The Clinton Sexism Police Warm Up for Fall

The Democratic debate on Sunday gave us a very tiny sneak preview of what we can expect from the general election if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination. Whether Clinton goes up against Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or a random nominee of the RNC’s choosing, the media will gleefully pick apart every debate performance, every advertisement, and every candidate statement for signs of sexism. And as is evidenced by what they’re saying about Bernie Sanders right now, it won’t take much to trigger that accusation.

Unless you’re eaten up with the cancer of feminism, you probably didn’t notice Sanders do anything wrong at the debate. Well, scratch that. He said plenty of stuff that runs counter to common sense, facts, and traditional American ideals, but he didn’t call Clinton a whore or suggest that she should spend a little less time on the campaign trail and a little more time in the kitchen. But he did, at one point, shut down Clinton’s interruptions by saying – GASP – “Excuse me, I’m talking.”

This exchange would have been fine if Sanders was facing another man for the nomination. It would have been fine if Clinton had done the exact same thing to Sanders. But in a world where feminists believe that “equality” means that men must walk on eggshells when debating a woman, it was unacceptable.

Now it’s important to remember that many in the media – especially liberal garbage sites like Salon and Slate – are “feeling the Bern,” so we’re not going to see them go after Sanders with the kind of venom they’ll use against a Republican challenger. In fact, many commentators have been defending him. But plenty of others have at least dabbled their toes into the wonderful world of nonsense.

Washington Post columnist Janell Ross wrote:

Why, at this late date and this many debates into the 2016 presidential election cycle, has Sanders made demonstrably little to no effort to alter the way he interacts with the woman he at least strongly suspected would be running against him from the day he declared his campaign? He has almost certainly had the same advice and information that every male candidate gets about the need to be constantly mindful about coming across like a chauvinist or a bully when on a debate stage facing a female competition.

Ross, to her mild credit, understands that it would be overboard to accuse Sanders of being sexist for such a tame incident, so she positions the controversy as some weakness in Sanders’ campaign strategy. But even with that distance, she manages to conclude that it could relate to a flaw in the Vermont senator’s character.

“Does the inability or unwillingness to examine his body language, tone and actions for hints or indicators of sexism — if not real but perceived by some women — tell us all what we really need to know?” she asks.

At Salon, Amanda Marcotte went a step further, telling her readers that the incident was not just a problem for Sanders but also with his supporters. “The Sanders team didn’t apologize for the candidate’s condescending tone,” she wrote, “which reinforces already widespread suspicions that the candidate is gaining support from voters who don’t want to support a woman but don’t want to admit they are sexist.”

There it is. That’s the refrain we’ll be hearing this fall, just as we’ve heard it about Obama for the last seven years. If you don’t like Clinton, you’re probably just a sexist. It will be irritating and amusing to see how far they will be willing to stretch the definition of sexism to make these claims in the general election.

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  1. That son-of-a gun, while I was listening to what he was saying, wondering who’s going to pay for it all, he was able to slip in words about not being rude, and he forgot that ‘equality’ means she needs to get even ‘more of that equal’ than any other candidate.

  2. I am an equal opportunity hater, I hate all liberal dem bloodsucking parasites of however may genders they are up to, now.

    • Eleanore Whitaker

      No Gerald..You are just a man who wants a lifetime Mommie who will kiss your butt. Sorry…not going to happen. I hate childish men. If the example of your MANhood lies with those raisins in your pants…give it up. Your kind of man always proves he needs a playpen…not a Bully boy pickup with the Stars and Bars flying high.

      • says the homosexual afraid to be a woman! but would rather be a man and grow a pair

      • My mommie has been dead for many years now liberal dem bloodsucker.
        i am married to a real woman, for the last 42 years, who has had a successful career and raised 3 children in her spare time, while holding down the job of administrating the business that we own.
        Not once have I heard her complain about inequality, when she ran into a problem, she acquired the skills/training to overcome it.
        My playpen is a successful business that employees 128 people for 38 years.
        We have the ersatz life forms like your self come and most times go as quickly as they came, because they feel that they are owed.
        Then there are people like you in the world.
        You demand equality and do not want to produce any effort to get it.
        you and the other liberal dem bloodsucking parasites, spend your life on public forums, whining and begging for handouts and trying to arise taxes on someone else to pay for them
        Dec 2014 in poll 11.4% of the peopel polled, thought that their state should have seceded from the union,
        Dec 2015. of the people polled 23.9% though that their state should have seceded from the union.
        Virtually ally conservatives now understand that, we can no longer coexist with the liberal dem bloodsuckers and must physically separate ourselves from them
        I speculate that with in the the next 5 years, that will happen.
        At that point you will be able to do all of your way, we will no longer hinder you.
        We will close the borders on our states, and applaud as you liberal scum starve to death.

