The Biggest Threat to the Media Isn’t Trump, It’s the Media

After President Trump tweeted out a lighthearted video showing him clotheslining and wrestling “CNN” to the ground this weekend, the collective mainstream media once again went berserk, claiming that Trump was advocating violence against reporters. We heard all the old hits about how Trump was engaged in a war on the free press. Some commentators even went as far as to suggest that Trump’s rhetoric was going to wind up getting a reporter killed sooner or later. When it comes to playing the martyr, there really is no low these miserable fools will not sink to.

Make no mistake about it, the media IS in trouble and in danger of complete collapse. No, not “reporting” or “journalism” in the general sense. As much as they would love us to believe otherwise, the free press in this nation is under NO assault and will continue to exist and thrive long after every single one of us has shed this mortal coil. Enshrined and protected by the First Amendment, it has always been and always will be one of the most important foundations of American freedom. It ain’t going anywhere.

But CNN, NBC, MSNBC, the New York Times, etc.? These are not “journalism” personified. They are corporate entities that long ago traded their ethical essence in for political-and-profit motives that have nothing to do with speaking truth to power. And if they were to vanish tomorrow in a blinding flash of light, the world would not be the worse for it.

It’s hard to imagine an entity getting a bigger wake up call than the media got last November. How could you be THAT wrong about the mood of the nation and still come out on the other side thinking you did nothing wrong? Arrogance? Blindness? Pure, unwavering commitment to principles that have NOTHING to do with the good of the country? We can’t be sure which of these is the right answer, but we know there is something behind the willful refusal to change. In the short term, we assume it has something to do with the ratings/subscription bonanza they’re experiencing. God help these companies, though, if they are putting all of their eggs in that basket.

Whatever it is that these companies are chasing, they’re sacrificing the trust of the American people to catch it. And when the Trump Era has given way to the next presidency, that trust will be very, very hard to regain, if not impossible. They may blame Trump for erasing it, but it won’t have been his fault. It will have been theirs. They gave it away freely.

Trump just noticed, that’s all. He noticed and he pointed it out.

And man, do they hate him for it.

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  1. If they want to stop the slide, all they have to do is drop the bias and tell the truth.
    Those who do want to attacked should not attack others.

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  2. Michael Dennewitz

    The media IS THE MEDIA’S worst enemy!! They are like parrots, repeating exactly what their sweetheart geo soros tells them.. ?

    • Thats for sure . Do you remember when the first time you heard the word demegog are what ever it was . Never heard the word till one day every news site had it at one time and it lasted for a while . I still wonder what the heck it means . I got the drift but geee everyone on the same day are weekend

      • Every one of these faux “journalists” is on the same page of the DNC’s talking points. Russia hacked the election, Trump colluded with Russia, Hitlery is winning by a landslide, 17 intel agencies–all crap. Wikileaks published Podesta’s emails that revealed that huge numbers of the MSM were being treated to luncheons, dinners and cocktail parties by Hitlery Rotten Clinton’s campaign where they got to smooze and create fake news.

        • Jackalyn Morrison

          You are SOOO RIGHT

        • A lot more to come……

        • the true journalists have been sweep under the rugs, never to be heard from again. I believe there are people who are true to this country, respect for Donald Trump President of these United States of America, that can not be bought by Clintons, Obama or the Democrats or anybody. Donald Trump won the election SO LET THE PRESIDENT DO HIS JOB PUTTING THIS COUNTRY BACK WHERE TRUTH WAS SPOKEN OR WRITTEN BY NEWS PERSONS,JOURNALISTS, REPORTERS.
          WHY IS OBAMA OPENING HIS BIG BLACK MOUTH, is has no knowledge that HE is ruining the Democrats reputation (if they have any left).
          Obama has to realize he is NO LONGER THE PRESIDENT and accept the fact!!!
          The Clintons are acting like little babies (didn’t get what they wanted), so they are making up lies about everyone, trying to BUY support for their cause. They need to get on with their civilian life and keep their big mouths shut….

