Texas Law “Forcing” Women to Abort Their Own Babies

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments challenging a Texas abortion law that went into effect two years ago. The law, in part, requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their clinic. Since going into effect, the number of Texas abortion clinics has dwindled from 42 to only 19. Abortions declined 13 percent. And the law’s champions say that it has improved the standard of women’s healthcare in the Lone Star State.

But the law’s opponents – abortionists, primarily – say that the law is leading to disaster. They tout a new study which says that women are being forced to wait longer and travel further to get their abortions. The study also concludes that the law has forced more than 100,000 women to attempt self-abortion using herbs and illegal medications.

“Poverty, limited resources, and local facility closures limited women’s ability to obtain abortion care in a clinic setting and were key factors in deciding to attempt abortion self-induction,” said the Texas Policy Evaluation Project.

In a statement, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards said, “This important new research paints an alarming picture of what the future may be like for women across the country if the Supreme Court does not block this cruel law.”

Right. So let’s examine this.

Because media brainwashing and cultural rot cause us to forget about what we’re really talking about, sometimes it’s helpful to frame it in another way.

So let’s say that instead of abortion, we were talking about suicide clinics. Clinics where anyone could go at any time and be put to sleep without pain and without questions. You can do it at 20, you can do it at 80. You can do it because you’re bored, you can do it because you’re terminally ill. It doesn’t matter. It’s your “right.”

So one day, the state passes a law that makes it a little bit more difficult to get your suicide at a convenient clinic. This has the effect of reducing the total number of suicides, but it also has the effect of increasing the number of people who choose to commit suicide at home.

Well, then, unless you feel that suicide is a moral good, then why would you care?

And so it is here. Abortion is not a moral good, no matter how much Cecile Richards and the other feminist whackadoos claim that it is. If abortion is a moral good, then so is suicide. So is murder. So is nearly anything else you can think of. Should we provide sterilized, legitimate clinics for these things, so that people don’t have to be inconvenienced?

This argument is obviously going to fall on deaf ears in the liberal community; they absurdly believe that abortion IS a moral good, and so you might as well try to convince a lion that he shouldn’t eat zebras.

But for conservatives who see abortion for what it is, the idea that we should abandon our principles because women are “forced” to find other ways to end their pregnancies is ridiculous. There is no force. There is only choice. And the evil choice is the evil choice, whether done at home or at Planned Parenthood. In a truly just society, we would feel no pity for these women. We would, in fact, put them in prison for murder.

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  1. The baby killers and sellers for-profit will stoop to any level to get their federal funding.

    • They have no conscience left.

    • Oh Dan you’re so stupid it hurts to read your drivel There is no fed funding for abortion and they do not sell the organs for profit. Pu;ll your head out of your ass and get some facts

      • Explain why planned parenthood gets hundreds of millions of taxpayer funds then, genious.

        • First off, its “Genius” you moron Secondly only 3% of its services were for abortions, none of those used fed funds they are paid for privately the other 97 percent of services are for contraception, treatment of STD’s, cancer screening and other woman’s health services

          • Since you are into ad hominem attacks, here is one for you. Go fu(k your dead grandmothers corpse, you degenerate.

          • Good job Little danny. When someone comes forward with facts and figures to show what a complete fucking moron you are, know its best just to keep your stupid mouth shut and compliment their spelling. You’re a good little bitch

          • You are the proverbial keyboard warrior. If you saw me on the street, you would run like the little soppy cunt that you are.

          • I can see you are a man with mighty christian morals NOT

          • I call ’em how I see ’em, if you don’t like it, TOUGH SH*T!!! I said it before and I’ll say it again, just because I am a Christian, doesn’t mean that I AM Christ. He was the only man born without sin, and you should’ve seen me before I gave my life to him. I am a Christian warrior, not some little rosary grasper saying, “I’m gonna pray for you!!”. That is the problem with this country, everybody has turned into a bunch of sissified wimps. I can promise you one thing, WHEN TSHTF, you are going to thank God that there are still a few good men like me around to do the heavy lifting.

          • Throwing out two arbitrary numbers does not equal fact. They DO, in fact, sell baby parts. Well, did…

          • NO Jimmy YOU’RE The bitch! Where do you get your so called facts? From Planned Parenthood or one of their supporters? Come on little boy you can do better than that or you better stop trying to correct spelling skills.

          • Actually from the congressional Budget office But I didn’t expect you to be able to follow all that

          • You should be able to do better than that with your pea brain. Obviously you your not smart enough to realize when your being deceived. To bad cupcake.

          • Pretty bold words coming from Old Btty who’s suffering from dementia…………..

          • Suck my Dick Moron!

          • So,

            Senile old btty is a tranny? Are You and Caitlyn Jenner the only two transsexuals in the GOP?

            Is this a recent Photo?

            Senile old Btty


          • So I’m Right?

            Come out and be proud-what ever you are.


          • Is that the sound that you make while having sex-who’s on top?


          • Is that sex with yourself or a house plant?

          • Actually, in English it’s “too” The congressional budget office is lying?? Have you heard trump speak? Just want to make sure you know what a lie actually is

          • I happily refer you to my comment to Bob666, the little Satanist.

          • i can barely stand to read the drivel you type to me. The last thing I intend to do is search out the nonsense you write to others

          • You are such a liar! ROFLMAO, if it’s the last thing you want to do then why even respond? Again your nothing more than a bleeding heart liberal who is on this sight to stir up chit. Admit it anyone with half a brain can see what your doing. Now let me guess? Your not going to respond right? LOL

          • Number one, and since he was born in Queens, that is North, and that takes him right off the ballot box for me, especially since I know Ted’s history and what he has done for the Republic of Texas. And…he has done everything he promised to do, but when people see the real deal after they’ve been lied to so many times, it is understanable. Ever since our firebrand from Texas got to DC, he saw the corruption, the dishonesty, and the lying to constituents, as that letter he got soon after he was elected to go to DC…”Now Ted, those are just show votes for the people back home, we don’t really do them.” That angered him. I agree. He has told the world what no one was supposed to know, and every Republic treated him as toxic, but it didn’t matter, it was low down lying and he wasn’t going to take it. He didn’t put up with BS and lying to constituents in our Republic, and he will not tolerate it there.

          • I love being told that I’m not smart enough by someone who doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”, Or “to” and”too”

            Seriously if you’re going to call someone stupid, please be a better speller than my 10 yr old

          • There you go Jimmy when you can’t defend yourself with unbiased facts you resort to correcting someone’s grammar or spelling. But the fact is you got my point bad spelling and all. You and Bob666 must have something going on and it’s not intelligence.

          • Yea, we see the intellect of senile old Btty the brain dead transsexual with every post.


          • Boring, maybe. True, absolutely!

            Just come out once and for all-if you remember your own name that is……………

          • I take no joy from arguing with people so stupid that they can’t spell simple words. It’s like taking candy from a baby, there is no satisfaction gleemed from it.

          • Oh really? For someone who doesn’t take any joy in it your sure responding with your juvenile comments. No satisfaction indeed. LOL

          • Oh my god. Once again Dumbass, it’s “you’re”. It’s pretty pathetic that you respond for the third time and still can’t spell. Do yourself a favor and turn off your computer. You’re too stupid to use one

          • Oh my God, the bitch is at it again. Go to hell Jimmy!

          • Hahahahah. I’ve been to Texas already thanks, no need to go back

          • ROFLOL, you wouldn’t last an hour in Texas. They don’t like bitches like you.

          • Jimmy,
            nBe kind to senile old btty, there is not much grey matter left for that tranny.

          • Well Little Jimmy you seem to be the little MORON here. Check out your OBAMACARE
            policy and then sit down and shut up.

          • I own my own business and have coverage through it I don’t need to rely on Obamacare but I am delighted that we finally have universal coverage for all like every other modern nation Well except those in texas whose leaders are so fucking stupid they opted out

          • Well gess what JImmy it is you who are the idiot, first off you don’t have Universal Coverage. You have four separate stages of Coverage. the only thing the state of
            texas opted out of was accepting the EXPANDED MEDICAID Program which oh by the
            way has been proven to waste tax payer money and provide insufficient Medical
            services to the people who were forced on it by the Federal and state governments
            that accepted it. So Come on little Jimmy who is the idiot now?

          • Clearly you’re still the idiot

          • I just bet you are the hit at the Thanksgiving day table aren’t you little jimmy. Mindless and
            mouth running all the time. What a fine Democrat you are.

          • Then why are the republican governors signinf on? Cause rural hospitals going broke and closing down due to walkin emergencies without.insurance

          • Really My state has resisted the expansion of Obamacare in the MEDICAID side of the
            house. The state is also expierencing a rate hike like it has never seen in the history of
            health insurance. Rural Hospitals are not going broke from walkin emergencies they are
            going broke do the Federal Governments reimbursement rate for these emergencies.

          • My understanding is that medicaid would have covered the uninsured.

          • Medicaid was already covering the poor and uninsured. What the OBAMACARE
            Medicaid did was add more people to that role and deliver inferior medical care.
            Plus add additional burdens to the Tax Payers of the nation and the state. In addition
            this is also the program from which the Democrats are giving ILLEGAL ALIENS FREE

          • And you’ve proven it’s far more than you can do, Moron

          • You are right. The worst thing we could do is let brain dead fucktards (like you) run the government. You know that the people have spoken, and all idiots must give up their seats in office, very soon.

          • The people have spoken??? You mean the retarded fringe that frequents this shit blog?? You people have little to no relevance in the republican party. It will end up being Cruz or Rubio once Trump has milked it for all the cash and advertising he can. Then it will be Rubio, because everyone who has ever met or worked with Cruz thinks he is a total douchebag. Rubio will get trounced by Hillary and all your ranting and raving will be no more than its been for the past 8 years the people have spoken, my ass

          • Well, since it took you 11 days to come up with a response, and you do not deny being a brain dead fucktard, I believe that there is nothing left to discuss.

          • Dan, it has more to do with the fact that I am running 2 businesses and have about a million things that take priority over responding to braindead twits like yourself on the internet

          • That statement in itself, proves that you are clueless and fighting for the wrong side. Get lost fool.

          • Like mammograms??

          • Planned Parenthood does NOT perform mammograms.

          • Exactly! Folks keep spouting that pp provides women’s health services… Abortion is not healthcare.

          • 3%… 3%… HAHAHAHAHA , YOU ARE KILLING ME !!!

          • You are a brainwashed demoralized cupcake… you gonna end up squashed like a cockroach..


            Phase 1: Demoralization 15-20
            Phase 2: Destabilization 2-5 years (Destroy economy, foreign relations, Defense systems)
            Phase 3: Crisis 6 weeks – includes a violent change in power.
            Phase 4: Then Normalization which lasts indefinitely

          • Excellent. Thanks for sharing.

          • It really does explain a lot doesn’t it.

          • That’s what Planned Parenthood wants you to believe.

          • muskat antonopolis

            jimmy I stood in front of the largest aboratorium in so.
            fla. and watched the women going in…they were not there
            for counseling….so of the lets say 20 who went in, only 10
            were there for an abortion..that would be 50%…0k, you
            say how did I know that they were there for an abortion
            and not some other service you ask?…because the
            abortionist arrived 15-20 mins after the last women went in
            and none came out until approx. 1 hour later and with the
            help of another woman who helped her into a car and then
            drove off with her in the passenger seat….also had the
            ambulance arrive once…suppose they were there for birth
            control pills….? I mean, liars figure but figures do not lie!
            and under Ocare, the women who cannot pay for the abortion,
            who pays…you say privately…..???…JK, I think that you,
            just like abortion are WRONG! Abortion is M.U.R.D.E.R.

          • So, Jimmy’s back with his BS lies hoping some poor Moron will believe his drivel. Go away Moron, maybe Huffington post is more your style. They have lots of Morons over there. Im sure you will feel right at home.

          • you are the one full of crap. You work for Planned Parenthood? sure does sound like it.

          • No, and I have NEVER used their services. But I am smart enough not to listen to the bullshit you’re fed and do my own research But I don’t expect you to be able to think for yourself Clownbob

          • That’s a lie! But if the funds were used for only ONE abortion, that’s one too many! PP isn’t the only facility that provides all those services – some provide even more – PLUS the ability to tell those wanting abortions the TRUTH about what they are planning to do to their baby!

          • Um…ok… “I’m here to have an abortion” “do you know that means you are killing an unborn fetus” “oh my goodness, nobody had ever told me the truth about what I was about to do to my unborn fetus”

            Fucking moron

          • My mother taught me to ignore the ignorant.

          • I guess she was tired of listening to you talk to yourself

          • That didn’t even make sense!

          • What planet do you live on?

          • Is so nice to see an intelligent man amongst… well, the not so intelligent at all.

      • I guess they sell the body parts at a loss. Who is the moron that thinks that? If these women could control there sexual urges it wouldn’t be a n issue. No one has audited PP to prove they don’t use tax payer money. I guess the liar in chief is your hero!

      • Get an education dumb–s!


      • Oh jimmy, you must be one of the libs who run away from truth, who are afraid of it. Yes, fed funding is being provided to murder infants. This murder at times includes, insuring the baby is born alive so that while the baby is living, they can butcher the baby, dismembering it so they sell the babies parts. Living babies, jimmy, who even scream and writhe in agony as they are being butchered or scream and writhe in agony as their flesh is eaten and burned by chemicals. Get you head out of your ass, better yet, become a human, get some facts and start defending the unborn and born against the monsters. But then again you are one of the monsters aren’t you
        ? Remember hitler jimmy? You are doing worse.

        • HAHAHA You loons and your hitler references are fucking hilarious Mindy wake the fuck up and learn the law. Abortion is legal in this great nation of ours and has been since 1973 So you can get all worked up over fake, edited videos I’ll stick with the truth

        • So Mindy, how many times have you read Mein Kampf?

      • Hey Jimmy is Obamacare being subsidized by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT or not? If they are
        then there is FEDERAL FUNDING FOR ABORTIONS since every Obamacare policy has an
        abortion rider attached to it.

      • Jimmy, sorry, but you’re wrong.

    • That is not true

      • Exactly what isn’t true? The fact that they do not need the funding in the first place with their multi-million dollar net profits?

  2. In the twisted logic of Progressives/Liberals, having better women’s healthcare is bad because it somehow “limited women’s ability to obtain abortion care”. and reduced the incidence of infanticide masquerading as women’s health.

    When did the champions of inclusion decide that killing pre-born children can be construed as some sort of ‘care’?

    It’s just sick.

    • Abortions are not Health Care….They are MURDER of a Human Like….

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      • Go visit a planned parenthood and talk to the girls and women who are there. You really know nothing about it.

        • Sounds like you have been FULLY AND COMPLETLEY INDOCTINATED by the Liberal Left…..Abortion is MURDER….Rather you want to believe it or not….EVEN THE BIBLE STATES THAT ABORTION IS MURDER…..You might want to click the link below and read the message…

          • Luckily we are a nation of laws. Not of religious law Are you with ISIS ?

          • Your comments are TOTALLY STUPID…
            And the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were written by Christians….who strongly believed in a Higher Power….Nothing I have stated has ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with our Constitution or the Laws of the Land….or our Government…..So your ISIS Comment is TOTALLY BOGUS…..

          • “.Nothing I have stated has ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with our Constitution or the Laws of the Land.” Actually, you said “abortion is Murder” When in reality abortion is legal and protected by the constitution. You can claim to be anything you’d like, but don’t claim to be FOR the constitution

          • Maybe you should READ THE CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS for the FIRST TIME….

          • HAHAHA “Freedom Train” you Moron. The caption on your blog is

            “Restoring Our Constitutional Freedoms” Yet you’re on here ranting against abortion which is a constitutionally protected right. HAHAHAHA Do you even know what those words mean?? You dumb asses go on and on about how you love the constitution, then you rail against its protections What a fucking moron

          • What your pea brain means is it’s legal. Being legal doesn’t mean it’s not murder. They are legally killing babies. But there is another law you should really worry about and that’s God’s law. Those of us who are Christian should not have to pay for the murder of a baby. God’s law says it’s murder.

          • jimmy , since you like ISIS why don’t you go live with them. you don’t seem to mind the fact that they are killing these babies by sliting their necks. I hope God is listening to you because you will face him one way or another. And I hope you are as nasty to him as you are to everybody else.

          • It seems that jimmy is Obsessed with ISIS…Makes you wonder if he is a Supporter of them…or is one of them….Is he one of those who needs to be Watched????
            Denial by all of these people will not stop where their Eternity will be spent…It will not be in Heaven with our Lord and Savior…Jesus…but will be spent in the Lake of Fire in HELL with Satan and all of his Fallen Angels….Satan’s Fate is Sealed….These people still have a Chance while they are still on this earth to make Jesus their Lord and Savior…but once the Take their last Breath…There Judgment Day will happen…

          • Dumbass, you’re the one who wants to live under religious law not me. I like our nation of laws And in that nation of laws it isn’t killing. They are aborting fetuses which isn’t “killing babies” Why don’t you wake up and realize that granny

          • Oh really Jimbo? You might want to tell your POS in the WH that we are a nation of laws because he thumbs his nose at our laws every chance he gets. Go play with Isis in your sandbox Mr.Liberal.

          • Hey Shitty, which law did he violate?

          • Awww, I see I hit a nerve. Remember what you said to me?
            ” The last thing I intend to do is search out the nonsense you write to others”
            Well, a-hole guess what do your own research.

          • In other words, I don’t know I heard it on Fox and then I repeat it on the internet” Think for yourself for once Shitty

          • Take your own advice oh mighty one. I’ve only seen one maybe two others on here that show their ignorance as well as you do. ROFLOL

          • Excellent post

          • Hey Mr. Liberal, I decided to post some of those laws he broke. Only because I know you don’t have the intelligence to do it for yourself.

            1.”Eager to use the killing of Osama bin Laden for political gain, Obama exposed the identity and method of operation of the Navy SEALs team that conducted the operation in Pakistan, thus exposing its members to a lifetime of risk because they have been targeted for assassination by Islamists. A short time after Obama exposed the Navy SEALs’ method of operation, 22 SEALs were shot down and killed in Afghanistan. It is a violation of law for the President or any American to reveal classified military secrets.

            2.President Obama established an extra-constitutional top secret “kill list” of people (including Americans) who can be summarily killed on sight – presumably by drones — without due process. Once on Obama’s kill list, an American citizen can be targeted and executed on the opinion of a single government bureaucrat. That’s not how our legal system is supposed to work.

            3.Obama Administration officials twisted the arms of defense contractors to not issue layoff notices in October of 2012 so as to avoid causing bad news for Obama right before the election — even though federal law (the “WARN Act”) requires such notices. ; Not only is this a violation of the WARN Act, it’s also an unlawful use of federal officials for campaign purposes.

            4.President Obama intervened militarily in Libya in 2011 without the Congressional approval required by the War Powers Act.

            5.Obama knowingly lied to Congress and the American people about the killing of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya. The President and his representatives repeatedly said an anti-Islamic video sparked a spontaneous uprising in Libya that resulted in the killings even though Obama knew that the attack was a well-planned military-style assault by al Qaeda on the anniversary of September 11.
            Is that enough for you. Because there are a lot more. Read it and weep Jimbo.

