That’s It? McCain Says Obamacare Repeal isn’t Going Anywhere

In an interview with CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said that he doesn’t see much hope for the Senate bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“My view is that it’s probably going to be dead,” he said.

McCain is now pushing for his party to start negotiating with the Democrats to come up with a piece of legislation that will satisfy politicians on both sides of the aisle. In other words, he thinks that it’s the conservatives in the House and Senate who are preventing a clean healthcare bill from getting to the president’s desk.

Regardless of whose to blame, it’s increasingly obvious that Republicans don’t plan to spend the rest of the year on healthcare reform. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already told his party colleagues that they had until July 4 to come up with a compromise that could be put to a floor vote. That deadline came and went, but eventually McConnell – and perhaps even Trump – is going to run out of patience. The GOP is itching to get past healthcare and on to tax reform, and it would be quite surprising to see the Obamacare debate still dogging Congress in the fall.

It’s quite clear that they can’t do both. To avoid needing Democrat votes, the party is relying on reconciliation to pass both healthcare and tax reform. But you can only use reconciliation on one thing at a time, so it’s important for Republicans to get healthcare off the floor. The only alternative is to negotiate with Democrats on taxes – which is probably a non-starter – or to go McCain’s route and compromise with them on healthcare. And since conservative critics are already outraged at the bill they’re trying to pass off as an Obamacare “repeal,” the party would have to be nuts to go along with whatever sort of Obamacare Frankenstein the Democrats would be happy with.

Alas, the options are growing very, very limited. Change the bill so that it satisfies Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee, and you’ll lose Susan Collins and other moderate Republicans. And if McConnell hasn’t found enough money in the budget to bribe these Senators on board by now, it’s not clear how he’s going to do it before the summer is out. The only thing that stands a chance of working is grassroots political pressure, and Republicans have totally lost all control of the narrative on the ground. Democrats have gained the upper hand when it comes to healthcare outrage, having apparently learned quite a lot from the days when the GOP was taking shots at Obamacare from the bleachers.

What else is on the table? Straight repeal won’t work, because it would require Democrat votes. And, well, that’s about all there is to work with.

It seems utterly unbelievable that Republicans did not have a coherent strategy to repeal and replace Obamacare after six years of political moaning, but there’s no other conclusion to draw. They are Wile E. Coyote, having caught the Roadrunner, and now having no clue what to do with him.

If voters are outraged, you can hardly blame them.

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  1. Why hasn’t McCain been tried for his long history of treason and aiding the enemy, and been appropriately hung, as he has deserved for so long?

    • You are right. His fellow POW’s at the Hanoi Hilton gave him the name “Songbird”.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Same reason O and hildebeest haven’t been.

      • It’s too bad people don’t know anything about the Nuremberg Tribunals and their conclusions and the U.S. signing on to the basic ”I was just following orders” doesn’t cut it. Or, in their own words, followed by the U.S. representatives observation;

        ”To initiate a war of aggression ….. is the supreme international crime, only different from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of all the others. To initiate a war of aggression is a crime that no political or economic situation can justify. ” – Declaration of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, 1945.

        ” If certain actions in violation of treaties are criminal actions, these are criminal actions if committed By the USA or by Germany. . . We are not willing to endorse a law that may condemn the criminal conduct of others unless we are prepared to have those laws invoked against us as well. ” – US Supreme Court, Justice Robert Jackson – Principal Attorney for the USA at the Nuremberg Tribunal , 1945.

        In simpler terms, we need to take all the rope in Texas and find some tall oak trees, round up all them bad ones and hang em high in the street……for all the people to see.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Yes, it is a shame. Those trials called to account HUMANITY at large, not merely Nazis, or Japanese on the other side of the war, where similar trials were also held, albeit less well publicized. And many of our current pols would be as guilty as those Nazi leaders were on like charges, today. But they stopped teaching that history as it didn’t fit their agenda; so they don’t have to look at it.

        • Panamajax, that was 1945 when there was “TRUTH” and “JUSTICE” and “HONOR” in the world, but sadly by the daily reports there is nearly none now. Thanks to Lawyers, Judges, career politicians, celebrities, and dyed in the wool “party groupies” there is no justice! Politicians should NEVER stay on the job for more than two terms, then you would see thinks getting done quickly.

          • And it’s no accident. The lies are almost complete and all the ‘average’ gringo allows into their brains, with their world record of hours spent staring at the aptly named ‘boob tube’, along with the high level of illiteracy. If you want a shock, research and search ‘tv mind control’ and/or ‘tv brain damage’. It not only lowers I.Q., but also causes physical brain damage, shortens life span and a ton of other things most aren’t aware of, nor are interested in hearing. Having spent the last 15 years outside the U.S., and spending lots of time traveling to places most of my fellow gringos only hear lies about from the tube, has made me a bit of a fanatic on the subject. Here’s a decent video that covers a lot that few even ‘think’ of.

            “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

            “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false” And that comes directly from the mouth of the CIA director, Bill Casey, in 1981.

            According to former CIA Director William Colby, ”’The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media”.

            “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”– Richard Salent, Former President CBS News.

            “News is what someone wants to suppress. Everything else is advertising”.former NBC news President Rubin Frank

            “The more you can escape from how horrible things really are, the less it’s going to bother you…and then, the worse things get.”
            ― Frank Zappa

            And the most horrible fact? Muslims had exactly nothing to do with the events of 911. Zero. And most of the rest of the world knows it. Sorry for the long rant, but sometimes I can’t help myself.

    • Just because he served in the military doesn’t give him a pass. He is NOT a good AMERICAN and it shows and has for a long time he is a cull in the first order.

    • Because his Admiral Dad provided cover and protected him.

  2. John McCain needs to stfu, retire or just change his party affiliation. He’s a RINO, plain and simple.

    • He’s already changed parties. He is the RINO in chief. And Graham can’t see anything other than what McCain sees because his head is so far up McCain bottom!

      • You are right about light in his loafers Graham.

      • Dear Dobbs – The informed KNOW what’s going on – just keep reporting on the facts – Comey is getting millions for throwing law enforcement and people under the bus for his buddies – McCain is getting his and it isn’t the VA or obozocare – MSM is getting theirs for their help to destroy the US and keep the morons in power – Lefties are getting their funding from soros and his buddies to do nothing but attack working people – etc…….Make’em do community service as part of their degree programs and scholarships – Peace Corps duty in Iraq – Afghan – Syria – Venezuela – Cuba and other places will wake them up to JUST HOW GOOD THE US IS…….

    • McCain does not want Trump to succeed. He had rather watch our country fall than to get behind a president that has proven to love and help this country. I could go on and on. However I wished McCain would just go away, our country would be better off.

      • See my post towards the top about “SongBird” McLame!!


      • And take Mitch McConnell, Schumer and Pelosi with him!

      • Dear Dobbs – The informed KNOW what’s going on – just keep reporting on the facts – Comey is getting millions for throwing law enforcement and people under the bus for his buddies – McCain is getting his and it isn’t the VA or obozocare – MSM is getting theirs for their help to destroy the US and keep the morons in power – Lefties are getting their funding from soros and his buddies to do nothing but attack working people – etc…….Make’em do community service as part of their degree programs and scholarships – Peace Corps duty in Iraq – Afghan – Syria – Venezuela – Cuba and other places will wake them up to JUST HOW GOOD THE US IS…….

        • Good job Rick. Keep informing the uninformed. Hopefully sooner than later they will take heed. If we do not tell people who will. Certainly not the main stream media.

      • He should just go away he`s as useless as tits on a bull.

      • McCain likes to be called a Maverick. But he really is a F**K up from day one, he has turned on his country and its people, he is a disgrace. When this POS finally dies we need to do all we can to keep him out of Arlington National Cemetery, because you can bet there will be A**HOLES that want to put his worthless ass there, and that will be a travesty. Because he most likely is responsible for some of the others buried there, because of his ratting on them when they were with him at the Hanoi Hilton. The legacy of “Little John Pothead McCain” is one of treachery against his own country and its citizens.

      • Feelings, likewise! Arizona & the country wish he would go away, before he is IMPEACHED!