        • gerald you got it right liberals and democrats are in the same boat blood suckers you have a good year in your business put a few bucks in the bank and at the end of the year you have to give 3/4 you saved back to them no one has your back but all those on welfare obama has there backs don’t dare take anything from them food stamps,free medical,schooling driver license while you work your ass off hoping no one who works for you will sue you because you look at them wrong or made a joke they didn’t like they are parasites 100% and they will screw you in a heart beat hope you live long enough to have a vacation

          • Hillary is Fucking with Obama”s wife and there are secret video tapes about it that is burried and that is why her email scandal is called scandal

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          • Isn’t religious bigotry so beautiful to observe.
            Your ignoramce and hatw are an embaraasament to America — all America.

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          • Your religious bigotry proves two things:

            You are not a Christian.

            You have no idea what is requires to be a Christian.

            Faith without acts just does not make the grade.

          • I already told you I’m not Christian, you certainly aren’t much of a gypsy either.
            However if You are a Christian I think I have some idea of what kinda POS you are

          • No, ma’am. It definitely is NOT “beautiful to observe.”

            You have blamed Christians for many things, and done so unfairly I might add.

            However, since you claim to know so much about the Holy Bible, you should know that there is a HUGE difference between real Christians and phony Christians, Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul, and every single prophet in the OT WARNED us to “beware” of the false believer (No, I do NOT know the exact quote — there are many).

            Further, ALL Christians are instructed to pray for those “Unbelievers,” because it is the ONLY unforgivable sin. We were also cautioned to remember that the “Evil One, (i.e., Satan),” knows just as much about the Bible and the Holy Scriptures than EACH and EVERY Christian on this Earth.

            We were instructed to pray for those Unbelievers BECAUSE God loves EVERYONE.

          • Jesus Christ was a Jew.
            His mother was a Jew.

            The Apostles were Jewish.

            The Jews are God’s chosen people.

          • They BECAME Christian, ma’am.

            To this day, the majority Jews have NOT accepted Jesus Christ as their Messiah.

            They are still waiting for their “Messiah” to come.

          • Exactly

          • No, ma’am.


          • You are a prime example of a non-Christian… all talk, no proof.

          • And how, EXACTLY, would you know that?
            You are the prime example of a judgmental fool — the kind Christ talked about when he said, “Let ye who are without sin cast the first stone.”

          • The Jews don’t consider it to be very Jewish for Jesus to run off and make up his own religion. Your right though, I am chosen. Too bad You aren’t

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            That means I can AND DO VOTE for WHOMEVER I CHOOSE!!

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          • Exactly, if You have Hate in Your Heart, Let it Out
            Vote Trump 2016!

          • What????
            You are nuts.
            I will NOT vote for either Hillary Clinton (she’s a criminal) OR Bernie Sanders (Socialist).
            Last time I checked, that was my choice.

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          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Your state is one of the ones that lives as if it’s still 1845…pre-Civil War slavery…Why is your state not equal to the salaries in the most progressive states? Is it because the balls of the men in your state keep salaries low so you can stuff your piggy little bank accounts?

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Watters last name say it all..Any takers that he’s a good ole good ole good ole boy whose Grandpappy Mutton Chops was a plantation owner? Men like Watters are only after control and power…They’ll never get it because he lacks the education to be credible.

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        • Eleanore Whitaker

          Your Mommie may be dead… fast did Mommy Wife replace her? You fool no one. You are a pathetic, narrow minded coot who can shut his mouth long enough…and why is that do we wonder? Because men like you want power…POWER..that is all there ever is to rabble rousing big mouths who are the least effective humans on Planet Earth.

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            My suggestion to you?
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            No point in hanging that cross on them for life.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Gerald Hughes…Forget to take your Thorazine today? Hey! Mental case…Read your post..Sounds like anything anyone could hear in a mental institution.

