The Atlantic Takes Aim at Concealed Carry

Though published on April 1st, there’s no indication that the ludicrous ramblings of The Atlantic’s column on concealed carry laws was meant as an April Fools’ joke. Nevertheless, the reasoning used by the columnist and his insistence that law-abiding permit holders pose a threat to society could only convince a fool that we should roll back our Second Amendment freedoms.

According to the liberal magazine, concealed-carriers put police officers in danger and lead us to a culture where we must “fear our armed neighbors.” Apparently, the columnist believes – as many anti-gun liberals do – that people can only be armed if the law gives them explicit permission to carry a weapon. That this is proven wrong on a daily basis is of no consequence. As long as we don’t know the guns are there, it doesn’t have the social ramifications these liberals so fear.

They fret that concealed carry laws put Americans in fear of saying the wrong thing or insulting the wrong person. After all, they could have a gun. Once again, though, they could have a gun whether or not the laws permit them to carry one. And while no one really wants to live in a world where you could be shot for insulting someone, maybe that tension could help us improve civility. Personally, the fact that loose gun laws might lead us to be more careful with our words…that’s not a social consequence I’m going to spend too much time crying about. And, judging from what I’ve seen, it’s not going to happen anyway.

What are you going to do, the columnist asks, “if you become a target for would-be George Zimmermans?” Hmm, well, I suppose I’ll refrain from physically attacking people and pounding their heads into the concrete. I don’t know if that will keep me safe from every would-be shooter, but it will definitely keep me from winding up in the unfortunate shoes of Trayvon Martin. If we’re going to cite specific cases, let’s be honest about the specific facts.

Finally, The Atlantic sneers at the NRA’s argument that Americans are responsible for their own personal safety. According to the columnist, the police response times in Aurora and Newtown prove that law enforcement can arrive on the scene with extraordinary speed. And indeed they can. They got to the movie theater in Colorado within 90 seconds and they got to Sandy Hook Elementary in three minutes. And yet, look how many people were maimed and killed during that miniscule window of opportunity.

Neither James Holmes nor Adam Lanza, by the way, were permit holders. Neither the Aurora theater nor Sandy Hook Elementary allowed guns on site. Still, somehow or another, these murderers managed to carry out their deeds. Strange how that works.


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  1. The anti-gun crowd must be lacking a Reality gene; they refuse to face the fact that a gun is a tool for hunting, sport, and defense in the hands of a legal gun owner, and a tool for crime in the hands of a felon, ex-con, gangbanger, or street thug. When guns themselves become illegal, the criminals will run wild and anarchy will reign supreme.
    However, 80 million legal owners of over 250 million guns aren’t about to give them up to any tyrannical government, Left, Right, or Center. These 80 million Americans are the first line of defense against any potential dictatorship. “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is freedom.”

    • “The anti-gun crowd must be lacking a Reality gene;”
      You have hit on the fact that the species “Liberal-us Progress-EVIL-us” is genetically inferior to the Human species in that they are unable to progress intellectually or emotionally beyond the development stage of an early-to-mid adolescent human child.
      Researchers have, in fact, recently discovered that this is due to a genetic disorder which retards the activation of the “reality” gene which happens in Humans during late adolescence.
      On the other hand, the Sheeple-People (the faithful followers of Liberal-us Progress-EVIL-us) have a genetic defect that stifles the “logic” gene. This disorder prevents them from being able to use the logic system that Humans have developed over the millennia that has served us so well, and instead must rely on “Liber-Logic”, the logic system used by early- to-mid adolescent humans and Liberal-us Progress-EVIL-us.
      If you have ever raised a human child through their adolescent development stage, you will immediately and completely comprehend the comparison.

    • Your estimates are way low

    • AIt matters not a whit to ME what the gun control nutwags or even the weak kneed pro gun supporters think, say or do, I will be ARMED AND DANGEROUS whenever and wherever you see me. If they passed a UNIVERSAL law banning concealed carry, I will be a frequent if not permanent violator if I have to be the only one on Earth.

      • Steven, you will not be the only one by a long shot. There are already hundreds of thousands of gun owners like you in Connecticut and Washington state who have refused to follow unconstitutional gun laws. Soon it will be nation wide.

      • You won’t be alone, pal…

      • Lemon indeed!

        • PLEASE don’t forget the “Armed and dangerous” part. That is the name and condition that I CHOSE for myself and is even more relevant than the name I was given by someone else.

    • That figure is actually more than 350,000,000 legal firearms in the hands of the citizenry of this country.

  2. Just another Liberal (demoncratic) rag and should be treated as such. People that are our to take your freedom will never change, because that is who they are. But, remember it is only your freedom they choose to eliminate,

    • ..You need to check out this Atlantic article. Its subtitle says this:

      ..”How do we reduce gun crime and Aurora-style mass shootings when Americans already own nearly 300 ….million firearms? Maybe by allowing more people to carry them.” ….

      • Yeah, you don’t insult someone carrying a Shotgun around, and if you dare do that????
        Then you have a mental deficiency.

        • It’s the asinine, swaggering, pseudo-macho bozos who carry their shotguns or assault-type weapons around in public, making a big show of their right to carry, who have a mental deficiency.

          • disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

            Asinine swaggering pseudo-macho bozos? You mean like the “Crips and the Bloods”?
            You might want to keep in mind that the term “assault rifle” was not an invention of the left, but rather a term from the mid 1950’s coined by surplus arms dealers to sell their inventory.

          • I used the term “assault-type rifle+ as a generality t. Such arms have been used by some of the mass murderers in the news the last few years. I purposely did not use the term “assault rifle,” since if I had done that, you gun information pedants would have launched your standard prissy schoolmarmish lecture concerning THAT term.

          • Then why didn’t you use this description:
            A big semi-automatic, black, scary-looking rifle that has a thingy on the end that goes up?
            You’re using Liber-Logic again, “head””

          • That’s all that they are, is terms. Meaningless terms.

          • Assault rifles and assault weapons are made up terms that mean absolutely nothing. AK-47s and the like are just semi-auto carbines… nothing special and nothing particularly deadly either.

          • Yeah, the 1-2% of idiots; the other 98% are no threat to anyone but the Leftist loonies running the government, who’s goal is to disarm the Republic. Ain’t gonna happen, bro; get over it!

          • Right on!

          • Careful pal………….your hoplophobia is showing

          • Surely, Sir. You jest!

      • What you misunderstand is that in numerous interviews with criminals,especially violent ones, their GREATEST FEAR IS NOT THE POLICE, IT IS AN ARMED PRIVATE CITIZEN; why, because they are so hard to identify and will surprise them and are far more dangerous to them. That is why more Concealed Carry Folks foating around in the general population have been shown to reduce crime and make areas where they are known to be safer by measurable amounts for everyone. The opposite has never been shown to be true unless it was criminals carrying guns which is impossible to control.

        • “Opposite has never been shown to be true”?
          Japan. Australia. You know – places where you can just drive to the next town where the guns are legal. Or instead just ask your gangbanger neighbor if he can hook you up.
          PROLIFERATION. Look it up.

          • You are only looking at GUN VIOLENCE, go back and look at ALL VIOLENT CRIME, and do it in Australia before and after the gun reclaimation was passed. Total violent crime in Australia has gone up significantly after the government collected the guns and I believe they are now either first or third in the world in VIOLENT crime among industrialized nations. The British are the other nation where violent crime is significantly increased after guns laws were passed. You cannot cherry pick by just looking at gun crime, you need to look at all similar crime which you did not. I do not have Japanese stats which are kept differently then ours and they are culturally different, so I cannot comment but I will look.

            Next time do not be a smart ass before you know what you are talking about. Incidently I noticed that you like to talk about the total costs of guns: how about subtracting all the lives and property saved that does not make it into the news. Somewhere close to 200,000 incidents are documented annually where armed citizes stop crimes of a violent or property nature which save lives, hospital costs, stolen property/insurance costs, and psychological damage to victims. These are real incidents and it is estimated that there are at least 5 to 8 times this many that are not reported because not harm occured.

          • Are you getting your info from a gun lobby site? Try these instead:



            It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a higher per capita rate of stabbings andor clubbings in Australia and other countries with proper firearm restrictions. Criminals and angry people gotta use something.

            But given the option, they will choose a gun. And surprisingly (to you) the result is far more likely to be a fatality. Get the point?

          • Where are the before and after stats and perhaps a trend line over 10 years where the gun law is in the middle showing all violent crime. That would show the increase. What you showed has no comparatives.

          • ONCE AGAIN NO DATA ON NON FIREARM DEATH AND VIOLENCE. In order to be objective ALL violence crime has to be considered. This report is a gin-graber report, not a VIOLENT CRIME REPORT. Where is the objectivity and comparative data. Its a great report about guns. Now lets look at clubs, knives and and out right assults. The other thing that was wrong is only LEGAL GUNS were taken away not illegal ones, so the illegal ones are still out there, and if memory serves, only about a third of the guns were actually turned in, which means the owners were automatically turned into felons, kind of like CONN & NY. Also counting suicides is stupide because the folks only find another way, alot of them hide it by using a car and hurt other people, I used to investigate accidents and some looked suspiciously like suicides.

          • The FBI breaks it down. Hammers and clubs are used to MURDER more people than all rifles.

          • Rifles a miniscule and when combined with shotguns including the sawed off ones barely make it over 2% last looked. The real kicker is the defensive use of firearms which the is documented to be at 150,000 plus positive instances at a minimum and the FBI says 900,000 to 3.5 million is the real number because just showning your gun in a holster is manytimes deterant enough. ipsd48 found that one.

          • Violent crime went up measurably in Australia after the collected the firearms. Go figure.

          • Exactly, I do not know how these folks think in such shallow terms; I am glad they are not engineers, they would kill alot of us with the lack of critical thinking skills and poor designs.

          • Do-gooders with too much time on their hands.

          • As the Libs would say, LOUDLY: Correlation is not causation. You can’t prove a thing!
            And then, “I didn’t do it! And even if I did, you can’t prove a thing and at this point Skippy, just what difference does it make?” — HRC
            And then, somebody does!
            They HATE it when that happens!

          • That’s very true. Australia and the UK are much more violent today, than 30 years ago.

          • I think that these are just phases that countries go through. In the U.S. today one state after another are loosening firearms regulations and that’s the way that things should be.

            I’ve been an operational firearms collector since I was in my early twenties. I have dozens; mostly ex-military; to maintain and to use at the range from time to time. It can be expensive. I’m 67 these days… an FFL holder. Started collecting in the 1960s when ex-military arms were $29.95 at K-Mart, no license needed.

