That Was Fast: NY Dems Move to Register Illegals to Vote

Not a month after their Greenlight law went into effect, allowing illegal aliens to apply for driver’s licenses, New York Democrats are moving towards the next phase of their sick plot to overturn American democracy. In a ploy that is no doubt being watched carefully by Democratic Party masters in Washington, the New York Senate passed legislation on Thursday that will automatically register all who get a driver’s license in the state to vote.

Illegal aliens and other non-citizens will be expected to “opt-out” of this scheme by checking the appropriate box at the DMV. Sure they will.

From Breitbart:

New York Democrats pitched the legislation as an effort to “reduce the incidence of voter registration fraud and voting fraud,” as well as to “prevent erroneous disfranchisement of eligible citizens, promote greater participation of eligible voters in elections…”

Sponsoring the legislation is Democrat Michael Gianaris, and co-sponsors include Democrat Joe Addabbo Jr., Jamaal Bailey, Alessandra Biaggi, John Liu, Neil Breslin, and Liz Krueger.

Currently in New York, American citizens only need a driver’s license to register to vote, and although applicants are required to swear that they are eligible to vote, state election officials have previously admitted that “it’s basically an honor system.”

If you don’t believe this is part of a wider scheme to make illegal aliens eligible to vote in state and federal elections, perhaps it’s worth remembering a little vote in the House of Representatives last March. That was when House Republicans wanted to add language to the “HR1” legislation that would have specifically condemned voting by illegals.

“Allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of United States citizens,” the measure read.

All but six Democrats in the House voted against the resolution.

Other than a desire to be contrarian to any proposal put forward by Republicans, the Democrats have no firm ground upon which to center their pro-illegal immigration philosophy. An unending influx of illegals hurts every American, including those who vote for Democrats. Perhaps especially those who vote for Democrats. So what are Democrats getting out of co-opting this non-voting population into their political ranks?

Well, the answer is obvious. They are grooming these newcomers to be Democrats for life. That may not matter in the 2020 election or even the one in 2024. But eventually – and sooner than we’d like to believe – they plan to turn these border criminals into voters. And as we see from the example set in New York, they aren’t even really trying to hide it anymore.

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