          • Michael Dennewitz

            The cliton cartel is today’s mafia. The make the Italian mafia look like beginners! I mean, how many good people have been killed or mysteriously disappeared???☹?

          • I believe what you say. why else would the Clintons be so upset and making all the noise about being the victim. It was proven that people found out what the Clintons are and voted her out. THANK GOD!!!!

            So long ago that the aren’t even worm food! Any flesh has been consumed by the worms years ago! All we’re left with is propaganda mongers! They tell you everything and ONLY what the puppet masters wish you to hear!! I don’t trust the LSM (Lame Stream Media) at all!

            In actuality they are closer to being like the Russian Izvestia and RIA Novostiy, Gov.’t spin or Pravda if you like the tabloid news!!

          • I agree, it will get worse before most people will take off the blinders and see what is happening to our world. I guess I was trying to give people credit for using their GOD given talent and think!!!!
            I guess they are so use to being told what to think, do or say for so long do not know how to think for themselves…. Sad shape people have gotten them selves in.. Do not feel sorry for them… I guess this would be called BRAIN WASHED. led by their nose…

          • Exactly!! Way to much apathy now a days! People have NOT really and TRULY voted for a good # of years now!! Oh some of them go to the voting booth but pull the lever for the party they belong to. If they’re registered as a Dem. they pull the lever for ALL Dem.’s and vice versa (equal time LOL)! Depending on the type of voting booth, I’ve seen people enter, close the curtain and before the curtain stops swaying , it’s opening again! They only voted “Party Affiliation”, pulled the ALL Rep. or ALL Dem. lever!!
            THAT IS NOT VOTING!! PERIOD!! Then they have the audacity to brag that they voted! The ticket they voted for could have had Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin on it BUT as long as the correct party D or R, they’d pulled and voted for 3 of the WORST people in history!!

        • Michael Dennewitz

          If one good, well trained SNIPER was able to take out soros AND his son, most of this bullshit wouldn’t be happening!!

      • Mustafa Curtess

        Lol! I remember the same thing about “gravitas”. Someone made a video clip of all the TV anchors using it within 48 hours. WTH?

        • Thank God the following sites are dying now: Patriot News; Right Wing Voice; Fix The Nation, Patriot Viral News; American Liberty Report; TEA Party; Front Page Report; Conservative Free Press; Restore American Glory; From Right; Conservative Zone; Right-Wise. They were created to attack President Obama. They would not dare attack Trump for he will label them as fakes.

          • Mustafa Curtess

            If that was their only purpose – there really isn’t any use for them since Trump was elected. They could have switched over to SUPPORT Trump – but that niche is already so over-crowded that there simply isn’t room for any more.
            Pro OR Con – the field of “journalism” has become such a farce – that we really don’t have any news industry, much less any “loyal opposition” (does anyone even know what that is?) at the moment, and seemingly none in the future.

          • Excuse me? Your facts are backwards. Most of those listed above are no where near “FAKE NEWS”. Those are sites where righteous thinking people go to get their news, and they stay way from the MSM!!!

          • So you don’t know Trump killed them all. They would not dare treat Trump as they did President Obama. They even campaigned to be non-profit. But IRS found they were created to steal from gullible people.

          • Typical liberal…shifting the facts around to deflective their own incompetencies. FYI imbecile, it’s the MSM that’s dying on the vine due to their fake news, every time, ALL the time!!!

            In case you haven’t surfaced from behind your mama’s apron to date, at least the alternative news agencies listed above DO report on the phenominal progress that President Trump has accomplished in the very short time he’s been in office. Obama did JACK SH!T!!!! All that the BIASED FAKE NEWS MSM did for the past eight years+, was to glorify a treasonist traitor who couldn’t stay off the golf courses, couldn’t pass up the opportunities to wildly spend the tax payers monies on vacations and parties in the White House, and who ALWAYS bowed down to our enemies and shunned our allies!!

