Thanks for Nothing, John McCain

In the early morning hours of July 28, 2017, Sen. John McCain cemented his legacy as an enemy of American conservatism with his vote against the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare, thus likely tanking the one and only chance Republicans will ever have of ridding the nation of this burdensome, socialist form of government-sponsored healthcare. Thanks to McCain (with a special shout out to Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski and Maine’s Susan Collins), millions of Americans will continue to be forced to buy health insurance they don’t want, thousands of business owners will continue to struggle to meet an unacceptable federal mandate, and the government itself will continue to grow and grow and grow…

Of course, why should anyone be surprised at McCain’s betrayal? Not only did he signal his last-minute, backstabbing vote with his sanctimonious “Why can’t we all just get along” speech earlier in the week, he’s made a career for himself voting against the interests of the American people. Oh, he can talk a good game when there’s no pressure, but when it comes to his legislative legacy, he’s been one of the most effective liberals in the Senate for a long time. Who needs Democrats when you have Republicans like John McCain?

On the other hand, let’s be realistic about what this was. Republicans did NOT want this bill to become law. If McCain had voted yes, someone else would have voted no. It would have probably been Dean Heller of Nevada, but there are a few others who might have been willing to be the “patsy.” As it was, McCain gave cover to the other cowardly Republicans who can now go home and say, “Hey, I voted for it, y’all.” When really, they only did so because they knew it was safe. This was a show. What we don’t know is when it stopped being about repealing Obamacare and started being about pandering to the right. This week? This year? Or has it always been this from the very beginning?

Retaining Obamacare doesn’t just have its own ramifications for healthcare and the economy, it also makes it very difficult for the Senate to pass any form of truly revolutionary tax reform in the fall. Without the adequate reductions in Medicaid spending, Mitch McConnell’s going to find it hard to reduce the deficit enough to pass tax reform through the budget reconciliation process. That means they’ll have to bring in Democrat votes, and that means they may as well not even bother. Democrats aren’t interested in working with the GOP right now, and it’s hard to imagine they would ever vote for tax reductions in the first place. With the failure of Obamacare repeal, Republicans may be staring at more than a year’s worth of legislative inaction.

Which means many voters are going to start wondering (again) why they even bothered to come out to the polls last November.

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  1. disqus_Hczv3TBKdY

    Au contraire mes ami chiffon républicain … (on the contrary Republican rag for those “French challenged” out there)
    Thank you for EVERYTHING John McCain! A TRUE American hero and patriot.
    A REAL Republican senator (along with Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski) who ACTUALLY care about constituents……………………unlike the other 48 slime balls. Who would rather please McConnell and Trump than please (or care for … for that matter) for their constituents. 2018 and 2020 should be pretty telling for you 48….and I hope you get EVERYTHING coming to you and that YOU deserve!!!

    • U r a low life liberal idiot,take your head out of your rectum,you haven’t got brains enough to see what the Majority of americans can see what is good them, your BS party lost get over it

      • My language might have been a bit more earthy but you said it right. I think those people have already managed to lose both houses in the next election. When that happens, Socialists will be the majority, Trump will be impeached, found guilty, kicked out of office and they’ll find a way to get rid of Pence. Then this country will become an Islam worshiping Socialist dictatorship. Thanks to people like McCain.

        • God forbid, I would hate to see what our future generations would have to endure,because of todays dimwits

          • I just had a terrible thought. Can you imagine what our country would be like if McCain had been elected President?

          • That wasn`t a thought it was a nightmare .

          • URWorstNightmare

            Actually most of us were worried about the female Moose from Alaska that he chose as a running mate.

          • Obviously we’re all entitled to our opinion. But I think she’d been a lot better than McCain. And at least she’s not Obama.

          • THE ANSWER: you would be trained to give up strictly confidential information about your country in order to survive…. kinda like the way that McCain runs his campaign and his political life…. give up the info as long as you progress your agenda!!!

          • No she is not in anyway better than McCain or Obama. She would be another tweeter.

          • I wouldn’t mind that Moose on my North Pole. anyone with me?

          • Absolutely the truth. I think that the Republican party did that to McCain, knowing that Palin is a ninny. Most men start by discussing her physique? Well, the brains end there. Anyway we really do not know what happens with these party leaders.

          • Much as a Hate to, I would have to agree, since he would have still had the cancer growning in him, and would have to resign and let Palin become Potus.

          • Francisco Machado

            We’ve been close to a few nightmares – Al Gore, Hillary Clinton – and we did have one actually elected, Barack Obama.

          • You mean you are not aware that Trump has got us waiting for the decision of the NK mr.H. to see who he can hit with his ammo in the u.s. Trump has diarrhoea of the mouth and we will see what it gets us. His real friends had been the Russians. Supposedly they are mad at him. I think it is show by both Trump and Putin and it will be resolved by Trump who will be elected again because of the on going saga with the Russians, where Trump looks like a real hero!
            My guess is as good as the next. think about it. What if I am right?

        • You are a typical liberal without a clue McCaine is a discusting RINO who would throw his mother under the bus if it benefited him. He will be drained out of the swamp with the rest of the swamp rats. Your party lost and Trump will be around for the next eight years so dream on. The democrats have dug themselves a deep hole that the taxpayers will cover them up in the next election. Get your head out of your a.. and grow up.

        • You are psychic? I think that God is with Trump to punish American right to it’s knees for a lot of things that are not so good.

      • URWorstNightmare

        And you’re the sphincter that needs wiping and that needs to understand that liberal or conservative we should all be free to think as Americans and not be forced to see just from your point of view you Fascist Pig.

        • You are free to think because you are in America but you lack a brain and by your posts it shows you haven`t got one.

          • It appears to me Hawk that URWorstNightmare is thinking like you. I don’t know. Explain.

      • You mean majority of Americans like the Russian friends of Trump.?

      • America lost with your win.

      • disqus_Hczv3TBKdY

        Don…..the only low lifes in THIS country are currently in the White House…..including the morons he nominated and best of all Don….are the idiot low lifes (like you) that support this clown….and show up at rallies to hear his latest rants of pure BS that you morons buy hook line and sinker every single time.. Congratulations Don…on being included with that bunch of deplorable.
        BTW, yeah Trump won…..I am so over it….but be careful…he isn’t lasting 4 years (actually – funny story … he might not last 1). So make your peach when that happens buddy….and try not to cry in your beer….spoils the taste and all….

    • So what you are saying disqus _HCZV3TBKdy is that you “preefure zee tastay of sperm” (sorry been awhile since I took French class) so are you a pussy liberal Canadian who wouldn’t survive a war with Quebec let alone another country (actually you prolly like Trubeau’s tight pants dont you- yum yum) or are you just another tree hugging left wing snowflake that’ll be killed during our next civil war BECAUSE YOU DICKWADS CAN’T KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT!!!!

      • disqus_Hczv3TBKdY

        Oh Ken….you could not make yourself look more stupid ….more ignorant….and more wrong….
        In that light you are much like Trump…….tripping over your own stupidity and ignorance. I am neither Liberal….nor French …nor from Quebec (I am amazed you could spell that – probably “goggled” it huh). So…nice to see your profane laced rant you call a reply (were you just watching Alex Jones before you wrote this – might explain it)….. It just proves my point about pinheads like yourself……carry on. Truly not sure what Trudeau has to do with any of this……but I wont quibble with a simpleton such as yourself…..must be hard enough to dress yourself in the morning ., let alone explain your psychotic delusions……

    • thank-you for having the sense to understand that political parties does not decide your conscious, you do.

    • You have made it clear and plain. Your statement is true and with conviction of a person who, also, cares for people with the need for the health care they can afford and use. I send my thanks with you to those legislators who had the dedication to their constituents before the pleasure of a President who wants nothing more than erasing all evidence of President Obama.
      Thank you Hczv3TBKdy. You spoke like a true American.

  2. Say Don Taylor he’s just another low life,” lazy” no work for a living dirtbag. Who wants all the free hand outs he can get. Because if he worked for a living he’d be like us Paying our Own Way through life, and being Robbed by our government to pay for all their welfare children

  3. The silver lining in it ALL, McCain
    hopefully will drop dead soon if all goes well. This giving the great people of Arizona the chance to elect a Republican replacement. And more importantly has sealed his fate in the history books as a true American traitor alongside the great Benedict Arnold.

  4. I’m an Arizona Republican voter who voted for his primary opponent and did not vote for him in the General election. He just cannot be counted upon. His word is no good. He had a gazillion ads running during the election thanks to bucks from The Establishment.

    • No vote for McCain. Was a good thing.

      • In the end you are correct, however for once it would be nice to have our side stick together. He was only voting for conference as I understand it which basically means they could write a plan and go from there. Cannot even do that now. I say screw the dems- it’s their plan which they and they alone passed. Let it fail, if you see my post above to TEL it won’t wreck my bottom line or “insurance” anyway. All I want is to be able to go online and pick a plan from several providers that fits my needs- my family too. The one item we cannot seem to “shop” for which is silly when you think how important it really is.

        • It is good to hear from someone who actually having a problem or will have a problem if it isn’t fixed, Yes we need to stick together

    • I am affraid that your votes are being counted the same way all communists votes are being counted. I believe the elites no longer count the votes and if we had honest people counting the votes, McCain would not have been elected at all.

      Just like Hillary didn’t win the primary in CA but the DNC gave it to her.

      “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
      —-Joseph Stalin

      • MAH: Putin loves Stalin and the memory of him. Stalin was horrible. I would not repeat his clever saying based upon the fact that it likely is the evil in Stalin that speaks. In our State, we have a solid voting system. It is up to the state to get it right and when you have someone from long ago getting it right with the voting machines and the procedures set up with the registrar of voters, your worries are not much. It was a Democrat Governor that promoted the honest voting machines. Then again, Stalin is not and was not an American. He and Putin were and are not interested in voting honesty. That is because they are not us. They are not in favor of our Democracy. Why would one even consider what Stalin thought with any respect. I disengage from people who are evil.

        • All I am saying is that We the People can no longer trust the people that count the votes.

          At least I don’t. The System here in CA is corrupt. The people that control it resist outside observers, have refused to clear dead people off the voting rolls.

          • AMEN!!

          • Agreed. We NEED to stop the fraud in the counting, set up strict election security that is NOT political.

          • It is essential that we STOP the fraud now, because everything we know is based on these “elected” officials being ELECTED.

            If what I suspect is true, they are not elected, and that means that they are not our representatives. And that means any law or tax that they imposed is taxation without representation……

            My fight is with the MEDIA, as I believe that without a corrupt MEDIA, the people would not buy into the voter fraud, and the voter fraud as it is currently being done, would be a whole lot harder.



          With all the claims of Trump and others about voter fraud, they were only able to find voter fraud in 50 states. This article shows examples in the 50 states, one by one. Nothing to see here, just keep moving on.

 Registering DEAD voters!

          Put down the bong!!! You’ve had WAY to much already!! Also STOP watching the VISHNU channels;

          The Vishnu channel = I Vish I nu what I’m talking about!

        • socialsavvy,

          I was shown this video just this weekend. If you listen to it carefully, you will find that Trump is explaining the corruption that I was trying to explain to you before the election. And he does it a lot better than I did. The corruption is not at the people level like you and I, but at what I call the Elite Politician level.

          There is a new group out there called the Left. The Left is not progressive, because
          the left refuses to acknowledge changes that go against their narrative, like
          the discovery of an unique DNA at conception and Ultrasounds. The Left is not
          Liberal, because they do not tolerate free speech that goes against their
          narrative. The Left is not a Democrat because the Left is predominantly atheist
          and the Democrat party is predominantly God fearing Christians.