    • You took the words right out of mouth. Lol.

    • McCain is a DEMOCRAT not a republican, he needs to change his party affiliation & be a little more truthful at least !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AMEN!!!

    • He is nuts. Pretty soon he won’t know what state he is in just like Biden.

    • To think I used to support this guy. No more McCain for me. He’s really a dim demo.

    • I’m certainly no fan of McCain; however, the current Senate Bill is nothing less than Obamacare 2. That is simply not going to fly. The.promise made to voters was to repeal (squash, dump,

    • cancer has his number…..god will make his decision soon….

  3. Obamacare is set to imploded and is economically unsustainable, so how much more grief and $$$ will it cost to let it happen with unknown other problems arising until some new plan is passed. This Congress is despicable from both sides of the aisle!

    • sandraleesmith46

      Well, if that is the ONLY way to get RID of that monstrosity, then so be it. But what the Senate is currently cobbling together is obamacare on STEROIDS! Is that what you want? I sure don’t. The Gov’t needs to GET OUT of health care entirely and leave it to folks who KNOW what it’s about! Insurance needs to revert to ONLY catastrophic care and routine needs to come out of pocket for EVERYONE, poor included, like it used to, so people could afford both. As it is, only the very rich, or the ones on Medicaid can afford to have health care.

      • Imagine what it will cost in healthcare premiums if the Democrats get their way and taxpayers have to start footing the Medicaid bills for an additional 30-40 million illegal aliens who should be deported to free up jobs for our 94+ million citizens currently out of the workforce? We also need to hammer Trump until he stops supporting “Comprehensive Immigration Reform!” That’s BS Speak for Amnesty for Illegals! If ever there was a violation of campaign promises to the American people, supporting amnesty for illegals after 2016 campaign is it!

        • sandraleesmith46

          Yes and the “health care” crap includes all the refugees being imported as well, because Muslims refuse to purchase insurance, claiming it’s “gambling”!

          • Well, we’re “gambling” by having them in our country, so we should have the right to deny FREE healthcare to the Muslim refugees that Obama flooded in because he was Muslim himself. He was also extremely generous with taxpayer-provided benefits. 91% of ME refugees are receiving food stamps, 73% of them are on Medicaid, and 68% of them receive cash welfare, much of which is funneled to radical Islamic organizations! Thus, in effect, the American taxpayer is funding radical Islamic Jihad being waged against US!

          • sandraleesmith46

            Truth be told; they and we are breaking US law allowing them in. It goes back to ’52. And all that money is certainly not owed them. Latinos do the same coming in illegally and the percentages are probably the same, including the monies sent out of the country to their home nations.

          • 1/3 of the GDP of Mexico is dependent upon the remittances sent back to Mexico by illegals living and working in the US, and the US derives no financial benefit from those remittances whatever! Nor do the vast majority of illegal workers pay any taxes!

            Another 1/3 of Mexico’s yearly GDP is provided by STUPID AMERICAN TOURISTS who flood into Mexico to spend their money rather than subsidizing their fellow Americans by doing their traveling in their own country! That means that American employers and American tourists are subsidizing 2/3 of Mexico’s GDP, plus it’s costing $120 BILLION per year in benefits, medical, and education costs!

            Yes, many Mexicans work in agriculture, and most have permits so they return to assist with the planting and harvest year after year, but they’re taking millions of other jobs also! When states get smart and require able-bodied welfare and social-benefit recipients to work, they are going to need to perform the jobs illegals are performing! Thus, the illegals need to be sent home, not granted amnesty under “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” as President Trump is now proclaiming he supports! HE CANNOT BE THAT STUPID! IF HE IS, 2020 IS COMING AROUND THE PIKE, AND HE CAN EASILY BE REPLACED!

          • sandraleesmith46

            I know. I can’t say I’m in the least surprised by Trump; I’m not. The idiots who support all this though, need to have their heads examined for presence of brain material.

        • Although I believe we agree with the need to get the illegal immigrants out of this country if for no other reason than the fact they are in violation of our laws in belng here, they DO COST the American tax payers (way too much), they crowd our social system and use our social support structure to offset the low wages they draw in working for less pay; we could all get by with less wages if we just allowed someone else to provide for us. That is what has become the mind set of far to many Americans’ today.
          Obama created a non-work environment then gave everyone who wanted a “free ride” the means of doing nothing and living in far less conditions than most of us would want to but with no responsibilities for anything; Hillary Clinton came close to promising much the same thing and Bernie Sanders was getting close to it! They seem content on letting the American people become a passive society the relies totally on the government to provide for them.
          BUT – I cannot agree with you on 30-40 million illegals. I do not think we have ever had that many in the United States; even when we were faced with the greatest invasion of illegal immigrants in our history did we have that many illegals. Obama world have been creaming all over himself if he thought he had been bale to get that many illegals here to support his party initiatives.
          I do not think we ever hit the 94 million mark with unemployed citizens either. We were in the mid (maybe a tad bit higher) 30 – 34 million unemployed American workers and there was another 30+/- million American workers who had taken part time, low pay and no benefit jobs. Sadly, during all this, Obama and the democratic congress was opening the gates for more and more Legal Immigrant workers to come into this country. In spite of the fact we had millions and millions of Ameriacn workers (many with families) who were out of work, had ran out of unemployment benefits, and lost their homes – Obama still ignored them and catered to the immigrants work Visa holders and illegal immigrants. Statistics showed during the Obama Administration that three out of every four jobs in America was going to immigrants.
          As far as “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” goes; I am all for it – IF-, an only IF, it puts Americans first and basically returns us to the Immigration laws and Immigration program that served this nation under several presidents very well, the same laws and Immigration program Obama elected to ignore and claimed were in effective. They were ineffective because he had no leadership abilities, had no program management or project management skills. He had no idea how to manage his role as president- BUT – he had a $2.2 billion dollar marketing budget that he could buy a lot of favors from the mews media and sell his agenda through money hungry talk show hosts and media CEOs.
          Amnesty – NO, NO WAY IN HELL, and I do not believe even Trump would allow it. He has been pretty close to correct in his analysis of the immigration problems. The biggest problem we are faced with though in the immigration mess is the greed that too many in this country benefit from when supporting the illegal immigrants.
          That plus the fact Obama and many of the key personalities and dignitaries in Washington had their own Hispanic advisors; even during one of the White House quarterly Floor Shows Obama put on to entertain certain people we could see the catering occurring. One of the Supreme Court judges was the center point of attention as Hispanics dancers danced around her and catered to her – and she was eating it up; think she would do anything they did not want her to do after the royal catering she got from them?
          AND ::
          . Are you aware that this morning two representatives proposed an amendment to the funding bill that would give illegal immigrants a right to work for our federal government? The report announcing it said that many of the representatives voting declined to do so until they were given promises and assurance that their vote would be kept secret and no one will ever know how they voted; the gutless -#,!.#- politicians want to keep lying to us and hiding their activities; – – I thought all that would go away when Obama left office.
          Draining the swamp can not happen soon enough!
          At any rate; Immigration reform MUST COME! It does not have to be one big “one size fits All” bill but rather take the major problems first, work them out then tackle the lessor problems. The last “Comprehensive Immigration Bill, (CIB)” failed because it had as much bad in it as it did good.
          It was to big, failed to address the issues, and gave FAR TO MUCH POWER to the Secretaries of Homeland Security. Remember Janet Napolitano, Obama’s first Secretary of Homeland Security? She had the power to make changes to the immigration laws and program at her will; the last CIB gave the Secretary of Homeland Security full power to do the same with no accountability to congress or anyone else. She, and others would have more power than the presided or any individual or group of congressmen. Napolitano was the start of the demise of our immigration program and laws. Obama could not have found a more dedicated person to do his bidding when he decide to tear the guts out of the American working men and women. She is now in California where she is backing support for the illegals and the State is talking about separating form the U.S! I Say – great, do it, California costs the American Tax payer far too much every year anyway. We can save enough to build a 40 foot high wall along the entire California, Nevada and Oregon borders and may not need to do the one along the Mexican border.
          ——————————########———————############## —————-
          Please do this for ALL AMERICANS; Contact your congressional representative tonight or tomorrow and tell them to stop the efforts of the two representatives who are trying to make it legal for illegal immigrants to work for our federal government. Illegal Immigrants have shown they have no respect for our laws and regardless of why they are here – they need to be removed and anyone who can not obey and respect our laws has no business getting any Tax Payers money or supported benefits!