          • What – destroying your healthcare, promoting dangerous perversions to harm our children, and divide our country with his racial hatred. First, why are you not whining that Trump has appointed all Whites to head agencies except one Black (Dr. Carson) as agency head? Second, you’re ignorant that Obamacare enabled people of all races access to any clinic or hospital regardless of income. That is exactly what Trump intends to do. Repubs and TPs wanted insurance to continue dictating how long you will stay in hospital and kind of treatment your doctor will give you. Please read what I have suggested. My recommendation is to do away with deductibles and out of pocket premium monthly payments. In fact, you must be working for insurance companies to puke such language. You’re still a slave to them for bilking your money. My recommendations are to get off insurance companies off your back to enable you to deal with your doctor directly. That was Obama policy which Trump is now trying to follow. But you and Repubs and TPs want insurance to rule your health. Good luck.

          • The cabinet has appointees from all racial groups. We have Indian, Black, hispanic and more. Insurance is a priority but until the real cause of the rise in health care cost is identified, nothing will change. cost will continue to rise. Why is the same drug more expensive here than in Canada and in other countries. Why is cost for health care more expensive per capita than in some other countries. What is different in health care here than in say Canada and I am not referring to payment for services. I am talking about the health care itself, the doctor, hospitals, clinics, and prescription drugs. solve that and other things will solve themselves.

      • As I read some time back, they all get the same news and so you will hear repetition maybe the same or a little bit difference, but basically the same news. So they are not even in combat with each other, just Trump and us.

      • Enough's Enough

        I remember how, during Bush vs. Gore in 2000, EVERYONE in the media started talking about how (then) Gov. Bush lacked “gravitas.” Gravitas, gravitas, gravitas! I don’t recall ever hearing a talking head use that word before; suddenly the were ALL using it! It was so blatant as to be laughable, especially when Rush compiled a lengthy soundbite of one after another after another “newscaster” (liberal editorializer) suddenly using the same word, while making the same statement about Bush! And they thought we were too stupid to notice how dutifully they were following their marching orders? Are they really so ignorant as to believe they’re fooling anyone?

        • OO yes and i am still not to sure what that means . But didnt al all when it went into being use EVERYDAY . from never to evryday got really tired on that word hehehehe

      • Maybe they meant demigod a mythological creature that is part human and part divine. So who in the hell knows what they are talking about and to whom are they addressing this montra? Gotta wonder what they are drinking.

    • Ya do what the money wants…..

  3. They have figured out that people will buy their garbage for the entertainment value. Much like people will watch Ben Stiller or Alec Baldwin, Rosie O’Donnell or Whoopie in movies & T.V. Stupidity can be funny.

  4. methinks it was the beginning of ‘state’ approved ‘journalism’…can you imagine what the populace would be hearing now IF Hillary got elected?…lol and woe to us . The Russia farce was enough…but no….’they’ will conjure up another madness to pursue . Thank Goodness from God that the people aint so brainwashed as ‘they’ believe .

  5. That should be easy to get passed , But we have 2 dem leaders like ryan and old mitch trying to pass it there way . Why cant they just go with the way Pres Trump want it

  6. No body will miss CNN, MSNBC, NBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post when they fold their business. They are the most dishonest fake news.

  7. It is pathetic that the media’s liberal snowflakes accuse President Trump of “advocating violence against the news media” by tweeting a funny edited video of him wrestling down another man whose face has been blocked out with a CNN sign, when their own people advocated the murder of President Trump by posting a picture of a woman holding a likeness of his bloody severed head, and they also gushed praise on a disgusting NYC Central Park play that portrayed President Trump, as a modern Julius Caesar, being stabbed to death.

  8. Briston Knight

    I can verbalize quite well now what I know about Trump: – he is behind
    and with the biggest American oil companies that want to invest
    heavily in the Russian oil and gas industry – the main source of
    the Russian income that is used mostly for a military buildup. Russia
    doesn’t have those technologies yet and needs funding with a huge
    return in profits – hundreds of billion of dollars. And then, we
    might be hearing from other American corporations for more funding
    from our pockets in order to counteract the Russian military
    buildup. A vicious circle of total venality: – it looks like
    Herbert Hoover is back on track with how he industrialized the Soviet
    And now I’m convinced that the silencing those journalists from CNN was,
    as matter of fact, an action from behind the scene, not that they
    were not right… I see a real threat to the American political
    system now. It’s very dangerous combining so much political power
    with personal financial might and business connections. Trump might
    try to build what Putin had created around him. Money and general
    market venality are very helpful to attain these goals.

