The Boehner Revolt – Republicans Want Leadership

This week, House Republicans voted John Boehner in as Speaker of the House once again, but the election was not without considerable controversy. A growing number of conservatives feel that Boehner has failed them, drawing the GOP further and further to the left instead of standing up to President Obama’s liberal agenda. 20 Republicans voted against putting Boehner back in the role, the largest number of dissenting votes an incumbent speaker has ever survived.

While some have called for unity within the party, it must be said that Boehner has earned every bit of the dissension. This is not about tiny matters of policy, nor is it about a single failed initiative. This is about a four-year-long pattern of submission from one of the Republican party’s top leaders, and it is about nothing less than the direction of the party as we march towards the 2016 election.

Make no mistake about it, Republicans won in a decisive landslide last November on a wave of anti-Obama sentiment. Americans concerned about immigration, Obamacare, the economy, and national security expected Republicans to take a hard stance against the administration with their new power. Instead, the best GOP leadership can come up with are middling pokes and prods against the Affordable Care Act, symbolic votes against executive amnesty, and a promise to govern responsibly.

Many conservatives are left wondering why they bothered to go out and vote.

To be sure, there are political realities at play. Congress can only go so far without running into the inevitable veto pen of President Obama. Still, wouldn’t it make sense to push his issues as far off the table as possible? Force him to use his veto. Let America know that the GOP stands for the rule of law, a concept that has been thwarted at every turn by this administration. So what if Obama stands in the way? Let him take the “obstructionist” heat for once. If we had leaders who could argue the conservative cause articulately and passionately, ticking off the dangerous aspects of Obama’s policies would be enough to persuade independents that they have to go.

But Boehner and McConnell want to play it safe, hoping to set the stage for a Republican victory in 2016. They’ve bought into the mainstream media’s narrative that what Americans are really frustrated with is gridlock. How many Americans even understand the gridlock that has characterized this Congress for the last two years? What would they prefer? Why is it better to shove legislation through than to stand on principle? Why is it preferable to give Democrats their way than to fight for change? If the ultimate goal is just to “get stuff done,” why do elections matter at all? Why even have a Congress?

These are questions without any answer, because gridlock is a natural part of our two-party system. The only way around it is submission or dominance. Republicans think they can secure the latter in two years by practicing the former now. That’s a hell of a gamble, though; two years is a long time.

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  1. Rino leadership to govern responsible ??I call total horse manure on that.. The scum that were just elected to office are no better that what they replaced..In accordance with the Constitution, should the government become oppressive, and out of control, then WE THE PEOPLE have the right to remove said government, by any and all means necessary..

    • Let’s do it. Oops, no leadership, even in the populace. Nevermind, time for a long winter’s nap.

      • Not everyone is napping this winter. But you have a point, visible national leadership among the Conservatives and Right-leaning Libertarian ie non GOP obscure or seems nonexistent to most. I assume such leadership is under development. I do not assume it won’t materialize.

    • It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to speak again! Since our representatives won’t do it, we must! A leader will appear,,,trying times push patriots to remain free. We will coalesce around the right person(s) and take our country back!

    • The “PEACEABLE MEANS” to make this happen is Article V in our Constitution..for a Convention of ”’STATES”..wherein selected Amendments or Amended by 38 States, ie: IRS code, EPA, Term Limits..including the SCOTUS, Stop Government’s intervention in public schools curriculum,,etc, etc. Read Mark R. Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments Restoring The American Republic” for GOOD insight on those Amendments being suggested..

      • Lots of luck with that Able..Prove to me that the leftist would not control anything proposed during a “con-con”.. The enemy of the people is just sitting back salivating over the opportunity to ramrod their pond-scum agenda down our throats..An Art,5 would give them every chance,and WE THE PEOPLE would be excluded as unimportant..As proof of what I say, I reference the present House of Representatives..and all the other “Go along To Get Along” politicians..