          • Since our military is inducting illegal aliens, I presume that’s the excuse they’re using to grant illegals the right to work in the US Government. But illegals SHOULDN’T be serving in our military at all! One would think Western Civilization would have learned something from the Fall of the Roman Empire. When they started inducting savage Germanic mercenaries into their legions instead of loyal Roman citizen soldiers, there was no one to defend Rome when those Germanic savages decided it was more pleasurable and profitable to sack and pillage and rape than to risk themselves fighting Rome’s enemies. We now have 5,000 Muslims serving in our military, enough to undermine our security, to be sure. I guess we just need to say a prayer that they remain loyal because nothing we say or do is likely going to return any sanity to the “Powers That Be” making decisions.

          • Reagan granted amnesty to 6.6 million illegals in 1986. Since that encouraged 1 million illegals PER YEAR to flood into the US, and it’s been 31 years, plus all the yearly visa overstayers (40% of total per year), I don’t see how you can DOUBT the 30-40 million figure! Some experts even suspect it may be as high as 50 MILLION. I estimated my figure 10-20 million LESS than theirs just in case they exaggerated!

    • When the Demos started Medicaid program, US taxpayers only had to provide FREE healthcare to 4% of OUR poorest citizens. We’re now footing the bill, literally, by paying high healthcare premiums and high co-pays to provide FREE healthcare to 40% of the populous of this country, including the 95 million Americans who have been put out of work due to the influx of immigrants, foreign workers, illegal aliens and ME Muslim refugees who have been flooded into the US by Bill Clinton, Bush 43, and especially by Obama! Due to the Liberals, 73% of the ME Muslim refugees are on Medicaid while veterans are being denied healthcare, and Americans can’t afford to acquire healthcare after paying their mortgage-high premiums! Unless the worst of the Democrats (93%) and the RINO’s (10%) are voted out of Congress in 2018 and 2020, we’ll be SUNK because they continue blocking every MAGA policy that President Trump initiaties!

      • Excellent presentation and I hope your stats are OK, but if we were to replace ALL of the Demorat obstructionists, wouldn’t they be replaced by other Dems voted in by their party. And how about the Bernie supporters who would be in the same boat?

        • The Republican Party needs to recruit Conservative, patriotic veterans to replace the rats in Congress who have been selling us out since 1965! When 14 House Republicans vote with Democrats to remove the ban on providing sex-change operations for Transgenders in the military at US taxpayer expense, clearly the INSANE RINOs need replacing posthaste!

          • ABSOLUTELY!!! Maybe this should be something a “charitable” congress could foot the bill for! The illegal subsidies they are receiving for their health care should help them pay for these operations for Transgenders in the military. Makes me want to puke and then we have to pay for it? NO WAY!!!

          • Paying for sex-change operations and hormone therapy for transgenders in the military wouldn’t necessarily be the straw the broke the camel’s back except for these statistics:

            1) Total number of Americans receiving welfare governmental assistance:

            2) Total number of Americans on SNAP/Food Stamps: 41,170,000

            3) Total number of individuals living in a home that receives housing assistance:

            4) Percent of US population on welfare programs: 21.2%
            % of welfare recipients who are White/Caucasion – 16.8%
            % of welfare recipients who are Black – 39.6%
            % of welfare recipients who are Hispanic – 21.2%
            % of welfare recipients who are Asian/Pacific Islander – 18%
            % of welfare recipients who are Other/Mixed – 4.4%

            6) Total Federal Government spending on welfare programs annually (not including
            food stamps or unemployment): $158,200,200,000 (That’s $158.2 BILLION!)

        • Perhaps we could have some Republicans run for their seats like all the RINOs who are on our side mow?

      • This was all a ploy by Obama to support Muslims 4% doesn’t equally destroying the best health care system in the world. AMERICANS FIRST.

      • Paying for healthcare on illegal aliens goes against everything America stands for. Or did. At one time. Now we are paying for everybody.

      • Maybe it was the timing, maybe it was the trend of too many people in America to turn away from the age old attitude that you are worth what you make of yourself and you earn.
        I believe much of our problems today has come from the same mentality Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was trying to sell in their campaigns; free everything to everyone – – and it will only cost you a vote; – Yeah sure!
        But they both lost their campaigns in spite of the Billion Dollar Campaign budget Hillary had available to her. Goes to show that in America, when given the choice – – Money Does Not Buy Everything; what a wake up that must have been for Hillary – – – what a let down it was for the Democratic Leadership who thought they could buy the questions to the debates, could buy enough terrorism at Trump campaigns and block access to his appearances to make him loose.
        attendance and votes!
        At a time when America was suffering from the largest invasion of illegal immigrates into this country in our history and while 30 million plus American men and women were out of work; – – – -along came Obama care. We were forced to buy a Government Mandated program that most of us did not need, did not want, and could not afford. Either buy the insurance or pay a fine. (Almost like the old Chicago gang movies where business owners had to pay insurance to the mobsters or their business would be bombed or burned down.) Wonder if that is where Obama got his idea for his insurance scam?
        At any rate; millions and millions of Americans out of work, beyond their allowable unemployment insurance, and no hope on the horizon for relief as the Obama Administration was allowing illegals to come here and work (in violation of federal law) and increasing the number of legal immigrants to come here to work. The Obama Labor Department showed that three out of every four jobs was going to immigrants – American workers were being left out; Obama and his administration had turned their backs on the American workers.
        Obama care would be given to these men, women and their families as they had no income or way of paying the costs. To compensate for that “give away”, the rest of Americans had to pay more and more into the federal – – Pay up or face the consequences- program.
        Millions of men and women who hade been employed earlier in life and were now without work decided it was better to NOT WORK and let Obama take care of them. They became content to live in cardboard boxes and be fed, clothed, sheltered and doctored by the government. We all ended up paying for it; in High costs for insurance and a federal budget and spending that took us into trillions and trillions of dollars debt.
        Today, we are faced with the same thing. Millions and millions of Americans still out of work or working for minimum wages with little or no benefits, many still living off the tax payers. They are not working and do not want to work. AND – the scare tactics coming from the Democratic leadership and their media supporters is that changes to Obama care will leave THESE millions upon millions of Americans without medical coverage; most obviously being those who have elected not to work because they can not afford to pay for Obama care and it is better for them to do nothing than to have to pay the costs themselves.
        Had Obama care come about when our nation was in better shape, financially, with more Americans’ working and less illegal immigrants here – we may have been able to look at Obama care in a different light.
        As it is – – most of our problems today centers around Americans being forced to buy something we did not need, would not use, and could not afford. And, if you did get injured or sick, it cost even more. It created a huge group of “Takers of the free stuff “- – – just what Hillary and Sanders was seeking for votes, just what Obama intended on!

      • BRAVO!!! Trump needs to take you with him on the campaign trail!

    • THis Obamacare is really genocide by policy from the beginning of its inception and Obama knew it.

      • It’s primary purpose was to transfer wealth from productive, hard-working, generational White Americans to the non-White, non-productive populous. We don’t squabble about providing care for OUR elderly, and OUR sick populous, but when OUR government floods in tens of millions of foreigners and refugees we neither needed, wanted, nor can afford to support, We The People get pissed! The least violent means of displaying our displeasure is by voting out those who pass measures which are totally contrary to OUR best interests! As I’ve said before and repeat a thousand times between now and the 2018 election, that includes 93% of the Democrats and 10% of the RINO’s! Unfortunately, that 10% RINOs includes Speaker Ryan and Senator McConnell!

        • You are also correct however at this time treatment is being with held by panels of doctors and committees that deem to decide who gets it and who doesn’t it a whole conglomerate of reasons it was installed and it needs to GO.

