The Biggest Threat to the Media Isn’t Trump, It’s the Media

After President Trump tweeted out a lighthearted video showing him clotheslining and wrestling “CNN” to the ground this weekend, the collective mainstream media once again went berserk, claiming that Trump was advocating violence against reporters. We heard all the old hits about how Trump was engaged in a war on the free press. Some commentators even went as far as to suggest that Trump’s rhetoric was going to wind up getting a reporter killed sooner or later. When it comes to playing the martyr, there really is no low these miserable fools will not sink to.

Make no mistake about it, the media IS in trouble and in danger of complete collapse. No, not “reporting” or “journalism” in the general sense. As much as they would love us to believe otherwise, the free press in this nation is under NO assault and will continue to exist and thrive long after every single one of us has shed this mortal coil. Enshrined and protected by the First Amendment, it has always been and always will be one of the most important foundations of American freedom. It ain’t going anywhere.

But CNN, NBC, MSNBC, the New York Times, etc.? These are not “journalism” personified. They are corporate entities that long ago traded their ethical essence in for political-and-profit motives that have nothing to do with speaking truth to power. And if they were to vanish tomorrow in a blinding flash of light, the world would not be the worse for it.

It’s hard to imagine an entity getting a bigger wake up call than the media got last November. How could you be THAT wrong about the mood of the nation and still come out on the other side thinking you did nothing wrong? Arrogance? Blindness? Pure, unwavering commitment to principles that have NOTHING to do with the good of the country? We can’t be sure which of these is the right answer, but we know there is something behind the willful refusal to change. In the short term, we assume it has something to do with the ratings/subscription bonanza they’re experiencing. God help these companies, though, if they are putting all of their eggs in that basket.

Whatever it is that these companies are chasing, they’re sacrificing the trust of the American people to catch it. And when the Trump Era has given way to the next presidency, that trust will be very, very hard to regain, if not impossible. They may blame Trump for erasing it, but it won’t have been his fault. It will have been theirs. They gave it away freely.

Trump just noticed, that’s all. He noticed and he pointed it out.

And man, do they hate him for it.

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