        • Well, Gunner if you’re happy WITH HOW THINGS ARE & your comment seems to say YOU ARE .. that, in reality, tells me you’ve NOT visited the for more explicit information HOW it has ‘fail safe factions to avoid what you’re saying will probably happen..or probably NOT read Mark Levin’s book..for MORE detailed ‘legal’ ways Article V gets our restoration process…in process..I for one, am NOT happy with where OUR country is..or the DIRECTION it’s being to NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ARTICLE V MEANS NOTHING WILL CHANGE.. Ever hear of the analogy of “SHIP HIGH IN TRANSIT”? tTake the first letter of each word :& it’ll spell out my where to pile your short sided intellect..

          • Not even close.. I am very angry and hostile to the entire political scene..I trust no politician..from dog catcher to prez..

            They are all self-important drones..and should be terminated..

          • Mornin’ Gunner..Agree with your summation about ‘termination’..& , AGAIN..suggest you take time, as you’ve no doubt neglected to do, and investigate Article V & Mark Levin’s they pin point the PEACEFUL means to do the ‘drone’ effect you mention..but..your ‘mental wall’ deems this tells prefer to ‘do nothing but bitch & moan’ cause it gives you ‘SOMETHING to do’ ! Thanks to OUR 1st. Amendment, 🙂

  2. Boehner and the rest of the RINo jerkoffs are just little obungo bootlickers they are useful idiots to obungo but USELESS to the general conservative population They tried to elect new leadership but the A ss sucking cowards defeated them stand tall as conservatives we will succeed

  3. The election last November was a mandate for the GOP to go on the offensive. If they fail to do that, and it appears that they will, the GOP is finished. If they think playing it safe will win the White House in 2016 they are smoking something illegal. There will be no point in voting for a GOP President if all we are going to get is a watered down version of the Demorats. Either way, the nation is doomed.

  4. Keep flooding the Speaker’s office with faxes and email, demanding that he not PUNISH the brave 25. Then tell him to go their way to sponsor bills which the NOV. electorate supported. I do almost daily. Supposedly, hundreds of thousands of citizens have done so. Even today, the Speaker followed the Gohmert lead on immigration. Keep up the pressure. And for pete’s sake, in primaries, do not split your conserv support. Agree on one conserv and defeat the Jeb, Mitt, Chris, losers who will…again, lose nationally.

    • Phillyfanatic;
      You are so correct. I don’t disagree with anything anyone says here, but flood his office and any of your reps until hell freezes over. One of my new years resolution to do more of my own emailing and or faxing. I understand those organizations for a fee will send one to all members, but hit those that you have control with? I have found that most if not all elected officials restrict their email submittal to only those that are in their jurisdictional area! Well I spend a few extra $$ and burn their fax machine up and will add my displeasure of the practice if they represent the state I reside in!!

      • I happen to agree with individuals doing their own faxes. We who are on fixed incomes don’t have money to pay groups to do it for us. However, the fax #’s for our rep & sen’s need to be made public. If anyone has Missouri numbers please email them to us.

        • Sen. Roy Blunt — Fax: 202-224-8149 (Wash. DC office)
          Office Phone: 202-224-5721

          Sen. Claire McCaskill — Fax: 202-228-6326 (Wash. DC office)
          Office Phone: 202-224-6154

          Good luck!

  5. They were elected to stop Obamas’ over reach and continued destruction of America. Let him veto, then over ride said veto. If they continue to appease him, the Reps. will lose their majority in 2 years, and any chance of improving the situation, we are now in. Why else do they think they won in November? Come on Congress, get off it and fight back, against the Obamas, Reids , Pelosis, and anyone else who won’t do the job they were elected to do.

  6. while Boehner and McConnell may be trying to play it safe for the 2016 Presidential Election many of us Republicans may sit the Presidential Election out like was done when Mitt Romney ran. They are doing a big disservice to the Republican Party. If they don’t hold the President accountable I’ll be voting either Libertarian Or Independent as I voted Republican last election in 2014 and was lied to by most Republicans. Wasn’t it John Boehner and Mitch McConnell that said they were going to do everything possible to stop Obamas lawlessness such as immigration and Obamacare? Well they lied to every American Citizen and all the people that put the Republicans in office. I don’t like being lied to and refuse to vote Republican again unless they follow through wit their promise of holding the President accountable which they have not done so far. I will even writ in Mickey Mouse for President if I have to.