      • It was a program that should have done as it’s name suggested – – BUT – – when it was forced upon us with threats of fines and we were forced to buy what we did not ant, what we did not need and what we could not afford; it all went bad!
        For seven years we heard over and over of the problems with Obama care; no one tough would do anything to correct the problems. Politicians would stand with their constituents and complain bit then go back to Washington and talk but take no action. They all lack the guts and fortitude to do their job.
        Meanwhile, small business and workers were paying through the nose for things they did not need or want AND COULD NOT AFFORD. Many ended up paying more for health insurance that what their home payments were costing. Even if the insurance was never used it was (and still costs) more than most could afford. Many Americans decided it was better to just give up working and let the government pay for their health coverage and see they get financial support for a home and meals; Cardboard Homes popped up along creeks and in alleys as America became a major welfare nation under Obamas agenda!
        We should by now know of the bad parts in Obama Care and it is those parts that congress needs to be addressing. THERE should be NO TIME FRAME in fixing the mess and there should NEVER be a pressure on anyone in Washington or outside to buy into any program that does not serve the best interest of the people and the nation. Obama’s agenda should have been visible enough to everyone when they put the National Health Care programs together; it was poorly researched, poorly drafted, pushed out the door without fully understanding it and, the only changes ever made had nothing to do with the medical care Americans were getting from it but rather administrative problems that most often were given additional time and money to work out.

    • They have the nerve to want to take a recess?

  4. McCain and Graham along with McConnell and Ryan are the main reason why nothing is getting better. They are well paid and supported by Soros. They all need to GO!!!!

    • You can add the two broads Lisa Murkowski & Susan Collins to the list. With these RINOS the Democraps have the unofficial majority in Congress.

    • Mr. Trump drain the swamp people like these mentioned by June G. We can move forward without them. And exactly why is the government in control of our health care anyway? Let Obamacare fail on its own…then watch the babies cry to us.

      • I agree. Government out of Health care. Next election vote for write in. Then Repubs and Dems will
        be out and a new election will be done with write ins only.

      • The only problem with that is Trump will get the blame because the republican party can vote it in they have the senate and house. But with the bunch of coward RINOS who are afraid of the democrats it won`t pass.

    • Term limits. They’ll never pass it though.

      • That’s where the convention of states could come into play. The “blessings” of the Soros owned congress would not be necessary to accomplish this.

  5. You people in AZ should be proud of your Loser senator what a MORON John McClown is he is a democrap

    • I’m from Az and we (I) have no use for him. It’s the “System” that has us “stuck” with him. That’s Politics for you!

      • sandraleesmith46

        Keep the we; I keep trying to get him voted out, but Soros keeps buying his seat.


          • Congress doesn’t work for us; they haven’t since 1871 for the House, and 1913 for the Senate. And unless we get those laws overturned which enabled that, they won’t work for us again.

      • Throw the old ding ding out next time, jeez

        • The Republican Party in Az insists on running him against the Opposition, so it’s a RINO against a Democrat. Beat that!

          • That worked very well for Foghorn Leghorn McConnell in the last senatorial election.

      • IMPEACH mccain NOW!

  6. Righteous Truth

    Some of the wisest words I have ever read from Patriot News Daily (last two paragraphs):

    “It seems utterly unbelievable that Republicans did not have a coherent strategy to repeal and replace Obamacare after six years of political moaning, but there’s no other conclusion to draw. They are Wile E. Coyote, having caught the Roadrunner, and now having no clue what to do with him.

    “If voters are outraged, you can hardly blame them.”

  7. Righteous Truth

    Why can’t we just go back to what we had before ObamaCare – basically

    a.) if you are employed and IF your employer supplies the insurance as part of your employment benefits (as long as you work enough hours) or
    b.) you are old and retired or on disability and you are on MediCare (as long as you qualify) or
    c.) you are poor or on disability and you are on Medicaid (as long as you stay poor or disabled) or
    d.) you go out and buy insurance on the open market or
    e.) you gamble and don’t buy/have insurance and, when you need medical assistance you go to the ER and mooch off of those who do have insurance (see a-d, above) (since those costs for doctors, medications, and hospitals get rolled into the premiums of those folks who do have insurance)?

    This worked before ObamaCare, right?

    • Seems that the only thing missing from the old system was a “preexisting condition” clause? What’s the big deal? It isn’t any disagreement as to what should be covered, as most everybody knows the answer to that – any life supporting measures, and nothing cosmetic, frivolous, or arbitrary. What’s holding up the whole process is obviously the one thing nobody wants to say – who gets to make a buck from keeping Obamacare, or whatever new system of corruption that might be passed! It’s so evident that many of our politicians have been corrupted by special interest groups and their own greedy, personal, self centered, interests! Drain the swamp! Get rid of ALL of them! What few good people that might get caught up in the flush would then be replaced with other, hopefully good people, with TERM LIMITS! Mandate that politicians passing ANY legislation must fall under the same legislation, and not be given special immunity or consideration!

      • Righteous Truth

        You know, I keep hearing people complain about “our politicians” and how they have been corrupted by “special interests” and yet, the American voters continue to re-elect them. How come? I understand how bringing in term limits will AUTOMATICALLY “flush the toilet,” but what’s with the underlying problem – the lazy, incompetent American voters who can’t do their own FLUSHING and use their BALLOTS to “term limit” the bad ones out of office?

        • Yes, the American voter ultimately has the power, but you can’t fix stupid, except through education, and our educational system in broken, or certainly tainted by liberalism. The politicians rely on the stupidity of the majority of their constituents, to keep them in office. If this was not a truism, would we even have two major political parties?

          • Pretty sad assessment for the greatest, most powerful country on earth, deerflyguy: Americans are too stupid to make good voting decisions, so let’s automatically flush out all politicians after X years and install new ones (better ones?) in their place. We might just eliminate the Polling Places altogether and have candidates arm wrestle or have hot dog eating contests to determine the winners.

          • I stand by that assessment. You are correct that installing different people, wouldn’t guarantee better people, but you’ve got to start somewhere, as the status quo isn’t doing it! A maximum of two consecutive terms, just like the POTUS, is plenty. Politicians like Maxine Waters, Richard Byrd, Lindsey Graham, and may others, rooted into the system and more for themselves and the power that their positions provides, is self serving, and not constituent serving. They give back just enough to those constituents to “buy” enough votes to remain in office. At least a break of one term length and then the possibility to run for office again, might be a reasonable suggestion. Don’t be facetious about your elimination/arm wrestling/hot dog eating contest suggestion. I’m quite serious, and you should be, too! Our situation is no joke!

          • Your assessment (which you “stand by”)
            that Americans are too stupid to make good choices in the voting booth by default means that whoever wins any particular election is no better than a crap shoot or a pie eating contest. You said it, “You can’t fix stupid.”

            I don’t share your pessimistic viewpoint of my fellow Americans.

          • Don’t give me that “My fellow Americans” crap! Don’t try to alienate me from my importance in this discussion by interjecting words and meanings that you make up but that i never said. Don’t put words in my mouth by the use of your opinion of what “default” means. Like it or not, we are both fellow Americans. We simply don’t agree about everything. Maybe not even most things, but we do live in the same country. I’ll speak my words and thank you for not interpreting them!
            I believe your position makes you an optimist? As such, you set yourself up for disappointment. As an optimist, you look for positive results, and when they happen, you are probably happy, but when they don’t go your way, you are probably greatly disappointed.
            I admit to being a pessimist. As such, I look for negative things to happen. When they do, I am not surprised or disappointed, as I anticipated that would be the case. When they don’t happen, I am very satisfied and happy, therefore, I believe that of the two groups, optimists and pessimists, the pessimists are the more pragmatic and perhaps the more happy of the two.
            I think the purest definition of a pessimist is one who has listened to too many optimists!

          • Righteous Truth

            Yup, I am an optimist.

            I’m not putting words in your mouth. I am simply repeating them. You believe your fellow Americans are too stupid to make good decisions at the ballot box, right? Isn’t that what you said?

          • No, that’s NOT what I said! That’s what YOU said I said!
            You’d do better explaining your own position before you begin explaining mine!
            Wasn’t it you who were the one who referred to your fellow American voters as “….the lazy, incompetent American voters….”?
            Try cleaning up your own back yard before you start on mine!
            Typical liberal spin doctor! Answer a question by asking another question.