            Then you’ve got whackos like dickG that don’t even know the heritage of their own country. Each to his own… helpless and hopeless.

          • I dont know. I didnt read the entire thing.

          • Criminal use of firearms has decreased by over 50% since 1980. America is a far less violent nation, except within the inner-cities. Even in the old west, more men died from falling off horses than by gunfire.

          • That follows a general trend, part of that trend could be attributed to a significant amount of laws passed enabling citizens to carry arms where they were unable to do so before, and changes in laws that allow citizens to defend themselves in ways they were questioned before. Many states did not have any type of castle doctrine or stand your ground, and worse yet a clear and defined self-defence statute.

            What the gun grabbers also fail to realize is how many defensive uses there are every year, FBI even estimates over a million.

            Both these factors most likelyare factors, but do not try and get the libs to admit it.

          • Take into account, as noted in small print by FBI stats, the high numbers of suicides….. include all deaths by Police Officers carrying out the duties assigned to them in protecting society from the Career Repeat Offenders.

            Weeding out those ‘stats’ takes a bit of time. How does society commit suicide in today’s AUS for instance? Clubbing oneself into death? hanging from the trees? Drowning oneself? Pillows? Poisons? Plastic bags? Stabbing oneself? Razor blades? Jumping from tall places? Vehicles? In Asian cultures of the past, the tradition was quite grizzly and prolonged, at least from what Shogun depicted.

            Baseball bats are illegal in many countries of Europe in an unrealistically feeble attempt to limit damage during all too common violent attacks onthe innocent….. and not so innocent.

            Knives are ‘supposedly’ illegal in much of Europe. LA Cal, among other communities, limits their size to less than 3″ blades… for safety.

            Sure… the ‘Culturally devoted’ gang bangers really adhere to that limitation, or Any restrictions imposed by idealists..

            If interested, we can discuss the Rwandan Genocide, where very few firearms were used by Hutu muslims to decimate the minority population of Christians over the five months of absolute chaos.

            Matter of fact. Firearms, specifically AK-47’s, were used by Tutsi expatriates from Uganda to restore order to the muslim perpetuated insanity ….prolonged by UN funding.

            Side note: Christians slaughtered alone throughout the middle east and Africa, now far exceed the Crusades numbers so touted by the liberal leftists political factions (currently sitting POTUS included) demonizing Christianity today.

          • I take it that your claim is that guns aren’t particularly effective weapons – that baseball bats, knives and such are pretty much just as good.

            And for suicide, anything will do just as well.

            Like all your friends here, you are attempting to deny the fact that guns work. If you want to kill someone, they are the best tool for the job.

          • Guns are very effective weapons. Particularly for women.
            God created men and women, Sam Colt made ’em equal!
            As for baseball bats, knives, etc,? well depends on the situation.
            Guns work! if they are kept “well regulated”.
            They are not necessarily the best tool to kill someone, but then why would you want to?
            The other substitutes can be equally sufficient and most often are.
            You forgot to includes feet and hands in your list of lethal weapons.

          • Didnt forget. They just arent part of the debate.

          • With people crying for a ban on “assault weapons” – rifles they forget that hammers and clubs are used to murder more people than are killed with all rifles.

          • No they are the best tools for defense of innocent life,My wife has no chance against a 250 lb. ex con with out her Glock.Are you really that bigoted?

          • The anti-gun mob uses every gunshot death as a sign of gun violence. When justified homicide stops a killer, it should not be counted in a manner that makes the reader think all GSW deaths are crimes. Many anti-rights people consider all self defense killings to be murder. Yet, we know better. We have been lied to for over 100 years about gun violence. Anti-rights people are simply too dumb to understand. Until roughly 300 years ago, the Bible advised people to NOT MURDER. The Ten Commandments permit killing in defense of others, self and community.

          • Crimes against persons is very high in Australia and the UK. Alcohol use is higher in both nations. If we discount the abnormal gun crimes in America’s inner-cities, we find that gun crime and violence is lower in small town and rural America. This was well documented on Kopel’s book from 1992. It has become more dangerous in Aust5ralia and UK, while American is having a 50% decrease in crime. Physical attacks using clubs and knives increase where the criminal has no fear of being shot. I know of one case where the suspect using a knife was attacking people and tried to kidnap a woman. The local businessman armed with a Walther PP 9mmk showed up and stopped him. When questioned by police he said, “I wanted the cops to get there because I know they wont hurt me. But that other guy is scary”. When thugs do not fear instant justice, they resort to excessive violence. Liverpool has the highest crimes against persons rate in the industrialized world.

          • My wife has no chance against a 250 lb. ex con with out her Glock.Get the point? If you think a gun less society is safe,watch the movie Brave Heart,,The brutal and strong rule and the weak are helpless against the strong.God made man,Col. Colt made man equal.

          • The ‘equalizer’ idea iz correct, but the consequence implied by it iz not.

            Colt made man more than equal. Your wife coud kill any number uv 250 pound ex-cons from 100 yardz away. Or any number uv honest law abiding citizenz. And the ex-con can do the same. So coud a 5 year old or a 95 year old Alzhiemerz victim.

            Your wife iz not safer on averaj by virtue uv everybody being able to own a gun.

          • You know nothing of any stats.Armed citizens kill and capture more felons than the police.We are also much less dangerous than the police to bystanders.You wish to live in a world where the ex-con can pick and choose from helpless victims.It wont be me or my family.The average American citizen has MORE right to keep and carry a gun than any cop soldier or politician,I know you look at that like a dog looking at a new bowl but WE HAVE OUR OWN AMENDMENT.Yes my wife is MUCH safer because she can use her gun safely,you however are not because you choose to be a sheeple,BAAAAA FOR ME.

          • I know nothing uv any stats?

            Youre living in a fantasy world created by the NRA.

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            I’ve heard that the incidents of crimes prevented by legally armed citizens could be as much as 10 times greater than the number you cited.

          • Correct, but I wanted to stick with documented facts for the fools, not the estimates that logic demands.

          • Well, if you go by FBI reports, they claim anywhere from 900,000 to 3.5 MILLION defensive uses of firearms every year

          • Try to get Holder to say that. I believe it because all most of the rable have to see is the little black clipps on your belt and they are gone.

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            Ok, I’ll agree that it is beneficial to stick to documented facts, but since many of these types of incidents result in no discharge of a firearm and the criminal act is thwarted, the incidents aren’t usually reported. I would be interested in seeing the source of the documentation to which you refer.

          • My number came from Lott’s Book, “More Guns Less Crime” and I was thinking I used a low number and he agreed with you the number was at least what you said. ‘ipsd48’ found an FBI report that estimated the number to be between 900,000 to 3.5 million defensive uses per year[see above], Holder must love that.
            John Lott estimated that for every 1% increase in gun ownership among our population there would be a net saving of $3.1 billion per year[table 5.7 under Vitims & Benefits].

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            Lott’s book was my frame of reference, too. Thanks for acknowledging his position on this issue. His research is probably the best resource for countering the lies of all of the anti-firearms arguments and lies pushed by government and the media.

          • To start with one subject at a time, the nation of Japan is a bit unified in one respect… Respect. They do not suffer the amount of adored ‘Diversity’ that the USA is presently ……enduring.

            Note that with extremely rare exceptions, the ‘culture’ of Japan is entirely Japanese. The morals are Japanese, the role models are Japanese, every aspect of life in Japan is Japanese and steeped in historic tradition.

            ‘Ferals’, now so common across the USA of ‘The Great Society’ today, are in such minority in Japan, as to be basically non existent. Nowhere near comparison to the at presently beleaguered Traditional Family of the USA of today, where less than 25% of US school children today live within a ‘Traditional Family’..

            Demographics of ‘productive oriented’ Japan are so diametrically opposed to the USA of today, that it is nowhere near a comparison. To compare Japan to the USA and not note a difference in the ‘Cultures’, their ‘Cultural’ behavior during natural calamities such as Katrina vs cataclysmic tsunamis, takes a special kind of naivete.

            The same naivete that failed to note, or even report in ‘the news’, the historic flooding of the Mississippi ‘Up river’, widespread flooding that failed to result in looting of entire communities (cultural differences). Flooding that failed to demand Marshall law to restore order (cultural differences), Flooding that did not require entire segments of society be disarmed by military forces (cultural differences)..

            Still want to compare ‘Cultures’? Still prefer to be helpless victims? Still prefer to rely on an omnipotent govt to protect life and family… every minute of every day? Good luck in that dream of utopia and unicorns.

          • OK. Makes sense. We hav alot of ‘range’ here compared to Japan. Cowboy wannabes, gangsta rappers, rogues, outcasts, general purpose antisocials, etc. We like to be independent, or at least feel like we are.

            So, with all these radicals, “it takes a special kind of naivete” to believe that it’s a great idea to toss an unlimited supply of lethal weapons into the mix.

          • Well JO, I have known, and considered as friends, members of all those groups (except the gangsta rappers. I hate rap.) plus some pretty hard-core bikers and never had a problem with any of them and some of them were always armed.
            There were, to be sure, some criminals amongst all of those groups. There were also numerous criminals amongst the three law enforcement agencies that serve my area who were always armed not only with guns, but with an attitude, if you know what I mean.

          • Interesting analogy to be sure. The same could be said of Honeybees, they are fully armed and potentially deadly to any living creature that is a perceived threat. Of course only the ‘Females’ carry the deadly weapons.

            The drones are only useful for reproduction, selective to say the least, few ever get to actually do the deed, and even then Only with the Queen. The drones are so feeble that they cannot even feed themselves and perish after their ‘dance of love’. Of course that suits many females fine in today’s culture.

            The weapons (very few firearms existed, due to the ruling Europeans concerned with ‘Safety’, before self government) thrown into the Rwandan ‘disagreement’, were funded by the United Nations… for agriculture… 31,000 Hutu muslim Machetes. Used for raping disarmed, helpless Tutsi females as priority ‘After’ gang rape of course. Mutilations of genitals was the preferred fun on each days assigned duty, complements of UN provided NPRTV as a daily ‘encouragement’.

            Include the finely detailed Census records provided by the Germans and Belgians, addresses of Every documented Tutsi Christian and it is easy to see the toll of an estimated one million Tutsi Christians and sympathizers at the end of the insane genocide.

            Reminder that the ‘Only’ end was by ‘Throwing weapons, Firearms into the melee’, Tutsi expats from Uganda. Order was restored ‘Only’ by the countless AK-47’s that returned, ‘Forced’ sanity. Absolutely Nothing else was effective.

            Weapons are a natural ingredient throughout human history. Arms, the stronger the better for early humanoids. Clubs, the strong arms swung the hardest hits.

