The Left’s Illogical Hatred of Hunting

British comedian Ricky Gervais is in the middle of an online war of words with a hunter named Rebecca Francis. And though this isn’t the first time Gervais has made himself look like a fool in front of millions, he has nevertheless managed to outdo himself in his disgusting attacks on Francis, women, and the sport of hunting.

“What must’ve happened to you in your life to make you want to kill a beautiful animal & then lie next to it smiling?” Gervais tweeted last Monday, starting the firestorm.

Gervais’ tweet was accompanied by a photograph of Francis, lying next to a dead giraffe. The juxtaposition was enough to send his followers into a frenzy. The image made its way around the internet, inspiring a legion of unhinged liberals to launch sickening threats at Francis, who is the co-host of Eye of the Hunter and the winner of reality TV show Extreme Huntress. She finally responded with a statement to the Independent, where she defended herself and the sport she loves.

“I am proud to call myself a hunter,” she wrote. “I am proud to be a woman in the hunting industry. I am proud to be a mother. I will never apologize for these things.”

Gervais snapped back, tweeting, “We need to stamp out this terrible sexism in the noble sport of trophy hunting. The men & the women that do it are EQUALLY vile & worthless.”

Vile and worthless? What gives him the right to make such a judgment about so many people?

Of course, the left’s insane attitude towards hunting goes back a long time. But it doesn’t go back as far as the history of hunting itself, which is a fact that seems well outside the grasp of the reactionary aww, that poor beast crowd that jumps at any chance to castigate the sport.

One would think that, of all people, Ricky Gervais would be able to see this. He is, after all, one of the most outspoken atheist celebrities on the planet, never missing a chance to poke fun at anyone dumb enough to believe in a Creator. So he is, presumably, aware that in the grand scheme of things, it has only been about a half-second since humans were only able to survive by chasing down game with whatever tools we had. And he must be aware that, in the 200,000 years that humans have wandered the planet, the hunting aspect of our nature was vastly less worthless than our ability to make each other laugh. If Gervais’ ancestors had been more concerned with comedy than buffalo, there would be no Ricky Gervais today.

Hunting is in our blood. Is it any wonder that there are still those walking around today that can’t find that satisfaction in TV shows, video games, cell phones, business deals, or even organized sports? Hunting is a connection back to our collective history. To shame it is to shame the entirety of what makes us human. We didn’t rise to the top of the food chain by telling snarky jokes about movie stars. And hunters don’t deserve to be mocked and scorned by people who couldn’t survive three days without a nearby grocery store.

The world has changed a lot since the days of the hunter/gatherer, and we must concede that most of the changes have been for the better. But if it has changed so much that we celebrate the tribe clown over the brave hunter, then perhaps we have strayed a little too far from the fundamentals.

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  1. Save the Rain Forest, use liberal comedians for taget practice.

    • Or how it came into being; by the Creator Himself.

    • Another benefit of game hunting: your meat has absolutely NO artificial growth hormones in it whatsoever. Avoid the areas where CWD has been observed, and with proper field preparation, you will have excellent table fare. I love Bambi too, right next to the mashed potatoes.

      • My husband and I are both hunters and we always joke about our food being totally organic. Your comment reminded me of that. If you live in an area where you can bear hunt, I totally recommend having all the meat made into ground meat. The only way I know to describe it is that it has a sweeter flavor than ground beef. It’s not greasy like you would expect it to be. I was raised a city girl but I like bear burger way more than ground bee . We use it for everything you would use ground beef in.

  2. Hunting is natural. Gervais and the Hollywood pukes that think like him are not.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      What someone needs to do is walk up to the dumbass while he’s devouring a good steak and say, “Hey shithead, did you know that your eating an aborted fetus?”
      Think that might freak him out?? lol

  3. When someone can tell me how I can provide extremely healthy amounts of Protein to my family and in addition
    provide the friendship and comradeship that Hunting bring along with it I will stop hunting.

  4. He cheers the killing of the unborn and supports the LGBT community and has the nerve to call another group of people vile. I feel sorry for this sick Bastards and his twisted values!

  5. They just want the guns removed in our country.

    • EXCEPT for the government guns, which are never stolen (they are allowed to walk away, like Fast & Furious). It is only We The People that ‘They’ want disarmed, not their guards, not their criminals, and not their cannon fodder, just Conservatives that read their Constitution. .

    • So they can give it to ISIS. Shalom!

    • It is all about CONTROL…..same with Education, Health Care, etc.

  6. I really like the NEW STORY going around about Ben Affleck’s Ancestor’s some date back to the Founding of
    Our New Nation. Which is GREAT. But this is when and where the Ancestor’s get a little Un-Likable for His Taste
    in Our Civil War History He has someone in His Past that just happened to Own a

    • We have no control or responsibility for what our ancestors did. The notion that anybody living today is responsible for slavery is not only ridicules but racist. I reject the concept of racial guilt.

  7. Continued from bellow A few Negro’s (Slaves) to be on the
    other side of not really licking what has transpired out of Our Control. I am from Tennessee and do not know if I have Relatives that Owned any or Not but like We all know that is in Our Past and NOT IN OUR CONTROL.

    • Too bad your inchoate manner of attempting to express yourself is not subject to some kind of reasonable control.

