The Left Doesn’t Want You to Homeschool Your Kids

For years, liberals have used the public school system as a place of indoctrination for our kids. This has grown even more obvious in recent years with the rise of Common Core and the increasing federalization of the school system. In tandem with these liberal gains comes the rise of homeschooling. Parents are realizing, slowly but surely, that their kids would be better off without the force-fed liberalism the public school system offers.

Predictably, the left hates this.

One of the most overt shots in the war over homeschooling came last week from a Connecticut task force. Asked to investigate the killings at Sandy Hook elementary, the task force came back with some recommendations for the Connecticut government. Homeschooling, the task force says, needs to be more tightly scrutinized in the wake of the murders. They recommend that school districts appoint “special educators” who would be able to veto parental education plans. In other words, the government wants to tell you what to teach your kids.

Getting away from liberal instruction is one of the main reasons parents want to homeschool their kids in the first place! Is it the task force’s belief that Adam Lanza’s homeschooling drove him to kill a multitude of little kids? What, then, is there to say of the many other school shootings we’ve seen, most of which were done at public schools by public school students? Lanza himself was in the public school system until the 10th grade. Who’s to say that his mother’s home instruction had more to do with how he turned out than his teachers in the system?

It’s another transparent attempt for the left to discourage homeschooling. Failing those efforts, they want to make sure they have full control over what you’re teaching your child at home. We wouldn’t want a generation of free thinkers to come up, now would we? No, sir. These kids need to be in their little desks, learning about the evil white men that destroyed a pristine culture to create the greatest evil the world has ever seen: The United States of America.

In the year going from July 2010 to June 2011, there were 31 violent deaths in American public schools. In 2012, teenagers in the public school system were the subject of 749,200 violent crimes. For the same period, 615,600 were victims of theft. Public school teachers spend as much time delivering a liberal sexual education to our students as they do science and math. That’s to say nothing of the aimed-at-the-lowest-student method of instruction which ensures that bright young kids are always behind their capabilities.

With all of these negatives, it’s no wonder the left has to reach this far in their arguments against homeschooling. It’s an argument they’re simply not equipped to make. Unless they can drum up wild theories about homeschooling being connected to mass violence, they know the middle class is going to abandon their schools in droves.

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  1. Of course liberals don’t want homeschooling! You teaching your children your values! Absurd! As Hitler said, “Give me the children and I will have the country forever!”

    • The left fears the truth. Our schools are “little red School houses”‘ and have been for 50 years. That is why we are loosing our country. Wake up America Obama wants to “rule”.There will be no elections in 2016. Obama will declare martial law and himself President for life.

      • Not when bo & his crony regime is removed after the criminal indictments for treason are proved by court martial ..! His dereliction of duty to his sworn oath to protect the U.S. Constitution & Laws that bo and his far left administration have violated that is destroying U.S. National Security ..!

        • right on…………….Why doesn’t Fox expose the “rules of engagement” for our air war.

          Obama won’t let civilians be bombed. HOw do you differentiate when they all look the same??? So , I guess we are bombing empty buildings, tanks and trucks.That is no way to win a war.

          • Just as we did in Vietnam, instead of targets that would’ve made a difference and saved American Lives, we bombed rice paddies, and truck parks. Politics has NO place in a Military Action.

          • what would’ve saved 50K american lives, and a whole lot more vietnamese lives, would have been not to start the war in the first place!

          • YOU have no inkling of history. WE DID NOT START that conflict. It was NOT a war. WE were INVITED by the So. Vietnam Government to come to the defense of that country. It was even called a “Police Action” by the demoCRAPS in power at that time. LEARN YOUR FACTS BEFORE TRYING TO CONVERSE WITH ADULTS. You will seem LESS IGNORANT if you do so.

          • Robert, I commend your point of view. We ARE in too many conflicts to be justified.
            However, a little under discussed history. We did not start the war. That country has been fighting since about 1945. The conflict began as the French Indo China war, and France, Germany and countless other foreign countries were drawn in for various reasons. To my way of thinking, none were justified. It was and always will be outside forces interfering in what amounted to a civil war.. I am not putting any of your views down. Just adjusting the fact a little.

          • And you also have been misinformed or forgotten facts. Technically it was referred to as the “VIETNAM CONFLICT!” True, never declared a war, but by invitation or otherwise, we had no damned business being there. And we had no damned business going to Iraq and causing all that shit. We are like, “let’s go fuck with this foreign country and forget to close our own back door!” WE STICK OUR NOSES WHERE WE DON’T BELONG!!!

          • It was classified by the U.S. Government as a POLICE ACTION. And your opinions mean LITTLE to people who lived through it.

          • You have a tiny view of the world that probably doesn’t extend beyond your front yard and the Democrat talking points. If you weren’t alive during that period then you have no business commenting, I didn’t serve but knew many that did and they are the ones that were spit on and verbally harangued by the scumbag hippie Democrats that are now in government trying to turn America into a Communist dictatorship. Containment was considered the only way to stop Communism short of a world war and all Western powers supported and believed in it. Maybe you should talk to a few vets from the current conflicts and see where they come down because most believe and understand the reason they were there? You won’t because you see them as stupid rednecks not smart enough to get a job and probably think those wounded and killed deserved it for joining. I just described most Democrats and based on your pointless, nearsighted view I’m sure you are one of those lowly creatures. The Democrats shot their wad with the dickhead-in-chief Obomination and America has finally rejected his leftist agenda so get used to seeing more conflicts as we real American’s repair the damage he and his fellow travelers have done. We understand our history and also understand that freedom is never free or cheap and also know our enemies will always have us on their target list so rest assured that loyal Americans will keep this country free so you can spout your illiterate vomit.

          • You seem to have omitted the LIE regarding the Gulf of Tonkin Incident (which was used to justify our actions), something we know today was a complete and total LIE, but was used to justify air strikes on North Vietnam, despite there NEVER having been ANY ATTACK on U.S. Ships Aggressively gathering Intelligence in the Gulf of Tonkin on 2 Aug. 1964!!! Perhaps your the one who should re-read history, as your memory seems to be slipping, or you just have selective memory disorder!

          • The “lie” is ONLY YOUR OPINION. Put down the libtard koolaide, & LEARN HISTORY, NOT JUST LIBTOAD LIES & SPEWING POINTS.

          • You are wasting your time on trash like him. When you place facts in their way they vomit and run to mommy for a rehash of the hippie version of things.

          • oh you are so right. Frustrating, but REWARDING in setting the record straight, so those lacking knowledge like this one have NO EXCUSES, such as I did not know that, he has just been schooled on the event that NEVER HAPPENED, henceforth it will simply be his dreams when he speaks garbage like this again!!

          • A: I am not a Liberal, but a Conservative.
            B: You must be the product of public education, as your direly lacking knowledge!

            Thursday, Jul 15th, 2010

            1,100 pages of previously classified Vietnam-era transcripts released
            this week by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee highlight the fact
            that several Senators knew that the White House and the Pentagon had
            deceived the American people over the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident.

            It would take over thirty years for the truth to emerge that the Aug. 4,
            1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident, where US warships were apparently
            attacked by North Vietnamese PT Boats – an incident that kicked off US
            involvement in the Vietnam war – was a staged event that never actually
            took place.

            The LBJ Presidential tapes, declassified and released in 2001, prove that LBJ knew the Tonkin incident never happened. After dressing down his Defense Secretary Robert McNamara for misleading him, Johnson then discussed how to politically spin the non-event and escalate it as justification for air strikes.
            If you require more education try doing your own research and learning the FACTS before making a idiot fool of yourself for the entire world to see!!!

            C: The above is NOT MY OPINION, it is INDEED FACT, direct from your own Federal Government Archives, and NOTHING you can say will change the FACTS on the Gulf of Tonkin (non-incident)!!!

          • we did not ”start” the war. we got involved.

          • Regardless of who the hell started the “conflict” that was NEVER declared a war, I and a shitload of my friends WERE THERE and we had no damned business in Vietnam or Iraq! And my knowledge goes one hell of a lot further than my front yard. I just turned 70 and my brother and I were BOTH THERE!!!

          • authorization is the same thing. bush got it from congress. i am glad we got rid of saddam & i am damn proud of it!

