The DNC Should Foot the Bill for the Mueller Witch Hunt

No matter how many times some idiot on the news says that Russia “attacked our democracy,” the reality is that they really didn’t do anything of the kind. Maybe they tried, who knows. There are conflicting reports about whether or not they tried to worm their way into our actual election structure. But what they definitely did was hack into the Democratic National Committee, get their hands on some emails, and disseminate them through WikiLeaks. That’s…about all. Oh, and they did some trolling on Twitter and Facebook. Lawd, save us.

This was no act of war. We’re not even sure this really counts as espionage. The DNC is not a government entity. It is certainly not a stand-in for our “democracy.” It is a private, corrupt organization that works tirelessly for the worsening of America. That’s our opinion, granted, but whether or not you agree with that doesn’t change the fact that “hacking the DNC” and “attacking America” are two entirely separate things. Period.

Given that fact, and given the fact that taxpayers are on the hook for a $32 million investigation into these supposed crimes against the republic, Daniel Greenfield of Frontpage Magazine has an excellent idea: Why not make the DNC foot the bill for this phony witch hunt?

From Greenfield’s piece:

Mueller wasn’t fired. The report wasn’t buried. And it doesn’t indict Trump. It indicts the Russia hoaxers.

President Trump would be well within his rights to send the DNC a $32 million bill for it. American taxpayers should not be on the hook for funding Democrat opposition research. That’s what George Soros, Pierre Omidyar, and Tom Steyer are for. The Mueller investigation was the last refuge of efforts by Democrat operatives to target Trump using the government. After losing the White House, they resorted to a special prosecutor. And after Mueller, the investigation will be run out of the House.

But what, after all these years, all the millions of dollars, the hundreds of witnesses and search warrants, the countless lunches, subpoenas, and media leaks, is there left to investigate?

The Mueller report is a dog chasing its tail.

This would actually be a brilliant idea. We’re sure that Democrats would reject such a bill out of hand and accuse the president of abusing his office and all the rest, but it would send a stark message of clarity to everyone on the left: We know what this was all about. You may think we don’t, but we do. We always did.

Now pay up.

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