    The last news with regards to the upcoming full-fledged Trump’s
    meeting with Putin is proving that Trump wants to deal with Putin
    at all costs (Andrey Piontkovsky’s – Russian analyst – warning!) This meeting with Putin
    will boost Putin’s position inside of Russia.

    • Go back to the Huffington Post, troll.

      • Briston Knight

        You’d better start digging your arguments (if you have them, though!) from your head, not from your ass…

        • It’s no use reasoning with Trump supporters, especially those who are not 1%ers. They are too stupid to vote in their own interests, so how can you expect them to give rational responses to well crafted arguments? Instead, like Pavlov’s dog, they reflexively parrot solgans like “MAGA” or “lock her up” or other such drivel, as they desparately try (and fail) to defend the buffoon masquerading as POTUS who wears his trousers BACKWARDS, with a sign above the zipper that reads “reserved for Vladimir Putin”!

          • Briston Knight

            Thanks for understanding! One can feel satisfied if understood at least by one person. I take the political discussion seriously, whether it’s with people who are pro- or contra- for one simple reason: politics must be based on principles, and they are mostly based upon such. When a political leader of the US President magnitude tries to deal with someone who destroyed all such principles on which the world security is based (respect of national sovereignty and post-war borders), brining in the international affairs the whole range of the KGB arsenal – cyber-attacks, hybrid wars (Ukraine), economic and politic aggressions, fake news and propaganda – it inspires a great deal of worry. The world is being diverted from so many burning issues like environment, overpopulation, depleting of mineral resources, deforestation, disappearance of entire classes of species among so many others, that not sticking to the principles (Paris climate agreements) is a very dangerous trend that can bring a lot of chaos and weaken, not strengthen, our position in the world as a super power. Thanks & Regards.

          • OH !! Now they are doing the “69” routine and sniffing each other’s farts.

          • OOHH DEAr, Then the other fart sniffing liberal troll spews its load of asinine idiocy; Hey go wash the brown stain off your lips, that last hillary fart you sniffed must have been a bit juicy.

          • I think hes got a large brown ring around his nose also, as do all libs, thats how they get their information MAGA SEMPER-FI

        • Well I gather you know all about that since your head has been inserted well up your rectum since birth.

    • Jackalyn Morrison

      Ooh did you forget about the hellion giving uranium to russia

      • Briston Knight

        I dare give you a piece of information from the statement of a very known Russian analyst on Washington / Moscow politics. His name is Andrej Piontkovsky; he is a 75-year-old and had seen it all. Walking encyclopedia of knowledge and experience.. Here’s what he writes from
        Washington, DC:
        “As for the meeting of Trump with Putin, here, in Washington, a very intense fighting is going on here. The Establishment, the Congress, and the Cabinet took a very
        anti-Putin position. The minister of defense, James Mattis, and the President’s adviser on national security, Herbert McMaster, are categorically against any full-scale meeting with Putin. But it is impossible to avoid a possibility that they might “bump into each other in a corridor, near the toilet, as it had happened last time to Barak Obama and Putin, and by the way,
        also during the summit of the “Big Twenty”.
        This meeting is extremely important for Russia from the internal point of view: – all the so-called Russian elite is tense and attentively monitoring the situation. Because some doubts
        whether Putin is able to play a role of such an “interface” with the West and be a guarantor on their interests. Not only of their financial actives that are in the Western banks but also because all lifestyle of the Russian elite is so tightly linked to the West. If the meeting takes place in a corridor – it’ll be the signal to the Russian elite that with such a person (Putin) there is no ground to hope for a normalization of the relationship with the West. If it’s a meeting, like Trump wants it – sitting at a table with both delegations around – it will strengthen Putin’s positions. As far as I know, Trump insists on such a format of the meeting, which, in my view, can be explained by some serious things that Kremlin has against Trump, possible some compromising materials. According to the logics of his (Trump’s) political life, there’s a strong necessity of dumping his beloved Putin and start some aggravation with him (with Putin).
        Doing so he will remove many questions in his confrontation with the American political elite.
        From time to time, he (Trump), I don’t know whether it’s because of his entourage or else, starts bombing the Syrian airfields, threatening to do it again, like he did it recently, and then, he suddenly recollects himself and starts moving the other way. In fact, one can’t envy his
        (Trump’s) situation. It looks to me as if he were moving between two threats: a political revolt in the USA which might result even in impeachment, and some kind of not visible threat from Putin. What I’m describing now is a simple example. People tell him that it is not good to have such a meeting with Putin while he is asking for a list of concessions that are possible to make during the meeting. For what reason it is unclear. Just for an abstract strengthening of bilateral