          • Righteous Truth

            How else should these words be understood? “Yes, the American voter ultimately has the power, but you can’t fix stupid, except through education, and our educational system in broken, or certainly tainted by liberalism. The politicians rely on the stupidity of the majority of their constituents, to keep them in office. If this was not a truism, would we even have two major political parties?”

          • Maybe not, but it is you who are showing the truth of the implication!

          • Righteous Truth

            What implication?

          • Since you seem to know what I mean about everything else, you figure it out!

          • Righteous Truth

            Afraid to say it?

          • Seems you have relegated this discussion into playground talk, so I think it is as good a time to end it as any. I don’t think anyone wants to read this kind of juvenile banter, so please return to your sandbox and don’t eat what the cat buried!

          • Righteous Truth

            Please notice that I have not made “ad hominem” remarks or derogatory remarks about you. I have maintained “the high road,” while you have moved to the sandbox.

            Other readers, if they care, will understand this as the Righteous Truth.

          • The high road for a liberal democrat is just under a snake’s belly!

          • Righteous Truth

            See what I mean?

          • I noticed something the other day. If you hold the arrow over some ones picture, It shows the number om commits & votes. You have 578 commits & 2366 votes. Righteous Truth has 703 commits & 378 votes.This shows me who has the most approval rating!

          • Thank you for that information, Ron.

          • Righteous Truth

            Of course a Liberal Democrat commenting in a Conservative “news” group is less likely to receive UP votes (and more likely to have a lower “approval rating”), right Ron haymaker? But it was very kind of you to help deerflyguy feel better.

          • Always happy to help the “RIGHT” side!

          • Excellent post on all points I agree with you 150%.

          • Is ARVIN (see above) the kind of voter you have in mind when you say, “can’t fix stupid?”

          • I wouldn’t know? I refuse to read the posts of those who “shout” their positions!


  8. John McCain is a walking, talking pile of dog excrement.

  9. This clown should be in the Demo-Commie party because he is just as slimy as the rest of those losers and perverts. What a disgrace and total POS.

  10. Piss on McCain

  11. Down on the farm when we had a distasteful job to do like weeding the corn field, or tobacco field….we rolled up our sleeves and grabbed a hoe and went to it. By the end of the day we were hot ,and sweaty, but we also could see we were down to the short rows. Instead of giving up…we got stronger, and we worked even harder and finished up the job before night fall. Its time the GOP rolled up their sleeves and got serious! Night is coming on and they are just milling around grumbling and complaining. Get to work guys and get it done!

  12. Let Obama Care die. All Congress needs to do is pass a bill to allow across stateline sales of health insurance, and mandate insurers MUST accept pre-existing conditions and eliminate life time cap on benefits. Then, the individual state insurance departments can regulate from there. Beyond Medicare/Medicaid, the Federal Government has no business in health care.

    • I agree… Three simple measures accomplished and ObummerCare can crash and burn on its own.

    • Totally agree…why can’t the politicians agree on some measure like this that is so simple? The problem is the politicians are too worried about losing their fat checks, perks and easy life…they could care less about health care for the nation.

      • Excellent post like you said they could care less about this country money and power is all they care about and we pay the bill. We have a president with a backbone who does care and they want him to fail. For eight years we had a anti american Muslim who hurt this country as much as he could and they supported him.

    • sandraleesmith46

      NO on the pre-existing conditions! You don’t buy car insurance after the crash and get it to cover those damages, neither should health insurance. That’s part of why obamacare is failing. That’s NOT how insurance works, period. And for Medicare and Medicaid, costs would be less if gov’t was OUT of insurance and health care entirely. Since they established the VA to care for vets, that’s 1 thing; but if that doesn’t get fixed maybe it needs shut down too and all of us go into the general pool as well. We’d likely get better care.

      • I doubt seriously IF you know how insurance works.

        Underwriters can determine the risk and establish the baseline premium for that patient with that specific pre-existing condition. Whether or not the consumer CHOOSES to purchase that policy with that rate condition on it, is up to them. And, FYI – most all pre-existing conditions are accepted by the provider once the “waiting” period assigned to that condition has expired (generally 2 years of policy in force).

        Further, Medicare is TAX. An employee paid premium Government insurance policy (by the way, so is your Social Security) for each individual who WORKS for a living. Employees pay from the year they enter the work force until they leave it. If you look at your check stub, you will see that the “Medicare Tax” is taken out by your employer, and you have no say in it at all. So, if you enter the workforce at 18, 47 years later you qualify for Medicare as a basic insurance plan. The only way you can access it sooner, you must qualify as being disabled.

        That means that everyone PAYS their premiums for BASIC care that is subject to the providers (the doctor/hospital) agreement to bill at the Medicare rate, once they hit the “retirement age”, generally 65. In the event that provider bills above the agreed rate, YOU are on your own, OR you have a “supplemental policy” to cover the Excess as Medicare is YOUR primary provider.

        Medicaid is a program that IS NOT insurance but is a Government program that was designed to assist children whose parent(s) are working poor or indigent and who are need medical care, but lack the resources to obtain it on their own. It was expanded to adults, and was forced upon the states by the Government as a vehicle by which they could grant medical care to those in need.

        Your idea of a “general pool” is nothing but a Bernie Sanders GOVERNMENT run socialized medicine plan, that has failed everywhere it has been deployed. Quality of care goes down, wait times go up and many are just sent home to die. Not even given a “pill”, which Obama, at least, offered.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Apples and oranges here; what the left wants is IMMEDIATE coverage for all pre-existing conditions; no waiting period, and at the SAME low rate as people who had no such condition. That’s an huge difference. I do understand how insurance works and obamacare isn’t it! Medicare is also failing because they aren’t paying docs/hospitals adequately for the costs of the services rendered. Part of that is the gov’t agreements with big Pharma and part is the unionization of employees and their agreements with those unions that are just unsustainable. Docs have been bailing in Medicare and Medicaid patients for years, since before that was even law, because they CANNOT afford to treat patients on those remunerations. The Scottsdale satellite for Mayo Clinic stopped taking all Medicare patients in ’10 for that reason too. Hospitals are going broke; staff are retiring early or seeking other careers, if they’re younger, etc. Insurance needs to be ONLY for the catastrophic and routine care out of pocket for everyone. It’s a SERVICE, not a right. How far do you think you’d get trying to make your car insurer pay for oil changes and tire rotations? THAT’s what breaking the system. It can’t support the oil changes and tire rotations too. It’s only meant to deal with the major crashes.

  13. Says TRAITOR “SongBird” McLame!!

    John McCain’s Dirty Little Secret

    McCain’s ISIS Ties Are Too Numerous For America

    John McCain Responds to Staged ISIS Beheading Video

    McCain and the POW cover-up The ‘war hero’ candidate
    buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam

    John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s

    His Nickname by other POW’s is songbird!! Not because he had a good voice BUT because he told the enemy anything they wanted to know!!!!

    He’s a F–KING traitor!!!!!!!

  14. McSenile’s view is ” It’s probably going to be dead”. My view is” McSenile is going to see to it that Repeal will be dead” instead of trying to keep the promise to the voters before the last election that ObamaCare will be repealed!

    Find some spine and do your job you backstabbing RINO!

  15. Arizona needs to ferret out the voter fraud going on there…and get RINO McCain out of office, get a real republican in there!

  16. George E. LeFebvre

    Without the likes of McCain and Graham, Obamacare can be replaced and or fixed. The obstructionist in both Parties are the real problem. When Pelousi and her idiotic counter parts rammed through Obamacare without so much of a debate about its contents, the Media and Dumbocrats didn’t give a damn. “WE SHOULD ALWAYS REMEMBER THE FAMOUS WORDS COMING FROM PELOUSI “YOU WON’T KNOW WHATS IN THE BILL UNTIL IT IS PASSED” Years later, most still don’t know whats in the bill. Other than higher insurance rates. Republicans are trying to get a bill by working with the Dumbocrats, but as usual the Dumbocrats don’t want to work with the Republicans to fix the Abortion they Created with Obummer Care.. Time for them to get their heads out of their butts and start a dialog and work together to fix all the crap Obummer created.