          If you ever hear me talking smack about Democrats, liberals, progressives, and such please be assured that I am not talking about the people within those groups, I am talking about the LEFT, that controls those groups.

          The Left is the group that is Communistic. They are not controlled by Putin, but the strive and work for a Communist style government where the people work for the State. Our Founding Fathers created a REPUBLIC where the power resided in the people (you and me) and WE gave our Federal Government the power to do things for us..

          The important thing to remember is that in a Republic, the people can take back the power. In a Communist state, the people never had the power to begin with. That is why I say Big Government is a form of Communism.

          I show you this because I value your friendship and want to believe that you too saw corruption within not only the Republican party but the Democrat party as well. Now that I have seen this speech, I KNOW Trump sees the same corruption.

          In this speech and his inaugural speech Trump promised to take the control away from the Elites and give the power back to the People as was intended by our Founding Fathers.

          So here is my promise to you, if you ever find Trump falling off track of the promises he made in this video and his inaugural speech, we are all in trouble. Let me know because I want to know. All the rest of the BS about Trump is fake news.

          • Hello MAHB: I appreciate your information and hope that in the near future I will be able to check this out really close. My son has the same conclusion that you do. I am thinking that the regular Democrat like me just likes the regular Democrat to vote for. I have no doubt that there are people who want to control the world. But it is stupid and not a good thing to do. I think of the problem with GMO food that is leading to eliminating the population without saying a word.
            I value your opinion even when I get on you about communism. You have a respect for you and thank you for your words to me.
            I am going to be in Houston at MDA for a few days. Glad you wrote.

          • well, a regular Republican like me, likes regular Republicans to vote for too, but unfortunately both our parties are corrupt and we are no longer voting for the people we think were voting for. Those people that want to control the world have infiltrated both parties and are using the good people in both parties as pawns.

            don’t let the Left steal your sovereign rights and freedoms and liberties. They are worth fighting for.( I think I really like your son) 🙂

            God bless and have fun in Houston.

      • Perfectly stated MAHB- ain’t seen you around in a while. How you been? You are still making way to much sense as usual.

    • SouthernPatriot

      John is a traitor to all his constituents who had their premiums hugely raised and could not afford them had to pay the IRS a fine. John is a traitor to his word, for what that is worth anymore or ever! John has a huge staff both in Arizona and in D.C. All of them received subsidies, rebates, and refunds to help them pay for their coverage under ObamaDoesn’tCare. I hope President Trump stops this subsidy and taxpayer paid stipends to John’s staff soon.

      • Your handle should be “southernTroll”. The premiums are being raised because Tweety is removing the subsidies so that the wealthy can get tax breaks. McCain is a hero. He trounces anything you ever accomplished in your life, from the moment you tumbled from your mom’s hairy, dignleberry encrusted asshole.

        • What an idiot!

          • I agree this guy is a fruit cake and an IDIOT

          • take a gander at the post I sent to chucky above Frank. I think I speak for both of us….cannot stand the left wing morons that want to take more and more from the producers as if they will benefit from it in any way, shape, or form.

        • What a piece of uninformed trash you are

          • Is that how a Patriot talks to a fellow American who is giving his opinion. That is right. You Republicans think that you and you alone have the right to say what you want and what others say or think is of no relevance to anything. I think a lot of McCain for standing up to Trump the “rump”.
            Right now Trump has put himself in a hole with all his lack of diplomatic knowledge and abilities. Not hard to be a bully when you have someone you can beat, but to tackle the biggest nations in the world is not too smart. I did not say Trump was smart, did I. So what else is new.

          • You talk about smart and completely ignore the most inept lazy President we have ever had the misfortune to be saddled with from his Obamacare designed to fail plan to his giving Iran nukes to his supporting anyone anti police or anti Christian

          • I also skewered social savvy for us patriot. Kind of hard to get through their thick empty skulls but is sure is fun to keep knocking on them !!!! IF and i mean IF there was equal and unbiased coverage in this country people like him would not exist unless they were truly retarted- my apologies to the mentally impaired of course.

          • YAWN- you should host a late night show. You can stand in front of the cameras and in a room full of snowflakes and keep saying how “dumb” trump is……if you actually kept track of everything he has done so far with NO HELP you would have to retract your insane rant. Just because somebody disagrees with you does not mean that are violating your first amendment rights. You have the right to be uninformed for as long as you wish. It just blows my mind how a multi-billionaire is constantly called stupid. I don’t care if you like him or not it just plain silly to call a man with that much success in his life stupid. Think about it…. if you can !

          • Did I say Trump was dumb? I did not think so. I think his behavior is so very unreasonable and that he does some really stupid things. The stupid things he has done is with the things he says to people or about people who do not deserve his wrath. What he did with starting that NK situation beginning during his campaign. You do not go threatening mental people like Mr. H. Good grief Trump has had absolutely no experience with this kind of situation and this kind of man. He has managed to get China mad at him. He had thought that China would side with the US but that is down right funny. China may smile and say we will be there and then they are there, continuing their good will with NK. This situation is serious. Wars accomplish very little. It is the poor, the working people and the military who get killed. Of course, with these missiles it is not the same thing when they are aimed at the US. Do I think that we are defenceless? I certainly hope not. I do not think war will be as it has been and I do not think that we need to be in a continuous war based on the inability of the leaders to communicate with good sense. This deal with NK should never have happened.

            By the way Trumps success in the business world does not impress me. He will impress me when he keeps the world at peace and makes progress with the economy. I do not like his plan for his health care. It does not affect me but those I know. Trump is not on his previous job so it mean nothing to government. This is an entirely different business.

          • You obviously left the ist out of your name — you ARE socialist-savvy, meaning that you are a certifiable idiot.

          • Sorry for your inaccurate judgement. I was a public servant. It is called Social Worker in many states.

          • I think I laid into him for us pretty good patriot.

          • Way to go

        • Chuckyschmucky, you are a first class a$$hole. The premiums have increased every year under Obama to the point people couldn’t afford it any longer. It did not have anything to do with President Trump!! My daughter’s family is without health insurance and they don’t qualify for Medicaid and their employer doesn’t offer it. So they pay the penalties for not having health insurance to the IRS and that is a lot cheaper. They don’t choose to be on welfare and God forbid anything should happen to this family. It is completely wrong to have them pay taxes for people on Medicaid when they don’t have health insurance.

          • Wasting your time with the little chucky doll. He is the typical left wing cry baby that thinks by punishing the successful his life is going to get better.

        • Nice pic! I’ll bet you drive the girls nuts with your big belly and tiny weewee.

        • Hey, I have the subsidy and my deductible has gone from $200 a year to $5500 a year in two years. This is Not affordable and happened in Obamas time before the election.

        • Typical liberal moron- you think even if the so called rich (who pay for the vast majority of the taxes in this country so you can live with mommy and daddy) are taxed at a higher rate it is going to somehow end up in your pocket? It all ends up in the government coffers and will be wasted just like your useless, angry, sad, basement dwelling life. Go “blog” on the huffington post where you belong with like minded lefty idiots. Blaming the rich is like blaming the food for starvation.

          • The working man pays the most taxes unless he has found out how to obtain the loop holes the very rich does. My husband and I paid more income taxes one year than the multi-million dollar industry he worked for. Now isn’t that special. It happened. You do not have to tell me about who pays the most taxes. Normally, I’d say if you pay a lot of taxes it means that you earned a lot of money. Not always. I do not blame anyone, as I feel so very blessed. I just wish things were better for a lot of the other people. People are worthy because they are human beings.

          • I can agree with most of your post- in theory, however I cannot stand when people say the rich use “loopholes”. Its called the tax laws and as long as they are followed I don’t care how much anybody else pays, earns, or deserves. None of my business and quite frankly even if the so called rich (who pay the majority of the taxes already but that is a story for another day) were to pay a higher rate it wouldn’t change my life one bit because you and I both know the extra money would only go to the government and be wasted.

        • I give you an A plus for having a filthy mouth….but you get an F minus for having a brain. Perhaps you should get off the crazy juice before your brain deteriorates completely.

        • So you love your songbird who is a traitor to all of us, including YOU.

      • I love it SP- if the obamacare plans are so damn good why were there over 3,300 waivers issued including as you said all the congress and their staffs? what a joke. sadly I don’t the average american even knows this information. Guess that makes you and me WAY above average…..right. Maybe abnormal….ha ha

    • Since Arizona Healthcare premium has high rocketed to an unimaginable percentage, and your fellow citizens are suffering and struggle to get ends meet. You citizens of Arizona should recall this traitorous scumbag out of his senate position and elect another loyal Republican to help pass the repeal Obamacare act.

    • How do you deal with the high cost of insurance and your senator doesn’t care he is married to money , it doesn’t effect him. Also his daughter is know different then him during the election she had nothing good to say about Trump, she had a radio show here in Maui on Fox News it was disgusting. Like her father she claims to be a Republican but bad mouths every one ,so with many calls from people who are Republican they removed her show and put Joe Pags in place a very excellent radio host. Good luck Arizona with your traitor!

      • Daughter Meaghan is worse than awful. Why Fox hired her is beyond me.

        • Fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree and when you are brainwashed you just keep following the traitors…

          • Does that explain why you TRUMPTURDS voted for THE ORANGE CLOWN in The White House ? Brainwashed & low IQ. SO SAD!!

          • You have to have a brain to be brainwashed they don`t have a brain.

        • That’s easy, she probably got her job on “Daddy’s coat tails. Much in the same fashion that Chelsea Clinton got one of her jobs with the News Media that paid her in the neighborhood of $50,000 a month for one televised spot. Obviously she was not worth the gamble and got her off the payroll but the Media concerned just wanted an Inside Scoop on the Mommy and Daddy side.

      • The republicans NEVER stick together and the democrats know this and use it against them all the time. As you can see it’s never very hard to get a republican to go along with the dems, but try it the other way around- NEVER. It sickens me to always hear mccain wanting to “cross the aisle”. That is all he does , crosses it and crosses the american people at the same time.

      • Thomas G Frost Jr

        Thank you. We in Arizona sure can use some good luck.

      • Excellent post the apple really doesn`t fall far from the tree.

    • Thomas G Frost Jr

      I did the same thing with my vote.

  5. John died in Nam he is to stupid to lay down and decompose!

  6. SouthernPatriot

    John talked almost incessantly about the ills of ObamaCare and voted to repeal it just a couple of years ago. The hypocrite then votes for debate (which he always does) and then votes against repeal, votes against replacement, and votes against repeal of the most egregious fines, and restrictions of the present and looming train wreck.

    McCain has brain trouble, which has nothing to do with the cancer.

    • URWorstNightmare

      John voted his conscience and then some. Thank the President for this vote. Like the President, Senator McCain showed he doesn’t suffer from amnesia. Revenge is bitter sweet as they say. “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” It’s a terrible old cliché, but in this case “what’s good for the goose is a mutherphucker for the President!”

    • McCain saw an opportunity to stop the progress of a very useless piece of legislation. Thanks Mr. MCain.

      • partially correct- could have at least given them a chance to try and change the healthcare for the better. I don’t care what side of the aisle you are on they could have at least taken the next step. The great obamacare is nothing more than a middle class money grab and huge welfare program under a different name. To bad for them fat old liar turd hillary didn’t win so they could finish off the healthcare system once and for all.