          • Especially bo’s obvious deceitful destruction to the U.S. Military with his lying purges .. !

          • Worst of this is the pilots cannot be sure they are getting true target call & who they are bombing when bo’s muslims on the ground are calling the targets …! This no ground force has a lot of stench coming from the W.H. muslims support by his 6 years of lies & deceit !

        • Hope you’re right….but congress hasn’t done much of anything to put a stop to all the illegal activities so far…

        • But the question still looms, my friend… WHO IS GOING TO MUSTER THE BALLS TO GET HIM CONVICTED??

        • An FBI arrest, trial for treason, and a cell in Gitmo are what this WH treasonist deserves!

          • Better for the U.S. if bo & his muslm, marxist deceitful crony administration were tried and convicted of treason with the max penalty eliminating any chance for return ..!

      • Obama was a test. Hillary may be our next leader. The Democratic party just demonstrated that they can put anyone in the seat whether eligible or not. They just proved it with this joker. He also got away with unimaginable amount of Executive Orders by-passing Congress. So, our checks and balances are destroyed. Our election system is destroyed and rigged. Our judicial system is stacked with homosexual, unpatriotic, anti-Christian judges. Our national security agencies are riddled with Islamic infiltrators that have ties direct to our enemies. So in essence we are doomed.

        • Hillary isn’t going to run, her thieving, lying past has caught up with her but they will find some other liar to take her place.

          • I am so fed up with our Executive and Congressional leaders. It seems none of them are interested in leading this country. It’s all about power, them, their retirement, and their lifestyle. The American people are their last concern. The biggest change we need is honesty and patriotism back in the White House.

    • Many home schooling families actually have the audacity to teach their kids about our Christian heritage and the Constitution and what it really means. That makes them the enemies of the state and deserve to be executed in their blind eyes.

      • Actually, had parents been paying attention the indoctrination could never have happened in the first place. I’m raising my seven year old grand daughter and pay very close attention to what she hears and the first day of first grade I made sure her teacher and councelor knew I’ll be watching. I also went on their Facebook page and laid out some facts about how allowing the children of illegal aliens to attend they no longer support the law and put the tax burden on legal citizens. I also made it clear that these cute little kids from the South have brought disease to the classroom because the Democrats and RINO’s put more importance in their power than the welfare of America’s children. I’m home schooling all right in my own unique way and urge everyone else to speak up also. Communism in the guise of the Democrat Party are on the down slope towards an inglorious death and will fight tooth and nail all the way but they will die.

        • I agree but most don’t and see government indoctrination centers more as baby sitter. My wife and I home schooled all our kids and they are all very successful in their fields of endeavor. They have learned several things from us one how to get answers not just memorize them and a work ethic that is not seen in today’s environment.

          • The home schooling should be every parents control to their own kids that polices what the public schools are teaching & the government trying to dictate propaganda like bo’s common core destruction to U.S Fundamental Freedom & a Constitutional education … !

          • The bottom line is that the children’s education is the responsibility of the parents NOT the government.

    • Of course they DON’T want you to home school your children. Just think of the millions that they won’t be able to indoctrinate with their SICKASS MUSLIM BELIEFS!!

  2. They won’t be able to teach their “teachings” if you keep them out of public schools.. Not to mention the drug dealers posing as children. A 35 year old man can sit next to your 14 year old daughter. Don’t think for one second the mexican drug cartel isn’t in high school…….

  3. We home schooled our 2 boys and boy am I glad we did. One is an editor of a highly technical publication, and the other is a really talented chef and a musician with a large following. They are both well-adjusted, intelligent, compassionate, and generous citizens and contributors to society.

  4. I’m far from a liberal, actually a fiscal conservative and social moderate, but I am no fan of homeschooling. From what I’ve seen in our state, there are few rules or boundaries. Parents should at least have to take some kind of a test to show they are qualified to teach their children. I’ve heard some of them speak and obviously they didn’t go any further than the 8th grade if that.

    • They are still the parents. Government intrusion into the family should be severely curtailed and the common core libs should be told to butt out. My own experience with home schooled kids is that they are much calmer, capable of “thinking through” a problem and in general more responsible for their actions. Although I can’t prove it, I expect that there is far less teen pregnancy from the home schooled too.

      • The taxpayers are obligated by law to provide a free education for every child K-12. This requirement is not something new that came about when Obama became president. Frankly, although I am not a homeschooling fan, I would love it if every parent homeschooled their children. Our property tax bill would be cut by more than half….the amount that goes to our local school district. Look at all of the extra money we homeowners would have. Go for it, everyone. Close the schools, allow parents with little or no education homeschool their kids, who cares if it puts more money in the pockets of the property owners.

        • Home schoolers basically have programs they use that are developed by education people. Just REAL educators. Not the public school Indoctrinators. Parents don’t just teach what they want. Haven’t for a very long time. There is still a curriculum.

          • I’m sure that’s the case in many areas. However, when a parent can take the classroom out of homeschooling for an entire school year, to me something is wrong with the system. If people choose to homeschool their kids, that’s fine. I simply stated in the beginning that I’m not a fan. Why certain people get their panties in a twist over a simple opinion makes me wonder about that individual. I never said nobody should ever be homeschooled. It seems that in America we are no longer to voice our opinions without taking abuse. That is one of the problems facing America today. It seems to be “my way or no way”. We see it in everything we do or say.

          • Fedupwiththefeds

            Dawn, I had to read through the comments again, and I don’t think that anyone “got their panties in a twist” over your opinion. I think they were trying to explain that there is a difference in the way children are homeschooled than there is in children going to a brick and mortar school. My children were not homeschooled but my brother’s children were. I’ve seen both sides because of it. There is a common misconception that children that are homeschooled by parents that lack the teaching credentials are not getting a quality education. The replies to your comments are just letting you know that the curriculum is not what a lot of people think it is. You’re definitely entitled to your opinion but don’t take it personal when someone tries to show you the other side to it. If I’ve offended you, I apologize, it is not my intention. I just thought that you maybe misunderstood what the others were trying to get across.

          • Yes Dawn. That not accepting any difference in opinion is courtesy of the Liberal Commies. It is THEIR way or the highway and they’ll shout and scream everyone down who refuses to live by THEIR rules. This has been a long time in coming and now it’s here. I never could understand why people put up with this PC BS. It’s Fascism and always has been. The ONLY opinion you are entitled to is that of the Commies/Libs/Progressives and God help you if you don’t accept it.

            I DO NOT. They can all go to hell as far as I am concerned. In fact, they BELONG there.

          • I agree although I’m not sure most liberals even have an opinion. It seems they blindly follow their leader, making them brainless.

          • The libtards did not learn from history & are now doomed to repeat it, which is destroying the U.S Freedom & Rights for All U.S. Citizens even these brain dead cronies of bo ..!

          • That is correct Dawn. They do follow their party’s line. But that IS an opinion too. They ACCEPT the stupidity as inherently reasonable, making it their opinion also.

          • Perhaps you’re right although I don’t consider blind acceptance an opinion. I consider it mindless.

          • I guess I should have clarified, Dawn, because I see it as dead brained too. Just as you do. I was presenting it the way the ‘brain dead’ see it. They would consider stupidly following tyrannical leaders and Communism as their CHOICE, ie, their Opinion. I agree though. They are completely mindless.

          • Decades ago in Russia, the people thought the same thing when the communists took over. Boy were they in for a rude awakening.

          • And they’re going to be having an equally rude awakening in our country. Apparently idiots never learn.

          • Mindless acceptance.

          • Totally correct that most liberals don’t have an opinion, they just blindly follow. But, they do know how to attack anyone and everyone that does have an opinion that goes against their leaders. They believe that if they talk louder, attack more, they will win, but logic isn’t even on the table for them. They all seem so lost and pathetic, without morals or ethics.

      • I’ve seen many families that were home schooled….ALL of them have grown up into WAY more responsible and productive people. They’re creative, very knowledgeable, an incredible pleasure to be around. And I hadn’t thought about it before you mentioned it, but interestingly, NONE of them have had children before they were married, and they’ve all had very successful marriages without divorce. I’d say the results speak for themselves.

