Texas School District Arms Teachers and Staff

In the small town of Keene, Texas, the school board has voted 6-1 to allow certain teachers and staff to carry handguns during the workday. The new rule, voted into place on December 16, is expected to go into effect in the early months of 2016. Because Keene is such a small town with a vibrant population of pro-gun enthusiasts, the rule is unlikely to be as controversial as it might have been in a larger, urban area. Still, it marks one of the first steps toward the elimination of “gun-free zones” on school grounds, which could make it a crucial test for national gun rights.

What’s remarkable about the decision is that it was championed by Keene superintendent Ricky Stephens, who has long opposed the thought of arming educators. “That old mentality of ‘it can’t happen here’ has started to leave a lot of small towns,” Stephens told a local news station.

The new policy will allow a select handful of staff members to carry guns. In fact, not only will the staff be allowed to carry handguns, they will be provided these guns by the district. The individuals will go through handgun training classes to procure a concealed carry license, and after that they will be required to complete another 80 hours of training throughout the year.

Not everyone, naturally, is jumping for joy about the concept. “It’s tough,” one parent said. “I mean, it’s scary just thinking about guns in school period. I don’t think there should be guns in school at all.”

Indeed, it is this parent’s thinking that will make this a difficult proposal to sell on a national basis. Because who can disagree with him? No one thinks there should be guns in school! And if we could snap our fingers tomorrow and ensure that no guns ever found their way inside a school, even the most virulent Second Amendment supporter would do so.

Unfortunately, no such magic exists. And just putting up a sign that says “no guns allowed” is not preventing psychos and angry teenagers from killing as many students as they wish. Whether or not armed teachers would have made a difference in these cases is up for debate. What’s not up for debate is that declaring them gun-free zones did the nothing to keep students safe. These schools were also murder-free zones, by all accounts. If someone is far gone enough to consider killing innocent classmates, they aren’t going to let a gun ban stop them. Another gun, on the other hand, might just stop them whether they like it or not.


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  1. The Keene, Texas schools are now the safest in the country. God bless this town and it’s leaders. This is what you get when you vote for the right candidate.

    • Yeh but…………what will they do if some “terrorist” comes in shooting, dive for cover, hide in broom closets, like the did in San B a few weeks back….WUSSIES

      • Speak for yourself.

        • So you are of the mind to duck and hide Marlene. Sure hope this never happens to you
          where you are looking down the Barrel of a gun. That HOLE looks HUGE.

          • Ding Bat. She was talking to


          • I believe Marlene was referencing to uddeboda who asserted that the San B employees were wussies for trying to keep from being killed,(as they were unarmed), that HE should speak for ,or, of himself as far as wussies go

          • You are so right RMCS. I was robbed 45 years ago, and I still remember how big that hole was…a .357 looks like a howitzer..and I am a Viet Nam vet.
            Even at that i can just barely imagine the terror those people felt. May God cup them gently in his hands.

          • So very, very right even the working end of a 22LR looks like a 2 inch water pipe when it
            is pointing directly at you. Thanks for your Service there Mr. Boles. Where where you in

          • Oh my, oh my the Children have been left alone to play with the computer again.

          • Alzheimer’s? Or were you dropped on the head as a baby and never recovered? LOL

          • Speak for yourself, coward. You don’t even have the ability to understand what you read, so don’t tell ME about guns, fool.

          • Oh I do speak for myself Marlene my little one. That is why I can honestly and truthfully
            say what I do about guns. Unlike folks like you that have no idea what so ever what you
            are saying.

          • Hey PEA BRAIN – get one!

        • Hmmmmmmm, seven comments saying that absolutely nobody was armed, and you all would swear on your bible to that effect……….none of you can prove that, there are millions of Americans who dont have the permission to carry, yet they do, millions are for sure breaking the law each and every day

          • You’re right a lot of criminals are armed to the teeth, so what is your point.

          • There was one man on the otherside of the campus that was armed and staff held him back. Have you ever had a weapon pointed at YOUR face? I have and you come to christ quickly and that was a cop now try and imagine someone with a AR spraying rounds?

          • That is YOURs and AMERICAs problem………..the USA has caused all this trouble in the middle east, and now they want to come an get you…..they just might as well

          • I am ready are you?