  7. Boehner and the rest of the RINOs, wafflers and flip floppers have absolutely NO CLUE as to why they won the election.

    • May 1919 at Dusseldorf,Germany

      Newspaper Clipping dated at 13,1975 (I converted the picture sent me to text – Dale)
      Here is an old C.G. newspaper
      clipping a mother saved in her Bible She had been a school teacher and believed prophesy, so she always kept up on issues:
      (She marked “Save Oct 13-1975
      – the clipping was from an editorial marked ‘Some Odd Ends’- I found a copy online——–

      “A reader who has kept a copy since we first published it in April, 1970, has suggested that “lest we forget” the following be published) again:

      In May of 191Q at Dusseldurf~
      Germany. the Allied Forces obtained a copy of the Communist Rules for Revolution. Fifty years later the Reds (Communists)are still following these rules.
      A. Corrupt the young, get them away from religion, get them interested in sex. Make them superficial, destroy their rugged­ness.

      B. Get control of all means of publicity thereby:
      1. Get the peoples minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books and plays and other trivialities.
      2. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no impor­tance.
      3. Destroy the people’s faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up to contempt, ridicule and obloquy (condemnation, criticism, censure).
      4. Always preach true demo­cracy, but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.
      5. By encouraging government extravagance, destroy its credit, produce fear of inflation with rising prices and general discontent.
      6. Foment unnecessary strikes in vital industries, encourage civil disorders and foster lenient and soft attitude on the part of govern­ment toward such disorders.
      7. By Specious (superficially plausible, but actually wrong – deceptive, misleading) argument, cause the breakdown of the old moral virtues, honesty, sobriety, confi­dence, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness.

      C. Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with a view toward confiscating them and leaving
      the population helpless.

      • Wow, that’s like reading the front page and entertainment section of just about any of todays newspapers! When will our citizens wake up or have we already passed the point of no return?

        • Jesus said, “Occupy until I come (and sets up rule over the earth)”. That is only 7+ years, including the great tribulation Satan and his followers will cause to be. Good news, Jesus is Lord not Lucifer. He ruled in the former earth before the first flood and then had to take on a snakes body to deceive and trick Eve. Satan is a spiritual being and could only possess a body if one was not given him.

          He wants us to think he rules the earth but Jesus bashed his head in and gave authority to the Church to follow the Head of the Body of Christ, Jesus. The universal Church is the Body of Christ and if we parts of that body follow Jesus then we can stop a lot that is going on.

          The trick is this, most Christians sit back and wonder when God is going to act and God is waiting, since Acts, for the Church to act.

          The question is will the Church quit sinning, follow God, not be lazy and realize ‘I can do all things through Christ Jesus Who strengthens me” and not be afraid of idiots like ISIS and the New World Order (which unknowingly for many serves Lucifer/Satan.

          One or two can’t do a lot to change the path of the world unless God backs us, which He will if we walk with Him in humility and trust and try to obey and follow Him. We are not perfect but God delights in doing things with those who look so weak to the world but are strong in the Lord.

          Moses was meek but not weak as many thought. God told him to set his people free and he excused himself – I can’t speak well. So God said use Aaron, your brother to speak. He felt incapable but God assured Him that he was if he walked with God.

          I hope this encourages you. If I puzzled you at the first with the former vs present world study Genesis1 and put a question in your mind and study to find the answer. There are interesting words like ‘be fruitful (Adam and Eve) and multiply and replenish the earth. ” Replenish??? There was no life after creation in Gen 1:1 as is seen in 1:2. —- Satan was the ruler over the former world, walked in the Garden of God adorned with jewels and beauty. He fell and the nations fell and God flooded the earth which covered the mountain tops and ‘the thunder of the Lord’s Voice caused the waters to flee. Fast removal of water from a world void of light and life – all destroyed. Whereas it took months for the waters to recede with Noah. The only life destroyed completely was the God mockers/Nepthalim and humans before the flood. It is an interesting study and reveals some of the Biblical puzzle when you find out that the earth life was destroyed and life on earth was recreated with Adam and Eve to rule the earth from the Garden of Eden.

