The Indictment of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Will Hillary Clinton be indicted? That’s the question of the hour in Washington, but it’s disheartening to see that while many observers and experts believe that Clinton should be headed for federal prosecution, very few of them actually believe that she is. The conventional wisdom is that even if the FBI has an airtight case against the former secretary of state, Obama’s Justice Department will decline to press charges.

On the McLaughlin Group Friday, the panel took up the question. “Forced prediction for the panel: the FBI will recommend that Hillary Clinton face prosecution for mishandling classified information? That’s the FBI. Yes or no?”

Guest Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune answered: “I’m going to say yes…but she won’t be indicted.”

McLaughlin agreed. “I’m with you.”

The question was also addressed by Senate Majority Whip John Cronyn in an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt. Cronyn took much the same position as Page and McLaughlin.

“The Attorney General is a political appointee, serves at the pleasure of the president,” Cronyn said. “I find it hard to believe that she would indict Secretary Clinton during this time. But it’s clear the FBI views this as a very, very serious matter as they should.”

Cronyn, of course, is not an impartial observer. He was one of several senators to encourage Attorney General Loretta Lynch to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton’s mishandling of classified information. He spoke to Hewitt after the Intelligence Committee’s inspector general issued a report informing Congress that Clinton’s private server contained information at the highest levels of classification.

Echoing a common theme, Cronyn said that while anyone else would face prosecution for this misconduct, things tended to fall apart when Hillary and Bill were involved. “The Clintons,” he said, “have always seemed to get by with not having the rules apply to them.”

Not all voices are quite so pessimistic, though. At National Review, former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy said that he believed that FBI Director James Comey was up to the task of swimming through the murk of Washington politics. “Jim is tough, he is smart, and if there is a case to be made here, he will make it. And if he makes it, it will be bulletproof,” wrote McCarthy.

He acknowledged that making a case and convincing Lynch to file charges were two separate issues. “But you’d best believe the FBI can make the Obama administration look very bad if it shrinks from doing so,” he wrote. “Then it will be a matter of how far Barack Obama is willing to stick his neck out for Hillary Clinton. I’m betting: not that far.”

It depends, though. Thus far, the focus of this investigation has centered almost exclusively on Clinton. If her flagrant violation of the law goes higher…if it taints the White House…Obama will go just as far as he needs to go to protect his own legacy. And as we’ve seen over the last seven years, he’s willing to go very far indeed.


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  1. If she isn’t indicted for lying to Congress, putting Americans at danger, Benghazi, gun running in Libya, giving false statements – what good is having a judicial system at all. They sure as heck wouldn’t let an American citizen get by with what she’s done. Look at Petreaous, he only gave a portion of his diary to the author of his book. BAM! his whole career was gone. Seems a bit one sided to me.

    • Petraus Knew the truth about Benghazzi you can bet it would have been in his new book. They needed to shut him up.

    • there is no need having a judicial system if the people do not stand behind it an see law is carried out–WE ONLY SET

    • Aw…come on. If this even goes to a hearing, the only thing that wil be brought up will be her handling… miss-handling… of sensitive material.
      Case closed !!

    • It IS one sided! If you are a Liberal/Democrat, the laws simply do not apply to you! So, the answer to your question is, having a judicial system only works under a Republican Administration! Even then, it can still be doubtful!

  2. A concerned american

    She knows too much about Obama to be indicted. However, I’ve never known or heard of anyone who has placed lives in danger or allowed them to die get by with their deeds. She did all this with Benghazi and an inmate ability to allow virtually anyone with computer skills to see TS or higher data and that impacted lives and national security. If she did that so well as SOS, think of what she can do as POTUS.

    • It is about time this lying witch went to jail. If DOJ does not indict, then the FBI is going to “leak” everything and Lynch and Obama are going to look like bigger fools than they are now. If there is no indictment, then there is NO justice in this country and we might as well dismantle the DOJ.

      • The DOJ and obuma are not concerned with what her indictment makes them looks like.
        Their gol is too close, for anyone to stop them now, and they know it.

      • If DOJ doesn’t indict, and therefore the FBI leaks out the information, from their investigation; then,
        I believe, it will do more harm than good.
        By that, I mean, when we try to indict and convict, after Trump has replaced the DOJ; then, she
        would have a strong defense ( Her lawyers would say she can’t get an unbiased jury, to try her ).

        • Her being denied the Presidency might be the only punishment she gets but that would satisfy me. The FBI will definitely “leak” the info then the HildaBeast and Obama will both look like idiots.

          • I firmly believe, the conservative candidates should renew publicity, about the book “The Dreams of My Real Father”. That book was written, at obama”s request and final approval. It’s a very comprehensive story, of obama’s life and rise to the presidency.

            It includes the facts, prior to his birth, until his 2nd election, including the detailed plans

            about the immigration. Also,hillary’s involvement is also mentioned. The very serious, communist’s involvement, in his campaigns and election are also explained. In it, he

            fully describes the illegal voting, by the democrats. It also, helps to understand what changes need to be made, in our election laws, as they stand, now and why they are not what they once were. To renew the interest, in the book, would be highly benefitial, to

            both, the conservative campaign and in efforts, to indict hillary.. The members of congress should be strongly pressured, into watching the video. I can’t believe, they would not have already seen it, long ago, but; apparently, not many of them have.

            It should also, become required reading, in the public schools’s history classes.

    • Watch for Hillary to suffer an “accident” or an early “heart attack”, or something similar to what happened to Andrew Breitbart or Loretta Fuddy.. Obama is being way too cool about all of this controversy. I think it is almost payback time, in Obama’s mind. He cannot allow Hillary to spill her guts.

  3. She should be charged like any other American would be for crimes they commit . There should be no special treatment because she is Hillary Clinton. She is not above the law just because of who she is. She committed a crime and she should do the time! What she should never be is PRESIDENT OF THE USA. Why she a candidate to begin with is beyond comprehension.

    • She should be charged, arrested and allowed to defend herself in front of a jury. No more “beating around the bush”. The Clinton’s have gotten away with way more than the average Joe. Put her butt in front of ajury and let them decide. NO MORE POLITICS !!!

      • Oh; we’d all ove that. Unfortunately, reality is setting in.
        I smell, ( what I believe to be ) a revolution, getting ever-so-much closer, these days.

        • Yeah, if she isn’t indicted it probably will be a revolution and Obama’s legacy will be ruined. He certainly don’t want that as he could put his library in an outhouse on Chicago South side !!!

          • The ship has sailed as far as his legacy is concerned! Right now, if there is any justice left in this country, his legacy will be his picture in the White House with a circle around it and a line through it!

          • His picture in the White House, framed by a Toilet Seat …

          • Good one ! 🙂

          • His legacy is time in Gitmo for his crimes as a member of the enemies of the United States along with Valerie Jarrett our acting president…Jail, trial and death, let it begin right now…He has no legacy that any president would want to be public…Maybe we can be spared the outhouse library for this little stinker of an enemy prez…..

          • You are free to put him or any of this friends, partners, in shackles anywhere you desire. Just make sure I do pay for his custody, meals, indoctribpnation seminars or for his medical bills.

          • He won’t be there long…trial and execution for all his many crimes against humanity.

          • Hell, if I knew he would be put in jail, I would galdly pay for his keep.

          • Don’t you think she has enough money to pay for her prison time. Why would I be charged her upkeep ?

          • and a Roll of Toilet paper with MOOCHELLE face on each Sheet

          • The Redhawk. How about your face on a roll of toilet paper. That way I can think about you every time I wipe myself. Patriots, he haw!

          • Tired of Using your FINGERS??/ But if that makes you happy… Go for it.. originality seems to be missing from your post!

          • The Redhawk. Naw, I would have used my fingers but you were not around to lick them. How about taking a trip to Burn, Oregon? The Bundy brothers need someone to wipe their asses. Thought you would be a perfect candidate.

          • YUCK YuCK Q UACK QUACK…. get a diaper change ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

          • The Redhawk. The first part of your answer is the most intelligent thing you’ve said yet.
            the rest of your answer . . .hohum!

          • Well I did not want to Overtax your remaining Live brain cell….hEHEHEHE :0)

          • The Redhawk. So much talk, so little intelligence. Who is your choice for President?

          • So many posts while saying NOTHING!! Try harder if you CAN…MY Choice for resident is ANYONE BUT the SOW….or BERNIE… or what was his Name?? Heck I’d take CLYDE over all THREE combined…

          • The Redhawk. With you it doesn’t really take much effort. Try to come off better than a poorly educated slug with your grammar and spelling. I am sure you can do it . . .can’t you?