            Spears and sharp dagger sticks of course were wielded by the strongest arms, the fastest reflexes. Swords of course required strong Arms for the historic conflicts that lasted for days, months, years, generations.

            Note: the ‘Bladed’ weaponry is the indisputable top weaponry throughout history. Well known for easily taking countless millions of lives and mutilations leaving permanent disfigurement.

            Bows naturally required strong Arms to pull the most devastating draw. As gunpowder came on the scene, the weapon of choice evolved into the…. ‘Fire’ Arm. The most effective ‘equalizer’ to this day.

            The weak and formerly defenseless, who were never able to survive through historical conflicts well documented, are enabled to sustain their own lives and protect their loved ones through simple deterrence and if need be, Neutralize the threat.

            To assume the weaponry of man’s history will somehow ‘devolve’ and return to one stage or another, bringing peace, is naive wishful at best.

            “There will be wars and rumors of wars”. Mankind is a predator by nature. Nothing on this earth will ever change human nature. It can only be slightly modified by ‘One power’, one belief, and that one is of personal choice.

            Until all of humanity on earth is convinced of peace, I and countless others on this planet will remain personal defense oriented, well Armed. Dictators including All bullies, do not appreciate that fact, that Choice, of survival….. for the proletariat.

          • Guns are essential equipment when living in uncivilized areas and war zones.

            I like to think we have a chance of taming America. Its nice to be able to walk around outside at night without fear of getting shot in the back.

          • ‘Uncivilized areas and war zones’…south side ‘gun free zone’ Chicago (exceeded US Mil Iraq count, when comparisons made) and of course notoriously ‘gun free’ Los Angeles (not to exclude other cities ‘famous’ for their overall crime) for many years now, fails to even recognize in the ‘news’ the numbers of bodies discovered each morning, the numbers of victims of every imaginable attack.

            Only recorded, are the Total stats…. for propaganda purposes. Of course the evil ‘GUN’ related attacks are sensationalized endlessly and repeatedly, to instigate a demand for ‘Safety’ by govt ‘Control’ …Over the people.

            Texas alone, added to the rest of the numerous states with CCW, has a great number of many tens/hundreds of thousands of ‘concealed carry’ certified Citizens, with no problem of ‘being shot in the back’ every time they go for a stroll, as imagined by the liberal leftist factions so anti-gun (society Control) indoctrinated.

            In the state of NM alone, we suffered several nationally noteworthy atrocities on defenseless, helpless law abiding citizens…. Before CCW was signed into law. last count I noted years back, was 70,000 CCW in a sparsely populated state of noteworthy poverty.The countless devastating individual attacks on the innocent…. before CCW,…. were not so well reported….nor sensationalized.

            Both NM governors (in addition to others) were/are currently CCW. Suzanna Martinez was formerly a prosecutor DA near the NM/Mexican border. She fully understands the immeasurable value in Every law abiding US Citizen being Armed.

            The count of certified CCW (one of the most law abiding demographics ever recorded btw) is steadily increasing, now in the many millions across the USA of today. Well armed law abiding Citizens are a definitely proven, effective crime Deterrent, Never a ‘crime’ accelerator, as many are mistakenly agenda led (by the nose) to believe.

          • Don’t confuse crime rates with shooting incident rates.

          • Now you are getting a grasp on the concept. Most fail to see any connection whatsoever, tending to ignore ‘crime’ and focus intently on only shootings…. politically Control agenda driven btw.

            To be shot is not any difference than in being violently, repeatedly stabbed. Or would you prefer, beat into a lifetime, mouth drooling vegetable, by a viciously swung hammer (very common so it seems, at least according to the more detailed FBI stats). Baseball bats, ‘specifically’ little league baseball bats… aluminum…. again if finely detailed stats are to be believed, seem to be quite adept at ‘mind altering’.

            Crime is crime, violent crime is extremely violent, affecting the unarmed, helpless recipient just as harshly as anything else used as a tool against their person.

            Added note: I still have a problem understanding the muslim Hutu ‘raping’ unarmed helpless Tutsi females……. with machetes.

            The gun i today’s society is no more than a ‘fire’ Arm extension similar to a series of powerful blows with any other weapon, well practiced fists included, kicking, stomping to the head. Bashing with a, always handy in ‘the projects’, cinder block or brick while a victim is down, is more common than one would assume.

            Using cinder blocks, several Feral kids enjoyed their spare time (they have lots of spare time) bashing in the skulls of homeless men sleeping in a vacant lot locally last year. Killed a couple, permanently maimed others. Oh well, kids will be be kids they say..

            Ask (unarmed and innocent) truck driver Reginald Denny about it… if he can still converse with any intelligence. He has never been gainfully employed since the little ‘difference of opinion’ in south L.A. Cal.

            Note: When I drove trucks, I among the majority of my peers, was always armed. I and they would have Never become a victim, such as Reginald Denny. There would have been a far more ‘fair and equal’ outcome, if Reggie only had a Glock 19 and two spare magazines on his belt.

            The overall Crime totals tell the story. Many are clamoring to disarm the police after ‘news’ reports? Now that’s an interesting concept still circulating. After all, they do a great portion of the shootings, all recorded as ‘gun’ related of course.

            G.B. tried it, London ‘bobbys’ went ‘gun free’ for a while. Didn’t work, was a disaster. People are people and violence is human nature… of predators. Homo Sapiens are the historic ‘top’ predators. They didn’t get that way by being subservient, accepting of violence.

          • A few comments:

            You are still ignoring the fact that the bad guys have as much access to guns as the ‘good guys’ and a large percentage of shootings are not perpetrated by criminals.

            Yes, I’d rather get shot dead than beaten to death, but thats assuming the outcome. I’d much rather confront an attacker armed with a bat, knife or etc because I’d have a much better chance of winning. And gun shots arent always fatal. there are about 10x more injuries per year than deaths, including permanent brain damage.

            Your perception of the situation in England may be faulty.

          • My ‘perception’ is from associates that are British ‘subjects’ that must return periodically to their home country and families. Others, family members that have been stationed in England for extended periods working on financial projects, voiced similar opinions. In other words, unless you live and work in some area for extended periods, it is hard to accept stats as reported.

            One interesting observation from both viewpoints, is the overall comparison to the lifestyle available across the ‘entire’ USA. Comparitive Poverty is acknowledged as a way of life in England. In other words they accept it as ‘the way it is’. Partly due to the system of taxation that punishes anyone that earns more than others. Sound like a familiar desired concept, believed in by many within these United States of the present?

            As far as crime, both sources repeatedly mentioned many places (in spite of miilions of cameras documenting everything) that they Never visited, many other areas limited to daylight hours. There were no alternatives, seeing as they were rendered defenseless by the govt, they either went, faced random dangers, or stayed away, ….the wiser choice.

            The fact that if attacked… a law in much of Europe, one Must flee their own domain, is totally unacceptable to myself and my peers. Have it that way if you desire. Enjoy the ‘safety’ warm fuzzy helplessness. just do not attempt to convince us to follow that mantra of self, or govt imposed….. victimology.

            You can enjoy life as a perpetual victim if you so desire. We have no problem with that, The USA is still a Constitutionally guaranteed, Freedom based country of ‘Citizens’ (not ‘Subjects’ as in England), you can have your own choice. Isn’t that nice?.

            Myself and others in this historically unpredictable world, will remain very competently well armed. We universally despise helplessness. Our choice behooves well, our safety formula for longevity. ……

            Good ‘Luck’ with your personal decision btw. It has apparently been well programmed into your deepest neuron synapses.

            “It is far better to have a gun and never need one, than not have a gun and desperately need one”. Ask any Rwandan Tutsi Christians…Any that survived.

          • I heard that 1st in AVP. “I’d rather have a gun & not need it than need a gun & not have it.” Sound lojik. Almost unrefutable.

            The problem is that the stats dont support it. Certainly particular situations can & do arise in which a gun saves someones life, but usually, they are a liability and a risk.

          • That’s because you think in the “Collective”, JO.
            When my life or the life of a loved one or friend, I have ME and whatever’s available to me.
            At least 6 times in my life so far (and I have a ways to go yet), I’ve personally been glad I had a gun WHEN I NEEDED IT, and it was okay that I had gun EVERYTIME when I didn’t need it.
            So JO, you stick with your stats and try to protect your family with them.
            As for me, I’ll stick with my little belly gun or better.

          • Do you live in a bad area? A better strategy is to not live somewhere dangerous.

            Thinking in the collective is part of being a member of a civilization. You have to realize that your decisions and actions can have consequences beyond your own personal interests. There are all sorts of things that are not compatible with a civilized society – all sorts of weapons, hazardous substances, unhealthy activities. Alot of them have been preemptively outlawed, thankfully.

            Guns should have been. Some nations made the rite decision early, some learned the hard way. The US is apparently unable to learn at all.

          • “not live somewhere dangerous”
            Here’s an idea, tell us about YOUR safe, gun free zone so the bad guys can come to YOUR neighborhood and us gun owners wouldn’t need our guns.

          • Yeah, It’s a jungle out there.
            So you aren’t concerned about the people that live in a bad area. So much for your “collective”. Kind of elitist of you, isn’t It JO?
            At least give the people who do live in a “bad” area a chance to clean it up. And the people who live in a nice area, a chance to keep it that way.
            My personal interests are somewhat important to me. Like keeping MY stuff. Being able to walk to the 7-11 at night and return without finding someone ransacking my house or waiting on the front porch to beat the $hit out of me. Knowing that my kids are safe on the street

          • You credit your safety to the proliferation of guns. ‘Everybody has guns so the bad guys will disappear’.

            Trying to associate communistic ideas with gun control is rediculous.

          • “You credit your safety to the proliferation of guns.”
            Nope! I credit MY safety to the fact that I have a gun.
            That you prefer to throw statistics at criminals in an attempt to defend yourself, is your business.
            “Trying to associate communistic ideas with gun control is ridiculous.”.
            Did I do that? Surely JO, you jest!

          • Certainly you must realize that you don’t get to be the only person with a gun. So, unless someone comes up with a way to make it impossible for people with bad intentions from firing a gun, they are simply an escalation above less effective weapons.

          • “A better strategy is to not live somewhere dangerous.” Absolutely true! A policy I have practiced my entire life. There, but for the grace of being in the 1%, go I. What care should we of the White Privileged Enlightened class give to women, elderly and infirm doomed by poverty to living in the inner city? I.e., those bankrupt precincts governed by Democrats where the police will arrive in an hour or two.
            Oh, by the way, my odds are highly favorable; but not 0%. In a small Minnesota town (not far from where I grew up) a young girl was brutally murdered in her home by an illegal immigrant. A high-school student was discovered cooking up bombs in a rental storage unit.

