The Fight for Small Government

While conservatives and liberals disagree on any number of small, headline-worthy issues, the crux of the argument usually comes down to one fundamental difference of opinion. Liberals believe that the federal government should play a greater role in the lives of Americans, and conservatives believe quite the opposite. When it comes to almost any issue, this disagreement can be found at the heart.

Each liberal can define for themselves where they derive their belief in big government, but conservatives need look no further than the founding fathers to back up our arguments for limited government. And when you contrast what Jefferson, Washington, Adams, and the rest envisioned for the country with what we have now, you get a sense of why conservatives are so irritated with the current state of things. The federal government has ballooned into a monster, going well beyond the original size and scope laid out in the Constitution.

Justice for All

The Constitution hands the federal government the power of authority in only those cases where it would be illogical to give it to the states. That includes national defense, foreign negotiations, currency, and international trade. Most of the rest was left to the states. This gave more power to the people, which was always one of the guiding philosophies that made America different than anything that had ever come before. The concerns of Florida do not match the concerns of, say, Alaska. If power was strongly centralized, neither state would be able to address their respective concerns appropriately.

It has become trendy in liberal “social justice” communities to argue that “state’s rights” is coded racism among conservatives. They derive this, of course, from disputes over the cause of the Civil War. But while some Southerners may maintain that slavery had little to do with the bloody war, the reality is that a modern discussion of state’s rights has nothing to do with the 1800s. It has everything to do with a massive, unsustainable federal government. It has everything to do with politicians in Washington legislating culture for a country that is only slightly smaller than the whole of Europe.

A Lost Party

Republicans have been derelict in their duty to fight for small government, a fact that gave rise to the tea party. Tea party conservatives and libertarians believe that it’s time for the GOP to re-embrace the limited-government aims of the Constitution. Return more power to the states, and limit the endless centralization of power that has crept up on America for the last 200 years.

This principle not only beats back the federal regulations, overreaching laws, and rising taxes imposed by Washington, it also limits the threat from evil. Fact is, we’ve been fortunate in this country to avoid a power-seizing dictator in the mold of a Hitler. If one slips through, wouldn’t it be nice if he didn’t have the power to do much damage? By placing only the very least amounts of authority in the federal government, we can impose safeguards against dictatorship.

There’s been nothing quite like America in more than 4,000 years of recorded history. But our country is just as susceptible to decline and destruction as any other. The further we stray from the principles that conspired to form the foundation, the more we risk a dramatic fall.

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  1. Replace the RNC now! Get Trey Gowdy to orqanize a Coservative Party.

    • RedRightandReady2014

      Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. RINOs need not apply.

      • How about adding Ben Carson and Rand Paul to your list? Two conservatives that were NOT AFRAID to tell you where the bear shit in the buckwheat.

        • I like Dr Carson but I am afraid he may be too soft.

          • After Carson’s evaluation of Obamacare in front of Obama and the whole world, I don’t consider him too soft. As an Independent, he just joined the Republican ranks so, I think he may be getting himself into position. However his political skills are really unknown as is his position on foreign policy. My pick would be Rand Paul and I would love to see Cruz as our AG.I think Cruz would kick ass and take names! (so to speak) IRS would clean up real quick.

        • I’ve been hearing a lot about Ben Carson but I haven’t heard enough FROM him. If he is serious about running, he needs to get out there and have his voice heard. I can’t figure out where he stands on most issues because he hasn’t really done anything to make his stances known. I’m waiting until I know for sure who is throwing their hat in the ring before I throw my support behind someone. Some of the choices out there I would not support unless they end up being the Republican nomination. I would rather put a center right in the WH than another Democrat.

          • I agree. What you say about Carson is true. But I give him a 7 or 8 because he handles himself well and is not intimidated. The Dems will go for the throat as they always do which was the downfall of Romney the nice and polite candidate. There are tough times ahead when we start shrinking welfare and the size of government. Our candidate has to be up to it. a RINO will just be more of the same plus more debt.

          • That’s just it Hoss, he hasn’t made up his mind if he wants to run or not, yet. It’s mostly folk wanting him to run, and give him a base to run with. There’s still plenty of time for him to decide though. If you watch FOXNews, they interview him from time to time and get his opinion on certain current issues like the Ferguson MO fiasco, IMHO they need to make him an actual contributor as much as they talk to him. You might even find somethings about him on YouTube if you wanted to. I agree with you wholeheartedly that we need to see more about all of them before making a desicion, and NO MORE DEMONRATS ….. EVER!!!