  8. I wonder if ricky is vegan?If he eats meat then he is no different than any hunter.We as hunters know where our meal came from and his store bought meal could have come from another country for all he knows.I chose not to buy food made in other countrys as we don’t know how it was prepared.I think ricky is just another liberal idiot void of any real common sense as most are.

  9. Some people actually think that meat is made at the grocery store !!!!!!! I have a theory about why there are so many dumbasses and liberals in the world now. We send our strongest and smartest off to war, and the rejects stay home and breed. Case in point, did we have an OVERABUNDANCE of people like this before WWII ? HELL NO !!! We lost so much good genetic stock in both world wars, and now the baby boomers are running the world. Some are great, some not so great. Look at the hippies, commies, socialist, etc. that are in power now. The very thing that millions died trying to prevent.

    • Who allowed the foolishness of Political Correctness to flourish? Who failed to speak up in the beginning? Who allowed the disconnects to become normal? We all did. We failed to adhere to reality and allowed a fantasy land to grow up. Now we reap what was sowed.

      • Being civil has bitten us in the rear.

      • I have to admit that I’m very Politically Correct. I’ve become so accustomed to it that I’m not sure I can change. I use terms such as “mentally challenged voter” when in a good mood, and “Stupid [email protected]#%er [email protected]$#er” at other times , which I think is correct terminology for Dems, Libs, Hippies, Commies, etc.
        And I’ve also learned correct terms to identify tree huggers, and those C##k [email protected]#$ers who complain and sue because someone won’t bake a cake with 2 penises or 2 tacos on top.
        My Grandmother had a word for the overly sensitive and easily offended, it sounded like sissy, but started with Pu.
        And remember, We have to save the Gay Spotted Tree Dolphins !!!
        May the rest of your day be better.

        • Our Grandmas were very smart women.

          • And they still are. We worked very hard to get a little and never complained. but realize we had a lot more kids than you do. we did not have the electric dryers and wash machines, toasters, nice stoves, vacuum cleaners, juicers, AC units to keep cool in summer. We bought a lot of flour and made from scratch Pasta, cookies, cakes, etc.We stayed home and raised our children and sent them off to war and prayed they would be safe. If you had to go shopping we rode the street car and carried home all the grocery bags. and if anyone was sick we had to take the street car again to the DR’S office with a sick child. We did our own laundry, cleaned our own house , made all the dinners. every day. so i would like to say grandma you were the best thing that ever stepped on this earth. You were loving, caring, and did what ever you a had to do to make your family a family. You were loved and missed by everyone who had the chance to meet you. And yes you were very smart. and I loved you very much. your Granddaughter

          • I remember them very well.

          • I am so glad. I never will forget mine. every time I think I am overworked I think about her and my grandpa was great too. And that stops my whoa is me attitude quickly

        • Very colorful!….sorry that may offend some and sound racist….keep up the good work!
          Opps sorry again, work is offensive to most moochers and may even be considered racist?.

      • Speak for yourself, you fool!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well said my friend……case in point where left with STUPID that can’t seem to be fixed.

    • Not All Baby Boomers are hippies,commies and Socialists! I’m very conservative, very close to tea party. The liberals are the violent and racist people, that call the tea party those things. All the tea party wants to do is go back to the fundamental values, this country was founded on. And if one of you mention slavery. Remember what party started the KKK, and what Party Lincoln was from. Then who were the people selling the slaves to those people on the ships. In case you don’t know Most were Africans, and many were Muslims, who to this day believe in Slavery. My family has fought in every war since the founding of this country. Giving the Left the right to spew their hate.

      • Hi Jeff, I agree with you 100%. That’s why I said that some are great, and others not so great. My Parents are boomers born 1948/49. I’m a card carrying member of the Tea Party, my ancestor James Steen’s name is on a monument at Kings mountain along with others from the Revolution. My Grandfather and his brothers fought on both fronts during WWII. And it sickens me to see the very ideals they fought to prevent/spread, are alive and well in our country, thanks to the boomers that were corrupted by the communist professors in the 1960’s. Now those polluted minds are running the country. Mr. Putin said in 2009 ? that by electing Obama, that the US would be like a runaway train headed for Marxism and nobody could stop it.
        I think that there were a LOT of payoffs to congressmen and senators to allow him to be put in place , fake birth cert. MULTIPLE social security numbers, NO one remembers him from classes. etc.
        I think that some very powerful people put this tragic chain of events into play, and the ones who took the money are only worried about the here and now, and aren’t even concerned about their children or grands.
        And it’s THOSE boomers to which I refer. The Clintons, Obamas, etc. with their OPEN ties to known Commies, Terrorist, etc. NOT AMERICANS such as your self.

    • Dawn Heidi Walters

      I am extremely conservative – and I understand hunting to survive and thinning of the herd. However, I am not comfortable with people who actually ENJOY killing animals. AND, I would guess at least 50% of hunters do not hunt for the above reasons – they think it is a “sport” to shoot an animal running for it’s life.

      • Hi Dawn, I myself consider hunting to be a sport. To do it correctly to minimize any trauma or suffering to the animal, takes skill and knowledge. As with most things, there is a “rush” which I attribute to our survival instincts, being that you know your children will eat tonight.
        The way I was taught is to take only what you need, NEVER kill for fun. The harvesting is necessary to maintain a strong and healthy herd, otherwise they will outgrow their food source and starvation and disease will cause much suffering.
        If done properly and with respect, it can be a fun and rewarding experience. Some of the best hunts that I went on as a child were ones where we went home empty handed.
        I was taught that if you didn’t think the game could be taken in one shot, then wait for a better opportunity. It’s not a pleasant feeling to know that there is a wounded animal to find and end the suffering.
        I don’t care for the few that brag about how far they chased an animal or yea, we had to shoot that squirrel 157 times !!!! That just tells me they’re stupid and BAD hunters.
        Personally, I think there is something mentally wrong with people who kill or hurt animals for “Fun”, I consider myself lucky to have met very few of those.
        These are just my opinions, and thankfully are shared by the “Sportsmen” that I know.