        • Shirley H. Greer

          Briston, Everyone who wants information on Andrej Piontkovsky, go to the internet. he is a Russian scientist, political writer and one of Putin’s fiercest critics. He tells you what he think about our President Trump. You need to learn who Briston Knight is before excepting his writings. Google his name.

          • Briston Knight

            What is relevant here is D. Trump and V. Putin, their personalities and politics as representatives of their respective countries. While your personality, as well as mine are not! Don’t mix flies and steaks, so to say.

          • hummh need to do that

      • He didn’t forget…he doesn’t care! Don’t look here…look over there!

    • WHAT yeeek you mean you believe that scumm site are those . Cant even think of someone that cant think better than that . Well yes a dem are lib , they dont think but you cant be one of those can you

      • Briston Knight

        Lib? Rep? – it’s all you can bubble? Why not Socialist or Communist right away!? What does it have to do with one who is looking for truth? – Media are very manipulative, especially with those who spend too much time watching soap… Open some history books or the read some international media, my friend, not just your President’s twitts…

        • Dumbass spews its load again; Time to head back to the pig sty moron the space between your ears needs a refill of pig droppings.

    • Another load of liberal BULLSHYTE, LIES and total idiocy from a moron whose brain was killed by sniffing too many Obama FARTS.

    • Russia is selling oil anyway they don’t care what country buys it. You see the U.S buying russian oil as a conspiracy. Tell me how did you see Hillary selling 2/3s of our uranium to russia or is that ok by you.

      • Briston Knight

        I did not say anything about the U.S. buying Russian oil, nor I consider it as a conspiracy. There’s plenty of a better quality oil and closer to the U.S. to fulfill that need. One has to know that more that a half of Russian income comes from oil & gas; and its extraction becomes more expensive in Russia to compete with other countries. Russia doesn’t have the new technologies of extraction oil in the Arctic that our oil companies have, and they are willing to sell it and participate in the oil field exploitation for a good return, of course. Knowing that Putin uses most of the petrol money for militarization of his arm forces, invading the neighboring countries, conducting disinformation and ciber- wars, giving that technologies to Russia is downright foolish. It will inevitably oblige the U.S. to compensate the Russian increase in military power by spending more and more money on our armaments. That’s a vicious circle. The problem is not just our oil / gas companies. It’s only one part of the equation. The problem is if someone powerful from our establishment is sitting with them, looking for that “return”… Regards.

  9. Trump is exactly right and the media + all Americans know it. They are merely as corrupt and those they promote. In each others pockets wielding and vying for power and wealth. They don’t lift up Americans doing for our country. They don’t report on American Innovation to bolster our economy. They don’t support American Inventors but hold us all hostage never doing anything for us or for what is right to benefit our country and people. They ignore the hard working, innovative and new American development until we kiss their a_sses and beg them for attention. All this over doing their jobs reporting for humanity as a whole. They honor corrupt and greedy politicians, the wealthy and those who benefit themselves calling it news. The media is pathetic and a disgrace today. They thrive on devastation, violence and murder lifting up criminals more then those sacrificing to make America great. Shame on the media whose, like Trump says, are to blame for their own injustice and demise.

  10. msm is their own worst enemy.