      • Your “thinking through” comment is the aces Terry. And the crux of the issue. Communism Indoctrination began in the early to mid 1970s. They don’t WANT their little brain dead morons to THINK through anything. If you can think, you oppose Communism.

    • I suspect your basing this on just opinion. I’ve never seen better kids than the ones I’ve seen that were home schooled. WHO do you know that actually home schools? The ones I know I VERY SERIOUS about teaching their children. They set aside specific hours out of the day where they don’t even answer the phone during “school hours”. Their elementary school age kids usually know more than the local junior high students. Sounds like you’re just parroting somebody’s ignorance.

      • I know 3 families who homeschool. One of the three does a very fine job with their children; the other two, not so much. The family who does a great job are Mennonites, having moved here from another state and found there was no Mennonite school close by. All of their children work in the family business, are smart, polite and well rounded. In many ways, it has a lot to do with the parents. I mentioned the one who didn’t hold classroom studies for an entire school year and her children have no discipline whatsoever. Actually, they’re brats. Her brother calls them wild animals. The other was a boy in our neighborhood who had problems adjusting in school since he was small for his age. The unfortunate part was that his mother didn’t even graduate from high school and had an entry level job, all she could get with her level of education. I believe, and will always believe that if parents want to homeschool their children it is their choice but that they certainly should be screened and tested to make sure they are qualified to do so. Obviously you are extremely defensive which makes we wonder just how qualified you are in this area. Why do others’ opinions bother you so much if you feel you are doing the right thing?

        • I couldn’t give a damn what your OPINION is. What I DO give a damn about are people like you who pass around false information to promote your agendas. At this point….I’m DONE conversing with you because I’ve caught you in a lie. It’s pointless to carry on with someone who doesn’t have a problem with lying to achieve their goals.

          • With your language, your children, if you have any, should be taken away for child abuse. You are not fit to raise children. In fact, you aren’t fit for anything. Goodbye, loser.

          • Fedupwiththefeds

            I fail to see what “lie” she caught you in. As far as I can tell, you were being honest in your experiences with people who homeschool. All I can say is wow. It takes all kinds to make the world go round. Now I can understand fully. The way the comments are set up on my computer is by “best”. I need to change it to go from oldest to newest. That’s why I commented before I had the whole story. Now that I can follow along, I can totally see why you would be upset. Don’t let one person stop you from expressing your opinion. Sometimes seeing another view gives people something to think about.

          • I’m glad to see that you got the full story. Unfortunately, this individual seems to be the sort that isn’t interested in any point of view other than her own but she isn’t going to keep me from voicing my opinion. Thank you for your comment.

          • Fedupwiththefeds

            I called her out on a couple of her comments. Maybe she will take it to heart and not be so quick to accuse someone else of lying when it’s clear that it’s a matter of opinion.

          • I haven’t seen anything from her lately so maybe she got the message. I refuse to respond to any more of her rantings.

    • Dawn you are obviously passionate against homeschooling but the truth is that homeschooled kids do far better in real life than public schooled kids. I teach college level and I have opportunity to teach many homeschoolers who are working on their school credits but earning college credit at the same time. They are far more mature than their public school counterparts and far more clear headed in their making decisions, arriving at conclusions and solutions and are also gifted musically, artistically and are well read and very in tune politically. Perhaps you had a bad experience related to homeschooling but mine have been consistent and always am surprised with the level of facility and proficiency my homeschooled students are — They also act maturely and remain close through emails or US mail and remind you of their appreciation after they move on. One of my students went on the Cordon Blue chef school — No eighth grader would to that.

      • I’m not “passionate”. All I said was I was not a fan of homeschooling. I’ve seen a few examples. It appears that Marilyn5555 is “passionate” to the point of being very nasty and I can and will respond in kind. Last I heard, in America we were free to give our opinions. She’s called me a liar when I know certain circumstances to be true. Why would our good friends lie to me about how her daughter homeschools her children? This woman has called me a liar and other names simply because I don’t agree with her. In her case, with her attitude, I do fear for the future of her children. Parents, as you know, are our earliest role models.

        • Dawn if you want an eye-opener go to her profile and read her comments. She really IS a singularly nasty person. And stupid as a rock.

          • I’ve figured that out just by her comments here. When people protest that much, usually there is much more to the story. I’m done with her. Any notification of a comment from her will be deleted. You can’t reason with a head filled with concrete.

          • Fedupwiththefeds

            Now that I’ve read a little further, I understand where your comment was directed and I apologize. You’re entitled to your opinion and I respect that. I didn’t realize that another commenter was calling you a liar (for no good reason). That’s a little harsh when they don’t know you personally. Sorry you have to go through that! Have you flagged her comment?

          • I haven’t flagged her comment but if I get another one, I certainly will consider it. It is too bad when people have to resort to name calling when responding on these blogs. What happened to common courtesy?

          • 😉 …. Love that “You can’t reason with a head filled with concrete.” line. Very good. And no, you can’t.

    • That may be the case in your state, but most likely you just have very little interaction with home schoolers or their children. We home schooled both our boys until they reached high school when they decided they were missing out on too many social activities (girls). They both entered their freshman years (2 years apart) as sophomores and were still at the top of their classes, complaining about no challenge. They are both successful professionals now and homeschooling their own children. I don’t care if you’re liberal or conservative, making judgements about homeschooling needs more experience and information.

      • All I said from the beginning is that I’m not a fan of homeschooling. So what? It’s my opinion and as far as I know voicing one’s opinion is still legal in the United States of America. Apparently your experience has been a success as have many others. All I’m saying is based on what my friend told me about her daughter homeschools, one of two things are evident: either the rules aren’t strict enough in Ohio or she is breaking those laws. Obviously you had the education and background to homeschool your children. How many parents don’t? I believe there should be a test given to any parent deciding to homeschool his/her child(ren) to make sure they have the ability to handle it. For all I care, homeschooling could become mandatory. In that case, our property tax bill would be cut in more than half. We would no longer have to support our local school district. Sounds good to me. The woman who continues to call me a liar, among other things, obviously is not fit to homeschool her children. What kind of an example is she showing them? Your boys obviously found something lacking in the social area, which was one of my points. It kind of equates to what I remember as a high school student. We got off the bus near a Catholic girl’s school. It was downright embarrassing to see these girls hike up their skirts, put on make-up and giggle at the boys who got off the bus. Since we sat in school with these same boys all day, we found them to be annoying rather than something to make fools of ourselves over. Again, I am entitled to my opinion and I don’t understand what all of the fuss is about. I never said nobody should homeschool their children; all I said is I’m not a fan. So what? I’m sick and tired of being jumped on simply for offering an honest opinion. That’s what is wrong with America today; we can’t agree to disagree. Anyone who disagrees with anyone is automatically wrong. No wonder we’re in the mess we’re in.

        • I understand and am sorry if I appeared to be harsh in my post. Maybe I just wanted to express the good luck we had with it. At the time, in Idaho, we had to submit a curriculum to the school board. Most people who cared enough to home school did their homework on what would be required for their kids to be successful and the school board knew it. Very rarely were parents turned down,,,,I never knew any, but there were stories,,,,. We had a lot of devout religious organizations (still do) that set the pace for home schooling in our area.
          I don’t know about nowdays, with the way the leftist, progressive, globalists want to control everyone, I would imagine the people you are talking about don’t have enough of a sense of responsibility to handle educating their own children. It’s not easy and takes a lot of determination and discipline on the parents part as well as the children.

          • Thanks for your response. Frankly, you are not the individual I was referring to. There is an individual on this blog who seems to feel that because I don’t agree with her, because I have stated what is a fact, I’m a “liar”. In the case to which I referred, it was the parents’ right but taking a 6 yr. old out of school to homeschool because she mouthed of to the teacher doesn’t seem to be the answer. If a 6 year old tells a teacher she knows more than the teacher, it would seem to me there is a problem with that child and her attitude that should have been addressed. All I know is that I don’t want those two kids back in my house. Once was more than enough. I’m sure your children are well educated, have manners due to you, as a parent.

    • Fedupwiththefeds

      I thought that myself of my sister-in-law when she first started homeschooling their 4 children. Now, I have to agree with those that support it. My nieces and nephews are all extremely respectful, highly intelligent, and very well adjusted to society in general. Three of them are in college now and the fourth is currently in her senior year. She chose to go to public high school for her last 4 years so she can participate in all of the high school activites. The oldest was completely homeschooled and the rest were given the option of going to public school if they chose to. All 4 of those kids are way more polite and respectful than any of the other nieces and nephews.