          • My personal ‘stat’ is irrefutable. I am here today after an serious attempt on my life, by desperate transients in a remote location, I am alive to enjoy the internet due to Only one factor.,…. I had a Gun.

            Gary and Linda Hass of Oklahoma, chose to not ‘carry’ their guns on their person, trusting in ‘the Govt police’ to protect them as they traveled the I-40 (that pesky old ‘choice’ thing). In the final judgement, they were not so lucky…. to say the least.

            Enjoy the ambiance of feeling safe as you go about your daily life. The bad boys (most are males) never really know, who has one and who doesn’t, in our reality based world.

            In your planned utopia, they are always confident in the knowledge that a very slim probability indeed, exists for a person having the ability to defend themselves .. Like I say, Enjoy it, like Gary and Linda, it is your choice.

            Hasta La Bye Bye my friend. Live life carefully. Prepare yourself for eternity. You never are sure when life will end and eternity (a really long time) will begin.

          • 2 factors: You had a gun and were lucky. Think about how the situation could have turned out.

            My planned utopia?! HA! Dude, we are half way to Idiocracy and I think theres no stopping it now.

          • Six times in my life, JO, I was “lucky”.
            And I shudder to think how the situation could have turned out had I not had a gun.

          • Tell us more. A general ‘I had a gun, so I won’ statement isn’t very persuasive.

          • It was pretty persuasive on those days!
            And, the details are only interesting to a voyeur.
            Do you peek in bedroom windows at night too, JO?

          • “. . . a large percentage of shootings are not perpetrated by criminals.” What is the citation for this obvious nonsense?

          • Sissy…

          • Yes! Exactly!! Just like Nazi Germany. Or Stalinist Russia; or North Korea.

          • It must be terrible to live every day of your life in fear of your neighbors.

          • You’re beating a dead horse. The crooks and gangbangers already have all of the firearms that they need or want. If they were to come too close to my house, they wouldn’t live that long. I am always armed and am well practiced. I’ve been that way since I was eighteen and I’m 67 now.

            You probably shouldn’t talk so much about something that you know so little about.

          • The word is ‘proliferation’. At some level of proliferation, the bad guys will need to adjust their strategy, simply assuming every intended victim is armed. Then what will you use as a deterent?

        • There’s good cause for that specific fear: I once read a comment by a Coroner complaining that he wasn’t allowed to list the most common cause of death among those miscreantas who died while involved in a criminal act: “poor victim selection.”

          • That would be a good one to send to one of those ARMED CITIZEN COLUMNS. Those guys have nasty senses of humor, but who’s listening.

      • James Moe Morency

        that is an article from 2012, they obviously have changed their view, or have had it changed for them. Hmm.

        • I did not really know that this was an article from 2012. Thanks very much for this informing information. But, the principles and truth of my initial response still holds true in 2015. Thanks again.

      • The way you stop mass shootings is to eliminate “gun free zones” from existence!! All a gun free zone does is make it and everyone in it a target for the non law abiding citizens!!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Oh no! Headinhisass again… TROLL ALERT! TROLL ALERT!!!


  4. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    I simply admire how the right loves to expose their ignorance. They keep insisting gun owners are law abiding citizens and children keep getting their hands on guns and killing other children. Have these children found Al Capone;s stash of weapons? Nope they keep getting these guns from those law abiding irresponsible gun owners

    • Idiot…..

      • not only that waymond is a communist loving coward…

        • All the idiot libs want to take on the kings agenda and disarm the American public. I’ll bet most of the anti gun NUTS have a weapon or two hidden away….if they don’t may God have mercy on their idiot souls!

    • You insist on lumping all gun owners together? The overwhelming huge majority of American gun owners are very responsible. Not only that, they demonstrate a very high degree of restraint when they finally have to draw a weapon, mostly not shooting the perp but merely discouraging them by a show of potential force. Go craw back in the hole you emerged from!

      • Good for you; I carried a handgun on a cross-country camping trip with my family, the year a felon was shooting up people in campgrounds around the West. On our return, I sold the gun and never owned one again until the kids were adults, and out of the house.

    • Newsflash kids get their hands on Drano, pesticides, knives, electrical outlets, pans on stoves, etc. In other words it is the parents & adults who are responsible to keep kids safe. The kids least likely to do something stupid are the ones that are taught from a very young age the dangers & appropriate way to handle a gun. My youngest daughter took lessons from a retired military guy how to fire a long gun. She was very good. In her 20’s she paid to take an 8 hour class on guns & got a permit to carry. She couldn’t afford to pay for the permit, though. My husband has been around guns his whole life. He doesn’t hunt. He couldn’t kill an animal but occasionally he & my daughter would go target shooting. They rarely go because it’s too expensive. My husband knows everything
      about guns & is extremely careful. We have nobody else in the house but us. I don’t shoot at all. I have terrible hand/eye coordnation. I used to be for gun control when

    • The left is always screaming how evry life is precious and my heart goes out for the loss every time a child is hurt or killed because someone didn’t secure their weapon properly. BUT, what about all the lives that are saved ( inculding and especially children ) because of private gun ownership in general and concealed carry in particularr. Aren’t their lives as precious? No law is perfect and there is always the the chance that someone will pervert things for everyone else. That does not mean all should be denied the opportunity for self preservation or to protect someone else. Except if your a moron who writes for The Atlantic.

      • jmac and grey there is always a huge number of people like
        Raymond J Ambrozaitis who get all the news they need to make their little minds up just by reading the headlines on the news papers and sound bites on tv. the very rarely open the paper or listen to entire broadcasts to hear the small print news buried in the back pages and limited to a 1/2 column inch

    • Vastly more children die from Prescription medicine, household cleaners, commonly found chemicals in garages, and the family pet than guns; an irrespnsible parent will find a way to put their children in danger no matter what, guns are about the least of the problem. Bicycles, canoes, and swimming pools are by far the most dangerous activity areas for children would you suggest banning them; ridining in an auto also is one of the most dangerous things a child can do. Lets look at Children under 10 for 2006: 31 deaths from gun accidents; 1305 car accidents plus 392 hit by cars; 651 drowning; 348 burn fires /burns; and over a 100 died in the bathtub. Should we ban bathtubs, bikes, and not let the kiddies go in the car, not likely. Most all of this boils down to PARENNTAL AWARENESS.

      Now let’s hit the real deal; over 150,000 incidents are recorded every year where in house or carried weapons prevent violent crimes and save lives, And if you elininate negligence on the part of parents there is no problem.

    • Is that what happened to Antonio West, the 13 month old executed in his stroller because the mother was broke by an animal who doesn t deserve another breath? We will defend ourselves, period against anyone.

    • Al Capone has nothing on the collection of firearms inside the average home here in our very rural county in the Arizona mountains.

      Given that Arizona has had Constitutional Open Carry since before statehood in 1912, and given that Arizona has not required a permit to carry Concealed since 2010, and given that our County Seat is also home to J&G Sales (the largest firearms dealer in Arizona), and given that J&G has been equipping our county’s Citizens with all manner of scary black rifles, full-capacity magazines, and crates full of military surplus ammunition for decades, it must be some kind of miracle that any of our county’s children are still alive.

      The facts, however, must seem startling to the average Leftist Whackadoodle. Despite our living in what is arguably the most well-armed county in America, there have been ZERO accidental child firearm fatalities in our county for the past ten years.

      Even more amazing, there were ZERO child firearm fatalities, accidental or otherwise, for 2012 in the *entire state* of Arizona! This MUST be some kind of miracle, according to the Leftist Whackadoodles.

      But, Leftists don’t believe in miracles, and Leftists are uncomfortable
      with facts, so they just to simply ignore that which does not
      fit into their Whackadoodle agenda.

      And all of this is in spite of the fact that firearms sales have gone up, up, up ever since the day after The Zero got elected in 2008.

      Ammunition was just starting to re-appear on the store shelves and stay there for more than a couple of minutes and The Zero had to have the ATF threaten our ammunition supply earlier this year. As a result of his brilliant salesmanship, ammo sales have never been higher in our county. They just cannot keep the stuff on the store shelves, it just flies off as soon as it gets re-stocked. There is now even *more* ammunition being stored in the homes of our county’s Citizens. Way to go, douchebags.

      I suppose that it’s a good thing that most Patriots in our county have been buying ammo by the crate full from J&G for several decades, and storing it away for the bad times ahead. There just isn’t any room left in our spare bedroom closet anymore. Ammo cans are stacked all the way to the top. So I have had to stop buying ammunition until I can clear room for some more ammo cans in another bedroom closet. 😀

      Despite firearms being nearly ubiquitous across our county, we have had ZERO accidental child firearm fatalities for the past ten years. Since the Leftist Whackadoodles are unable to fathom that, much less explain it, they choose to simply ignore it .

      Just like they ignore the rest of Reality.

    • disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

      ray you are the dumbest jackhole and you have that mental disese that all the sewage feces the demonrats have totally nuts, you and oblowme and holder and piglioosi and stupid reid ewww you all are sick!!

      • It seems Ray is a member of the sub-species, The Sheeple-People. The Sheeple People will believe ANYTHING their masters, Liberal-us Progress-EVIL-us tell them, and will spew that line until the day they die. Nothing will dissuade them.

        • It’s common knowledge that brainwashing works, and requires intensive deprogramming to repair the faulty mental state.
          The Left and their leftist media have been promoting the same socialist/Marxist propaganda for decades, thus the 53% or so of gullible Americans who have no grasp of political truth. The Leftists know that saying something often enough eventually becomes Truth to the IQ-challenged, and back it up with a monthly check! The US may be doomed as a Republic, IMHO/

    • Part of that is way is reported is children gun death. I think any child up to the age of 21 is counted, for sure any child to the age of 18. This include gang related shooting. When I had children at home I never left my gun out when I wasn’t there.

      After all my children were grown, I started to leave my pistol on the head of the bed, until I came home and it was out of the hostler in the middle of the bed. One of the cats liked the non-slip hostler. People don’t kill people, cats do.

      • My dog would never mess with my gun; he knows better. The only thing cats know is, how to get into trouble!

    • So is it your wife who protects your home???

    • Point taken, but most gun owners with common sense keep their firearms locked up and/or away from the reach of their children. They also educate their kids in the dangers of guns in the home. None of this was necessary back in the 30s and 40s; a rifle was commonly propped in a corner, or behind a door. Still are, in US rural and farm areas. Handguns were in a drawer somewhere in the house, or under the bed. This Brave New World is much different, though.

