“Thanks for the Hospitality”: Syrian Migrant Arrested for London Attack

London police arrested the second of two men suspected to be responsible for Friday’s Parsons Green terror attack, and he, like the first suspect, is a refugee from the Middle East. 21-year-old Syrian migrant Yahyah Farouk now joins his 18-year-old foster “brother” – not yet named by police – in custody.

Farouk, whose name was leaked by a local business owner, stayed with the same British foster family that cared for the first suspect. Law enforcement officials said he has lived in the UK for approximately four years. Among other items of interest on the young migrant’s Facebook page was a picture of the London Eye attraction, under which he had written a verse from the Quran: “And God would not punish them when they asked forgiveness.”

The foster parents have been identified as Ronald and Penelope Jones. They were honored by the Queen in 2010 for their work housing hundreds of refugees from the war-torn Middle East, and those who know them say they are exemplary Christians who should not be blamed for the terror that originated in their home.

“Penny and Ron are very good people,” a friend of the family told a UK newspaper. “They’ve been doing what decent English people have been doing for decades and that is offering a helping hand. They’re not to blame for this situation.”

Perhaps not, but the misguided, politically-correct notions that made the Joneses think that they were “helping” by providing shelter for hundreds of Syrian refugees? THAT is to blame. And we’re not saying that it’s not admirable for people like the Joneses to open their homes to those in need. We’re simply saying that they too are victims of an insidious liberal plot to simply give away Western culture to people who will never assimilate.

That this attack “only” injured 30 people on the London tube system is a mark of the terrorists’ incompetence and nothing more. It could have easily killed scores of passengers and become the latest horror to emerge from the culture of Islamic extremism. But whether the blast killed a thousand people or only gave a few nearby passengers some minor burns, the excuses on the left would be the same. And we would already be hearing – as we ARE hearing – how Islamophobia is the real crime. Not ALL Muslims, etc., etc.

Well, no kidding it’s not ALL Muslims. No one thinks that. But the mere fact that this point needs to be hammered again and again shows that while it may not be ALL Muslims or even MOST Muslims, it is most certainly SOME Muslims, and that’s the problem. That’s the problem that Western civilization – and Islam itself – needs to figure out, because the frequency of these attacks is only growing.


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