          • I don’t watch a lot of television so I miss those interviews with him. I’ve heard a few things out of him that kind of turn me off. His stance of guns and his having to come back and say “What I meant was…” is one. Say what you mean the first time and you’ll have more credibility in my eyes. I also didn’t like his defense of Ray Rice and now Ferguson. I will probably find some YouTube videos to watch because I don’t want to discount him yet. I hear a lot about Trey Gowdy but there has been nothing in the media about him putting his hat in the ring. I’m going to wait and see who we end up having as our choices then do my research. I also take a lot of other’s opinions into consideration if they clearly state why they would choose a certain candidate. I hope we end up with a strong conservative candidate. God forbid if Hillbillery ends up in the WH!!!

          • I think Trey has a lot on his plate that he feels compelled to stick with until he can close them, like the IRS scandal, just as an example. I’d look for him sometime in the future where he’d get my full support.

            By the way ….. good shootin’!! nice bear in the pic!!

          • Thank you! That was my first bear taken in spring 2013. She’s at the taxidermist being made into a rug. Can’t wait to get it!

  2. RedRightandReady2014

    Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

    • I’ve never heard of Jim Jordan but I will look him up. I’ve heard of Mike Lee but don’t know anything about him. Ted Cruz I’m undecided about. I’d like to hear more from him, though. Is Trey Gowdy considering a run for the WH? I haven’t seen anything from him that indicates that he will be in the running.

  3. We most definitely need a smaller government!

  4. “The Dramatic Fall” mentioned is in progress. We need a change of command to “Pro America”. Two more years of this could be our demise. Do your job Boehner. Represent the people and get us a new Pro American Commander, or resign and let someone else clean up this mess.

  5. SHUT DOWN ALL the Unnecessary Depts A – Z !!!
    Big Gov’t is a JOKE!!!
    This Gov’t is a JOKE !!
    obama is a JOKE !!

    • Gunny your my HERO… I wish I could shake your hand one day. I put you on the same pedestal as Judge Andrew Napolitano who was fired from FOX NEWS for tellin the truth… Both of yall are like mentors to people like me who demonstrate the need to reign in big gov and crony capitalism. Keep up the good fight SIR, maybe one day I will see you in person to tell you THANKS for all you have done.

      • When did FOX fire the Judge? I just saw him in an interview 11-30 on the Ferguson MO fiasco and his title banner still showed him as a “FOXNews Contributor”.

        • True he is a contributor but his show was canceled thus fired from airing. Now they keep him on a leash and he can only commit on certain topics and told to shut up. So they are controlling him. Check out some of his vids and he will tell you the same thing. I didn’t make this shit up for giggles…

          • sorry,
            I wasn’t questioning your statement, just surprised to read it. I watch FOX because it’s the only outlet that I trust to get the straight (straighter than most others anyway) story, not some diluted down, liberally biased story.

          • Funny I only use to watch FOX NEWS but now I just have a hard time stomaching them, in fact, I am watching more of CNN and MSNBC for the fact they don’t parrot FOX on everything. I was watching Megan Kelly, since Oreally and Hannity are WAR MONGERS, and her guest (the bald-headed lawyer Ardalla or whatever) said HOMICIDE was not murder it was dying from unnatural causes… WTF are you kidding me just google the freaking word and see it clearly says MURDER. This is over the ERIC GARNER case today about the dude selling cigarets “looseys” that is not a freaking crime at all, except the gov can’t get their tax money, so you should DIE for that. And a fucking lawyer on Megans show, who she was a lawyer HERSELF, let him say that and get away with SAYING that…. GIVE ME A FUCKING ?BREAK? I GUESS THEY THINK WE ARE THAT STUPID… In fact I have Blacks Law 4th edition and here it is verbatim:
            HOMICIDE. The killing of any human creature.
            4 Bl.Comm. 177. The killing of one human being
            by the act, procurement, or omission of another.
            Pen. Code N. Y. ยง 179. The act of a human being
            in taking away the life of another human being.
            Sanders v. State, 113 Ga. 267, 38 S.E. 84,2. Hogan
            v. State, 127 Tex.Cr.R. 182, 74 S.W.2d 988, 994.

