The Government: Now Raising Your Children

As far as I know, it’s not against the law for children to play outside unsupervised. I could be mistaken, but I’d have to read the law for myself. If it is there, I must have missed the fight over its passing. When did parents decide that they would prefer the government to dictate how they did their jobs? I don’t recall that movement; it must have happened when I was asleep.

But there must be a law, because why else would Danielle and Alexander Meitiv be facing child neglect charges? The Maryland couple is under investigation from Child Protective Services for letting their children – 10 and 6 – walk home from a nearby park without supervision. According to reports, the Meitivs have been forced by CPS to sign a “safety plan” wherein they promise not to leave their children unsupervised. Montgomery officials contend that there is a law against leaving a child under the age of 8 inside without someone who is at least 13.

That does not, of course, really apply to the situation at hand.

The Meitivs aren’t alone. These stories are popping up with frightening frequency. They include a Florida mother who was arrested last summer for letting her 7-year-old walk to a local park by herself. Another incident occurred in South Carolina under much the same circumstances.

Freedom First

Look, I get that not everyone subscribes to this notion of free-range parenting. That’s your choice. You can spend the first 18 years of your child’s life hovering over them like a shadow. Good for you. Maybe that’s the best way to do it.

But your choices are your own. And I’m not the only one who grew up in a world where I had more freedoms than restrictions as a child. We think of those bleary, nostalgic days as a simpler time when you didn’t have to worry about some pedophile murderer sweeping you off the street. But that’s not accurate. Truth is, the world is safer today than it was thirty years ago. Crime is down across the board since the early 1990s, particularly as it pertains to crimes against children.

Yes, there must be child protection laws. But, as with any encroachment on our individual liberties, they should be as light-handed and hands-off as possible. We should gag at the thought of making more laws, doing it only when there is simply no other choice. Instead, we seem to do the opposite. We see a problem, we make a law. Someone is living their life in a way we don’t like, we make a law. And for some reason, we are utterly powerless to stand against that timeworn argument: do it for the children. Do what for the children? Anything. Anything at all.

The big debate right now is whether or not we should make vaccines mandatory. But before we “make a law,” maybe we should gag a little first. See if it’s really necessary to steal away a little bit more freedom for the sake of the children.

Before long, they won’t be the only ones who must be supervised at all times.

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    The buzzword tonight is flippant.Flippant with extreme laughter. I watched O’Reilly tonight with Bernie Goldberg as they chuckled away a very dangerous situation. OUR BRIBE TAKING GOVERNMENT can’t keep their secret service sober. There are more classified American secrets in The Chinese and Russian archives than are left in Washed out, DC. Between Private Mr and Mrs Manning and KGB agent Snowjob little is left in the old file cabinet. I heard a military guy say that we have a jet fighter that will take 10 years to complete and the Chinese with our plans already have it. They finished it in a year and a half. I honestly believe the democrat party some knowingly and others unknowingly is the communist party. As it becomes more obvious to people who use words like left wing, liberal and progressive many will refuse to admit it. The only reason it is becoming obvious now is that they are stronger and therefore bolder. Now they are reaching for powers they would not dare try before. Just look at what and who they control.

    1-the unions

    2- the schools

    3-some churches

    4-all forms of corruption like porn, drugs, gambling and bribery. Their legislation proves my point. How is that glaucoma coming? We need to suck fumes to see again. We don’t need weed we have marinol in liquid and suppository form. You don’t have to pass the roach around.

    4a) PROSTITUTION but enough about the democratzis.

    5-the 45 goals of the communist party all have been reached since 1962. one of which was to gain control of one or both political parties. They already have the abortion party and the RINOS are in training.

    6- When you see a Mexican flag replacing an American flag that is the beginning. When you see a communist university subsidized by American Taxes refuse to fly the flag of the nation the revolution has already begun. There is no difference between a communist spitting on returning GI’s or a College refusing ROTC on communist campus because of make believe issues that sound good to soft soapers.

    7-Our Supreme court now has 4 communists on the bench.

    8-Our president is a communist and an Anti Semite/Christian put into power by communists.

    9-So is the Mayor of New York elected by communists.

    There is only one side fighting and it has full control over the communist media. So when so called fair and balanced fools joke about Hitlery and her Machiavellian tactics. Beware this cobra is deadly and the viper nest plays by no rules.

