The Atlantic Takes Aim at Concealed Carry

Though published on April 1st, there’s no indication that the ludicrous ramblings of The Atlantic’s column on concealed carry laws was meant as an April Fools’ joke. Nevertheless, the reasoning used by the columnist and his insistence that law-abiding permit holders pose a threat to society could only convince a fool that we should roll back our Second Amendment freedoms.

According to the liberal magazine, concealed-carriers put police officers in danger and lead us to a culture where we must “fear our armed neighbors.” Apparently, the columnist believes – as many anti-gun liberals do – that people can only be armed if the law gives them explicit permission to carry a weapon. That this is proven wrong on a daily basis is of no consequence. As long as we don’t know the guns are there, it doesn’t have the social ramifications these liberals so fear.

They fret that concealed carry laws put Americans in fear of saying the wrong thing or insulting the wrong person. After all, they could have a gun. Once again, though, they could have a gun whether or not the laws permit them to carry one. And while no one really wants to live in a world where you could be shot for insulting someone, maybe that tension could help us improve civility. Personally, the fact that loose gun laws might lead us to be more careful with our words…that’s not a social consequence I’m going to spend too much time crying about. And, judging from what I’ve seen, it’s not going to happen anyway.

What are you going to do, the columnist asks, “if you become a target for would-be George Zimmermans?” Hmm, well, I suppose I’ll refrain from physically attacking people and pounding their heads into the concrete. I don’t know if that will keep me safe from every would-be shooter, but it will definitely keep me from winding up in the unfortunate shoes of Trayvon Martin. If we’re going to cite specific cases, let’s be honest about the specific facts.

Finally, The Atlantic sneers at the NRA’s argument that Americans are responsible for their own personal safety. According to the columnist, the police response times in Aurora and Newtown prove that law enforcement can arrive on the scene with extraordinary speed. And indeed they can. They got to the movie theater in Colorado within 90 seconds and they got to Sandy Hook Elementary in three minutes. And yet, look how many people were maimed and killed during that miniscule window of opportunity.

Neither James Holmes nor Adam Lanza, by the way, were permit holders. Neither the Aurora theater nor Sandy Hook Elementary allowed guns on site. Still, somehow or another, these murderers managed to carry out their deeds. Strange how that works.


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