          • Boo, I was hiding behind your soffa

          • Maybe we should just nuke all of the muzzle countries. That would solve the problem. Even better it you were there too.

          • Ley me know if and when TRUMP plans to do it, then I shall move to Greenland…….the mess afterwards in the USA will be ugly………you do have 6 mn in the USA or are they excused

          • Enjoy your trip!!

          • Have been there Before, something very special

          • LMAO – no wonder your so third world! Pathetic, WE pity you, fool.

          • Dont worry Lilly M……..I am more top World than you are……..

          • Oh for sure – LOL. Heil, fool.

          • No,but it is true, there are many countries way way better than the USA even yout northerly neighbour is far far better

          • Breaking WHAT Law ?? Were you born a blockhead, or do you have a “Liberal tutor”
            Permission to own and to carry, is in the 2nd… I do not need to have permission of some pussy politician to carry my weapon if I so choose…

          • Not living in the USA, therefore not a blockhead,you guys live by the 2nd drafted in what was it 1786, musket a powder one shot a minute, and now 32 in a mag, 5 secs max, be thankfull to Sweden that you got dynamite

          • why do allow this ?person to antagonize you? It is obviously
            some slow thinking and slobbering youth with a very limited
            education and the oral -hits….let it lie…nature will take care
            of this carrion shortly…..tata

          • This is nothing… Have you seen a couple of other regular brain-dead trolls on these threads ??
            I won’t dignify them by mentioning monikers, but you likely know who I mean anyway

          • PROVE that some of the victims WERE ARMED! ~ I’ll make it easy for you;….just ONE!!!

          • I wouldnt even try,its quite possible that those that survive were armed…….prove that to be wrong

          • independent thinker

            You made the original claim that there were armed persons who hid. Therefore it is up to you to prove that claim.

          • Sorry to disappoint you, but I have to feed my goldfish, then go walkies with her, or is it a him

          • independent thinker

            Thanks for admitting you are just posting drivel and nonsense.

          • and thanks for posting more crap and drivel

          • bsbsbsbsbs

          • It was a gun free zone so no one was armed which goes to show criminals and terrorists don’t obey laws.

          • Was it a gun free zone or are you just making up stuff…….I didnt see any notices saying that, and there were 100s of pictures on the internet………..and remember itis important to put up notices in several languages and a Picture of a gun with a cross on it, but then people might Think its a KISS ON A GUN

          • Being on government property it automatically makes it a gun free zone. If you were ever at mass hooting or experience a home invasion, the first thing you would think was that I wish I had a gun. A friend of mine who was anti-gun experienced a home invasion and he told me that was the first thing he thought of was, I wish I had a gun. He does now!!

          • Good old US tradition……gorra av a gun……….then you feel safe, but still 28000 get killed by other Americans who had the same idea…..every year……….YIPPI

          • 60% of all gun deaths are suicides, of the remainder, 62% are black gang bangers killing each other. The rest are justified killings by the police and armed citizens. The FBI website has those numbers

          • 16800 kill themselves,are thingsthat bad in the US

          • So you think that people commit suicide because of guns? I have 14 handguns and have never been tempted to off myself.

          • I didnt hint that,all I am doing is posting facts and figures on US websites

          • Guns make people kill themselves? tee hee

          • I dont know the psyke of Americans, especially vets who kill themselves…..about 8000 a year, very sad

          • It’s sad when anyone kills themselves but guns don’t cause suicide. Mental illness does.

          • ah, u de bro da……now let us see here…you hide behind a pseudonym…
            heaping blame and ridicule on the USA….but will not tell us what Nation
            you are from…..Why?……Could it be a tell? …es machte mich machdenklich….Do not wish to have the haslich past of your Nation
            recalled ? People who dwell in houses made of silica should not throw

          • But it is so easy to heap blame and ridcule on the USA

          • well now…you failed to mention anything regarding the points that I made nor replied to the questions…nor did anything of
            consequence..only more of your mental flatulence
            …however, you provided one tell, your
            evaluation of yourself…is it common amongst your people
            to have such a dark mindset….I have heard that the Nordic
            peoples seem to brood excessively…perhaps the weather
            influences that….blame and ridicule of others indicate
            feelings of limited self worth…projection….or narcissum…
            the other end of the spectrum….regardless, you enjoy
            your illness pity, that you do not seek some prof. help..
            last post to you…infantile games……

          • Thanks for your last post, even if it was a frigging long one—–
            Hej då

          • Giving up so easily..WUSSIE………..whats the matter mommie Calling you

          • PROVE yourself RIGHT, FIRST; you started this BS!