          • Arthur Aidala
            Yeah, I was pretty blown away by that too. I was like “dude, WHAT?!?!?”. I’m no lawyer, but even I know what “homicide” is. I’m not surprised at the Grand Jury’s decision, but disagree with it, there’s a little device these days known as a taser and if ever there were a time to use it ….. that would have definitely been the time. Yes the dude was resisting from start to end, but a taser would’ve put an end to Garner’s resisting a whole lot faster and safer than what I witnessed in that video. If people would just learn to put their egos aside for just a few minutes, comply with what they’re being told to do, the cops would stop react …… OVERreacting (in some cases), and fewer people would end up in bad situations. It’s all about respecting the authority no matter how wrong they are. That’s where the courts come in. I know it doesn’t always work out the way it did for me a few years back, but being respectful on the scene with an egotistical cop and fighting them in front of a Judge really does work. Sometimes innocent people go to jail and that’s a shame, our system isn’t perfect, nothing is. But for the most part it works better than any other system in the world.

          • Glad I am not the only person who seen that… Look, I know what you mean about fighting cops in court, I am about to sue a cop and the City of Garland. I had a cop give me a ticket for walking in the road while jogging, did I mention it was a DEAD END ROAD… Well the judge is begging me for a motion so he can dismiss that case and I sent him one the other day before my trial date I set up… Now I have some black friends, and they tell me some stories that is hard to believe about the cops. I would naturally dismiss most of what they had said until NOW… People want to say Garner was resisting arrest. Well why were they going to arrest a person for an offense that is normally issued a ticket? Were the cops making an EXAMPLE out of him, to show people WE ARE THE LAW? When the cops use this word “stop resiting arrest”, what context are they using it in? I can tell you I had two cops hold me down, in a chock hold, while the other cop was beating me in the ribs until he dislocated one and I screamed ASSAULT, then they stopped beating me… OH AND THEY WERE TELLING ME TO STOP RESITING ARREST AFTER THEY HAD ME DOWN INCAPACITATED AND CONTROLLED….OH AND I HAD MY HANDS UP IN THE AIR TOO TELLING THEM I AM NOT RESISTING ARREST BEFORE ALL THAT EVEN HAPPENED… So this BS about resiting arrest is what they claim to give reason to a beatdown… I don’t buy it… This guy died over what? Selling cigs on the corner. Why did he not have a good job – oh that’s right this economy sucks ass… So can we expect more of this – you bet – because all they have to claim is resiting arrest and we all have to DIE for something as stupid as this shit. I am going to do a video about this crap on the Kelly File and expose that LIE to the People…. We are not slaves to the cops… When does COMMON LAW come back – when the PEOPLE demand it… When do cops stop killing people, when they are held liable for their actions, when does the gov stop lying and cheating AMERICANS, when WE THE PEOPLE demand it… This is a prime example of gov regulations being enforced by the police state mentality, and the SO-CALLED JUSTICE SYSTEM lets these criminal COPS walk on charges of murder. All the cops that participated in that arrest should be charged for MURDER and ACCOMPLICE TO MURDER – CHARGED AND SENT TO PRISON… PERIOD…

          • We can’t pass judgement on all LEO’s just because of a few bad apples. I’m very sorry for what you went through, there’s no excuse for them to be overreacting like that. No, we aren’t slaves to the cops, but we can’t give them cause to overreact either by not complying with their requests. I’ve been in that line of work as well, I’m not excusing what we saw in that video either, there were wrong moves on both sides not just the cops. When we show complicity to the cops things go alot smoother and the tension level drops exponentially. The problem with cell phone videos is that we never see the entire incident from start to finish, so the cops ALWAYS come out looking wrong no matter how right they may be. That’s why I’m a huge advocate for cameras and mic’s to be a part of the uniform, only the bad apples will have an objection to that. And resisting isn’t always an excuse, it’s more times than not the truth. Mr. Garner resisted all the way to the pavement, that was clear from the video. Had he not resisted he’d be alive today, hard economic times are no excuse for violating ordinances either. The second that we start acting belligerent to an Officers direct orders the tension level is going to escalate causing the incident to spiral out of control on both sides, and the cops will win. My own bad experience, that I eluded towards in my earlier post, wasn’t violent because I kept calm and let things play out how the State Trooper wanted them to go. My story is too long to put here, but the short version is; I was sited for careless driving when I rear-ended a car while driving a tractor/trailer in a construction zone. I had two witnesses on the scene tell him that I had done everything short of jackknifing the truck and dumping the load on the freeway to avoid hitting the 17 y/o girl that cut me off. I was sited a week later after he did his “investigation”. On the day I was to appear in court one of my witnesses had driven over 150 miles to appear on my behalf. The State Trooper obviously knew he was wrong because he never showed up in court so the case was dismissed.
            The moral of this story is that “cooler heads prevail”. If we keep our cool things go smoother. Cops are under a great deal of pressure and scrutiny, so it’s up to us to help them have a safer time at work. And if people want to disagree with what I’m saying here, then that places them in the category of hot heads that make things even more difficult for the rest of us. And when the metal hits the meat, as far as I’m concerned …. they deserve what they get.