  11. The media just can’t stop damaging their image and words, so they are their best enemy and too blind to see it, nor even the owners seem smart enough to see it. More and more Americans are just tuning them out, even Fox now. We stopped watching PBS News Hour because it went full leftist/democrat and not reporting truths, except rarely and Mark and Brooks are too brainless idiots who say the people they talked to, but must be their faces in a mirror because they haven’t talked to real Americans in a long, long time.

  12. Rodger K. Shull

    they screw themselves, they should to the news DRAGNET STYLE. ” JUST THE FACTS “, an keep their a$$WHOLE opinions to themselves. because everyone has an opinion.

  13. Hmmmmm -= MSM – politicians – liberals – progressives – hollywooders ——— WHEN YOU ATTACK —- YOU GET ATTACKED……………..IT’S CALLED SELF – DEFENSE………and it’s constitutional and legal…..

  14. People will believe anything. They love the soaps.

  15. I don’t know what they would gain by helping hillary get elected. Unless its that she was keeping obama policy’s. Everything was going up except wages under his policy’s. Oh sure they talk about raising min-wage and taxing the rich. They had 8 years and didn’t do it. And they only talk about it at election time. Trump is the only good thing to happen in politics in 100 years both dems & repubs are for themself not for us. And we have to stop that drain the swamp and its an up hill fight and its going to take everyone to win it. Both sides dem and repu together if we ever expect to get our country back.

    • Dems, of today, won’t stand for it; it’s their way or no way. Dems will never see the truth. If the Repubs don’t stop their divisive nonsense, and get together backing President Trump, the demodips#!t$ will get their way…thwarting President Trump.

    • Just saw a pic of the swamp with hands in the air holding a sign with “CNN” on it!

  16. Liberals are their own worst enemy. Their ideology is so full of absurdity, hypocrisy and such a dizzying level of contradiction it’s no wonder they often end up sputtering and seem confused, they are, by their own ‘belief’ system. Because there are no beliefs in it, they’ve traded their belief in a higher power for an arrogant, false faith in their own ability to sit in judgement on others. What passes for moral superiority is really just smug superiority, thinly veiled. They’ve traded their morals too, and have become empty, shallow and detached because of it. Their aggressive defense of unlimited abortion and casual calls for violence against anyone who stands against them are glaring examples of this. Their media’s abuse of the first amendment to push their increasingly insane agenda is no surprise. Neither is their rabid hate, that’s been their all along, simmering just beneath the surface of their fake ‘tolerance’ and ‘compassion’.

  17. Soros is worse than Hillary if that is POSSIBLE. If I didn’t know better he is trying to get his dumb ass in position to become to next DUMBCRAT to run for president.

  18. I remember the days of Walter Cronkite, Huntley Brinkley, etc. where the news was simply reported and people were not told what to think. This happened, that happened, etc., and what you think of it is your business. Not today! The media has turned into a political advocacy forum, and the lack of honest information is terribly damaging the country. Truly, the media of today is destroying the US.

  19. Sounds more like Wikileaks is the real media. Most everything else is just left wing opinion.

  20. “Progressive” libtards only see what they want to see.

  21. CNN and the rest are traitorous swine!

  22. Cecil Keeler Jr.

    A very good analysis of the PROBLEM the Main Stream Media has, It is SELF inflicted, They do NOT report the NEWS they REPORT “WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE”

  23. The media left have been caught in so many lies and the creation of so much fake news they have lost any and all credibility. There was a time when the NYT was a respected and almost worshipped newspaper. Now, like CNN, MSNBC, WaPo and many others it is nothing but fables put in print and/or reported. I doubt they will ever gain the status of news reporting and journalism, not that most of them ever had it.

  24. I would say something but I can’t stop laughing.

  25. “The biggest threat to the media is the media”………….. Very apropos and true.

  26. This “media phenomenon” is not such a new thing. Have watched for far too many decades as the media, by slight mind bending, influenced the public to acquiesce to ‘their’ ideologic agenda. Too many too busy raising families, putting food on the table, slogging through the mud of every day life were either too tired, or passively believing in the “good media,” to pull facts from innuendo. We are where we are today, every American cultural statistic in the toilet, because ‘We The Unwashed’ bought it with our votes!