          • HAHAHAH Old debunked talking points from Heritage.org Your stupidity is laughable

          • Wrong again idiot but if course you eat the chit your fed by obozo group. Why am I not surprise? Jimmy, until you can grow a brain and search out the truth rather than spewing the liberal rhetoric your fed please don’t talk to me. Your a liar and Im sick of rabid animals like you. Go pound salt

          • ROFLOL, nice try jumbo but wrong again. What do you insist on lying all the time? Im. Pretty sure by now everyone has figured you out to be the liar you really are. Wakeup from your pathetic stupor jumbo. Your getting very boring

          • I’m pretty sure that everyone has figured out that you’re senile old btty.

          • I notice not many people are conversing with you. Guess they’ve figured out that your a ignorant Moron.

          • I’m noticing that your only response are to insult people, I guess you are the clear definition of an ignorant moron who just happens to be senile.


          • fell asleep at the keyboard again?


          • you are right I was just at that site. it is a beautiful reading. am so disgusted I can not believe the mouth on those two. I hope they don’t say another word to me. I always try to control my temper and be a lady , but that fool has got me very angry.

          • Dumbasstrain: How do you have a blog claiming you support the constitution, when you don’t even agree with what it says. A woman’s right to an abortion is protected by the constitution. You claim to support the constitution, yet you then claim constitutionally protected freedoms are also murder. You’re one dumb motherfucker aren’t you

          • I just came back to this because something she said bothered me. She stated that she was a life long patient of planned parenthood. did she mean she has been pregnant more than once and had abortions each time.??

          • There is NO Conclusion that can be drawn from that….Since Planned “Murder” is an Abortion Machine that Murderers the Un-Born…

          • Thanks, I was not sure what she was saying

          • You are so Welcome….
            I see that the Resident Liberal Bots like “Jimmy Boy King” and others….are like a Bad Version of the Energizer Bunny…..They NEVER NO WHEN TO QUIT….LOL…

          • Thank you. you are like a breathe of fresh air. Seriously I am getting to a point I can’t stand the stupidity anymore. they never give up .

          • As you can probably tell….I am BLUNT….and do not Hold back at PUNCHING these BRAIN DEAD Liberals…..

          • THANK YOU AGAIN. I am getting pretty tired of their BS. it is like arguing with a 2 year old. they talk very little because they can’t . they haven’t learned how to yet. so they blubber and nothing makes sense.

          • Even I if I agreed with you, there is no way to enforce it .. so why bother?

          • my goodness I miss you guys. I have been on facebook. I had so much stuff build up I had to take care of it. when I got to the new ones that wanted to be friended I was so shocked , because John Mellencamp asked to be friended and I did . my gosh what a nice person he is. he has gotten such a following already. he has brought some friends with him.Willie Nelson and I am so tired I can not think of the other ones.

          • Of Course not. Birth control and womens gynecology. Most of the clinics dont even do abortions

          • Tracy, when I told you last night I would pray for you, my life was in turmoil. I gave it all up to God, and had 2 people praying, and miracle upon miracles, my doctor saw me early, then I was out of my medicine that I could die if I didn’t get. I was sitting in a Salvation Army because my boyfriend of 16 yrs come this 1st of January, was looking for some frames as I have found through Ancestry.com pictures of my ancestors. I can trace my paternal family to 1514. Mostly in Minsk, Minsk, Belarus Russia before the time of Catherine the Great, you see, even Bolsheviks want furs, which is what my family did, made beautiful furs for the commies they so despised. So, after my last call turned out to pan nothing, I said,”Lord, if you want me to get my meds, then so be it, if you do not, then so be it. About a moment later, by best friend who takes care of my other home called and said a friend she hadn’t seen in a long said he thought his wife had some meds because she had stopped taking them when she got pregnant. So I got 9 pills for $10 apiece. Then we thought we only had two left….my boyfriend looked into his bottle again, and I had also looked and had seen only two. But miraculously there were five! I NEVER HAD BELIEVED IN COINCIDENCES. Good luck to you in all you do. Kathy


          • Sounds like a great plan! My title? Im a life long patient of Planned parenthood.

          • Now that I believe! You’re obviously one of those little bitches who can’t keep her legs together. Who would rather get pregnant by God only knows who just to have it murdered and then it’s parts auctioned off to the highest bidder! Yep, I believe you Moron!

          • You know nothing about me. Married 20 years. One son who is now 24. He’s a college graduate. Working. Pays his school loans. Doesn’t believe in religion either – incidentally, that is his own choice. You are a nosy know it all. Go back to your evangelical cave and read your 3,000 old text. Don’t bother to advise the modern world on what they should be doing or how they should be living as you know next to nothing.

          • 20 years Wow, whoop-di-do. Try 48 sweetie then you can talk to me about marriage and I have 4 sons all home schooled and 3 with Masters Degrees and one has his Doctorate. All four with top paying jobs and wonderful GOD fearing families. You Dearie and your Athiest son are going to be a thing of the past. We all have to remember that: “Your a life long patient of Planned Parenthood” Some mother! Thank God you only have one son and we all have to feel sorry for him that he has such a pathetic mother. Nosey? Explained that one when you’re the one who told the World: “You’re a life long patient of Planned Parenthood.” ROFLMAO!

          • All that education and you all still believe.in all this religious crap. I guess they are right. The school system must be failing!

          • Yep we do. Proudly. You on the other hand don’t realize it but you just admitted one of your liberal failures. Schools, but it goes beyond that you idiots have failed our children. But here is the part you will love. My sons were home schooled until they left for ivy league colleges. So you and your son must be the product of those failed schools you speak of. ROFLOL

          • Tracy, apparently, your parents did not ground you in religion. When I was young and make elementary friends, when getting to know each other, one of the first questions we asked each other is what religion do you belong to. Now, most of these mega churches are really businesses, you really can’t go to one and believe they are all the same. You have to find one that believes as you do, the Bible. And if they try to teach you something other than is in the Bible, be outta there like smoke on fire. You cannot walk around with a hole in your heart. We each need this. It is a want of the Lord’s grace, but some have filled it to overflowing with drugs, alcohol, that they would never hear the real thing because they are so blinded. Again, if 1% if total truth, and %99 fairy tales, I would not risk that 1% for anything. You need God, and he needs you. To fear him to love him, for he died in your place. I really feel sorry for you for in the end, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord, and then..the judgement when he will say to you, go away, for I knew you not. For you knew me not and when I sent people to help you, you trashed them, so go now from me for eternity. At least consider my conclusions. The Dead Sea Scrolls, which (as God loves to use little shepard boys) were found in caves in jars in scrolls, and gives us now ALL of the book of the Bible that the Counsel of Sienna (the Catholic whore church) decided which books to put in and which to leave out. Well, God had a little bit more to say than that. Since it is ancient Aramaic, or Hebrew–very ancient, and some of the scrolls are so damaged by time, but they are putting the pieces back and have found the Books of Thomas, Judas, Nicodemus, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus as a child, and so, so many more. They concur EXACTLY what the Bible says, so those bastard “popes” could not keep them away from the end times people. Good luck in all you try to do and whatever you do do, do it well. Kathy

          • A…modern??? I would think it is the end, having read the Hebraic texts since childhood. Not to mention we have found by archaeology all of the history of the Bible is true, just as they found the “Pagan” stories of Helen of Troy, and lo and behold, they found the city of Troy. So, the Bible is History, it has been proven. Even the Book of Esther. They found the Sumerian king lists, that very king they found his tomb which had the entire granite relief that told the same tale, except that Haman could not have killed the entire Jewish people on his own, so he was hung on the same gallows that were meant for Mordecai, Esther’s uncle and the King killed thousands of who were in league with him, their families, and their livestock and homes. But, the only thing is in the Bible, it says that Esther was already queen, but in the relief, the king wrote he had only called her twice for she was only a Harem girl. And that is why she was so afraid to go to the king. But, he made her his queen afterwards. So THAT IS FACT! Kathy

          • Selling your own child’s soul and then letting it get ripped, knifed and shredded when experts have already proven the “stem cell” companies have done absolutely nothing to procure any “cures” except Nazi-like experiments putting baby stem cells in rat’s brains. Real good experiments. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes on Judgement day for anything. Good luck with that one.

          • Just like the Black Lives Matter Movement, instead of understanding that the reason PPH was opened in the first place was to keep their population checked from “becoming weeds,” I believe the words of Margaret Sanger, the founder were, and targeting the PPH in their own neighborhoods and NOT in the white neighborhoods because they are there for one reason, to cut down black lives, pare down the population. DUMMIES.

          • Oh, so this is a religious argument? Judgement day is here and now. I dont believe in any hereafter of any kind.

          • Then I feel really sorry for you because when I died for 23 minutes, I was CLINICALLY dead, but not BIOLOGICALLY dead of a RESPIRATORY FAILURE, i have nothing at all wrong with my respiratory, well, yeah, I have smoked for yrs in the past, but not after that. I NEVER want to go where I went. I even asked the doctor when they brought me back if they “gave” me anything to hallucinate or feel that (now I am diagnosed with depression I know what that is, but this….)He looked at me like I was crazy. He said,”You are going right now for a brain scan, for people who have been CLINICALLY dead for 23 minutes usually have severe brain damage. When the tests came back, he told me that they can RESUSCITATE people, but we cannot RESURRECT someone and you are here for a reason. I even remember the ambulance slowing down and my hands being placed on my breasts. So, I feel awfully sorry for you. CONSIDER: If even 1% of God, the Bible and Jesus Christ (and this is coming to you straight from a Jew) is true, and 99% untrue and a fairy tale, I would never risk that 1%, especially now that I know what others have been through the exact same, worse that any horror film you have or could ever witness. No, I am not a saint, I haven’t been to temple or church in awhile, I have been slacking, but I BELIEVE. And I will get on my knees each and every night, with a screw in my knee and a rod in my leg, and a fake hip that shouldn’t have even needed to be there…well, you don’t need to hear all of that. But that gives me hope, a measurement of goodness to live by, and a kind of moral compass to relate to. So, I will pray for you tonight, Tracy. I NEVER say that to someone I have never met, but you are walking where I fear to tread. I fear if you have blasphemed the Holy Ghost, then all is surely lost for you for that is the one thing the Lord our God will never forgive. But I feel you are only in a state of rebellion, I pray you are at least. But I will pray. NO hard feelings, good luck to you and all you try to do in this life. Live is a very special thing you only get one shot. And you are here for a reason. Love from Kathy, The Alamo City, The Republic of Texas.

      • Murder of a human like? Is that a facebook thing? Because in this country, abortion isn’t murder, its a constitutionally protect right


          That is NOT A BLOB OF TISSUE…but a HUMAN LIFE…..

          Just because a law is passed….DOES NOT MEAN IT A GOOD OR MORAL LAW….And Roe v Wade is one of those laws that needs to be OVERTURNED….Just as DREAD SCOTT…Which was a BAD LAW…was over turned….

          • And when they go out again and again and get pregnant over and over and have abortion after abortion and she is asking us to pay the bill over and over again. It is like we are all responsible for that babies death. including you JImmy.

          • Elaine…You are voice of Common Sense….
            Something that Jimmy King and Tracy are Clearly NOT….Those 2 have Been Completely BRAIN WASHED by the Liberals to the point that they are BRAIN DEAD….NO Rational Functioning Thinking Skills Exist in their Brains…

          • thank you so much. you really helped me to calm down. I can’t believe there are people out their that are so stupid. Are you in the service? I just finished a relationship with an x marine. it is funny that you call yourself freedom train I was working on the little girl that was killed by her father after he raped her and I had a train also for her anybody that wanted to come aboard could . she was 5 years old and a muslim.

          • Your doing God’s work Elaine. God Bless you.


          • You’re its You’re you moron

          • STOP already! We know who the Moron is and it name starts with a J and ends in y. Can you figure that one out MORON?

          • HAHAHA The fact that you still have something running down your chin does not qualify as “Just finished a relationship”

          • Your liberal perversion fits you well. Your disgusting and will rot in hell one day.

          • These people are so Brain Washed…that I call them BRAIN DEAD….The ones that show up on these Conservative Sites…are just LIBERALS BOTS…As in Robots who keep repeating the same Failed Liberal Line…over and over..

            I have never served in the Armed Forces…but my wife and I are and have been Strong supporters of our Active Duty Men and Women…and all of our Veterans who have served this county Honorably….One of the things that we have been doing for several decades now…is to personally THANK them for their Service to this Nation and Shake the Hand of all of our Active Duty and Veterans we meet…If I had served I would have been a Vietnam Vet…

            Freedom Train is the Patriotic and Christian Blog that I have…Actually the Blog is Titled “The Freedom Train USA”


          • They have no Morals or Self Respect….So they Treat everyone as if they are in the Gutter with them….
            That Is the way Liberals Behave….No Right and Wrong…Only Shades of Gray…and Do Your Own Thing…Actually Today and for the last 50+ years…Liberals have evolved into Marxist Communists…

          • Yes, Elaine but I get down in the filth with them because it’s all they know. I don’t enjoy cursing and name calling but they are liberals and that’s what they know. You have to fight them on their level.

          • Actually our thinking is the LAW OF THE LAND and has been for over 40 years, So if you think going against the constitution of the united states represents the common sense view, you’re even dumber than I thought

          • Wake the fuck up, you don’t pay for their abortion, even when they have them “over and over and over”

          • Your a lying Son of a Biotch. They get federal dollars and guess where that comes from idiot? Try our taxes. Boy, you are a liberal turd.

          • The federal dollars DO NOT GO TOWARDS ABORTIONS MORON

          • LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE! I can’t believe your ignorance yet you correct Grammar. I have to believe you are using grammar check on your computer. Your just to stupid.

          • And you? Just Senile or were you stupid before losing your mind?



          • “. Your just to stupid.” This is classic. Shitty, you moron You type a 4 word sentence to tell someone they’re stupid and you misspell 1/2 the words in the sentence

          • Like I said Moron, I type to get my point across not worry that much about grammar. Obviously I made my point and I leave you to correct the grammar just so you can feel smart.

          • Shtty, next to you a 3rd grader would feel smart

          • And next to you a MORON would feel smart.

          • I’m glad I make you feel smart. Judging from your posts, not much else does

          • Actually dumbass they do get federal dollars.

            “Planned Parenthood Got $540.6 Million in Government Grants in FY 2013” and “Planned Parenthood – FactCheck.org
            “The group does receive federal funding, but the money cannot be used for … Some states use their own funds under Medicaid.”
            We all know that the BS of federal funding can’t be used for abortion is a bald face lie. It’s used for not only abortions but harvesting baby parts.
            Why is it that someone who is the grammar king can’t tell the truth or state facts. MORON

          • What wrong Senile Old Btty,

            Suffering from a lack of comprehension skill?

            “Planned Parenthood’s 2008-2009 annual report states that it received $363.2 million in “Government Grants and Contracts.” (See page 29.) That’s about one-third of its total revenues for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009.

            However, not all of that money is from the federal government. Planned Parenthood’s government funding comes from two sources: the Title X Family Planning Program and Medicaid. About $70 million is Title X funding, Planned Parenthood spokesman Tait Sye told us. The rest — about $293 million — is Medicaid funding, which includes both federal and state money”.

          • What a total Moron. You have put all doubt to rest! Go ahead and believe what a Planned Parenthood spokesman tells you stupid! Typical liberal MORON. Get your can out and spray yourself in the face dummy.

          • Well Senile old btty,

            “What a total Moron”. In ordeer to get any kind of federal funding-fees paid for medical services, PP has to open their books for a federal audit.

            Being the rational person of sound mind-you would know that?

            Oh, what was I thinking; Being the rational person of sound mind-you would know that….


          • The sum of your cognitive dissonance & IQ?


          • Oh Nay Nay, it sure as Hell does, why do you think it is called what they are trying to do is DEFUNDING PPH? That means no longer giving TAXPAYER monies to an organization who isn’t even part of the government. Here in Texas we have already defunded it, no more free abortions, and if you want one, you go through with it at you own cost and with your own insurance…BUT…BY LAW: You have to watch a 90 minute sonogram of your baby in your womb,then go home and think about it. For 4 full days and nights. Is that baby you saw sucking its thumb and trying to turn over really just a “blob of tissue?” Fully 98% of these women do NOT END UP GETTING THEIR CHILD sliced and diced to no good use. NOTHING has ever been leaned from stem cells of dead babies./ they are more in tune with the Nazi experiments. They inject baby cells into rat’s brains. Another lie is that they cure polio.I am Messianic Jewish and I for one know that Jonas Salk, a Jew, would never have thought about using baby parts for his work, for unlike some whose god is that greenback god of choice, like that baby sacrifices of the god Magog, instead, we Jews celebrate life, not try to kill it. That is real experimenting for just to be able to drive around in a Jag. I wonder, no, on the other hand, I don’t even want to think about when you stand before your maker, or when your soul is taken back from you to see what it is made up of..good or evil…as some think the soul is just on loan to you to do what you will for a short period of time. NOT my belief, just saying, at some point, you will have to answer for what you do. And I have done enough to sink 4 Titanic’s, but have never sunk to that level.

          • What idiots. Please, those who do not believe tax dollars go to support PPH, why do you think they are trying to override Obama’s veto to DEFUND PPH? To defund something is to not pay for something or to someone anymore, and where does the Federal govt get its money? FROM OUR TAX DOLLARS, STUPID PHUCKS PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE POLLS, As our founding fathers said, an uninformed citizenry, coupled with an unarmed citizenry is what will bring on tyranny and despotism, and look at what we have now. Why do you think the Church of the Little Sisters of the Poor, who take care of old and dying priests are suing to keep their insurances from paying for abortions, like they really need abortion coverage. That is what Obamacare will get you; next year my copay’s are going to skyrocket. Obamacare taxes the healthy to pay for the sick. It is a tax. Now all of a sudden, another election is upon us and all of a sudden, I believe when Mitch McConnell was trying to get reelected his pitch was,”I will pull out Obamacare root and branch.” Apparently it has been two years and he has never uttered the word until now. Right about time when the election is upon him again, I only hope his constituents will see what a Liar he is. He gives more votes to the Liberals, votes with them more times than he does with the Republicans and lied to Ted Cruz when asked if there was a secret agreement in the next bill. He told Cruz, the first time in front of 50 Senators at a Republican luncheon, then again when Cruz asked him again, then his own staff told him McConnell was lying and sure and Sxxt, he lied. He is a traitor, and must not be reelected. P. Kathy Kleiman The Editing Chair: An Established Research Company

          • “That means no longer giving TAXPAYER monies to an organization who isn’t even part of the government.”

            Like Halliburton…………..

            “The No. 1 recipient?

            Houston-based energy-focused engineering and construction firm KBR, Inc. (NYSE:KBR), which was spun off from its parent, oilfield services provider Halliburton Co. (NYSE:HAL), in 2007.

            The company was given $39.5 billion in Iraq-related contracts over the past decade, with many of the deals given without any bidding from competing firms, such as a $568-million contract renewal in 2010 to provide housing, meals, water and bathroom services to soldiers, a deal that led to a Justice Department lawsuit over alleged kickbacks, as reported by Bloomberg.


            And your stressed about $700 Million dollars that paid for birth control pills, STS testing and pap smears?

            Get a grip on reality lady!