            There are two types of men in this world and YOU aren’t either of them…Low life liars like you make up your fantastic little world in the pathetic hope that someone, somewhere in the universe will believe you. You aren’t a are a low life bloodsucker who knows welfare and getting it all handed to you better than anyone else.

            After all, isn’t that what most crooks do best. As for killing myself..You’re a cancer this entire country doesn’t need. Your post is rife with the kind of good ole good ole boy white man anger…What you needed from your Mommie was a good swift kick in your butt. And you think women shouldn’t be allowed to abort freaks like you? Think again fish rot.

            A man who marries a woman to be his mother is one sick pup. Does your Mommie Wife hand you the Charmin too? Or have you evolved to where you can wipe all by yourself. Your Mommie Wife can’t lick my shoes…she already has to lick yours.

        • earlwatters,
          How to really unload on a feminist.

        • The liberals have been doing it for far too long…..this we have to feel sorry for these people bull. There are many many more not working, Why? Because they don’t have to work. In New York you can get more from all the handouts than if you work. Well Over Minimum wage! Go look it all up. I know that liberals really hate facts so… they are.

          • Larry , the thing that you must keep in mind when dealing with the liberal dem bloodsuckers.
            Every program of the liberal dem bloodsuckers is predicated on stealing from the people that work and using that money to pay for the handouts that they use to buy votes from the parasites.
            The first thing that the liberal garbage will tell you, Is I have a job, I’m not a parasite.
            Then.they get on public forums and try to raise taxes to pay for the handouts that buy the votes.
            These life forms, will destroy the last best chance that mankind on this planet, has to live free.
            The disgusting part, they will do it for a few dollars a week in handouts.
            We have cordially despise the liberal dem bloodsuckers for 50 years.
            Were it not for Obama, that state of affairs would likely have continued for another 100 years.
            We were simply unprepared for an individual that hated the USA so badly, as it is presently constituted.
            We weren’t ready for his effort to completely destroy the USA
            Obama has brought us forward in time, forcing us to look closely at the liberal scum and forcing the evolution of our views of the ersatz life forms.
            Most of us now hate the liberal dem bloodsuckers with a depth and intensity that has no bottom.
            This is no longer about politics.
            We all understand that we will not be able to coexist with them, but are reluctant to get into that mess of separating ourselves from unless it is totally necessary.
            unfortunately, it looks like that neccesity has arrived.

          • I LOVE ROBIN HOOD!

          • All of you liberal dem bloodsuckng parasites on the reciving side of that equation, do.

          • And don’t YOU forget it! Now git back to work. Your taxes are now paying for my SS, Medicare, and Medicaid! Besides that, I have a terrific Humana Gold Pro Plus plan that you’re subsidizing! And I thank you for that! AND… I don’t have to pay taxes! Phbbttt!

          • Sorry little ersatz, verbose life form, After you cretins reeelected Obama, I moved the business to Costa Rica and sold it to my sons.
            I live on SS and pay no taxes.
            Every time I get a statment from my sons about the business, I roll on the floor laughing my fanny off.

            and think about all of the taxes, i no longer pay

          • Riiiiiiight! If that were true, you wouldn’t be stupid or arrogant enough to brag about it! Your comment noted… dismissed AND your time is up!

          • My least concern about an opinion is when it is held by a liberal dem bloodsucking parasite.,

      • Hillary was interrupting Mr. Sanders, where were her manners??

        What is wrong with women of today (I am a woman), they always feel some injustice has been heaped on them??

        • Bless you! All minorities have been fed the same leftist poop! The White MAN is evil and has held everyone down. Guess what, 40 years of liberal programs have only proven one thing!

        • Injustice has bwwn heaped upon women for centuries.
          In America, women are still second-class cirizens.
          Our sisters in Canada enjoy equal pay, as well as equal rights. They even obtained the vote earlier,
          Historic fact: In America, black men were granted the righr to vote before all women.

          • Well black men are able to do a lot more work than a woman can. They have much more upper body strength than You do

          • What has that to do with citizenship rights?

          • You got me, you were bitching about equal pay for women and I say if a woman could do an equal amount of work, we could talk about it when that happened.

          • I actually AGREE with you about your comment.

            However, Mrs. Clinton had absolutely NO right to feel insulted because she was reminded that it was Mr. Sander’s turn to speak.