    • I think he has severe mental issues stemming from his days as a POW, SP. He always seems to only worry about kissing up to the other side and people that disagree with him as if that somehow makes him a better person. You are correct- he was a traitor and moron long before the cancer showed up. If you look at his history- truly look at it- he graduated almost at the very bottom of this class at the naval academy and kiled several of his ship mates due to a really big boo boo !!!! Must be nice to have an Admiral as a daddy !!!

      • Nothing like spreading the news, huh?

        • Just spreading-actually informing- those among us that may not know his true history. Look up what i said about his “accident’ on the ship where several people died. Also look up where he ranked at the naval academy. You may be surprised but given the way he speaks, acts, and has performed all these many years it does NOT surprise me. He is a dope carried by his fathers legacy. Not smearing him, just telling the truth.

    • SouthernPatriot- Trump has brain damage but it has nothing to do with cancer. I think his father may have dropped him on his head too many times or he banged his head against the wall when he couldn’t have his way. Poor little Donny boy. He will be thrown out of office & go back to Trump Tower with his tail between his legs. SO SAD!!

  7. The wrong politician was shot in Az. In fact, too bad the Viet Cong didn’t finish their job.

  8. Apparently McCain is a card carrying communist like Shucmer and Pelosi.

    • Loom at his pig daughter in the back smiling like the cat that just ate the cannery….. you think this princess ever has to worry about “take home pay”…… no bc of daddy she is now a host on FOX News. Disgusting….. McCains are just like the Clintons.

    • MAH: What is it with you and these communists that do not exist?

      • Communists DO Exist….

        The most clever thing the Devil has done is convince man that he does not exist……

        I just don’t understand how you can buy into the garbage that Communism doesn’t exist.. Why do you believe that nonsense?

    • MAH: You know that McCain is not a communist. Now what kind of crap is that. Look at Putin if you like but McCain? Not even reasonable. I am not a communist. I am not a liberal, but I do get cynical. The communists I am worried about are those who are infiltrating our government, taking over the elections, and making deals with the politicians at the top.

      • I can think of no other reason for McCain to go against his OWN words. He promised to REPEAL, and then replace 0bamacare… He never even voted for the straight repeal….

        I fear McCain has gone to the dark side.

        For a more thorough explanation of what I think is happening to America read this article. Please post comments where you think I am wrong. I love talking with you Socialsavvy.

  9. How soon he forgot… Note the promise at 1:30..

  10. McCain may be a good senator but he is not war hero; as a war hero, he should fight to his last breath without being captured. He showed his character of changing his position quickly and easily and cooperating with enemies in order to survive as evidenced by his five-year “career” in Vietnam.

    • McCain was not a good senator he is in fact a true RINO who shouldn`t be in office he is a self serving old man who doesn`t care about our country or the people in it. What he does care about is his free meal ticket.

      • Sounds like McCain is not mean enough for your. Your statement is really strange. Tell us what you have done to help your country? Likely a vet? That is good and congratulations. McCain knows more about that bill than either you or I. Check out the numbers that benefited by the Trump bill and how many would loose their health care.

        • please investigate the so called numbers – the vast majority of people and I mean something like 80% or so are choosing to NOT have healthcare which is not the same as losing it. Kind of like all the “cuts” the republicans are trying to make to any entitlement program that are nothing more than lower increases. Gotta educate yourself and come back when you have your big boy (or lady) pants on.

          • Really?

          • Yes really on all my comments- have a good night. Don’t ruin out budding friendship. I will be polite because you are a lady so if you act like one I will act like a gentleman and we can both be professional, disagree, and get along just fine.

          • All these so called entitlement programs can be confusing to start with. Medicare and Social Security are tagged entitlement programs, however they are actually paid for by the participating member. These are actually paid benefits. Those who participate and/or spouse have made payments etc. Where did you get your statistics?
            So I do not need to opinion my conversation until I get it right. Oh heck. That may be a good deal later. But when I return from my trip, I will check in and see if you have any more information for me.
            I have always had health insurance through my employer where I worked. It was not expensive and it paid well. My salary was not so hot, but I liked the system and the work and made a career of it. The Work was extra demanding, but I liked it anyway. I know about lower increases, or skipped increases. I even had my salary decreased by manipulating the pay periods. Many, many, years ago toilet paper was rationed to us. I just brought my own. That did not last and things got better. Bureaucrats sometimes have to put up with a lot of things. Trust me, amazing amounts of work that was quality and timely was expected and definitely delivered. The State got more for less, because we were all dedicated.

      • He has a real problem with anybody that puts him down and a really big problem holding grudges. Cannot truly be a leader if you cannot take a little heat-especially when you lose to the guy lighting the fire. “it’s just politics” they say, until trump beats them at their own game then its dirty, stupid, and crosses that imaginary line in their minds.

      • correct- have you ever seen a group of Vets standing up for mccain? I cannot recall seeing a group can you? The VA in arizona is (now soon to be was) the worst in the country for people willing to die for their nation- that doesn’t mean die waiting for healthcare AFTER they served either.

    • SouthernPatriot

      John has never been a good Senator. He compromised continuously with the Democrats and never led the Democrats to support anything to the right or conservative.

      • Compromising in political policy is a classic concept and often is a worthy thing to do. The hard line is what the Republicans have practised regularly during the Obama term. It is not a way to get anything done and it makes a divided nation and for what? What has happened with people getting together and working things out for the best of everyone. I think that time has gone forever. It is the Trump way or the highway now. Like I said, that is just wasted time to not have compromise. But if you do not know how, then you just don’t have that talent.

    • What hairy butthole did YOU tumble from?

    • Only Democrats, RINOs, and other leftists and anti-Americans think McCain is a good senator. HAWK has it nailed, and you seem to have the right idea overall. There are innumerable veterans who have done more for this country than McCain ever did. There is no reason to think of McCain as more than a guy who did little other than draw his paycheck back then, and who has since shown a fine talent for really cashing in through politics. A hero among thieves, nothing more.

    • I am not sure that he could fight further. Seems like he was in a situation where he had to either surrender or be shot. It worked out all right for him. He is a hero, he lived to tell his story.

  11. Awww give the guy a break, he’s just still pissed that Trump insulted him…

    • Phuk him!

    • SO for that he SCREWS the AMERICAN people. Good Senator , NO. War hero, NO remember he killed
      134 of the Forrestal. Is HE a disgusting human being? YES………………………

      • well said !!!!!

        • It doesn’t take a genius to insult someone they do not know by saying they are stupid. It proves nothing. Being rude is stupid.

      • How do you think McCain screwed the American people?

        • You are to stupid to reply to. Hope that you enjoy your Obamacare,

          • You are so stupid to be so rude. Maybe you do not know the answer. I have good insurance from my previous employer and also Medicare. I wish everyone could have Medicare and start paying with their job and not have insurance companies in it. They are there for the take. Not a good thing. I bet you would be worried about having the government agency to handle medical payments. It works in all those western civilization nations. Too bad we are so far behind and having to struggle.

    • You do not give a traitor a break and it wasn’t what Trump said , I told my friends 20 years ago he was a traitor. When he ran for Potus didn’t vote that year both candidates were scum and still are.

    • Likely and he deserves to be pissed at Trump’s mean mouth. Trump is a vengeful man. For once he was given a taste of his own revenge.

  12. Stephen Griffith

    Yet once again “We The People” of America are left out in the cold. Thanks for A Big Fat Nothingbuger Mr. John Mc Cain, I am sorry I voted for this spineless Rhino when he ran against Obama, & threw Sara Palin under the bus. I feel very sorry for the people of Arizona, they need someone better than this turncoat Rhino.

    • I don’t feel sorry for the people of Arizona! McCain has been showing his true colors since the first day he was elected as a senator, so they should’ve been smart enough to vote his ass out! And because they didn’t, the rest of us have to pay for it! Feel sorry for US, not THEM!

    • Mr Griffin, you and yours are not the only people in this nation and there are those who definitely disagree with Trumps health care. I can see that you like Palin. Good for you. Trump did not throw Palin under the bus. It was the other way around. He was given Palin and it made him loose the election. She isn’t much of a politician, nor VP material for either party.

      • It’s almost like he picked her so he wouldn’t win. He doesn’t appear to really have any leadership skills anyway. If you look at his history he is not all that intelligent and made several gaffs in the military. He only existed because of his daddy. I see a lot of mental issues with him-problem is we all pay for it.

        • Picking Palin BOOSTED his ratings by quite a bit; DO go check the facts and learn the truth. He lost because he ran a lame campaign of stupidity; NOT due to Palin.

          • temporary false bump that was quickly eradicated by mccains inability to fight dirty like the dems. I didn’t say it was her fault Pammy but by picking a relative unknown and obvious blatant choice only because of her being a female it gave him ZERO chance. YES, his campaign sucked to put it bluntly pammy cakes.

        • Probably if SHE had been for president and he was out of it she would have won.

          • Ladd- Sarah Palin is as DUMB AS DIRT. LOL!!!

          • Palin was the reason McCain didn’t lose all 50 states. She was clearly the star. Totally overshadowed his decrepid old ass and gave the campaign any energy at all. If Palin headed the ticket and McCain was the VP, they had a better chance of winning. Know this of the four people running in 2008. Obama, Biden, McCain and Palin. Sara Palin was the only person with any executive decision making experience at all. She was a governor dont forget that. Biden..a do nothing non-legislating Senator on vacation 30 weeks out of the year. McCain…same experience and Obama??? really…a community organizer who never held a real job and sponged off the American taxpayer his whole life. History and facts are a bitch aren’t they?

          • Interesting- if not it would have been a lot closer than the republicans shoving that old codger down our throats who wouldn’t fight or even bring up the little dictators muslim name. For a navy guy he sure as hell didn’t fight.

      • Excuse me. Mr Trump… President Trump lost the election…..??? I must have missed something.

      • I think you have it all wrong. This is not Trumps health care , its Obama’s health care and tax mandate. I would remind you that Trump did not create any of these problems we have in this country, and he is the only one that has the guts to take it on and call it for what it is. Yes he is mostly a little to crass at times, but that is typical for a New Yorker. He thinks like a business man, everything is a balance sheet to him. This is why most in Washington hate him, because he does know how to balance a buck.All the Washington people don’t have to balance nothing and thats how they like it. Back when Trumps businesses went bankrupt, so did thousands of other businesses around the country, including several thousand banks.This guy made it through all that, and he used IRS laws to legally survive it by law.
        North Korea has no idea what kind of trouble they are in.

        The one thing Trump needs to do is get rid of all the Obama hold overs that are still in the White House.

      • sandraleesmith46

        He THREW that election as sure as the sun rises in the east! It wasn’t Palin’s fault at all!

      • WTF drugs are you on?????????????? #1) It’s NOT Trumps Health Care!! The “UN”Affordable “LACK” of Care Act is Ovomits and the DemoCRAPZ!!! #2) Palin ran with McLame NOT TRUMP!!
        Lay off the drugs, your brain is shutting down!

        • Hummmm. I best check those drugs like you say. I cannot imagine why I interchanged Trump with McCain. Probably got Trump on my mind. One of the number of Dr.s I have seen recently gave me a drug that help control my getting uncomfortably warm at night since I can not take hormones that take care of the problem. The pill kept me cool, but I was crazy and really could not focus on anything during the day when I took it.. Talk about how dinner turned out? Last time I tried said pill. I really do not like to take drugs but they are legal and appropriate for what ails me. I am so glad we have Medicare.

      • BULLSHYTE; The ratings went UP AFTER she became his Vice Presidential pick.

      • Bathhouse Barry is the author of the “healthcare” abomination. Trump is trying to get rid of it, and Songbird was the traitor that he always has been — and proud of it, among his Commie buds….