          • oh you poor Poor retarded Progressive elitists Over-educated but Dumber than Dumb….. the problem is can an Illiterate Progressively Dumber tha Dums Dumbass Understand ANYTHING?? TRY it you’ll like it! eheheheeh oH YEAH!

          • The Redhawk. Do you have any idea how you are coming off in our little exchange? You sound like a grade “A” asshole. Compare my responses to your responses if you can. If this is the best you can do please don’t waste any more of my time.

          • The DUFUS…The question is DO YOU?? TOO easy to “UPSET” 1!! LMAO…. and If you must go HIDE , as though anyone cares… By all mean GO and SOON! SAYONARA ..ADIOS.. ADDIO… GO!

          • God Bless this Troll

          • Linda Shelton. Thank you.

          • He’s hoping to become the next Secretary-General of the UN when the current one retires in 2016.

          • If we can elect a President, this shouldn’t even be needed, for a non existing entity.

          • The legacy of “Barack Hussein Obama Sotero Sobarkah” is that of a turd floating around in a toilet.

          • Somebody PLEASE flush the toilet !!!!

          • Do not forget muratic acid and liquid DRAINO.

          • good one, lol

          • That is so accurate . We cannot all be wrong. Why is there even a contest in this so-called election, unless it has already been corrupted? I cannot believe this incompetent specimen has survived this long without help from both sides.
            Yes, congress is in the same toilet bowl, doing business as usual. I will add my call to ‘pull the chain’ and send them to eternity.

          • Good idea for his statue…

          • hard to get Bronze for a Turd Statue

          • Seems just the right color to me…

          • Light Brown Might do it

          • He doesn’t have enough fiber to float !

          • “legacy” what legacy is it that you speak of? Oh BTW it will still get his one book

          • the only legacy he will leave is that he was the worst president in us history.

          • Francisco Machado

            WHAT legacy will be ruined? Do you make the joke?

          • “LEGACY” are 200o BLANK pages in Black leather Covers..

          • Regardless, Ovomits library should be an outhouse.

          • They will NOT even name a out house after him in Hawaii

          • Or Kenya!

          • How about in SOCHI?? may be a collection of his picture could be posted in so Chicago for Target practice??

          • What legacy does the Muslim Obama have. A legacy of lying?

          • nO he has an ADDITIoN to his Transgender Toilet room for the Many PINOCCHIOS he has Collected for LYING 24/7/360 times 7+ years

          • His legacy is already a collection of BLANK pages in a Black Leather bound book of Incompetence

        • not from this bunch of americans today—NO BACK BONE–

          • Too many ghosts in their closets to do what is right.


        • Obama needs that spark that lights the fuse. That spark, is Hillary Clinton’s NON-INDICTMENT! This is the excuse that he needs to launch all out war on the American people. I think he has grossly miscalculated this time!

        • You should have just left it at…”I smell,…!” It would be more truthful, lolol.

        • Same here , it is close.

          • I believe, everyone should get a copy of the book ( preferably, the DVD ), and watch it . It’s entitled “The Dreams of My Real Father”. It’s an autobiography of obama’s life. The
            story is compiled by a friend of obama’s and details furnished by obama. I still have a
            hard time, understanding, why he would print such evidence, as to his motivations
            ( except that, he doesn’t know any better ). It explains the communist ideology and his
            devotion to socialism, very clearly. It explains why, he has kept his college scores a
            secret. It explains why, he was actually re-elected, illegally. It mentions hillary’s
            involvement, including her socialistic ideals.
            there are many issues, which I truly, do not believe the public understands the truth about. It was published, about the time of his second election and explains his advanced planning, regarding the illegal immigrants ( the problems of today ).
            In-other-words; he publicly, admits ( arrogantly ), his intentions to degrade the U.S., to a socialistic state, destroying the constitution .

          • in addition to my previous comment; The book ( The Dreams of my Real Father” )
            also explains the involvement, of the C.I.A., including the communist, within the C.I.A..

      • But a jury made up of 12 of her peers…We might be able to put together a jury of 12 similar to her with the usual suspects. But a peer? That will be difficult.

      • They all have gotten away with murder against the American people and rape our country dry..It’s time for them to be removed ..And be sued for everything they owned including the FRAUD in the oval..

        • You dolts are still alive… count your blessings!

          • WOW prose like this seems to be another Copy/paste from the NUT Job Catalogue.,, Carry on light Weight!..

          • You have got to be a liberal, so what are you doing on a conservative web site besides making snarky idiot comments?

          • Hey milk toast love rules so you say? Must be another burned out roach left over from the 60s A land crab that feeds on the dead bodies of real american tax payers. When Trump gets in we will ask him to take you off your dole. Keep your free cell phone that the rest of us paid for. Go back to work or go hungry. Sorry an illegal immigrant has got your job. I see a cardboard sign out front of a WalMart in your future. No more government money to count you dolt.

          • People like Melby are why I keep my guns and Bible. And lots of bullets !

        • Especially the turd in the white house

          • Especially the Turd Boy in the oval…I think Hillary Saddam Clinton and the rest think this money is their money their just throwing away to the wolves..Like it’s monopoly money or something..What a freak bunch..I pray everyday they get theirs for what they’ve done..

        • Small,, tiny government is the answer…Let the states run the states…We will be free to move to the American states then…

          • Yes MaryAnn that would be a great idea..We will keep our fingers crossed and pray something like that happens..

          • Also; everyone should try to frequently incourage others to read the book or watch the
            DVD ( “The Dreams of My Real Father”, by obuma, himself.

          • I never heard of it..I’m glad I never did..I bet the person who wrote it for him hung themselves..We know he’s not smart enough to grab a typewriter and go to town..

          • John; please, don’t be glad, you never heard of it. Just because, obama had it created, as his auto-biography, does not mean that it’s not good reading. I’ve been trying to promote this book, as an excellent piece of education; because, I truly classify it that way. What you need to also, hear me say, is that he was very careful not to let it be published, before the 2012 election. He did not want it to influence his chances of re-election. He knew, damned well, that he wouldn’t get re-elected, if people saw what was in that book, before the election date. ( It was published, in 2012.)
            But; I’m telling you that, the book’s public knowledge needs to be re-ignited, It is
            highly educational and would likely devastate the democrats, in the general election, if
            people would simply read it ( or, watch the video). The video is 96 minutes long.
            It is seriously, worth the price and the time to watch it. I promise you, it is not flattering,
            for obama nor the clintons. He wanted the truth in it, because, he’s that damned arrogant. It actually, shows, in detail, without mincing words about it, how his every
            intention is to destroy America, from within, as per his father’s dream. Please;
            get a copy and share it with as many friends and relatives as you possibly can.
            As per the writer, his name is Joel Gilbert ( he also, directed the DVD version).

          • Thanks for sharing it with me..But I wouldn’t be seen a hundred miles of it..It might give me what ever wrong with him…it’s a phobia thing it’s contagious…Not this guy ..You can have every copy ever made…Nope

      • If I am on the jury she would be guilty as charged & send this career criminal to jail.

      • AMEN!!!! But it won’t happen with L. L. in charge!

    • To many of us, reality is beyond comprehension, these days.

    • make that “crimes”…..

    • I agree with you 100%, However, Obama is not protecting her. He is protecting himself. If Hitlery goes to trial, it will come out that Obama has as much Benghazi blood on his hands as she does…and they both will be ruined….BHO can’t take that….so he will hogtie Lynch.

    • IF :
      2) WE actually had a Department of Justice instead of a BHO-ZO department of INJUSTICE run by Loretta
      3) SHIL-LIER-RY would already have been INDICTED and fitted with a one piece Orange SUIT and be Hanging behind Steel bars for LUNCH in FEDERAL PRISON

    • she will be if—americans stand an make it so[[[[fat chance

    • You can say that again!

    • The house should have impeachment papers ready for loretta lynch if she refuses to indict. I think they would have the votes to impeach and convict. Then she should lose her law license permanently and thrown in jail.

      • The Democrats will never allow that! No way to reach 2/3 majority override in both Houses! It is sad, but it can’t be done.

        • I would disagree with you for one reason, I think that they would get so much pressure from the people they would fear losing there jobs in the next election. Remember that getting elected is far more important than any party loyalty and the people have had it with the hildabeast and her lying and deceit. I really think that they can get the votes.

          • I won’t argue that point. I hope you are right! It makes sense, but when did Liberals EVER make sense?