          • No I didnt, the person that started the topic started it………dont blame me I am only a messenger

          • THEN….you’re FIRED!

          • You are accusing them of a crime. That puts the burden of proof ON YOU!!

          • Government property is a gun free zone.

          • Tell that to all the jerks who break laws all the time

          • independent thinker

            Yet you claim WITHOUT ANY PROOF that there were persons other than the terrorists who had firearms and hid.

          • Maybe you are right. But if I was facing 10-20 years in prison for being a “hero”, I might think twice before defending anyone else. ALL “gun control” should be abolished.

          • Just how could you describe yourself……….and for all to see

          • A-wipe is YOU. As everyone CAN see.

          • Thanks….dick sucker

          • Get medicated – or are you, widdleudde!

        • Hey ding bat. She was talking to


      • I don’t think so. People would prefer to live and will make the right decision if the time comes.

        • Barbara Dunkle Craig

          As has been shown, after the fact is too late. I’m for guns BUT, I also believe that gun safety, shooting lesson (gotta get used to the noise factor, KNOW that you can hit what you are aiming at – first time). Be prepared for the worst, hope for the best. I’m actually very good with a rifle. I want a hand gun to carry. My ex tried to kill me twice. I saved my self by smiling at him with what I thought was my last breath. Scared the S*** out of him.

      • Gee another Liberal Educated individual. Where there ARMED folks in the San Bernardino
        Christmas Party there bubba? Maybe you should rethink what you say before you say it.

      • Sorry, nobody, not a single soul was armed in San Bernardino, except the terrorists. Hence, the slaughter scene – 14 killed, 31 injured! Wake up…

      • To my knowledge, no such thing happened in San Bernardino.

      • What would they do if they didn’t have weapons, you cretin?

      • San B were NOT ARMED!!!!

      • We don’t jump in closets in Texas. We blow asses away like YOU!

      • and you know this how??

        • How??????well, most American Citizens who havent seen military service, are just wussies with big mouths………….just look at the Republican candidates, not one has done service, yet all without exception want to send Young American to fight and get killed…………they are the biggest wussies

          • Neither did Clinton, who ran to Canada or Obama who is just a big mouth. To call unprotected, unsuspecting people celebrating at an office party who are slaughtered for no reason that is apparent.. wussies. is low brow, disrespectful and very characteristic of another clueless thoughtless person. I suspect that if you were unarmed and in a similar situation, you’d be crawling over people trying to find a place to hide. Be careful whom you call wussies lest you find your self at the receiving end of a confrontation with no way out.

          • As I dont live in the USA…….my country does not have weapons available to almost every man woman and Child as in the USA, I have no fear from any person on the street day or night

          • I understand, how ever if you don’t live in the U.S.A., and have never faced such a situation, you should be more careful with your criticisms and rash comments. If the tables were turned,(which I hope never happens to you), words such as yours would be considered, insulting, derisive, and rude, if they were directed towards you and your friends and family. End of this conversation.

          • Switzerland has the highest gun ownership per capita and the lowest crime rate in the world. If it wasn’t for all the blacks killing each other, we would be 4th from the bottom in the world in gun deaths.

          • Wrong……………


            Switzerland 4……..45.7

          • So one in 45.7 have firearms? Thanks for proving my point.

          • he cities with the toughest gun laws have the highest gun crime rate. More guns in the hands of law abiding citizens=less crime. Embrace the suck!

          • In my country we have no guns in the hands of Citizens……….and we have zero killings………..that is apart from the small gangs that try to kill each other……..about 25 gang member die each year………..thats about it

          • What county is that? The UK is the most violent country in Europe and have a high murder rate. You don’t need to have a gun to commit murder. Australia banned guns and their crime rate went up 46% because the law abiding citizens turned in their weapons, the criminal didn’t which makes good people victims of armed thugs.

