The Clintons Predict the End of Democracy If Republicans Win

In separate interviews conducted in separate settings, former President and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton both issued dire warnings. If America keeps voting Republican and moving to the right, it will spell the end of Democracy in our nation. 

According to Bill Clinton, there is a “fair chance” the United States could “completely lose our constitutional democracy.” In Hillary’s words, we are on the “precipice of losing our democracy.”

When have we heard these kinds of warnings before? 

During the days when Bill Clinton was running for president, I saw an ad on TV one night. A house was on fire, burning down to the ground, but there were no firemen in sight. And, clearly implied in the ad, within this house were senior citizens!

This, we were told, is what will happen if the Republicans win the election. Cuts in federal funding will lead to the death of the elderly!

To be sure, this was not identical to warning about the end of Democracy in our nation. But the appeal to fear – stark, terrifying fear – was certainly the same.

It was also in the 1990s that Hillary Clinton first spoke about the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that, in her words, “has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president.” (This quote is from 2016, during her own presidential campaign.)

She continued in 2016, “It’s gotten even better funded. You know, they brought in some new multi-millionaires to pump the money in and – well, these guys play for keeps. They want to control our country. Senator Sanders and I agree on that completely. They want to rig the economy so they continue to get richer and richer. They could care less about income inequality.”

Yes, the takeover by the rich right is a real threat to our nation. What happens to our freedoms when the wealthy right-wingers rule?

Now, in her recent interview with the Financial Times, she stated, “If you go down the rabbit hole of far right intellectuals, you see that birth control, gay marriage — all of it is at risk.”

Indeed, according to other Democratic leaders, Donald Trump himself – even without the “far right intellectuals” and “multi-millionaires” – is a threat to Democracy.

As reported by The Guardian in February 2021, “House impeachment managers ended their case against Donald Trump with a warning that he would remain a threat to US democracy if he was not convicted and banned from holding public office again.”

Is there no end to this fearmongering? 

Yet, to be totally candid, the sword cuts both ways.

How many of us who vote conservatively were warned that a Biden presidency would spell the end of Democracy, especially with the alleged stealing of our votes?

The logic was impeccable.

First, the left really does want to take away our rights, imposing its own radical agenda on the nation. Just think of the implications of the so-called Equality Act.

Second, now that the Democrats have succeeded in rigging the voting system, we will never have a free and fair election again.

Third, with the Democrats in power and a newly-expanded Supreme Court packed with leftist justices, we will not be able to bring a successful challenge to the ruling party’s illegal dominance.

Fourth, with our guns taken away, we will not be able to defend ourselves against the expected government takeover.

Fifth, even without voter fraud, the opening of our borders would flood the nation with immigrants who would naturally vote for the party which let them in, thereby tipping the scales forever.

The problem is that there is at least some truth to some of these concerns. 

And, to be totally candid, while I wholeheartedly reject the fearmongering of the left, I would love to see the Obergefell decision on same-sex “marriage” reversed by the Supreme Court one day, as Hillary and President Biden predict. (The social implications of that would be massive, of course. Nonetheless, the Court had no business redefining marriage. Reversing Obergefell would be a righteous ruling.)

The problem is that the extreme fearmongering on both sides produces even more fear. This, in turn, breeds irrationality and extremism rather than reasoned dialogue and sober voting.

So, the fear that “the other side” will take over our country and destroy it could easily lead to “our side” making sure that could never happen. This, then, confirms the fears of “the other side.”

The solution for us is fourfold. 

First, we refuse to engage in emotional and irrational fearmongering. 

Second, we refuse to be moved by this rhetoric when we hear it. 

Third, we make a rational and compelling case for our concerns. 

Fourth, we seek to interact with others of like mind on “the other side.”

We will always have our deep disagreements and competing agendas. And some of our concerns and differences run very deep. No one is denying that.

But if we want to survive as a nation, we’ll have to work a little harder not to tear ourselves apart at the seams.

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  1. What a pig Hillary is and Bill is just a POS. I love how the DemoRats accuse the Republicans of doing that THEY have and are doing to our great country. I just wish that people who support DemoRats would take some time to look at the HISTORY of this racist Party. It was REPUBLICANS who ended slavery and ended segregation and so on.

