The Left is Starting to Realize They’ve Got Nothing on Kavanaugh

Thanks to Jeff Flake and a few other part-time Republicans in the Senate, we are being forced to endure a meaningless, useless FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh’s background. But while this is going on, sharp-eyed observers will notice that the left has already shifted the narrative away from sexual assault and on to angry ice-throwing incidents, angry testimony, drinking, yearbook jokes, and any other nonsense they can think up to derail this nomination. There’s a reason they are doing this, and the reason is that they don’t believe the serious allegations against Kavanaugh stand a chance in hell of holding up under scrutiny.

It’s one thing to put a sympathetic, crying woman on the stand and say, “Believe her!” It’s quite another to unleash the full federal powers of the FBI. Now we’re beyond voluntary testimony and into cold, hard facts. And we already know that the facts just aren’t strong in this case against Kavanaugh. Whether you believe Dr. Ford or not, you have to admit that her allegations are uncorroborated in any way – not by witnesses, not by contemporaneous evidence, not by anything at all. This case would not even make it to trial, much less convince any jury in America of Kavanaugh’s guilt. So why should it matter to his confirmation?

Once you get beyond Christine Blasey Ford, the accusations get even more absurd. Michael Avenatti’s accuser-in-waiting, Julie Swetnick, essentially made the case against herself in an MSNBC interview this week, where the worst she could say about Kavanaugh was that she saw him “standing by the punch container” at a party. There was lots of innuendo and insinuation in Swetnick’s interview, but she couldn’t bring herself to come anywhere close to the accusations she made in that sworn statement last week. Put that together with Swetnick’s highly questionable history of lawsuits, threats, and dishonesty, and, well, not even Democrats want to touch this one.

That leaves Deborah Ramirez, who has still yet to produce anyone who can corroborate her tale of Kavanaugh exposing himself to her at a party (in front of multiple would-be witnesses). This doesn’t seem like the kind of thing people would be apt to forget, but when you have the accuser herself admitting she was extremely drunk at the time (and having told her friends that she wasn’t even sure it was Brett in the first place), you’ve got an easily-dismissed allegation.

As we thought all along, this was a smear campaign meant to destroy a good man for no reason other than the fact that he’s a conservative who would tip the balance of the Supreme Court. The Democrats can see their smears falling apart, and so they’re moving on to other, even more ludicrous arguments against Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

It’s probably time for America to stop listening to these psychos and start voting them out of office.


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