    Forty-seven Senators sent a letter to stop Obama’s alliance with another terrorist country and the communists called them un patriotic in violation of their law of their treason, From Cuba to China to Putin land this party de la muerte only gets people killed. Whether it is 30 Seals in a CH47 or 2,347 dead Americans in Afghanistan classified as NATO troops to be identified later. To all the Christians being slaughtered and sold into slavery this president is hell bent to destroy the USA. He can’t do it alone. He needs his communist party and the unaware until it is gone forever America, Never can happen happens all the time,

    Remember this on 911 three thousand American died along with 200 children of pro life mothers. But 100,000 were running through the streets in panic. We have not seen ISIS and associates in our malls yet. An easier target with more impact are school kids. Sandy hook had no armed guards. How many more Sandy hooks? NO one in this whole country knew about 911 until it was over. No one will see the next atrocity coming.

    Yet Hillary Clinton screamed what did Bush know and when did he know it. Her party let BIn Laden Live in 1993. The next speech she gives about women’s rights she should give it to her husband first. Her Computers are the property of the American people for she did government work on them. The FBI should have seized them right away. For sure our enemies knew her every move and that had to cost American lives. To quote Shakespeare her party doth protest too much.

    You are witnessing a communist takeover revolution.

    The only alternative is an American Resurrection.


  2. You said it: the government is stealing authority over our children. It is dangerous, as their purpose for doing so is part of Agenda 21 depopulation and control, with further abuse of families and the children themselves.

  3. It is really getting out of hand. Yeah, sure you want to protect children that nothing happens, but where I now live, children that live across the street from their school, have to wait for a bus to take them there. When I was little, we had to walk over two miles, our parents taught us to stay away from strangers, and there were people back then that use to grab children as there are today. In the 80’s we had latch key kids and we probably still do with both parents working. Social services and busy body neighbors are the real problem. Look at how many children that have been taken from loving families and placed under social services, only to be raped or molested or worse, at their so called safe havens.

    • I am glad I am not in his position, I grew up, walking to school and back, a mile each way, In HS, I rode a bus from Va. to DC and back, alone or with others, and we walked across Key Bridge each way in good weather. My kids rode bikes to school over a mile each way, went 2 blocks to the park, and grew up to be self sufficient, they were outdoors most of time in warm weather and came in when street lights went on. Boys delivered papers before and after school from age 12 on up, One started at 8 YO, taking over his brothers After school route. Over protection is not good, we knew our neighbors and each kept an eye open as to where they were.

      • Agreed, but one of the problem is that many homes are permanent and neighbors rarely talk to each other except on TV.

  4. Common Core is the ‘root of all evil’ in our education system as it is ‘INDOCTRINATION not EDUCATION” !!

    • news flash. Public education has been indoctrinating our kids since 1963. How do you think we got here in this mess as it is?

  5. You wanted a commie nigger.
    You voted for a commie nigger.
    You got a commie nigger.
    How is that for “Hope and Change?”

    • he is not a “nigger” as you put it.
      he is a radical muslim commie illegal alien usurper mulatto.
      he is the face of the enemy

    • how about trying to name his ideology rather than to attack the image of God. Very marred image of God, but image of God nonetheless.

  6. Brave New World.. revisited.. was published while Aldus Huxley was still alive. He agreed that things were Progressing nicely. Nicely Progressive indeed.

  7. Tghere is no specific law. There are laws against child endangerment and child neglect but they tend to be vague and allow CPS to be the arbiter.

    • CPS is just one more government ‘alphabet’ agency that likes to throw it’s weight around. They are intrusive in our families’ lives. The have ‘the power’ to destroy our lives and they do it without just cause many times a day. Demolish it from the ground up and rebuild it with parents whose children have been unjustly removed from their homes.

      • I agree completely. The intrusion of CPS does not require any specific law. They get to decide and they are not culpable for any bad results.

      • They persecute parents they shouldn’t and let the real child abuser parents off. Look at the little girl who was thrown off the bridge by her father. CPS had been informed about him several times, and they chose not to protect the child.

      • I think you’re on to something there gal….they would most certainly make better “Administrators” than the “Bureaucrats” that currently “hold those positions”!!!!