        • Dawn Heidi Walters

          I guess I am just a wuss or too religious. I don’t see how killing anything or anyone can be called a sport. Necessary under some situations, yes,
          but a “sport”? I thought “sport” was compitition. If the animals could shoot back or somehow take YOUR life, yes, then it would be a “sport”.

          • That would indeed make it more interesting, though the majority of Big Game animals are just as dangerous w/o being able to shoot back.
            It’ like riding a motorcycle or racing, if you have to explain “Why”, chances are they still won’t get it until they experience it.
            As for religion, nearly all of the older religions used to require animal sacrifice, and afterwards the priest would take the offering since the God/Gods only needed the essence. THEN, they realized that GOLD and jewels, then part of your earnings were MUCH BETTER. That’s as far as I’ll delve into that subject.
            Enjoy your weekend Dawn. : )

          • Dawn Heidi Walters

            I know the “why” David, you enjoy killing. So sad.

          • No Dawn, I’m afraid that you’re wrong. I do take pride in being able to feed my family, just like the hundreds of millions of hunters/gatherers/farmers throughout the history of mankind. Your ancestors included.
            If you think that hunting is a form of murder, etc. then you are an accomplice to murder every time you consume ANY meat based product. And for the Vegan’s, scientist proved many years ago that plants react to pain, and other stimuli. And produce different electrical waves/impulses when exposed to different forms of music, different tones of voice, and intense had readings when live brine shrimp were boiled alive , and had low “calm” readings when a kitten was petted and next to them etc.. The readings were compared to human EKG’s and brain wave scans that were collected at the same time, exposed to the same stimuli.
            I’m not an ecological extremist or such, but I believe that ANYTHING that’s alive has feelings physical and emotional, and should be treated respectfully. Anytime that an animal is harvested, I acknowledge the fact that it’s life is helping to sustain the life of my children.
            Beyond that, there’s little more that I can say, except that thankfully we’re still legally allowed to publicly voice opposing views.

          • Dawn Heidi Walters

            Obviously you did not read carefully what I wrote previously. Nothing that you just said is rela
            tive to my point. I admitted that hunting animals is sometime necessary. My objection is calling it a sport. I also have respect those who hunt for necessary reasons but admit it breaks their heart to be killing. You, obviously, will go on calling it a sport and killing because you enjoy it. So sad.

          • You have never hunted……you cannot just walk up to a deer or duck or dove and say hold it right there while I load my piece?

          • Do you eat meat from the supermarket? Those animals were raised to be killed. No chance to live. Hunting gives the animal an opportunity to live. Most hunters I know are lucky to get one deer a season. That isn’t going Rambo on Bambi. Fishing is much the same thing. Are you okay with fishing? A foul hooked fish that some people throw back suffers does it not? Even plants are technically living. So at what point is it okay to kill God’s creations? Jesus was not a vegetarian. This whole discussion is about people humanizing animals. Hunting is natural. It is in our DNA.

      • Have hunted for over 70 years and have NEVER met a hunter or fisherman that did not eat his kill.

  10. What we have here is two different people. One loves their guns. The other loves animals. I guarantee that the following gun lovers that talk about putting food on their table do not depend on what they hunt with their guns to do it. They do not need to shoot live animals to shoot their guns. Why they just can’t shoot at targets that are set up for them and be satisfied is beyond me.

    • Wayne, because UNLIKE you, hunters take pride in the ability to feed their family, stalking, shooting and killing their game. They don’t have OTHERS do the “dirty” work for them, but when they are done they are tired, and bloody after gutting and cleaning the dead animal, and either packaging it themselves or having a butcher do it if they don’t know how. Sure, we hunters can and most do also go into a store and buy pre-packaged meat, be WE DON’T HAVE TO, WE CAN provide for our selves and our family.

      • I sure hope that she ate that giraffe. Must be some good eating

      • I guarantee you do not depend on what you hunt and shoot to put meat on your table. I would challenge you to the fact that it costs you more to hunt your animals to shoot than it would just to go to the store and buy your steaks.

        • I have a handgun collection and I also make my own ammunition, but I don’t hunt, and like you I buy my meat at the grocery store where no animals were hurt!

          • My argument is for hunters that claim they have to shoot their animals to put meat on the table. Anyone with common sense knows it is cheaper to go to the store and buy than to hunt for it.

          • They enjoy hunting and being out in nature, get it? Tell the Eskimos that it’s cheaper for them to go to a grocery store, or someone that lives off the grid.

          • I am talking about the average hunter. I know there are exceptions. Some hunters make it pay but the average hunter spends more for hunting the animals they hunt then if they would just go to the store and buy their meat. Don’t forget I know some hunters too. Hunting and fishing are expensive sports.

          • Like beating a dead horsey Wayne baby?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Whoosshhh! Flew right by him Jarhead!! Sheesh….