          • That is true, logic is the antithesis of liberalism

          • Unfortunately she still has lots of morons, listening to her on the campaign trail, how sad it is that so many show up to hear her schreech her campaing lies. This makes me angry that so many of them can not see the truth or don’t care what she has & is still doing sad, sad day for America when they are allowed to vote

          • It is sad how many people still listen to her. The only good thing is that her popularity drops with ever poll. The only thing I can think of is that they want another slick willy and they don’t see the major difference between them. She will just be another obama. Clinton worked with congress and they were able to get some things done. She will follow her ideology first and would not be worried about bypassing congress like obama.

          • 7papa7. Who do you listen to? Not to worry. If Bernie Sanders becomes the Democratic nominee I will support and vote for him? What have you got? Donald Trump? Ted Cruz? He haw!

        • Nor should it! 🙂


        • The hildabeast had her license suspended for not keeping up with legal education. No big deal.
          Obama’s law license was voluntarily retired
          moochelle license was voluntarily placed on inactive.
          Agree that this means there was possible actions in the works but they were never convicted of anything.
          I agree that they probably are guilty as sin but it was never pursued. For obama it was lying on his bar application but was unable to find out what it was on the moocher.

        • Thank all the libtards for all that you have stated. This is just one of the reasons that being a liberal is a mental condition requiring a dr. with a couch & time to listen to their ramblings

        • Naw – the Butcher of Benghazi still has hers ! The rest did though.

      • Not only impeachment, but charge her & Ovomit with co-conspirator in covering up a crime & obstruction of justice.

        • There is no doubt in my mind that both of them should get the death penalty but I would be satisfied we could at least get them off the streets and into prison. There is a myriad of things that could be used to do that. If we only had a congress with a spine.

          • The spineless, gutless, no gonads, sleazy criminal Congress has been worthless for years.Anyone with an approval rating in single digits would be fired in private industry. Yet these YAHOOS keep enriching themselves & living off the government teat. They put welfare recipients to shame. Welfare & Congress are one in the same.

          • They are why we need term limits for congress.

    • I would have to agree with you Carol. However, she, or Obama, will probably decline indictment, as they maintain that it (1) wouldn’t be prudent, and (2), she just doesn’t have the time for indictment, she’s running for president. Galling, doesn’t begin to describe it. Perhaps if she’s elected, she figures we will finally let the Benghazi issue go. To use one of her own replies, what difference does it make?

    • She isn’t like “any other American” she is part of the ruling class and has gotten away with murder more than once.

    • This is why Loretta “lacky” Lynch should never have been confirmed, we would have been better of with an out of gas Holder. AND if a Supreme Court vacancy comes along whowill have the nerve to vote against a FEMALE BLACK candidate no matter how incompetent…look at Sotamayor and Keegan.

    • moved, sorry

    • I couldn’t agree more, the Dems set it up so she would be a sure thing because they thought she had gotten rid of those ( u mmmmm so secret e-mails they don’t exist) kind lol ooohhhhhhpisses!! She didn’t do a good enough job destroying the evidence , so look at the 3 candidates the Dems want to represent them as President and sorry to say if this is the best they have they are in piss poor shape!! You got a Compulsive, sneaky, bribe taking , terrorist hiring traitorist ,lying bitch, you have an old socialist and an incompetent mayor and all 3 want to take us past the 21 trillion in dept mark. She shouldn’t even be able to begin to run because she’s under investigation
      Shoot Mickey Mouse or Marvin the Martian should be able to beat any of the Piss poor Dems choice .
      Really is this the best the Demorats & Libtards can come up with to run for President?? And they set it up so she would be the Nominee! And if she’s elected they had better only have male interns their ( then she can molest them) !!! Ughhhhh the though of that Ughhhhh gotta go puke!!! LOL

  4. She should be charged just like real people, but she will probably not be indicted. The FBI can investigate and accuse, but only the prosecutor can indict. If the DOJ had the will to put this lying POS out of our misery, a special prosecutor would already have been appointed. At present it seems to be up to Obama and his lapdog AG Lynch, and they seem to have no inclination to hold Hillary Clinton to the same standards that the public is required to face. Don’t hold your breath waiting for justice from our criminal, oops, I mean political class.

  5. That old adage of ‘what goes around, comes around’ is juuust about due from a long waiting time on the Clintons getting their just desserts.

    Billy and Hillary have slid around the corners of justice for MANY years, her time could be THIS election, where she AGAIN, will NOT be that woman who breaks that coveted glass ceiling you hear her barking about in her speeches.

    Nope, she ain’t the one to break it. She’s too old to keep her arms up long enough, AND let’s face it, she ain’t no Moses with his rod.

    • don’t sweat hildabitch; obuma’s gonna be the dictator, anyhow. Remember, these words.
      “” 1. obuma will pass the word, for the violence to begin. 2. obuma orders martial law.
      3. obuma is our new dictator. 4. Our civilian guns start rattling. 5. Millions of civilians die.
      5-A. Millions of terrorists die. 6. We’ll wait, for the report to come out, on CNN, to learn
      what happened next.

    • We should not have to worry about dirt, Christ will judge them by their deeds. Their is no escaping Christ. Let’s hang onto our belief in Christ that we will pass no matter what our sins are as he died for our sins, and overcome death in his resurrection.

  6. The point is…If Obama resists the indictment, he wil put a capstone on his lack of a legacy…Justice denied is no justice at all…at the highest levels of government…What kind of example would this be for the next generation?

    • Well, kenneth, I don’t mean to disallusion you ( or anyone else ); but, guess what :: obuma
      isn’t leaving any legacy, at all ( aside from the trail of blood ). He’s not interested in a legacy, in the sense that other presidents want to . His legacy is for the memory, within the islamic community. Everybody continues to make lite of his muslim brotherhood membership. That membership is a very deadly
      infection, on our society, as a nation of free people. He has more than sufficient time now, to get his
      islamic brotherhood members in position, to physically take a dictatorship, control over this nation, before the end of the year.
      Should everybody be scared ?? Hell, YES;; The nation should be in panic mode, now. But; almost,
      everybody is depending on the constitution, to fix things, come election time. Guess what; we have not
      protected the constitution; therefore, it is now, unable to protect us. It cannot operate it’s powers, fast
      enough to stop obuma’s take over, at this point. We are about to see the destructive results of not protecting the constitution. It’s upon us ( not simply stalking, from a distance, anymore ).

      • No disillusion Bob…I know everything you say is true from my perspective…While B.O. was running for office, I called him an empty suit…When he got into office I called him Domestic Enemy #1…I still do…I’m afraid that not enough of us know the B.O. and his plan for our destruction. It seems our leaders are afraid to confront him with his violations of the Constitution and putting Communists, Marxists and Radical Muslims in our government institutions and as advisors to himself. I could go on, but what good has it done?…00.

        • What good has it done ??? Yeah; NONE ( ABSOLUTELY, NONE ).

          I think, we’ll likely need to learn to speak the language of hell. Because; that’s where
          we’re all headed, very shortly, now.
          The shit is in the air, and is drifting closer to the fan.
          Keep your powder dry, friend. Not much longer, now; we’ll be needing it.

        • Kenneth Van Antwerp

          In my 73 YRS on this earth, I’ve seen some pretty bad Presidents, but BHO takes the cake. I thought Jimmy Carter was bad.

      • Kenneth Van Antwerp


      • I agree with what you say but can only hope he does not take over our government. If not, then his Attorney General is out along with him and Hillary then may be indicted.

        • No offense intended, Ray, but; You can only hope he doesn’t take over our government ??? Where have you been, my slow friend ???? He took over the
          government, years ago. The only thing he hasn’t taken over, completely, is the
          physical control of the people. That is the next step. After that, we are helpless and
          expendable. His next step is the end of our world, as we know it.

          • Check out his EOs. Power to take over all farms and ranches along with the equipment to run them ah la, Joe Stalin where the favorites were fed and the rest starved. Now that’s control. (13603 I believe the no. is) And that’s not all, martial law? There will no law for anyone except him. A private army that answers only to him? Check it out, it’s in ObamaCare. (Stabilization force)

            Scary stuff, Maynard!

          • An unfortunate truth, is that it will get much much worse before it gets better.

      • Go to YouTube, and search for a video under the title: “Jewish Teen Sees Israel’s Future”. Kind of long at over an hour, but worth the look.

      • Rosemary Stambaugh

        You are SO right!!

      • I think you are very close to being right!

    • Not ‘Would be’ IS an example for the next generation!

    • On one hand, we can be glad about his purchase of a mansion in Dubai because, in a sense, we’ll be rid of him. On the other, did he buy it because he knows what’s coming for us and he wants to be as far away from that as possible?