      • I’m glad it worked out well for your sister-in-law and her family. I believe it depends on the parents as well as the child. It sounds as though your sister-in-law allowed them to make their own choices when they reached high school age. I will say, despite some kids that we find not as quite respectful as we would like, that I see many young people who obviously were taught manners and respect. I have been pleasantly surprised at the number of young people who hold the door, allow me to enter and exit a store or restaurant ahead of them. It doesn’t seem to make a difference how they are dressed, the length of their hair, or whatever. Somebody has done a very good job as they were growing up. On the other side of the issue, I’ve heard some old biddies complain that when they say “thank you”, the young people respond with “no problem” rather than “you’re welcome”. Who cares? It’s the thought and the act that counts. Every generation has its own slang. I’m just happy with their kindness.

        • Fedupwiththefeds

          I’m 44 years old and I will admit that there are times I say “no problem”. You’re right, it does depend on the family. I would never homeschool my children because I know I don’t have the patience nor do I feel I am qualified. My oldest graduated from a brick and mortar school and my youngest went to a Charter school beginning her junior year. All of her work was done online and she only had to show up at the school once a week for 4 hours. The difference was that she only had 3 classes but she had 4 semesters. She learned better that way because she didn’t have to concentrate on 6 or 7 classes and keep track of which ones she had homework in or projects due or whatever. It was easier for her to concentrate on 3 at a time. In a way, it was like homeschooling but she had the teachers available locally and could go in on any day to get help if she needed it. Every child is different and every state is different. What works for one may not work for another.

          • If someone wants to say, “no problem”, who cares? I don’t. It is the thought and the act that counts. To me, it means the same as “you’re welcome”. I’ve probably said it a few times myself.

  5. This task force in Connecticut is nothing more than a DEMOCRAT group instructed by the powers that be to do what they can to demonize homeschooling.If Homeschooling can be restricted or outlawed then that gives the powers that be more children to brainwash and indoctrinate to the thinking that all freedom loving and independent people are the enemy. The Taskforce is also another bunch of anti gun nuts put togather by the OSAMA OBAMA machine to push for gun confiscation and destruction.!!!

  6. No please homeschool them all you want.. That will just be less competition for my good jobs out there for the rest of our kids.

    • Rick I don’t know what you have heard but kids that get homeschooled end up doing better than kids traditionally taught in the public school arena.

      • Don’t know about your state but that’s not the truth here.

        • I believe it depends on the state requirements, which vary from state to state. When it comes to readying children for the workplace, I tend to believe those children who attend either public or private school, are taught teamwork and working with others do better in the workplace. That is one of my concerns re: homeschooling… these children do well working with others? Are they able to get along with people they don’t necessarily like? In many cases, they do fine with it comes to core subjects but not so much when it comes to interaction…..something extremely important in one’s career.

          • Obviously someone else who doesn’t know much about home schooling. Most home schoolers these days are involved in organizations where people who home school come together to involve their kids in group activities like sports, music, theatrical the same as goes on in public schools.

          • I’m entitled to my opinion just as you are entitled to yours. I my opinion a great deals depends on why a parent has chosen to homeschool. Our friends’ daughter homeschools her children because when her daughter was in first grade she kept telling the teacher she knew more than she did. Is that a reason to homeschool or a reason to turn that kid over on your lap and give her a good spanking? These two kids are out of control. When they visited our home, the parents sat on the couch, saying nothing while their kids practically destroyed our house, banging things against nice furniture, running through the house and slamming doors. I hate to think what they’re going to grow up to be. These weren’t little kids, they were 10 and 11; obviously been given no discipline. Their mother decided last year that she was going to do away with classroom lessons and simply take the children places. That’s the problem in Ohio; there are no standards, no milestones, no required lesson plans. I told their grandmother, our friend, I don’t want these kids back in my house.

          • Now I KNOW you’re a liar….and just have your own personal agenda, whatever that is in mind. Ohio has ALL KINDS of restrictions and requirements for home schooling. I can tell by the way you write you didn’t do well in school. And MY opinion is based on FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE. IF….I repeat IF….they were doing this in your home…..why did you let it continue? I sure as hell wouldn’t. Ohio DOES have standards… that says it all about you——you’re a liar.

          • As a matter of fact, I did very well in school and very well in my career. Just because you are an advocate doesn’t make me a liar. It is simply my opinion and, last I heard, we were still free to express our opinions in America. If Ohio has such requirements, why did my friends’ daughter get away with taking their children out of a classroom setting for an entire school year? Not only do I hope you don’t homeschool your children, based on your response I sincerely hope you have no children. If you do, heaven help us all.

          • Home school requirements are a matter of public information. You OBVIOUSLY haven’t bothered to look at them or you’d know. Because I’m an advocate has nothing to do with it, but I CAN contact the state like anybody else (if you tried) and find out the requirements. You got caught in a lie. You hope I don’t have children? Why? Because I’d teach them to speak the TRUTH? and without calling someone a jacka$$….yeah, I’m sure you’d have so much to offer as a teacher.

          • I call them as I see them and you are an a$$hole. Your fault, not mine. I feel very sorry for your husband (if you bothered to have one, which I doubt). You sound like the type that would open your legs to any man. Do your children actually know who their fathers are? G T H, you worthless excuse for a human being.

          • Take a CLOSE look in the mirror…. I caught you in a lie, and called you a liar. And you become VILE. You put your foot in your mouth when you couldn’t verify anything. And then you PERSONALLY attack me. You’ve shown your lack of character and how classless you are. Open my legs to any man? REALLY? WOW! That shows what level you’ll stoop to. Do your children know their fathers? Worthless excuse for a human being? ALLLLLLLL of that….because YOU got caught in your own lie. Sounds like a true democrat/liberal/or whatever you call yourself. Such CLASS—–I’m so impressed.

          • For the final time, I did not lie. I told you what my friend told me about how her daughter homeschools her children. Why would my friend lie to me? Because it differs from your viewpoint, automatically I’m a liar. You started this argument sister and I’m more than happy to finish it. I voiced a simple opinion and a situation of which I know first hand and I’m lying because it doesn’t suit your miserable self. You are a disgrace and a very poor excuse for a mother and a human being. Go flush your head in the toilet and make the world a better place.

          • YOU stated: “in Ohio; there are no standards, no milestones, no required lesson plans”. And there most certainly are. Anybody can go to the site and find out what’s required, and what’s needed to home school. THAT was a lie. You didn’t say your friend told you that, you made a FLAT statement. And THEN….you start making claims that this person or that told you. Typical. too late to back paddle. We’re done. All I’m hearing from you is blah blah blah

          • Fedupwiththefeds

            “From what I’ve seen in our state, there are few rules or boundaries”, “All I’m saying is based on what my friend told me about her daughter homeschools, one of two things are evident: either the rules aren’t strict enough in Ohio or she is breaking those laws.” “Their mother decided last year that she was going to do away with classroom lessons and simply take the children places. That’s the problem in Ohio; there are no standards, no milestones, no required lesson plans.” All of these statements are based on her personal experience with a family that chooses to go against the system in educating their children. Not only is it unfair of you to attack her in the manner in which you are doing, but it also unfair for you to call her a liar when she has stated from the beginning that this is her opinion based on what she has seen first hand. Nowhere does she claim to be an expert and she has never once stated that she knows first hand what the laws are in her state. Every comment quoted above is obviously an opinion. You need to learn how to read between the lines.

          • It IS fair to call someone a liar when they got caught in their lie! She said there were NO guidelines, and I found them online…that makes her a LIAR! Attacking HER?!?! She got CAUGHT! But….it’s okay for her to say things like I open my legs for any man? Do my children know their fathers? Yeah….that’s rich! If the woman she SUPPOSEDLY is talking about, which sounds TOTALLY fake isn’t following the state guidelines, that’s a TOTALLY different problem, an unrelated to the original topic.

          • You should just mellow the hell out! Get back on your meds. Dawn has just as much right to say what she believes as you or I do. No need to personally attack her,,,,you’re not proving anything except for your lack of societal skills.