          • Seriously-I am not for hunting. But if you think no animals are HURT when you buy meat in the store you are sadly uninformed. Slaughter in any form hurts. Don’t think that that meat just magically appeared in the store. There was an animal who knew fear and felt pain before it became your hamburger.

          • Heads up, Sparky! Did I really need the sarc tag?

          • I am FAR from EVER being NEAR Left…FAR FAR AWAY…but..I also do Not believe in Hunting Unless you ARE IN NEED of Feeding YOUR Family…to KILL Animals for SPORT? Wrong. Hunting is NOT Hunting, it IS KILLING..PERIOD…UNLESS You are Hungry or your family REALLY Needs it to SURVIVE..because.. EVERY ANIMAL FEELS PAIN and FEAR and If It was Really HUNTING?? Then the ANIMALS “HUNTED” would have a CHANCE AT Surviving…they DO NOT! SO NO SPORT! Just a “WANT TO KILL” Something! Again to Survive? Just KILL or Inflict Pain or Torture? Divide a “Family” by Killing ONE of THEIR “FAMILY”? NO..Wrong..and Yes, those animals killed for your dinner are Also INHUMANELY KILLED.and YES…I AM A Vegetarian, I am Not a Vegan because I Hate SOY and TOFU…other than that..I believe and I have SURVIVED Without Meats and Dead Animals…Sorry,,,this is MY CHOICE and MY OPINION..You do NOT have to Agree…I do this for ME and for the Animals I Refuse to Eat, and yes I USED to be Dumb enough to “Think” that IF I Didn’t Eat Meat, I was Not Hurting the Animals I wished to Protect, But…same thing IF we USE Other Animal “Products”, so.. I have “WISED UP” so I am NOT a Hypocrite about MY Beliefs, and I Respect ALL Life, Yours and Mine, and the Animals we SHARE this World with. Until or UNLESS we DO WISE UP, none will ever Understand that to Care about ALL LIFE, Including ANIMALS and being HUMANE Towards Them as Well, goes Directly to the INHUMANITY towards ALL LIFE…YOURS & MINE and ALL the ANIMALS TOO. Think about it Just for a second or TWO…Have we become MORE “HUMANE” or LESS?? I believe we haven’t changed Much IF AT ALL over Thousands of Years, other than “Technology”…we are more Connected THAT Way…but Humanity and BEING “HUMANE”? Not a Bit..we are Just as BARBARIC as always…just as DISRESPECTFUL of ALL LIFE as in the PAST CENTURIES, and until We as a “SPECIES” Understand ALL LIFE IS Connected? Well, NO Hope for any of Us, Now or Future…it’s Just another Hundred or so Years, another CENTURY with More BARBARIANS and NON HUMANITARIANS….I’d Much Rather LIVE with Just the Animals…they truly ARE Much More HUMANE and LOVING and CARING then WE as a SPECIES ARE. They ONLY KILL to Survive, to Feed their Family, to Defend themselves or their Family, that’s IT..Humans? They KILL Everything and for NO GOOD Reasons..Mostly because the SPECIES LIKES to Kill or has Total Disregard for ALL Life..or when ever it’s Convenient..whether it be for Power over another, a Disrespect for THEIR LIFE, or GREED..aka MONEY….I will never CARE if You OR Anyone thinks I am a Crazy ANIMAL PERSON..Again, It is MY CHOICE, and MY OPINION, just as you have the RIGHT to Yours..I will Never “Apologize” or make “Excuses” and believe me, I am FAR FROM CRAZY….I always said..”WISH I WAS NUTS!” Because then I’d be TOTALLY Unaware and CLUELESS, and I’d rather be THAT than being SO Aware of things I can only make a SMALL Change on Behalf Of. Hopefully a Lot of People ‘Some Day” Will Make those SAME SMALL CHANGES and they’ll actually “TOGETHER” MAKE A “BIG” CHANGE..Now THAT would be NICE!

          • Agreed-unfortunately we are few and far between…

          • Hmm, maybe you should pass a law requiring all bears, wolves, and coyotes to become vegan, just like you? I’m pretty sure that being slowly eaten while you die a slow death is lot more painful than a quick kill with a high-powered rifle, but then you didn’t think of that, did you? Oh, I’m sorry, you leftwing nutjobs are the ones who wanted to REINTRODUCE wolves into the West so they could prey on deer and elk! The Left is unbelievable hypocritical!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You mean that all those animals were unconscious when they were slaughtered? Ha! Now that’s a new one. Weren’t hurting, eh??

          • I hope you recognize sarcasm!

        • DUH ! Wayne baby seek help…..

    • I think that there is a big difference between killing an animal for sport and killing an animal because you are hungry and you need to eat.

      • This is the flimsiest excuse gun owners use. It is cheaper to go to the store and buy your meat than it is to go hunting for it. Case closed.

        • Wayne has finally shut his pie hole……..Thank The Lord

        • I don’t own a gun. If I did get one it would be because our society has deteriorated to the point that I might need to kill people. There is the possibility that one is in a situation where there is no store or civilization.

        • No its not cheaper. Our license and tags cost us $125 every year. Gas up to our hunting spot is about $50, bullets are about $1.25 each, and you can’t include the cost of food that you would purchase regardless of whether you are at home or at camp. Two 800-1200 pound elk, two bears, and two deer feeds us for an entire year. The only meat we have processed is the bear and 100 pounds on the hoof (bone in) costs about $80. You could never buy that much meat for under $500.