          • Well you have your opinion and that’s your right. But study the law and you will find that a ordinance, code, even statues do not apply to a SOVEREIGN people. This is what happens when people forget their Common Law Rights, had you known them, and the police uphold them them, we would all know this case is BS to the max. You sound like a clear headed person, so let me retort this. The hyperactive cops these days are acting like a militarized units that have NO regard to the people. Facts bear this out, why do we have privet prisons? Why is gov corruption NEVER prosecuted and people go to jail? We see a lawless gov inflicting their will, while changing the laws or even better, now they just tell us a perverted version of the law to benefit the agenda. Hard to argue that good cops are out there when they stand around and do nothing, that is guilty by association… So I ask you, would you sit around and let crimes happen to your fellow man, while getting a paycheck for it?

          • They’d get reported to my superiors or IAD, depending on the situation, it serves nobody for fellow officers to confront each other in the field, it only adds confusion to an already tense situation. Unless my partners were committing felonies, I’d wait until we we’re out of the public eye. As far as looking militarized, that really is the gear that needs to be worn in riot, or even potential riot situations. They just want to make it home to their wives and kids just like anyone else. Don’t they have that right? to protect themselves so that they can better protect us and make it home to their families safe at the end of their shift?

            Our corrupt officials (both police and political) most definitely need to be arrested and prosecuted, but they’re all too big of cowards to be the first one to bring the charges before the DOJ, It’s a really sad state of affairs our Country has come to, but please don’t let the bad outweigh the good that the good ones are trying to accomplish; it really isn’t fair to them. Not obeying the written ordinances, codes and statutes is what gets people into trouble. Let the cop do his job (resisting arrest can get you killed as we’ve seen) and plead your case in front of the Judge and Jury. That’s how our system is supposed to work, no matter how distasteful it may be to us. Respect, taking responsibility for ones own actions, honoring laws that are written, no matter how much we disagree with them, and overturn the ones that we can; that’s what is supposed to separate America from the rest of the world. “We the People” need to reclaim our country from the liberal, socialist and communistic agenda that has taken root in our country.

  6. whenever we open your cages to show you the truth and the political parasites repeat age old party lines assuring your safety and eventual return to economic security through oxy- moronic philosophy, you all repeatedly walk back inside and close the doors behind you.
    we all know these political wind bags are not good and decent people, these people are not highly intellectual and honestly their barely above average – the truth about the majority of progressives and liberals is that their closer to leeches than leaders that anybody should ever feel any obligation to actually follow somewhere.
    if a hundred years of history isn’t enough to satisfy your convictions then you judge for yourselves if after a hundred years of the same empty promises to solve poverty and inequality as a result of sacrificing your rights and liberties for more empty promises of security by the exact same class of politicians; that after a hundred years of it you think we should actually see some proof of it?

  7. We must also remember Walker of WI and Jindal of La. Both are warriors. Follow Walker’s long fight against socialist forces. This guy is stalwart! To their great credit, enough Wisconsinites have supported him in holding the course.
    The absolute truth is that we and OUR nation will continue to either so long as we have banking and corporate whores installed in our branches of government. The solutions are arduous but suffice it to say that the establishment of a government dedicated to the Constitution (among select other principles) is absolutely necessary. WE were given our world’s greatest Constitution and government and WE share responsibility for their loss! It’s up to US to FORCE it back into respectability. Are we simply an addled bunch of whining bloggers – or will we stand and sacrifice as necessary to pay forward??

  8. Believe it or not ….. I saw a poll on FOXNews yesterday (12-1-14) that Mitt Romney would beat Hitlery 48% to 42% if he were to run again. Hitlery, in the same poll, would defeat Ted Cruz and all of the others by almost double digit percentage points.

  9. I’m at the point where I just cry for this country…..I hear a lot of talking but not any action….until I actually SEE a candidate “show his/her ass” ( so to speak), I don’t think any of them will do much better…..( not feeling very good about things right now)

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