          • Planned Parenthood gets tax dollars. Yes. Planned Parenthood offers many services to woman, abortions make up 3% of the services or procedures they perform each year. Planned Parenthood offers many services for free, but they charge for abortions. So YES, you morons are “defunding” Planned Parenthood”, but Federal tax dollars are not going toward abortions. I’m sure even you can follow that And that was what my post said.

          • There is none so blind as he who will not see!

          • So you do have a seeing eye dog and white cane at the Alzheimer’s ward?

          • Shitty, they get fed tax dollars, but they charge the patient for abortions. They dont offer free abortions and they don’t use tax payers $$ to fund abortions. Are you so fucking stupid that you can’t separate the two

          • Azzhole, I think we all know who the fucking Moron is and the fingers are pointing in your direction. It doesn’t matter how many times you lie it’s still a lie. No one believes you but your butt-hole buddy Bob666. So go play in your sandbox and do what you do best. LIE AND WHATEVER!

          • HAHAHAH Shitty, just because you are too stupid to get the facts and would rather rely on a couple of fake and doctored videos is no reason to get so upset. Live in your own little make believe world and keep your head in the sand. Fat and ignorant look good on you

          • ROFLOL, I hardly think 5’9″ and 135 lbs is fat. but that’s what I mean about your lies. You really are a Moron! You are one of the most boring liberals I’ve ever had the misfortune to run into online.

          • Of course it’s boring to you, because you don’t understand

          • Actually Senile Old btty, I don’t know Jimmy and most of his post are factually correct and a few are his opinion-which seem to be more rational than your altered state of senility.

            As for ” butt-hole buddy”, I’m not your type-I like girls, that are feminine and still have cognitive functions.

          • Your Vocabulary tell clearly where you reside….IN THE GUTTER OF SOCIETY…

          • Ever since your mom asked me to move in with her

          • ok, DO YOU PAY TAXES?

          • Actually DUMBASS, a law wasn’t “passed” the Constitution provides for it

          • Actually show me the exact Article and Section that it states this?????? I have studied the Constitution and the Founding Document for over 50 years……FYI…

          • It is covered by the due process clause of the 14th amendment and the right to privacy If you knew anything about constitutional jurisprudence you would have know this. It doesn’t take 50 minutes to figure it out, nonetheless 50 years

          • Another bald face lie. Stop it already, we all know what and who you are.

        • It’s Murder and paid for with our tax dollars. Yes, Jimmy your liberal party is killing babies. Shame on you! Baby Killer.

          • Shitty, you need to pay attention. just calling it murder doesn’t make it so. At least not in this country. I guess you would rather live under Sharia law. That being the case why don’t you go join ISIL

          • Your such an idiot. Its Murder. There should be charges for cutting off or out limbs from the same babies and harvesting them.

          • Shitty this is classic “Your such an idiot.” Its “You’re” you uneducated clown. clearly you’re the idiot. Cutting limbs off of dead fetuses for medical research saves lives

          • Yes, you are a classic commie. You have no facts, you have no rebuttal to facts so you try to act smart by correcting grammar. Go ahead. Goody for you. Your such a lying bas-tard. Cutting limbs off dead babies saves lives? WTF? There is no good reason to kill babies and sell their limbs. Your a MORON THAT CONDONES MURDER! Your not worth my time to let everyone know what a dick wad you are. They already know Jimmy. Nice job.

    • What is really at play here is the liberals access to free sex, not a women’s health.

      • MAHB001,
        Precisely. Birth control devices beat abortion by a long way. But that also permits promiscuity. It does beat murder but is not an acceptable practice either. Have we become such animals that we have to breed daily? Can’t we use a little common sense?

        • Birth control is not 100% perfect, and what happens when birth control fails?

          That is when liberals use abortion, and not the morals of human compassion God teaches us.

          God taught us to:
          Restrain from sex until married.
          Marriage is for life and between one man and one woman.
          Promiscuity is a sin.
          homosexuality is frowned upon and should be resisted.

          He then gave us dominion over the Earth and said Go out and multiply.

          All these commandments lay the foundation for the safety of our offspring.

          Birth control and abortion are things created by MAN to go around the responsibilities of being parents..

          • MAHB001,
            The best birth control pill is an aspirin between the knees.
            We both know how to prevent unwanted kids but way too many women do not care. Passion is the real problem over common sense. Good old understanding of the fact that every action has consequences and often those consequences are negative.

          • Blame men, not women

          • It is now both. Men quite often are not consulted on the issue of abortions. How can you blame the man for an abortion when he has no knowledge of the abortion?

            Both men and women crave free sex without the responsibilities of bearing a child.

          • You realize many abortions are married couples whose birth control failed. They are not all crazed sex freeks.

          • Do you realize how morally wrong that is? When the couple does that, they are placing a human life lower than their convenience.

            It is amazing how morally bankrupt this nation has become.

          • with women like you it is always the men’s fault, even though the women must spread her legs, but I am sure you will never have that problem with the other Woman living with you, Right?

          • It is a fact that men get women pregnan, not the other way around. Many women dont even want sex! Stop blaming the women for something caused by men!

          • hell, tracy then don’t go to bed with a man, just do like you do and go to bed with another women, girl or a dog

          • She shouldn’t be in bed with anyone and certainly not with a woman, child or animal – gross! But I agree with you about the men always getting the blame by feminists – it’s so wrong! They would love to take men out of the equation of the family, but then blame them because they HAVE a family – no common sense!

          • I must agree with you Mary and my remarks about those other things were Gross but was just trying to give her a wake up call, thanks for your input

          • What do you mean about woman living with me? Im not gay. 55 year old mother of one college graduate who is working and never got anyone pregnant!

          • you may not be Gay, but you sure are Sad. And how do you know your kid never knocked up a women? you just said he went to College And how would you know? you love to judge others but you can’t get by, by saying it is all a mans fault as some women beg for it. (those who look At another who has a splinter in their eye while having A LOG in their own) says it all, And it does take two (and I am 85 and have been around longer than you And I was A Virgin when I got married )

          • You’re in line with my thinking. I’ve listened to the arguments of liberals and atheists for so long that I’m sick of their logic. They want their cake and to eat it too with no consequences. Well the real world isn’t like that. People have to learn to control themselves and to make hard choices. God knew we would so He gave us His outline for living. All of us have to make those hard decisions and fight against temptation. Some people choose to give in to them. Then when they get pregnant, no problem, just kill it and get rid of it. There’s a perfect solution to unwanted pregnancies. ABSTINANCE. Just man up and learn to say NO. Practice a little self discipline.
            Have more pride and respect for yourselves. I’ve run out of patience with womens sob stories. If you make a baby, it’s your fault and your responsibility. You don’t have to keep it. No one said you have to keep it. Give it up for adoption to the millions of people that want to adopt. There aren’t enough babies to go around. But don’t kill it. You have no right to kill the separate human being that’s growing inside of you. I’m so sick of hearing women say “It’s my body” well it was your body that caved in to your passion, causing you to spread your legs and do what God commanded that we not do without marriage. So take responsibility for your own weakness and lack of discipline. Have the baby, give it up for adoption and go right on f—ing anybody you please.

          • NOW that is logical..

          • AMEN Mrs O..I’m with you 100% in being sick to death of the arguments and bizarre twisted logic of liberals and atheists. They really just want to be able to do anything they want, to indulge their own self pleasure and gratification. As you said, a baby happens to get in the way, no problem, just kill it, get it out of the way. Do they ever look in the mirror and ask themselves, “What if my mother had felt like this?” They wouldn’t even exist. To abort a fetus is plain and simple MURDER. They don’t know who they are killing. Maybe God wanted to have that person grow up to be the one to find the cure for cancer? How can they not look in the mirror, and see the wonder of their own creation, the miracle that life is?? How can they be so callous and inhumane?? Pure selfishness..me..me..me..me.

          • Gary, we’re on the same page. I know sometimes there are circumstances beyond a womans control. Rape for instance or maybe she’ll die if she carries a baby to full term. Even though I believe in following Gods laws, if my daughter were raped I would take her to the ER and either get the morning after pill or have something done right then & there to prevent a pregnancy from that rape. If her health was in danger due to a pregnancy, it would of course be her choice what to do but my first concern would be the life of my daughter. For that I would have to answer to God but I would be willing to do that. Each case is different and decisions have to be made based on the individual circumstances. But to abort a baby simply because you don’t want it, because it will cramp your lifestyle or some other selfish reason, I cannot go along with. Gary you mentioned that maybe God wanted a child to grow up & be the one to find a cure for cancer, well that resonated with me because my oldest son just became 100% Hepatitus C FREE. There is a cure for it now but he suffered for years and was 2 days from being taken off life support when a matching liver came in. That was in 2005 and he is now 100% cured. What if the doctor that discovered that cure had been aborted by a selfish woman that didn’t want the burden of a child messing up her life?
            I prayed many times for God to heal my son and instead He has healed many sons with this miracle cure called HARVONI.

          • Dear Mrs O
            I am so encouraged to hear that your son is still alive and doing well now with the new medicine you mentioned. Praise the Lord for that gift. I have lost numerous members of my family, recently my 84 yr old dad, to that dreaded disease cancer. I often think, “What if just one of those future human beings, were the one God had chosen to lead the breakthrough in cancer treatment?” How many families and loved ones, would be spared the tragedy of watching someone they loved and treasured, die a slow and agonizing death. How can a woman look at herself in the mirror, and not be aware of the fact that each and every life is a miracle, a precious gift from God? She wouldn’t be able to go ahead and end that babies life. I’m happy for you and your son, but also a prayer that you never have to make a decision like you mentioned concerning your daughter being so affected by a man’s selfishness and disregard for her well being.
            Have a blessed Thanksgiving celebration with your family..Praise the Lord!

          • Gary, I heard of a Doctor that is curing people of Cancer. Unfortunately I didn’t write down any details of where I got the information but you can google his name and check it out for yourself. His name is Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and he’s in Houston, TX. PLEASE follow up on this and see if it’s something you want to pursue. Good luck to you.

          • Cancer is gods way of punishing those who did not lead a pure life

          • To Jimmy King,
            Wow, that is the most outlandish thing I have ever read in my 64 yrs here on earth. You obviously don’t have any clue as to what God is all about, and that is very sad indeed. I watched my dad die every day for several years of prostate cancer, and he was one of the finest, kindest, most gentle men I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I know that God did not inflict that kind of suffering on my dad, to the contrary Jimmy, He in His grace and love and compassion sustained my dad throughout his final days here in this life.
            I don’t know you or your background, but it’s obvious that you have had some kind of personal trauma in life to make such a cold and heartless comment. I will say a prayer for you Jimmy, you need to get on your knees and ask for God’s forgiveness, humble yourself before His throne, search your heart for compassion for others. Oh by the way, my aunt just died after a very ugly time of struggling with advanced skin cancer that spread all over. Her name is Janet, my dads name is Calvin, they both were very good and righteous people, not pure mind you, but I don’t think you’re pure either. You may end up with cancer, I pray you don’t, but it won’t be because God is punishing you, it’s just us living in a fallen world. Search your heart long and hard Jimmy.

          • Gary, it was a joke toward all of the idiots who say AIDS is god punishing gay people for their behavior. You didn’t really think I was being literal did you?

          • Jimmy,
            To tell you the truth, yes I did think you were serious, as I’m sure others did or will think.
            Cancer is not something you make jokes about, just as AIDs is not a joking matter. I have been to the funerals of to many members of my family and friends, to joke about cancer. After my dad died in June 2014, I went to a Relay for Life Walk for cancer, and I can tell you for sure, the survivors and the loved ones of the deceased would not be laughing at a joke like you put out there. :Please do us all a favor and rethink your humor before putting it on line. God bless you Jimmy, stay healthy.

          • Thank you Gary for your kind words. But there is no god

          • Jimmy, I really feel for you as a human being trying to live and operate in this world with no belief in God, the Creator and Author of all life. To me, that is an extremely dark and dismal outlook on life. If you look all around you, take in all of the majestic natural works of God, can you really say there is no God? Then you have to say, that all of creation, mankind included, is just pure random chance, that it all just “happened.” Jimmy, if you truly believe that, you are one lost soul, and you will have condemned yourself to an eternity in hell…darkness, anguiish, wailing and gnashing of teeth. While you still have the breath of life in you Jimmy, repent before God, ask for His forgiveness, Today is the day of salvation, tomorrow may be to late.

          • Gary, I truly feel for you. I’m sorry that you are not man enough to simply say, “I don’t understand” I don’t understand how the mountains and all of the earth’s beauty was created, and simply be ok with that. That you need to believe in some magic man in the sky to make you feel better about your inability to know. The greeks and the romans had many gods. They didn’t understand thunder, so they had a god for that. They did not understand that weather changes and crops would some years do better than others, so they created gods and myths to explain those things. So that they could pray to these gods in hope of good harvests, etc. As science advanced and our understanding of the universe grew, we did away with all of these silly gods. And now there are still some weak people, who need the crutch of a magic man in the sky to help them through their pathetic little lives. So when a tragedy like San Bernadino happens, they can say of there loved ones, “he is in a better place now” or “I’m at peace knowing one day we will be together” If you need that crutch because you aren’t strong enough to get through the things life throws your way, so be it. But don’t feel bad for me. Don’t concern yourself because soon science will advance even further and show YOU the light

          • Excellent post

          • Luckily we are a nation of LAWS and not of religious laws. You crazy religious freaks want the same thing ISIS wants You both want a nation of religious laws and governed by religious dogma You are no different from them and they from you. You simply call your fake god by a different name

          • I agree 100 percent

          • I love all of the crazy ranting of the bible thumpers on here. I reminds me that although I don’t get to interact with them much, there are a lot of sat shit crazy people in this world

          • The “Pro-Choice” bleeding heart liberals DO NOT CARE about the women they are allegedly “providing women’s health care” for. All they care about is their bottom line.

            It is about damn time that those idiot judges understood that an abortion is a MEDICAL/SURGICAL PROCEDURE.

            EVERY “DOCTOR” who “performs” an abortion absolutely SHOULD be hospital qualified!

            Wanna talk about a war on women, Supreme Court?


          • Nobody, INCLUDING doctors, should be allowed to perform abortions!!!

          • So, would You kill a doctor who performs abortions?

          • No, I wouldn’t, but I think they should be legally killed for murdering babies – through our justice system!!

          • Abortion is killing, there is just no way around that. All of the scientific communities: Medical, Genetics, and Scientific have since Roe v Wade has discerned this since the ’70s and before they issued Roe v Wade. Human life begins at conception because it is at that moment of conception that both the sperm and the eggs if you would want to put it that way, makes the DNA that you could call what makes YOU YOU. I believe it is also when the soul is conceived, but then, that’s just me, who is rabidly Pro life, for that butcher at PPH didn’t even check to see if I was pregnant, no pap or pelvic, for which if he had, I would not have gone though the years of miscarriages I did. And painless, yeah, a back alley abortionist could have done a better job. That was one of their claims, in the ’70’s to stop these “illegal abortionists” well these “illegal back alley abortionists were just propped up with fancy offices and continued their murderous rampage. Oh, yeah, the one about how women would cause their own abortions, where is the data, the science behind these claims? none because there isn’t any. My parents left it to a15 yr old CHILD to decide. If my mother wouldn’t have come in that fateful night, you would not be reading this now. I like other 1 in every 2000 women have something called a subsebtate uterus, that means we have 2 uterus’. It doesn’t made it a sure thing for twin, but it makes for a better home. Well, since there were no pelvic taken, which would have clearly felt it, I was still pregnant in my other uterus. Then the years of miscarriages I went through the butchers at PPH>I lived out on my parent’s farm, and every time I got pregnant, I would siphon that baby from the blood with a small strainer, and bury them on that ranch, cursing PPH each time. The last time I was with twins and almost died again, if the women in the upstairs apartment wouldn’t have heard the screams and rushed me to the hospital where I was given a D&C and a choice. It seems that in Germany there was a way to reconstruct that uterus given the damage of 6 miscarriages and the damage from PPH.I went for it and was told not to get pregnant for 6 weeks or my womb wouldn’t have been strong enough. well 7 long yrs went by and no more miscarriages, but no pregnancies either. I had lost all hope, but 8 yrs after that reconstructive operation, I was pregnant and I knew 2 weeks, as soon as I knew I was pregnant. I was told I could only have it by C-Section, but who cared, I WAS PREGNANT WITH A VIABLE BABY! Today, she is a 23 yr old beauty who is in her 3rd of college, works full time and is in a student training programs for the FBI’s K-9 recruitment program. But, although she and the Lord are what I live by, she and I, by all rights should have had 6-7 brothers of sisters. No, I am now hearing the same old song and dance that they doled out to the 70’s crowd to get that retched law passed. But we will use their own words against them: ‘WE DO NOT DEIGN TO KNOW WHEN A HUMAN LIFE BEGINS. well today we do DEIGN TO KNOW at it is at conception, so I may see in my lifetime, or at least in my daughter’s lifetime the repeal of that horrendous law. I betcha my Texan boots that stories like mine resonate throughout the country. At least here in our Republic, we have stopped all taxpayer funding, we have opened up care centers of other options, cut the bureaucratic red tape for the time it takes to adopt a child and that woman has to, when she goes through her own insurance, has to watch a 90 minute tape of her own child in her womb and then has to wait 4 full days to “think it over” and we have found that 96% of all of the women who have seen that film do not go through with it. Because what they are seeing, what I saw every time I had to bury another baby, was surely NOT TISSUE. AT least my child was fully formed, but I am sure had DNA of both me and my husband and a SOUL had it not been for PPH> So, I am warning you, they care not about the patient, but about the money that child, after he/she goes through a very painful chopping up of his/her body parts, goes for sale to the highest bidder. By the way, how much are souls worth these days> P. Kathy Kleiman

          • I’m so sorry for what you went through Kathy! You know, so many young girls have been forced to get abortions by parents who don’t want to be embarrassed or worry about who’s going to take on the responsibility of an “unwanted” baby. I’m thankful you have your daughter! And I’m glad at least Texas has some common sense. If only we could completely overturn Roe v. Wade – what a catastrophe and how many sweet babies’ lives lost! It’s so tragic! But may you find the forgiveness that the Lord provides and may you, above all, forgive yourself. When He forgives, the sin is NO MORE! Instead of continually beating yourself up for the babies you miscarried because of the PP experience, try to find some way to help young girls who are going thru similar experiences. The Lord allowed you to go through what you did so that you might help someone else, and I can tell you’d be good at it! God bless!

          • Right Mary, in fact women should be stripped of ALL of their constitutional rights

          • Scary Mary Why do you hate the constitution so much?

          • I LOVE the Constitution and the Lord. Too bad you don’t know, understand, or love either!

          • You claim to love the constitution, yet you are on here ranting about doing away with some of its protections. You’re a two faced liar. You can’t love what you don’t understand

          • You are never going to understand anything, Jimmy, whether it be abortion or the Constitution or anything else, because the truth comes from God. I’m sorry for being abrupt with you – you need Him badly and the Lord says if you will seek Him, you will find Him. I will be praying that you WILL seek Him. He loves you more than you will ever know!

          • Mary Dingleberry, once again, we are a nation of laws, nor religious laws. If you like law based on religion, go live with ISIS under Shariah law. For that seems to be what you truly desire. A law according to a make believe magic man in the sky. Good luck to you

          • Jimmy, you just like to argue with Christians. I’m not biting anymore. I’m sorry for you. Like I said, I hope you find the Lord.