          • People like you account for less than 1 in 1000 that are in your shoes. I would bet there several people that even have it better than you. The average hunter is who I an talking to. If a farmer that raises chicken goes pheasant hunting and shoots 3 pheasants thinks he coming out ahead is dead wrong. The bullets he used plus the ones that he missed shooting a pheasant cost more than if he would butchered one of his chickens. This more like what the average hunter gets. I myself do not consider what you do as a sport. If you go out and spend $2000 for a rifle and 5 or 600 dollars for a scope. You go hunting and aim at a deer that is like 20 feet in front of you and pull the trigger. How did that deer have a chance. You did something anybody can do. Pull that stupid trigger. Even I could do that. You certainly don’t get any medals from me for what you say you did.

          • The argument of “those poor animals don’t even have a chance” is based off of a lack of knowledge of wildlife. Hunting is not just walking along, seeing an animal just standing there and shooting it. Those animals can hear and smell hundreds of times better than humans. An antelope can see up to a mile away. Those “poor animals” know you’re coming long before you see them. There’s never a guarantee that you’ll even see whatever you’re hunting. Every hunter I know hunts to put meat on the table. Buying meat from the grocery store is way more expensive. There are people who hunt for sport but they also put meat on the table. The price of beef and pork in the grocery store is outrageous and chicken is going to go up now too. A lot of people have to buy meat in the stores but hunting helps keep their cost down. I’m talking hunting big game. Not birds. You don’t have to pay $2000 for a rifle. You can get one for way less than that. Shooting at a deer that’s 100 yards away is not always easy. Before you knock others, go out and try it and you’ll find that its not just walking up to a deer and shooting it. Its more of a challenge than what you think it is.

          • Not every hunter is as lucky as you to live in country that has all that wildlife like you have. Most of them have get on airplanes or get in a car and drive several hundred miles to get to where you live to shoot their game. The illustration I used was more average hunter than the one you used. If you don’t understand that then I give up.

  11. The filthy leftist morons! They probably eat beef, chicken and pork! Hey assholes the things I shoot at have a chance to get away. Do you thing Frank Perdue lets ANY chickens escape? Do you think these animals you care so much about have a great life waiting to be slaughtered! Wake up and think like an adult intstead of a stupid starry eyed adolescent! You people make me sick! Eat fruits and veggies, not even farm raised fish! Better yet, die of starvation!

  12. Farm raised, pen raised, bred for food animals are far more mis-treated than those hunted. Liberals get a little bet of education before you open your big pig mouths and stick your foot in every time! Do you know that to the average American you look like the biggest stupidest group of barely humans in the universe! You go through life with blinders on, a bunch of lemmings, sickening controlled robot followers! Think about what you eat and how it gets to your plate, before you make yourselves look like the dumbest people on face of earth! You are the problem in our great country, useless, brainless, selfish, dangerously moronic, twisted wrapped sense of value ( none )! How do you walk past a mirror without thinking ” what a waste of life I am, a coward, a follower, a bitcher, complainer and hate the country I live in! Get out do America a favor! Leave! Find a country where you can open your big stin uneducated mouth without getting shot, I’m sure they’d be happy to have you!

  13. Would he rather the population of animals grow so large they starve to death? Hunting not only provides food but it prevents too many of a species in an area so the animals have enough food for themselves. What an idiot.

    • Natural predation would achieve the same balance you describe, but unfortunately in this country, we have systematically killed off most of the wolves, cougars, and other predatory carnivores such that in many areas hunting is necessary to maintain that balance. Our management of deer populations for hunting has not been all that astute. In all too many places, the deer herd is far more numerous than it was when the first settlers arrived. One result of this is about $2 billion in annual damage to trucks and automobiles that collide with deer, plus a significant number of human injuries and deaths from the same cause. Many more deer need to be taken (shot and killed) than current game management strategies permit. Note that this comment is coming from a liberal who does not share Gervais’ dumbass opinion on hunting.

      • Get it on straight (or out of….?)… can save 35 Elk by killing one wolf a year. Long Live the Elks….Dumb-0

  14. To put forth the despicable Ricky Gervais as representative of the alleged “left’s illogical hatred of hunting” is patently absurd. It is, in fact, as absurd as the despicable Ted Nugent, an ultraconservative convicted game law violator, being accepted as some kind of model outdoor sportsman.

    Gervais, an atheist, entertains plenty of warped views on other matters as well. Anyone choosing him as any kind of exemplar of anti-hunting sentiment has to be pretty desperate.

  15. Some hunters, just like some maverick police officers, are bad apples. One of the most destructive animals on the planet is the feral hog. Hunters are primarily responsible for the rapid spread of wild hog populations across this country in recent years. Hunters went to places where wild hogs are prevalent and trapped them and relocated them close to their home territory so they would have their own hog population to hunt. This has resulted in enormous damages to crops in the hog-stocked areas. Liberals, conservatives, libertarians, and anyone with a grain of sense can see that this selfish and destructive mode of game MIS-management is foolish and selfish.

    • Still don’t have your head on straight……still just another colon troll…..

      • So you favor rounding up feral hogs in one state and trucking them to another state where they were not previously present and releasing them there against the law so that some hunters will have some different game animal to shoot and never mind the destruction those beasts wreak on private farm land?? That tells me something about where your head is at!