  2. This country is a constitutional REPUBLIC, If the Republicans win, I am hopeful it will bring about the abrupt end of COMMUNISM that is prevalent today with the FRAUDULENT “installation” of the two chinese communist controlled “puppets” mentally-ill CRIMINAL, dementia=-joe biden, the constitutionally INELIGIBLE “anchor baby HO” , “heels up harris”, and their COMMUNIST “handlers” (the “deep state wealthy elite CABAL”) as well as THEIR foreign “enforcers”, that are helping top destroy this country.

  3. Democracy is over if the democrats continue to take over. If what they say is true, then when the evil orange bad man occupied the oval office wouldn’t that have happened then? The Clintons are communists, Hillary was a Saul Alinsky disciple. They’ve influenced the party for years and those that didn’t agree with them were mysteriously found dead.

  4. The Clintons Predict the End of Democracy If Republicans Win. Hopefully they are so distraught at that possibility that they’ve executed their Arkanside notes!

  5. What a disgusting couple. The Democrats are destroying this country. They couldn’t care less about America

  6. When republicans win, the left is gonna be decimated. Lots of them need to be jailed for the destruction of this country

  7. Whole lots conspiracy and scandal above the laws both evils person deliver of historical crimes in the century they call it’s democracy ? what the head an new concept of the rhetoric world to end of the civilization in theirs palms pure evils !

  8. Words ☝️correction .

    • Thomas Albert Robinson

      Their wording is disguised, what they mean is if republicans win, it will be the end of democrooks rule!

  9. You want to know about the Clintons
    In your search machine type in


    We are already leading to the end of democracy with Xi Jinping Biden and his regime!!! IDIOT CLINTON’S!

  11. The Clintons are full of crap. They think what we have now is a Democracy? This is Socialism/Communism & the so called Democrats who lie constantly are crooked and corrupt as can be! The Clintons should be thoroughly investigated. Hillary thinks She may run for President? She should be in jail for life for what She did to Trump!
    They are disgusting over privileged creatures!!

  12. And I predict the end of the clintons!

  13. Fougeron Cheryl

    My goodness the democrats have and continue to
    Destroy this country. Who would have believed they could or would make these ruinous decisions. Every day
    Another woke unbelievable proclamation is mumbled! Beyond comprehension. Why don’t they go
    Live in the communists country’s like China, Russia, Cuba and terriost countrys. Let us enjoy & live in our beautiful freedom loving country before this administration. Shameful!!!

  14. clintstones meet the cilntstones theyre the modern hit for hire family

  15. Their version of democracy in this Great Republic of ours is what we have presently. Unorganized, one sided, anything they say goes chaos. These two demonic, filthy miscreants should have been eliminated long ago….

  16. Horrible Hillary is a main reason that our “democracy” is going to hell. She must be put in prison to equal her crimes against our country. When Repubs take over the Senate and House, they must investigate the real crimes that the Dems have gotten away with for years while pulling all these distractions.

  17. Every DEMONcrat who ever lived said the same thing,, (if the Republicans get into office then democracy will end) what a load of hogwash, the DEMONcrats are the ones attacking our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC at every turn and in every way. Yeah don’t believe it just look at some of the things the satan worshipping DEMONcrats have and are doing at this very time, going after our rights, before the end of the year we will no longer have freedom OF religion, we will no longer have freedom of the press, we will no longer freedom of speech, those will be gone and sacrificed on the alter of the government. Our freedom to bare arms will be gone as will our guns, this nation will then become once more a place of slavery to the Government.

  18. The end of “OUR” democracy, that’s the key word, a true statement if you make “OUR” possessive, it’s their democracy, not yours and mine…

  19. The pledge of Allegiance states “ and to the Republic for which it stands” , NOT the Democracy but “the REPUBLIC”. It was in 1934 that the demon-cratic party was started. Osama Obama and Hitlery are two examples of the terminal communistic agenda of the demon-crates

  20. Republicans ARE NOT A THREAT to democracy – THEY ARE A THREAT TO DEMOCRATS!!


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