    • When did the democrats EVER want to ask republicans about Obamacare and ask for their input? why are we hinging on democrats opinions? What good is a total republican congress if its not put to good use? Again, I say let obamacare fail on its own…its only a matter of time. Go back to the former system. And you will notice too that nothing is addressed to the insurance companies or the pharmacuticals who are robbing all of us, including the government blind.

    • Not unless you pay them.

  17. The stool pigeon of the Hanoi hilton. What a senile joke.

  18. McCain is a traitor! He is determined to see that anything, regarding President Trump’s agenda, is bad-mouthed and fails and that includes McConnell, Graham and that snake, Ryan. McCain, and his gang of traitors, wants President Trump to fail at all costs and McCain’s attitude is ”to hell with the USA”. McCain is a total disgrace! Why haven’t the people of Arizona recalled this green with envy and malevolent person? He should go back to Arizona and sit on a cactus. God bless President Trump and God bless America.

    • McCain is a senile old man who should not be in office but like the zombie Pelosi the voters keep electing them.

  19. He is a perfect example of why we need TERM LIMITS!

  20. Wish the phony war hero “Songbird” McCain would just officially join the Democrap party. He really should be in an old age home with his depends diapers.

  21. Mclame McCain, if I remember right didn’t SOROS donate $1 Million to your foundation, plus saudia Arabia gave another 1 million plus. How nice it is our politicals are bought and payed for hacks.

  22. John McCain need to jump off a cliff

  23. Songbird mccain what a piece of crap. The Maverick what a joke

    I CAN’T BELIEVE THE PEOPLE IN ARIZONA KEPT YOU IN OFFICE ALL THESE YEARS – WAIT, THEY VOTED FOR HILLARY THE FEMALE DOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. McCain doesn’t know what day it is!

  26. Keep McCain off the airwaves………he just likes to blow hot air. Why isn’t he trying to do something about healthcare? Is he a democrat at heart? He is a RINO and I am sick of hearing his negative remarks.John McCain, you old goat, SHUT the HELL UP!

  27. Old politics is just hard to get rid of and that’s just the problem with the left, the establishment which includes the likes of McCain. We finally have a man as president, that despite his unusual approach, wants to make America a great nation again. Only a business man that believes in the one true God can be successful in doing that. Trump is still growing in knowing Jesus but he is the best human being we have to get all things improved. God Bless America and president Trump.

  28. 2018 approaches. It is time to vote the obstructionist DemoRats & backstabbing RINOS out of office and replace them with patriots who will MAGA!!!

  29. I pray he is very WRONG. Time for him to go hunt rocks, please retire.

    Arizona conservatives, please find and elect a replacement NOW. A recall would be in order. McCain is past ripe.

  30. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    Why post about this traitor–wasting time putting a traitor’s views in here that no one pays attention to–why do you not post about real humans not a cacaroach like mcpain in the wazoo

  31. And Little John “Pot Head” McCain is going to make sure that we are stuck with Obambam Care. Being the spiteful little B*stard that he is. He found it in his heart to forgive the NVA for his torture and imprisonment but like Obambam he just don’t like America or Americans, F them. He’s is a worthless piece of human debris.

  32. This man is truly a creep.

  33. I gave up caring what that looooooser says a long time ago, he has zero credibility in my opinion.

  34. Fed Up With Politicians

    Then they need to keep working until they can agree on a plan! No vacations!

  35. Fed Up With Politicians

    I think their salaries should be withheld until they can agree on a health care plan! I also think they should be on the same type insurance as they give us! There should be term limits AND age limits to serve in Congress! Everyone older than 70 needs to retire! I have never heard of so many government workers being millionaires! They are allowed insider trading, get housing allowances, get food allowances, etc., etc. No wonder we’re in debt!!! Take away all their perks and see how many retire!!

  36. Well McCain is hardly a respected or credible person to listen to anymore. He is aging out, so to speak and few Republicans and probably more Dems and Independents listen to him anymore. he is more of an annoyance than anyone with anything substantial to say.

  37. It has collapsed and therefor has something that does not exist cannot go anywhereno place to go

  38. McCain once a hero now a zero

  39. Why would anyone pay attention t McCain at this point or ever for that matter. He is all over the place never has a good idea in his life and like to be obstinate, people like that have problem. He should be ignored and maybe he’ll go away.

  40. It is unusable and is bought only because the fines for not buying are larger than the premiums

  41. sandraleesmith46

    There is NO PLACE for Dems’ “comprimise” on health care; THAT is what we need to get rid of! Dems don’t compromise on ANYTHING! They just WHINE and DEMAND MORE! REPEAL obamacare entirely, THEN we can look at what, IF anything, is needed to “replace” it! And could someone PLEASE “rock” McCain to sleep for the next 5 1/2 years????


    It seems utterly unbelievable that Republicans did not have a coherent strategy to repeal and replace Obamacare after six years of political moaning, but there’s no other conclusion to draw. They are Wile E. Coyote, having caught the Roadrunner, and now having no clue what to do with him.

  43. Senator McCain stated recently that he thought he should be president. Obviously, nine years later, he still thinks he should be running our government, and feels any repeal of Obamacare, no matter how disastrous it is to this country, “isn’t going anywhere!” The ego of that man knows no bounds! Meanwhile, the citizens of Arizona are dealing with sky-high premium hikes and insanely high co-pays to provide FREE healthcare to millions of immigrants and ME Muslim refugees the American people never wanted brought into the US in the first place! In my book, John McCain is just as much a traitor to the American people as Barack Obama was! The fact they’re both globalist puppets helps to explain that treasonous phenomenon! Wake up and dump McCain, Arizona voters! And Senator Jeff Flake isn’t any better than McCain! He needs to be replaced by an American patriot also!

  44. Ricardo Dieguez

    McCain has to go! He is showing his true colors. He only cares about himself! Get out already!

  45. McLame is a pathetic RINO traitor.He is way past due to retire and just STFU.

  46. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. McCain has his head so far up his butt, he has bad breath and a bald head covered with a comb over of his own feces!!! We plan to vote Flake out in 2018 because he’s in lockstep with McCain and the rest of the RINO’s. The RINO’s and Dem’s only care about themselves, their retirements and perks they receive from us taxpayers. Time to Drain the Damned Swamp 100%, repeal Obama care, Common Core and many other costly government programs that support only those who don’t want to work for a living!!!

  48. We have put the scum of the earth in public office… they have no idea of what is going on and just don’t give a damn what “we the people ” think or need. It is all a big game to them… some of the aholes up there need to hung from the neck…. they have been and are still, bought and paid for, from the big pharma to big ins, to big law, … everyone is big with big pockets but you guessed it …. “we the people”. The only thing we have is bigger numbers… just how do get the American public off of its dead azz.

  49. I notice, all the vocal politicians who criticise our duly elected President, seem to be drawn to a microphone, or TV camera, or some reporter for an interview, like bugs to a night light. They just so happen to be the losers of their own bid for Pres.. McCain never saw a reporter he didn`t love. Or a Democrat, he couldn`t wait to jump in bed with.

  50. McCain needs to retire. He wouldn’t be anyone without dad and granddad. Hell he fired a rocket or missile off while staged on an aircraft carrier. He’s a loose cannon, a war monger, a member of the great war machine that Eisenhower warned about. He is in fact and indeed a prime contender for the real and true Manchurion candidate.

  51. Maybe if he had to pay obamacare instead of getting his premium care free on the taxpayers, he would sing a different song. He needs to go. He is part of the swamp.

  52. Unfortunately neither is John McCain!

  53. McCain is still trying to be an influence but is becoming a donkey’s behind because he doesn’t like the President. Why didn’t this joker spend as much rhetoric about the Abummer’s 8 years of destruction of the USA? He appears to be a traitor of our country in his old age.