          If this is too much to follow, put it on a shelf or ditch it, small compared to much more important issues. Just realize that God is God and Satan’s days are numbered. Fear has no place in our lives.

          Be blessed.

  8. If it’s GOP, it’s same old same old crap. A few conservatives with gonads to stand on their own two feet could start what was once started (and proud to be a member of) an let go into Hell in a handbasket.
    If these idiots like destroying Countries, there are a Hell of a lot of better choices than the USA.
    If they want a second Tea Party revolution. they’re on the right track.

  9. Fight for us, fight four america, impeach the s.o.,b.,

  10. Damn auto correct, fought for America

  11. Boehner. We don’t want to see you kissing Pelosi or hugging Obama. We voted in Repubs because we want strong leadership for a proud, again, America. We want our values resurrected. We’re tired of giving anyone and everyone free rides for everything. We don’t want to be buddies with Islam. We don’t believe in Socialism or communism, nor do we want the Federal Government to wipe our noses or our asses. We don’t want to kiss ass to minorities who don’t know how to fit into a functioning society. Sure we want to help disadvantaged get a leg up. But we’d rather teach them how to fish then hand them fish.We understand politicians will steal. We don’t mind but just take what you want rather than having all these B.S. programs involving global warming and hundreds of millions for phony solyndra and solar start-ups that only make some politicians rich at huge taxpayer expense. These pork barrel legislative add-ons to get a vote here or there have to go. If we’re voting the pipeline we don’t have to rebuild a bridge to nowhere for a vote. We understand you are mostly lawyers and can’t play it entirely straight but have some conscience in the matter. And stop this baloney about how it’s good enough for us but not for you. You are elected. You can only act like divine gods for a period of time. Everyone, almost, gets smart, sooner or later. If we need Obamacare, so do you. Jews are our kind of people, by the way. Muslims are not. Israel is a true ally. Can’t you people tell the difference between good friends and pretend friends? And the UN? Put it in some third world country. That’s the mentality of who usually heads it. That’s where the building should be. Who gives a hoot about Ban ki Moon or some other do gooder socialist who can’t compete and wants us to not be able to compete, either. Sure, lots of people who want to suck the government teat are around and have loud voices. Is there something valuable about a Sharpton or Jackson where we should listen? Are uncivilized black youth who run around beating up people or using guns holy and valuable in some absurd manner? They just haven’t been raised right. And why do we want to keep giving money to women whose main job is having 12 kids for free money? They’ll be a dynasty if their body holds together. You’ve got your work cut-out. If you aren’t up to the task, for America’s sake and God’s sake, if you please, quit. Let someone who can and will do the job do the job.

  12. Americans already have too many on the other side of the isle. Boehner lies to Ohioans when he ‘claimed’ to represent their views. If the GOP House doesn’t get their act together and force his hand, we will see another Dem House in two years. Same will be true with the Senate. And just imagine the peril if the White House is won by a progressive liberal. Are the RINOs so self-indulgent to not care? Are they going to continue the Rove/Chamber of Commerce parade of establishment idiots? If so, America loses.

  13. Deport all illegals

    There is going to a be a war soon. It will be the working people against government and the welfare rats…..

  14. Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    What is with all the obscuring pop up ads this site ? I will be avoiding this site for a while.

  15. Look damn it – with a minor number of exceptions, ALL of our elected are whored to an agenda quite the reverse of public demand – and, for that matter, that which is best for the nation. NOTHING will noticeably change until a very significant % of the citizenry stands and raises relentless hell – NO LET UP! We MUST get it across that ALL candidates are products of party committees – committees made up of chosen cronies. Very rarely do we have candidates for whom we can vote whom are not “pre-whored” in some manner or other.

    It does seem absolutely necessary that we FORCE the system to accept the people’s third party candidates across the entire election process. This is necessary at BOTH state and national levels. You are aware that the Tea Party was founded to address these needs? ‘Let them do it don’t git it’!