            And, for her to DARE suggest that she was being treated unfairly because she is a woman was also completely out of line.

            Fair is fair. She was acting unfairly.

          • I agree in regards to the debate.

          • Thank you.

          • So why not move? We sure don’t need your bitch-ass here–Take Georgie with Ya

          • Moving to Canada is a very real possibility! Thank God I saved my money so my partner and I can both travel AND stay in Canada, but why should we? The USA needs all of the sane, honest people it can hold. You boyz, on the other hand are quite… expendable! XPD!!!

          • You obviously have nothing better to do Georgie boy, not if you are answering messages that are 3 days old, so Bon Voyage!

          • Sorry, you have worthy to say to follow you like a puppy dog. I just received notifications of your swill this morning so I’m catching up on correspondence with fools! The mere fact that I am three days behind says that I’m very busy!

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      • billdeserthills

        Take a look in the mirror & see a real Cu nt!

      • LOLOL… thank you! Right on the mark! Why do you spose they love dem gunzzz????

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    • Grow up.
      I’m not going back to waiting hand and foot on any man.

    • They will probably come up with a whole new gender if you give them enough time.

    • Well, Gerald, I am a 62 year old WOMAN who deeply resents the fact that Hillary is running and thinks she has extra qualifications simply because she has a vagina!!!

      For her to get offended because Bernie Sanders told her in no uncertain terms that “he was talking,” meaning that she would get her turn when he was done.

      Well, Mrs. Clinton and all of your supporters:


  3. Amazing how a simple “excuse me, I’m talking” said to a female by a male can be sexist if you are a liberal, but anything & everything can be said to a conservative female, and all is good. No double standard there.

    • Eleanore Whitaker

      So men have approval from their Mr. MAN Bible to interrupt when a woman is speaking? That figures…only men who have pig snouts figure they are so “entitled” to it all…grow the hell up will you?

      • So, Eleanore, what would your definition of the perfect man be? A DEAD one perhaps? For someone who accuses US of being sexist … lock, stock and barrel … the vitreol that YOU are slinging isn’t a whole lot better.

      • I am a woman, not a man, so I pretty much don’t have a MAN Bible. And, in case you were wondering, yes, I was born a female, I don’t have to pretend to be one! And, you just proved my point. She interrupted Him, not the other way around. But no matter who interrupts or shots down a conservative woman, you brain dead liberals think is just fine. And anyone that dares to disagree with you libtards are either racist or sexist. So go ahead, call me a sexist because I am a conservative woman.

        • So sure of their victim status that facts don’t mean a thing. I was going to respond to the fact that HE was talking, and the beast was the one interrupting, but anyone that stupid isn’t worth responding to.

        • You so barely pass the threshold of being a woman… consider yourself lucky, not blessed.

          • As a “male feminist”, and not knowing me at all, how the hell do you know what “threshold” I pass? Sounds to me like you are a female “wannabe”. And, just where did I say I was “blessed to be a woman”? You are a typical Libertard, always putting words in other people’s mouths and always twisting things around to fit your narrative because you can’t go on facts! You need to go back to the drawing board! You might want to change your “Love Rules” to read, “total hypocrite”.

      • Speaking of pig snouts, Hillary’s boy, Bubba the love sponge is probably your ideal man. Did you know that Bill is friends with a convicted pedophile who employs underage prostitutes? What a man!!

      • Eleanore, as an ordained Baptist minister (retired), I can tell you that these men-children (and I’m being very generous) have no knowledge of what the Bible really says. If they did, they would shut up just from the embarrassment of lack of understanding and intelligence. The Bible is a history of really f**ked up patriarchal history based on 500 years of oral tradition! The only reason that the Bible is written in such a manner is because women had NO SAY in the societies of that time period! All the men knew was how to fight! It really is quite embarrassing at times to be a Christian, much less a male!

  4. First of all, politics is a filthy business and she’s as filthy as they come. Then there’s the fact that she’s a lying, cheating, conniving POS who swears worse than any drunken sailor on leave. Also, we can add all the acts she perpetrated against her rapist husbands’ victims. She’s nothing but trash and should be treated as such. If I were debating her I would have a laundry list of her evil deeds and methods to drag her through the sewer with. Is that sexist? NOPE, it’s politics, baby.