  9. abolish DCF/CPS.. because they think they own everyone’s children, & their usuall objective is not what they “claim” it is…no, their objective, is to take as many children & adopt them out, that they can, with mostly & usually false accusations, they commit purgery in family court as often as please, because they know they are not overseen by anyone, & that they are not held accountable, because they have society snow-jobbed into believeing they want the “best interest of the children”…that’s what hitler used to say… no, they don’t care about anything except to destroy families f& turn children into ?commodities>..yes it’s true, they make ALOT of money, for each child they can “adopt out”..they receive what’s called “bonus incentives” for keeping their adoption numbers up…it’s a disastrous scam on the country…our tax payer dollars are actually being used for their “secret hearings,where parents have nom due process, & no civil rights” they are basically frauding the taxpayers for what amounts to child trafficing…foster parents can be felons, & they can abuse children as much as they want to, & usually do, because most of them are only doing it for the money, & they can molest, beat, & abuse thechilde all they want to, but when the “real” parents try to get help & report that their child is being torchered, the DCF couldnt care less, because they are trying to get the real parents out of the picture so they can get their “money”…then, if the real parents try to reach out to the public to couhnd the alarm on what’s really happening in these “secret family courts”, the dcf gets the judge, (who allways do whatever dcf tells the judge to do, to put “gag orders” on the parents, threatening them with jail, if they expose the corruption… they all stick together, because they are all making their money this way.

    • You are entitled to your opinion., but I disagree with you. My wife was neglected by her parents and raised by her aunt, a child welfare worker. Wife was a child welfare worker for 42 years. Her goals was almost always to make functional families of neglectful or abusive parents and return the children to their birth parents.

      • Yes, I’m sure there are some “good ones” , iI did’nt mean to imply that “every” social worker & DCF/CPS emplyee are “bad seeds”, but the system as a whole, needs to be made transpaprent, because there seem to be way more bad seeds, than the good ones, & if the “good ones” would not be afraid to speak out abiout the bad ones, (for either fear of retaliation, or loseing their jobs, etc) then, maybe it would’nt be such a nightmare so many fami;lies that are being torn apart by lies. ..the secrecy of the hearings is a big problem, because they know that the public does not get to scutinize what is going on behind those closed doors, There are probably about 1 out of 10 cases, that aRE REAL, THE REST ARE FOR INCOME SUPPLY. & THAT’S WHAT NEED TO BE STOPPED…EVER SINCE wALTER mON DALE PUT THE “BONUS INCENTIVES” IN PLACE, & THEN IN THE cLINTON ADMIN, HE INCREASED IT, THE AMOUNTS OF CHILDREN TAKEN HAVE INCTREASED EXPEDENTIALLY, & IT IS ALL TOO OBVIOUS, THAT THE REASON IS THE “BONUS INCENTIVES” WERE, & ARE, A RECIPE FOR CORRUPTION.

  10. It’s always “about the children”. Pretty much every time we lose some of our liberties, it was “about the children”.

    Look at that (appears to be-) Lie called Sandy Hook. Supposedly, 26 or so people died (kids included) – However the FBI says no-one died. There much evidence to say that no-one did, and that it was ‘staged’. “For the Children-” and to get Guns out of the hands of the public. Andrew Homo, took it upon himself ” in the name of the children” to put in the NY (un) S.A.F.E. act- which limits gun owners to certain types of guns and not scary looking ones. My God! there is no difference in two semi automatic guns of the same caliber, but the law says that if your gun looks like a military weapon, It is bad and must be registered. “For the Children.” What a crock.

    We need some “educated” people in office, that actually understand the English language, and realize that their oath to uphold the Constitution is important. On the same note, those who vote for laws that clearly are a violation should be brought up on treason charges. We currently have some idiots in Washington who pay zero attention to the Law of the land, and just do as they please – via executive orders and “We have to vote for this -so we can study it next week and find what is in it”… Yes it is “about the children”

  11. 0bama … GUILTY!

    Holder … GUILTY!

    Sharpton … GUILTY!

    Jackson … GUILTY!

    Rangel … GUILTY!

    Farrakhan … GUILTY!

    Wright … GUILTY!


    • Ranger Rick…. ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!

      • Faye your over dosing your Xanex… help for your addiction.

        • I remember a friend of mine in the ’60’s, telling me how his 2 YO unlocked the door and went out for a walk, this was about 3 AM, and he was seen by a police officer who knew him and brought him home, next day a lock was put up high on the door, neither parent was hauled into court. I know of several kids who did similair acts, now days a kid does this parents are charged with neglect, this episode in Md. is plain BS, my older kids took their younger siblings on the handle bars of their bikes and walked to 7-11 with them as well and they were not 13 or over.