  54. John, most Republicans, all democrats and journalist simply do NOT have a Clue what Trump is doing as he keeps everyone in the dark and does what he does best….WORK! He has gotten more done since he came into office than John has done in years. John is still seething about what Trump said about him during the campaign. One can’t help be reminded what Reagan said about “much get done when no one cares about who gets the credit.”

    • The truth hurts McCain the RINO who is a senile old man and as far as I`m concernd is as usless as tit`s on a bull.


  56. Every war has its share of traitors , Every congress and senate has its share of people who claim to be either repub. or demos. but they will betray their party for their own gain. Enter John McCain.

  57. I agree with McCain, unusual for me to do so, but I agree when he says we need to pull the democrats into the decisions also. PUBLICALLY ask them, plead with them to get on board, we need the best decisions and efforts of all people including democratic party leaders. Open minded discussion’s, debating and compromise for the best interest of the people and the nation IS A MUST! Mitch McConnell is a half-wit that has always created more problems than solutions and should never be allowed to touch anything that pertains to the American people.
    The problems we all face with Obama Care creates undo hardships on Democrats as much as it dose Republicans and independents.
    For seven years we heard these problems over and over again and every attempt to see change was stopped by hard-headed democratic leaders who wee more interested in bragging rights than in working to fix the problems or in offending Obama regardless of who was being hurt.
    I see no reason for a total rewrite of Obama care; it seems many are interested more in changing the name than in fixing the problems. The problems are not with the name; the problems are within the mandates that causes trouble and unnecessarily burdensome costs; many forced to buy Obama Care are paying as much for their home as they are for their health coverage and may never use it or need it.
    We all know Obama care is far to costly, too hard on everyone and the idea that ANY American should be forced to buy something they do not need, do not want and can not afford is absurd. Those parts of Obama Care MUST be changed.
    The idea of allowing some insurance companies to carry plans that would be optional to a national mandated policy without being forced upon everyone who does not need the policy is far more sensible than the Mandates of Obama care; Why those became a requirement will always be a mystery; most likely to appease the wealthy owners and investors in the health care industry and “get votes” for certain politicians.

  58. McCain is more of a yes man. Whatever suits everyone else. As long as he is making good money, and later on, pension. He don’t want to jeopardi
    ze that. And use to be a Democrat.

  59. McCain needs to be sent packing.

  60. So….if john McCain makes a statement, it makes it truth? Oh, my.

  61. Songbird McCain should shut his sewer drain hole and retire! He is a closet dimbulb dipwad demoRAT! He’s what the Bible calls a wolf in sheepskin clothing!
    McCain along with the rest of the lousy lying RINO’s dry up; turn into dust; and blow away in the wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Why is it that EVERY TIME this old skunk opens his mouth its anti-Trump agenda? Someone needs to put this guy in a box and not let him out. Paul Ryan needs to man up and tell McCain to STFU.

  63. The “canary” sings again. Who elected him President? Let’s hope the good people of Arizona vote him out. He is an jealous envious old man who can’t stand that Trump is the peoples choice, not him. He failed when he had the chance and America is better off without him. Of course, Bathhouse Barry is worse, but what is better, a rock or a hard place?

  64. Here’s the bottom line; when I see John McCain’s name attached to a comment or an opinion I simply don’t waste my time. He is irrelevant ?

  65. John McCain is the biggest loser in history – AZ keeps sending him to DC where he does nothing but a J Kerry and his purple heart story…..McCain sold out while the NVA and russians hosted him at the Hanoi hilton…..My friends where kept in tiger cages and make shift holes…Jr. didn’t do chit – He was set up – The woman was running around DC meeting with a load of dems before and after the meeting with Jr. Now a man named smith who was researching and getting those missing E-mails was conveniently suicide…..

    LMFAO – sorry folks – They never had ANY INTENTION of repealing chit —- it was a talking point to gather votes and send them to DC….Disgustocrats and RINOS….they aim to stay in power and money at peoples expense and that’s the jest of it…….

  66. Phyllis Handkins

    These RINOS are too busy being promoters of the liberal thinking to be any use to President Trump.

  67. Stephen Griffith

    Mr. Mc Cain is Repugnutz Rhino that needs to be out to pasture. He is only in it to get fat as a rat off the O.P.M. , other peoples money. Him & the Dumb Donkey Party only care to take care of them & their own. They only whine & dine on all the freebies they stuff in their guts. Instead of being helpful to The President & getting to work to Drain the swamp! Like fat Hogs they would rather lay around in the muck & mire! It’s disgusting!!!!

  68. Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  69. Is this any surprise? Remember McCain was part of the group that wrote and pushed the MASSIVE Immigration Reform Bill through the senate several years back. The bill was passed in the Senate but died when it got into the lower house as the Democrats refused to allow any changes to it as written; just like they are doing with Obama care.
    McCain, after the bill stalled, said – – – “Maybe we should have studied the problems with immigration before we wrote the bill” That sounds like someone who has been around way to long, suffers from the same syndrome Hillary Clinton does (votes on bills without reading them) and then wants to claim our problems were created by someone else!

  70. Have you seen the spending bill in Washington? There is provisions in the bill to allow illegal immigrants to work in the federal government! Representatives Frelinghuysen and Graves

    submitted the amendment which if the final bill is approved with it in tact would allow Illegal Immigrants to work in the federal government.
    As if our local, state and federal governments have not already been infiltrated by special interest groups including the Hispanic and Mexican groups, we are now going to be forced to accept even deeper infiltrations into our government and our lives.
    Everyone needs to be calling their representatives and insisting this be removed from the funding bill before it goes to any further votes! Every niche these groups manage to slip through takes them closer to their final objectives – Obama supported their assault on our society and pandered to their interest and objectives; we now need to work to return our nation to us!

  71. Dennis Anderson

    Hey you people have messed up my health care for the last 8 + years who the fork do you think you are. I get to wait behind illegals at the community hospital now. My doctor shut down the Waldport Family Clinic. His wife was secretary / nurse, and Obama care did him in. I dont want my government involved in my health. I dont need a health care pimp get out of my life. What the government & hospitals want is 2 fold ?? They want to handle the money so the hospitals will get something for their trouble. They want you to pay for all the dead beats they arent telling us about. Now there are alot of dead beats out there that will take advantage of the free stuff instead of paying for it themselves. Why should you spend 3 times what the bums/ dregs / illegals get for free? Wake the hell up tell the government were not paying for there brown colored illegal friends. If they want to be around family go to mexico or the middle east for a vacation. Were not interested in foreign countries being set up here this is america.

  72. McCain I think you have a blood clot of the brain. You are a DISGRACE to REPUBLICANS!!!

  73. McAmnesty is right. ObamaCare is not going anywhere thanks to RINOs like him. It appears BOTH political parties would rather see America destroyed than give Trump and inch to prove himself. The voters be damned, it’s their way or else. Trump can never be allowed to succeed and prove them wrong. They don’t want to govern, they want to rule !

  74. Okay with me if Trumpcare fails so long as they let Obamacare die a natural death. If they try to “save” Obamacare, there are going to be a lot of angry conservatives who never wanted Federally-mandated health care to begin with. If individual States want to experiment with State-mandated health care, let them but keep the Fed out of it. They can’t handle all the programs they have now. If you think $20 trillion debt is manageable, then go ahead and pass Trump or keep Obama. It probably doesn’t really matter any longer because all of our indebtedness will ruin the nation. It is out of control !!!

  75. Mclame is George Soros puppet and trouble maker ,,, time send him down road

  76. I do not want Obama name on anything .. F- Obama


  78. I notice that McCain isn’t under obozocare or VA care in AZ right now for his surgery……

  79. JMc isn’t going any where . The man is becoming an pain in the butt.

  80. The Demorats don’t know that if they continue to block Health Care reform they stand a “0” chance of regaining any majority in any state or nation legislative election! Too bad deserving citizens are the worst losers here!

    • I disagree with you jackhy; your suggestion that democrats will not have a chance of regaining any majority in the next elections may be flawed. Flawed because many, as I have already done, will most likely leave the democratic party and find satisfaction as a Republican or Independent. The democratic party leadership is certainly not showing any reason for their membership to trust or accept them or the party agenda.
      I do not believe it is the “democrats” but rather the Democrat party leadership that is creating these problems. I believe that is why they lost the seats they did in the last election.
      Democrats are no different that Republicans; they are subjected FAR TOO MUCH to the mind set of their party leaders; not the voters and not necessarily by the elected representatives. Party leaders hold a strong hand over the men and women we send to Washington; we have far to little control over what they do!