          • Another liberal troll heard from… She has the right to say what she wants–yes. She DOESN’T have the right to state a LIE as fact, and not be called on it. Me attack HER? You need to finish the dialog and see who’s attacking who. I’m not the one who was all vile and vulgar. I’m not the one who made it PERSONAL. I went online to find out what Ohio’s requirements are……………..WHY didn’t she? She got caught in a lie….she can pull up her big girl panties and get over it.

          • ROTFLOL! Me, a liberal troll? Too much,,,,,way too much! That is something I’ve never in my life been accused of. Pardon me, I’m still laughing! Who’s got their panties in a knot now? Would you just mellow out, please.

          • Fedupwiththefeds

            Marilyn, have you thought about the possibility that she is NOT lying and has seen first hand the results of a parent that obviously threw the “requirements” out the window? It does happen. I watched a story of a family that did not believe in the traditional “school” and did not follow a curriculum from an accredited home school. They believed that their children were getting an education based on everyday experiences. Apparently, there are some families that believe this is the way to educated their children. As far as Dawn’s experience is concerned, she is entitled to her opinion based on what she sees is happening with a family she knows. You can’t call her a liar without seeing for yourself and having PROOF that the family in question is following all the established guidelines for homeschooling children in the state of Ohio. Where is your PROOF that she is lying?

          • She made that comment before EVER saying anything about knowing anybody. She ASKED what do these people teach there children. She didn’t KNOW anything about home schooling. I went online and found the state guidelines, she COULD have done the same before opening her mouth. NOTHING about her BS stories make sense. I found them online, why didn’t she?

        • What state?

    • The hell it will. Home schooled kids almost ALWAYS surpass kids their same ages in state tests.

  7. This control of kids by government is exactly what the dictated commie countries do to own the indoctrinated kids that grow up to ignorantly support the tyranny regime without the knowledge of Freedom & humane civil Rights…! Does it appear that do & his far left commie muslim administration is creating the same type dictator regime in the U.S.?

    • It was EXACTLY what Hitler did! Thought we were supposed to learn from past mistakes and stupidity?

      • So did Stalin in the Soviet Union of the 50’s take children and “educate” them in accordance with the state’s values.

        • Yup….that’s been a tactic by most dictatorships.

          • They are teaching them Islam in Mich. My kids would not be in school period

          • Isn’t it interesting….they’ll teach about islam, but won’t talk about Christianity at all. Schools are pulling books off the library shelves about Christianity, or written by Christian authors, they try to prevent students from having faith-led groups on the premises, EVEN after they’ve lost the lawsuit, they tell coaches they’re not allowed to participate in a prayer before a game, it’s so beyond ridiculous…..

          • Michigan & California are total losses to the U.S. as free states by the influx of illegal dumb foreigners & libtard free loaders that support bo & his commie, muslim regime ! Doomed !

      • This is EXACTLY why Obama and the Democrat Party want “Universal Pre-School”. They have control of K-12. The only thing not fully controlled is “pre-school”. He must not succeed.

    • Ward, it isn’t “The Goal”. It has BEEN being done since the 1970s. The Commies got our school system in the 1960s. That is WHY we now have a Communist in our WH. All those Commie kids voting for ‘looks’ instead of decency and patriotism. Those two qualities have been squelched. Thoroughly.

      • The goal is being rapidly completed by bo & his commie, muslim administration to a dictatorship & indoctrination of kids is the future tyranny in the U.S. if not stopped very soon …!..!

        • Yes it is Ward. I believe the part obaMAO has in turning this country Communist is in forcing Common Core nation wide as THE standard. Actually, it is a program to teach kids NOT to think but to follow dictates. Period. Don’t want all the little Commie numbskulls to be able to think. They might not follow orders so avidly and raptly then. It’s to turn them into mind dead robots. They’re ALREADY mind dead. Now to get them to turn in parents and neighbors just as Hitler had the kids doing.

          • Becky ; You have it to the facts & too bad many other parents did not learn from history about the tyranny dictatorships…! Now doomed to repeat the dictator history if they do nothing to stop this wannabe dictator & his crony,commie,muslim far left administration of deceit and lies …! Common core is commie indoctrination by bo brainwashing …!

          • Yes it really is too bad Ward – for us – that parents abdicated their responsibilities in making sure their kids were actually ‘educated’, as opposed to indoctrinated. We are all going to pay dearly for their stupidity and evil.

        • Give credit to JFK too. For he is the one who allowed for the unionization of public employees. Up until then … no public unions. Both FDR and John L. Lewis were on record as being against the idea. This, among several others is the most egregious of JFK’s legacy.

      • When prayer was taken out of the public schools via Madelyn Murray O’Hare, the once best school system in the world started its precipitous decline to where we are today.

  8. The left has always been for removing the parents from the equation. Schools hate parents having input on their kids education. My experience with school boards is them having police in the room to intimidate anyone from speaking up or questioning the board. These are the people that enforce the POP TART censorship.

  9. Screw the left LIBERALS they fill kids heads with TRASH the LIBERAL Dumbocrats know that they will have a very rough time this election…..they will sell their mothers for a vote.

  10. Oh Hell! You repub/tea party idiots can go ahead and homeschool your lil monsters if you want them to be hypocritical, ignorant, petty, childish, self serving, arrogant traitors like yourselves… Go RIGHT ahead… No one cares..

    • You’re nuts. If you are saying that only Republicans and Tea Partiers homeschool their children, you don’t know much, do you? I’m a Republican, not a Tea Partier, and I’m not a fan of homeschooling. Grouping people together to suit your own agenda makes you look like the fool you are.

    • You’re clearly pathetically ignorant. I’ve known several people who homeschooled their children. Not only are they WAY ahead of students in the public school system their own age, they’re better disciplined, more respectful, can carry on intelligent conversations even at a grade school level. They’re involved in home school groups where other people who home school so the kids can be involved in musical. , sports, drama groups that you couldn’t do as just one family. And they’re ALL different races, denominations, political groups. Why don’t you find out what you’re talking about before you speak?

      • REALLY?? Seems to me that it’s ya’ll repub/teaparty idiots are the ones doing the whining in the article and AGAIN here on this thread.. My, my, my! Desperation getting you repub/tea party guys testy, huh? LOLOL! With GOOD reason..

        • Yeah….we’re kinda’ funny like that—we don’t like our constitutional rights trampled all over, and having you’re ignorant pc stupidity shoved down our throats.

        • Actually with no good reason what so ever – There is not one liberal act amendment or law that has brought the public good – There is no good reason for you to be laughing out loud – At what? Your stupidity? Your thick headedness and incapacity to see that the delusion is upon supporters of this sick regime? YOu and youir ilk are so diseased you dont ever see how you are being played. Rights are rights and our liberties do not belong solely to liberals who are happy to trade their rights and liberties away for an EBT card!! You can have it but stay out of my life and my kids lives. Testy? We have tolerated leftists far too long –

          • Indeed we have. For about 5 decades now, that they’ve been interfering in everyone’s lives. We’re at a critical point now where we need to hang them if they’ve acted against Americans or America, or deport them if they ‘just’ verbalize their hatred of our country and values. These brain dead morons are a bunch of Commies and too damned dumb to even know it.

        • What are you so afraid of? Why so defensive? If you don’t like the conversation, just leave. Your ridiculous comments achieve nothing, troll. Go lay by your dish.

          • You ought to read some of this evil one’s comments. Amazing…. And she insults us. bwaaaahahahahahahahahaha.

          • Afraid? I”m not. Just here having “JOLLY GOOD LAUGHS” at the expense of the whiner, desperate, grasping republican/tea party clown party… LOLOL!

          • Melinda Killie is a hate-filled liberal, just ignore her, no reason to get down in the mud with her, or should I say “it”….she, as all liberals, should know about little monsters, spewing jealousy over what our families have and what she only wishes could have been.

          • LOLOLOLOL!! Keep whining, Angica, you hypocrite. Your republican/tea party traitor party is desperately “attempting’ to stay on it’s wobbly legs by blowing bullshit up everyone’s skirts…. AND it isn’t working for you, is it? LOLOLOLOL! Nope.