        • The name Jarhead suits you well. You need to get your head out of your ass& seek help for your stupidity. You need something much more stronger, preferably a Lobotomy. Is that dog shit drooling down your chin? LOL!!!

      • Ranger is only “Guilty” of not naming ALL the traitorous commie sob’s.

      • But not GUILTY!

  12. When I was a kid, my parents never felt the need to supervise me whenever I was outside playing, or even walk a mile to the little convenience store to get a soft drink or candy bar with my friends. Times were different back then, though. (I’m 55 years old now.) We didn’t feel the need to lock our doors when someone was at home, or lock our cars, either. However, in THIS day and age, it’s not a good idea to let children go further from home than you can actually check on them occasionally… so many children being abducted, raped and killed… that’s very likely the reason for these people being charged with neglect. Perhaps it’s an area where there is a high crime rate. Times have changed since most of us were young.

  13. The government is now doing what Hitler did in Germany – brainwashing the children through the schools. Common Core is what it’s called today and it has rewritten history the way the liberals would like it to have happened and they are dumbing down our kids with this common core. WAKE UP PARENTS AND SEE WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR KIDS’ SCHOOLS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

    • They are also teaching/promoting islam to your kids. The muslim infiltration in our schools, cities, and gov is in high gear.

      • Where did you get your sources to support such ridiculous & paranoid information? Did you just make it up or pull this bullshit out of your ass ?

        • I don’t why I am responding to a professional troll but hereit is. I read the news from many outlets and reflecting what the majority of what they are REPORTING !!!!! I’m not the one hiding my head up my ass.

      • Yes they are. They are starting in kindergarten to teach islam. And 23 states are now using shariah law. obama is turning our country into an islamic communist third world country. As soon as he declares martial law we will officially have a dictator.

    • You need to wake up & get your head out of your ASS. Does paranoia run in your family ? The kids in this country are already dumbed downed due to the fact that our education system is broken & they don’t spend enough time in school to learn anything. They spend more time out of school than they do in school & the teachers are ranked very low in their teaching skills & get paid way more than they deserve. The only one that is brainwashed is YOU.

      • Zzzzzzzz…zzzzzzz..move along NOTHING to read from the leftist!!
        And just how would the kids do ANY better, if they DID “spend more time” in a classroom with “teachers that are ranked so low in teaching skills” Mary may, or may NOT be “Brainwashed”, but at least she’s NOT braindead!!!!

  14. We now have a commie government that tells us what to do instead of we the people telling them, get the progressive/commies out of education and government before we are enslaved like china or cuba

  15. What the government should be doing “for the children” is stop spending money we don’t have and passing massive debt to the children, and their children yet to be born. Isn’t that child abuse?

  16. Damn am I glad my kids are grown. When they were small they nearly lived outdoors.

    • Me, too. I remember being long gone on my bicycle for most of the day. We played in the woods, and actually developed our imaginations. And,, we had no phones, or GPS locating devices. However, it was mostly a different world back then. So sad for OUR kids. There are very dangerous and frightening people living in our neighborhoods. Just check the internet, and you will find that there are sexual predators living in nearly every neighborhood.

    • grandkids?

  17. So the Government coddles these Criminals by giving them light or no sentences for their crimes, and then uses the criminals actions as a means to the end of MORE CONTROL over the people.
    How convenient. No wonder Criminals have more rights than victims.

  18. I doubt that there is such a law. I would wager that it is a regulation developed by some agency either at the state or federal level. Bureaucrats seem to have free reign to do as they want to in this administration. Over 9,800 regulations on the banking industry since 2007. Ridiculous.

  19. yea like you said that was back then …this is now and a 6 or 8 or even older shouldn’t be unsupervised cause this is 2015 and there is just two my sick people now… you can do what you want but I love my kids so I will keep an eye on them as much as I can…. so I think those are great laws… and sorry that you have to be bothered and take time out of your day to watch your kids but you had them… you should have thought about that a lot earlier or let someone have them that will take care of them

    • Kidlets should be taught self defense from a young age, how to take evasive action if accosted, just as don’t take candy from a stranger, don’t talk to strangers, look both ways before crossing the street & when kids are out playing , it should be in a group of kids.
      I always knew where my kids were. I was protective but did not smother them. They have to learn the way to get along through this life. The only way to teach them to fly is to let them do it. Watch from your perch mama , just in case ……

  20. “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get
    along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”

    Karl Marx

    • Hitler had the same idea….plus Universal Health Care (obamaCARE) and gun control.
      Deja Vu – – the 30’s all over again.