      • The problem is we are overwhelmed by “politicians”. They should be known as the “P” word. Most politicians are lower than a snake, no integrity, no morals,sleazy & corrupt who would prostitute their mothers for political gain. Really a sad state of affairs.

        • If this is how you describe politicians, then you will have to include your great leader, Donald The DICTATOR. He has become a politician in the worst way. He said he wanted to drain the swamp, but has only added more shit to the swamp& now it’s over flowing & stinking up the White House. DUMP is lower than a snake, no integrity, no morals, sleazy& corrupt to the core. He was a failure as a business man & doesn’t know the first thing about running a country . He screwed so many people during his business days& made his billions in doing so. Now he is screwing The American People. Really a sad state of affairs.

          • The real sad state of affairs is people like you who are completely clueless. In the short time he`s been in office in spite of the democrat`s he has accomplished more than Obama did in eight years . Can you read?? get your fact`s straight before you post all that B.S. Too bad people like you never get it.

          • So you believe whatever the Con-Man-in-Chief tells you?

          • I believe what he has accomplished in the short time he has been in office do you?? Or are you a one track mind who is always clueless??

          • I believe what he has accomplished in the short time he has been in office or didn`t you read or understand what I posted?? Your just another clueless fool who probably can`t read.

          • Failure as a business man? Damn I would like to fail like that. If we survived the Muslim/Commie, illegal, fag, druggie in Our House, we can survive anything. Take it you are just a Trump hater like I was a Muslim/Commie hater. So just suck it up sweetheart.

    • Thomas G Frost Jr

      I live in Arizona. John McCain, in my opinion, is a traitor to the GOP and American people.

      • I live in Maine and Susan Collins is a traitor to the GOP and the American people.I will never vote for her again!!

    • Stephen Griffith I want you to know that the people of Arizona appreciate your statement. McCain should move some where else as we the people of Arizona can’t stand the Idiot.

      • Stan Hayes: I have been anti McCain for longer than I recall. As a retired Soldier and Viet Nam Vet I always wonder just how he came out of that hell hole unscathed? I have spent some time in AZ and the folks that I met there seemed like nice folks. My question is : If the people of AZ can not stand the Idiot, well it stands to reason that someone voted for this idiot. Frankly I believe that it was Voter Apathy and those that believed all of his Military exploits. For him to move some where else would not solve the problem Impeachment would help. Despite his medical condition Which I truly feel sorry for him I would not fall for any sympathy routine that would cause a lot of people to sit on their duff and continue to give him a free ride. I believe what I said long ago that he ate too much of “Uncle Ho’s Rice’ causing him to identify with the enemy as much as Patty Hearst did with her Captors of the Symboynese (sp) Liberation Army.

        • Yeah I’m a Vet to. McCain had his records sealed so know one could read what really went on.
          This asshole does not have the same insurance the rest of us are forced to buy. The 20% copays we have to pay kills us, the average American cannot afford that. McCain gets the Washington blue plate special.
          McCain has done an untold amount of damage to honest hard working Americans. NAFTA, and Obamacare mandating you have to buy it or pay the fine anyway. If I said what was really on my mind, they would have to put me in prison. What a first class asshole.

        • I am sure that a LOT of it is the organized voting fraud that has been instituted by the Democrats all over the country, and perhaps also for their friends line the traitor McCain.

        • People shouldn`t feel sorry for him he was the reason some of our service men died because of him. It`s payback time for him what goes around comes around.

          • My compassion is solely for the disease he has, NOT him as an individual. I raised to have sympathy for any one with a deadly disease and the fact what you feel can come back to haunt you (karma.) As you implied this situation can be his Karma when you stated: ” what goes around-comes around.” On the personal side I think that he is a slug. I always thought that his true colors shown through very vividly especially after he was invited by the W.H. to have dinner with “O.” From that moment he was strutting around with his feathers all puffed out and in my opinion His persona really started to to become obvious. I posted a few comments about this episode at that time and truly believe that he was a certified pariah.

      • Must be a lot of idiots voting in Arizona.

      • Mildred Bradway

        Satan has a hold on McCain he’s gonna burn in hell for all the wrong doings on America!

    • Well with Mc Cain’s cancer battle going on he will not be able to run but may even be forced to retire. So then hopefully the next Republican in Arizona will be a true conservative. So check and see who the Palin Republicans are supporting and contribute to that campaign.

      • sandraleesmith46

        He doesn’t have to run; he was just “reinstated” last fall for 6 more yrs; and I’ll be hanged if I know who voted for him!

        • Well you can bet your ass me and mine sure didn’t and we live in Marana, AZ.

        • billdeserthills

          My guess is it was the same ‘voters’ who chose obama for a 2nd term–a collection of dead people and illegal alien votes

        • Mildred Bradway

          Maybe The Cancer will take his life. He will be standing in front of a higher Court on the Judgement day in front of The Great White Throne.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Of that, I’m sure; and much as I have to answer for before, I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes on that day. What worries me is the damage he can still do before that time.

          • Mildred Bradway

            It’s okay. We are going home come this September on the Feast of Trumpets Sept 20 to know he 23. Read Rev 12. That sign us appearing in the skies. Yahoo we are going Home to Jesus!

          • sandraleesmith46

            I agree it’s likely to be at or near the feast of Trumpets, as that is the next in line to be fulfilled by our Lord; however, whether this year or not, I don’t know. He has been fulfilling them in the order of their presentation, so it’s the next logical step.

          • Mildred Bradway- The only place you’re going to is a mental hospital & put in a padded cell, right along with your delusional friend, sandraleesmith. You both need to see a shrink & get on some really heavy duty meds to help you get back to reality. Yahoo we are going home to jesus? Seriously?? LMAO!!!

          • Well you might be one left behind for judging me. Then I will have the last laugh. Your not one who believes in Jesu & most likely a devil worshiper. You don’t know your Bible. I for give you. You better repent & believe that Jesus died for your Sins n the Cross by his blood have a bless life

          • Mildred Bradway- You have no proof or evidence to back up your claims that you are going to some fancy resort in the sky. FYI, I am an Atheist& Atheists do not believe in satan, so how can we worship something that isn’t real? Your bible proves nothing. It’s just a book full of fairy tales, written thousands of years ago by men claiming that it was the word of god. How could you possibly know this is the truth, without any facts to back up your claims ? You have the burden of proof, so you have to convince me that what you believe is undeniably true & that you can prove it. You forgive me ? I don’t need forgiveness from you or anyone. Don’t patronize me & think you’re better than me because you believe in some invisible sky daddy who watches everything you do. Who is judging who? People like you need to drop your holier than thou attitude & stop believing in a fantasy without reason or logic. This is why religion poisons everything.

          • You’re obviously old bitter and hopeless. Obviously you have nothing to share and good people should block you. MAGA

          • Ever bother to LOOK AT YOURSELF?

        • I don`t think he will last that long but then only the good die young. Eventually he will pay for what he has done.

          • sandraleesmith46

            I don’t either; not with that diagnosis; we could be having a special election as early as next yr with the regular midterms.


    • I don’t feel sorry for the people of Arizona. They are the dumb people who keep reelecting “Songbird”. I feel sorry for the rest of the USA who are affected by him being in the Senate.Beside being a RINO he is an ignorant & arrogant POS. Thanks to his illness his Senate days are over.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Nobody I know voted for him up here! We’re conservatives; not RINOs.

        • Must be those illegal voter fraud votes the the DemoTURDS say doesn’t exist!!

          • sandraleesmith46

            That’d be my guess.

          • Don’t know if you saw this or not?? Granted this was re: the Pres. Election but…………

            With all the claims of Trump and others about voter fraud, they were only able to find voter fraud in 50 states. This article shows examples in the 50 states, one by one. Nothing to see here, just keep moving on.


   Registering DEAD voters!

          • sandraleesmith46

            Only in 50 of the “57 states” O visited? Gee, color me surprised. I haven’t seen those specific articles but I’ve been seeing and hearing about voter fraud for most of the last decade with proof each time, so I don’t need convinced. The math just isn’t there for a county to have up to 150% of it’s registered voters turn out to vote in a given year, which happened in numerous counties in ’08, ’10, ’12, ’14, and ’16; neither do dead people register themselves. As a retired nurse, I’ve had enough experience with dead folks to state that uncategorically. Ditto family pets. The problem is so rampant it’s disgusting.

          • Ain’t that the truth!!!!

        • Evidently you have a whole bunch who voted for him to keep him in office for so many years.

          • sandraleesmith46

            There are a lot of illegals voting in Phoenix and Tucson; that’s all I can figure; that and corrupted electronic machine programmed to name him.

          • And you can attribute this to the Muslim/Commie, illegal, who occupied Our House for eight years. The sorry SOB should have met a firing squad for TREASON.

          • sandraleesmith46

            It was going on before he got in office; goes back to Slick Willie’s terms at least, but he did exacerbate it considerably!

          • Agree.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Tell SOROS that; and to quit buying his seat!

    • The people of Arizona are to blame for reelecting this coward and they keep doing it. So i hope you are happy with yourselves because this sorry excuse for a Rhino has just thrown the United States under the bus yet again. And the citizens of Arizona just gave the rest of America the MIDDLE finger.

    • My family was among the “suckers” in Arizona! At the time, we needed someone on the Republican side to run and win—-Barry Goldwater was doing his best to become president, and, the party had no one. McCain seemed like the knight on the white horse, with all the necessary trappings, and soon was the darling of the retirement blue-hairs of Youngtown and Sun City. it was through their efforts he became our candidate, and it has been they and the immigration advocates who have run his campaigns ever since. No, Arizona was sold a pig in a poke with McCain, and it was the outsiders who did it!

    • You got that right! I voted for the prick, only because the dem opponent was worse. My bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree

    • I feel sorry for the American people who will continue to get hood-winked by the idiots in Congress who are there not to do the job they were voted in to do but continue to pander to their own pocketbooks but the day will come when they will receive a bitter payback….at the polls…yes, talk about spineless. McCain was a traitor in Viet Nam and now is a traitor in Congress…he needs to retire..NOW.

    • Why feel sorry for them, they keep re-electing him, over and over again. Never feel sorry for stupid

    • The problem with you is that you’re a racist, a bigot and badly weaned to see other people especially Blacks as 2nd class citizens. McCain did the American way. We want healthy people here so that they can work and enjoy life. You must be from Alabama where Sessions was born. Now he will lose both his senate seat and his AG job. Let him stand in line for Unemployment benefits. Once that runs out she should join the poor in shelters.

    • If he had actually threw Sarah Palin under the bus that would’ve been a good thing. Unfortunately, he didn’t do that soon enough. Instead he threw his chances of winning against Obama under the bus when he chose Palin as his running mate. Dumba**!


  14. John McCain is a senile old man who should be put out to pasture with the rest of the swamp rats. He`s as useless as tits on a bull.


  16. Michael Espinoza

    YES! Way to go Senator McCain! Loved it when McCain stood on his own two feet and invariably gave the middle finger with a THUMBS DOWN to the President of the United States and spoke his own mind. Kudos go to John McCain, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins for opposing that sham of a bill.

  17. He crashed two jets well before Vietnam. Tough time in captivity but he is as lousy a Senator as he was a pilot. Awful candidate for Pres and his position on Obamacare supports only 7% of US population not the other 93%. Throw the bum out.

  18. Bayside GolfClub

    McCain is, how do you say………. Battshittt crazy loon..