          • Where the heck do you get your numbers out of your backside, the UK is not violent with high murder rate,about 0.1 murdersper 100000, compared to the USA which has about 50 times more murder rate than the UK and many other countries in Europé, all of which have banned guns…….and you are wrong about Australia, guns were cosfiscated, so how could they turn to their guns

          • Per capita they’re worse than the US. How could they not turn in guns? Could it be because criminals don’t obey laws? Confiscation in the US won’t happen. In NY and Conn. they were told to register the AR platform rifles and hardy anyone complied. The cities with the toughest gun laws, has the highest gun crime rate.

          • My research is beyond reproach. I never said Australia, I said


          • MY REPLY was to “”mac12sam12″…….it was he who quoted Australia

          • restrain yourself pop…..this whining thing you are trying to
            make sense to is certain to be a cretin….his retorts are holes
            in space that you could drive a semi through…and he/she/it
            continues to attempt to hold a conversation but failing
            miserably……pitiful thing….

          • As I have determined it to be also. But, you know….I had to try. Thank you.

          • And any Democrat has? It is fine that foreigners know more about Americans then Americans.

          • It is not difficult to find facts and figures about anything on the internet, a lot of it is fairly true,but many well known TV personallities in the USA, lie a lot and make up things, and do a lot of copy and paste, and claim it to be their own……..GlennBeck is pretty good at lying, stories on his face book I have questioned him, then he takes them off

      • Ah… shoot back ?? is not that what the training is for ???

      • see my post……

        • Looking thru all of your comments it would appear that you hate everybody………so here is my advice, take a large plastic bag, over your head and tie it tightly around your neck

          • ah, you-de-bro da…how thoughtful of you, small minded mollusk…to wish me to kill myself…..thanks for the kind wishes but,,,,i think I will just hang
            around a while longer to pester and irritate illologicals such as you…and,
            although you are most probably an atheist or at least an agnostic, I do
            wish you a frolic Weihnachten und eine glutlich Nuejahr….

      • Go away you stupid troll!!!! GUNS SAVE LIVES!…When the good guys are allowed to carry them.

      • You can’t carry on government property.

      • No Way Dude, instead pull a ‘Ben Carson’ and attack that terrorist with your bare hands, or maybe one of those school books

      • I always write,if I was there the terrorist wouldn’t get very far without my opposition.

  2. God Bless Keene Texas

  3. Forrest Jane Cline

    Common sense prevails. God Bless Keene, Texas.

    • AMEN! I just hope Tennessee will follow Texas’ lead!

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    • Amen to that !

  4. Most schools since they are controlled by Liberals will never show that kind of common sense.

    • So, hows “bout we get rid of ALL the liberal scum? One school at a time.
      Kudos to these folks for using good common sense…

    • Agreed! Liberals have dumded down our kids so much they can’t even help themselves determine how much of a discount would be if it was 25% off? I went to McDonald’s and cashier needed a calculator to give back correct change! Great Job Libs! No wonder why Corporations are seeking labor overseas among a smarter workforce! Shame on you America!


      • The fact is that it was over slavery and the 11 states that didn’t want to give up slavery. The supreme court didn’t agree with Lincoln but Lincon’s proclamation ended slavery. For all states to agree, whether their right or not, it was the right and humane thing to do. The keeping together, in the end, of all the states was based on agreements and demanded processes to be followed by all the states. Again, whether constituional or not, it was the right thing to do and eventually would have happened anyway.


  5. Excellent!

  6. Good. Let them kill each other off. One less school teaching and preaching that Evolution never happened.

    • My Dear Verna Satan, please GFY.

    • You utter moron.

    • from where dear person did you crawl out? That comment was so 180, it
      actually took me by surprise…so if “them” are the result of Eve-ovulation..
      oops sorry…let me restate…if “them” are the result of evolution..then evolution
      according to your statement ” killing each other off ” did a poor job in the
      ?development? of homo sapiens don’t you think…and where do you place
      the fault if any, in your opinion..please share

  7. I’ll bet no “Columbine” type incidents happen in their schools.

  8. So, teachers, who will be trained in gun safety and, more than likely, marksmanship skills, may be put in a situation that requires the tactical training of a swat team. Only the best police get picked to be members of a swat team, and usually only after years of service, demonstrating their ability of making good tactical decisions, showing that they can handle the stress of making split second life-or-death decisions and that they are willing to shoot-to-kill. How do we know how these teachers will react in a gun battle? This is not what they trained to do, even with the training they will receive, how will we know if the will not make a situation much worse?