      • To a large degree you are correct in your analogy here. It is the leaders of each of the two major parties. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on the democrats side and Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell on the republican side. They are precisely why much of the Trump agenda will not get done unless changes are made and soon. However, those predicting gloom and doom in the 2018 election if nothing gets done are wrong I believe. Most of the American citizens (I said citizens for a reason) see through this charade that is going on right now. The elitists on both sides of the isle have declared war on President Trump. A war they cannot win I believe. This nations survival depends on them not winning.

        Hopefully more and more American citizens will wake up and see the plans these progressive communists who have infiltrated both parties have for this nation. It is a very gloomy picture in my view. One that must not materialize or succeed in any way. It is difficult for me to believe so many democrats want to see present day America become communistic. The majority of Americans will not turn their backs on our constitutional rights and gained liberties. There is no nation on earth like the United States of America. Donald Trump was and is right when he says “Make America Great Again.” That motto should be every patriotic Americans true goal.

  81. That brain has been infected a long time now. B’Bye Songbird!

  82. Michael Dennewitz

    Hey songbird, when are you going to start chemo for your damned empty head.. When they xray, the only thing they’ll find is one huge turd!! 🤣😃😄

  83. If you look at McCain’s record, it is amazing that he wasn’t court-martialed and locked up. Before he was shot down he bombed an aircraft carrier with 2 1000-pound bombs, destroyed numerous planes, and killed or wounded almost 300 sailors. The only problem was that the carrier was the USS Forrestal and they were our guys. He also admitted to crashing 3 planes because he was “clowning around.” The only thing that saved his sorry ass was that his dad and grandfather were respected admirals and he graduated from the Naval Academy. I think he stayed in N. Vietnam when he could have left earlier was so he could claim to be a “hero.” Ask anyone who was in the Navy then what they think of him. After that, he had no career in the Navy because they didn’t want him. He should do the honorable thing now…retire and let the Ariz. Gov. appoint a real conservative Republican who won’t sell us out.

    • I agree but there is no chance of that! Trump was correct when he said getting captured does not make someone a hero. John McCain is not now and has never been a hero. He was a screw up. In the military we had a more precise name. Anyone who was ever in the military knows what it was/is.

  84. Mc Cain, is a has been, the sooner he get’s voted out of office the better AMERICA will be. Any way you look at it, he hates TRUMP because, TRUMP is getting things done without help from the corrupt democrats (most of them).

  85. The navy needs to bring him back to active duty to face court martial over the death of 134 sailors, and the crashing of five aircraft including one in flight school that he stalled, he ran off while fellow sailors fought the fire on the USS Forrestal

  86. John McCain is just one of the problems that needs to go down the drain when the cesspool gets drained. They being the Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats. They make all these promises then get there and do nothing. The 1 good thing is that McCain doesn’t have Obama Care for health care coverage. So he’ll actually get good medical treatment.

  87. Obama birth certificate had nothing to do with where he was born it was all about who his real father is “OBAMA’S REAL FATHER IS FRANK MARSHAL DAVIS” Don’t believe me check for yourself there are plenty of pictures of him. Obama is the spitting image of his father. So why lie about his father? Obama’s father was a card carrying communist.


  89. John McCain is a traitor and not just for the Healthcare Bill. He played footsies with the N. Vietnamese to keep from being killed and then comes home and declares himself a hero. McCain needs to get out of politics and go home to Arizona and fade away quickly into the sunset, never to be heard from again. That is my wish for the week. HE IS A RINO A TRAITOROUS RINO.

  90. McCain is a crazy old phart who should have died in Vietnam. Surely that would have.made his Dad happy. He was a miserable student; a miserable Navy Officer; and a miserable pilot. The only thing he was ever good at was getting captured. Then he got called a hero by the press, since he was the Son of an Admiral.
    That got him elected to public office where he could live well on taxpayer money and be miserable ever since. He really needs to just die; so all that liberal and RINO money can pour in to provide a grand hero-type funeral and perhaps a larger-than-life statue that some equally ignorant black revolutionary will pull down in the future. Oh, the joy !

  91. Of coarse it is you traitorous bastard, and you helped to make sure it is. How much longer must we wait for the cancer to rid our country of you & your sick twisted mind. You are an example of what happens when you are addicted to weed. You could be the poster boy for this is your brain on drugs. You are “Little John Pothead McCain” you sick twisted F**K. .

  92. We will be able to get rid of Obambam Care, when we get enough Conservatives in the Senate and get McConnell out of charge and put someone in who knows what the hell he is doing and how get things we want done. This is not the first time we have been fooled by Republicans, Trent Lott was another one, and when we do get a real Conservative in there republicans allow the Demon-Craps to destroy them. As per Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay. It is really the Republicans where the majority of swamp people are, because they are stupid and have no desire to work for us, US, only their own pocket book and benefits. They are afraid of leadership and prefer to be lead by the Demon-Craps, and just put on occasional dog and pony shows to get on TV.

  93. McCain is a Democrat dressed as Republican and it will be up to the people from Arizona to vote him out of office!
    He is not doing any good for his people and for the Country.

  94. Well McCain the Democrat in disguise, I don’t want to wish anything bad but I’d rather have my country saved then this loony tune live .

  95. This whole thing is to take heat off Hillary’s murders.

  96. mccain showing his rhino ways as always! He is history, he should retire before his CONSTITUTES IMPEACH HIM!

  97. McCain can’t get past the pre election debates and Trumps comments about his being a hero only because he got captured by the NVA. So McCain would rather try to destroy Trump than do something to help his constituents avoid 114% increases in their healthcare premiums. How small of the man.

  98. This Jackfool is definitely a Republican in name only. I am totally ashamed that this nut is a part of the Republican party. I am moving on from the Republicans. They do not do what they say. We gave them the House, we gave them the Senate and we gave them the Presidency yet they can’t get one thing done. I have been a Republican since 1970 when I registered to vote, when it was not popular to be a Republican but I did it because i wanted to see change. Unfortunately, too many Repubs are actually Dems and are just dressed up as Republicans. Their ideoldgy is no different. This is sickening. What’s even worse is I voted for this idiot for President. McCain you are a piece of s**t.

  99. McCain should STFU and besides – You and the other elites DON’T HAVE OBOZOCARE….

  100. Ever since his brain cancer, McCain has gone off the deep end. I have great pity for him. All he wants to do for the rest of his life is to destroy Donald Trump and destroy the USA.

  101. I wish this traitor would some day have to stand up to the Justice I pray comes his way. He is no hero, hero’s don’t have to toot their own horns and prefers not to. Is not that way with this poser. I also pray he does not get away with his corrupt actions with and for Hitlary. We all know this traitor is no Republican and with all the lies spewing from his disgusting mouth, he sound more and more like a lying Liberal Dictator Democrat. He has done everything he can to harm OUR President and I really believe it is just because he is still butt hurt that the American People did not choose his lying ass. Guess way back then, he thought he could keep up the lie of which Party he really belong to. No real hero, turns against their President just because McCain is to thin skinned to acted like a grown up with morals and honor. True Hero’s shows only honor and truth. That is something traitor McCain could never do. Even heard some of his own men from his squad states he is NO Hero but really someone who turned against his own men to save his pathetic ass.
    Hopeful the People who trusted him will vote his lying ass out. Or maybe he will need to take the rest of his life off because of his health. I say it is karma that took all his lies and smacked him in the face.
    His day will come, and that is when he goes to the pearly gates to be turned away for all his lies and scandalicious behavior with the Corrupt Democratic Party and with CROOCKED Hitlary.

  102. He’s a deep state puppet trader! Arizona, Stop voting him in the Senate!!!

  103. Dear McCain – you are going somewhere……..FEEL YOUR BRAINS BEING EATEN BY CANCER……GOOD FEELING HUH……

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