  19. Thank you Senator McCain for voting with your conscience and saving health care for millions. I would qualify for the tax cut, but much more important that Obamacare was not repealed. I know the Trumpanzees don’t understand that in many cases, they are vilifying you because they lack the intelligence to understand that it would hurt them the most!

  20. Hahahahaha great piece of bullshat…. where’d you learn to twist the truth, the Liar-in-Chief?
    None of what you said is even a remote fact. Yet you spewed it out like gospel. You one of those rue-ski bloggers we keep hearing about?
    Thankfully McCain has the balls to stand up for We, The People instead of being bought like that con-man swindler you apparently voted for.

  21. wtf is wrong w you people? healthcare is a right , insurance companies are ri[ping you off, get over your stupid agenda of ruining Obama, he made it better YOU FCKIN REPUBLICANS and your party obstructionist petty whiney bullshit are archaic and wrong

  22. The whole Republican Party should the American people that can’t govern. McCain is another liberal posing as a conservative and like the rest of weaklings in congress are anti Trump and anti American. We have no representation anymore in this country and will soon have a socialist country and government sponsored health plan just like Europe. Our freedoms,speech and everything that our forefathers gave us will be gone forever. Our citizens are turning communist and want the government to make life decisions for them, since they can’t make it on their own and be independent.

  23. Hey career politicians…McCain sealed your utter demise…the American people now will never have faith in you ever…McCain’s vote issued in the revolution that will cost you dearly…now you MUST become the servants you are by vote or you will suffer the ultimate cost

  24. Although a great American, he sure let the American people down. I am glad I do not have to vote for him My brother in law must be really pissed.

  25. Let us be clear! McCain is part and parcel of the Washington, DC sewer, often referred to as the swamp. As such he is part of the establishment and has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. The Republican establishment doesn’t want that status quo weakened any more than do the Demorats! For years the GUP (Give Up Party) has pretended to stand for smaller, less intrusive government, but have only talked about the subject when it is election time. The newest glaring example of their duplicity is Obamacare. For 7 years they preached repeal, and even passed numerous bills to that effect knowing full well Obama would veto them. Yet they could run home to their gullible constituents and say “I voted to repeal Obamacare! Keep voting for me and I’ll keep trying to repeal it. But even when they had strong majorities in the House, they NEVER even talked about de-funding Obamacare! Which they could have done! We now know their opposition to Obamacare is nothing but window dressing! The GUP has no more interest in preserving liberty than do the Demorats! Their actions have pretty much guaranteed Nancy Pelosi WILL be the next Speaker of the House. Millions of Republicans will stay home in the 2018 elections. The really irritating thing is, the GUP doesn’t really care. They will do what they are best at, going along for the ride. An additional sad part is, it won’t really matter much. The Demorats are calling the shots anyway, and the sewer will remain. And it will remain until we either have term limits, or an American People that get their head out of a dark place and start voting out these vermin. Neither is likely.

  26. That’s OK, karma is a ditch and he will be getting his share!

  27. I’m sure Trump the bar room brawler and I love him for it, now realizes draining the swamp is much tougher then he thought.
    Have to keep plugging though and keep his chin up.
    Politicians are dirt bags and we all know it.
    They are converted lawyers, need I say anything more.
    Self interest is their only goals.
    They are the legal mafia.
    No difference between politicians and the mafia.
    I’ll say it again…2020 is a huge reelection for Trump, it’s a must win for him and for the real americans.

  28. Turn coat McCain who needs a democrat as long as he is around. And like the article said he probably did it to keep another liberal republican hid so he/she could disrupt the next big thing democrats want to kill. We must drain the swamp. Took over by Muslims and who ever else want to destroy the American way of life.

  29. Stephen Right on what a pc of doo doo this guy turned out to be,, You know it’s all about Payback for Trump tagging him about his pow status in the viet nam war, He could give a shit about the American people, this is about payback. I think the rest of those that play this game should with our future should have some price to pay. I hope the senate remembers him when he needs some back scratching from them. MCcain some one else can play your game also.

    • I hate to say it but hopefully he won’t live long enough to need much of anything. On the other hand it would be just our luck that he would beat this thing and live another 10-15 years on our dime.

  30. Arizona voters are very fortunate that DR. KELLY WARD is ready to go and will represent Arizona better than anyone else! Don’t believe the crazy fake news of CNN about her. She is the real deal!

  31. Take a look at the McCain foundation and the hundreds of thousands of dollars that it has accepted from George Soros!

  32. dIEd in the wool rino. IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM, NOT THE PEOPLE.

  33. Never trusted John McCain from the beginning! He is a politician and not a statesman. He is more to the left than some Democrats, and he has shown his true colors in these last days. Thirty years in Congress is long enough! Now it is likely that his health issues will remove him, but his last acts will leave a legacy that will brand him as a RINO long after he is gone. Too bad!

  34. John was a drunken womanizer
    who graduated last in his class.If it weren’t for his father’s influence,he would have
    never been allowed to fly.John told the base commander if I CAN’T fly nobody can fly.

  35. I live in Az. and McCain is too full of himself. He is a Rino. My Repub. friends feel
    the same way. Can’t wait for him to be gone.

  36. I voted for McCain in 2008. Hey John, I want my vote back! Time to hang it up and enjoy your remaining time with your family and let the Governor appoint a REAL conservative.

  37. …was mccaine paid off (by soros?) to throw the 2008 election…get out of the way of the first (1/3rd) black man?

    Whether he was or not, he is solely to blame for the racist homosexual muslim’s assault on our country…because he refused to criticize ohbummer’s already-well-known radicalism…

  38. Virginia Owen Camp

    I hate to sound ugly, but here I go. In all likelihood John McCain will be just a memory soon. Cancer is a very ugly thing and that is where his thoughts should be is fighting that. We need new blood in Washington and get rid of those who are corrupt but yet they hold my life and others in their hands and I think deep in my heart they do not give a damn about any of us. They need to give our President (who by the way we the people elected by our vote ) a better chance to make My America great again which is what he is fighting hard to do. Ok, I have said what is in my heart. Thank you and peace to all.

    • I agree with you 100%. New blood in Washington is needed badly. As far as McCain goes,well, he ran on the promise of repeal of the ACA, then voted for it. Call that as you see fit, however, to be nice he was very extremely deceitful. I do feel for him and his family as our family has suffered many cases of cancer with bad outcome as I am sure many readers have as well. God bless this country and God help this country.

    • I believe that McCain had real concern for the Americans in respect to the health care. He would listen and make decisions that seemed responsible and sure he did not always do what the Republicans wanted, but I think that he did do for his constituents.
      If Trump can make America great again I hope to keep track of each and everything HE did to improve America. You know he just says stuff, anything that comes out in his head. He will tell you he has made America great whether he has or has not made America great or anything else. His erratic behavior has really made Washington nervous.
      I found him to be crude, a womaniser, a liar and a man who loves himself better than anyone. That to me, that means he is not confident, just pretending, and he also is excessively controlling. But IF he can do something great for America, I hope it will keep us out of a war for his term. I did not get that impression at all. I hope you are close to right at least.

      • Trump has done nothing and he never will. He can resign or be thrown the hell out.

        • Not sure of how you are applying that statement. I tend to agree in one way. Whether he has done anything that is illegal. I do not know and am reluctant to say that I think he has. I don’t like his idea of being o.k. with the Russians. If, Trump does nothing….that is what I thought you meant.

    • You don’t give 2 shits about anybody. Fuck you. Putin put Trump in, not the people. And he will be bounced out soon.

  39. This Conservative voter is THROUGH with the GOP. Over the years, I have voted for the Conservative choice, and have donated my political money to the Republican Party. Now that they have proven themselves to be craven cowards, I am done. My vote and my donations will go to conservatives from this point forward. I lived in Alaska for most of my adult life and was pleased with Senators Stevens and Murkowski… the father…not the daughter! She has proven herself to be a hypocrite and a Liar. I did donate money to her campaign, and bitterly regret it. Shame on the RINO’s who proved they don’t truly believe in smaller government. We NEED an amendment to the Constitution, imposing Term Limits on all of these ‘elected’ bloodsuckers! We also need to impose on these short sighted, a law that requires them to live by the laws they pass. How many of these people would be happy with the ACA ruling their lives and their businesses? Enough! The Democrats brought false charges against Sen. Stevens, forced him from office and took away one the true Conservative voices we had. Only after his death was it proven that false testimony was used in the case against him.

  40. “Sen. John McCain cemented his legacy as an enemy of American conservatism”. And what has conservatism to offer in healthcare? I haven’t seen anything remotely palatable. I’ve seen some Republican wealthcare proposals, but nothing to improve healthcare. And as for his legacy, maybe McCain’s near death has both made him consider his legacy so as to match his vote with his lofty rhetoric, & it may have awakened him to the life & death prospects that millions of Americans face & the importance of good, affordable healthcare.

    Make no mistake, Obamacare is far from ideal or even satisfactory, but what came before was even worse, & the proposed Republican fixes are no better. Many other countries have much better, more comprehensive healthcare with much lower costs, among them France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland — some are single payer, some are not — & their citizens are highly satisfied with them. Why not take a good look at their healthcare systems & decide which would best suit us?

  41. The RINOs must have picked three that will not be up for reelection for a few years. Collins in 2020. Murkowski 2022. McCain 2022. I guess they figure the voters will have forgotten all this by then.

    Democrats are playing the GOP like violins? A blind man could see it in a minute. I suspect Republicans in Congress kept promising to repeal Obamacare, for the last six years of the Obama Administration, just to try and earn brownie points with the voters. I don’t believe there was any intention of doing any such thing. I think Trump winning the White House caught everyone flat footed because they expected a Hillary win. Now they seem to be running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to find the right spin. Would almost be comical if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    If Obamacare is not repealed, and the border security is not, at least started, we will have two major promises broken. People are starting to wonder if the promise to repeal and the promise of secure borders are nothing more than a barefaced lies. The Democrat challengers will milk that dry. They may even claim to have alternatives that can’t fail. Remember when George H. W. Bush said “Read my lips” in 1988? We all know what happened in 1992 as a result of that broken promise. The voters may give the Democrats full power over Congress next year, and kick Trump out of the White House by January 2021. Then we the people will again be left holding the bag. THANKS A LOT FOR NOTHING RINOS!

  42. Fed Up With Politicians

    The only way to get a good health care plan is to make all politicians have the same plan!

  43. Fed Up With Politicians

    McCain is a traitor! We should have listened to his fellow prisoners of war!!

  44. Socialized medicine would be better than Obamacare. Like what Canada has or Europe, at least you could go to the doctor. With what we have my deductible is out of control so I never dare go to the doctor. $5500 a year for deductible.

    • Be careful, some of these nitwits will say you are a communist and need to be shot. I totally agree with you. The health care is handled by the government and it is like Medicare from birth to grave. Our family members have really had good care and it is a fair way to handle it. The doctors are not poor and they do their jobs. Insurance companies are for houses and cars, and life insurance. Their medical care makes them loads of money and they use people off the street as those who determine who gets health care. That is what I heard. Europe is without insurance companies handling health care. Maybe their people are just smarter.

      Glad to meet one with brains Mr. Tel.

  45. Thank you Senator McCain for having the guts to stand up to that orange lunatic in the White House!!!!!

  46. God, I have recently tried not to comment on Mc Cain but he makes it hard to do. I know he is an ex-combat veteran as I am but he has continually ran as a conservative republican. He is in no way a conservative anything. He has almost always, when it came to shove, voted as a liberal especially on immigration policies and is a continuing thorn to our party.