          • Is he missing? Did you check the cave, or have you heard that one already? He has risen. HAHAHA

          • Yes, He IS coming again! What a glorious day! And when He comes to earth again (not the rapture, where Christians will join him in the air), EVERY knee will bow, even yours, Jimmy. And after that will come the judgment. I sure hope you come to Him before that time!

          • OMG YOU’RE RIGHT Jesus IS COMING !!!!!!

          • That is so sick! You have one demented, twisted mind and you should read my last message again. He IS coming again in the clouds for all His people first, then He will be coming again in judgment. I feel so sorry for you if you have not accepted Him then because, unless sins like this are covered by His righteousness, you will spend eternity separated from God, which is the worst part. But you also will burn forever, eaten by worms forever, yet you will never die. I don’t wish that on you and neither does the Lord. He isn’t willing that any should perish, even those who mock His name and make horrible, sick pictures like the one above. May the Lord have mercy on you!

          • Agreed, and as a Messianic Jew, raised as an Orthodox Jew, I know one thing if I know anything at all…all sins are forgivable, but one, no, I believe 2 things cannot be forgiven, suicide, and blaspheming the Holy Sprit. This is blaspheming the Holy Sprit if I have ever seen it. But, I would not judge. That is not for me to do. What I do say to these idiots, or rather the Bible calls the fools, is that if 1% of Jesus the Messiah is the truth, and 99% of it is fiction, than I would never risk that 1%. If it fiction, that I have lost nothing. But I flat lined for 23 minutes, and where I went, I NEVER want to go to again. The doctor told me that I was CLINICALLY DEAD, not BIOLOGICALLY DEAD. The team who worked on me, their head came and spoke to me and asked what I had seen. I told him it wasn’t so much what I had seen, but where I had been and how I felt. He told me that the medical doctors in the ER can RESUSCITATE someone, as they had me, but they cannot RESURRECT someone. It was then I knew I was speaking to a Bible believing Christian. So, although I didn’t clean up my act then, I have now. You might say that having a God gives you a sort of measurement of morals to live your life, and that soul is eternal, for just as water turns to air, and neither can you see atoms, but they are still there, that soul is eternal. It is its end you either do or don’t want to miss.

          • I agree with you on almost everything Kathy. I’m glad you are a “completed” Jew. It’s always amazing to me to see God’s chosen people come to know Him as Savior – it’s just wonderful! There ARE two thing that cannot be forgiven and one of them IS blaspheming the Holy Spirit. My understanding of that, though, is that someone says that something Jesus did was done by the power of Satan. In the Bible, when they spoke of it, it was after Jesus had done miracles and they said it was done by the power of Satan. The other “sin” that can’t be forgiven is rejecting Jesus as Savior. I’ve always understood that we don’t get our salvation by our works, good or bad, but by the blood of Jesus. Suicide is a terrible thing, and if our salvation was based on our works, we would go to hell. But Jesus said that once someone belongs to Him, no one can pluck them out of His hand. Suicide is a work – a bad one, but a work. We can’t lose our salvation even by committing suicide. Which also doesn’t excuse it – in Romans it says “Shall we commit more sin so that we may have more grace? God forbid!” (paraphrased). Anyway, you had some great things to say!

          • I cannot believe that. Because that would mean all of the Jews that have died will not be saved, and I read somewhere that all Jews, dead and alive will have a last chance to believe, or rather be given a second chance. Take my father for instance, his nurse called the hour he died and even copied his medical records. It was NOTED but never given that he needed anti-inflammatory meds for he was in a wheelchair. He had never been sick a day in his life, he was a spry 94 yr old and sharper than any knife in the drawer, he just didn’t see this one coming. He was honest and the day is long,was hen pecked by my step mother his entire life, for it he saw someone who just couldn’t afford to have something fixed, he would set them a price they could afford and then her it from my stepmother, he never used a cuss work in his life, he wasn’t particularly religious, I even believe I heard him tell me once you are dead you are dead, that is it, I guess when he fought in WWII< he saw so much that would make one believe that, and since he did marry a Gentile, he wasn't a practicing Jew. But before he died, I did try to witness to him, he took it in, I do not know if he believed me. But that is the last time I ever touch an American flag. That nurse broke every rule of protocol in that vet hospital. But he was an honest and loving father, stepfather, and the only man I knew who ever, besides God, gave me unconditional love. Whenever I did something really bad, which was quite often, he would tell me,"this is over, we will never speak of it again, you will never do it again, and I promise you you will be happier and live a happy life, and he was true to his word. He never had anyone say a bad word about the man, except his wife, of course. He worked hard his entire life, and I was raised by his sister, who had more money than she knew what to do with because he knew that any love he would show me, his wife would have an eagle eye out that he gave the exact same to her three daughters as he did my, and he knew my aunt could and did give me everything I could ever dream of, I could have had a manger, pray tell. But, as it is easier to kill the Jewish ones, as we are forbidden to be embalmed, or autopsied, and have to be put in the ground within a day or two. I would have never known he died, if not for that nurse. And boy was she ever surprised when they all pulled up and I was sitting in front of that US flag draped coffin! And the moment the Rabbi called for the next of kin, I stood up before she did. For well she knows that it is the child before the wife that, well, anyway, I got absolutely nothing of his, not even a memento, but I do have his WWII pocket sized Jewish Prayer book for the army men, even though he was a pilot and a pilot's mechanic. Anyway, the point is he was the most honest man I ever knew, never smoked, drank, nor did he throw it in my step mother's face nor mine when we smoked. I never drank. I am taking Chantex and am praying I can stop smoking because I believe that the body is the vessel where the holy spirit is kept and you have to keep it holy. I can't even smoke while reading my Bible, I feel filthy. I know that is the holy spirit talking to me. But my father..I believe if you are honest, hardworking, life a happy life, have children and grandchildren and life a long life and die in your bed, then you are blessed. I just know God will give the Jews who had no understanding of the New Testament, for the some Jews, like my family, they believe that you are worshiping another God, and how can you break the first Commandment of "thou shalt have no other god before me?" It took me a while to deal with the virgin birth, resurrection, but once cloning and all of that came out, and the ability to have a baby by someone else's sperm, then God could have done that easily enough. It is not so much how he was born or the way that he died, which is really the most important, for without that, we would die in our sins, but the more important part is the things that he said, and how this beautiful ancient wisdom has been prostituted for personal gain. But the Lord knew that those Popes hid the books of the Bible from us, and he, as usual he just loves those shepard boys, a shepard boy found the dead sea scrolls. And in the beginning of archaeology in the late 1800's they found the relief in a King's tomb with a giant relief of the entire Book of Esther in it, as I had never realized it, but Haman, if he were to kill an entire people, couldn't have done it by himself, and indeed, what it doesn't say in the Bible it tells in the relief that he killed thousands, burned their livestock, their families also as a warning for future traitors. But the Bible says that Esther was already a queen, but the relief says she was a harem girl who had only been called to the king twice before, and was the reason that she was so afraid. The lost books also say the same. Anyway, thanks for the words of encouragement. I miss my Dad, and find it hard that she put him in that hospital, because she has so many antiques in that house (which if it weren't for my aunt's husband–I call them Mom and Dad) she would not have a home to live in)he could have lived in his own home, but she said she couldn't take care of him, which I find hard to believed, being 15 yrs younger than he, and, well it doesn't matter now. She will have to answer for her crimes, not me. But damned it…He was my hero. I just know I was taught, heard it somewhere, or something, that the people who have died without knowing Jesus is the Christ, for Jewish synagogues certainly stay away from Isaiah, will be given a chance to believe. Sorry about the lengthy post.

          • If you really want the lord to have mercy on me, stop posting such nonsense

          • Can’t help it, Jimmy. The Lord loves you – enuf to die for you, even if you were the only person on this earth. But He also rose again on the 3rd day and lives back in heaven on the right hand of His Father. Christians have a risen Savior; no other “prophet,” “teacher” or anyone else ever claimed that, even falsely. It’s not even that I want Him to have mercy on you. HE wants to have mercy on you. I still hope you seek Him.

          • Mary Dingleberry, It is a crutch for the weak. When things are going tough for me I suck it up and move on, and work harder. I am blessed and comforted knowing that I have lived a good life and am loved by family and friends. I don’t need the promise of a life in a magical garden or with 70 virgins. Its all nonsense. You think the two parties are BS and just telling you what you want to hear to get their $$? Organized religion is doing the same

          • Then how come some of the strongest people in the world have asked the Lord Jesus Christ to be their Savior? I’m happy that you are ABLE to suck it up, move on and work harder. I work for a non-profit that helps people with job search and I can tell you right now that some people have come to the point where they CAN’T do that. They, too, have always been strong people, able to keep going like the Energizer bunny – and then all of a sudden, the rug has totally been pulled out from under them. Those who knew the Lord BEFORE this happened are still devastated, but still know that their purpose in life and their value is not found in what they are able to do, but in who they are in Christ. Some of the others are doing the best they can under the circumstances and still others are falling apart. No promises of a magical garden or 70 virgins – you’re right – that IS all nonsense. But to be in the eternal presence of the One who finds you so valuable that He died for you is no nonsense. It’s true and, even though it’s priceless, you CAN’T buy it for ANY amount of money – it’s a free gift, already paid for by Jesus’ blood on the cross. Romans 3:23 tells us that ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God – no matter how good we are, it’s still short of God’s holy standards. If you were jumping across a chasm, it wouldn’t matter if you were a mile or an inch short of the other side, you would still fall to the bottom. This is the same. Romans 6:23 says that the wages, or consequences, of sin is death. But then, good news. John 3:16 tells us that God so loved the world (Jimmy King) that He gave us His only begotten Son, that whosover (Jimmy King) believeth in Him shall have eternal life. Then other verses tell us that we need to come to know Him better and follow Him. And the Bible is our map for this life – it has principles for everything we may face. I John 5:13 tells us that this is all written so that we may KNOW that we have eternal life – no doubt, no question. Jesus MAY be a crutch at time, but He’s the kind of crutch that is needed all the time to keep us upright. Not the kind that you sit back and do nothing. He has a wonderful plan for each of our lives if we just follow Him – He has one for your life, too!

          • I told you, it is useless in some people, when you may be able to tell 10 people who have never had religion in their lives, these other people–Jimmy King–is evil. In my religion, it tells me to stay away from evil. Pure evil is just that. Meanwhile, there are others that need to be saved. Now. Not yesterday for there may not be a tomorrow for them. So, I say leave it be. Evil is black, there is no light in it. It doesn’t suddenly see the light, indeed, it runs from it. It is a kind of demon before he will be tortured by them. There is indeed a place for him. But for now, the evil has him. And they are using him to attack others. So, I high tail out of there. I need no one to try to get me off center so I get upset, need to pray for someone there is just no hope for, like predestination, he is predestining himself. My preacher used this terminology: when you come into a dirty kitchen at night, and there a bunch of roaches on the floor, you turn on a light, they scatter. They aren’t going to stay there if you give them more food. And just like roaches, there is no way to get to them. They have already long ago decided that it is better and much more fun to blaspheme. And God has made a special place of torment for them. Not that I am in anyway, shape or form better than Jimmy King, but at least I know I am NOT going to go where he is. I have my problems, and Satan cannot attack me, or, at least when he tries, I am not strong, but I use one name and GONE is whatever it was that was trying to attach to me. So, my daughter was raised by her father with absolutely, after the age of 6, no religious upbringing. She has never been to a church that I know of and when I asked her she said she had been to one. I need prayer to get her to call me. I talked to her a little about it last time I saw her. And she said, “yes, I went to a church were they had these beads or something and you had to count on them.” I was horrified and told her never to darken their doorstep again, told her the basics that I had taught her up to the time her father stole her from me, and Christmas is nearing. I talked to her on Thanksgiving and even got to see her. But now her telephone has been disconnected, I know where she works….please pray Mary. Mary, she is only 23.

          • Kathy, I understand where you’re coming from, but would you have me disobey the Lord? I don’t know why, but He has put this person on my heart and, whether or not I understand, I need to do what He is asking me to do. God loves Jimmy King just like He loves us, and He is not willing that any should perish. I’m not being drawn into his word play, but am staying above it for Jesus’ sake. With God, all things are possible and Jimmy is not beyond God’s reach. It isn’t up to me whether or not he gets saved – that is up to the Lord. But I have ignored the Lord’s prompting before and been very sorry. He once prompted me to write a letter to an old western actor that was known by my family, but I had never met him. I didn’t know how to get ahold of him or anything and I just shrugged the Lord’s voice off – two weeks later that man was dead. I have always regretted that! I have to obey and then leave the results with the Lord.

          • Well, then it is your call then. Kathy

          • HAHAHAHA Look at you go.

          • You can laugh all you want – but it’s all true. And deep inside your soul there’s a God-shaped hole that can only be filled by Him. Everyone has one, but God doesn’t force anyone to invite Him in BECAUSE it’s an invitation, not a bulldozer. Those who make that invitation find that He is more than happy to come in and give peace and abundant life. That doesn’t mean that everything goes smooth after that – in fact, it may get rougher sometimes, because Satan HATES losing a soul to God and tries everything to make people turn their backs on God. Let me tell you – my husband left me a year ago for a girl younger than his 2 oldest kids. Last month, because he didn’t make the house payments like he promised, the house got sold in foreclosure. I have no money to move elsewhere and don’t really have anywhere to go unless I move in with my daughter and her family about 75 miles from my job, which would mean I wouldn’t have one anymore. But you know, I have been asking the Lord for direction and I feel He’s shown me the first step in His leading by selling the house. It’s apparent that He wants me somewhere else. I’m still praying for continued direction, looking at other houses, etc.. I’m still also praying for and believing in reconciliation with my husband (which I said I would never do if someone cheated on me – but the Lord has laid it on my heart to show my husband the mercy that the Lord showed me when He sent His only Son to pay my death penalty on the cross), yet moving forward as if it may not happen because the Lord’s viewpoint is much higher than mine and He sees the future as we see the present – right now. He also created me, so He knows me and loves me better than anyone else, He never makes mistakes, He’s always good regardless of my circumstances, His plan and timing are perfect and He has my very best interests at heart. How could I not trust Someone with those qualities? I have made serious mistakes before by NOT trusting Him, things that impacted my family deeply. I continually ask Him to give me the strength to never walk away from Him again. I never lost my salvation, but I paid a very high price under God’s correction. And I totally deserved it. Yet He has forgiven and restored me. I’m still far from perfect, yet I have surrendered to having Him remold me as He will, and He took me up on it. 🙂 Thru all of the things I’m going thru, I have the peace that passes all understanding. I’m not afraid, I’m not worried. I’m just trusting Him for the best He has for me. It’s a wonderful feeling that I hope you will find for yourself. There’s nothing like it and you don’t need to “suck it up” anymore, but have, not a crutch, but the best Friend in the world.

          • Did you know that Superman could leap tall building in a single bound, AND he is faster than a speeding bullet?? Probably not. Looks like you believe in different super heroes than I do

          • The thing about your superheroes is that they are cartoons, whereas Jesus was a real person who changed the course of history. Even our calendar system changed from BC (before Christ). There were approx. 350 prophecies written about his birth as a human (but still 100% God) in the Old Testament, written by many different authors over a period of time way before He even showed up. Yet every single one of them happened right down to the last iota. There’s about double that about events before He comes again and most of them have already happened, again, exactly as they were prophesied. He is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, the Creator of the Universe. The Psalmist asked “What is man, that Thou art mindful of him, and the son of man, that Thou visitest him?” Why would God, Someone of that magnitude, bother with us little nothings? Because He loves us. And you can’t say that about any of your super heroes. Yes, I DO believe in a different Super Hero – His name is Jesus, He’s a real person and He’s the real deal!

          • Mary, let it lay, our God has a place prepared for these people, and we did try. What the Lord says now is to stay far, far away from such evil. In that was we do not sully ourselves. Get my meaning? Kathy

          • Kathy, I have to do what the Lord tells me to do. When He says to back off, I will, be assured. I’m not near the evil, nor am I going to sully myself because I’m not getting caught up in the horrible talk. But I do also want to say something about your last message to me. Whatever I said, it doesn’t mean that all Jews that have died will not be saved. Only Jesus knows their hearts, and only He is their judge. But Hebrews 9:27 says, “And as it is appointed unto man once to die, and after that the judgment.” There ARE NO second chances once someone dies, not for Jews or anyone else. But just remember – God is in charge and He never makes mistakes. I have dear relatives that died and I don’t know if they were saved. I would be very sad if I knew they weren’t saved, but I can’t worry about that – it’s not my deal, but God’s. Again, I can’t say whether or not your father was a Christian, but you can’t say he wasn’t either. We don’t have to be baptized or anything – just cry out to the Lord and anyone can do that even on their deathbed, without anyone even knowing, even if they can’t talk, as long as they have breath.

          • Don’t all Doctors have to take an oath…the Hippocratic Oath that says to “do no harm?” That right there is breaking that oath. I have absolutely no idea if they break that oath I guess it doesn’t matter. We in our Republic understand that all women were not meant, nor want to be Mom’s, and that’s OK, we have built several beautiful cottages the women stay in while they are pregnant. The prospective adoptive couple is already chosen by a third party. The bureaucratic red tape of years spent waiting is gone. By the time the women has the baby, the new parents are there to pick him/her up and the mother never sees the new parents. For she did not want to be a part of the baby’s life, that was seen that if she could have gotten an abortion she would have, so she should have absolutely no contact with the child while the parents are raising it. Now, whether the new parents tell her/him he is adopted, I believe that would be a grave mistake, but if they do, it is up to the child to want to meet the mother, not the other way around. That CHOICE was made the day she wanted an abortion but couldn’t get one because taxpayers no longer feel it is their obligation to pay for something most of us in this really red Republic just do not believe in. That CHOICE was when she did not use protection having sex in the first place. That Choice is what collapses and the Constitution takes over protecting that personhood. So, again, good ones Texas’ voters.

          • Hey Crazy Whore do you know how many women died in this country in the past 5 years do to an abortion gone bad?

          • It doesn’t matter. There is NO DOUBT that an abortion IS a MEDICAL PROCEDURE. IT IS A SURGICAL PROCEDURE!!

          • Surgical procedures are performed in Doctors offices on a daily basis you moron

          • You wouldn’t find that out because that information is rarely reported with ordinarily reported death information. Planned Parenthood is FAMOUS for NOT calling an ambulance right away when there is a problem. Look up “Botched Abortion Deaths,” you piece of trash.

          • Crazy who’re you are so fucking stupid it’s laughable. Won’t find that information? All you need to know is how to use google, an 8 yr old could do it. I could get the numbers faster than your nurse could change your drool bucket

          • THESE are the possible complications that can arise from an abortion “gone bad,” as follows:

            Common complications from unsafe abortions are cervical tears, retained pregnancy tissue, severe heavy bleeding, sepsis, uterine perforation, bladder and bowel damage, which can lead to maternal death if patients are not treated in a timely matter. Death may also result from such complications as gas gangrene of the uterus and acute renal failure. The patient can become permanently disabled due to stroke, or septic clots that form in the upper or lower extremities that lead to the necessity for removal. If a patient develops a severe infection it can lead to tubo-ovarian abscess, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which may result in a high incidence of infertility and ectopic pregnancy.