    • IE: The public school system.

      • Here in Marxifornia, our kids can’t make change, tell you who won the Civil War or blow their own noses, but they can tell you how LGBT was so important to our history and culture, climate hoax, and how great Obama has been. Pathetic!

    • don’t send your children to these govt indoctrination camps. Teach them yourself, or join with other like minded parents & start your own private Christian nondenominational school. Teach the normal classes, teach a morals class, comportment , REAL HISTORY. YOU, as Parents, decide what your children learn.
      You wouldn’t let your children drink from a contaminated water hole would you? You would filter it first, before it went into their bodies. Same with information before it goes into their minds.
      That is how I raised my kids. I read everything my kids did, & even then there were things that were wrong . We discussed it ; as in why they were not going to read a particular book assignment. I decided what my kids could or could not do. Time for parents to be parents again.
      God saw fit to Bless us with our babies, HE entrusted them to US, to love, teach them right & protect . THAT is a parent.

      • Now with the forced vaccinations, more reasons to not send your kids to pubic schools. Has the gubment EVER done anything efficiently or successfully?

        • mine were not. I did not believe in it then nor now. back then you got a blue card from the Dr.s office with the immunizations printed. on it & when they were due. After the shot was given the nurse initialed it.
          I was the nurse for many years.
          My kids grew up strong & quite healthy, not like so many are so very sickly now.
          A pill for this , a pill for that, on & on & on.
          Let kids be KIDS for the love of Heaven!

          • I and my siblings were not either. The big Pharm and A.M.A. disregard that better nutrition, sanitary practices and common sense have made infection rates go down.

            “Recently (September 1,2014) CDC whistleblower Dr. William (Bill)
            Thompson has spoken publicly for the first time – through his lawyer –
            by releasing the following statement. In it he admits that he and the
            other authors of a CDC paper published in the journal Pediatrics, a
            publication of the American Academy of Pediatrics, FALSIFIED data in
            order to conceal their findings that MMR vaccine causes autism when
            given before 36 months of age.
            Not tested by CDC for safety: The
            maximum amount of aluminum content has NEVER been tested for safety. The
            amount was determined by vaccine developers for efficiency only.
            Check out this article and interview where Dr. Mercola interviewed Dr. David Ayoub
            physician and vaccine researcher, who was a presenter at the National
            Vaccine Information Center Conference in Washington, D.C. in 2010).
            Aluminum can be actually more toxic than the mercury.articles (dot) mercola (dot) com/sites/articles/archive/2011/09/21/could-this-be-the-most-dangerous-aspect-of-vaccines.

  21. Bennett Williams

    Relax, comrade, it takes a village!

    • No, it takes 2 caring parents who attend church and not only teach values but are role models to their children. You need more than 1 parent usually a mother with several children and no father who doesn’t support the child in any with exception of his contribution at conception. It also takes more than a grandparent who even though they love them but who can’t control them in their later years and most of all you don’t need the government moving them from house to house by people who make a living taking of children. It is sad that our children are cheated of a good childhood by selfish adults who care more about their pleasure than getting an available education to make a better life for themselves and the children they bring into the world. The ones I have the least respect for are the men who many times have many children by several women and don’t give a damn about them. Hope they rot in hell for their neglect of their children. It is not society’s fault that you are too lazy to make something of yourselves it 100 percent yours. With all the opportunities mostly free to you, you are plain deadbeat people who offer nothing to society but are willing to take all society has to offer. Maybe if it stopped, you behavior you would change but I doubt it. The media and libs. would keep supporting your habits and the circle continues until everyone is broke and the government takes all our money and distributes it equally only the government will take most of it and we will all starve together like all the Communism countries before us. Getting the picture before it’s too late.

      • Bennett Williams

        Nellie, I couldn’t agree more with your reply. I was being sarcastic. I often say that after WWII the gov’t began stealing half of our earnings and the wife, too, had to join the work force. This abandoned the children to others to raise. With the government now taking more than half of both earners we can no longer hope to give our children better lives. Until the socialists are driven from government and the economy “allowed” to grow the American dream is dead. An end to the IRS, FBI, ATF, DEA, EPA, etc. and a straight 10% tax on all personal earnings, no corporate tax, would do away with all tax lawyers and accountants, etc. Get a card on your birthday, move a decimal point one place and mail a check. The rest could be saved and invested so we don’t have to depend on the Social Security they are going to steal anyway! We wouldn’t need hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats to collect and distribute welfare. The widows, lame and orphans could be taken care of by Christian charity. If the gov’t didn’t steal most of our earnings we could afford to help those around us who are worthy of help, not just lazy?