  47. Thank goodness there’s 3 Republicans with sense of decency and caring for the American people. They heard the majority of the American people asking to keep their healthcare and they acted on their behalf. They are the true heros. They put the people over Party. They will be remembered in history as the brace! Their legacy is one of honor.

    • So, snowflake, now that you’ve told us “someone else” is paying for YOUR free healthcare, please tell “the rest of us” who will pay for ours now that you and the “Slugs of America” keep getting a free ride which is driving the nation and the working class BROKE.

  48. hard to believe he survived as a pow

  49. You thought this would be easy? We were up a creek without a paddle and then God put Trump in office. Clearly Providence is involved in pushing the darkness back at the 2016 election. Trump is leading navigating the mine field these traitors have left him and the American people. It’ll take divine intervention to continue to make headway against the liberal’s sabotage and tricks. But, hey, freedom isn’t free, right?
    Now it is our turn to stand up and be counted. Let Trump and everyone else know you have his back and that isn’t going to change. It is important we stay focused and push forward. We have the high ground. And God has our back!

    • You are a goddamn moron. Putin put Trump in office. God would not put somebody guilty of heinous sex crimes in a position of power.


  51. You’d think that the republicans could make it look a little less obvious about the betrayal of the American people and get at least five or maybe ten senators to vote NO. Instead they fix it, as always, where one Senator is to blame. In this case, a Senator that more than likely won’t be in office very much longer anyway.
    These people are despicable, any way you look at it. I, for one, can only hope that our New President can find a way to get around these slimballs and help the people that are hurting with these ridiculous health insurance premiums. I can’t wait until the No voters are up for election so I can go to the polls and vote “NO” for them.

  52. Until we get term limits we will always have a bunch of Lousy people in Washington just like John McWorthless

  53. I am so proud of Senator McCain. How can Republicans choose who lives and who dies? I am in the middle of life time chemo treatment. How can any one person ever afford health Care in this country without affordable health insurance? Isn’t everyone forced to get car insurance? Why is it so horrible to get forced to take care of your body?

  54. Sigh…I guess now…to drain the swamp is…to let em die…priebus was a good start….3rd party ppl …corruption is evident

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  56. Crazy azz Republicans on the site. So You would prefer No One have Insurance in America. You must be smoking ,drinking and shooting some Excellent drugs. Go to hell. Mc Cain made the correct decision no bullying him a BRAVE AND HONORABLE MAN

  57. lol…the GOP is no more…..die u mfrs

  58. McCain is a Dem when will AZ get it? he grand stands then his true colors came out the american people should see the forrest through the trees get rid of the obstructionists in congress and get this country back on track

  59. Time for Bastille Day in Congress.

  60. You are really fucked up! If you want to cut your throat, be my guest. Just don’t try to take the rest of us with you. Health care is a right that our government needs to ensure every American has. no matter race, wealth, gender, etc. If you don’t believe that, I suggest you relocate to Russia where only the elite has access to health care. You’d feel right at home, if you could convince them you’re one of the elite.

  61. Fuck you whiners. This is the first wise thing McCain has done since at least 2008. I think they found what’s wrong up there. And I wish him well in his recovery. Keep annoying the Trumpturds, Sen. McCain.

  62. For decades John McCain has relied upon his former POW status to win the hearts and minds of the conservative veteran. I haven’t felt any kinship with this RINO for a long time.

    I no longer have any respect for you at all John. You’re just a lying politician as are many other Republicans In Name Only. Thanks for nothing, you jerk.

    • That’s OK, we Democrats will vote for him. I hope he pulls through his health ordeal to continue shifting in your oatmeal.

  63. As a veteran of the Vietnam Conflict, I earned my health care. It isn’t a right, it is an individual responsibility. Don’t be a blood-sucking sponge, Get a job and earn your care the world doesn’t owe you a damned thing.

    • LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Try to accomplish the first and third without good health. One day, universal healthcare will be legally mandated.

  64. John McCain is about a waste of good American Skin.I don’t feel sry for him I feel sry for the couple who jumped 10 stories to their deaths as they can’t afford OBLOZOCARE.

  65. Seven years of theatrical manure from the GOP..votes that meant nothing…and once they meant something the party of no balls and no backbone showed us..they could care less….they lied so they could get elected and have once again shown the Dems where their real hearts LIE

  66. McCain was a traitor in Nam. If people really knew his history they would cringe with disgust. What gets me is how he is glorified as a hero. He helped arm the terrorists and openly had photos of him snuggling with the enemy. He will have a hero’s funeral to put frosting on the cake. He is an enemy of this country and proved it by his vote.

  67. legacy…means nothing

  68. Donald Trump is a piece of excrement.

    • Sorry Ben, you’re on the wrong story. This is about McCain.

      • With all the moaning and wishing McCain was dead here, it is obviously whining ass Trumpkins doing the crying. So I am telling you your incompetent criminal hero is a piece of festering shit. And he will be ousted for his crimes if he doesn’t do the right thing and resign.

  69. So sorry I ever voted for you… may be a war hero, but you are not a hero in congress.

  70. So he was a Great friend to Chuck Schumer , He was a song bird to the Communists while a POW ,and he is representing the Middle class , Well his next trip will be to Germany as they might cure his Brain Cancer !

  71. But, but, but McCain is a war hero. Haven’t you heard?

    • As opposed to Trump, who could not go to Nam because his footsie hurt. Years later, he couldn’t remember which foot it was. Who is the pussy between those 2?

  72. Make the lawmakers pay for their own insurance and for their staff’s!

  73. We now know that Joe Biden called up McCain and told him to vote no and he did exactly that. But McCain ceased long ago being a friend to the American people when he and Graham traveled to Cairo on Obama’s behalf to ask the President to reinstate the Muslim Brotherhood back into power. He ceased being a patriot when he posed for a photo op with known terrorists, and his smile spoke volumes. McCain has proved himself to be of the left and has undermined Trump since Trump declared his run for Presidency. From pushing a fake dossier, to calling up leaders and apologizing for Trump, is just beyond the pale. McCain is no hero although now that he is dying everyone will sing him praises instead of the condemnation he so deserves.

  74. well there must be a purpose for him he’s still around at this age and all his health issues….but then again even hitler survived all those years to do what he had to do

  75. get ride of the lifers and term limits

  76. McCain has never been a good republican. He appealed to the people of AZ because of his military past. I think they never realized their mistake until recently. I also think he is still harboring a jealous streak because he didn’t win the presidency & an “outsider” did. Just shows what a mean, little person he is. Time for him to go, brain cancer or not.

  77. luvsgunsandamerica

    Sure is a shame how many ignorant,cretinous voters there are in Arizona who willingly continue to vote for a piece of garbage as McCain. But then liberals are so ill in their minds that it doesn’t surprise me anymore with who they elect to the Senate.Poor Trump will never be able to drain the swamp cause the gators are circling around each other tooth to tail in an endless swirl to the detriment of the American people.Ditch the seventeenth amendment and term limits would fix this.

    • Trump moved the swamp to the White House. It will have to be condemned after he is thrown out for treason. Lock the fucker up.

  78. Mclame the American war hero and patriot U S senator, hahahahaha! Just another liberal playing like he’s a conservative. You betrayed the people McCain! Shame on you!

  79. I don’t know why the people still believe that there is a repulican party. This so called party has been nothing more than the moderate arm of tbe democraps for more than 20 yrs. There isn’t one of them that actually gives a damn about the people of this once great country.

  80. I hope Arizona is waking up…………………wish there was someway they could oust him. He basically lied to the people in Arizona to get elected. He’s a S O R E loser.

  81. Remember when RINO John McCain buddied up with the infamous Wisconsin Senator, dummycRAT Russ Feingold?? That’s when the good people of Arizona should have voted this RINO “Viet Nam hero” John McCain OUT OF OFFICE!!!!

  82. sandraleesmith46

    Nailed it exactly! The “Repubs” are every bit the globalists the Dems are; indeed there’s only 1 party. It simply presents 2 heads outside the beltway; but 1 party and 1 agenda!

  83. You should of known witch way the ASSHOLE would of been going. He should of DIED on the operating table.

    • Once again, typical conservative compassion. I never wasted a vote on your party in the 47 years I have been voting. And I am damn proud to say it. Fuck every one of you who support Trump and all the rest seeking to take healthcare from millions.

  84. Dear John, I am so glad to hear that you have brain cancer. I hope that you suffer long and hard with it. And when the time comes for you to pass, I hope you spend eternity in Hell, with Ted Kennedy.

    • You are a sick motherfucker. I hope you bust your 2 inch dick off in your rubber love doll while you fantasize about fucking your momma.

      • Thank you, Coming from you and your ilk that puts me in a class way above you. Oh and if I did F a mother it was most likely yours’.

        • You haven’t had pussy since pussy had you. It’s why you are a cantankerous fart wishing people dead.

          • Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha suck it up and live with it. You call me names , but as usual you lefty freaks are the real sick-o’s.Go snort some more coke or what ever you’re hooked on.

          • I’m not hooked on anything. You are hooked on snorting Trump’s farts from that fat diapered ass.

          • Bye, Troll.

          • I accept your surrender, feces eater. Go get a porcupine and anally impale yourself 500 times.

  85. McCain has been a closet liberal most of his lousy career–He’s no Rep.

  86. soldier for liberty


  87. Time for a Primary.

  88. I voted for him against Obama because I knew Obama was no good

  89. Good old McCoward mccain! If preached it for years and few have listened. Remember what a HERO old “Songbird” was sold to all America. Hero my ass! TRAITOR sums up McCoward mccain! Have his military records UNSEALED! Yes, that’s right, they were sealed just prior to his going into politics. Two decades on the Senate floor and pull up his voting record. It’s easy to do. For more than 2 decades he’s accomplished absolutely nothing except obstructing the American people!

    • Here’s some info you can use!! Feel free to use it!!

      John McCain’s Dirty Little Secret

      McCain’s ISIS Ties Are Too Numerous For America

      John McCain Responds to Staged ISIS Beheading Video

      McCain and the POW cover-up The ‘war hero’ candidate
      buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam

      John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s

      His Nickname by other POW’s is songbird!! Not because he had a good voice BUT because he told the enemy anything and EVERYTHING they wanted to know!!!!

      • old codger, I loved it. Allow me if you will, I have more and you may already know, but I will post because so many have not a clue of this bastard!

        His father was the Admiral in
        charge of the Pacific fleet prosecuting the war
        in Vietnam Nam.
        Because of this McCain got preferential
        treatment in the Navy. He was allowed to
        become a Navy pilot. But he was a terrible

        McCain crashed two navy Jets in his early
        career. Then while aboard the Aircraft
        Carrier USS Forrestal, McCain got angry
        because he had to wait in line to take off on a
        bombing run.
        He shut off his engines, opened the cockpit,
        and in his haste to exit the aircraft to chew
        someone out about his having to ” wait”, he
        hit the button that released his live bombs
        onto the deck of the Forrestal.

        He took off running, as the bombs exploded,
        which set off a chain reaction of bombs from
        adjacent aircraft, and the ensuing explosions
        and fires killed 133 sailors aboard the
        While his fellow sailors were fighting the fire,
        McCain went to the pilot’s lounge below decks
        and watched the men fight the fire on closed
        circuit TV.
        Hours later, McCain took off with a New York
        Times reporter buddy of his, and went on to
        say that after seeing the effects of those
        bombs on the Forrestal, he was beginning to
        question the morality of dropping those
        bombs on the Viet Cong.

        McCain was the direct cause of 133 deaths on
        his own ship, and was never reprimanded. He
        was nowhere to be found as the Forrestal had
        to limp to the Philippines for months of
        repair work.