  5. James Moe Morency

    Every proven metric show you are more likely to be illegally shot by a cop than by a person with a conceal carry permit. Remarkably fast response time? But look how many got killed in that remarkably short time? My protection is my responsibility, and by taking that responsibility, others are safer as well.

    • Out here in the very rural Arizona mountains, “response time” from the Sheriff’s Office can vary from 45 to 90 minutes, sometimes longer.

      Needless to say, dialing “911” is not the first thing that comes to mind when we have an issue with a threat to our safety, life, limb, or property. The first thing that comes to mind is me wondering if I really want to take the time afterwards to have to dig another fracking hole in the ground.

      Since cell phones rarely work out at our house, and since we elected *not* to have a landline phone installed, dialing 911 isn’t even an option for us. We not only do not have the inclination to dial 911, we don’t even have the *ability* to do so.

      We have adopted a protective posture that we are always ready to defend ourselves and to protect each other and our families and property regardless of who might threaten those. If anyone chooses to drive all the way down our very rural, very private drive, far from the view of the paved road or any of our neighbors, they had better mind their manners or they will find that they have driven a very long way for a very short end.

      Anyone who objects to that stance should read the signage very carefully at the entrance to our property and then start making choices that they can live with.

      Even our County Sheriff has recognized the fact that our county is very likely the most well-armed county in America. Given that our County Seat is also home to J&G Sales, the largest firearms dealer in Arizona, that was not much of a leap for him to make. J&G has been equipping our county’s Citizens with all manner of scary black rifles, full-capacity magazines, and crates full of military surplus ammunition for decades before he got elected.

      As a result, County Sheriffs Deputies are, for the most part, very cordial and respectful whenever they are interacting with rural folks in our county.

      If they fail to do that, then the Sheriff is absolutely going to hear about it.

      Peace reigns in our little valley. The worst thing that has happened in our county in the past seven years was a family of miscreants from out-of-state brought rocks to a gunfight with the town cops at our local Wal-Mart last month. In the melee, one of them grabbed an officer’s gun and it was “OK Corral” all at once. One dead bad guy, one in Critical Condition, one cop shot in the leg, and seven other Whackadoodles locked up for a very, very long time.

      That happened in town, not out here in the boonies, so our record of peaceful living in the rural parts of our county remains intact. Those towns and cities seem to attract the worst kinds of Whackadoodles.

      So, whenever we *must* go to town, for any reason, both myself and my wife will be carrying our sidearms. Constitutional Open Carry has been the law in Arizona since before statehood in 1912. Concealed Carry has not required a permit since 2010. We both carry either Open or Concealed, sometimes both at the same time.

      Anyone who does not like that needs to stay the hell out of Arizona.

      • You express the sentiment of a lot of us red blooded American’s, no matter where in the country that we live. Bravo!

      • My family & I live in Northern California. When Reagan was governor it was much different than it is now with Jerry Brown governor, Karmela Harris his wife attorney general and liberals abound.
        If some thug is stupid enough to break in and I shoot him the legal system looks at me as the bad guy so with that said I better know and follow the law when I protect myself.

        • Only in the land of a guy named “Moombeam”, and his Unicorns!

        • Clay Fitzgerald

          Perhaps you just need to do what it takes to protect yourself and family, then just bury the evidence as deep as possible.

        • You ungrateful wretches don’t appreciate good government. Brown and Harris have shown exemplary leadership, he by turning around the state’s dire economic situation and she by shutting down predatory scam artists.

          • Spoken like a true Calif. liberal. How’s the crime control in the ‘hoods working out for Jerry & Co.? LOL

          • Hopefully, when your dream team or leaders are through turning the place into Detroit West, and the everyone with a corporate fortune gets through moving to Arizona and Texas and your tax base is depleated you will not come whining to the rest of us for a bail out; and could give rat’s tush if you joined Mexico. Oh yeah we would keep the Colorado River water for us. For god sake even Bill Mare Complained about his taxes…WOW.

          • Hey, why don’t you join up with the nutjobs in Texas who are pushing for succession of that state? Maybe you could get Todd Palin as an adviser, since he (Nutty Sarah’s hubby) has been associated with secessionist causes in Alaska. In any case, when some wingnut like you starts delving into secessionist subject matter, it is time to conclude that you have surely gone round the bend. Be on the alert for the guys in white coats.

          • David Fitzgibbon

            “why don’t you join up with the nutjobs in Texas who are pushing for succession of that state?”
            Good idea, we could use it for a nuclear test site!

          • I’d rather bug ignorant nutjobs like you who can’t even spell secession correctly.

          • David Fitzgibbon

            ” could give rat’s tush if you joined Mexico.”
            I wonder if there are any Mexicans left there? Most of them migrate to our northern farmland for harvest jobs, then stay there!

          • There is much need for improvement though. Check the wil d and wooley AB’s and SB’s their either pushing through or that have signed into law. One most notable that they are trying to push through is “Smart Guns”.

        • I live in Riverside County, which takes a better view of firearms than LA, SF, or Sacramento. Much of the rest of Calif. is progun, IMHO.

        • Such are the perils of living in a Socialist state like Kalifornica.

          I lived there myself at one time. I resolved those same issues by moving the hell out of there. First to Texas, and then to Arizona. I cannot imagine ever going back to that crazy state.

          When I look at my life now, as a Citizen of Arizona, compared to my former life as a Subject of Kalifornica, there is no comparison. LIfe is ten thousand times better here than it ever was “over there”.

          Kalifornica is doomed. Get out while you still can.

      • Great post; and I hope to move to Prescott or Payson in the future, where people have a normal and healthy regard for firearms in the hands of honest Americans!

      • David Fitzgibbon

        “Out here in the very rural Arizona mountains, “response time” from the Sheriff’s Office can vary from 45 to 90 minutes, sometimes longer.”

        .I agree, I lived in Payson for five years and it seemed like everyone had a holster on their belt! But there weren’t many jobs either, so I returned to Michigan But you didn’t see much crime! They even carried
        a gun into church!

        • David Fitzgibbon

          I built a house there on East Ridge lane, I think it’s still there.
          From our back porch it was a hundred foot drop to the next street!

        • “Not many jobs” depends upon what you are looking for.

          There are plenty of customer service, restaurant, retail, and other service jobs that go begging in Sedona and Cottonwood, mostly because they don’t pay much. Sedona is a tourist town, so there’s more jobs in the summer.

          I have worked three different work-from-home jobs that pay better than any of the brick-and-mortar businesses jobs here, but if you know how to do the work, there is a lot more of that available now than there was just five years ago.

          I actually enjoy my current work-from-home job. I am able to keep an eye on our retreat property by working from it six days per week. One day every weekend, my wife and I spend our time planting our multiple vegetable gardens.

          Getting ready for the coming economic collapse and The Zero’s attendant war on the Citizens as part of his “Marxist Makeover” of America is why we moved up into a very rural part of the Arizona mountains. Being able to work from home, and stay focused on our preparations, has been a real “force multiplier” for us.

          Buy More Λmmo. Doing so is the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, America.

    • That’s becuase the cops have city insurance and immunity unless total negligence can be proven[difficult], and the rest of us do not; plus we practice more.

      • Many LEO feel a bit obligated to “protect and to serve” and may choose to be in harm’s way to save a victim. However, they are not duty bound, legally required, morally obligated or under police SOPs required to risk life and limb under any circumstance. To trust only in police protection is foolish.

  6. Doug5049 comment
    on TH, 4/23/14
    The only gun law that ever actually reduced crime was passed
    in Kennesaw, GA in 1980. That law REQUIRED a gun in every home. Every category
    of crime dropped by statistically significant amounts the year after it was
    passed, and home break-ins dropped the most (Gee, I wonder why?). In the 3+
    decades since it was passed, crime rates have remained lower than before the
    law was passed, despite a tripling of the population. There have been exactly
    ZERO gun accidents involving children, There has been ONE gun-related murder.
    Alcohol was involved (Go figure!)

    My mistake. It was 1982, not 1980. Currently, Kennesaw’s
    violent crime rate is 86% lower than the national average, and its property
    crime rate is 46% lower than the national average.

    Any terrible accident like this has wings, because of those
    queer for gun control.No worry about kids never even getting their intro to
    life, because of abortion. No worry about pretty blond women, like that mom,
    being killed because they had no defense against abduction or the gun wielding
    perp. Several such have been in the news in the last Month or so.

    Facts and statistics matter to thinkers.

    • A quote lifted from TH opinions, and one I value, even while the whole thing may not make perfect sense to the new reader. This may have followed the Sandy school massacre, and I wish some teacher had had a gun on that day.

      • While not popular sentiment, and quite unbelievable to many, there seems to be a lot of evidence that casts serious doubt on Sandy Hook actually occurring. It is highly likely that it was a FEMA drill that was used to “create” the scenario we were fed.

    • My city and the one adjacent is in the top 20 safest in the US. Both are governed by Republican mayors and boards. The cities to the north are Demo controlled, and report high assault, armed robbery, and drug-related crime rates; police reports in the daily and weekly newspapers confirm this.

  7. This had to be an April Fools Joke, Because The Atlantic Is The Biggest Fool At Last.


    • The Jews I am aquainted with that know their real history are armed to the teeth, since they know that was the first thing Hitler did to insure they could not defend themselves, I have no ideas what the rest are thinking.

      • I totally agree! I have relatives that refuse to speak to me because I think obama is a major POS! I lost a longtime friendship (in 2008) over the same thing.

        • Well if you lost a longtime friendship they were not your friend to start with.

          • Maybe… you could be right. It took two tragedies to bring us together… but the friendship was gone.

        • I have found that the most mind blowing thing you can do, is to say to someone ‘Wow did I screw up!’ I did it to an Executive VP of a Fortune 500 company one time and he never doubted anything I ever said after that and no one could figure out why! Instant credibility, because people know you are intellectually honest.

          I can never figure out why people cannot admit they are wrong, especially when it makes them look so foolish.

          • Screwed up? About what? Was it about voting for Obama? That’s something that I’ll never have to own up to, even living up here in the mountains of northeastern California. I did my part. I voted republican both times that he was elected. Might as well have been peeing against the wind, though.

          • In CA, You got it. What blows my mind is anytime you get outside of LA of SF the crowd seems to be mostly conservative, but the voting is sooooo liberally lopsided.

          • You got that right. The city populations outnumber the rest of us and all of the electoral college votes always go to the democrats.

      • Did you know if the Muslim ever take over America the Jews that want to take are guns away and the queers will all be killed so they are only hurting them selfs.

      • So true. Does anyone recall when the streets of Israel were often scenes of violent bloodshed caused by violence prone killers, muslims attacking Jews walking with their families? That period of time, early in it’s independence, occurred when Israel was made ‘Gun Free’ for safety (except for ‘special’ people) by well meaning idealists.

