The “Hillary 2020” Train is Slowly Gaining Steam

The signs of a Hillary Clinton comeback are becoming impossible to ignore. First, one of her closest allies, Phillip Reines, wrote that there was a “nonzero chance” of the former Secretary making a 2020 bid for the White House. Then Chelsea Clinton said in an interview that she hadn’t spoken to her mother about another run, which is a transparent lie. Finally, Hillary Clinton herself admitted in an interview last week: “I want to be president.” And while the denials keep rolling in, they are just the kind of denials you throw out there while secretly plotting to make one last go at breaking Ye Olde Glass Ceiling.

Trump vs. Hillary 2: It’s Happening.

And the Chicago Sun-Times’ columnist Laura Washington is pumped about the idea:

Clinton remains the best-known and most accomplished potential Democratic candidate in the nation. She and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, bring immense star power.

There is a greater determination than ever, across the nation, to elect the first women president, thanks to Donald Trump and the Me-Too movement.

And millions of voters — not just diehard Democrats — believe they were robbed in 2016. They crave payback.

A Trump/Clinton rematch would be the riveting political story of the century.

There’s a lot of delusion in this column, not least of all America’s so-called appetite to elect the first female president. Washington is also, like many liberals, stuck on the fact that Clinton won the popular vote. She doesn’t realize that Clinton could win the popular vote by 16 million, but if all of those extra votes come from California, it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. Trump will win a second term just as handily as he won the first. Your idea that you were “robbed” doesn’t change the fact that the Electoral College decides the presidency, not the popular vote. Sorry about that.

But she’s not wrong about the Clintons and their “star power,” which is exactly what the Democratic Party is lacking as we head into the long, looooong 2020 campaign season. Cory Booker and Kamala Harris and the rest of them may be familiar names to political junkies, but they aren’t going to move the needle beyond that. Elizabeth Warren has turned herself into a bad joke, and Bernie Sanders is just too damn extreme for Middle America. Joe Biden? Michael Bloomberg? Let’s be serious.

So it could indeed be Hillary once again.

Because, frankly, some people just don’t know when they’re not wanted.

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