    Do you know the names, postal and email addresses of both your state and federal legislators? Some rather treacherous stuff occurs at county and municipal levels as well. The list should include contacts for public school board members as well. We read daily about insulting and insidious actions taken against students by schools. There is very little that WE can’t correct but, again, it will require unflagging insistence and vigilance. You in?

  16. Conservative Americans are less concerned with gridlock than with unconstitutional (and stupid) actions by Obama. They won the elections by talking tough. Now we expect them to perform and oppose all the crap democrats have forced on the Country. Do it now, not two years from now.

  17. You are 100% correct. Gunner. This from a retired Master Chief Gunners Mate.GMGCM SW. Have to have people with balls. Most of these Nitwits wouldn’t know Honor if it hit them in the face. Welcome home brother.

  18. If the GOP would have challenged Obama after his 2010 “shellacking,” he wouldn’t have gotten away with Fast & Furious, Benghazi, unconstitutional executive amnesty and other illegal capers. The public would have seen him for the criminal he is, and the GOP would be American heroes. Weakness and appeasement emboldens tyrants.

  19. Boehner making promises of high positions to the minions is what got him leadership. The newbies should check into how much money he has made on drugs and Obamanation.

  20. Yep – ‘ol orange faced Boner is about as worthless as they come. Having this Yay Hoo represent the republican party is like hearing Resident O’Hamma tell the truth…. it’s ALL B.S.

    It’s time for both Boner and Hags Pelosi and Cliton to dance off into the sunset…. off a cliff

  21. Frankly, I don’t know if I will renew my membership in the Republican Party. Are they Republicrats, or demopublicans? And how can one tell the difference. Cry-Baby Boehner went back on every word he said, giving Obama everything he wanted, and he’s still there. It just infuriates me that all they care about is their personal bank accounts. They are elected to do what is best for the country, not rake in money. We need leadership, and the people who would give that are pushed aside, and ridiculed.

  22. To the GOP establishment:

    This is to inform you to take my name and e-mail address off of your mailing lists, effective immediately. You and your associates sacrificed my country, and as a retired USAF MSgt, I am offended to the max. The last poll indicated that approximately 60% of the Republicans wanted mr. boehner replaced, but you didn’t have either the integrity or the fortitude to get the job done, which means that this RINO will be in control of the US House of Representatives guiding mr. obamas programs through the House to the detriment of the nation! The democrats (read: socialist, communist, anti-American, Muslim) are out to destroy this nation, and mr. boehner is doing all he can do to help these democrats get the destruction completed! Since you voted for mr. boehner, do not solicit me for any support of any kind – financial or otherwise. I will be dropping my Republican affiliations in favor of Independent affiliation or Tea Party affiliation in hopes that a third party will emerge that will listen and represent those that elected them to do their job!

    Readers: feel free to use this as often as you like!

  23. Yes, the people did get out and voted in force this past year. We asked that everyone stand with us and we will get this going and get them done, well Boehner has saw to it that what we are giving the people is more of the same old bullshit, only now congress and the senate are both under new management. If we do not stand up to this asshole dictating bully of a mud-slime jackass we are never going to see the inside of that WH anymore. Boehner is being a vindictive jackass blowhard pig RINO right now, and some how he needs to be stopped or taken down and taken down hard. We are only screwing ourselves right now and they are sitting on the fence and letting it happen.

  24. They need to do their damn job and quit worrying about 2016 !! This is 2015 and we are in TROUBLE. These GOP WIMPS are afraid of their own shadow. They won a LANDSLIDE election. They know damn well we, and most of the American people are behind them and AGAINST OBAMA and the DEMS. We are sick and tired of their CRAP and we are sick and tired of WIMP REPUBLICANS ! Fight the BASTARDS ! That’s why we elected you. DAAAAAA

    • We might, maybe, be seeing some modest fall-out in our favor from the aftermath of the Speaker vote and backlash. Stay tuned. However, local networks are the source for new energy, not the shenanigans of the House.

  25. Donald Trump would fire Boehner for incompetence. You’re fired, get off my show as Trump would say.

  26. All I can say to those who call themselves Republican – if you allow evil you are just as evil as those who do evil. You choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution. American’s are fed up with evil government that steals from the people. Only socialists and other fools would destroy freedom and cause chaos.