          • Desperate? Grasping? What the hell are you smoking? I guess you don’t read much as to what is really going on, do you? It is clearly the left, liberal, socialist, communist, Islamic leaning sicko dems that are VERY desperate as to their losing the Senate next month. And you are clearly desperate to come on this thread as the only lefty here so far and uselessly try to make points. You are either mentally ill or high on something, clearly out of your mind. Take your meds and get some rest. If that doesn’t work, commit yourself to the nearest nut house. You will find some friends there…maybe.

        • What a bloody fool. I find it rather amusing how all you liberal idiots ANNOUNCE yourselves as the brain dead idiots you are. I also can’t figure out how people can be so STUPID that they navigate to sites where they feel so miserable and out gunned, then don’t leave. Go elsewhere troll. Your enormous stupidity is showing.

          • Miserable and outgunned, Becky? Why no. I come here for laughs and because you blubbering repub/tea party idiots come to the battle TOTALLY unarmed in your whining, blubbering, desperate stupidity.

          • Then you are merely desperately ill Troll. Unarmed? No, that would be you.

          • Hey, Becky, then why are the republicans and their minions running so scared ? Another question, why is it that republican states are the most financially destitute and poorly educated in the nation? And yet ANOTHER question… Wasn’t it the desperate republican party that brought the nation to a stand still for 2 whole weeks ago in their desperate, self centered bid to get their way? Desperately ill, Becky? No. I and the rest of the nation see you traitor republicans for what you are. You don’t give a shit about anything but power. The people and the nation mean NOTHING to you. Every republican president from Nixon on just about ruined this nation. It was the democrats that continually cleaned up the mess you left. You live in a dream world, Becky. A world where the republican party has you led by the anus. I pity you.. But, my pity doesn’t go so far as to allow your stupidity to ruin the nation again.

          • I would LOVE to know where you are Melinda. You are one of the worst morons that has sold this country down the toilet and you’re too stupid to even know it. That is Communism for you.

            But, here’s a little lesson for you on WHO is the damned dumbest:

            The left-leaning Pew Research Center provides the latest example.

            “Each year, Pew conducts its “What Do Americans
            Know” survey, which tests respondents on a series of questions. This year, the topics included the federal minimum wage, the territory occupied by ISIS, the Ukraine, Common Core educational proposals, fracking, where the Ebola virus is centered, Israeli Prime Minister
            Netanyahu, the U.S. poverty rate, where Shiite Muslims outnumber Sunnis, who chairs the Federal Reserve, where the federal government spends most and the U.S. unemployment rate. Unsurprisingly, older adults demonstrated greater knowledge than their younger counterparts, as did better-educated respondents.

            But buried at the bottom of the survey report lies
            the subject heading “Partisan Differences in Knowledge,” which itemizes each question and the percentage of Republicans, Democrats and Independents who answered each one correctly.

            So how stark were the partisan knowledge differentials?

            Out of 12 questions asked, Republicans outperformed both Democrats and Independents on 10. The differences
            were most pronounced on the questions regarding Common Core, fracking and where Shiites outnumber Sunnis, where the percentage of Republicans answering correctly outpaced Democrats by double digits. But
            Republicans also outperformed Democrats on questions centering on the federal minimum wage and the Fed Chairwoman, even though she’s a Democrat appointed by Obama, while the minimum wage is Democrats’ favorite wedge issue this election year to try to keep Harry Reid (D – Nevada) as the Senate Majority Leader.

            Democrats only outscored Republicans in naming the
            primary Ebola outbreak location and the federal poverty rate, but only by 2 and 5 percentage points, respectively.”

            There’s the TRUTH by one of YOUR own institutes.

            Bye now.

          • Keep whining, you desperate, STUPID, assinine, hypocritical, backwards, self serving, self righteous, bullshitting, traitor republicans. We love it when you desperate republicans keep your panties up your asses along with your heads and your pea brains.. Good luck ‘attempting’ to sell your line of bullshit. It hasn’t done a damn thing for you so far, but blow back in your own bullshitting faces.. LOLOLOLOL!! Becky, you REALLY need to get your head out of your asshole and look around. The American public ISN’T buying the bullshit you repubs/tea party traitors are selling anymore.. It’s just comical that you are turning your OWN assholes inside out in your republican desperation.. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

          • Born in a barn were you? Such manners.

          • No, but I don’t put up with the republican line of bullshit that is ‘attempted’ to be blown up everyone’s skirts either. You REALLY need to get your head out of your ass and look around. The republican clown party ISN’T the tell all and know all, Becky..

          • Robert A. Clemons


          • ROTFLMAO!!! “Sticks and stones, ” dearie…
            Have fun ranting ALLLLLL by your lonesome over there…
            Ta! Ta!
            *smirk and guffaw!!*

          • Robert A. Clemons

            Come on down to my neck of the woods you ignorant cunt. I promise to make your death VERY SLOW & VERY PAINFUL. You liberal fuckhole. Get OBOZOS cock out of your mouth & take holders dick out of your ass liberal cunt. DIE A SLOW PAINFUL murder.

          • AWWWW… what’s the matter, robbie.? Come on and bring it, asshole. I will laugh when the police take your dumb ass away and slam your dumb ass in the “booby hatch” where you belong…

          • You gonna laugh when a foot gets put up your ass?? DAMN LITOAD TARD.

          • You ain’t big enough to ANYTHING but put your own pinky toe up your OWN butt, robbie.. Nice try though… but again your bullshit don’t hunt… LOLOLOLOL!

          • Dont go pushing your luck Tinkerbell.

          • Keep whining and making an ass of yourself, robbie. The LAUGHS are ALLLLLLL at YOUR expense. You are and remain the joke of this thread….

          • YOUR pity has NO SAY IN THIS REPUBLIC.

          • I HAVE NO pity for the stupid republican/tea party clowns.. It’s laughs on them ALLLLLL the way, boy! LOLOLOLOL!

          • I guess it is time to declare “Open Season” on IGNORANT LIBFUCKS LIKE YOU.

          • You are the asinine last of all joke with out any humor and only ignorance of tyranny that will be your demise for future enslavement to your dictators whims & ways of muslim hell … !

        • “”REMEMBER in NOVEMBER””

          NO DEMS!
          NO RINO’s !!

          NO Pants Suits !!

          • LOLOLOL!! ” IF” Hillary Clinton runs, you desperate, repub/tea party fuckers are TOAST! Keep whiing, Mac Boy!

          • Did you take classes on how to be stupid, or did it just come naturally for you? I guess you haven’t paid any attention to the fact that even the dems don’t want that arrogant bitch anymore. Hillary has nothing more to offer, in case you haven’t noticed. I hope she does run, which will guarantee the dems don’t win. Good God, you are dumb.

        • You really were one of the losers behind the door when they were passed out …! Totally brainless dupe for the wannabe tyranny dictators enslavement …! What a waste …!

          • You are one of the republican/tea party traitors that has his brain in his asshole and whines because he cannot breathe. LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Keep whining, ward. You republican/tea party/traitor clowns are and CONTINUE to be the desperate, whining joke of this nation and the world! LOLOLOLOLOL!

          • Too bad your head is so far up & locked that you cannot understand truth & the facts that really cause you libtard idiots to be pissed off at yourselves & promote dictatorships …!

          • What desperate, tish tosh, ward.. Keep whining! LOLOL! You republicans are the most funny when you are running scared and desperate!

          • Melinda, it seems that when they were handing out brains, you thought they said trains, and you told them you weren’t interested. Well, it’s pretty obvious you got what you asked for, which is nothing, not even a track to run on.

        • Funny how it is only you that use the words “repub/tea party” here. You certainly do assume a lot. Desperation, you say? Ha, it is obviously you who is the desperate one here. Believe me when I tell you that no one here cares for the likes of you, the left liberal insane democrats that seek to destroy this once great nation with your socialistic, communistic controlling nature. Please, go back to your Mother Jones threads and be with your comrades. And say hi to Satan for me while there and tell him to kiss my ass.

        • Just because YOU don’t agree, you call us idiots. Is that what YOU learned in Scrool???

    • Woke up on the wrong side of the broomstick, eh?