        The realist fact quickly followed, that every Jew that had the resolve to survive, began ‘packing heat’. It only took a few instances to convince the muslims on the streets of Israel, that it was rapidly becoming a bad idea to attack the Jews that were ‘packing’.

        The armed Jew today is the well prepared, well educated in reality Jew. The IDF trains students….. and they ‘Carry’ during class. A safe school in Israel is a well armed school. Reality is a harsh teacher. The Liberals, Jews or whomever else adores helplessness, like a child, depending on govt to protect them, are lacking in the ‘reality’ part of their immature genetics. Reason that ‘Liberalism is a mental disorder’ fact now proven.

    • Not ALL arab!

    • David G. Bradley (born 1953)[1] is the owner of the Atlantic Media Company, which publishes several prominent news magazines and services including The Atlantic, National Journal, The Hotline and Government Executive.[2] Before his career as a publisher, Bradley founded the Advisory Board Company and Corporate Executive Board, two Washington-based consulting companies.

      Bradley was born in Washington, D.C.[3] and attended the Sidwell Friends School. His parents were devout Christian Scientists.

      No where does it show that David Bradley is a Jewish convert….. which makes this newspaper NOT a “Jewish rag.”

      • Sniveling ant–Semitic dingbats like arab are very predictable in their inclination to blame the miseries of thee world on Jews. arab probably believes that asinine lying document, “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, is the real thing. You can not rehabilitate these kinds of deadheads.

    • You need to check out this Atlantic article. Its subtitle says this:

      “How do we reduce gun crime and Aurora-style mass shootings when Americans already own nearly 300 million firearms? Maybe by allowing more people to carry them.”….

    • I’m a life member of the NRA.

      • I am as well, also I carry all the time, the places that are not legal to carry I do not go. I have insurance through the NRA to pay legal fees and bail bond if I am involved in a shooting event. The best peace of mind for the money I ever spent.

        • Is that your dog in that picture nice rott had one best dog I ever had going to get be another one very soon.

          • Yes, that is my little buddy there, constant companion hardly ever leaves my side.

          • I love those dogs they are truly the best dog around and I love so much.

          • Animals are cheaper than going to psychiatrist, and the advice they give is the same.

          • You know when you have to put him away you will cry like a baby I know I did on every dog I had to put down and when I die the all will come with me to the grave.

          • I know just what you are saying, had a pair male and female that both passed within 6 months. She had cancer and he had hip problems/arthritis really bad, he was huge. I could no longer stand to see him suffer and nothing we could do helped, hardest decision in my life having him put down. That was 12 years or longer ago, he is 8 YO now and he is showing his age.

    • Lefthandedcigs1

      They do not want to suffer repercussions for the dirty things they do to us!

    • Perhaps because they have seen way too much violence for any one race… For any one… And they just want a more peaceful world. One can hope for peace… It is not something to be ashamed of.

    • I rarely say anything mean around here and dont want to sound mean now… But Your anger towards an entire people despite individual variations … combines with the likelihood that you are packing… And there you have your answer. Jews are likely afraid of poeple who think like you.

  9. Holmes and Lanza have mental condition that should keep them from getting anything less than a frontal lobotomy!!

  10. When I was a boy in Oklahoma in the 1940s and 1950s no boy, nor no man, let his speech go ungoverned lest he get a punch in the nose and worse.

  11. If you ask the police they will tell you that you are responsible for your own safety!!

    • That should also be self-evident since only you can be present in your life at all times!

    • Except in large, liberal cities where most of the cops and prosecutors have been schooled to be anti gun regardless of personal belief.

      • Even in most cities, 90% of cops favor cc by legal citizens without a criminal record. They know that one day they may need said citizen to help them out when backup hasn’t arrived yet.

        • Mostly they are helpful,but depending on the situation they loose control as it gets more political. You will usually prevail, it just gets more costly. The political wisdom in these cities is that the cops have first dibs on the criminals not you. I live about 50 miles south of such a city, it our small city they generally take you to the Grand Jury to build a case for you not against you in obvious self defense/protection situations.

          • Even justified often results in a great expense. $20,000 in legal fees was the recent cost for a fatal self defense incident against a violence prone attacker (ex prison guard) in NM. Media twisted the facts so badly that the defender (witness to a burglary) was ‘assumed’ to be the main problem. The public was naively led to believe that the defender (ex military police officer) should have just went on his way, ignored the situation and all would be well with the world.

          • Exactly.

          • Similar here, and I have a number of higher ranking cop friends, active or retired.

    • Re.: R.D. Wylie,
      FINALLY! Somebody sees the real truth. Yes, that is precisely what EVERY cop I know will quickly tell you!

    • You’ll right the police will tell that and I have a sign in my front yard that says we don’t call 911.

  12. Francisco Machado

    Has the Atlantic taken a position on the DOJ/ATF orchestrating the sale of thousands of guns to known criminals yet? I’m sure, given their position on the hazards of legally owned and carried guns, that there must have been some fiery articles on the failure of the government to prosecute violations of illegal gun possession in the commission of crimes, and I’m sure they must have condemned Operation Fast and Furious and on the criminals in Government responsible, demanding their removal and prosecution. Do they have any interesting articles on possession of nuclear weapons by homicidal/suicidal Middle Eastern governments? A suggestion that might go a long way toward alleviating their fear of another Zimmerman: Stop attacking people and beating their heads against the concrete. The probability Martin would have been shot otherwise cannot be calculated, but based on the frequency statistics on Zimmerman shooting people, I’d say it was vanishingly small.

  13. GEE,over 110,000,000 MILLION guns, here in America,havent killed ANYONE in MANY,MANY YEARS, ITS NOT the guns,its the THUG holding one,you have to worry about…

    • The big problem here is the word ” permit ” . They have a list of who you are, where you live and what guns you have . Here in NY, gov. Cuomo put a pile of money in the new state budget to enforce his unpopular
      ” safe act ” . 900 pages and gave the assembly less than an hour to read it and vote on it . Needless to say his lackeys passed it . You can imagine what comes next . By the way, Ted Nugent was asked to attend and support the protest against the ” safe act ” but he didn’t show !

    • It’s in excess of 350,000,000 legal firearms held by the citizens of the U.S.

      • They may all be needed at some point in the future, if history is any indication.

        • I’m in total agreement. I have two or three dozen of those firearms, myself… all clean, in good working order and plenty of ammunition for the care and feeding of same.
          I’ve been sticking to ex-military revolvers, pistols, carbines and rifles, bolt action and semi-auto, from the last two or three wars or other actions.

          • Nothing like being armed & prepared; a friend has over 100 of them stashed everywhere at his place.

          • I’ve pretty much got them in cabinets for the time being. What I don’t have is my favorite (from my time in the army), the M-14. I have access to buy one but they are still too expensive… more than I paid for all three of my SKSs.

    • Way to conservitive of a number. There are actually more than 300,000,000 legally owned firearms in the hands of the citizens of the U.S.

  14. They are going to sway whatever way the government tells them to keep them out of hot water because they are like CONGRESS NO BALLS!! They should take a lesson from TED CRUZ!!!

  15. You’re an idiot. Gun enthusiasts and their lobbying organizations have caused massive proliferation of guns, making them readily available to anybody who wants them and the solution you propose is more proliferation.

    • Clay Fitzgerald

      Another idiot troll posting here. The “massive proliferation of guns,” as you put it, has NOT resulted in more gun crime incidents, statistically those incidents have been reduced.

      • So when everybody always has a gun when in public and owns at least 2 (one for each hand) then we will finally have no shooting incidents. Theres your theory in a NUT shell.

        • Clay Fitzgerald

          I wasn’t pushing a theory, I was only citing the record that more guns in private hands has NOT caused increased violence by the use of firearms in the U.S. The statistics have shown that incidents of violent crime are fewer now then in the past. No theory there, just cold, hard facts.

          • Youre reason for mentioning it is to imply that more guns = less crime. Have you heard the point of lojik that correlation does not prove causation?

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            I don’t know what “lojik” is, other than a proper name. Causation in those cases would be difficult to prove, but in all instances the correlation is indisputable and indicates a strong case for causation. And it stands to reason, because criminals fear armed civilians much more than LEO’s.

          • The correlation can be completely irrelevant. You can find correlation to support horoscopes.

            There are other social factors and law enforcement efforts that are involved and you want to believe that more guns gets the credit.

            Seriously – think like a ‘bad guy’ for 5 minutes. If you know private gun ownership and concealed carry is common in your area, do you just wake up one morning and start looking for a job? Or do you change your mugging, burglary, and holdup strategies slightly? Not all of them will move to LA. The cops take your gun; no problem! For sure you will find another next week during a break in.

          • You are being silly, Clay. Don’t be silly. It makes you look foolish.

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            You really ought to explain yourself, Dick. How am I being silly and how does it make me look foolish? The facts are there… statistics show that the overall incidents of violent crime in this nation have declined all while the number of firearms, handguns in particular, has grown especially over the last decade, your “B.S. METER” not withstanding. Perhaps you’re the one who should stop being silly and foolish, huh?

          • Sorry ’bout that.
            My comment was meant for JO 753’s post above yours.

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            Thank you, I appreciate the clarification. I do agree with you, JO 753 is a liberal troll, ignorant and stupid to boot.

          • So why do you debate with him?

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            So why do you care? FYI, just trying to edify him; unfortunately some, like JO 753, are just too stupid to learn anything.

          • I don’t care just just curious. Edify him? Sometimes I get caught up with stupid people when they irritate me to the point I take the bait but nor either you or I can turn chicken shit into chicken soup. The guy or what ever gender it is is beyond help.
            The whatever it is never learned anything whether stupid or just fried it’s brain with meth or crank and needs to fade away.

    • B.S., Calif. has the the toughest firearm purchase requirements and concealed carry permit requirements around. Its a firearm stupid, a Gun is what you have yanked on too much, now go wash your hands.

  16. He says ” law – abiding permit holders pose a threat to society ” . The non law – abideing ones are OK though ! No threat to society !

  17. The JV administration and writers like the one for the Atlantic have been the best gun sales force in history. Every time they threaten, gun sales go through the roof. An armed society is a civil society.

  18. Glad you IDIOTS are on the other side of the country from me……

    • Clay Fitzgerald

      Do you mean the gun control idiots? There are too many of those just about everywhere, but the seem to be concentrated in those locales where liberal, secular-progressive, morons reside.

  19. Nothing could be farther from the truth. And in fact, there have been incidences over the past several years, where cc permit holders actually came to the aid of officers under fire from a crazy gun man or criminal.