    • When a nutjob hears that the schools are arm and have become hard targets they will move on to softer targets

      • When a nutjob hears that off duty policemen are protecting the schools, he will be much more wary of targeting a school than if teachers have guns. For the price and the instruction classes and range time for those teachers, the could have a professional on the campus.

  9. Good for Keene,Texas and the School District there. Our Federal Government sounds like they need to go to Keene,Texas and get a lesson in education with a town that has common sense and understands the need to protect its students and citizens by arming teachers etc. with weapons instead of trying to take away their rights to on a gun or weapon..

  10. Safe kid’s what a concept.

  11. A school board with “common Sense” that will be a first for sure. I have no problem
    with teachers and administrator carry weapon in school providing they pass the
    require background and qualification requirements. The additional training over
    the school year should also be mandatory as well as having them as reserve
    deputies cleared by the local police dept. to insure they meet the qualification and
    training requirements for proper firearm usage and safety. Those who do not
    wish to participate or carry a weapon will be excused since they still have the right
    and it shall not be infringed upon .

    • this already is happening in some parts of Ohio

      • I have had some friends who have reported that it is happening
        in other parts of the Nation, just not getting much public notice
        in those areas. One of them is a friend who I served in the
        military with and he and some other veterans were picked in
        his home town to go thru the training an certification. They
        all have combat experience and are reserve deputies in
        their home town.

  12. Fed Gov loss of Border Control and hysteria about keeping guns out of hands of law abiding citizens is the reason Schools must protect the students and faculty.
    Fed Gov has handcuffed the victims and let the criminals & lunatics run amuck.
    We are on our own since the powers in high places have stirred up the mobs to hobble local Police.
    Fast and Furious Fed Gov program did not put guns in hands of Victims for their own Self Protection.

  13. God Bless Texas!!!!!!!!!! Common sense NOT common core!!

  14. way to go Keene, Texas, we need more schools like yours….. Obama should be impeached…. Hillary for prison 2016 Obama her cell mate

  15. Good and make sure they are all always armed and ready to defend those children and themselves competently. In fact, why is this not being done all over the country? While BO and his minions including the deluded liberal state governors are busy fundamentally destroying this nation, we need to remember unarmed IS in harms way with the terrorist, the criminals and the fruitcakes who pull the mass shootings off. Their targets are unarmed harmless souls in the wrong place at the wrong time. Look at the Vegas murders, a car was the weapon and the woman was incited by racist black talk. Thanks BO, you have done a fine job stirring up your racist black crap, you and your wife both!

  16. Way to go Texas.Do away with all gun free zones in every state

  17. The lady that said I don’t think we should have guns in schools at all is just part of the problem. Maybe by having a few guns available to staff with the proper training can stop a shooter or shooters from killing some kids, her child might make it because they have the means to stop or slow down shooters. Open your brain a few seconds now so you aren’t in sorrow for yours or others.

  18. Merry Christmas to Keene Texas School Supt.

  19. In every instance of shootings at schools they have been a NO GUN ZONE, yet anyone can walk in with a gun and there is no one to stop them. I praise Keene,TX for coming to their senses and beginning to protect the kids instead of listening to liberal/progressives who want gun control and the Second Amendment repealed. This is America and every sane adult should be allowed to carry a gun after they have been trained if they so desire.

  20. At least the good people of Texas have a clue.

  21. Thank you, Keene, Texas.

    • There are many other remote school districts in Texas that arm the school employees for this very reason. Only in Texas, with the lowest criminal rate anywhere.

  22. Common sense!! Wow! Finally!

  23. Back when I was in High school we had a nice new firing range and a class that taught gun safety.The school also supplied the .22 match-grade rifles.The local Police also made use of this indoor range.We never had a problem with guns in our school.Later on when things started getting screwy down here in the lower 48 states they closed it down and started using the range as storage space.This was all do to the New No Guns policy at school rules that became a national policy.Now all these gun free zones have done nothing to help but make them target rich environments.

    • Born and reared in the panhandle of Texas was a blessing. My brother and I were taught from early on about safety and use of various guns by the best, Americas Greatest Generation. Going on Duck hunting and Dear hunting or just “plunking” at targets with .22 rifles or other small caliber ammo, was always fun and educational. Learning from the best left a life time of bonding.