      • No, but come over and I will shove my broomstick in ya where the sun don’t shine…

        • I am beginning to think that you have been having too much sex with that hideously ugly dog you show as your icon. Or, is that not a dog, but simply you? Hard to tell.

        • Please wash it first. I has obviously been in yours and then in your mouth. Either place is too filthy. Use lots of Lysol.

    • Well YOU were obviously educated after the mid 1970s when the Communists began INDOCTRINATING all you stupid dolts that don’t even KNOW you’re a whining bunch of little Commies. Pathetic. Each and every one of you traitorous little thugs.

      • Nope again, Becky, but I WILL give you a hint. Education is not communistic indoctrination. Something that dorky people like yourself can’t understand because you didn’t get past the 3rd grade! Talk about traitors, Becky? It would be best if you didn’t. Not after the failed traitor administration of bush lite AND the fact that it was the traitor republican party that shut down the government for two weeks on a self serving whim just a year ago. LOLOLOL! AGAIN, Becky, you have come to the battle TOTALLY unarmed..

        • Again, Melinda, you are only referring to yourself, as so far, you have said nothing of importance, but you arrogant ignorance is only exceeded by your sheer stupidity.

    • Your food stamps will be stopped effective OCT 2014
      because we received notice that you passed away.

      ……. You may reapply if there is a change in your circumstances.

    • I am guessing that you have NO children. You probably are the “victim” of multiple abortions. Even your avatar is ugly. This has less to do with political leanings for us parents, than it does with basic safety of our most precious resources. The public school systems cannot even keep them safe, much less educate them. Thanks to those of us who home school, your little minions have increased access to the resources in the public schools. Yet, the scores keep dropping,, and the instances of horrible things happening in the schools are increasing. Go Figure…..

      • queenieass, You REALLY are a laugh. Thanks for the shits and giggles at YOUR expense, dearie. No wonder the republican/tea party clowns are such losers. They can’t even get their brains together to make a truthful statement if their lives depended on it. Too long being led by the gop by the asshole, I guess. Jolly GOOD laughs at your expense though. Thanks! LOLOLOLOL!

    • Where the hell did you suddenly come from and enter this thread? You are the first one to step inside with your most arrogant and ignorant comments. Do you really believe the garbage crap you are spewing, or are you just another idiot troll out to entertain yourself by attacking those with intelligence here? In either case, you make me want to vomit on your keyboard.

    • Sounds to me like you already have those attributes covered. And, you need to realize that this is all about the NEA, and the teachers unions. Public schools cannot even keep the kids safe, much les provide them with a quality education. The schools have been “dumbed down” to the level of the most ignorant minority football jock. Your post sounds like maybe we hit a nerve??? Hmmmm.

      • Another bunch of bullshit lies, and not very good ones… Sounds like a pathetic attempt to cover your lies and your bullshit, sweetqueen and boob sims…
        Good luck peddling your bullshit.
        The repubs/tea party clowns have failed miserably in perpetuating their bull for quite some time now having 99.999% of it blowing back in their OWN lying, bullcrap throwing faces..

    • Oh, thank you Melinda Killie! You make a great point. That is, “if you have no argument, resort to name calling.” THAT IS THE LIBERAL WAY!!!! Do you think your IQ numbers will ever catch up to your age numbers? Nah, that is just wishful thinking.

  11. Well, isn’t that a shocker…and I don’t want them wearing socks and birkenstock sandals, but I can’t stop that either. I am truly over these controlling lil people who “think” they know what is good for you or your family. CRUSH THEM!

    • “Crush them” is EXACTLY what needs to be done in this country to save it. Exterminate or deport Liberal Communists. They are ANTI-America and as such should not be allowed to live. Or live HERE either.

  12. The left is beholden to the teachers’ unions and homeschooling defintiely doesn’t fit in with their agenda that only leftist educated “teachers” are qualified to teach the nations children. I happen to see everyday the stark contrast between homeschooled children and public schooled children as I have one child who pulled her children out of the public school system and one who chose to keep hers in the public school system. The children are like night and day in terms of manners, work-ethic, respect for one another, not to mention their academic proficiency. My homeschooled grandchildren can run rings around the other grandchildren when it comes to academics. My homeschooled grandchildren know history and current events, the public schooled grandchildren know all about the latest toys, rock stars and what everyone needs to be wearing, and the fact that if you don’t like our president you are a racist, but not much else.

    • It is the same mentality that forced school integration. Blacks argued that black teachers were not qualified to teach black kids. Therefore, the black kids should be taught by WHITE teachers, and WHITE kids should be taught by the incapable black teachers. Just one more example of the ‘dumbing down’ of America.
      When the schools got integrated, the black kids quit going to school, except for sex and drugs. NO EDUCATION!!!
      It’s too WHITE.

  13. My children, 8 & 9 yrs old go to a public school here in California. My wife & I are very diligent and committed to helping both our children with they’re homework and any other school activities. We make it a point to get involved & understand the curriculum at the school that they attend. We both volunteer at the school and help out in as many ways as we can. My wife & I both agree that our participation is key in keeping track of what we deem appropriate or inappropriate, or too far left. At our school, “Under God” is still part of the pledge of allegiance as recited by the students. I personally feel that if we turn a blind eye in this “Common Core” age of education, we’re letting our children down along with the future of America. There’s a different battle/war going on in America these days, and it involves our children. We as parents & God fearing Americans, need to stay focused on the future of our children and scrutinize the efforts of any administration, be it Liberal or Conservative when it comes to our children! After all…, it’s our responsibility to raise our children, not the governments! Homeschooling can be very effective if the parent/s have a good grasp & deep understanding of the commitment involved when deciding to home-school. When homeschooling is done correctly, IMHO, can yield in most cases, better academic results than a good percentage of the current public schools in America. Bottom line is…, it takes an active roll on the part of us parents to see to it, our children are getting the best we, our public schools, and our State government, not federal government can offer & provide. I whole wholeheartedly believe we are now seeing a direct result of our generations short comings.

  14. ” Lanza himself was in the public school system until the 10th grade. Who’s to say that his mother’s home instruction had more to do with how he turned out than his teachers in the system?”

    So how many kids will be taught to be sexual predators due to the school system?

    Louisiana Teachers Shelley Dufresne, Rachel Respess Charged … Cached

    Oct 01, 2014 · Two teachers at the same Louisiana high school have been charged in the sex abuse of the same male student, according to police. Shelley Dufresne, 32, and …

  15. To a Commie Leftist, the ability to Home-school removes their chance at CORRUPTING more children. THAT is what they detest. Our public schools have been Indoctrinating our children into Communism since the early to mid 1970s. It’s WHY we have a Communist in our WH. We now have almost 3 generations of Communist kids voting. And look what we get. If we can Home school, the kids can be taught to THINK and that is particularly what Communists object to. You can’t implement Communism if people are able to think and know what Communism means.

    • A good resource to check out is “45 Communist Goals” in “The Naked Communist,” by Dr. Cleon Skousen (1958).
      These were read into the Congressional Record in 1963. Here’s a few choice excerpts;

      15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

      16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

      17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

      • Yes LastGasp, I had read those goals many years ago. I am well aware of their evil plans. I’m also aware of how absolutely successful they’ve been at taking over America. Thanks for pointing that out. The more we can expose their plans, the more people will become aware. I’ve been warning people since I saw this all coming in the mid 70s. Didn’t help. People just did not believe that was possible. I do believe they are learning the contrary right now.

    • “People are doomed to repeat the history of tyranny dictated enslavement if the people did not learn from it” and stop the dictator before the abuse of power becomes tyranny law & corruption rule …!

      • Unfortunately, Ward, it seems we are already there.

        • Becky ; Remember the old saying & it is the answer to defeat this wannabe dictator & his crony far left commie muslim administration of deceit to U.S. Citizens Freedom & Rights ..! ” “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” & NOV. 4 , 2014 is the time to get rid of these crony dems & rinos to “change” the Do nothing congress & “hope” for the return of a Republic government for & by the U.S. Patriotic Citizens through the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights …! We have too get rid of the oath violating tyrants in congress to get rid of the #1 OATH VIOLATER, wannabe dictator traitor & his tyranny administration that are internally destroying the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Citizens foundation of Freedom & Rights …!