  20. I would suggest the Atlantic take note that ‘Concealed Carry Permit’ holders goes through a background check. At least I did!
    The background check most of these criminals go through is the one on their ‘rap sheets”.
    I carry for one simple reason: I refuse to be an unarmed victim in the face of a thugs threat. I can draw, aim and fire faster than I can dial 911.
    Response time where I live is the time it takes for a State Trooper or the local sheriff to drive 5 miles down a winding road.

    • Clay Fitzgerald

      Correct, in the amount of time it takes to place a 911 call and the response time of law enforcement, a lot of things can happen… bad things if you’re not prepared.
      There’s a reason for the saying; when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

  21. Guns were invented for hunting animals. It has gotten so bad that a person doesn’t dare look cross eyed at anyone for fear they are standing their ground and hall and shooting them. Then they get a jury that acquits them. There isn’t much justice left for us victims. This would have been a sure fire case of at least manslaughter not to many years ago.

    • Clay Fitzgerald

      Now that’s a really brilliant comment… NOT! Makes no sense whatsoever without some context and makes you appear as if you’re a moron.

    • Have you ever in your life felt that you could lay a gun down and tell it to go shoot someone?When are you sick libs going to admit it is a person not the gun.

    • “Guns were invented for hunting animals. ”

    • “Guns were invented for hunting animals. ”
      Self-preservation comes BEFORE EATING. “I can eat later, Moga. The Saber-Tooth Tiger is at the entrance to our cave. Hand me my M-16, NOW! I don’t need the soup spoon just yet!.”

  22. This leftist newspaper should be used to pick up your dogs droppings, not read.

  23. does anyone really read The Atlantic anymore? I would think it has become the paper version of CNN and MSNBS – they are there but no one watches. I can’t imagine why anyone would submit themselves to such drivil – and pay for it to boot!

  24. This country needs a PURGE of Liberals, and progressives. Just push the flush button, and we can finally get some stuff done like securing the border, getting illegals packed up and moved back to their lovely country that they love so much. Institute stricter guildelines for beneifits, and get the US back to work.

  25. More guns save lives – and that includes cops. Where there are restrictive gun laws, murder and crime rates are higher. For those “deeply troubled” and frightened liberals, check out the facts.

  26. As to the number of gun owners in the U.S. there are estimates. According to the Geneva-based Small Arms Survey, the leading source of international public information about firearms, the U.S. has the best-armed civilian population in the world, with an estimated 270 million total guns. That’s an average of 89 firearms for every 100 residents, far ahead of Yemen, which comes in second with about 55 firearms for every 100 people, or Switzerland, which is third with 46 guns for every 100 people.

    The anti gun groups should also realize that gun ownership was on the decline until Obama stepped in. He’s been good for gun sales. Over 53% of the population had owned them in the 1970’s. It was down to around 38% ownership in 2012, until he started to make a grab for them. They are now on the rise again. Thank you, you dumb Liberals, for making ownership important, again.

    • It’s actually more than that. It’s now estimated to be more than 300,000,000 legal firearms in the hands of the citizens of this country.

      • I did say ownership was on the rise. No matter, they are still only estimates. No one knows for sure and that is why the Dems are going after them. Many have had guns before they had to sign to get one(not registered) and let us not forget the illegal guns floating around. The Dems don’t stand a chance in hell of getting them so they go after the ammo. I remember when people made their own and some still do.

        • I’m not worried about it too much. I have a couple of dozen ex-military revolvers, pistols, rifles and carbines from WW2, the Korean conflict and the Vietnam debacle… bolt action and semi-auto. They are all considered to be C&R (Curio & Relic), were bought online with an enclosed, signed copy of my FFL and have never been registered anywhere. I get all of my ammunition online as well, mostly “Wolf” brand from Russia. It’s a lot cheaper, delivered, than the ammo in the gun shops is. I keep them all cleaned up and take them to the ranges from time to time. Everything gets delivered via UPS.

  27. All democratics are idiots. They put the biggest idiot in Washington and a bunch in California & New York.

  28. Maybe the normal people should take an aim at The Atlantic!

  29. Two of my favorite Heinlein quotes:

    “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”
    ― Robert A. Heinlein, Beyond This Horizon

    “There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men.”
    ― Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers

    The truth in these quotes, has been observed in person on to many occasions around the world and as such has deepened my belief In our Constitution and the Bill of Rights all of the Bill of Rights which are the God Given Rights of a Free Man, Not a by your leave of the state, Our Founding Fathers were clear and concise on both those Points, God Given Rights of a Free Man, Not a by your leave grant of the state.

  30. Lefthandedcigs1

    Just another uninformed asshole that needs a sheet thrown over them and beat until it turns red!

  31. At one time I read The Atlantic regularly, iut was,back then an interesting magazine, don’t know what it’s like these days,however everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Interestingly, that is a courtesy that some might not extend to others.

  32. I am not afraid of someone shooting me becuse i insulted or in any way harmed someone with a gun, i am afraid that i will be in the wrong place at the wrong time and an otherwise reasonable person will be tempted to escalate because of the gun he has concealed (and now brandishes). More so, i am afraid my young kid will be in that wrong place and time. Let us face it, if you are carrying a weapon, for many people, their attitude changes. They are fully aware of that gun and either looking to be a hero (zimmerman) or looking for a fight or looking for provocation. Sure, not everyone… But a lot of the more immature carriers. Can we not find a way of living less fearfully on both sides of the barrel?

  33. The Law Abiding American Citizens that chooses to carry as afforded by the 2nd Amendment are being accused by the Atlantic as lawless citizens. Sounds like someone at the Atlantic has a large corn cob up their a$$.

  34. Alleged Comment

    Remember, lieberals are MENTALLY ILL and has been proven with people like Bill and Hillary Clinton, the current negro sodomite, Al Gored, Nancy Pvssy, John Scary, Hairy Weed, etc.

    So you are literally having a mentally retarded person telling you what you should be doing is like having the dog take you for a walk.

  35. “They fret that concealed carry laws put Americans in fear of saying the wrong thing or insulting the wrong person”
    I really hate to play the devil’s advocate on the above quoted sentence but……how easy is it to say “the wrong thing” to or around a Muslim? The wrong thing being any truthful statement about Islam. Or saying anything that a Muslim would find slanderous, when in the Muslim’s mind, slander only means saying something about a person that the person resents……regardless of whether what is said is true or false. If we have to watch our words for any reason, even when we are telling the truth, we’ve lost our First Amendment rights.
    Still, there a simple solution to this problem: get ALL the Muslims out of America and never let any more of them in under any conditions or circumstances.

    • Problem is there are thousands here and many more come through the Mexican border daily. Obama and Holder have given them more rights than American citizens have.
      The simple solution is to get them all out of America? Never let any more in?
      Holy Shit, how do you get rid of them, please Mr. Camel Jockey please leave?
      How do you stop them and keep them out?
      Oh I know how, ask Obama and Holder and Congress to enforce laws on the books?
      So what is your simple solution?
      My simple solution is to shit can Obama, Holder and any member of Congress that does not enforce laws on the books and replace them all if they do not and they have not so send them all down the road kicking horse turds. Are you ready to do that? Look at Obama’s Executive order granting millions of illegals citizenship? Wake up and smell the tamales cooking and the thousands of radical muslims that are here and have been since 2009.
      Sacramento, Calif. is a hot bed of these radical Islamic pig fornicators and you better get your white protestant or catholic ass out of their way when they come down the sidewalk.
      I’m waiting for your reply to solve the Muslim problem, so please offer me your solution.

      • As to how do you get them to leave, you don’t “ask” them or say “please”; they would see that as a sign of weakness to be exploited. We need to round them up and kick them out, just like we should do with all the illegal alien invaders (what many incorrectly refer to a illegal immigrants).
        As to how to keep them out, that’s a difficult question to answer. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. A good start would be to block the entry of anyone coming from a Muslim country. As for the solution to the Muslim problem (which is really the Islam problem), we have to engage in a counter insurgency; educate ourselves about what the truth about Islam is and then go to school boards and city councils and educate them about the threat of Islam, and work up from there. However, the best way, and really the only absolutely effective option, would be to exterminate all the Muslims in the world, you know, just like what the Muslims intend to do with all the Jews. At any rate, what it’s coming down to is it’s either them or us.
        To educate yourself about Islam, read Robert Spencer’s “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades”.
        A video I would strongly suggest you view is “Rumors of War III”.

        • I just don’t have the patience for any of this. The military should be on the southern borders and invaders should be shot.

          In Europe countries are the same size as states are over here so they have a different situation. We are not Europe. The fact that we can’t control our own southern border makes us a laughing stock, if you travel abroad at all.

    • Perhaps the solution is to find a state such as Montana, or which no Muslims reside and move there. I like where I live so I should move to escape these bastards that are not even legal citizens here?

      • If you think you will be able to avoid the Muslims by moving to a place where there aren’t any, you are sadly mistaken; the Muslims are constantly looking for places where there are no Muslims and will eventually invade such places through immigration (*see “Modern Day Trojan Horse; The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration” by Sam Solomon and E. Al Maqdisi). The Muslims believe that it is their religious duty to conquer the ENTIRE world for Allah and Islam, and they have been working, and are continuing to work, very successfully to achieve just that end.

    • It is bad enough that we are facing such an unprecedented surge at our southern border. We’ve barely started April and already, tens of thousands of illegal aliens have been caught crossing our border. Many more have crossed undetected. By Summer, that number will skyrocket.

      When President Dwight D. Eisenhower faced a similar surge of illegal border crossers, he responded as any President should: he mobilized government forces to stop illegal aliens from entering the country.

      It was 62 years ago that Eisenhower deployed 1,075 Border Patrol agents to the US-Mexico border. That’s less than 1/10 of our present-day Border Patrol force.

      Eisenhower acted quickly and decisively and he had to. There were 1,000,000 illegal aliens crossing the border every year.

      That is what true leadership looks like. Now, fast-forward six decades to the Obama Presidency. Not only are illegal aliens being welcomed across the border, but now the administration is using YOUR tax dollars to start flying illegal aliens here directly!

      This is absolute madness! Demand that Congress STOP Obama from literally importing illegal aliens!

      • I completely agree with what you wrote. But there’s more to this problem than you think. Islamic terrorist organizations (Hamas, Hezbola, etc.) have formed alliances with the Mexican drug cartels and so terrorists are coming into our country through our southern border and bring with them who knows what.
        Please view the video documentary, “Rumors of War III” on youtube

        • Of course they are and there is much more.
          They are paying the cartels in drugs to import their fighters

          • The Muslims aren’t just attacking us from south of the border; they’re attacking us from within our own country. Please read Robert Spencer’s book, “Stealth Jihad” and view the documentary on youtube entitled, “Rumors of War III”.