  24. Rural schools are at risk because law enforcement is a considerable distance away and cannot respond to such schools. That condition exists in many western states. So, some have armed their schools. The bad guys need to know that man of the teachers are also hunters and can shoot as accurately as men.

    • There is a saying down here in Texas: The law officials are only a minimum of one minute away AFTER a 911 call for help, where as one’s .38 S&W, .45 Colt or other hand weapons are only seconds away with a response time of 0.1 seconds BEFORE the 911 call. Try out running that one.

      • reagangs,
        A pistol may be slightly quicker that a rifle or a shotgun but not as accurate.

      • I love it when someone posts a comment like this, loaded guns just almost anywhere in the house, ready for the kids to start playing with them…….perhaps they could kill off a few more loony parents

        • drivel, drivel, drivel…oh pathetic one….please be so kind and
          take your poor puppy for it*s necessary…..and don’t forget your
          plastic baggie……poopie…haha

          • Patriot News Daily? What a dickwad. The whole world laughs at morons like you. Angry old white racists.

          • don’t get angry poopie……what makes you angry CONTROLS your disputable gray matter….see. you have
            already started to say nasty things about me…oh boo hoo..
            Racist?….absolutely not so penis breath….I look at all people
            with the same attitude….made in the image of God the uncaused cause…it is just the vitriolic, garbage odor, inane,
            and useless words that people ejaculate that gives me pause
            to wonder WHY God gave the human race another chance…
            However, He is in charge and knows what He is doing….
            Now, glad we had this little talk..hope that you have a Merry
            Christmas and stay healthy this new year……

          • And god bless all thems littul broun babbies

          • Kan I laff as well….he he

          • Will do Moron-d

        • Ever hear of gun locks, duh!

  25. Excellent, that is one school district that will be safe.

  26. As a professional, I carry my “equalizer” with me (legally!) Where I live its also open carry (if I desire to do so). I have the right and those whose motive is to do us harm must know, I have the balls to defy their evil intent and intimidation. Children and teachers need security supported by common sense. God bless and protect us all!

  27. Gun control…practice…practice…practice!

  28. The Moslems and the negro sodomite both ILLEGALLY here and there GIVE US NO CHOICE. Sorry…. better safe than sorry.

    If you don’t want US to pack then you should pack and leave. Both the Moslems and the negro illegally up there.

    • I get a feeling that you dont like foreigners.imagine how the Indian tribes felt when the White man came, killing the indians and taking their land

      • imagine how WE feel listening to YOUR pathetic babbling on and on
        trying your best to engage in an argument.in which you think that you
        excel…however and this you already know, but you SUCK at your
        supposed clear points and I do not see how you can claim to know anything beyond the involuntary functions of your body(?) like

      • Did you know some Indians FEARED other Indians more than the white man???

        They use to slaughter and STEAL from each other like it was Christmas everyday.

        Believe it or not WE PUT a stop to it!! We also FREED the Negroes. Today they are free men but strangely they wish to go to jail where they don’t have to work and they can get free meals!

        Ain’t white man good??? LOL!

    • Pack them off to Montana, and let them have sex with sheep

  29. I think they better call their liability insurer. If a kid uses one of those guns to go on a rampage they are totally cooked.

  30. curious about the 80 hours training. is that every year? does the school provide safe storage of long guns? glad they recognize that not all teachers would be good candidates for this. it sounds like they are going through some expense for this but is trivial with supplying an armed guard.

  31. man what have our governmental ?leaders? allowed to happen to this Nation.?
    Well, it*s the only thing left to do other than stringing up barbed wire, with trip wires
    explosives and mined fields,,,perhaps a couple of towers with live guards……and some
    50 cal. armament…and then the buses can be armor plated for ied*s and sweepers out
    front, no windows, just some ports for returning fire,.grenade launchers and USMC
    guards…we could put Kevlar helmets and vests on the kids and teachers and staff….
    WOW…I really feel better now…oh wait…..does this mean my school taxes are going up? a little?…A LOT!!!??