          • and yet out of 580,000 performed annually, there were 12 deaths make it illegal so its done in back alleys with coat hangers BRILLIANT solution Crazy Whore

          • MAHB001,
            That is exactly what is NOT being taught in schools. Moral responsibility is not and never will be a part of our education system. What has teaching sex in schools accomplished? A huge rise in sexual promiscuity and unwanted pregnancies. We have also been way to tolerant of the media in all this as well.

          • Certainly not everyone practices your religion.

          • This is not only religion, it is common sense…

            And you are correct, not everyone practices common sense.

          • Surely you realize not everyone is of your religion. You have not been appointed to be moderator of the world you know.

          • Oh yes mahb has, just ask him, he will tell you.

          • Thank you,MAHBOO1, for your stand!

        • Evidently not Jerry since they teach our kids in school how to have SEX.

          • RMCSRET,
            I abhor this kind of intrusion into matters of privacy between children and parents. But some parents never adhere to their duty as parents. So, it is sort of a Catch 22.

          • Guess what Jerry, my parents never sat me down and talked about sex either, but guess
            what I was never taught about it in school and I never got a girl Pregnant before we
            were married and I taught my children the same way and guess what they never got
            pregnant nor impregnented anyone prior to marriage either. So why do we need to even
            have it taught in the schools?

          • For the kids who dont get it at home.

          • So why do we need it in schools? Once again we seemed to have survived for how
            many years without teaching SEX in schools to Elementary, Middle School and
            High School kids. It also seems and I believe the Statistics will bear this out we now
            have a much larger group of Sexually active kids than we have ever had since the
            start of teaching it in schools.

          • Times have changed whether we like it or not. Ask sarah palins daughter how she got pregnant twice! Wouldnt have happened if she was on birth control. She is fortunate to have the support of her rich family. A luxury most teenage girls do not have.

          • Hey Tracy, what does a months worth of Birth control pills cost no a days? Ten dollars
            or so. Oh gee and they can get them for free if they want them from just about any
            charity. So once again why do we have to teach sex ed to seven or eight year olds once

          • My understanding is that health and sex education start in jr. High, not first grade. Where are they teaching 7 year olds?

          • Well I guess you had better upgrade your UNDERSTANDING on what is actually
            happening because they are teaching basic Sex Education to grade schoolers.

          • Maybe if your 15 yr old wasn’t still in the 3rd grade they wouldn’t be teaching him such things

          • Have you met her? 3rd grade is right up your alley and even that is giving you to much credit.

          • Well Senile old btty, every a half wit tranny like you needs someone to look up to.

          • There you go running at the mouth. you just don’t know when to quit do you.

          • I’ll quit when you’re dead. And judging from your pictures, I wont have long to wait

          • if you are trying to threaten me don’t bother, and if you think my picture looks bad that is another mistake. boy you are something else. actually you are more disgusting then I thought. you are trying to scare me go ahead. you are saying all the wrong things .

          • Gee Jimmy if you weren’t so dumb you would have already progressed out of the Third
            grade and gotten just a tad bit smarter than you are.

          • You might want to take a good hard look at CA.

          • I just commented on this. Please read. I dont know the cost of pills but I do know not every woman can take the pill due to health conditions. I recommend an IUD as it prevents pregnancy until the doctor takes it out, which is many times years later when the woman wants to get pregnant. $600 plus exam without insurance. We should start a go fund me page to finance procedure for every woman who wants one! This is how to make strides against abortion.

          • So hey Tracy can you give all of us your wisdom on why there are women every day
            get pregnant while they are on the pill, IUD, or other forms of Birth Control. It seems that
            I have read from various doctors that the only sure form of Birth Control is NO SEX.
            I would tell a woman that it is better to take birth control of some form than it is to
            unprotected sex and get pregnant. I would also advise woman that unprotected sex or
            even protected sex you are also taking on the INCREASED CHANCE OF STDs.

          • Nothing 100%. Mostly user error if they do get pregnant. Or man not using condom properly. I doubt that NO SEX has ever worked in any society. Look at the overpopulation all over the world. I guess you want that here too?

          • Really doing without sex is what caused OVER POPULATION. Must have been a whole
            lot of MIRACULES CONCEPTIONS I guess then right? It also seems that according to
            just released statistics that the STD rate has RISEN in the United States. I guess that
            FREE SEX is just another consequence right?

          • I guess you haven’t heard that an IUD can and does perforate through the wall of the Uterus have you? IUD’s are not for everyone and can be very dangerous. I’m a Registered Nurse for over 40 years and I’ve seen it many times. You might want to try something else and not be encouraging this method of birth control.

          • Maybe she wanted another baby , does that make her not a good girl. you do not know or even bringing her up same as your friend Jmmy did. she owes you no explanation for her actions. so why are you condeming her.?

          • No, I saw the interview wherein she discussed unplanned pregnacy. I am only using her to point out abstinence doesnt work.

          • Elaine you moron. She went on tv and took a pledge of abstinence. And became an advocate for teaching teenagers to avoid having sex to prevent pregnancy. She said in an interview at the time “I am not going to have sex until I am married, I guarantee it”

            She didn’t “want to have another baby” She took money as a poster child for abstinence and then had unprotected sex and got pregnant. I know its a big word but even you must know the definition of HYPOCRITE

          • so maybe she decided that their was not a man that was worth marrying. besides this is a free world and she does not owe you anything . again that is your opinion. Do you know she took money for being a so called poster child. and she does not need your ok to change the her mind. after all who are you to judge people? you do a lot of that don’t you? like you are not a Hypocrite. with all the things you a say that are not true. when nothing you say is true. goodbye again. oh and that was when she was a teenager. and what do you care anyway , she means nothing to anyone, unless you are a person that likes ruining someone else’s life.

          • For some reason, many dont seem to get this

          • And then we had Barry Goldwater,

          • oK, no one really like him. But that is beside the point killing a baby is ok . OH it Is just like a roll of thread or yarn. nothing to it , isn’t it funny how that grows into a thumb sucking human in 9 months. and that is after it fights its first battle to live.only to have its throat slit then it’s body parts cut apart to go on the sale to the highest bidder. and no you ass it is called murder.

          • Bob666 if I did not know any better I would say you were insulting me. but ive been thru this before with you. And I wont continue this conversation with you. mainly because you are rude. and nasty. you think you are hurting me when you say stupid stuff.. like I see you decided to get off your medications again. if that makes you feel like you are better then anyone else. then you have a real problem. maybe you would like my meds. say good night 666 cause you are thru.

          • Hi Elaine,

            “if I did not know any better I would say you were insulting me”.

            Well, Elaine, I don’t believe that you know any better. I was only making an observation and the last time we had this type of conversation, you probably had fallen off of the wagon as well.

          • there you go again. you and your friends don’t know when to tell the truth. the only thing you can do is lie and make things up. I don’t drink or do drugs and I don’t care if you think I do. Because you are an idiot. I can hardly wait for the time that you are of no use to them and you wiil be under the bus. if you can not conduct yourself as a gentleman and talk just about the issue at hand. then say goodbye.

          • Gee Elaine,

            ” you and your friends don’t know when to tell the truth. the only thing you can do is lie and make things up”.

            Just what have I made up Elaine?

            ” I don’t drink or do drugs and I don’t care if you think I do. Because you are an idiot”.

            Never said that you dink or do recreational drugs Elaine.

            “I can hardly wait for the time that you are of no use to them and you wiil be under the bus”.

            Was there a coherent thought to that Rant Elaine?

            ” if you can not conduct yourself as a gentleman and talk just about the issue at hand. then say goodbye”.

            Perhaps you should ask your therapist about some ADD medication as well?

          • Actually its not murder, its not only legal, but constitutionally protected

            Learn the law. If you need me to I will write it in really easy words for you

          • The pitfalls of having sex outside of marriage by irresponsible persons, especially youth, is catching a STD and having children. Young people who have not obtained a skill or career and have children hamper their livelihood. For most part the males don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out. There are new birth control meds that are good for three years. But females Must be strong and not give in to the BS males about not liking to use a condom. Many males will be like my father who left my mother and never look back.

          • So Steve you think it is just the Males of the Species that is the cause of the problem
            that we face then right? It seems that unless there are Immaculate Conceptions it takes
            two (Male and Female) to make a Child. Additionally it is the Responsibility of the Male and the Female in whether they should have sex and take the risk of STDs. There is
            no one Person male or female to blame in this regard. Young people need to GROW UP
            and realize that they are responsible for there own bodies.

          • All too many kids these days do not see the truth in what you said. I recall the reason is a little thing called raging hormones. Both sexes succumb to it, yet Females are left to be responsible. That is, unless the male is responsible and owns up to his actions.

            All too often the schools teach the sex part and nobody is teaching the morals or responsibilities behind their actions. Regardless of the type of birth control used, non are 100% fool proof… (pun intended)

            And when the birth control fails, the irresponsible and ill-informed fall to abortions…

            That is just wrong..

          • in your opinion

          • Yes, in my humble and moral opinion.

          • Worked well for Bristol Palin too

          • wrong I think that was Bushes fault. No come back, so you have to bring up old wounds. let me say one thing SHE DID NOT HAVE AN ABORTION DID SHE. she didn’t say oh my god I hate this baby. did she so leave her alone already .

          • Well put Elaine! Big difference in Killing a baby or electing to have your baby knowing all the hardships you have in store. I’m with you and she should be left out of all this crap. But this is what a liberal does. They attack anyone who makes the right choices just to make themselves feel better about the wrong choices they are making.


          • Don’t you wish you were as responsible as Bristol Palin?

            Think about it, you wouldn’t have to blame everything on Bush….

          • No, you’d just blame everything on your inability to close your legs and just say no to dick

          • They should lay off. Men cause pregnancy, not women.

          • Well Jimmy my little boy I bet she has a larger bank account number than you do right
            now so Yea I guess it worked out well for Bristol Palin.

          • I’ll take that bet. And the link was lack of sex ed to unplanned pregnancies. She looses that one too

          • So Jimmy boy you are one of those ONE PERCENTERS then right? Because
            Bristol is in that realm.

          • Don’t know what %, but Bristol Palin has a net worth of $500 thousand. So yes, my net worth surpassed hers.

          • Gee Jimmy boy that is great that you can find out what her net worth is so quickly. Can
            you now tell me how long did it take you to get to where you are since you are in the
            One Percent? Did you earn it or did your Mommy and Daddy give it to you?

          • RMCSHIT its actually pretty easy to find information online if you have 1/2 a brain, so don’t be afraid to ask someone for help. I earned it. I own 2 businesses But I also looked up what it takes to be in the 1% and I don’t quite make it just yet. But its early

          • Sure Little Jimmy, I really believe half of what I read on the Internet like I believe anything
            at all in the local Newspapers and magazines. If this is how you do research for your
            business then I sure hope you have some excellent employees because you would
            have never made a dollar.

          • I’m not in the business of reading newspapers grampa

          • I know little one, you only read your discussion directives from the DNCC.

          • No moron. I’ll type slowly so you understand. My business isn’t to read newspapers. I read newspapers as a way to gain information but that isn’t my business Do you understand now dumbass or do you need pictures too

          • Oh gee Jimmy a funny from an idiot who gets his business sense for the likes of the
            New York Times or the Los Angeles Times or the Chicago Sun, I never ceases to amaze
            me how ignorant the likes of you and the rest of the LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE assembly
            really are today and in the past.

          • One percent right now is a net worth of $8.5 million So I am not quite a 1% yet gramps. but hopefully you can hang on for another year or two to celebrate with me when I am

          • Jerry,

            We do not want our children to be taught morals through the school system. Especially when liberals are fighting to take God out of the school system.

            It should be through the parents.

          • MAHB001,
            There are moral lessons that go with teaching our children about sex that schools do not and never will teach. That is a one on one necessity that only parents can do. I deplore teaching sex in schools at all.

          • I agree.

            I can tell you that the schools currently teach at their pace, and do not coordinate with the parents…

            This can be disastrous for the kids if one is taught without the other.

          • Gregory J Gontarek

            What happened to separation of church and state? If you want “god” in school – then go to a Catholic or other religious school. No one is forcing your kids to go to public schools. Freedom of choice.

          • And you say forcing kids to sing a Muslim fight song is OK?

            The reason the left attacks Christian morals is because…..

            “Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.”

            Liberals are attacking morals within America to destroy America, as they have to destroy America as it stands in order to rebuild America.

            There is a list of agenda items that Liberals are following in the book, “The Naked Communist.”

            17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

            24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

            25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

            26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

            27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a
            “religious crutch.”

            28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

            29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.
            30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

          • Gregory J Gontarek

            No – that is not right either. I don’t see how a book from the early 60’s, written primarily by Marxist authors, has anything to do with anything. I see how you could see it means something.
            Once again – you don’t like what is being taught in public schools – send them to private schools where they can teach what they want. I am sure you want to uphold the Constitution and not cherry pick – right?

          • If you want to refute my statement, try proving that LIBERALS are NOT, controlling our schools, teachers unions, and softening the curriculum so that we will accept socialism.

            Try to prove that liberals are NOT attacking morals so that we accept obscenity. Or promoting Homosexuality, or eliminating prayer and religion from our schools….

            The FACT is that you can not refute these arguments because they are true.. Liberals that control the Democrat party have adopted each and every one of those agenda items….

            And guess what those agenda items were designed to do…. TAKE DOWN AMERICA….

            Just because a serine gas bomb was built 80 years ago doesn’t mean that it is not just as deadly….

            BTW, I can see how you can not see these as facts… You are a product of Idological subversion… in other words, brainwashing, and will not accept a mountain of proof that is against your ideology….

            Pay particular attention to 2:47 seconds, as this is what will happen to you when and if they gain control.

          • Gregory J Gontarek

            Believe what you want. When I was in school in the 70’s – there was NO PRAYER – so what has changed?
            Softening the curriculum – I can agree with that as I see more and more stupid people these days. YES STUPID! But at the same time are the conservatives not defunding education more and more?
            Some may be promoting homosexuality and at the same time it needs to be brought up as there have been gay people as long as people have been around and it should be looked at the same way as straight people. It is no big deal and if it doesn’t concern you – don’t worry about it. Yes there are bad gay people that do rotten things and at the same time there are straight people that do rotten things. Overall the majority are not here to hurt or push their “agenda” on anyone. How about live and let live?
            And I can say the same thing about you that you are brainwashed. I don’t see why people have to fight against each other when it is us on the outside that have not caused these things. If we all used the negativity and turned it into a positive – I think a lot more positive things can be done with a right balance of left and right. I do not like the extreme left or right.

          • I believe the internet changed the world, and not for the better.

          • Of couse we dont want any religion un schools. Any religion includes yours! Get your religion out if our government too! Its illegal!

          • Liberalism is followed just like a religion…

            Get liberalism out of schools…

          • What do you mean by liberalism? I dont know exactly what you are referring to.

          • Wrong! I follow no one. Thats the whole point of being a liberal! Im not a member of any club. There isnt a club to be a member of. We are millions of individuals who think for ourselves

          • Tracy, I wish you were thinking for yourself, but your writings show you are being mislead.

          • I believe you have been misled as well.

          • You mean speaking the truth about religion? Paying attention to science? Yep, we are guilty of not shoving a bunch of fables down our childrens throat.

          • Is that why you force children to sing Muslim fight songs in schools…..


          • You are blaming me for something I know nothing about? Im not a member of any club.

          • The same liberals that forced prayer out of schools also forced school children to sing a Muslim fight song.

            This is more than hypocritical, it is sick.


          • I dont want them to teach muslim songs either. Thats why all religion must stay out. No favortism.

          • That would be nice, but apparently the liberals that control the school in question do not think that Muslim songs are religious.

            There is a huge double standard playing out here, and it is not right.

          • Tracy, atheist don’t believe in God, atheism is a religion in my mind.

          • Ok, to make matters simpler and to get me out of any “grouping”, please consider me a non-believer.

          • I don’t believe in any one religion either… But I do believe in God.

          • Which one of the 4700 religions to belong to? Do you understand why I don’t?

          • Are you saying you must believe in a religion to believe in God?

          • Well, it it not. I just don’t believe in ANY religion.

          • and a thought is lonely in your mind

          • Trying to eliminate hate isn’t “promoting homosexuality” and the democratic party isn’t trying to take prayer and religion out of school, the founding fathers did that years ago. You remember them right? The ones you tea baggers are always claiming to be following.

          • Nice hate simple minded message hypocrite.

            As if the only way to eliminate hate is to promote homosexuality…. the LGBT community has turned fascist, they haven’t seen a Christian that they didn’t hate and didn’t want to destroy. …

          • There is no propagnda odf athiesm! It just smart educated people who do believe in ANY religion. Whats wrong with that?

          • Christianity is the ONLY TRUE RELIGION….with a LIVING GOD….All others are WORHIPING DEAD GODS….Such as ALLAH…BUDDA and many more…

          • Oh really? There are 4,700 religions in this world. Aren’t you fortunate to have the only true God! Actually, the truth is this: there is no God, there never was a God. You are on your own whether you think so or not!

          • You are apparently and ATHEIST…..But rather you want to believe it or not….THERE WILL BE A JUDGEMENT DAY…Once you pass from this Life….If you have not accepted Jesus as you Lord and Savior…..You will FOREVER Removed from the Eternal Life and will spend your ETERNITY in the Lake of Fire…IN HELL….with SATAN and all of his Fallen Angels…

          • Yes! I will rot in the ground just like you. Nobody is going anywhere. There are no 1,000 virgins waiting for you. A lot of nothing! Live in your fantasy world if you want but stay out of our schools and government as you are not wanted.

          • You have confirmed that you are just another BRAIN WASHED…BRAIN DEAD Liberal who has NO FUNCTIONING REASONING SKILLS to use….You just repeat all the standard LIES AND DISTORTIONS that you have been Programed to Repeat…Repeat…Repeat…Then Repeat Again….You have Clearly proven that having a Conversation about REAL IDEAS is IMPOSSIBLE…So Good Day to You…

          • Funny, I was thinking the same thing about you.


          • I actually at times has Fun with these Brain Dead Liberals…By using FACTS instead of the EMOTIONS that they use….After a very short while…most of them come completely UNHINGED…and it is very easy to tell…because they resort to Name Calling and Foul Language…Then I Stop even though some of them just keep going like the Energizer Bunny of Moral Stupidity…

          • HAHAHAH Speaking of “programmed to repeat,,repeat…repeat” What do you do every sunday? Do you go to a house of worship and stand when told to and chant the same words with everyone else. Sit when told to, kneel when told to and sing the same songs you’ve been told to sing for years? HAHA But she’s the programmed one

          • Great point

          • Tracy,
            Oh really? What if you are wrong?

          • Tracy is a classic example of indoctrination in public schools these days.

          • Accually, im not. I went to a lousy high school and did as littlebas possible. My parents had both died and I was miserable. Fortuately, I had the good sense to start my life over and went to college. Ive also traveled a bit and have learned much. Incidentially, I come from a religious family and I myself went to church and sunday school, etc.