  22. As conservative as I am , I also have something to say when I read an article about “the government”. I do understand that under Obama and the leftards , the government have tried to rip away with more citizen rights than any other administration before, BUT, beside many conservative and republican outpost telling us this things are happening, now that they have more control in congress, what are they doing to defend us conservatives from the stupid laws that are constantly bering proposed? Lately I dont see too much pressure put by republicans in this kind of issues and worst, I have seen that many republicans are joining the democrats in this kind of nonsense. We can not have political half breeds marrying whatever leftard proposition they think will keep them in the game in the eyes of the democrats for future elections. We need stronger and more right sided republicans actually standing for what they are suppose to stand for and to really fight for us when we back them up with our vote ,like we did for them to win the senate. While there is only whining and no action , they are not convincing me or anyone that they are serious about our country.

  23. The obamanation of education of our children is his way to brainwash them into the islamic fanatics that will blow themselves up on his command as dick-taitor of the new world order of islamic moronic idiots. That is obama common-core pile of trash of islamic teaching

  24. Just MORE of the same from the “control freaks”…gotta rule with an iron fist ya’ know!! I am so glad that I grew up in a TOTALLY different era, where my friends and I played outdoors (imagine that)…and BY OURSELVES, so I guess that made ALL of our parents “bad parents”…guess our “criminal” parents should have been locked up for doing something sooooo cruel, and vicious to a child !!! This ENTIRE topic of “the governments right” to “intervene”, or “take action” when it comes to our children, is at the VERY LEAST intrusive, and at WORSTE unethical, immoral, unconstitutional, and nothing more than their attempt at TOTAL control…PERIOD!!!!
    And it CAN NOT, AND MUST NOT be permitted….these are our Children people, make a stand NOW, before it’s too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • There is a little girl missing in DC, she was in a shelter BUT the Person who abducted her was a know criminal, he committed suicide and this little girl has disappeared, over a year and she is still missing, WHY was a criminal working in a DC shelter?? And where is this little girl??.

      • THAT is the question….just how did a known criminal get a job like that? This story is most certainly yet ANOTHER “fatality” of the p.c. reasoning for hiring someone like that for such a position!!
        There are TWO DISEASES which have been THE LARGEST reason for the downfall of society…#1; Progressive Liberalism, and #2 Political “correctness”…saddest part is, there is NOTHING “correct” about it!!!!!!

  25. This country is NOT run by a dictator, yet! If we keep allowing obozo to break the law with his executive action, we eventually will be living in a dictatorship. American citizens need to stand up and fight these violations of our rights. Obozo is NOT our king and the government (whom we elect and pay) is supposed to work for us not against us!!! STAND UP AMERICA AND FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS BEFORE THEY ARE ALL TAKEN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THESE COMMUNISTS IN THIS ADMINISTRATION WANT TO ENSLAVE US!

  26. Well, well, it looks like they have double standards. Our children were taken and we know that our boys walk home unattended from school everyday at their foster home…Alaska Office of Children’s Services are corrupt and living off of families. I personally think that all money incentives have to go…let’s stop this and nip it in the bud

  27. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Amerika ist gehijacked geworden bei dem NAZIonale Socialistische Demcrat Amerikaner Partei und ihrem Mohammadanische Arabische ” christen” president. Sounds pretty damn germanic to me, if you get my drift..

  28. Lawyers are like muslims in that someday there is just going to be too damn many. If the doctor ever says those dreadful word to me there are a few I’m going to go see right afterwards.

    Goodbye fire pit. Goodbye bic lighter….Goodbye match……

  29. I had two cops show up at my door recently, I knew them both, because a neighbor had called to report they heard “sounds of abuse”. The police officers didn’t respond as if my children were in danger, because they know me. What the idiot neighbor heard was what the idiot neighbor hears daily during the summer: my three year old, now four, running through the house yelling because they were playing some game, or because she just felt like stretching her lungs.

    This “marshmallow” approach to raising children is rediculous, and a little bit alarming. Yeah, I was one of those kids that rode in the back window of a car through multiple states, and I loved it.

  30. Common Core and the government is the root of all evil in our education system.

  31. It’s all government control everything.

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