    • COULD WORK,and the tower guards,they have orders,to shoot to kill,anyone who GOES STUPID

      • Well Texas is the Place for that……the state of the stupid peoples

        • ANOTHER possibility,you live in that town,you have children in that school,you and other parents,boycott the school”INRE”arming qualified teachers,the school drops its intended arming policy.A few days later,a terrorist./a gone berserk yoyo,runs onto the school grounds,does a Sandyhook masacre,including your children..Texas,YOUR state of the stupid peoples.My scenario,you dislike other children,YOU HATE YOUR CHILDREN.I will stay with my decision,to allow the school to ARM qualified teachers.”INRE your decision,”so much,for SAFE ZONES.”

  32. Good for Keene,Texas,if I had children in school,I wood move to Keene,Texas.All schools in the U.S.of America should follow suit. NO goverment entity WILL,be allowed to super cede,this program.

  33. The projected mental institution applicants now know that Keene, Texas is NOT a gun free zone. They are going through withdrawal symptoms just thinking about it. No free rides here, crazies. Same for you Muzzies.

  34. michael schimanski

    When I was in the Corp I was shot at and it is very scary . I was armed and knew what to do . I can’t imagian the fear and helplessness those people felt , I can only speck for myself and I was dam glad I was armed , for me and those around me we all felt a hole lot safer. Mike USMC 1969-1975

  35. Keene, TX–congratulations in using some “uncommon sense” and recognizing the time and conditions in which we now live.

    Our local high school has had armed teachers and staff for the past several years. The principal introduced and opened the door to all his teachers taking the required CCP safety training and then bringing their weapons to school and to class. Previously, there were bomb threats, spent gun cartridges, holes in school doors and walls, shot out lights and windows, and since the arming of the teachers and staff, no more trouble.

  36. If you don’t think guns in schools perhaps you think terrorist and murderers do. Gun free zones are advertisements inviting death. I would feel relief rather than remorse.

  37. I want to move to Texas, and I support them seceding from the Union.

    • More more people…………..10s of millions should move to Texas, and then let them secede………..good riddance to bad rubbish

  38. I totally agree Forest Jane Cline.A great decision Keene, Texas

  39. Time for us all to arm ourselves and our schools etc…Do not allow them to stop our guns anywhere…no one is there to stop the terrorists by Obama’s request.

  40. The parent might think otherwise if their child is killed.

  41. They don’t want to as they like baited areas so they can use their arm of the media to cry Takeaway of the guns. This is what this is all about baited areas or show we call them hit areas of the left where people are defenseless To invite the kind of behavior that they can use in the media to say see it we need to take the guns. The left is evil to the core.

  42. blacks taking white lives matter. you can Get protection the government doesn’t know exists, you know you need it> Need protection but don’t want the
    F.B.I. digging into your past and don;t want a registered firearm in your name?
    THE ANSWER IS THIS: A Black Powder Revolver and a Conversion Cylinder to accept modern ammunition!
    This one is pocket size, http://northamericanarms.com/i
    and then get a CONVERT NAA CAP AND BALL on Gunbroker.com
    All legal. (for now anyway)…

  43. It would have been a lot better to just allow all permit holders to conceal carry.

  44. You know it, we are the Republic of Texas. And if the 1000 per day families that are moving here to escape the high taxes, failing businesses and regulations on everything, just remember, you voted for it and if you bring you Liberal views here, there is Oklahoma, Arizona, Louisiana, or any of the other 49’ers you want to choose from. Visit Texas, enjoy yourselves, and then…please. Please LEAVE! San Antonio, The Republic of Texas and as soon as we start writing our City/Town/Republic of Texas as such, the sooner they will take us at our word. P. Kathy Kleiman

  45. When I was in high school, guns were in the student’s cars. Pick-ups especially had gun racks with rifles or shotguns in them. The schools had ROTC with gun training classes and competitions.

    What happened in the last 40 years to get people to give up their fundamental rights to liberal/democrat/fascist goons?