        • Hey $hit head we need all the bacon grease we can muster to spray on the MU-slime maggots either before or after NUKING. Bacon grease might help you remove your head from your colon especially now that your brain is so shriveled? Best of luck. Semper Fi.

          • Your irrelevant and obscene response demonstrates the kind of deranged mentality that infects all too many swaggering pseudo-macho ex-military dingbats.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You must have been talking to headinhisass, eh??

          • You have reached the epitome of irrelevance with your pseudo-macho blithering nonsense!

        • We know where his head is at. It’s stuck up his dirty filthy ass!!!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        I warned ya!!

  16. Send this Gervais character up here to the Arizona mountains for a weekend during hunting season. He would have himself a litter of little yellow lizards.

    Compared to half of the people up here, both men and women, Rebecca Francis’ hunts look tame by comparison. And it is a violation of state law to interfere with the rights of hunters in Arizona:

    § 17-316 Interference with rights of hunters
    So please send this Gervais character, or any of his contemptible Libtard ilk, up here to the Arizona mountains during hunting season. PLEASE do that. He would be lucky if all he wound up in was a jail cell.

  17. Its lifestyle….A Liberal has no problem having sex with a minor, sex with same sex, sex with an animal, etc, etc….all moral bankruptcies……Yet hunting under proper laws and game management is vile……But in their eyes they attach a humanistic side to animals, as if animals are children….So being morally bankrupt is ok but killing children of the forest is not……Fantasyland created by the neurosis of the liberal mind and believing in it..Thast the difference

    • People that prey on minors for sexual gratification have no legitimate political affiliation. What is your problem with attempting to conflate a felony with liberals – are you really psychotic ?

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Well now, get ready! If a couple of paid trolls arrive on the scene, you’ll be feeding their egos forever. One filthy mouthed named Faye, and another named croc o shit!! They will always attempt to make fools of everyone!! And they’re aided by one headinhisass!! Good luck!

      • I have run into “Faye” myself – an absolute leftist freak. I made a thoughtful, polite comment on some other topic, and she used “all caps” to “STFU.” I blasted back a couple times but then realized nothing was going to change her idiocy, so I stopped commenting. I probably should have never even replied once. People like that need to be excommunicated from our country.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Well, once you have “entertained” trolls like croc o shit and or headinhisass, you really understand what I mean… And Morty Boy is another!! Good luck…

      • It would be nice to be paid for my contributions to the remediation of the insanity that you and other wingnuts barf up to contaminate this forum. Fortunately, I have a steady income and thus am independent of the need for such deserved remuneration and I have enough free time to continue my quest to rehabilitate the warped thought processes of you raving dingbats. It is an uphill struggle, though, Dennewitz, since the greater part of you and your ilk are as dense as depleted uranium.

    • Wait a minute. Sex has nothing to do with this. It is a disconnect with reality that is the problem.

      • Did you come up with that yourself or did you get it from your philosphy degree?

        • SORRY learned reality while hunting. It is strange these lovers of animals have no idea how much it costs to have a game preserve. Or took time to study ways to keep the animals alive.
          But sex ??? Gee, anti sex does not compute.

    • Anthony, you are an idjit! That all-subsuming and bogus characterization of the sexual lifestyles of all “Liberals” is simply beyond the pale. It is you who are morally and ethically bankrupt when you try to portray an entire class of humans with your tainted tarbrush. Sexual perversity is found all across the political spectrum. It is not the exclusive province of any one party or political ideology. You, A.A., are a PHOOL!

    • Nor does after abortion murder bother the Liberal-TARDS.

  18. Blood sports are an anachronism of the past – just like slavery and debtor prisons. We look back and shudder. And to see this kind of macabre pleasure in killing rather beautiful animals is really ugly.

  19. It is my understanding that the giraffe that has caused all of the furor was an old, rejected by the herd, bull that the local natives requested be harvested for their consumption… which it was… completely. That sort of takes the wind out of the activists sails doesn’t it. End of story.

  20. “Brave” hunter? Shooting an animal that lives on vegetation, is NOT aggressive, is NOT for consumption, smirking into the camera? Brave she is not – arrogant she is. Narcissistic absolutely, and no true hunter

  21. This sums it up! “And he must be aware that, in the 200,000 years that humans have wandered the planet, the hunting aspect of our nature was vastly less worthless than our ability to make each other laugh. If Gervais’ ancestors had been more concerned with comedy than buffalo, there would be no Ricky Gervais today. “- See more at:

  22. Ken Dometriosis .

    I wonder if that fat, stupid, Limey homosexual is going to go vegan now?

  23. It’s ok if someone else kills his food for him though damn hypocrite moron

  24. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Gervais is too stupid to reallise that aside from the trophy part, hunted animals do NOT go to waste. They are eaten by the locals who would otherwise NOT have meat in their diet!

  25. Gervaise is an idiot. I suppose if you are an athiest, you are allergic to wild game too?? I tell you what, bozo, A deer means we eat meat in the winter and spring. NOT getting a deer, and it’s lots of mac and cheese and processed meats like sausage and spam. Unless he KNOWS what hunting does for families like mine, rural and not a whole lot of money, he needs to STFU! Obama has made the increase in meat products and vegetables more than a lot of us can affort. I can meat, fish, veggies, soups and fruits. They are all so much healthier than the store produced it’s not even funny.