        McCain was married then. His wife was
        stricken with debilitating injuries in an
        automobile accident. And was hospitalized for
        more than 5 months. McCain was off
        gallivanting with anything in a skirt.

        Upon returning from Vietnam Nam, McCain
        found his wife was disfigured by her injuries,
        which included a shattered pelvis, arm, and
        legs. In order to save her legs, doctors
        performed 23 surgeries on her, and had to
        remove significant portions of the bones in
        her legs, which left he shorter, and unable to
        walk, and in a wheelchair, she had to use a

        McCain was disinterested in his first wife’s
        predicament. She had to go through grueling
        physical therapy to learn to walk again.

        After McCain left the Navy, he was intent on
        a career in politics. He and His wife Carol had
        gotten to know Ronald and Nancy Reagan,
        and McCain was eager to jump into politics.
        But he decided he needed a more visually
        pleasing young woman by his side. He
        callously divorced Carol, the mother of his
        three children, and immediately jumped into
        the sack with new wife Cindy, who was 18
        years younger.
        Upon learning of this, the Reagans were
        shocked and angered by how he had treated
        While campaigning for congress, McCain used
        pictures of himself posing with Mr. And Mrs.
        Reagan, but there was no hearty endorsement
        offered by the Reagans.

        McCain’s new young wife was also an heiress
        to an Arizona Brewing fortune.

        And let us not forget McCain was one of the
        Keating 5, who had helped swindle life savings
        from countless Americans in the Savings and
        Loan scandal of the 1980’s. McCain was in it
        up to his eyeballs.
        Yet McCain was well-connected in
        Washington, and parlayed his connections
        into a seat in the United States Senate.

        So before the tearful tributes to John
        McCain, be sure you remember the facts
        about this self-proclaimed Maverick. The
        facts do not agree with that portrait of a
        heroic patriot and great American.

        With due respect to his family, John McCain
        was never the great man so many portray him
        I do not wish the man any harm or ill-will. But
        neither should we allow this false narrative
        fairy-tale about this scoundrel of a man as he
        faces his eternal fate.

      • old codger- you can take your info & shove it where the sun don’t shine. Nobody gives a rat’s ass about you or your BS. Go take a long walk off a short pier.

        • Awwww, what’s wrong sweety pie??? Truth upset your biased views???? Put new batteries in your dildo and ride away!!


  91. He’s a puppet of Soros, what do we expect. Soros tell John McNothing to jump and McNothing, asks, “How high, Master?”.

  92. take away their subsidized insurance that we the taxpayers pay for and put them all on obamacare.. good luck with that and don’t forget all their staff members..

  93. Richard Muccillo MDDCM

    Never refer to this traitor as anything but a traitor and slime ball–he will pay for his misdeeds

  94. In the 1968 Presidential campaign, independent candidate George Wallace famously said, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats.” In the case of the RINOs, how true! It’s going to be tough for Trump to get anything done for us as a nation in the face of their callous duplicity.

    Lincoln is said to have commented that “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Tragically, in American politics it appears that you can fool most of the people most of the time.


  96. A new IRS investigation SCAM is currently being operated (202)4599868 or other numbers… You’ll receive a call from a heavily accented or not – individual claiming allegations against you….. This is done through internet calling – or even mobile numbers….. currently it’s from a call center established in pakistan (dem IT) or india ——- DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME – USE AN ALIAS – PLAY with them – THEY READ FROM A TERRIBLE SCRIPT – but when possible – ASK ABOUT YOUR 411 IN THE ALIAS NAME – CONFIRM the scam……The IRs used these people as contractors to process tax returns over the years – besides that 411 and in conjunction with the DC leaks and hacks – they have limited 411….Use an alias – find out what they want – ask if they have your file before them – CONFIRM that this is BOGUS – Have a little fun with them – PLAY AWAY – FEDS CANNOT AND WILL NOT HELP YOU….

  97. Dear Mc ——– There is a God…..

  98. You are correct. McCain is the instigator of nothingness.

  99. YEP. A pile of waste material.

  100. President TRUMP please DRAIN HIS SWAMP and USE HIS assets in the many MILLIONS of dollars to BUY FOOD STAMPS for the CITIZENS NONE for Arizona let them eat Mexican.

  101. Shame on all the politicians , left or right. They stink We now have a man and a president, with courage , and they are still figuring out how he won. GIVEMEABREAK. The right seem to be lacking balls, could we have a Transgender problem here?

  102. I didn’t vote for him, thank goodness. We the people need to remember his and every other politician who continue to get rich and fat off our backs. Get rid of the freeloaders

  103. Mildred Bradway

    It’s time to Boycott paying Taxes for a year. Government will go broke. Maybe then they will Shit or get off the Toilet Pot

  104. SONGBIRD McCain strikes again just like he did to fellow POW’s in Vietnam.

  105. Carolann Enkhaus

    Every election mc cain talked about securing the border and helping the vets but he did zero for either. I voted for an approved write in candidate here in Az that I never even heard of because voting for mc cain would have made me throw up. If his father hadn t been an admiral he would have faced military charges as he should have. He was Not a hero, he wasn t even a loyal American and his legacy will be his final act of betraying our country and its citizens.

  106. John McCain should not be working in senate, he is a perfect example of the swamp people we need rid of. 80 years old and basically is just mad at Trump. He really has not done much except play off his POW history. Like Trump said he really has done nothing for Veterans, he is a elite politician that needs to retire….Come on Arizona, I thought you all had more sense the to keep electing a do nothing senator…

  107. He(McCain) lied to the people just to get elected thats why l love Trump hes is not a politician we have listed to these lying culls long enough. I think McCain has had a lobotomy no doubt.

    • Gina Klempel- Trump lied to The American people just to get elected & he is definitely a true politician. He never drained the swamp as he promised he would. He just added more crap by hiring billionaires from Wall St. I definitely believe that Trump has had a lobotomy& he drools when he isn’t in front of the cameras. That’s why he uses Twitter most of the time. LMAO!!!

      • So lets see your Dems didn’t lie come on now. We really had a great time here in the USA under a community organizer didn’t we Trump has done more in his sleep than Obama did on his feet in 8 years.

  108. McCain :”The Hero”?????? of what, back stabbing, viscous, 2 faced traitor, that is what McCain is!!

  109. There needs to be a national election to vote on term limits, it should not be them guys who are trying to save there jobs. Just like they never turn down a pay increase, how stupid are we.It need to be a majority vote from the people and only the people to determine term limits. That is the swamp people. They only vote for what they can get the most line their pockets….we really need to change this once and for all and the congress only have their vote as a citizen no electorial not congress just a vote by the people, I bet it would pass with 70% for term limits…..

  110. God will fix this POS McCain…. soon!

  111. John McCain you are no American…just an old evil thing rot in Hell…

  112. Hanoi John .. like many other criminal ( Democrats ) should not even running free.If it were not for Nixon’s pardon, this treasonous criminal would be rotting away in a small cell in Leavenworth KS. Instead of taking this unworthy pardon and disappearing into society… No..this criminal wasn’t finished putting the screws to America. In 2006 he joined forces with another ‘War’ criminal by the name of George Soros and began his continuous journey to destroy this country and get more American servicemen and women killed.
    With the Soros Marxist machine ( and his MSM ) support he was given a ‘War Hero’ title by the Soros many connections in the ‘left-stream’ Media. This way he could become a ‘ phony’ hero and elected the Republican Parties presidential candidate… With the MSM hiding his treasonous ( sound familiar ) past.
    Even though ‘commie’ George knew he could manipulate and control John and Our nation, as POTUS.. he didn’t want a Republican POTUS… He had another foreign national, criminal ‘Democrat’ that he and his MSM were going to support and run for POTUS. They both hate the Republican’s, the United States and they knew that John was the only candidate that Barry could handily defeat.. so the ‘High Treason’ fix was in place and with the support of the ‘left-wing’ organizations like Daily Kos, Fact Check, MoveOn, PolitFact, Hawaii, ( and of course HOLLYWOOD ) and the total ‘left-stream’ Media. In 2008, foreign national, War criminal, George Soros quietly overthrew the government of the United States of America by infesting every branch of Our government with pro-terrorist, Islamic Muslim ‘Brotherhood’ and pro-Marxist supporters. This infestation is still embedded in every branch of Our government , including the Supreme Court and it will take years to exterminate them.
    People .. While you were ‘asleep at the wheel’ & ‘rolling with the flow’ from 2008 till 2016 .. This Marxist criminal (weasel) was slowly destroying Our nation and Our Constitutional Rights as (LEGAL) US citizens..and his family of corruption, death and destruction ( the Clintons )’ WAS’ going to make this Our final journey into ‘2017 socialist sewer!’
    God saved us one more time!
    Time to bring down the Democratic Criminal Party, the ‘Left-Stream’ Media, Hollywood, Hawaii..Boycott them ‘ALL’ because they ( AND STILL ) totally supported Our demise and the destruction of Our nation.
    Why continue to finance the ‘ENEMY WITHIN?’
    Semper Fi

  113. He is constantly praised for his acts as a POW in declaring he would not be released until the other POWs were. Bull S—-, Why is that few if any other POWs ever commend the bastard. He had a the nickname Canary and was not how cute a Canary is.

  114. This is why all those damn dumocrats, RHINO’s and GOP should all have ALL THOSE PERKS TAKEN AWAY BY THE PRESIDENT. Term limits, health care, all go to social security, no retirement. That would put us all on a level playing field. Then those assholes would go to work or get the hell out and then we could pay someone who would do the peoples work

  115. McCain is my HERO!!

  116. John stinks, why doesn’t he acknowledge he is not a Republican, I’ll give him moderate independent. A faker from day one

  117. Believe me the people of Arizona know mccain is a turncoat. Why he is in office there is because he has connections from a long time ago…and he’s called them all in. Slugs like him will get stepped on because they think they are invincible — they are not!

    Bet he went to a proctologist for his supposed brain tumor…wouldn’t put that “fake” news passed his sleazy actions to get people to feel sorry for him…his popularity was failing. Interesting about the timing…2018 right around the corner.
    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on Me!

    • GuardianFlame- What mental hospital did you escape from? YOU need to get back on your meds before you hurt yourself. Maybe you need to see a proctologist so he can help you pull your head out of your ass. LOL!!!

      • So Ms Big Mouth are you personal friends with Mccain or his doctor? No! Do you even live in AZ? No! Are you personal friends with mccain’s family? NO! So how can you prove he actually had a brain tumor? Were you in the operating room during surgery? No! Did you read his prognosis? NO.

        To accept this diagnosis as real you should have more facts – NOT what the media slings at you because we know where they get much of their facts – at a proctoligist!
        Only a naive, innocent child would believe everything they hear from the media these days…and reading your “Potty Mouth” blog, you definitely aren’t innocent but a whole lot of gullible.

        Bet you actually believe obama was born in Hawaii when it’s been proven to be a huge lie because his father’s relatives STILL live in Mombasso Kenya – the exact place bho’s pregnant mother was visiting when she went into labor. Since no airplanes at that time allowed full term women on their flights, bho’s mother had to give birth in the village with the help of a midwife and obama’s paternal grandmother.

        The Hawaiian thing was nothing but smoke to cover up bho NOT BEING A NATURAL CITIZEN – which one must be to run for the U.S. President. The idiot Dems were so foolish to rig the election so he would win. Now they are crying like hyenas because P.T. is wiping bho’s slate clean and removing his foolish and dangerous legislation…

        So, unless you were in the doctor’s office and operating room with mccain and his doctor, how do you truly know what they removed? It could have been anything the way Congressmen lie these days — especially when they are in disfavor with their constituents. Think abt this…there is always more to the story especially if you are gullible! Wise up! Don’t take things at face value…dig a little!