  46. Moron, you believe everything you “see” on your TV screens. When it was noticed that the same “Mom” was rushing in to see where her kid was at the latest faked school shooting, now the filming company, paid by the US government, that is yours and my money by the by, are now suing. Eventually they will get to the govt, for the gross felonious I don’t know what bullshit they were trying to pull, but if they are dumb enough to get the same actress, and it WAS NOTICED, check Judicial Review, they have the court on docket for litigation. And I believe they should also fry Piers Morgan for pushing that fakery. WE ARE IN A STATE OF WAR. and if would “take the bananas out of your ears,” as one high level KGB defector said, you would know that. P. Kathy Kleiman

  47. just another reason to let texas succeed from the USA. let the nuts have their own state and then we build the wall around them

    • Nuts? Do you not know we are AT WAR? 2 such radical ideologies as Muslim and American do not work. Look how well the Nazi and Jewish ideologies went. Overnight, guns were taken, that is always the first step. Washington said, an informed citizenry, which you are certainly not, and armed citizenry and state militias are the only thing that “would stop a government that has become tyrannical and will never limits its own power on its own.”That “would topple every king off of his throne in Europe,” which is the reason European “subject” do not have guns. Jefferson said “Nullification is the only rightful remedy.” I know the history of Texas for my great great grandmother was born in San Antonio, San Luis Potosi…MEXICO in 1836. When we won our sovereignty from a FOREIGN NATION, MEXICO, or mayhaps we were the “foreign ones.” Nevertheless, we like the AMERICANS do have a DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and do not have to SECEDE anything to anyone. Article 1: Section 2: “The political power is at all times in the hands of the people who have the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their government in any manner that may seem expedient.” We only want OUR STATUS BACK AS A SEPARATE REPUBLIC AGAIN. That, Sir, is not Secession. Those show votes on the Keystone where a pretty good horse and pony show, for if you have a majority in both houses, pass the Keystone but cannot get the votes for a veto? Is just that. A horse and pony show. But, luckily for us, you and the entire nation get fully 3/4 of all of you precious natural oil and gas from pipelines courtesy of the Lone Star State. So, 1/3 of all the world’s drilling is done right outside OUR gulf of Mexico in Galveston and shipped in the great shipping ports of Houston, the fourth largest city in the US. We, Sir have a balanced budget, a running over “Rainey day fund,” and just gave back to the people at this Nov. elections lowering ALL property taxes, no toll roads in TX so construction begins on Hwy 281 and Hwy 1604. We also soaked it in blood to the EPA, the conversationalists and and the people who want to DISARM THE PEOPLE. “We Texans have the inalienable right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife in the traditional manner in order to conserve wildlife, taking into affect all trespass and shooting off of guns in public areas. The Open Carry begins Jan 1, 2016. We all know that in our Republic, we can be stopped for any reason or no reason at all, but we CANNOT BE ASKED TO SHOW ANY TYPE OF LICENSE FOR ANY FIREARM. We will also be able to buy gun insurance for about $13/month and should have cameras for any and all encounters with law, who may not know the exact lines of the guns laws,or gun FREEDOMS passed. WE ARE AT WAR SIR, WITH A CREATURE OF OUR OWN CREATION WHO WILL NEVER LIMIT IS OWN POWER AND WITH A RADICAL FORM OF MIDDLE AGED IDEOLOGY WHO TELLS US IT WILL KILL US. IF NOT FOR OUR FREEDOMS, I AM QUITE SURE, IF WE COULD DO WHAT THEY DID IN PARIS, WE WOULD FIND A HELLUVA LOT MORE THAN PRAYER RUGS IN MOSQUES. So, stay happy with your high taxes, strangling regulations and “experts” telling you how many sodas you can drink. You voted for it, so you live with it. We, Sir, do not have to. As one of our past Presidents and the leader of our independence, General Sam Houston said,”Texas has never learned submission.” You stay where you are, and we stay where we are. And I don’t think you will be building anything for you cannot decide anything. We, Sir, have our borders going up, our TX AIR, TX NAVY, TX COASTGUARD, TX BORDER GUARD, TX GUARD–answers only to the Governor–OUR TX POLICE, TX RANGERS, TX VETERANS, WHO CAN WALK INTO BATTLE TOMORROW, OUR TWO MILITARY INSTALLATIONS, FT. BLISS AND FT. HOOD AND OUR OWN POWER GRID. The feds won’t be turning out our lights. You will have to do a lot of catching up to begin to build the walls we have up and in place. And then there are of course the armed citizenry, weapons behind every blade of grass, armed state militias, our Oath keepers, and our elusive, but deadly The Yellow Rose of Texas! Good luck, for you will need it, I believe.

      • you are either a liar or very misinformed texas collects the 2nd most welfare from the federal government over all the other states and has the worst education record in the country and it shows, re yall still gonna send your rangers and armed citizens to defend you from the US army holding maneuvers LOL read a book

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