  5. Can you image another 4 years of liberalism, under Clinton, may God have mercy on us. I bet Donald Trump will thrash her with his tongue and she well love it, nothing sexual here; LMAO

  6. Eleanore Whitaker

    The sexism police? Let me guess…they are all women? In your dreams. Since the Neanderthals left women and children behind in the caves, you sons of Adam have been on your sexism addiction ever since. I hate all Conservative men because they are not really conservatives but spiteful, belligerent, spoiled brat punks.

    Their women are so man-dependent, they can’t produce a bowel movement that doesn’t get MAN approval. If that’s your version of the women who live in the US…it only shows you need to stop wiping your moron butts with your fingers.

    So, women should NEVER EVER support their OWN gender and ONLY support the MALE Dickheads? How many Mommies do you CONs need? Get a life, get a goddamn job, shut your big rabble rousing mouth and get your asses busy.

    • Lesbian alert!!

    • Wow, you may certainly be a woman — but you ain’t no lady, and I am definitely old enough to know the difference.

    • Did a man break your heart? I have never seen anyone with so much hate.

    • Wow!!!! Eleanore, get a grip!!!! As I read your preceding comments I was tempted to get angry with your undeserved rants against men as I’ve known both good ones and bad ones; however, none of them were lazy. Men are, remember, only human beings; and human beings are flawed at best. Women are no better. I’ve known some women who never thought twice about stabbing their friends in the back, especially if it was for their own gain or self-satisfaction.
      However, when I got to this one, I HAD to step back and take a deep breath. The utter hatred and vitriol that not just dripped from your lips but gushed forth as a torrent was overwhelming. It could not even be called a tirade…tsunami would be more appropriate…and none of it deserved. I then considered the possibility that you are a victim of horrendous abuse of whatever nature (as there are several kinds…some of which I have experienced myself). BUT, I never sank to the nadir in which you seem to swim.
      It’s one thing to disagree with someone who has a different opinion than you do, but to indulge in a stream of castigation such as this comes very close to character assassination. I find that this tendency has become almost the norm on sites such as this. It’s so easy, and apparently so satisfying, to name call someone whom you cannot see, and who cannot see you, that it’s the level of choice when one feel offended. This type of behavior needs to stop, not just with you, but with everyone.
      Please, stop where you are, take a good deep breath of fresh air, and say to yourself, “Nobody is perfect, we are only human beings, we will never, as a group, all have the same opinion at the same time. If I want to be heard and taken seriously, I must allow others that same freedom.” If you will do this, I guarantee you’ll feel better about yourself and everyone else around you.
      Also, remember, other people in other countries around the world are reading these comments. You are not comporting yourself as an educated, grown woman to be taken seriously, I truly feel sorry for you as it appears you have not had a very happy life so far. I hope things improve for you.

      • As a total male feminist, I must agree with you, not against Eleanore, but yes, you have said a mouthfull and it happens on both sides of liberals and conservatives. As a minister, I’ve observed some unbelievable cat fights between the sexes… Holy Wedlock turned into Unholy Deadlock, if you will. I don’t know where all the political vitriol started (probably the conservative EXTREMISTS), but someone, somewhere SHOULD have taken the higher road. Now I fear it is too late and what will be needed are new laws outlawing certain types of speech with deep consequences should people stray… until the rhetoric settles down on both sides. I’ve always had trouble dealing with uneducated fools… that is one of my weaknesses! Blessings and peace!

        • Just one question, what the hell is a male feminist, is it the same thing as a HOLE MOLE?
          as a minister you need a lot of work!

          • A male feminist is a male who has seen the absolute failure of macho men to live up to their full potential as a husband and/or provider of stability for his wife and family! A male feminist is one who cn sit and LISTEN to a female mother, wife, daughter, sister… and keep their mouths shut long enough to really absorb what problems a family female encounters with Alpha male brick-heads! A male feminist shows empathy, sympathy, compassion, and understanding when the male figure is seldom around, but is instead out drinking or bowling with the “boyz” and has no desire to be a true companion to his married partner! I could go on, but I’m sure I lost you after “A male feminist is…!”

            Oh, and…
            PS: You’re the type of shitheads who scream that they’re scared to die because they never got their theological Christian shit together before the angels started appearing…. Believe me, as a Hospital Chaplain, you weirdos screamed and cried the loudest! You certainly didn’t have a peaceful, calm departure!