    They say, “ordo ab chao” on the dollar bill placed there in the 1950’s I understand, probably by the same New World Order terrorists parents of the offspring who are trying to destroy America now. Like Pelosi and Obama have stated, NWO agents along with Reed, Holder, Kissinger,Bush’s, Clinton’s, etc, “chaos is a wonderful thing, one can get so much more done than could normally be achieved.

    Think for a second. If you are a good and noble person would you desire evil on anyone to supposedly create good. IMPOSSIBLE! It is good for the NWO but bad for American citizens.

    Senators, Reps, etc in DC – if you want to do good then grow a spine and do it. Otherwise, true Americans and lovers of freedom want you out of there.

    “EVIL PROSPERS WHEN GOOD MEN/WOMEN DO NOTHING!” Let’s get going before there is no place to go but down.

  27. I went to Boehner’s face book page twice and told him to grow a set of balls and a backbone and stand up to Ovomit. He can’t even do that. I have more spine to stand up to the lying AH in the WH. He never should have been elected AGAIN as speaker, he is NOT FIT to do the job.

  28. The problem here is that most of the country is disinformed. Specially about what being conservative and republican really is. No one really is standing up and explaining gridlock or why it really happens. I say that the Republicans have a very bad public relations agent. The left still can not understand facts and statistics and most politician being from whichever side never sit down and explain it clearly with facts like they were talking to a 5 year old. And the thruth is this is the only way to explain to everyone the real benefits of voting republican. The left twist the law , the meanings and uses all the power of their extensive bought media to expand this lies and the best the republicans do is say that is not the true ,and sometimes to get in an insult race, instead of fighting all this lies with thruth and statistics. Why is is so easy for any of us to get online and get the statistics and facts and show to the left here in comments and forums, and our elected representatives have so much trouble to do the same?? Educate the people, because we have 45 millions of welfare recipients right now that will always vote democrat just because they are fanatics and not because they have any education. When you know the thruth it will set you free.

  29. Navy Seals!!!! PLEASE come to our rescue.. We need anoyher Kyle.

  30. The whole country needs leadership not evident today.

  31. BONER, should have been replaced with a more intelligent and capable individual. he has been pulling on his small member behind the podium for long enough and to assure all, this is not coming from a liberal, but a conservative 100% BOEHNER should have been given his walking papers.

  32. I endef my support of the Rino party when tjey re- elected Boehner / Mc connell! Trash liberal politicos. I would rather support a virus!

  33. We only get who they want to give us. Same as the presidential elections. They don’t give a damn who the majority wants. The problem with the republicans is that they care more about what the democrats think of them than they do their own party.

  34. Proud US vet/American

    Conservative Republicans, independents, Libertarians, the Tea Party, and others with views that differ from the Republican “Staus Quo” MUST continue to vote Against the RINO’s and their cavalier approach to Obama and 2016. I personally would rather see this done and NOTHING be accomplished by the Boehner RINO’s, then for the Conservative’s to give in to Boehner’s RINO’s and vote for his agenda. At least this way the line will have been drawn, and Conservative’s can see who their true enemies are, otherwise, we will just be at a 2 year stand off and Obozo wins without doing anything but use his veto pen.


  35. Karen Low Anderson

    The Congress things (I call them things because I’m pretty sure they aren’t human) are being shredded on their Facebook pages. Now we can all see for ourselves what the people are saying to them. I have had it with RINOs. Look at Trey Gowdy pretending to be our friend while plotting with Boehner behind closed doors. Google “Gowdy grubered us on the Cromnibus.” If that’s not enough Google “Republicans work with Muslim brotherhood.” Then you will see why Gowdy refused to answer Greta’s (Fox News) key question about Benghazi. I was stunned so I did some digging. WorldNetDaily questioned Gowdy’s strange behavior and how he “soft-pedaled” his answers. Gowdy’s committee is a sham! My eyes are open now. And Mark Levin said he is watching Gowdy with both eyes. Yet another Republican betrayal! Snakes!

  36. “Government is not the answer, Government is the problem”. Reagan….

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