          • Then you have no excuse for your bad comments. You will pay one day Tracy. I have a little advice for you. Wouldn’t you rather live a Godly life as if you will face him one day rather than a life without him just to die and find out: OMG, you really are real? Then it’s to late Tracy. You are lost forever. I can tell your young and you’ve been through hard times. But it’s those hard times that make us stronger if we are willing to do the right things in life. Planned Parenthood is a terrible organization. Know what Tracy? The liberals want you to be down and out. They want to control your every move and make you think you can’t do things on your own. Believe it or not your a slave. You are a slave of the very government that you vote for. You should try the other side who wants to lift you up so you can do better. Think about it.

          • My advice to you it to stop watching fox news. Try Cnn, pbs, msnbc and you will undestand what is going on in the world. I dont need or want any religion. Im am not worried about the hereafter. I am a good person and have no regrets on how I live my life.

          • Unless you have a crystal ball you have no idea what I watch. Unlike you I work and don’t watch TV. I read alot of books and listen to radio about both sides. Sad because you should be very worried about the hereafter. There is none so blind as he who will not see. I would certainly reevaluate my stand about you being a good person . The kind of person you are is reflected in your posts. If you listen to Cnn, pubs and MSNBC. We all know everything we need to know.

          • I work too. – How would you feel if a foreign religion, say Muslim, was shoved down your throat day and night? If you watch all the news and see all sides of what is going on – it is amazing you still hold onto ancient religious beliefs and still think your God trumps our government. It is absolutely a ridiculous position to hold in the year 2015.

          • It is shoved down our throats day and night thanks to your pathetic messiah in our WH. Where the hell have you been? Just one correction Tracy, its not a religion but a sick. Ideology. I believe in my one and only God and his son Jesus Christ. Thankfully and unlike you I have lived long enough to have known seen his mercy and his power. You told us all about the hardships you’ve been through. Did you ever think that maybe if you had believed in God and his son Jesus your life might have been different? Its something to consider. Sounds like you have hardened your heart against our dear Lord and Savior. To bad that you will never know all the wonderful things he has in store for you. Its never to late to change. As for me? I couldn’t care less what you decide. Tests a choice between youcand your God.

          • Well now you know how I feel. I think your religion is just as bad as all the others and it doesn’t belong in our government or our schools and it never did! I will take my chances out in this big wide world without the crutch of religion and face to consequences happily! At least I didn’t waste my life worshiping the Easter Bunny or whoever is the God of the day.

          • Nope I don’t know how you feel and thank you very much I don’t want to know. I’m not concerned a bit what you think of my religion. You can open your eyes and see where we are in our government and schools. Doesn’t look good at all. They are both sinking fast. See? This is what you get without God to help you. Your lost and its of your own doing. We have choices and you have obviously made the wrong choices. To bad for you. I don’t need a crutch my dear. I’m happy to humble myself to my dear Lord and Savior. I do not worship your Easter Bunny. I worship my creator who happens to be called God among other things.

          • No messian in the White House. Just the President of the United States as elected by the citizens of this country. You should at least respect the office, even if you do not respect the current president.

          • I have no clue what messian is but yes you have your messiah in the WH. NO PRESIDENT, NOT LEADER AND NO ONE TO RESPECT. That son of a biotch has all but destroyed what many men and women died to protect. You dug the bottom of the barrel to find that spawn of Satan! Do YOU feel stupid yet? You should.

          • Obama is going to go down as one of the most influential presidents of all time.

          • Boy, you really do live in your own little world don’t you? What do you think the Muslims have been trying to do for the last 7 years? No i don’t like it. Of course anyone with a brain know Islam/muslim is not a religion but an ideology. So your comparison is ignorant at best. I can only feel pity for someone so misguided.

          • My point being your religion is no better than any other. I dont want my government affiliated with ANY religion.

          • You know nothing about my religion so how can you make such a stupid comment? Sorry dearie but this country was founded on Judeo/Christian beliefs. You need to learn history. Our Constitution was written by Christians. Maybe you need to consider another country.

          • The constitution says: the United States shall adopt no religion. — I’m pretty sure NO RELIGION includes YOUR religion.

          • I have to put you in the Moron category with Jimmy and Bob666. This country was founded on Judeo/Christian beliefs. Where you want to believe that or not is up to you but I do suggest you try some history lessons. Founding of our country came before the Constitution you stupid biotch!

          • Because the drafters of the constitution realized what a mess it would be with all 4,700 religions bossing each other around and pushing their ideals – THAT’S WHY THEY WROTE IT IN THE CONSTITUTION – WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT – NO RELIGION IN OUR GOVERNMENT IN THE USA! It doesn’t matter where your ideas came from. Zilch! Nada! Invalid! Don’t Care!

          • Founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs! Whether YOU like it or not. LOL

          • Most societies were founded on some kind of religion. As time passed and science proved, for instance, that gods DO NOT MAKE THUNDER, many educated people realized that it was all just a nice fable and have moved on with their lives. Especially since it was outlawed many years ago.

          • YOUR obviously a product of indoctrination and you took to it well. You have no clue how to think for yourself. Nice going Tracy. I hate to burst your bubble dearie but Science proved nothing. I happen to know a lot of Scientist and one was even nominated for the nobel peace prize. All of them said they cannot prove their is or isn’t a God. Two of them elected to believe and two just plain wasn’t sure. But of course Tracy I guess they weren’t educated enough for you. All of them stopped short of calling it a fable dear. Religion has not been outlawed. What is your mental problem exactly? Maybe and IQ of 2? To bad for you. Fable indeed! LOL

          • Actually, I was born and raised in a very religious family. Perhaps that is the indoctrination you speak of? What do you plan on telling the other 4,700 religions? That yours is the only true God? LOL, LOL, LOL

          • I’m guessing your very young. Perhaps you still have time to find your way back? Wonder what your family thinks about you not believing. As for my God? He is known by many names little girl.

          • I am 55 years old. I have not believed in any God since I was 6 years old. My brother agrees with me. We are both Democrats and think ALL religion is outdated and stupid at this point. I don’t need or want to go back anywhere. This is 2015. We can prove the world is older than a few thousand years. There are 4,700 religions in this world all fighting to show they have the only true God. It is stupid, stupid, stupid to ignore science and all we know today about the world. But, go ahead, keep your head in the sand. It’s a free country to be religious and also to be a non-believer. Whether you like it or not!

          • Wow, wow and wow! The picture becomes clear. Your 55 so that would make you the child of some pathetic Hippies who failed you as parents. Obviously to busy getting high to teach their kids right from wrong and to busy sexing it up to teach their spawns about God. So thank you ms Moonbeam for giving us a clear picture of your depraved rearing. We can only hope you didn’t procreate but that’s probably just a pipe dream. Still selling flowers at the airports are you? LOL

          • I was the Hippie you dumb ass that wanted the illegal Vietnam war to end, for it wasn’t a week that didn’t go by when a friend came home in a body bag. I have succeeded where you haven’t the chance to. I was taught, let’s see now, my parents owned so many rentals, businesses, my father was a national builder contractor that did the Mary Kay Cosmetic factory in Houston and the Frito Lay Corporation in Dallas, he also build so many subdivisions here in San Antonio, I have lost count. my mother owned a new and used furniture store, that led me to know how to APPRAISE FINE JEWELS AND FURNITURE FOR MONEY. The moment someone moved into one of their rentals who was a violin teacher, I received violin lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, etc., then after going to summer camp for years, in my teen years, they decided it would be much cheaper just to build a swimming pool in our backyard, where I lived right across the street in the richest part of town from my high school ROBERT E. LEE HIGH SCHOOL. This isn’t hard to find out, all you have to do is google it. We would skip the football Rally, run across the street, about 15+ of us, and have the time of our lives in my backyard, swimming, playing Foosball, ping pong, and pool. I had to go to Hebrew and History school, never got to watch a Saturday cartoon in my life, for I was stuck as a 9 yr old watching videos of what no child should have to watch at that age UNLESS they are Jewish. I had to know the Generals, the battles, skirmishes and big battles, on both sides, Axis and Allies, + the Rabbinical teachings of the Hebrew prophecies (which by the by, have all come true, except the very last ones) I learned Hebrew, I speak perfect Spanish; my parents also gave me, well started me at college, I got scholarships after that and had 9 yrs of university work. I have a BA in Education and another in History with a Field Minor in Historical Research. I taught at San Antonio College for a while, then I did what no other did what no one else dared to do…since the instructors were not teaching the students HOW to write a research paper, I came out, opened a business, with my vision, it was a vehicle which was the first in the world to see the money involved in this and said,”I WILL DO YOUR STUDENT PAPERS FOR YOU, WORRY FREE, GUARANTEED “A” PAPERS, GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES GOING AND GUARANTEED COMPLETE STUDENT CONFIDENTIALITY! That was 30+yrs ago and The Editing Chair: An Established Research Company is still going strong, serving the Alamo City and South Texas as it has done for the last 30 yrs! My credibility is beyond reproach. Now the Internet is filled with these companies who have student writers cranking out old and outdated material for an arm and a leg To see who I am see http://www.theeditingchair.com or VISIT YELP.COM WHERE MY COMPANY HAS BEEN FEATURED SINCE THEIR OPENING (the new Yellow pages of the day). So, my learning got me this far. How well can you measure your success? Spending time cutting people down who you have absolutely no idea who you are talking to. I am also a Sentinel for Heritage Action, yeah, didn’t think you’d know what that was, it is out of Heritage Foundation…still don’t know do ya? It is only the largest and most influential Conservative Think Tank in the country. We get our strategy calls on Monday eves, know exactly what is going to be up for a vote that week on the Senate floor and begin flooding the phone lines for this Senator to vote for this, or support this must pass legislation and we begin immediately urging our Senators(Mine are CRUZ AND CORNYN) to vote this way or that, and I am also 1st member of the 21st District of Bexar Country–pronounced “BEAR,” YOU IDIOT) the Republic of Texas directly under US Rep Lamar Smith. Some many Senators or Speaker of the House do you know personally? Nope didn’t think so on that account either. I knew the ends and outs of Cruz’s and Lamar’s cosponsored bill last week before it even came out! And, since we are all but blacked out here, or the media will not report it, I have to have sources all over the world, from the Conservative Britain First, Party, to the International Knights Templar’s who are now recruiting, and (Oh you may not know who those are)–they began by protecting pilgrims from Muslims when they went to the Holy land–yeah, didn’t think so again–they are recruiting people to go to fight these monsters. I have sources in Austria to know that they learned their lesson of the ’30’s and allowed their citizen’s to arm themselves, their guns flew off of the shelves, and their border when up in 2 days quicker than you can say,”Jack Splat.” and they are safer for it. There were 11 people killed in Jerusalem last night, no one reported it…I DID, TO ALL WHO WOULD LISTEN. I have sources even in Australia to Iceland! I am a top contributor to several radio news talk shows, and to top all of that off, I WAS THE HIPPIE, NOT MY PARENTS. I AM STILL A HIPPIE! NO, I DON’T SMOKE POT, I THINK ALL DRUG DEALERS SHOULD BE STRUNG UP, PRISON IS TOO GOOD FOR THEM. So, I defy you to tell me what you do all day, except sit and put people who have no idea who you are talking down to. Could you understand 2 illegal Mexicans sitting behind you on a bus getting ready to slit your throat, you wouldn’t have the foggiest notion of what you would be in for, if only you could speak a language that is so necessary now. I am also taking online classes from Hillsdale College for my politics degree, I have four more courses, and THAT is just another award to hang on my wall. How many of those do you have..yeah, thought not. P. Kathy Kleiman The Editing Chair: An Established Research Company San Antonio, The Republic of Texas I am in a hurry, have many things to do other than to flaunt what I do in comparison of what you so obiously do.

          • Blow it out your azz sweetie. I wouldn’t believe anything you said if your tongue came notarized! So when you get done spewing your BS you can get on your knees and suck my dick.

          • Now is that the way for a senile tranny to talk? You said that you had that little tool packed away -or did you forget that Senile old btty?

          • Don’t you hate it when you LOSE

          • Wow, I would love your definition of LOSE? How does it feel to be on the wrong side of an issue Tracy? Dellusional might be the word your looking for.

          • Abortion is Legal. Religion in government is Illegal. Religion in public schools is illegal.

          • Unfortunately abortion is legal. As for religion in schools being illegal you better contact your token nig in the White because Muslim ideology is being taught in schools and its in our government. Ms Moonbeam your going to have to do better than that. Is it the drugs your parents taught you to take that’s causing the brain damage?

          • So, ok, I guess we will have to teach ALL RELIGIONS in public schools. Won’t have time to do much else since there are 4,700 religion in this world – got to teach them all I guess, if you have your way. Right? Or is it only YOUR religion? Because that certainly is illegal in public schools. Which way do you want it?

          • Learn to interpret what you read. My point is if you teach one religion you have to teach them all or none! You cannot teach one over all others because that is indoctrination and wrong. If there is no religion in schools then why is it okay to teach the Muslim ideology? That is being bias and bordering on indoctrination. If I had my way Judeo/Christian religions would be the only religion taught in our schools. Since I don’t have my way and as you say it’s illegal to teach religion in school then NO religion should be in school. Period. Not even your so called Muslim ideology. Please do try to comprehend what you read and not put words in my mouth. Remember that having my way is one thing. The law is another. Again. IF YOU TEACH ONE YOU HAVE TO TEACH THEM ALL. Since there isn’t enough time in the day to do that. NO religion in school until the laws change. Of course we both know that’s not what your messiah and his minions are doing or want to do. That’s why Muslime ideology is being taught in many schools. Parents should beware and protest if they hear it’s being done.

          • You are one sick person. Never said religion was outlawed. However, religion is outlawed in public schools and in our government. YOU ARE NOT WORTH SPEAKING WITH ANY MORE. SORRY. MY PARENTS WERE RELIGIOUS AND NOT HIPPIES. I HAVE A REGULAR JOB FOR 14 YEARS NOW. COLLEGE DEGREE. OWN MY OWN HOUSE. ETC. Sorry you think I am such a failure because I don’t live in your narrow evangelical world. Kiss off.

          • You are a failure Tracy. You can’t even remember what you wrote. You most certainly did say religion was outlawed these are your words not mine:
            “Especially since it was outlawed many years ago.”
            Those are YOUR words. You can switch it around all you want but your words all the same and YOU were/are wrong.

          • I said teaching religion in public schools was outlawed years ago, which it was

          • Now that statement is true. But you were WRONG before. I know your a liberal so you can’t admit when you were wrong or apologize for it. Says a lot about you.

          • Stop grouping people into categories! Of course I can admit when I am wrong. It has nothing to do with me being a liberal or a conservative. I find you to be very antagonistic and opinionated. A very distasteful quality to have.

          • Give it up Tracy. You know nothing about me. That childish comment just proves my point. I don’t have to group anyone into categories. Your posts prove what you are. Antagonistic? Not at all. Opinionated? Yes, and I wear it like a badge of honor. If it bothers you? Tuff chit!

          • It’s not me living in a small world, it is YOU

          • I’m not misguided at all. I am just following the law. No religion whatsoever in our government. The danger is, of course, you let one religion in – you have to let them all in. You don’t want them all in, do you?

          • Whatever you say Tracy! There is none so blind and he who will not see.

          • The Establishment Clause is a limitation placed upon the United States Congress preventing it from passing legislation respecting an establishment of religion. The second half of the Establishment Clause inherently prohibits the government from preferring any one religion over another.

          • Where in the hell have you been for the past 7 years? With people like you voting its clear to me how your messiah got into our WH. I think you might want to preach your crap to your messiah.

          • No preaching here. I just vote.

          • Oh Really? Do you even realize what you post? I think not.

          • How much are souls going for these days. How much money do taxpayers pay for what they do not believe in? Cruz was right, in what should have been a 100-0 vote, and they are not even a govt entity. The abortion lobbyists are using the same old song and dance they used in the ’70’s, stop “back ally abortionists,” well they did, they just moved them into fancy offices. Now here in the great Republic of Texas we do not want the national sins of abortion and gay marriage on our heads for we have been blessed as not other county on the globe. As one Sam Houston, one of Texas’ first Presidents said, “Texas has yet to learn submission.” He also said that,”Texas will once again lift her head among the nations, for it ought to do so, for no other country on the globe can compare to it in its natural advantages.” No other state can be called a Republic, we, like the colonial British who were shaking off the despotic yoke of their king, we also have a DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE that we won from a sovereign nation…Mexico. Every one knows what happened at the Alamo, the city of San Antonio, but no one knows of two towns called GOLIAD and SAN JACINTO when General Sam Houston and his Texans won our independence in 1836, we were the Nation of Texas, and if we were counted as a country with now, our GNP would be 14th in the world right behind Russia and Canada. This election, we have a balanced budget and our “Rainey Day Fund” coffers are overflowing and since we have such great people up front to take the lead, we went to the polls to vote for lowering the property taxes, no tolls state, which means that the horrendous traffic I face every morning is going to be opened for three new roads on Hwy 281 and Hwy 1604. Then we went to the polls to seal in blood and to enter it into our state Constitution that we as as “citizens of Texas, have the inalienable right to hunt–what do you hunt with?–fish and harvest wildlife in the traditional manner as a way of wildlife conservation, as long as all regulations are not infringed upon such as no trespassing and not shooting off your guns in populated areas. And unlike any other state, we have our own power grid, we totally fund both Fts. Hood and Bliss, 3/4 of the nation’s natural gas and oil come to them courtesy of the pipelines that originate in the Lone Star state, now to mention what we are currently sitting on, and 1/3 of all the world’s oil is pumped on rigs and are drilled right in our Gulf of Mexico! So, some people might be afraid they would lost their Federal monies owed them and that simply is not the case, it was the Federal govt who took out that money and the Federal govt has to give you that money. Suppose you moved to, anywhere outside of the US, you would still get your checks as they are a contract between you and the Federal govt. That is why Obama is threatening to take away the states monies that he gave them, we here in the Republic of Texas have never taken a cent except for what they own in Federal medicare and disability. And we have even been criticized by other Republican states for not taking, but we knew that anything from Obama is never really free. So he cannot scare us, the Republic of Texans that he will stop the money, for we take no money.Although he may force us to take them, but he cannot force us to feed, educate, house, etc. Not when we have vets out on the streets, the public housing’s waiting list is 4-5+yrs, and we do not want them. They are FAKEUGEES for where are their women and children? Only men of the ages between 16-35, that seems to me Obama wants his own army. Well we have 21 veterans of which 14 million could walk into battle tomorrow. LET THAT SINK IN. Then we have our armed citizenry and our militias, TX Coastguard, TX Navy, TX Guard, who answers only to the Governor, TX Rangers, the police are on our side and even the motorcycle club, the Bandidos want in on the Action. As you may or may not know, they were formed right after WWII, They have offered to be either a convoy or anything that they can do, they will. Then we have the armed veterans in the River City Tea Party Patriots and the elusive but deadly Yellow Rose of Texas. We do not have to petition to secede, as our own Declaration of Independence says in Article 1: Section 2: All political power is in the hands of the people, who have an inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their government in any manner that may seem expedient.” I think that about says it all. The US cannot do without us, we can do without the US. And we have, with last summer’s “invasion of the salients” do you think FEMA gave us a dime in taking in all of those illegals? Not on your life. Our Republic took the costs. And just yesterday, a terrorist jihadist was found in a trunk of a BMW trying to get in illegally into this country…wouldn’t you think that is a bit strange, not wanting anyone to know he was in our country?And, Obama claims he is a Christian? Why then, does he knell down and pray in Mosques to the god of Allah, when the 1st Commandment says thou shalt have no other God before me? He is as Muslim as he can be. So, with OperationTexasSecede having the signatures to put it to a vote in 2016, we do not want to be in this “Cursed Alliance” anymore. And we should all give Kansas a bit shout out, for they made it law that you can now have a concealed carry. What Jefferson and the founders said that would topple every king off of his throne in Europe is why they do not have guns. Well, the things they say to throw off a dictator is nothing we have already tried: 1) throwing the bum out…2)Overturning the law–Obamacare and 3) sue in Federal Court, Obama thumbed his nose at Hanen’s injunction when he ordered Obama to stop, well the Supreme Court will hear that argument, but none of this is what the founders said would topple a dictator: 1. Who do citizens have the most affinity to? Their own respective states. And with an armed militia who have affinity to the citizens of said state, with an armed citizenry, no despot would invade, for our forces would be overwhelmingly in our favor. Why do you think that Obama wants our guns so that he has made it a priority to take our guns out of our dead clinched hands our guns. Then, with mass resistance and nullification (do not do anything that is against the Constitution) we are more powerful than any king on any throne in Europe, and this is the only thing that a dictator. Oh, do not buy from Muslim owned or operated gas stations, as they always buy those up for the turnover in beer, gas, wine, cigarettes and lottery cards is what make them the most money, that they in turn give to their local training grounds—their Mosques, drive a little further to a Shell or a Valeros, where we can be quite sure all they want is our repeat business and not our lives.