  7. If she is not formally prosecuted, then there is no honor left in our governing body…period. If they want the respect of the American people, they need to prosecute. The rules apply to EVERYONE, right?
    (except the corrupt Clintons, that is) We shall see if Loretta Lynch is an honorable government official or just a puppet.

    • Prosecuted, or not. We have had no honor, in our governing body, for many moons, 3ronald1.
      We lost honor, n our governing body, many decades, ago.

    • The right of HONOR was lost many years ago! Do not look for Loretta Lynch to have HONOR and especially Obama having HONOR!! This will be dismissed, as was Bill Clinton. What happened to Bill? He cannot practice law anymore! Big deal, He gets unaccountable TONS of money and the women still throw themselves at him, PLUS he is well guarded by us and OUR money for the rest of his life!!

      • I hate to admit it, but I’m pretty sure you are correct. I have NO faith in Loretta Lynch or anyone else appointed by Obama. Nor do I have ANY faith in him. He is a feckless leader…actually, NOT a leader at all – a community organizer is where his experience lies.

    • She is just a puppet. So wasn’t Holder and Rice. In fact, everyone in his administration are puppets. What in the hell does he say and do to these people that make them be his puppets?????

  8. Just fit the bitch for an orange prison jump suit and lock her up ! Anyone else would do 20 years behind bars !

  9. Should this happen, congress (intentionally used a lower case ‘c’) should go through the motion of impeaching the AG, that is if the members want to appear as if they’re upholding their oath of office. And while they are at it, attempt to impeach Obama also.

  10. The FBI is not stupid and will not present indictment charges against Hillary Clinton not while Loretta Lynch is in charge of the DOJ and or if there is a Democratic President….Why?…Because if they did a lot of heads would roll within the Dept. of the FBI…with Loretta Lynch being chief executioner for Barack Obama and the Democrats…The heads of the FBI enjoy their employment as much as you and I do and prefer to keep their jobs while cowering to the whims of this administration…Can we blame them for standing down?…Are we beginning to get the picture of how justice works in America when corrupt Democrats are steering the ship…Shame on HIllary Clinton for acting as if she is above the law…Haven’t we had enough of her incompetence and lack of leadership qualities?…If we want justice to prevail in this country…we must not vote for Hillary Clinton or another Democratic President.


  12. Well you see it’s this way. In order for there to be an indictment there has to be evidence. How about some evidence? By the way, I fully intend to support and vote for Hillary Clinton for President if she is the Democratic nominee. If Bernie Sanders is the nominee I will support and vote for him. Who in the heck do you self-styled patriots have? Donald Trump?

    • Neal Bracken, you are one of those complete morons and you even have a right to vote! No wonder we are in this predicament. I am sure you voted for Obama TWICE!!

    • So you intend to vote for a fraud ( yes, there is evidence she committed crimes) or your going to vote for a self-proclaimed socialist? That thing on your head attached to your shoulders, use that for something other than a hat rack please. I’m not saying you shouldn’t vote, and am glad you do. However, the party system is so far gone that even the shell it once represented is gone. While it’s sad that we have to chose the lesser of the evils every time we go to the polls, at least use your brain instead of casting the blind vote.

    • Better see your doctor soon, you appear to have a serrious malfunction in your brainstem.

  13. I AM THE BEAST Sssotlohiefmjn

    I am an advocate for armed revolt against this current president and government.

  14. If you or I ever let the foreign governments even have a chance to obtain secrets we would be in Colorado Supermax

  15. Elected political figures in DC seem to never be held to same laws as the average citizen does. For years now they have gotten away with writing thousand dollars in bad checks, insider trading where they fund the companies and buy into them to make millions off our taxes, they violate their oath of office, they “lose” billions of dollars and never held accountable for the lost tax dollars and how do you lose billions of dollars if not into your own pockets? There should be no shock that neither Clinton has ever had to face the music for any of their crimes because very in congress or the White House has been held to the same standards as we citizens have. They can steal, lie under oath, commit treason, leak top secret info that places all of us in danger, import terrorist, fund terrorist and our enemies, and a whole list of crimes we would be sent to prison for and not one has been charged. Kerry and Obama’s regime has admitted that the money Obama is giving Iran will be used in part to fund our enemies and terrorist. See them being charged with crimes against our nation and people? Heck, Obama refuses to enforce our nations laws and is open about it which also means he is breaking those same laws. Clinton will not see the inside of a court much less jail. she hasn’t done anything that most of the others have or are doing.

  16. But O will issue a pardon one hour later.

  17. The major percentage of Americans want Killery tried and want her held responsible for her actions , what are you waiting on ??

  18. This continues to build the foundation of corruption in this current administration and we the people need to force Congress to take action. Special interests need to be thrown out the door in fulfilling justice. Sadly we know none of this will happen as this country falls farther and farther away from the country that was created. We have turned our back as a nation on God and the moral values He set in place There is only one thing that can happen to any nation that rejects the righteousness of God and that is to fall. I need not say more because the evidence of that truth is playing out.

  19. Everyone that knows FBI Director Comey swears he has high integrity and he doesn’t play politics, if this is so,
    his findings will reveal the truth and Ms. Lynch who also was mentioned as having integrity by some of her
    collegeas, so let’s think positive and realize that we do have some really good citizens out there who are
    going to do the right thing for our country and our Justice system!!

  20. Hang the witch!!!

  21. If the FBI recommends it and the DOJ doesn’t indict, there will be be a reaction in America that has never been seen before. America is sick of the internal back slapping politicians protecting one another while they remain above the law. Hillary acts devilishly, speaks satanically, and is not fit for anything in government. That she has proven.

  22. Even if there is no indictment, the FBI should charge and arrest her on an information issued by a prosecutor (obviously without Lynch’s knowledge) and then let Lynch and Obama squirm as to why the charges should not be prosecuted. Of course it would take a very strong prosecutor to do this, and it would be a real news story to see Hillary “perp walked” on all the media – especially if the timing was just right so she could not make bail til the next day and would have to spend the night in jail. Huma should be arrested and charged at the same time along with the other staff members who participated in these Treasonous Crimes.

  23. corrupt hideous human being, above the law apparently, so there is no law no justice.

  24. Dennis B Anderson

    If you keep on saying she wont then she wont you cowards. You have two sets of laws ones for the peons and ones for the elite. I never looked upon Hitler-y as elite but treacherous & a evil snake who should have been politically decapitated at her very beginningings of water gate.. Still she is with us and if you dont dispose of her she will bring down the USA. Laugh at Patrais and cut him off at the knees. We have a socialist running for president you phucking idiots. Hillary is against Isreal and has just turned full blown Islam, you dont get it she has said so. How do you think thats going to translate into another 8 years of rule in the white house. There wont be a place called America anymore. I will be leaving this place and sell out. I wont even say good bye to you guttless cowards you deserve what youre asking for. One last hope that the FBI goes over the new DOJ nappy head Lynch and do whats right, and go after them all. If not its time to gear up our country has been hi jacked.

  25. Obama won’t let this proceed to an actual indictment. He’ll just wait until she goes out of the country and then take her out with a drone attack, along with 10 innocents, just like he has done to other American Citizens. No due process necessary.

  26. If she is not indicted for her crimes it will prove just how corrupt the Obamas administration is, and shows that there is NO justice if you belong to the political elite. Either way this hag is finished politically!

  27. What we need now is for China or Russia to release some of the info they obtained from the hag’s unsecure server.

  28. Criminals who have intentionally hurt this country MUST be prosecuted no matter how high up they are. TREASON is a crime against all of us and case certainly can be made against both in that regard! Hang ’em and hang ’em high!

  29. If she renounces her citizenship and leaves this country for good to never return, then I say don’t indict but put her and her family on a plane out of this country for good and never allowed to return

    • Even Ex-Pres “I did not have sex with that woman” Bill? It would be better for the country, but I can’t imagine ‘truth’ ever being used as part of ‘justice’

  30. So I guess a criminal like Clinton can get away with her crimes because of the criminals (Obama and Loretta Lynch) protecting her from prosecution! Whatever happened to “a nation of laws” Obama? Whatever happened to “nobody is too big to go to jail” Hillary? Obviously, if you are a Democratic/Socialist politician, an illegal-immigrant, or have millions of dollars, you needn’t worry about breaking laws OR going to jail!

  31. michael schimanski

    Its a real shame that the American people are so STUPID and I mean STUPID not to see and don’t want to believe what is going on in this country and the world with , obama , and hillary .It’s right in front of there eyes yet there not smart enough . The fix is in , the MSM and the muSLIM has really done there job in changing the world into what they want . 30 years ago we would have been up in arms , and now look at us fight among our selves over right and wrong . WAKE UP AMERICA .