  36. Interesting facts about Holmes, (other than his extremely dilated pupils at booking). He was totally funded in purchasing his arsenal, one that would have made any collector excited. Funded by the GOVERNMENT. He used his Student Loans. The student loans in many cases can be spent any way desired. Buying expensive weaponry seems to be a fine way for the devastation intent students, to use student loans. As long as the Govt fails to acknowledge the fact.

    In Holmes case, just another liberal, as is the case in all of the violence prone attackers in atrocity related incidents back to John Wilkes Booth. Liberalism is most definetly a ‘Mental Disorder’, the facts are becoming overwhelming.

    SSRI’s are the other main and very powerful catalyst quietly ignored in these cases of notoriety, anti-gunners constantly throw up as examples. With every single item carefully listed from Lanza’s home, note that absolutely Nothing from the meds cabinet showed up on the public list.

    No meds record. Not even an aspirin. Isn’t anyone Curious? The Atlantic along with all other media wasn’t curious. Do privacy laws extend that deep? Appears that mental deficiency/disorder increases, extends further and further, the closer one becomes associated with education, journalism…… and politics.

  37. The Atlantic was NEVER a publication that could be taken seriously at any level. The lack of credentials of their writers, their paid ramblings to promote the liberal agenda by any reasoning, their personal lack of any moral or ethical responsibility to the world of journalism or reporting all add up to a rag journal below the quality of the gossip magazines and papers such as the Enquirer!

  38. Democrats are and will always be DEMONIC RATS!

    • I really don’t understand liberals that hate conservatives who own firearms legally.
      Their comments are irrational without merit, just rambling words out of context that make no sense.
      It’s not the firearms they hate but conservatives and firearms are only an inanimate object, a hammer, a shovel or a crowbar, just a tool.

  39. ya gotta take all the guns away from the crackers. dum whites get a gun and sign up to tell the police what it is and the street address where they live with it. stupid white meople. go take all of them guns from the whites makes it easier when we jack em up. like no surprises. had one pull a big fine glock on me and the bro. shot my main man in the hand before we done him. no white shoul ebeallowed to have a gun

  40. Once again, it’s not about guns it is about power and control.

  41. “What are you going to do, the columnist asks, “if you become a target for would-be George Zimmermans?”

    The real question is: What are you going to do if you become a target for would-be Travon Martins, when you don’t have a gun?

    • Be smart enough to not subject yourself to the environments that the Zimmermans / Martins frequent.
      If you find yourself in a bad situation such as running out of gas in South Central Los Angeles, plan ahead and have a full tank of gas or don’t go there.

      • Avoidance is always the first option, but turning a blind eye when others are being hurt is what this country is turning into, thanks to the left.

        George Zimmerman was actually trying to HELP his neighborhood by ridding it of bad guys. The Cop in Ferguson was just doing his job. Both these people have suffered irreparable damage for protecting themselves when they were doing a noble thing.

        The media on the other hand uses these events to spin their lies, mostly to drive a liberal progressive agenda.

        • Yes, exactly and before Obama the racial thing seemed to be somewhat in the shadows but Obama and Holder like to stir the racial pot and rile up the minorities for their benefit.
          I am not a racist but Obama and Holder are trying to make white conservatives look like the KKK as they are the true racists and feel they are superior to whites only because of the positions of power they hold as Hitler did. Obama and Holder feel they are the super race and that is the problem. I would say 99% of the true conservatives don’t give a shit what color they are and the conservative whites and blacks don’t care either it’s the liberal blacks that can’t not quit stirring the racial pot, the Jessie Jacksons, the Al Sharpton’s and those assholes are the problem, the Poor Me black millionaires that hate whites.

          • Democrats have been taken over by Alinsky Nazis. These guys are socialists and Fascists in the worst way. I used to call them Liberal Progressives, but I think the new term fits better.
            Alinsky Nazis have taken control of Both Political Parties, Schools. Unions, and Most Importantly the MEDIA. Just like Hitler used Goebbels to mislead, 0bama does the same with the media cabal.
            The Alinsky Nazis use division to keep the electorate separated into two neatly contained parties. United we stand,,…. Divided we fall.
            I have simplified the equation so that even the most politically uninformed can understand it.

            Democrats = Socialism
            Republicans = Capitalism

  42. More commies just trying to disarm all of ‘US’!

  43. Fear the criminal, not the legally armed good guy, you blind sheep.

  44. We do not need to fear our armed neighbors with legal and registered weapons that they are trained to use in order to protect themselves and their families. We need to fear our progressive neighbors armed with The Atlantic and Rolling Stone and The New York Times, which they are unable to understand are simply tissues of Marxist lies and which they are intending to use to displace, disposess and eventually perhaps to decimate us.

    • We have nothing to fear but fear itself and thats Obama, Holder and his slimey crowd of liberals, That’s a lot of fear and the fool is going to be around for twenty more months.

  45. The reason government wants gun control is because it is easier to “control” an unarmed citizenry. Actually carrying a substantial pistol strapped to your hip tends to be tough on your posture and , consequentially, on your back. The real answer is to foster an attitude that places a high value on nonviolent answers to perceived problems.

    • That would be a high value on life. In general a respect for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
      That is something the left is not teaching anymore.

  46. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not part of the Left’s agenda which can be described as total domination of everybody else..

  47. Librals lack tha ability to reason, however they can lie and they do that all the time.

  48. John Longenecker

    I always like to ask what these gun grabbers have by the bed. I gotta know. How do they protect their homes and loved ones? .. or do they admit across the dinner table that they won’t?

    Imagine the conversation: “Dear, you know how I hate guns. I just wanted to remind you and the children that you can’t count on me to protect you, and I won’t let you have a gun, so they kids can’t count on you, either. Ow! Did you just kick me under the table?”

    “That was me, dad.”

  49. liberal demoRAT BULL$HIT!

  50. The Atlantic must have forgotten or maybe they just don’t know that Law Abiding American Citizens are not the ones killing people. The thugs are.

  51. We the citizens must be disarmed in order for the Muslim,socialist,liberals to make our nations people conform and follow their instructions. Our Muslim President is one of the driving forces behind this but he takes his orders from those running the well financed cabal who decides what we the great unwashed masses should or should not think,see or be involved with. That makes it mandatory that our right to be armed be removed from our grasp.

  52. take all the guns away from the crackers first then when he gives the word the change will happen. white rivlage gona turn into whit e payback for hundred years of doin the blood wrong. we gonna own the streets when all craCKERS AINT GOT THIER GUNS NO MORE

    • Too much trouble, bo.
      Leave he crackers alone and they’ll leave you alone.
      Just give all the black people a gun and one box of ammo with cartoon drawing instructions about which end is which, and the problem will be eliminated within a week. No need to take the “cracker’s” guns, they won’t interfere with your suicidal genocide.
      I promise!

      • the word from a white man is less than worthless. for example, what the white man did to the native americans. slaughter and deceit all for the sake of greed.
        your promise is (providing you are a white American) as useful and interesting as a homosexual man’s post anal drip.

        • There used to be a law against selling liquor or guns to the indigenous people of North America.
          Given your rants, perhaps we should re-institute that policy.
          Food for thought.

  53. Most mass shootings take place in gun free zones because they’re gun free zones.

    • Well, not exactly, Steven.
      Many criminals are dyslexic, and when the see a sign that reads: “Gun Free Zone”, what they really see is a sign that reads: “Free Fire Zone” which denotes a booty-rich environment for the taking.
      So, in fact, it is not their fault that most serious crimes are committed in those areas.
      I the authorities would actually put up signs that read: “Free Fire Zone”, honest, law-abiding citizens would ignore them, but the dyslexic criminals would read them as: Gun Free Zone”, and of course, since criminals ALWAYS obey the law, they would seek to do their business elsewhere.
      That makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s very Liber-Logical, don’t you think?

  54. Phuak this @ Clown ! We can not let this Commie Journalist Dia-tribe B.S. be Translated into Languages of the Down Trodden,Illegal dreamers and Muslim Cave Dwellers with Hate for America read this and Vote Fraudulently.We Deserve a better class of Citizen who respect rule of law and the only TOOL in our own Tool Box is The Gun to Keep Tyranny take over by the Homo Sexual Class !and Ignorant Un Godly Humans !

    Remember the low Information Voter i8s to busy with them selves,forgets The,past and Progresses forward for the NWO, Sal Alinsky (Hitlarys Hero ) America. We must Vote for the America we deserve not an America we allow ! it is time to end there DD Party Proud Progressive BS Demo-Nation Party Forever !

    If Hitlary is the Nominated the first Wench from hell her Orders to Obuma are to dis Arm Us and Protect the LGBTQ and Pro Abortionist !

  55. obamas doing with the race thing and blacks like hated a lot more has been so good for m biz. I get a like 10 more white johns a nite. seems the crackers are thinking about blacks a lot more and the only way they can satisfy they curiosty is by sexing one up. my 3 hos are bringin me in 500 more a nite lately
    keep hating the bloods whitey makes for good biz keep on taking that drive downtown to get your head strait

    • Yes, bo. I’m sure your business is prospering under the auspices of Mr. Obama. How could it do otherwise when it encourages, even subsidises, black poverty, abortion (60-%-70% of abortions in the US are performed on Black Ho’s), and crime & violence in the black ghettoes of our large cities.
      If I were Black, I too would take advantage of the encouragement the President offers.
      But alas! I’m a Cracker and those benefits, and the benefits of living in an inner-city ghetto, are not available to me for that reason.
      Sadly, I have to work for a living, but I can’t keep from thinking of your success.
      I surely do envy you Sir!

  56. Common sense and critical thinking isn’t allowed in the world of liberals.

    • The “common sense” Liberals refer to, is “common Liber-Sense” derived from Liber-Logic which, when used together by a Liberal, results in what we normally call “Liber-nonsense”!

  57. We must understand the opposition. Sigmund Freud: “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.” In General Introduction to Psychoanalysis, © 1952 – Look it up and have fun with the sad, timid creatures!

  58. Never let it be said that facts ever stood in the way, blocked the paths trod by media, an unfortunately large proportion of which is seemingly, unalterably anti gun/anti gun rights in persuasion leanings and orientation, facts be damned

  59. I only wish the Atlantic came on rolls that I could hang near the loo to use appropriately.

  60. We should take care not to persuade everyone to be armed. We need a residual supply of righteously unarmed liberals for criminals to victimize instead of us.

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