  27. A word to the media. Walt Kelly (of ‘Pogo fame) said it best. “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

  28. I think the journalists are afraid of losing their jobs and do what their bosses want. It’s time to quit being cowards and if they believe what they say they should start writing fairy tales.

  29. Craig Anderson

    The media maybe not be a part of the government, but national security, public information and it’s general reliability is and in some cases could be regarded to be even more important then all the judicial branches of the government. The media is the Paul Reaver for the entire country, for it is their responsibility to inform the public of storms, elections, public events, even declarations of wars and other pending dooms, but if the public can not trust them then there is no reason for having them these bogus report hurt more then they help. It seams the name journalist and reporter has changed, somehow to biblical and mythological references, so most have turned their reporting skills into just plain authors of shorts stories.
    We the people would rather that they keep these ideas of fake news to themselves and put them into their novels, plays or greeting cards, instead of having the public suffer through them and rely on them as the word. We need the FREE, TRUTHFUL, HONEST PRESS and if we can’t get that from you then there is really no reason to have or hear from you, for there are enough conspiracy theories floating around on every form of media as they are, from the movies, mini-series or the novel of the week. Free press is the thing that just might keep us that way in the event of a catastrophic or attack, for it is the only line of alarm for across the nation and faults information is the last thing that the people need.

  30. The media have become the worst form of a brothel, they long ago gave up all standards of righteousess as they pursued popularity and power. Those who control and own the media sold their souls to Satan.

  31. You have a 1st amendment to say what you want, but you not NOT have a constitutional right to be a journalist. Our fake news media has been so deliberately dishonest I think it is time to require occupational licenses for them to practice journalist, just as we do for health care providers and a multitude of other professions. Then, just as a physician could lose his license to practice for malpractice, so could a journalist for habitual lying and staging fake news stories.

  32. The CNN’s, MSNBC’s, ABC, CBS, Universal/NBC, etc don’t remember the meaning of TRUTH IN REPORTING..something they should be teaching future Journalism 101 students in colleges/universities around this country…otherwise? There will be chaos and anarchy and vigilante actions that even a country of OUR size may NOT be able to weather or recover from

  33. Stephen Griffith

    Well, well what ya know the media is it’s own worst enemy? Who would’ve thunk it? I guess what they say is true, “If you give “em enough rope they”ll hung themselves out to dry. Just goes to show ya can learn something new everyday.

  34. The press has slid into tabloidism, now masquerading as journalism. It’s the only way they can get ratings, and they belong in the checker isle at the grocery store.

  35. its about the MONEY,MONEY ,MONEY . they do not give a damn about anything but the MONEY ,money ,MONEY , they do not give a damn about the truth , its about the , MONEY , MONEY, MONEY , they don’t give a damn about the American people , its about the MONEY , MONEY ,MONEY . once more time its about the MONEY , MONEY , MONEY . opps ,not once , ONE .

  36. Well said. The media is their own worst enemy. They gave up reporting when they jumped on the Odambama wagon.

  37. Joseph R. Davis

    The media is FAKE, because Supreme Leader Trump SAYS it’s fake. Where have we heard THAT before? And the far-right keeps marching, and singing the praises of Comrade Donald Ivanovich.

  38. these “people” (democrats, leakers, slimestream news media) need to have SUBVERSION charges FILED ON THEM at the minimum, and maybe even TREASON charges.
    Back when I was in the US Army in 65 to 69, if you tried to have the President overthrown that was TREASON!

  39. the media is so far down that the only way they could come back is to fire every one and start all over again like what dillery said , ” at this point WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES DOES IT MAKE ” its like stupid is as stupid does ! !

  40. The hysterical liberals are the viewers keeping CNN, NBC and MSNBC afloat. These networks just tell them what they want to hear whether it is the truth or not. Same with the used to be respected NYT and W.P. newspapers.

  41. That’s what they get for scripting and censoring the news. There hasn’t been a legitimate mainstream media in this country in decades. So-called journalists are nothing more than tabloid reporters these days. Teleprompter buffoons.

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