    • WE have allowed to many Generations of INBRED IDIOTS to be allowed to vote without an iQ test!…..The Unionized Teachers plan and the Progressive Libtards plan to Destroy America has come to fruition…

      • You make a very good point. For some reason we, as a nation, have lost sight of the fact it takes intelligence to vote responsibly. Consequently, we lowered the voting age without restrictions to 18. Now some 18 year olds are quite competent to vote, some are not. The argument was made if they are old enough to fight in a war they should be old enough to vote. True but then passed a law all 18 year olds can vote whether military or not and then stopped the draft! Smart real smart! And raised the drinking age to 21. Reasonable? At one time more people were educated in the military then our public schools.

        For hundreds of years it was necessary to show one’s responsibility when allowed to vote. The importance of that vote was recognized. Then the 60 hippies came along and started us down a road leading to this obama abyss we find ourselves in over our head with little hope of rescue. But under the RIGHT leadership America CAN be great again. Maybe even greater then before!

        • Dont forget that children have been indoctrinated by the school system for a few decades now.

        • and now that BHO-ZO is allowing a mass Invasion of Cubans from the Southern Border along with Isis ” refugees” how many Languages must be used to Print (D) only Ballots?????

  32. If Loretta Lynch will NOT indict Hillary Clinton, despite FBI referral, THEN CONGRESS SHOULD IMPEACH AND REMOVE LYNCH FOR BREACH OF OATH OF OFFICE. PERIOD.

  33. The thing about this whole sorry tale is that Hillary Clinton has been pulling this kind of skulduggery ever since before she became involved with her dopey husband. She wrote her college thesis on Saul Alinsky and followed his principles on using unethical and, yes, illegal methods to gain political power. That’s what she does. From the information that’s available to the average American on her current debacle, she illegally exposed this country top secret documents by making a personal decision to store 1300 of them on an unsecured private server that was subject to being hacked. She should be indicted and, at the least, disqualified as a presidential candidate because of these actions. I’d like to see her indicted, found guilty and sentenced to federal prison for the next 20 years.

  34. Bag a few of her underlings and let them sing. It will help the case.
    Bill will be at the trail with his new 18 yr old coed assistant.

  35. If, while working for an aerospace company and carrying top level clearances, I had done ONE of the things she has, I would still be in prison. Hoping that the FBI indicts and if Lynch demurs, she is impeached, along with the muslim in chief, and tried for treason.

  36. If charged… If found guilty… BO pardons… Politics trumps (with a small t) common sense and justice.

  37. The whole story here is a “great” General David Petraeus was arrested tried and convected for about one tenth of one percent of what hillary has done. There is a political reason for his conviction just as there is for hillary’s non-charge. It must be realized hillary had a position of trust as Secretary of State equivalent to or above the General’s. It is neither an excuse nor a reason for her to make the statement they were not marked secret when she sent them on her “unsecured” phone. It is her responsibility to know what is classified and what is not. That is a big part of her job! However, under this obama administration we have become accustomed to failure. Sadly we have seen no successes in nearly eight years. We are in the last year of the most corrupt and least productive administration in nearly 240 years. Now “that” is the obama legacy!

  38. What we need is Hillary indicted have her removed from running for President then have her trial after Obama leaves office so he can’t pardon her.

  39. Just remember. The republicans are all to willing to stand by and let these things happen without anything more than a slight protest and no action.
    I don’t know if it is true or not but I read that Patreaus had CIA info on too many politicians and the threat to release it to the media kept him out of prison.
    That’s what you can expect when corruption is allowed to run rampant in both parties.
    There was a similar event years ago when the union pension/insurance fund fraud surfaced(ULICO). People should have gone to jail but too many politicians were involved for prosecution to advance.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to see a president run with the promise to spend every day of his term hunting down and prosecuting every member of congress who owes back taxes, participated in insider trading, extortion or bribery etc.?
    He’d have to have three vice president to help handle the work load.

  40. It’s taken over 2 years of hearings and piecing together tiny shreds of edited evidence to just get to this point. How much longer will it take for Billary to ACTUALLY BE indicted!?!?!??! IF it actually happens, then we have to endure years of stonewalling, obfuscation, and witnesses turning up dead, and testimonies consisting of, “My lawyers have instructed me to plead The Fifth Amendment, and/or, “I can’t recall”. Not to mention the attacks by on truthseekers by her allies in the bully media.

  41. If she is not indicted this will just be more proof of the political elite not held accountable to the same laws as all other citizens.

  42. What the hell do they mean- “FORCED PREDICTION by the panel” they are telling us their panel was FORCED to make a BIASED PREDICTION?

  43. If the FBI recommends that Hillzilla be charged and the AG, Loretta Lynch declines, she should be charged with corruption.

  44. Burn the lesbian witch on the stake,…just like we used, to and even THAT would be too humane for all the terror, death, suffering the piece of S__t has caused hundreds of people. The lake of burning sulfur is waiting for such as HILLARY CLINTON.

    • Well, well, what have we here? A big tent televangelist excoriator, I do believe!

      • I can see the headonstraight is actually head & hate on backwards. Lets leave your excuse for ignorance out of this. Try to put down the bottle and the drugs long enough to do some homework pal,… turn off the porno then go to the web and start searching how many people’s lives have been taken or ruined by the wicked clintonistas. If it was your relative maybe you would be singing a different tune,………………….but maybe not. Who knows you may be as much a pervert as billy boy who has probably done Chelsea. After all she is not his daughter, she is web hubbel’s daughter which is just another lie to the American public. Just a little more dirt under the rug from the clintonistas. WAKE UP PAL.

  45. I predict Hillary will always have a “get out of jail free card” as long as Obama is in office. If she is indited during the current administration, he will whip out a presidential pardon and she will skate free.. again.

    Patience people.. hold your cards close…. statue of limitations on Treason and Sedition won’t run out on her after President Trump takes office [and I predict he will].

    There will be a change of Atty General quickly and the landscape of DC will change as well. Clinton will lose her “protector” as well as a host of others who enable such acts of treason, you know the list.

    Perhaps,,,, we can do this without a violent revolt. As you all likely know, Citizens have set records for the past 7 years each week for gun and ammunition sales, just in case it should become necessary to defend this nation from an enemy, foreign or domestic, as Constitutionally preserved by the Bill of Rights.

    Vote before you shoot… Do both with accuracy and deliberation.

  46. What we have in DC is nothing more than corruption from the top on down and no body looking out for us American citizens. obama breaks our laws and congress sits on their over paid behinds and lets him do as he damn well pleases. killery clinton breaks our laws and again nothing is done about it. She lied to the families of those four men killed in Benghazi because of her dereliction of duty, and she lied to congress and to us citizens as well. What this does is send a message to us that if you’re in obama’s administration you can get away with anything and not worry about being indicted, unless you’re General Petraeus and obama will make an example out of you. killary clinton needs to be indicted and pay for the laws she broke and that would show America that justice is back in DC, then go and do the same for barack hussein obama as he’s a law breaker and him or killery clinton has any respect for our laws, or this country.

    • Would be nice to see Hillary on a silver platter with an apple in her mouth. Definitely not for human or animal consumption, just a photo op before being dumped into the garbage grinder.

  47. They should wait until Obama and AG Lynch are out of office and THEN charge Hillary. Once Obama is out of office he cannot control what happens to Hillary.

  48. The punishment is in order , lies OK trying to eliminate evidence whipping the hard drive giving false information
    to investigation , concealing the truth, to voters who may not care to vote for an inept president and the crew of lairs, obstruction of the truth to fool the people into voting for idiots. God save America. Because we can’t.

  49. Who would have believed that this would happen to America?? But the idiots voted for muslim Obama twice. And Hillary, crook and liar of the ages was SOS. Didn’t care at all when she and Obama were there with the 4 flag draped coffins of the 4 dead from Benghazi. The lies to the families faces about a protest about a video. I read the book and watched the movie of 13 Hours. Made me sick to my stomach, knowing that Obama, Hillary didn’t do a thing to help the ambassador. They knew, they didn’t send help, they didn’t care. Monsters do not have souls, and these 2 are monsters. May they have to suffer in misery for the rest of their lives. May their lives be short. They do not deserve to live. If they live, send them to the worst place on the planet to live. With no money, family, friends, etc. Just the 2 of them together with their thoughts and hell on earth. Can you tell, I hate them. The destroyers of this once great country.