          • The Establishment Clause is a limitation placed upon the United States Congress preventing it from passing legislation respecting an establishment of religion. The second half of the Establishment Clause inherently prohibits the government from preferring any one religion over another.


          • Who cares about your bible? We are discussing laws of the United States. Religion has no place in OUR Government.

          • Then you need to READ AND STUDY what the Constitution REALLY SAYS….Not what you WANT IT TO SAY….
            I have Studied the Constitution…and the Founders Documents that further explain what their thinking and reasoning was….FOR 50 PLUS YEARS……

          • Why don’t you get your brief ready and run to the Supreme Court of the United States wherein you will absolutely lose! NO RELIGION IN OUR GOVERNMENT.

          • A TYPICAL RESPONSE….From a LIBERAL ATHEIST who have NEVER Read or Studied the Constitution and the Founders Documents….But Believes that he is an EXPERT WHO KNOWS EVERYTHING….

          • You need to READ and STUDY what the Constitution REALLY SAYS….Not what you want it to say…..

            I have Studied the Constitution and the Founders many Documents and Writings that give the understanding as to what they were really thinking….FOR OVER 50 YEARS….

            FYI…NOWHERE in the Constitution there as Separation of Church and State….What is really said…IS THAT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CANNOT ESTABLISH A MANDATED RELIGION as they had with the Church of England….This SO CALLED Separation of Church and State….OF WHICH IS NOT IN THE CONSTITUTION….came from very narrow Supreme Court Case Ruling in 1947….The case of Everson versus Board of Education….Of which the Supreme Court Ruled against…not for the Separation of Church and State…Those words were invented by an ACLU attorney named Leo Pfeffer in 1947 in the Supreme Court Case….

            No official government document by the founding fathers refers to separation of church and state…


          • I’m pretty sure the other religions feel the same way. That’s why I don’t believe in any religion. They are all made up stories.


          • LOL. You think your religion is any better than the rest? I say NO.

          • Since you are a LIBERAL ATHEIST…..You have the right to believe whatever you want to believe….But they day that you die…YOU like EVERYONE else WILL FACE YOUR JUDGEMENT DAY….

          • I am much more worried about the here and now then the hereafter. The here and now is 100%. The hereafter? Not so much.

          • TYPICAL RESPONSE from a LIBERAL ATHEIST…who has NEVER READ or STUDIED the Constitution…..But like all Liberals….THINKS HE KNOWS EVERYTHING…

          • That all you’ve got??? LOL

          • Yea, people in Iran said that after the fall of the shah of Iran……………….

          • The state coerces folks to send their children to “public” indoctrination schools by forcing them to pay huge school taxes via their property tax bill. So you think a fair solution is to pay twice and send the children to private schools? That is called Marxist “Freedom of choice”…

          • Gregory J Gontarek

            Oh so you don’t want freedom of choice? You want to be told what to do? I don’t have children and have to pay school taxes thru MY property taxes – but you don’t hear me complaining about that. Public school is just that. It is for ALL the public and not just a few. If you want religion in school – go to a private school – PERIOD!

          • If the evil Marxists eliminated the religion of evilution and global warming/cooling/whatev from schools you might have a point but they don’t so you don’t. If they teach evilution then they should teach creation and let the supple minds of youth decide. At this point, public education is nothing more than Marxist brainwashing and dumbing down our children…

          • Gregory J Gontarek

            I understand where you are coming from . Let me ask you this — should science be taught in church?

          • Gregory, science is taught in church every day! The science of absolute Laws as established by the Almighty GOD and Creator of all.

            But I think you are inferring that evolution and GW/C is science kind of like the way blood-letting was science and the best cure to balance the humors just a short time ago…

            Another tell of the farce known as GW/C is when all the supporters want to silence and jail the “deniers”. Yup, thats science alright and probably won’t meet the threshhold to be taught in Christian churches…

          • HAHAHAHAHA

          • They don’t seem to get this: The Establishment Clause prohibits the government from interfering with individual religious beliefs. The government cannotenact laws aiding any religion or establishing an official state religion. The courts have interpreted the Establishment Clause toaccomplish the separation of church and state on both the national and state levels of government.The authors of the FirstAmendment drafted the Establishment Clause to address the problem of government sponsorship and support of religiousactivity.

          • No religion belongs in our school system. No exceptions for christians.

          • I would prefer no religion and no exceptions but this is what is taking its place.

            This is far worse.


          • God should not be in our school. Any god.

          • And out with the bath water is morals?

          • What morals? Bigotry?

          • You don’t need religion to have morals moron

          • Perhaps not, but liberals are an excellent argument against what you just said.

          • Soooooo true

          • so let me ask you jerry would you just not do anything and let the parents play stupid. And do nothing in regard to how your children are being taught.

          • Elaine,
            In a word, YES! When sex is taught as a non-moral topic, it is just as bad as no instruction at all.


          • Elaine,
            Sometimes bad info is worse than no info. Kids are encouraged to dabble in sex as they take these classes. That leads to unwanted babies that do not need to be killed.


          • Elaine,
            I get disgusted with dirty mined people posting in the internet. I sometimes jump on them but in a diplomatic way.

            I am on Facebook but some liberal got me cut off from posting on artivlties so I can’t do that but I am involved with my kids and grand kids on Faceboook. In a way I don’t care for it as it sometimes leads to personal stuff that I do not like other reading.

          • yes Jerry I hear you and I feel the same way.

          • Not how to have sex! The ramifications of having sex and how to prevent it and not need an abortion to begin with! This.is life.long training as.it is a part of health education. Much better than abortion so why oppose the cure that you seek?

          • Gee really Tracy. It seems we have much less unwanted Pregnancies before we
            started education little ones how to have sex. This education has nothing to do with
            teaching kids how to prevent pregnancies it has to do with teaching kids how to have
            free sex and damn the consequences.

          • My son had health and drug and alcohol education in public middle school in florida. It was very effective. He hates smoking, thinks drugs are stupid. He is very aware of STDs and afriad.of them. Hes.had the same girlfriend 5 years who is on very effective birth control. He graduated from school of.enginnering and has a job where they drug test. Girlfriend.graduates with B.A. next month. She also had health education in school. I couldnt be.more pleased and wouldnt change a thing.

          • So Tracy you not only know everything there is to know about your son but also know
            the medical situation for your sons GIRLFRIEND. What a man you are just so great.
            Well Tracy I am so very very glad that you are happy with the State surplanting your
            job as a PARENT, but from the sounds of it you happy that the State stepped in and
            took over your job of being a PARENT. I really very sad for you.

          • First off, I am not a man. Second off, you don’t know squat. No point in talking with you because you put down everything. My son is happy and healthy and got a great education and learned things that I didn’t even know. So sorry you don’t like living in 2015. Go back to 1940 and be happy.

          • So it seems you are indeed happy with the State and Federal Government raising your
            children. I am just so happy for you. See I have five children and they to are happy and
            were raised by me and my wife with not help from the State or Federal Government in the
            way they should or should not have sex. They are all quite happy and have toddlers
            of there own and raising them the way they were raised. But I am glad that you were
            happy with the way the REICH raised your children for you.

          • Nobody raised my child. He was educated in public schools. Don’t like it? Move to some 3rd world country.

          • Gee Tracy I guess the TRUTH hurts doesn’t it? Seems like the CORE VALUES of your
            Child was given to them by the STATE and FEDERAL Government even by your own


          • Really, it seems by your own words the school system is what ingrained in your son
            what he is supposed to think and do. I for one did not have Sexual Indoctrination while
            I was in School. I had parents that taught me what was right and was wrong. I also
            by the way was a Virgin the day that I was married at 21 years of age. I also was
            taught by my folks on how to respect women and to respect my elders and to respect
            and Obey the laws of the land. It seems that students today need the state to teach them
            what is right and wrong and yet many many of them are turning to the wrong. I wonder
            why that is?

          • He had a public school education including a class on health which includes all aspects of health including very, very valuable education on the ramifications of unprotected sex. Live with it! I don’t want to talk to you anymore.

          • Whats the matter Tracy is the truth hurting that your children were raised by the State
            in the way they should think and act? Sad, very SAD.

          • Yes because teaching them about sexually transmitted diseases is what RMCSHIT considers his CORE VALUES

          • So little Jimmy if teaching our kids what STDs are and how you get them why are
            we as a COUNTRY seeing an explosion in STD cases? Evidently when we didn’t teach
            Sexual Education and tell the kids it is okay to have sex as long as you are protected
            with the FREE CONDOMS and BIRTH CONTROL that the Front Office and the
            School Nurse will give you we didn’t have nearly the number of STDs. I just wonder
            where that correlation is LITTLE JIMMY?

          • Its you and your like having sex with farm animals that spreading these diseases. I’m not sure what degenerate schools your great grand kids are going to, but they certainly don’t hand out condoms and birth control in our schools

          • Well little one why don’t you go to the local middle school and talk with the School
            Health person. See if she give you a condom if you ask for it. Maybe you should also
            ask why Four Year Olds are being taught to question whether they are little girls or
            little boys also at the same time. You probably would know a farm animal from a dog
            Oh Im sorry dogs are also farm animals.

          • RMCSHIT the state doesn’t take your place as a parent, it supplements the work you do at home.

          • Really, another brainwashed liberal wanting to pass along his own empty mindless
            thoughts. I for one did not teach my children nor do I try and teach my grand children
            that Islam is a RELIGION of LOVE and better than my Christian Religion, Second I did
            not teach my Children nor do I teach my grand children that Sex is okay as long as
            it feels good. Third I did not teach not do I teach my grand kids sex is okay and if something happens there is not worry just have an abortion. Many many things I did not
            nor do I now teach my grand kids the bull crap that the state tries to teach them. The
            State does not even come close to teaching anything of this nature that I believe in
            or would ever believe in. If you have opened your mind up to the BRAINWASHING
            then I am sincerely sorry for you.

          • RMCSHIT, I’m sure they didn’t teach those things in the little log cabin school you went to, but maybe that’s because you left in the 3rd grade. My children aren’t taught any of those things either. But I certainly DO hope they are taught about STD’s and pregnancy, and types of birth control devices ans methods. The statistics show that teaching and hoping for abstinence isn’t the answer either. I would much rather my sons be taught about AIDS, and birth control, rather than swear that they’ll practice abstinence and end up pregnant like the republican poster child Bristol Palin

          • Sure Little Jimmy, you would be the one to want your son taught by someone else that
            it is okay to pass along stds, You do know there are other diseases other than AIDs
            right? Then again maybe you don’t. At least in my Log Cabin School I was taught to
            respect not only Women and Girls but also myself and evidently you nor your kids havent
            been taught this by the types of teachers that you have turned your kids over to.

          • RMCSHIT you have NO IDEA what types of teachers my kids have. And if you could read, you’d see my earlier posts said “I teach them and I would hope the school reinforces it”

          • Oh I am truly sorry for you children that they have had to listen to the drivel from you
            and then get it reinforced by the Teachers Union of America.

        • Blame men! Women dont get themselves pregnant!

          • Tracy,
            Women are responsible for their share of pregnancies but so are men, especially when they use force. I don’t exclude them at all. Worse yet, they do not take responsibility of raising the child.

        • I’m guessing that it’s been some time since you got laid?

        • I’m guessing that it’s been some time since you got laid?

          • Bob666,
            666? Bad numbers, pal. Let’s see now, I am the father of six kids. I guess that does not count. Do I want anymore? Hardly. As for my sex life, it is none of your business. Or so much for your sarcasm.

          • You need to get laid, it would improve your outlook and disposition on life.

          • Bob666,
            The 666 tells me all I want to know about you.

          • Yes, you’re not the first simple minded little troll to make such an ignorant comment.

          • Biob666,
            Evidently you do not know what 666 stands for. Ask someone.

          • I know what the ignorant believe those three 6’s stand for and for those who live in fear-it has a meaning.

            For those of us who deal with large numbers for a living-666 has various mathematical values.

          • Bob666,
            I suspect I am as educated as you are and very likely more well read since I suspect I am older than you are. I certainly do not live in any fear. Quite the opposite.

          • 75 years old, Two masters degrees and two undergrad degrees and I teach at one of the top fifty- business schools as an adjunct professor.


          • bob666,
            You have me beat. Bachelors in history, 1975. Lack only student teaching for a bachelors in Secondary Education. I am 78. I am a member of the State of Idaho Historical Society and have been involved with the Oregon Trail Society of some 15 years.
            For someone your age I am disappointed in your attitude.

          • For someone my age?
            You really need to get laid……………………

          • Bob666,
            Like I said, your attitude sucks. I think you missed something your parents tried to teach you about 70 years ago.

          • Bob666,
            I am sorry. I have been dealing with a family medical crisis over the last few days. So I am not quite my usual humorous self. I reasoned that as a history major I have learned more about sexual behavior over thousands of years and around the world than a business major. I guess that makes me a good candidate for getting laid. Unfortunately that is no longer possible after having lower spine surgery. However, I will concede that a business major with four degrees likely knows more about screwing people over than anyone else.

          • Well Jerry,
            While I do have an MBA and a degree in finance, my actual business is civil engineering and I did not start and run one of the top 100 firms in the United States by screwing people.

            Sorry about your medical crisis and spinal issue-but yes, a sense of humor has been lacking.

          • Bob666,
            I am glad to see a better response. As you can probabl6y guess, a history degree and a buck back in 1975 would get you a cup of coffee. To make ends meet and pay for school I went to work for a civil engineering firm. I began in drafting and then into surveying and finally became a designer. I designed highways, railroads and airports. I began at $1.25/hr. When I retired in 2003, I was making $70,000/yr as a engineering design specialist, as I do not have a degree in civil engineering. But I did everything on a design but stamp the drawings. I had a crew of drafting people and surveyors.
            I worked for Morrison/Knudsen Company in Boise. It was a word wide company. Both Morrison and Knudsen have passed away so the company is now owned by one of our old competitors.
            I worked on history projects all through my life and now do it full time. I began with the Oregon Trail Society in 2000 as my first real historical project. I have spent the last 13 years working on mining history in Idaho. My dad was a hard rock miner so I learned how to do mining work and I also learned a lot about geology. As my science electives in college, where I spent some seven years, I took geology and chemistry. I also took courses in archaeology and anthropology. I continue to follow archaeology on a regular basis and have applied some of my archaeological knowledge of finding and dating artifacts that I have done it in my history work.
            I am also a writer, writing for a newspaper and magazines and I am working on books on the early mining history of southern Idaho. I am also a well established photographer and have had many photos published, usually with a historical article. I have also had my photos exhibited in shows all across the US and overseas. I am currently a volunteer at the Idaho state mining and geology museum. They have mostly geologists and rock hounds working there and had no one with actual mining knowledge or historical capability.
            I also work with state legislators year round as well. Other than that, I have little to do in retirement.

          • another insult.. you are just an ass.

          • And see mahb, that’s the difference between you and myself.

            I express a clear and specif fact and because it goes against everything you believe it-you call it an insult.

            If I had called you a lair and offered no proof as to what you had lied about-that would be an insult and that proves you to be the hypocrite here as well as a self adsorbed narcissist.


          • Now your guess is a Fact???

            Bob, you are an asshole. That is yet another clear difference between the two of us.

            You got nothing to add to any of these conversations except insults, and now you pretend that your bets have factual basis. Even when it is something you know nothing about…

          • Let’s see yet another pathetic cry for help mahb,

            “Now your guess is a Fact???”

            No, I have presented facts-not guess or opinions-that is what you do.

            “Bob, you are an asshole. That is yet another clear difference between the two of us”.

            Well mahb-An Asshole I might be, but an insolent, narcissistic and judgmental Asshole is what you are and yes-there is a difference.

            “You got nothing to add to any of these conversations except insults, and now you pretend that your bets have factual basis”.

            Do you mean like calling people liars with out backing it up with proof? since that’s what you do mahb.

            “Even when it is something you know nothing about”…

            Yet another circle jerk? Jerk? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c61410c49f3b187cc449bbeaa26e4f8a48f468a19326d688d3383901a37ffd04.png

          • In order for me to be a troll, I must be posting sarcastic and or cynical remarks on an innocent bystanders…

            Urban dictionary

            Being a prick on the internet because you can. Typically
            unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent
            by-stander, because it’s the internet and, hey, you can.

            So prick, stfu…

          • I would say the following definition fits you well mahb:

            Urban dictionary

            Being a prick on the internet because you can. Typically
            unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent
            by-stander, because it’s the internet and, hey, you can.

            I would tell you to STFU, but I’m not opposed to the First Amendment like you are-loser.

          • I know you are, but what am I?
            STFU childish troll.

          • Thefollowing definition fits you to a Tee mahb:

            Urban dictionary

            Being a prick on the internet because you can. Typically
            unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent
            by-stander, because it’s the internet and, hey, you can.

            I would tell you to STFU, but unlike you, I’m not opposed to the First Amendment -loser troll.


        • Ask sarah palin what the answer is

        • what is so hard about having protection? I am asking you guys since most of you are here. would you have sex with out protection, wait I don’t mean if you are married, oh darn it that is not what I meant. ok let me say this if you are married and do not want any more kids would you use protection? and if you aren’t married. would you protect your self? ok let me know when you figured out what I just said.

          • Elaine,
            How are you? I have not see a post from you in awhile.
            Sex, especially with someone you do not know or know anything about, It asking for a whole lot more trouble than an unwanted child. We might have to deal with unwanted diseases. The whole purpose of sex is proliferation of the species. Therefore when we engage in sex without considering the consequences we ask for trouble. Abortion is not the intended cure for the trouble. STD is not the intended purpose of sex, either.