          • I would love nothing more than to get rid of this Communist, Fascist administration. Bunch of stupid dickwad little Hitlers, the whole lousy, stinking bunch of them. I do know that saying Ward. I suspect if we can’t turn it around this election cycle we will be seeing that verse acted out. Daily.

          • We must change Senators and Reps as regularly as we change baby diapers, and for the same reason.
            I believe that was said by Mark Twain or Wil Rogers. I can’t remember which.

          • I heartily agree Tom.

  16. Nope they don’t. Obama wants all the blacks who cant keep up in school to learn a different way of math cause they can’t do it the way you and I learned. If those dudes would stay at home at night and get their lessons, instead of roaming the streets getting into trouble.. they might learn something in school.

    • You mean like the little angle, Travon? or the other little angel (whatever his name WAS) in MO? Come on now. Don’t be unreasonable. When a black kid gets an education, his ‘gangsta’ buds kick him out for being ‘too WHITE’.

  17. According to the Left, you have the right to endorse their views or hand your children over to someone who will.

    According to the Bill of Rights, you have the right to have your own (not government approved) ideas and pass them on to others… including your own children. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, even “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizure…” all have some relevance to homeschooling. I view it as a human right.

    Article the eleventh… The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

  18. More union teachers! That is the game.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp!

  19. What? And reduce the teacher’s union membership?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative,” and when you speak you they will listen.

    • Don’t worry! The unions are already trying to figure out how to unionize home schooling parents. Can you imagine the confusion there? About as organized as a Chinese fire drill. But, that is nothing new to union thugs.

  20. The left doesn’t want you to homeschool your children because they can not control the liberal BS they want your children to learn. Public school’s have simply become the propaganda arm of the liberal elite.

  21. They also cannot control or receive additional funding for their worthless pet projects!

  22. Congress has known this since 1963 report on the book The Naked Communist.

    VILE LIBERAL SCUM and fellow communist filth seek to brainwash children using DISINFORMATION propaganda. The VILE poor excuse for human beings are accomplishing this as we speak in American public Schools.

  23. Neither do the Mormons, I had to homeschool my kids when they were in Mormon schools

  24. Armed, honest, and educated citizens are a threat to any government.

  25. Meanwhile the left continues to brainwash the kids, if you can’t afford a private school might be smart to home school.

  26. The Left should call themselves Communists.who as a group are slaves to the Goals of the American Communist Party as reported to Congress back in 1963.

    Communist Goals (1963)

    24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them
    “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

    25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting
    pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures,
    radio, and TV.

    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal,
    natural, healthy.”

    27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with
    “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for
    intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”

    28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the
    schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation
    of church and state.”

    29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate,
    old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to
    cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

    30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as
    selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

    31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the
    teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor
    part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history
    since the Communists took over.

    40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity
    and easy divorce.

    41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative
    influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and
    retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

  27. They cannot ‘Brainwash’ nor infect your Children with false teachings when being home schooled ! As long as this is still The USA in America, the decentors can go ‘Suck Eggs’!

  28. The one reason; They can’t brain wash them if they are homeschooled.

  29. Germany outlaws HS, and those are parents that seek asylum in the USA and should be welcomed. They don’t come as free-loaders, like those coming over the Southern Borders.

  30. Of course the liberals want to control homeschooling. They might learn to think for themselves.

  31. Of course Liberals do not want you to home school your own kids.
    Liberals do not stand a chance without indoctrination.

  32. The left is dedicated to brain washing our children with Corrupt and altered history with ‘Common Core’ corruption and altered history !

  33. Adam lanza obviously had some severe mental issues and it’s no wonder they kept him out of public school and did some home schooling with him. Not all kids have the issues that lanza did and they don’t have to be in homeschooling to be able to get a gun and start shooting. Look at those kids in Columbine. They weren’t in homeschool.

  34. Of course not! The ENEMY within wants to indocritnate children away from the corrosive influence of parents. Think of Hitler’s Youth movement.

    39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws
    as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose
    Communist goals.

    40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity
    and easy divorce.

    41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative
    influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and
    retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

    Communist Goals (1963)


    Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35

    January 10, 1963

    Current Communist Goals



    Thursday, January 10, 1963

  35. no duh! it is cause they want to brain wash our kids!

  36. i read a lot of comments saying that in 2016 obie will declare martial law and cancel the elections. now i recall that japanese admirals statement, after bombing pearl harbor. he said, i fear we have awaken a sleeping bear, im not sure if those are the exact words or not. but the meaning was, the american people will rise up and kick our asses. now if that idiot declares martial law, he is going to wake up a lot of people in this country, that have not been paying any attention at all. reporters go to the streets and question people on everyday events. most of them say they dont pay attention to any of that stuff, or dont read or watch the news. but even the dumbest of our population isnt going to like it when, they have to be off the streets at a certain time, and all the other rules that they never even considered in their wildest dreams. the libs and dems will be digging holes in their backyards to hide in. there will be a lot of blood spilled, but i think the americans will win. not any minority group that tries to cash in on the bedlam. a lot of scores building for a lot of years will be settled. i may be wrong, but i doubt it. something has definitely got to change, and soon


  38. VILE LIBERAL SCUM are more like NAZIS than the original NAZIS.

    41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative
    influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and
    retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

  39. I taught over seas in the International school system some years ago. On average the students were anywhere form two, to three years ahead of their respective age groups here. Why? We concentrated or core subjects, math, science, history and the arts. We didn’t have time to worry about whether Johnny knew how to put a condom on, or waste time on discussions of Paul’s dilemma over two daddies, or Jane’s two mommies. Those are issues for parents to address. My role, prepare students for higher learning and life, not the perversions of North America. Academically we are getting our butts kicked, of course the teachers union will have a different take on this.

  40. The toughest choice parents who are against Common Core have to make is whether or not they are willing to truly sacrifice, if necessary, to protect their children. We see the fights over CC dragging out in state after state. It will take time to defeat this and meanwhile our children are being psychologically abused by this new teaching method and related liberal curriculum. The only way to speed things up is to impact the money. The fastest way to do that is to remove your child from the school. Either home school or enroll your child in a private school that does not follow CC. If your child is not in a public school, there will be no state aid and less federal dollars. But this does take committment and yes, sacrifice from families, some who use the schools as cheap daycare, and other who willhave to decide if their child’s well being is worth changing their lifestyle to something a little more austere. Your kids need your love and support more than they need new “stuff”.

  41. Obama is ruining our armed forces with his rules of engagement. They are not the same as Bush’s because our casulaty rates are 10000+ % higher than under Bush. Our seasoned warriors are quiting, even aftr 18 years becasue they said you can”t spend a pension when you are dead.

  42. Sorry Lefties… more and more parents are on to your game, and your support is slipping. They will resort to anything to maintain control. If we are to save our kids, we must fight these perverted whores AND WIN!!! Common core is the disease, home schooling is the cure. Frack the Left!!!!

  43. They are scared to death your child would have cognitive and logical thinking skills, capable of making up their own minds based upon the FACTS, not on some Emotion! Additionally they would actually know what the Constitution and Bill of Rights actually says, because they will be able to read above a 5th grade level, which is what Common Core produces. Home schooled children are likely to be far more successful than the babbling drones regurgitating the exact same answers as Common Core wants them too do! Common Core is little more than a re-write of our National history where the evil Whites are to blame for everything, while the Blacks are all just innocent little angels (BS!) and anything that does not feed the Liberal/Socialist Thinking then it is out of there, no free speech, no math skills, he** today’s graduates can’t make change without a calculator, cash register or computer! I already know what the change amount is before they even begin punching their buttons to get the answer, pathetic, truly pathetic, and year-after-year the USA has been lower-and-lower on the Intelligence of our children after spending the MOST MONEY of any Nation per child, only to get ever worsening results in the quality of their educations!!

  44. Stop common core and that will stop alot of home schooling.

  45. Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.
    Vladimir Lenin

  46. What, keep your kids home and away from the leftist propaganda promoted in public schools? Teach them to think logically and learn true American history and values? Why, that’s unAmerican-NOT! LOL

  47. If these Leftist utopians have their way, our kids will all vote Demo when they come of age, and said utopians will finally have their Big Brother dictatorship for all time, short of an armed revolution!

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