  50. Just charge Hillary of the crime, and bring her to justice ASAP!


    BERNIE SANDERS WE HAVE 100 PEOPLE AND ONLY FIVE LOAVES OF BREAD. WELL SHOOT 95 AND FEED THE OTHERS. Communism works every time. We will take from the rich and give to the poor after we take our 50% cut. The entire world is ripe for communism. When you are hungry you will listen to the person who fills your rice bowl. HITLERY ENTERS STAGE LEFT. Chris Cuomo sings her praises just like he vas following orders. Watching the boot licking I got McCain Graham flash backs. If McCain loses his seat where will Lindsey bury his nose?

    Out comes Ol Hickory as the Japanese prime minister said when he called the oral office and Bill was getting harmonica lessons. Mr Quintin how are you? How Hickory. Are you busy right now? OH Mr Quintin speaks Chinese oooh ahhh eee.

    Hillary gave me a flash back of an old Disney movie when Disney was American work. The Wicked stepmother hid Cinderella from the handsome prince and pushed two democrats in front of him.Hillary does not give shovels with the communist party snow job. The cost of the great Iranian negotiation was not that high. Three million Israelis is a small price to pay for peace. Iraq belongs to Iran anyway and Russia is doing a wonderful job protecting Syria for Iran.

    George Bush never should have went to Iraq and that is why as soon as we could we ran out just like Bill did in Mogedeshu. Secretary Clinton why did you leave over 50 Americans to die in Benghazi? That is how many would have died if a handful of Americans has not disobeyed your standown order. Where were you and Obama after your stand down order caused them to suffer and die over 13 hours. You can fly commercial from New York to Benghazi in 11 hours.What happened to your 3:00 Am phone call service. Who cares how they died? Did you say that to Sean Smith’s mother?

    All the town hall questions were pre screened and rehearsed. What do you think about the 150 FBI agents recommending your indictment. WE own the DOJ. The Lynch mob works for us just like The IRS and the EPA. Besides I got so much shet on Obama he can not afford to dump me. 911 was your can madam that you and your husband kicked down the road. Those towers were Clinton towers that came down. In 1993 Obama served you notice he was coming to kill 100,000 Americans. You had two opportunities to kill him and one to take hin into custody in the Sudan. You did nothing but sell pardons.

    If O’Malley the great healer was a doctor all his patients would be dead. His legacy is Baltimore a town where the baseball team had to play somewhere else because it was a war zone. All these communists play the gun control card but anyone can buy a gun any hour of the day from their heroin dealer, No paperwork. No safety check. What a joke What a charade. Don’t forget to kill the kids and call it choice.I BET YOU THAT KID HAS A DIFFERENT OPINION


  52. if lynch bitch does not do her job then she needs to be arrested also!!

  53. BS politicians make me sick :v.•**•…. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who handled classified information, especially information which directly endangered CIA personnel in the field, would NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY! Hillary Clinton, the arrogant lying wicked witch of DC, needs to be indicted, tried and found guilty. No consequences for violations of this magnitude virtually insures a repeat by the next treasonous politician that comes along.

  54. Why wasn’t George W. Bush indicted for lying to the American people about weapons of mass destruction? Now that’s something worth investigating. I don’t know why the Democrats let it slide.

  55. If lynch refuses to prosecute the bi thc the FBI should just go public with their findings. That would be just as good. When she’s gone and burried any idiot left that votes for that communist sanders will get what they deserve a communist other than a mudslime trying to continue to destroy America

  56. I am tired of seeing these kinds of articles. The old hag should be in prison, they keep talking about it. That is the problem, the are all talk and no go. DO IT ALREADY!! Put killary in prison forever!!

  57. “”The conventional wisdom is that even if the FBI has an airtight case against the former secretary of state, Obama’s Justice Department will decline to press charges””.
    Maybe Obama’s DOJ won’t press charges… President Trump certainly will. Trump ain’t stupid. He won’t pardon her after he’s elected, and Obama won’t pardon her either… though he may be stupid enough to try.

  58. Oh yeah? That racist Marxist AG Lynch to allow indictment of Hillary (you know – the wife of that impeached disbarred felon Bill Clinton)? Dream on!

  59. Hillary may think she is above the law–SHE IS NOT!! A CRIMINAL IS A CRIMINAL> What needs to happen is for Comey to come out and announce the FBI is going to indict Hillary before he ever says anything to LYNCH or Obama–of course he would be fired but to me it would be worth losing my job over doing what is right!

  60. The overwhelming majority of us want her indited. Then Obama comes in and lets her go. We know for fact that she is a crook, liar, thief, and and and and and and,. and we need her gone. Just make sure no one votes for this bitch.
    She is responsible for 4 murders along with Obama doing”s. The way it seems that George Soros has b een setting up the Democrats and some Republicans he owns (his words) to only perform what he wants and not whats in the Constitution. Obama and Hillary are just two of his cronies. Soros isn’t rich enough to buy enough votes so Hillary can win much of anything. If someone might think she could do a job as dog catcher but I don’t believe she could even do that.

    • CORRECTION: “The overwhelming majority of us right wing dingbat nutjobs want her indicted.” Note correct spelling of indiCted.

      • Do you feel better now? Does belittling someone else make you feel superior?Whats next, you going to start racial slurs? It’s people like you, and like minded as you, thats whats wrong with America as a people. Instead of coming to the table with something constructive ( and notice I left out politically correct), you feel the need to be childish with a heaping helping of superiority complex. your no better or worse than anyone else replying to this thread, if you can manage to pull it out of your hind quarters.

  61. If this administration refuses to indict then WE MUST elect a president whose AG will reopen the case and prosecute her at that time. Anyone who would vote for this corrupt POS needs to have their head examined. Hitlery is nothing but filthy trash and will do nothing but further corrupt DC while bringing upon us the complete ruination of our country.

  62. The senator from Texas is John Cornyn, not Cronyn, although one could find numerous examples of cronyism on his record. Freudian slip?

  63. WARNING! The discussion below is about 99% raving, blithering balderdash from ultra-right wingnuts! Spare your brain from contamination with this drivel!

  64. I think it would be much wiser for the FBI to continue investigating but not try to prosecute hillary until a new President is elected. Everyone knows she is being looked at very seriously by the FBI but the AG and obama will never take her to court so no matter the outcome of the election, the best chance for hillary to be tried is when a Republican is elected. And, God Forbid, hillary be elected (which I don’t think will happen) nothing has been lost because she would not have been tried either way. I know it’s a crap shoot but still the best shot we will ever have.

  65. And this bitch is STILL running for potus WHY???

  66. She is a crook. Cost 4 Americans their lives as she sat and did NOTHING to help! We could of had people there in time to save them. Bitch needs to be arrested and put in prison!

  67. If The HILDA BEAST gets away with this, then this is no longer the United States of America. This will prove that certain individuals in this country are above the law. That turns our legal system into a complete joke and we now live in Anarchy. That means every thing goes. I think we still live in America. Time to watch the Hilda-beast and all her Cartel do the PERP WALK

  68. The FBI will charge but the sycophant, Loretta Lynch, will not be allowed by Bama to indict her. Any good gambler knows politics trumps fairness and justice.

  69. not only Hillary lock up all the Clintons Bush and Obama they are related to each other they are plotting for the new world order and along with them lock up all the Bankers that comes from the 13 Illuminati bloodlines end their Tyranny and also lock up prince william of wales also because he owns everything even the white house and charge them for plotting a conspiracy use the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati book and the Obama Deception dvd as evidence

  70. Dennis B Anderson

    If Hitler-y goes down so does Obama! Do you recall her interupting Obamas meeting
    with 4 letter words? It wasnt really talked about but they are connected at the hip. As much as I dislike Obama for what he has done to our country I dislike Hitler-y more for her manipulation of facts and treason. They are both treasonous other countrys would already of killed them for there actions.

  71. She should have been indicted after the Muslim Video Cover-up after the fiasco at Benghazi and the Attorney General’s Office KNOWS it but, aided in the Judicial competency obfuscation of the investigation which would have resulted her indictment because it was only 2 months before the 2102 Presidential election and would have caused a lot of Americans Americans to vote other than for Obama, had they then known the TRUTH! Truth is NOT something this Administration cherishes and that much is obvious to ANYONE born before or about 1964 and Johnson’s embarkation of the Great Welfare State he called the Great Society, immediately following the assassination of JFK, likely for not playing the New World Order game. Johnson is also the president who personally EXPANDED our role in Vietnam by his Gulf of Tonkin Resolution on August of 1964; a wearying and divisive war we were NOT ALLOWED TO FIGHT TO WIN with absurd Rules of Engagement no one had EVER put up with before, but which have hampered our military in ALL branches Ever since. And, I KNW whereof I speak since I served there with an Infantry unit from May of 1968 to May of 1969. when I left to return home, we had 537,000 troops IN Vietnam but, they and the Vietnamese we were sent to help were utterly abandoned and betrayed by BOTH our government and the people of THIS country. Some things, apparently: NEVER CHANGE!
    Leftist politics have ruined this country. It is time for a change WE, THE American people, can live with; not in fear of!