        • GuardianFlame- I could ask the same of you . Were you there when McCain found out he had a brain tumor? Were you there when he was operated on? Were you there when McCain’s doctor read his prognosis ? Do you live in Arizona? Stop making shit up, until you have the facts to back them up. YOU are the gullible one. WISE UP or STFU!! BTW, I do believe Obama is a natural born citizen. Put that in your pipe & smoke it, you illiterate & ignorant A-HOLE!!

          • Yes, I lived in AZ for over 10 years! Yes, I am familiar with mccain’s change in character and the people in AZ DO NOT TRUST HIM ANY MORE! Not the same man, but that doesn’t mean he had a brain tumor – he could have dementia and exhibit the same symptoms.

            The reason you don’t “get it” is because you are a Liberal Tweak “FayesyPaysy” and Liberals can’t count past 20 because that’s all the fingers and toes they have. You definitely are one because you have a poor retort and the only way you can reply is with your “POTTY MOUTH” to cover up your lack of facts or data. Poor Retort! You had better watch out because Mama is going to give you a big time out!

            You are so pathetic to believe “obamalama lips” is a citizen of the U.S. That is HILARIOUS!! Just shows what a lack of knowledge you have bouncing around in your head! He doesn’t even know our Constititional Laws and no University would accept a pothead loser like him on their campus — more trash made up to make him legit — which he never was and never will be. Once a loser, always a loser. Birds of a feather flock together. Liberals equal LOSERS equal all carrying a KMA gene…and the rest of our Country (the Silent Majority to you) are tired of your chaos and insanity. Fix yourselves before you destroy our Nation with your nonsensical B.S.!
            The deformed KMA gene stands for Kiss My Ass – something every Liberal wishes would happen but in reality they get “Kick My Ass” instead!

  118. He isn’t an enemy of Conservatives, he is an enemy of America and all of its citizens. He is a very small individual, In size and character. He proved it as a prisoner of war and has done all he can to make us a socialist country as Senator. May he rot in h*ll with Ted Kennedy and other slime balls.

  119. John McCain has once again proven an American hero. His standing up to the Russian invaders in our White House took courage and doing so after receiving millions from the supporters of no health care for 20 million+ Americans was also genius it took money out of distribution to accomplish other bad legislation. When will you conservatives join real Americans to get the slime out of the White House?

  120. McCain you cannot fulfill your obligation so step down and really help Americas .

  121. Faye check your facts.theRussian farce was just that so the Dems could still do their dirty work which is still going on.President Trump will take care of that .

  122. “….has it always been this from the very beginning?” Ahh, someone else has seen that flickering light! Absotootly, if not “the very beginning,” it certainly has been this way over the past fifty-odd years. Our ‘former’ American culture has all but changed, performing a complete 180 from what was American mores and morals! America’s “decline” has been orchestrated, acquiesced to by those three martini lunch “leaders” in our bloated sow of a government, John McCain but one of the guilty! These Greatly Overrated Putzes (GOP) have frittered away and wasted every opportunity to push back against that tide, when “gifted” with all government power! This may be the good ship America’s final breath of opportunity to remain afloat, and retain ANY vestige of the Republic as it was envisioned….

  123. Hey John,there’s a new 4 star General in town. If you’re nice maby he will let you do his!!

  124. The fools who keep voting him in are the ones who need to ask themselves why?

  125. Despite the mistaken and tortured SCOTUS ruling to the contrary, the ACA was unconstitutional.

    I absolutely disagree with the political analysts, pundits and “strategists”. Rather than a single “repeal + replace” bill, the next step has to be a simple bill: “as of end of calendar year 2018, the ACA is completely repealed”. The next step is pass a bill to create market driven health insurance and health care by removing private sector obstacles currently established, maintained, and expanded by federal, state, and local governments. That’s the replacement!

    In that these stupid SOBs representatives who represent us don’t get it both astonishes me, and demonstrates their true intentions – TO RULE US!

    It is past time for term limits.


  127. Mc Cain you are a ass–need to be kicked out of the Senate– and from what I see sent back to Viet Nam As their hero–because you sure are not mine–and I am a retired Air Force GI–Why are you a democratic acting Republican . I will be glas when the State of Arizona votes you out of the US Senate.

  128. His past is his present…still a back stabbing traitor ! – The people of AZ should recall this snake.


    • The only time I ever voted for McCain was when he ran against obama. I had to hold my nose when I did! How he ever got elected over Kelli Ward I will never know. Some of us here in Arizona have seen him for what he is for years! Although I personally wish him no ill will, with his health issue, I cannot and will not support him.

  130. Now we can be POWs too. We can be held captive and tortured by Obama and Soros’ curse on this Nation.(You know they are celebrating their victory) Siding with the enemy, has let McCain show us what he is truly made of.
    He doesn’t have to worry about HIS health insurance. So, what’s the problem?
    Or to quote the biggest traitor of all time…..
    “At this point, what difference does it make?”

  131. Christinammorales

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  132. Actually, thanks for LESS than nothing John McCain!

  133. His legacy as a war hero and POW has all but been obliterated with his recent behavior in the Senate and these votes which stick it to the American people. McCain the globalist. This is the last straw. This vote will be what he is remembered for. How sad to have your legacy end like this. He has no one but himself to blame. And will he run again in the next election cycle? Probably. These swamp rats never know when to step aside.

  134. McCain is such a putz! His mind has been going for a while and he needs to get out of politics NOW.

  135. The only legacy that john mccain has is that of a TRAITOR,starting as a pow.

  136. Once a “turncoat” always a “turncoat”.


  138. It shows how much MaCain is completely out of touch! Either that or he’s been bought like Lyndsey Graham?

  139. Michael Dennewitz

    I have no idea what the hell kind of drugs they’re on out there in Ariz., but I will say, He disgraced us while we were in Nam. I have no use for the “songbird asshole!” He thinks way to damned highly of himself!!

  140. John McCain has become a doddering old fool who needs to retire from all aspects of government. His
    thinking is mushy and he has obviously lost his way, allowing himself to join with left-wing zealots and
    other corrupt folks who wield far too much power over American lives while taking advantage of their
    exemption from laws the rest of us are forced to comply with. (Like not having to part of “obamacare”
    for example). McCain has sold us out big time.

  141. Let’s Take The Rolls Royce Congressional Healthcare plan and roll it into Basic Obamacare, then restrict congress and the judiciary to Basic Obamacare no going to a private plan or claiming small business exemption! Then lets see how long it takes to fix this problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • John, you got that exactly correct. These bastards would slide between two cockroaches to do it and hold hands with Nancy P in order to perform a threesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. John Sidney McCain III: Current leader of the RINOstocracy. See Gang of 8; Gang of 14; Keating 5. His betrayals are endless.

  143. Die quickly McCain and take your socialism with you. You are far more valuable dead than alive. You would have been a Vietnam war hero if you had been killed there. Too bad you survived to be the worthless RINO vermin that you are. You will be missed by the freeloading leaches who support your worthless excuse for a human being.

  144. The biggest traitor ever in U.S. history.

  145. Sadly, far too many fit this profile
    If we want to change it
    we have to force term limits and demand action
    Until we symbolically have our hands around their throats..they will continue to give us the finger

  146. McCain was so anti Bush that Kerry offered him the democrat vice president position. He is anti Trump as well. He is for only his agenda, not the republicans or the people. He made history for his return and defeating the Obama care vote. He is the Benedict Arnold of the republican party and the people.

  147. A hero??? HAA, heroes complete the job with success, not capture. POW was called Prisoner of war, not hero…! A survivor it is called, as he was and is now..

    Also called a traitor –

    Traitor | Definition of Traitor by Merriam-Webster
    a person who is not loyal to his or her own country, friends, etc

    I, as one of the “We The People”, was Sergeant of this US Army once, but it has no meaning now due to so called high ranking GOP government official or anyone.

    I call all those demos, “obstructionist”. they are more concerned with their own wants, than the wants of their constituents.
    I am sick of this leadership we have. They have made too many changes to this constitution of laws. They made the changes for the leaders of this country, not the “We The People”

  148. McCain you are a waste product!!! Arizona you reap what you sow👎

  149. he is NOT GUILTY!!

    of vietnam”” must to be SHAME{if he have that) for his vote.

  150. how much more “NONSENSE” will Mc Vain do before he gets OUT????

  151. Most of you here are hypocrites. Had he voted for the repeal you’d all be singing his praises. It was planned you dumb asses by the dozen or so Senate members whom he took a bullet for.

  152. Good old McCain. Who couldn’t guess he had brain cancer before it was released by the press? Not that I would wish that even on Obama. Oh, wait, YES I WOULD!! If the ass wipe had a brain.

  153. J. McCain is BRAIN DEAD & belongs back in his POW where was apparently happy,

  154. Mr. McCain, take your toys and go home.

  155. Hey John MC VAIN, do yet another Patriotic ACT and RETIRE….stay in Sedona, drink a few BUDS and enjoy your remaining days in the Sun …..

  156. John McCain. A real communist loser. Hes not a true American. Maybe his cancer will work a little faster on him just to get rid of the bastard. Adios Mccain. Your history.

  157. McCain, known as the Prince while held in N. Vietnam because that is how he was treated is no hero. He never was:

    We need a competency hearing for this warmongering punk jack ass.

  158. I believe “Screwed Over Once Again” is what it is called. We have no representation, because our ELECTED CONGRESSMEN AND WOMEN do NOT represent us. They represent themselves and their special interest groups.

  159. Rosemary L. Goonan

    Hi Everyone,
    We wouldn”t health care ,at all, john Mc Cain needed be done, Seniors , Vets, Disability resident with Medicare
    Medcaid. There 5 items out contact . Rosie L. Goonan

  160. McCain has been a traitor since he turned on his fellow prisoners in vietnam and opted to side with north Vietnamese and announce on their radio broadcast that he and America were the enemy attacking poor n. Vietnamese, for no justified reason.. He was given medical treatment and food while the American soldiers ranked below him were starved, beaten and refused medical help. Google for the audio of John McCain turning traitor, abandoning his men. Just like he has repeatedly turned on our military and veterans, voting no everytime new legislation is presented to improve the lives of those who serve and protect. Unless it is democrat legislation allowing transgenders to hender our military by not being able to serve at full force and hender tax payers suffering under obamacare to pay for their reassignment surgery. That is legislation that “not a war hero” mccain can support. I wonder if it is true that the treasonous audio recording was used by democrats to blackmail mccain and not hidden at the request of McCain’s dad who was an admiral at the time.

  161. John McCain’s grandfather dis-obeyed direct orders that led to the largest US Navel losses in history. His father was involved in the cover up of the attempt by LBJ to sink the USS Liberty. John McCain himself has committed numerous acts of treason and continues to commit some of the worst treason in history. Maybe it has all been caused by his brain tumor. We should all keep in mind that he supposedly has one of the worst forms of brain cancer there is and that he really does need our prayers. Please join me in a prayer for John McCain’s brain cancer to minimize is suffering and take him from this world quickly. It’s the least we can do for a guy like John McCain.

  162. You are a LIAR and a get even person showing true colors… don’t care about we the people

  163. McCain is a Progressive hiding in the skin of a Republican. He is no good for America.

  164. This piece of crap should have faced the firing squad. He doesn’t even realize his brain tumor is his karma.

  165. McCain will pay his dues you know the old saying WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. He is a true RINO .

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