The Left Doesn’t Want You to Homeschool Your Kids

For years, liberals have used the public school system as a place of indoctrination for our kids. This has grown even more obvious in recent years with the rise of Common Core and the increasing federalization of the school system. In tandem with these liberal gains comes the rise of homeschooling. Parents are realizing, slowly but surely, that their kids would be better off without the force-fed liberalism the public school system offers.

Predictably, the left hates this.

One of the most overt shots in the war over homeschooling came last week from a Connecticut task force. Asked to investigate the killings at Sandy Hook elementary, the task force came back with some recommendations for the Connecticut government. Homeschooling, the task force says, needs to be more tightly scrutinized in the wake of the murders. They recommend that school districts appoint “special educators” who would be able to veto parental education plans. In other words, the government wants to tell you what to teach your kids.

Getting away from liberal instruction is one of the main reasons parents want to homeschool their kids in the first place! Is it the task force’s belief that Adam Lanza’s homeschooling drove him to kill a multitude of little kids? What, then, is there to say of the many other school shootings we’ve seen, most of which were done at public schools by public school students? Lanza himself was in the public school system until the 10th grade. Who’s to say that his mother’s home instruction had more to do with how he turned out than his teachers in the system?

It’s another transparent attempt for the left to discourage homeschooling. Failing those efforts, they want to make sure they have full control over what you’re teaching your child at home. We wouldn’t want a generation of free thinkers to come up, now would we? No, sir. These kids need to be in their little desks, learning about the evil white men that destroyed a pristine culture to create the greatest evil the world has ever seen: The United States of America.

In the year going from July 2010 to June 2011, there were 31 violent deaths in American public schools. In 2012, teenagers in the public school system were the subject of 749,200 violent crimes. For the same period, 615,600 were victims of theft. Public school teachers spend as much time delivering a liberal sexual education to our students as they do science and math. That’s to say nothing of the aimed-at-the-lowest-student method of instruction which ensures that bright young kids are always behind their capabilities.

With all of these negatives, it’s no wonder the left has to reach this far in their arguments against homeschooling. It’s an argument they’re simply not equipped to make. Unless they can drum up wild theories about homeschooling being connected to mass violence, they know the middle class is going to abandon their schools in droves.

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