  72. Cherie Lynn Davis

    We can dream can’t we? The problem is that most of the government has been compromised by illicit politicians with the Clinton’s leading the pack. If you have the time, go to and type in “The Clinton Chronicles.” After watching that video, revisit this site and share your thoughts. It is shocking to see what they have gotten away with in their pursuit of absolute power. I will be surprised if Hillary is ever prosecuted! Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

  73. The Clintons do seem to lead a charmed life, but the time for reckoning is now. Four lives snuffed out can be laid at the missus’ doorstep. In another case of injustice, I could hardly believe my eyes and ears when I learned the Texas grand jury brought charges against the very people who stood up for unborn babies, against planned parenthood, while they got off scot free. The investigative reports were doing their job when they filmed the video.

  74. Just think, “If Killery goes to jail”, Slick Willy can get more BJ’s at home.

  75. “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson

    I wonder if our justice department is aware of this truism?

    • “I did not say even half the things MAHB001 attributes to me.”
      ― Thomas Jefferson

      • “…when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the
        same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism,
        it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government…”
        —- Thomas Jefferson (Declaration of Independence)

        Perhaps you like this better? Same thing to me.

  76. Debra(bogene) – My husband was born in Fort Pierce, Florida. I have not yet done a ancestry check on the family, but plan to do so in the coming months. I have never heard him speak of relatives in Georgia though.

    • My husbands grandparents lived in Fla. (Jacksonville, Fla) Small world. I don’t ever hear our last name unless it’s family. They are a large family tho. He has 6 sisters and one brother, all in Ga. His dad also came from a large family, 6 kids. It’s not a common name. God Bless

  77. Cornyn is just a worthless senator. Too bad he was reelected. He represents what is really bad about the Republican Party.

  78. eagleonecommander

    The FBI has know choice but to indict because of the overwhelming evidence they now have against her. She lied repeatedly to Congress as well and my question is why hasn’t Congress indicted her as well? I always thought that when a citizen lies to Congress they are subject to some prison time. If Attorney General of the United States Lynch doesn’t follow the FBI’s recommendation then we know that Lynch is crooked and after her term is up she will never receive the respect she once had when she served as a tough prosecutor in New York. Obama wants to give her a pass because she has a lot on him and it is really damaging to his so called legacy. Most young women are turned off by he because she is an old has been anyway and her attitude of entitlement to the Presidency is wearing thin with voters anyway. She has lied so often that she can’t be trusted and will definitely loose to any of the Republican front runners especially if it is Trump.

  79. If I had done this I would be in prison. Even with a level 4 TS SBI Q.
    God Help the USA if this level of malfeasance is gotten away with. There is no excuse for this. In a court of law this would have been over yesterday. LAWS WERE BROKEN and she knows it. The whole bunch need to be stripped of their security clearance, if they had them in the first place. The security of this country is more important then her laughter and ‘what difference does it matter’. A hell of a lot. The madame will not get my vote!

  80. Francisco Machado

    If there is no grand Jury, there is no indictment. If there is no indictment, there is no trial. If there is no trial, there is no acquittal. If there is no acquittal, she can still be indicted by a future AG. Is there a statute of limitations on treason? I doubt it. Obama can grant a preemptive Presidential Pardon – Ford did it for Nixon – and he wants a legacy, after all… There’s also the paradox of a President who cannot get a security clearance. Even if Hillary had one, would agencies willingly turn over to her sensitive information? What’s her position in negotiating with foreign leaders? There is no possible question but that she is a pathological liar. She’ll be able to get agreements with countries like Iran, but only because that’s liar against liar- and they will have no intention of upholding the terms of the treaty on their end, anyway. The politics of the Obama/Clinton reality resemble the plot of a bad science fiction movie. Her promised economics resemble the plot in which you are invited to a sumptuous feast in the campaign but find out that you are presented with the bill for yourself – and for her and her other guests – once the party is already underway.

  81. If they indict her then Obama must follow.
    It’ll never happen.

  82. she should have all ready been in prison… she’s already been proven guilty on a number of charges and proven guilty on them all …obama will pardon her anyway cause he was in on it to …and most of the sen. and the congress both sides had to been in on it to or Hillary has got the goods on them their afraid to go against her the one who does will be the #1 most popular person in the world and could be president

  83. This would be great if they had the power to indict but they don’t. The FBI makes the case and then it is handed over to the DOJ for prosecution. The DOJ has already sent a clear message to Clinton that they would not prosecute her when they let L. Lerner walk away scot-free from the IRS scandal.

  84. It really doesn’t matter if Lorwtta Lynch indicts or not. If she does, great. If she doesn’t, Trump’s or Cruz’s Attorney General can indict. Actually, I prefer the later timing for indictment. If Lynch indicts, Hillary will withdraw from the race, but on his last day in office, Obama would sign a pardon. It’s better to wait and have her serve time. Maybe Bill and Chelsea would serve time too.

  85. What more do these so-called leaders need to take the only course that is correct? They have no choice, unless they, too, are corrupted.

  86. Killary’s Muslim traitor leftist friends in DC and the DOJ will never let her be indicted; she’s their only hope for the WH and a slim hope, at that.
    Trump in Nov. to restore the nation and keep it out of the 3rd World hellhole!

  87. Put this crooked witch in jail…Her opportunism and crimes must be punished by a long stint in jail. Maybe for life.



  89. there gonna start making porcelain toilets bowls with obama’s picture imprint inside the porcelain bowl ”amazing” it will sure make a lot of people comfortable when going s[p[‘ll;. all on his face
    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’donald trump 2016

  90. She killed 4 of our best men and lied…Let us kill her after trial of course….

  91. Clinton won’t be indicted because of the corrupt collaborators that would have to do it ! They are are birds of a feather that flock together.
    Face it, if this were an ”outsider”, she would have been gone long ago for
    high crimes and misdemeanors !

  92. Hillbilly is long overdue for a scholarship to NU!

  93. EVERYONE knows that she is guilty, AND we know that Obama is a product of progressives who are no respecters of the law. Obama will not prosecute her. All this evidence will be used to keep her from charging any of his people should she be president. Dems are crooks. They knowingly vote for crooks.

  94. “Dura Lex Sed Lex”. The law is “hard-severe-iron-clad, or anything you may think” BUT IT IS THE LAW. The problem is that equality is a rather elastic term these days, subject to wismal interpretation and selective application. There are people that are more equal than others, it seems. Please do not ask me to explain what more equal than others means, suffice is it to say that if you were to have done one tenth of what she did, say, or failed to say, you would have been lucky to be locked up in Ft. Leavenworth, for 10 life long sentences.

  95. You can bet anything corrupt killary is in , barry is in it just as deep . He want cross her because she will sing like a canary and give that POS up !!

  96. Gloria T. Andrews

    I agree with MaryAnn 13 !!! Valerie Jarrett is just one of an army of Muslims in OUR WHITEHOUSE !!! We are being slammed every day by this gang of terrorists in Washington!!! How absolutely disgusting!! Obama reads a new threat every damn day written by Jarrett !!!! WE NEED TO ACT NOW !!!!!

  97. Obamanations corrupt DOJ (Department of Injustice) will not indict Hillary “Jezebel” Clinton. She has too much dirt on all of them.

  98. HILDEBEAST SHOULD be indicted; but Nothing is going to happen. That lying; emotionally defective POS has been tabbed by the Globalist PTB to be the next POTUS. God help us. Seriously. I hope i’am wrong.

  99. no one should be ‘above the law’ no matter who you are….she must be indited and given a fair trial and if proven guilty sentenced… many times can she keep lying and get away with especially when evrybody (at least 60% of Americans) believe she is guilty. ….”ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”…Hillary is a citizen of USA and shw committed wrong doings in several areas…she must be brought to trial and if found guilty punished for her actions….

  100. Liberals have ran in a dead-end street an no where to go. Now it just out an out COMMUNISM. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS taken over STATE RIGHTS TAKING AWAY Peoples Rights Killing PEOPLE TO ENFORCE UNCONSTITUTIONAL SO CALLED LAWS WHILE SWORN TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION. IT time to send all of them to GITMO.

  101. If she is not indicted the attorney general should be impeached along with all the rest who stand in the way of her prosecution. Americans should demand her prosecution. If we dont then any american charged with a crime should go free,that’s the kind of sense this all makes. Demand it America Demand it!