  26. I work with a lot of Hindus and many don’t eat meat. One of my close friends tells me it is because he feels sorry for the animals and does not want to kill them. It is easy to get enough protein from plants. I like to eat some meat but it is bad for my health and I keep trying to stop. I work in Silicon Valley and I would not say that these people are dumb as I work for them and they start many of the companies that make the things we use every day. The memory chips in the computer you are using almost certainly came from a fabless semiconductor plant designed by Suhas Patil. If you are using a PC it has some version of the Pentium chip which was designed by Vinod Dham who is Indian and most likely a vegetarian.

    If people want to hunt and have guns that is their business. Where I live few people have guns because there is almost no crime and few would think of needing one for protection. There aren’t that many places to hunt nearby. I know a lot of liberals because I live in California but I have never heard anyone suggest taking away people’s guns. Maybe if I felt I had a reason to have a gun it would be different but it does not seem to me that there is a real threat of anyone trying to take them away. I have some very liberal friends who are sure that we will run out of oil or something and the world will collapse so they have guns to protect themselves. I don’t think that it is necessarily liberals that want to take them away.

    • What a foolish reply. The reason that Indians are predominant in silicon valley is because the US government does everything it can to dissuade entrepreneurship by Americans and allow foreigners, legal and illegal to prosper. The entire computer age was created and established by Americans and then handed over to Asians and Indians, who can easily make a profit because their labor force works for pennies and their businesses are not burdened with regulations and taxes.
      And you claim that you, ” have never heard anyone suggest taking away people’s guns” is because liberals push their ant-iagendas through their votes. They let politicians do the dirty work while they live off of government freebies or their government sponsored employment. And before you retaliate with how you work a real fob, remember that most of the major businesses that remain in this country and especially Mexifornia, are run/owned by libturds, who lobby for subsidies and turn around and dump huge contributions into the libturd political coffers, who in turn waive many of the regulatory requirements for those businesses, or push necessary agendas that allow those businesses to thrive.
      Make no mistake, if you are a libturd, and vote libturd, you support gun control, gun confiscation, overreaching government, abortion, government discrimination of whites and Christians, the police state, and the eventual destruction of this country, if you don’t believe that then you should NEVER vote libturd again, or you are an ignorant fool!

  27. Gervais has shown us why some life forms are no longer are valid for procreating, living among us or participating in the human race. If he were to fall in front of a bus, we’d call it nature’s selection to remove the inferior animals so others better suited and more intelligent can survive!

  28. There are just many Democrats that go hunting as there are Republicans. I don’t know why the Republicans think they have a monopoly on hunting. I can’t believe Fox News could brainwash so many weak minded people.

  29. Liberals don’t want you to kill an animal, but babies are ok.

  30. The Brits are sheeples on their knees for Muslims from their own stupidity.

  31. SORRY, i am an animal lover. and proud to be. animals are killed now…not for consumption or need or culling or management or sport..
    they are killed merely because ‘man’ has an unfair advantage over them.!
    they are killed by insensitive killers, like the creep in this article ..for the fun of it..

    • I agree with you Joy. I too, am an animal lover & proud to be one also. Most hunters kill for the thrill of the hunt & then have the balls to call this a sport?? Don’t feel you have to say your sorry for being a compassionate & caring person who has empathy for all living beings. There are so many people in this country who share your beliefs about animals rights & I have the highest respect for you because you really do care. You are very special & don’t let anyone ever tell you that you are not. Best Wishes to you!!

      • Thank you Faye. I feel VERY strongly about animals and their lack of any rights, merely to be ‘used and abused’ by man.

  32. I know what’s wrong with Ricky Gervais and the leftist liberals,THEY HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO KILL AN ANIMAL BECAUSE THEY HAVE SUCH POOR AIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Laurence X. Odhner

    I am nobody’s bleeding heart liberal. I’m a conservative, former member of the Reagan administration. I support hunting in a responsible manner. But killing endangered species for “sport” perverts everything for which true hunters stand. If you want to donate meat to the poor, shoot a deer or a wild boar, but not a giraffe !

  34. How many people do you think put any stock at all in the maudlin ramblings of these celebrity idiot types. Precious few, or so I would hope.By the way, I was a competitive target shooter. Never had much interest in hunting, not opposed to it though, neither intellectually nor emotionally. I have, now and then eaten game meat, deer and moose, taken by others. I found it a bit dry and tough, though not unpalatable.

  35. The same smart-alec leftists who object to hunting animals, which helps to alleviate over-population as happened with white tail deer in southern Appalachia a few years ago and it took numerous deaths of motorists before the hunting season and bag limits were expanded, are first to advocate the killing of an unborn baby. These people get me sick. I hate to think this, but if some were to be aborted, then why not some of them?

  36. VILE LIBERAL SCUM [Liberals] are the enemy within being communist agents and/or their Useful Idiots. Slaves to the Communist Party USA goals as reported to Congress decades ago. Every goal has been or is being implemented.

    • He Is ready to clean the SS and medicare out of money. I hope it doesn’t happen!!!!

      • Americans got to wake up!

        • Fernando, we can not let the senate or the congress allow him to make any more decisions. If we have to get in their face every day. I am going to start posting notes at the top of my site every day. to keep reminding them maybe that will help.

          • Now after more Republicans are in Congress we must hold their feet to the fire to fight the ENEMY WITHIN. Become aware of what is going on. NEVER trust main stream media asking yourself how are they trying to fool me today? Never under any circumstances trust a LIBERAL. They delight in making up and telling LIES.


