bad she was brutally murdered and more than likely is burning in hell right now.
    She met the God she said didn’t exist as will all FOOLS who say there’s no God!!
    The wonderful part of the story is that her son became a minister of The Gospel.
    God bless America everyone!!

  10. This is just like the gun confiscation, they will never stop all the people who want their children to get a good education and learn. The people can teach their own children what they want the child to learn, not the crap that the demoncraps want you to teach. They want you to teach the children that Osama was the first black idiot who got to the WH and he has made a disgrace of that and himself doing it. He has destroyed our country and the economy and then brings in mexicans by the thousands to take whatever jobs there was left for one tenth of what you were making.

    • What specifically are you so angry about Paul? Bringing in Mexicans? This president has been the deporter-in-chief. Give him credit for trying to actually DO something about the long term illegals already here in the shadows. I guarantee you that if a republican is elected president, NOTHING will happen with immigration – The rich cronies love the status quo.

      • Lady, if you had a brain you would see that everything this dictator terrorist pig does is for political reason, and his reasoning behind this is to make it a one party system so that a republican can never get elected again, and these pigs can continue to rape this land of everything they want. He is only concerned with controlling the American people and everything you think or believe in. This terrorist has done nothing but rack up more expenses than any other in office before. You are living with your eyes closed as to what this moron has done to this country. These Mexicans will be a big draw on our society and he will be giving them hand outs just like the blacks today, there will be no good jobs in this country anymore because the Mexicans will work for $ 5.00 to take the jobs away from us, that will put millions more on unemployment and millions more foreclosures and how many more on the poverty lines again, use your stupid head for something beside a hat rack. Wake up and take off the blinders to what this liar is really doing here. He hates the Military and is afraid of them, that is why he has been getting rid of all the Generals that have a lot of military experience, and a hell of a lot more knowledge than this jerk has got.

        • HAHAHAHAHAH “there will be no good jobs in this country anymore because the Mexicans will work for $ 5.00 to take the jobs away from us,”

          So let me get this straight, the mexicans with no education and who can’t speak english are going to take “all the good jobs” for $5,00 per hour

          So we will have Mexican bankers, lawyers, stock brokers, and artists? Aren’t those the GOOD jobs? Paul, if you’re about to lose a “good job” to a mexican, email me. You can cut my lawn, wash my cars and clean my boat I’m sure those are all Great jobs to you

          • Michael Dennewitz

            And Dimmy boy has had his brain out, playing with it again.. HAHAHAHAHA

          • Michael Dumbasshitz we know any uneducated wetback can cut glass, but we’re talking about real jobs Not the shit monkeys could do for minimum wage

      • Ahhhhh, another damned liberal!!

        • (Psssst! Did it really take you this long to figure her out???!)

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Yes, I must confess, even tho I had my suspicions, yes, it took a while to really sink in. lol So many damndable liberals crawling out of their rat holes!

          • Michael, I’m so sorry! No, really. I don’t know why some people are more attuned to what is happening in America than others, but I do feel sorry for the ‘others’. At least you’ve had your eyes opened now, and you’ll catch on faster/sooner than you would have. Welcome to the freedom movement! (And, happy New Year!)

      • Erin , what part of the country do you live in ????well most of us that are in the west here do not agree with your out look. and it not only has increased the flow of Mexicans but from all ,other countries as well

    • You got it Paul.. All of mine are loaded with hollow points, dipped in pig’s blood. Loaded, cocked and ready!! :-))

    • Paul take a deep breath. When Obama was elected the NRA convinced all of you pin heads to go out and buy more guns because the President was coming for them. 6 years later they gun industry has sold millions more and NOBODY has had any guns taken from them. The administration never intended to come for your guns and never did. Morons like you buy into this rhetoric and keep spewing it. You are sheep, and you go where you are led

  11. Can’ have parents home schooling because the children might actually learn the truth about what a great country America was before liberals got both feet in the door. Not to mention it’s not the fault of White people that minorities can’t compete when the playing field is level.

  12. The goal of this Regime is #1 Never to leave office, Obama, our first Dictator….It is easier to controll the uneducated so we now have common core…..No parental teaching allowed it may cause dissadence! If we do not rise up now we can just forget it and bow to the antichrist who occupies OUR (used to be) white house.


  14. If you cat homeschool your kids then if possiable send them to a private school.

  15. LibTURDS hate home schoolers cause they can’t indoctrinate. My kids recieved their G.E.Ds two years early because they weren’t taught global warming, LGBT, political correctness B.S., they were taught how to spell, punctuate, think for themselves, math., history.

  16. Home schoolers teach math, history, English (God forbid) and not LGBT, global warming, political correctness, tolerance, gun control……..

  17. Its not a war. It is based upon pity for the mental crippling of a kid from a conservative family. Someone for whom science is a liberal plot.

  18. Anybody hear the sotua??? Ocumstain and the Marxist dumbocrats have
    cured cancer, eliminated famine, built hospitals and homes in every
    third world village, put EVERY American to work, lowered fuel prices,
    pumped oil, educated every kid, eliminated global warming……. add
    your own lies here……….

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