          • That’s exactly like Christian husbands are supposed to be with their wife. That’s what scripture states.

    • “Since the Neanderthals left women and children behind in the caves”….Wow Cutie Pie, do you suppose it was to bring back food to feed your liberal ass? You are really Reality Check aren’t you? Or maybe Daves, AKClady? Too bad you were left at the alter for being so frikken ugly! Take your spewage elsewhere.

    • 10 to 1, these “men” are on welfare or constantly trying to beat the system! Either that or in the bread and commodities lines.

  7. Remember when Rick Lazio walked over to Billary and showed her a pledge to not raise taxes, and asked her to sign it? He was accused of assault, harassment, threatening her, and anything else they could imagine.

    • bitch..biCH/noun..noun: bitch; plural noun: bitches; noun: a bitch
      1. a female dog, wolf, fox, or otter.
      2. informal a difficult or unpleasant situation or thing.”the stove is a bitch to fix” synonyms:nightmare; More

      Seems to fit Ocankled, er, Ohillary, er, Hillary to a tee!

  8. Liberals are tearing America apart, they are a sorry pack of progressive communist morons.

    • They have been trying to take over America since old Karl Marx and his henchmen penned their Communist Manifesto in the 1850s. Their Europe elitist began converging on our universities soon after and old T Roosevelt began the progressive movement along with W Wilson and FDR. Destroying our Constitution was their main concern. Their “progress” was put on steroids with LBJ, JC, the Clintons and now Obummer. Have we become the USSA !?!? Maybe, unless we can sent the ingrates back to the EU, Siberia or the Middle East where they belong. May they can tame the ISIS.

      • LENIN — THE “OVERRIPE FRUIT” QUOTE – 1954 “First, we will take Eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia, then we will encircle the United States which will be the last bastion of capitalism. We will not have to attack. It will fall like an overripe fruit into our hands.”
        NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV — THE “SMALL DOSES” QUOTE – 1960 “We cannot expect Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism.”
        “USEFUL IDIOTS–Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin used the term to describe
        sympathizers in the West who blindly supported Communist leaders.”

    • If that were really the case, you wouldn’t even be commenting right now. You’d be decomposing!

  9. Aaahhh …. the PC progressive libertards are coming out of the woodwork, again. Let the mud slinging begin. Sensitive !?!? Definitely. Thin skinned !?!? Yes. And aimed at someone from their own political party. It doesn’t get much better than this. Take notes everybody and get ready to Rock and Roll.

  10. Phyllis Schultz

    This just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. In the real world Hillary should have apologized to Bernie for being rude and interrupting him. The women accusing people of mistreating Hilary, because she is a woman, are showing their ignorance of common courtesy.

  11. Is all the libTURDS, er, liberals have is accusations of racism and sexism? Where is the substance? I hope that Trump or Cruz have enough testosterone to call her on her crooked, finger pointing tripe,

  12. Garbage piled higher and deeper.
    Sexist garbage so foul that the author’s name is not given.

  13. It is clear that the bloodstained bisexual battleaxe who has been just about anointed to succeed the marxist muslim from Mombasa intends to spend the billions she collected from bribes and the selling of national secrets to foreign powers, as well as substantial amounts of Soros, Chicom and Saudi cash, on a campaign of viciousness and mendacity not seen since the heyday of Hitler and Goebbels. It is equally clear that she intends to rule by decree, and will probably pull an Indira Gandhi “state of emergency” when you-know-what hits the fan after a decade of misrule by the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mapplethorpe. It is an existential matter of survival for our country and our culture that this murderous, treasonous harridan be put in the Big House rather than the White House.

  14. Learn about how hillary and bill treat women in Roger Stone’s book “Clintons’ War on Women.” Hillary is an experienced pro at attacking women and she has no business hiding behind a fabricated wrong being inflicted upon her because she is a woman. Read the book and to learn how this woman treats women.

  15. Feminism is just like liberalism,It’s a mental disorder.

  16. Excuse me!!! Hillary has always tried to talk over everyone! Go back and watch all the hearings and you will see her do it over and over. She thinks she is the only one that should be talking. She did it when she ran the last time, trying to talk over everyone else!

  17. ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’DONALD TRUMP 2016

  18. Bernard is a little short on hair but has a tongue like a lap landers hound dog!

  19. Jennifer Gunther

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