  102. The Clinton’s, Obama’s, Reid’s, Pelosi’s of this world can be guilty as hell, obvious as hell and can stand before you over a dead body with a smoking gun in hand and their supports will say it was photo shopped….they are all as crooked as the day is long but they are “above” us common people…..until we the people rule again, until the courts are for us the people, until the guilty pay then it’ll be same ole—same ole…..

  103. SHE better be INDICTED!

    IT is very likely the witch gave away America’s greatest secrets. What is going wrong asking if she will be indicted?? Are you nuts???

    The question should be WHEN will she be indicted and WHEN will the be serving time and she better be indicted!!!


  104. Obama will not allow Hillary to be charged with anything. Let us not forget that she knows far too much about his agenda to be put on the spot.

  105. Florida Boyee.

  106. Hey, face it People ….. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are ABOVE the Unites States Of America’s Laws!!!!!!!!

    So, all you “Good” Democrats just let it go and vote for the POS Law Breaking Bitch and get it shoved right up your asses – with the rest of us, after she gets elected POTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Observant_One. Is that the best you can offer? If you want to see a real loser look in the mirror. Who do you support for President? Donald Trump?

  108. FloridaBoyee. Is that the best you can come up with? Yup, I sure voted for Obama twice. Who do you support for President? Donald Trump?


  110. hangman57. All we need is the evidence. I can see why you call yourself hangman.

  111. She will never be indicted let alone be prosecuted for being the traitor that she is, all one has to do is look at the current occupier of the peoples White House to realize that the things she has done are perfectly OK in our nation now and in fact are the norm throughout our society.

  112. Elizabeth Valentino

    If a citizen were to do anything remotely as to what Hillary has done, where would that person be? In prison, no doubt! Obama is no better than Hillary, they are like 2 peas in a pod! I can’t wait to see her in “orange”.

  113. Elizabeth Valentino

    I agree with you Carol!

  114. OlGyreneFU. Of course you have evidence that Hillary Clinton is a traitor. I didn’t think so. You all call yourselves patriots? I am disappointed. In actuality you all are no different than the militant losers in Burns, Oregon. I guess it must be easy to sit around and runs your mouths about how bad our government is when you have nothing to offer.

  115. she should tried shot for treason or at wihout parole in prison for the bengz murder’s she committed and for a whole lot more..sheis pure evil their’s nothing she won’t do for power she’s a total mental case the world would be a whole lot better if they didn’t have people like Hillary in it and that’s a fact

  116. dude. Yours is but a rant full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

  117. Virginia Hornibrook

    She will never be in court she’s a Clinton she’s paid Obama off if she hasn’t paid somebody why haven’t they started to prosecute her because she a Clinton and never held up to anything she’s a lair, crook so is her rapist husband how many did it cost the American tax payers money to defend rapist Bill
    If it was anybody else we’d be in prison she’s still out there campaigning but her health isn’t very good she feel and hit her head In January of 2012 I don’t think she’s not healthy she’s slow hope the put her in prison she and Obama killed 4 men in Benghazi please Americans don’t forget they did nothing to save our men killer Hillary and Obama let these men die vote red vote Republican

  118. Hillary is a seriously flawed individual. She resented her Daddy and was bitter all through high school because she could never get a boy interested in her as a woman. Later she found Bill and thought she could mold him into her idea of a man.
    She allowed him to use and abuse her while she attacked the women he abused.
    Until she found her fish taco Huma, she was always bitter.
    She now is nothing more than a bitter old lesbian with diminishing mental faculties.
    She should be indicted and sent to an all woman’s facility where she can prey on other young women.

  119. I’ll believe it when I see it and then I’ll question it.

  120. Charge them both with all their crimes and Valerie Jarrett as our president is the most culpable of all..All to be indicted.

  121. Why isn’t this lying bitch in jail? The clintons are the best magicians in the world………not only can they make people disappear forever? They just so happen to know where all the bodies are buried & they have photos of their enemies with animals! Ask the hildabeast who hired craig livingston & where is he now? IMO!

  122. Boy, that is grand. Getting AG Lynch Holder In Drag to prosecute Clinton is worse than getting a fox to watch your hens.

  123. So, if the Obama administration declines to prosecute someone who commits potentially treasonous acts, would it be considered as grounds for impeachment? It sure feels like this would qualify for “High crimes and misdemeanors” even more so than Bill Clinton lying to Congress.

  124. She should indicted but won’t be. D.C after all is the District of Corruption.

  125. If anything, she deserves even tougher scrutiny than the average joe.

    Her position of high power means that she MUST set an example of the highest honesty and integrity and be held accountable for everything she does.

    She ‘s utterly failed in the honesty and integrity department her entire adult life… ever since she was a 27-year-old lawyer fired from the watergate legal team back in 1974 for unethical behavior and lying.

  126. If this is still The United States of America and no one is above the law and if There is Probable Cause to Indict, then Hillary R. Clinton will be indicted and she will take the PERP WALK. Hopefully with William Jefferson right next to her.

  127. Hillary needs to pay for her crimes. She is no different than you or I. She needs to go to prison.

  128. What damage, if any, provably, resulted from the insecure transmission of classified information? The purpose of classification categories, by definition, is “information, the disclosure of which, would cause (no, minimal, serious, very serious or irreparable) damage to the national security.” So far, it seems that it is more partisan, politically-motivated controversy. Can it be proved, for example, that the way classified information was transmitted or handled led directly to the loss of life of military personnel? Or, were sources compromised so that they faced prosecution or death?
    Since when have liberals ever given a hoot about the law, per se? This entire administration has been about changing the law or obviating the law in the interest of the greater, partisan-political good. We are divided, as a nation, over the issues of immigration and minority rights because of the advantage which liberals derive from denigrating the law and pushing for “transformation” to whatever. It should be no surprise that the trivial attitude concerning the importance of the law even included the manner in which sensitive, classified information was handled.

  129. If Clinton is allowed to skate on this, then simply turn out the lights, lock the doors, and declare that America is officially DEAD. If leaders so flagrantly violate the law with impunity, then the government can expect ordinary citizens to do the same. And we will have become a nation of anarchy. Pray for the country!

  130. It’s time for the protection of TREASONOUS THIEVES ENDS! If Hillary is not indicted it will be because Lynch is in Obama’s pocket and there is no justice in this country. Very dangerous prospect indeed! What other laws will be ignored by enemies of FREEDOM? What Hillary has done puts all AMERICANS at grave risk!

  131. Can we expect anything less that Obama will do whatever to protect his legacy? Same goes for Hillary.

  132. jdbixil. Your first paragraph was spot on. I couldn’t disagree more with your second paragraph. How about some examples?

  133. nevergiveup. Actually I expect a lot more from Obama and Hillary Clinton. With my blessings!

  134. Obama will squash any indictment because he knows if he doesn’t hillarious knows where the bodies (and his background) are buried.

  135. As much as I would love to see BOTH the Clinton’s wearing prison strips If by chance there is an indictment it will be for some poor sap who had nothing to do with it except for the unfortunate fact that he/she works for the premier world class GANGSTERS from Arkansas.

  136. With that racist Marxist Lynch as our AG- there will be no indictment of Hillary – you know, the wife of that impeached disbarred felon Bill Clinton.

  137. TexRancher. So much bluster, so little intelligence. Who is your choice for President? You sound like those asswipes in Burns, Oregon.

  138. Dominic Roy Accampo

    Will she???
    With liberals still in power I doubt it!

  139. Dominic Roy Accampo. Who is your choice for President? If you say Donald Trump I’ll try not to laugh to hard.

  140. All of these criminal liberals.. of course they don’t want her indicted…

  141. T Copps. Such bluster! What crimes have we liberals committed? Hey, I didn’t know I am a criminal now. When am I to be arrested?

  142. come on FBI and LORETTA…. INDICT NOW and let’s GET IT OVER WITH!! Time to PUT the SOW in her PIG STY for GOOD!

  143. Elizabeth Valentino

    Who does Hillary think she is that she can just break the law just because she’s Hillary? If she counts, then so do I! and so do you !

  144. The Redhawk. Your spelling is as faulty as your reasoning(?). Such bluster, so little thought. I am sure that even you can do better than that.

  145. Elizabeth Valentino. How about some evidence that Hillary has broken the law? Where is it?

  146. Imelda Marcos Clinton wears Teflon dress shields. Nothing ever sticks to her. She is evil as the day is long.

  147. Joseph r carreiro sr

    I thought as an old American that no one is above the law. She actually said that in one of her most recent speeches,and it is out on the world news. Have you seen it.Think. Opinion.

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