          • Well, congratulations I hope you win. Corruption is rampant in government. Without Christian morals people revert to paganism out to get all they can no matter who it hurts.

            Seems to me America is repeating history all over again. The 1930’s of Germany and the rise of NAZISM.

            When you win stand up for Christian Morality.

            Good Luck!

          • Fernando, I am talking about a several years ago. I would not get involved in it at that level ever again. I found that I do more good on the outside. I am sorry if I mislead you. I just never liked politics after that. I do not want to be on that end ever again. I am still listening to the guy that scared the hell out of me, until about 5 minutes ago he said he was doing this for free but now I see this guy is trying to make money, I am kind of feeling a little tired of it all. you fight so hard and nobody wants to hear it.

          • Never tire of doing good. Fight the good fight. EVIL will forever attempt to destroy good.

          • I try, but sometimes I just get tired of trying..

          • Far too many individuals simply give up joining them. Little do they know their SOULS are at risk.

          • please explain.

          • Well, it is often much more comfortable to join the enemy than stand up to them. They do this on purpose to beat you down. For if one surrenders to the enemy you become the enemy!

          • That will never happen. That is like giving in to your kids because it is easier then listening to them whine. can I ask you a question? are you a happy person???

          • Good question. I try to accept and endure my challenges.

          • no way babe, that will never happen. we won’t let it.

          • Right you are, The Enemy thinks this existence is all there is. From the perspective of eternity our existence compared to the time frame of our God is about three hours of His Day; One thousand of our years equal one day to God.

            So after this life our time on Earth will be like a dream we had one day. Nothing to lose your SOUL over for certain.

  37. How many time have I said don’t argue with a lieberal?

    A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself. (Prov 18:2)

    • I don’t argue with liberals. Debating liberals is like trying to kick a football shaped turd for a field goal; you don’t kick it very far and you get crap all over your shoe.

  38. Liberalism, the religion of hate and intolerance. If this man doesn’t want to hunt then he doesn’t have to. But he has no right to attack some one who is hunting legally. I don’t care to watch NASCAR, but it doesn’t bother me that others do. We all have different likes and dislikes. We all have the right to peruse happiness in what ever way we desire as long as its legal and not destroying others. This man and his liberal attackers of this woman are trying to destroy her because she enjoys pursuing happiness in a different way than they do. And that is wrong.

  39. Ricky Gervais, Is just another admitted sock cucker queen looking for free publicity.

  40. I like to kill a little something every day. I like to say that in a room full of liberals. semper fi

  41. I am a Conservative woman and have been since most of you were in the womb… however I can see no joy in killing anything for fun. If my family had no ability to find food except by killing it, naturally we would kill an animal in order to avoid starvation. I honestly believe that anyone who takes a life — any life — for any other reason is sick.
    I don’t believe early Americans or any patriots killed for the fun of it, but then as today, to provide food. Does the fat bitch take the life of a beautiful wild creature because she needs giraffe meat to survive?

  42. Before all the hillbillies tear me apart, I want to make it clear that my gripe is not with raising meat for food. Nor am I against every American owning a gun and knowing how to use it. I too am a Tea Party member and active in conservative politics. I love the outdoors and I don’t think hugging a tree (or person) means I am either a liberal or enemy of my country. I think culling a sick or weak HERD (not heard by the way) is necessary. Would it be FUN to kill those animals? Not really. Actually I would find it more “fun” to kill certain high up liberals who are destroying my precious country with impunity and a lot easier to do — than taking the life of any animal.

  43. Eat What You Kill. Make use of everybit of the Kill. If she can do that then let her hunt as long as she is in need of the animals that she takes. Look at it this way if you will. There are lots of people who hunts animals just for the head that they’ll hang on the wall just as there are good hunters who takes only the animals that they need to survive on. The question in which type of a hunter is Rebecca? What will be left should everyone have to run for the hills when TSHTF? Will there be enough meat left on the hoof once that happens?

  44. Why give credence to an admitted atheist? Another member of a minuscule, yet highly vocal, intolerant cadre of intolerant, demanding losers attempting to foster their fool-hardy beliefs and culture on the rest of use; much as the homosexual community, who number less then 5% of the population, has and continues attempting to make the rest of us conform and accept their chosen life-style as “normal”.

  45. 1PierreMontagne1

    The Polticaly Correct Left is way ahead of this article.
    TYhey are already envisioning a futre of 90% vegans due to a predicted staggering drop in meat consumptin to avoid cattle produced methane .
    Seems teh new fear is that methane from catttle and other large animals wil destroy the atmosphere and accelerate
    Climate change
    This PC theory competley disregards the milions of annual tons of methane leaking from the pacific and arctic ocean bottoms. Cows really arent the greatest threat to mans survival afterall.

  46. Animals were created for meat to be hunted, domesticated, slaughtered by man!
    God created the Earth and all natural recouces including animals for the exclusive use by Man!
    Man after all is the highest form of creation being made in the likeness of GOD, Male and Female!
    Animals have NO RIGHTS! Only Man has Rights granted ny GOD!

  47. Since we’re a product of evolution, it’s natural for us to hunt, along with lions, cougars, lynxes, wolves, etc.. If hunting is wrong, how can I help eliminate all hunting?

  48. got so many deer here where I live in Towson Maryland the Progressive Social Idiots beg us hunters to kill as many deer as we possibly can…

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