          • Elaine,
            I do not remember us arguing. I prefer to think we were discussing issues. I can live with proper teaching about sex IF the teacher adds in some sensible morality to go with it and specifically warns against the high cost to anyone who gets hit by STD. There are also dangers emotionally when getting involved with sex and then worrying about the possible outcome. Unfortunately some teachers are way to liberal to do that properly or not at all. It has to be taught with the downside clearly spelled out. It really needs to be stressed that compassion is involved and without it, comes serious side affects such as other illness.

          • I agree completely.. they do not stress enough about things most of the teens are not aware of. such as disease. I don’t think I remember any time when that was not discussed. we all new how to behave and not get in to any trouble.

          • I am sorry I did not mean that you I and I argued, what i meant was we were on the same page, arguing with the rest of them. isn’t it crazy how nothing really has changed. I never lost my ideas of staying clean for a reason. And I still don’t regret it.

          • Trying to reason with a liberal is like trying to reason with a rock.

          • I agree, with that observation.

          • Elaine,
            What I notice about liberals whether on thse posts or just i the news, they tend to always bend what you say into something you did not say. I watch that very closely and call them on it whenever it appears.

          • Jerry did you see who was back. his high n ass bob 666.asking me if I gave up my meds. I swear I am goin to go to bed where it is peace and quiet

          • Elaine,
            I had a few run-ins with bob666 but I persisted and finally got to the bottom of where he is coming from. Once I did, he responded far differently. The same is true with Reality. He is really a nice guy but he has it in for GOP folks who post comments best kept to themselves and who often side with articles that are not backed up with facts. So do I but I also see the liberal press for what it is and he does not. However, we do agree at times and he understands that I am not some ignorant slob who is not aware of inaccurate data in the media by both sides.

          • why do you suppose he likes you? because you are smarter than him and he finally realized that. that is good but I am a definitely a lady , and I get very upset when someone like him has no answer for what the discussion is about. so he decides to be a nasty person and tell lies about someone he knows nothing about.

          • Elaine,
            I understand. We just have to learn to deal with people of different thinking.

          • OH, I wish I had your patience. just a little would be nice. I used to but for some reason I lost it.

          • Elaine,
            I have a cartoon that shows two vultures sitting on a limb. One says, Patience? I think I’ll kill something. Patience is certainly involved in getting along with contentious people but it does not always work. Self determination is my focus.

          • Hi, I got it. I am here to ask for help for a very little girl that is dying of cancer.
            I have been doing a lot of this lately . I have prayer people that I just ask to give some prayers to whoever needs them. today I got the post and I just could not let her go. she is so sweet. they asked for likes and amen. but I could not let it stop there. you know how crazy I am when I feel I have to do something. all I need are some serious prayers for this child. ASAP.

          • Elaine,
            I am already speaking to God about the child. Having lost a son to leukemia, I know how these parents feel right now. It is devastating.

          • Jerry, I am so sorry had no idea. I am at a loss for words . I want to thank you so much for your prayers. I am trying to find out her name, I am sure God knows who she is. I feel bad for your wife also. That has to be a horrible thing to go thru.!!

        • Does you church teach immorality? Those people that are strongly against abortions should fell the same way of informing females and males to use methods to prevent conception. Common sense does not enter into the issue of abortions, birth control or abstaining from sex.

          • Steve,
            Not only does my denomination speak out on the issues you mention but the local media and governments do as well. While I am Baptist, I live in a state where Mormons are dominant in the southern part and they are very vocal on abortion opposition. But all too often kids just have to try something just because people are against something.

      • Not just liberals having abortions. Plenty of republicans too!

      • This is not a democrat vs. liberal issue. Sarah palins daughter is a religious republican, for example

      • Are liberals the only ones having sex? I seriously doubt that

      • Since when are liberals the only ones who have sex and birth control and abortions? How do you think you got here?

        • Now you are getting closer to the point I was making… Liberals fight to relax morals and have been winning that fight. Our Nations morals have fallen, and not to our betterment,

          You bring up obvious points for why abortions should not be taken so lightly. Married couples aborting because of convenience.

          In fact, 99.99% of all couples abort for convenience… How can that be right?

          • I do not believe in abortion as birth control. However we do have a massive overpopulation issue, terrible poverty and trashcan babies. We certainly don’t want anyone to get any kind of public assistance, especially 10 year old rape victims, so abortion is the lesser evil in many instances – whether we like it or not.

          • You do realize that 99.99% of all abortions are simply a form of birth control.. Very few abortions are actually performed to save a woman’s life, or even to correct a rape.

            Do you even know how many 10 year old children have had a abortion?

            Compare that to the nearly 700,000 per year and then ask yourself why did the others have an abortion?

      • You are right. The conservatives only want to protect their sex with farm animals

      • hey my favorite person, how are you. I can not believe the stupidity around here today. maybe they are suffering from turkey brain. I am sure you are right. in fact I know that. every thing is sex. maybe they need to get another hobby..LOL

      • Yes Liberals want free sex, conservatives just take a “wide stance” in the stalls of airport mens rooms

        • Hey cupcake, only bigots apply the actions of one to an entire group of people.

          Guess your a bigot as well eh… Demoralized, Cupcake, Bigot, liberal, liar, keep you head buried up your arse, it is safe there.

          • I notice you didn’t dispute your love of strange men in bathrooms

            And I could never be “demoralized” by a moron who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re. You lack of education and resultant stupidity leads everyone to dismiss your drivel

          • whatever… watch the video again, you still don’t get it. The utopia you fight for will never exist, you will be squashed like a cockroach by those you serve.


    • I know you’re not smart enough to understand this, but the law in this country is that a woman has a constitutional right to have an abortion. Luckily we are a land of laws and a nation with a wonderful constitution. I’m not sure why you would like religious law over our constitution, but you have a lot in common with ISIS. Since you hate this great country so much, why don’t you go live with them

      • now who is talking stupid. what makes you think I hate this country, because I can not stand the thought of killing an innocent human because there only crime was being created by a mom that did not want it but wanted sex.so It had to pay with its life. I wonder if you have been involved with a women and got her pregnant and maybe did not care. Oh and then you continued to tell me I am like iSIS that was the most ignorant thing a dummy like you could have said because now I am really mad. and I don’t care what I say to you. you are a flaming idiot you have no knowledge as to who I am but you made a judgement that was not a good call. And if me and the people that have been working on this finish the job we want to do then the law will change. And I hope you know I have god on my side. now why don’t you go take a nap and hope you wake up with a better attitude towards a babies life.

    • OH, MY GOD, I can not believe this crazy world today. I have been fighting this thing for so long. I can not believe the sheer stupidity of some people. I think they better show the women and men what they can do to protect themselves. I think they need to put the law a little stronger , for those that are doin it . I can’t believe they can’t see that is murder. and for the rapist out there we need a real change in our laws. one that makes them think hard and long if they want to do that again. If It was punishable by death at one tome to abduct a child. why would it not be for killing a baby. and that should deter a few people. maybe iam being to harsh but if they are so stupid the deserve the price they have to pay. I ma so sick of all these babies being killed , and we have people going to Europe and other places to adopt.

    • When did idiots like you confuse constitutionally protected rights with murder. You clowns claim to be constitutionalist, yet you don’t understand constitutional jurisprudence

      • You absolutely have no idea of what you speak, as revealed in your name calling. You lose!

        • I have an LLM in constitutional law. I lose every time I need to talk with people like you

          • Papers. So not impressed.

            Perhaps if you had a lucid point, you wouldn’t lose so many conversations.

          • I made my point a while ago. Its that you know nothing about the constitution and constitutional jurisprudence. And all you’ve said so far is that you are too stupid to understand what that means

          • Once again…Lose! Why are you trying to impress me?

            You did not make a point, just an observation that you feel is ‘settled science’, to quote a citizen scientist.

            Keep going with the insults, great example of your superiority!

    • Doesn’t Jesus say, in Jeremiah, I believe, that “I knew you before you were in the womb?” I am so happy, today the Congress in Austin, The Republic of Texas carted in a 24ft Christmas tree as if that should leave any doubt that here, we say Merry Christmas not happy holidays. We defunded PPH after the 2nd video. If a woman wants an abortion, she has to do it on her own dime or through her own insurance…but..BY TEXAS LAW she HAS to watch a 90 minute sonogram of her baby in her womb. That smears the lies of PPH that it is only tissue. Then BY TEXAS LAW, she has to go home and think about it for 4 count them 4 whole days. By the research so far, 97% do not get that abortion. Plus we have cut the bureaucratic red tape for waiting periods for adoptions and have opened up care facilities for women who do not want to raise a kid, and that is OK> Some women were not meant to be moms. But our Republic has been so blessed, we do not want the National sins of abortion or gay marriage on our heads. So, OperationTexasSecede, go the necessary signatures to put it to a vote in 2016, and it passed the Republic House. We don’t have to secede, for unlike the other 49’ers, we have a DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE just as do the Americans. We just want our former status back, which if counted as a nation, our GNP would put us 14th in the world, right behind Canada and Russia! I just do not believe we have that much time to wait. In 1837, when we won our independence from Mexico, our first President, General Sam Houston said two things: 1)Texas has never learned submission and 2)Texas will again lift its head among the nations for it ought to do so, for no other country on the globe can compare to it in its natural advantages. Ain’t that the truth. From a very ashamed and embarrassed American and a fiercely proud, unreconstructed Southern Rebel from deep in the Heart of Texas…San Antonio, the Alamo City, or some call us the River City, whatever…

  3. Yawn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. It bull crap having travel further omg what terable thing that is oh if that’s the case maybe we need on on every corner quick lets get buildin we don’t want them to be so deprived Really maybe a morning after pill or hey a novel idea rubber the pill an iud to prevent it in the first place wouldn’t that be novel personal responceabilaty

  5. This argument confirms the crucial importance of infanticide as the central sacrament of the new progressive religion. In addition to being a form of human sacrifice that keeps the food stamps and marijuana and MSNBC and other pillars of the world in place, even as the Aztecs felt they had to tear out beating hearts each day so that the sun would continue to rise, babykilling confirms the centrality of man in the new man-centered religion; if the human cannot take life then she is not the supreme being.

  6. The only zebra that should be eaten by lions is in the wh~

  7. Planned Parenthood bumper sticker:
    just say
    KILL IT !

  8. The abortionists will and do say anything. May god for give them….Obama should be impeached….. Hillary for prison 2016 Obama her cell mate

  9. A natural born American

    Why are women even dealing with having to choose between life and death for their unborn children when there are more options for *FREE* reliable birth control available *FREE* to them than there has ever been in the history of the world?! From what I’ve read women can even get a supply of morning after type pills and keep them in their nightstand or purse. Some don’t even require a prescription! One article I read suggested they can be bought OTC just as easily as condoms.

    • And another viable solution :

      • A natural born American

        I’ve heard that our laws for adoption are very stringent making it nearly impossible for most average Joe Slob citizens to adopt. You pretty much have to guarantee you can afford to send each adopted child off to college, AND still fully support them while they attend, even if means they’ll be in their 30’s by the time they’re done! PLUS you have to have lived a rather exemplary life. Plus…

        Plus most people nowadays have the spoiled, self-serving attitude: “Just because I don’t want it, or I can’t keep it, doesn’t mean I want someone ELSE to have it. I’d rather see it dead first!” So that’s exactly what they do. Otherwise, planned parenthood’s baby eradicating services wouldn’t be so…’busy’.

  10. The ones who need to seek help to save their own lives after trying or succeeding abortion should be on the spot arrested for premeditated murder and spend their days in prison for it…no sympathy for the gals who cannot say “NO” to sex…getting pregnant is their own fault! After a while they will all die off…good riddance to bad

    • muskat antonopolis

      It would also be a big plus if men could think above their waist when they
      are in rut…..it always takes two to tango and unless it is rape (at any age),
      then both are guilty……a dad and his son were talking…dad says I have good news and bad news son…which do you want first…the boy says give me the good news first…ok dad says, you have a brain and a penis….the boy says,
      hey dad I knoooow that…and now, whats the bad news?…dad says you
      only have blood enough to use one at a time……..HELLO?

  11. When one intentionally kills another human life it is MURDER, no if’s or but’s about it. The foolish question of “when does a human life begin” is so unreasonable that you really have to question the intelligence and morals of any person asking that question. If you can rationalize that somehow it is right to kill an unborn child, then it becomes easy to rationalize that it is alright to kill a human being at any stage in the human life cycle. Life, whether it is human, or other species, begins at conception. There simply is no other reasonable conclusion. Perhaps, if you believe that the “women’s rights” or the “women’s choice” argument is a correct and reasonable conclusion, then the ultimate and reasonable extension of this argument might be that Women have the absolute right to kill any human being of any age, which could then be reasonably extended to everyone having the right to murder anyone. Isn’t it funny that we are still having this argument while, at the same time, arguing that the death penalty for murderers is wrong? Who are these fools that come up with these ideas? The unborn children didn’t do anything wrong to anyone to receive this punishment! Is there no reason in our people today?

  12. And so, based on their “position”, the state of Texas is “forcing” people to commit murder, because the state has a law “Against murder, robbery, assault”? Has the “Left” lost it complete mind, or have they just no understanding of the difference between right and wrong! This is the “murder” of innocent children, What part of that is Right???

  13. GOOOOO TEXAS .ABORTION is MURDER . Any way you slice it … END OF STORY

  14. Can we abort Obama now?

    • .
      According to the executive anus squatting in the white mosque it would not be murder. Instead it would be late term post natal abortion like he and moishill aka miss piggy advocated while they were killing babies in Chicago.

      • You left out AFRICAN born executive Muzlum anus squatting in the white mosque LOL!! Aloha snackbar!!

      • Talking out of your anus again Tea Party Pansy.

        • .boob 666 is a troll and these trolls are “sexual intellectuals”. That means “effing know-it-alls”.
          booob666 and I combined know everything there is to know. He knows everything except that he is a jackass, and I happen to know he is a jackass.

          • .anus party pansy is a troll and these trolls are “sexual intellectuals”. That means “knows nothing and shallow.
            .anus party pansy knows everything there is to know. He knows everything except that he is a jackass, and I happen to know he is a jackass.

  15. MURDER, INC. will say and do, anything to be able to reap federal dollars to continue their gruesome practice. Cecile Richards is proud of her profession of murdering helpless infants. What a pathetic POS!

  16. It’s all still about murder and that ‘s the truth.

  17. Where is the compassion for the unborn to be allowed to live? Can women who have abortions really expect God’s blessing on murdering their child?

  18. Perhaps if they learned to keep their legs closed or use “protection” and make the
    male member responsible for proving protection also they would not have this
    problem. Abortions, while disgusting, are not prohibited but the murder incorporated
    clinics are. Most of their “clinics” are not prepared for emergencies and at best are
    questionable in their capabilities other than the murder of an unborn child and
    possible the mother as well. Then they take and sell the remains of the baby
    that they just killed for profit. The Texas law was to insure that if they have an
    abortion they will have access to capable medical care if a problem arises. The
    clinic can either raise its standards and have qualified medical doctors available or
    insure that they have admitting privileges to a Hospital in case of an Emergency.
    The Murders at Planned Abortion have no arguments except that they are losing
    money because they were exposed as not only murders but as selling body parts
    to the highest bidder without the consent of the birth parents. They do not mention
    the fact that their founder was an avowed racist who promoted the murder of
    Black Babies as a method of population control either. The bulk of their trade
    come from Black Communities. So much for Black Lives Matter and their lies.

    • You nailed it!! I recall hearing about a condom of sorts for the female to insert before having sex. Don’t know if they still make them!
      Back in the day before all the new fangled morning after pill, birth control pills etal. There was an old fashioned remedy. Take your pick as to which one makes more sense. The remedy was either a aspirin or a coin placed between the girls/ women’s knee. If she keep it there without dropping it then she was protected, also known as your reference to “Perhaps if they learned to keep their legs closed” there would NOT be any need for an abortion!
      The ONLY way I can see to allow an abortion is for a rape victim or incest! Anymore abortions are used by both parties, male and female, to avoid a inconvenient embarrassment/ birth control! I find it hard to fathom that our society and I use that term extremely loosely has sunk this low! May God forgive us!

  19. Why is everyone using Abortion for birth control! There are many ways to stop the problem where it starts! Birth control pills! Morning after pills! Abstence! Condoms! Oh I don’t like the feel of them! Think of all the people who have AIDS! It is reason enough to wear condoms! One Movie Star has aids! He claims that he has slept with 5,000 women! What was the number when he contacted Aids? 1,000-2,000-3,000-4,000 How many woman have aids now from one man! Condoms are not perfect and don’t stop it but they help!

  20. In my mind there are very few reasons for an abortion: like rape, incest or a fetus has been determined “defective”. ALL these are the woman’s right of decision, AFTER council with GOD, religious leaders, doctor and family.
    The Federal, State, County governments have no business butting in on this.

  21. Texas law did not force women to abort their own babies. It simply stated that abortion clinics and doctors be located within a certain distance from a hospital. True liberal liar, over state something for the sensationalism.

  22. These women who are looking for abortions should look to using birth control and maybe they wouldn’t need an abortion. They need to think ahead and not act without responsibility of possible consequences of having sex.

  23. The only women affected by this law are those who either go to quacks or whose doctor’s facilities are further than 30 miles from a hospital. The number of clinics lost reflects the number of unqualified quacks performing abortions.

    • no it reflects the rural nature of states like texas dumbass

      • I notice that when you have something sensible to say, you say it, and when you don’t, you go into attack mode. You must be one of Obozo’s faithful demoncrats (and I deliberately spelled it that way.)

        I would bet that 20 or more of the 23 abortion clinics that closed did so because they used quacks in the populated areas of Texas who couldn’t get hospital privileges.

        I don’t believe that PP is required to use only doctors with current Texas state licenses which are required for hospital privileges. The other 0-3 abortionists were likely just regular doctors out in what used to be called the frontier who had hospital privileges and would perform an abortion but were too far from their hospital(s) for emergencies from optional procedures.

      • Yup… 30 miles ?? Big deal, I travel that far to see a movie.

      • Ever been to Texas?

        I LIVE HERE.

        It is NOT a “rural natured” state.

        We happen to have some of THE best healthcare facilities in the entire world.

    • seems planned parenthood have their own problem with quacks.

  24. “. . . abortion CARE . . . ?” Gimme a break! Abortion isn’t care — it’s MURDER.

  25. So if they can afford self abortion medications why can’t they afford “self-protection”…this is just irresponsible promiscuous behavior

  26. This is just too much! Immoral, brainwashing and must be stopped…

  27. As I have said many times on this issue, according to the Bible, abortion is murder.

  28. The one fact that these women pushing for abortion are truly missing is….Why would you let someone do any kind of procedure on you, if that person can’t get hospital access privilege’s in the first place. That should be their first red light that something is not right. Are they so intent on murdering what is inside them that would risk their own lives?

  29. A load of c**p. Women have been doing this for millennia. It happens all over the World daily. It’s a choice …. if you don’t want a baby or to get pregnant, with the exception of rape, don’t have intercourse or instead use many forms of cheap contraception. Don’t blame this on Conservatives and/or hard working Patriotic American tax payers. The choice is yours. Quit pointing the index finger at those that are innocent. Planned Parenthood is a socialistic organization, originally founded by a radical eugenicist with a desire to murder as many Africa American babies as possible. Abortion is MURDER OF INNOCENTS THAT CAN’T SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES, plain and simple.

    • muskat antonopolis

      isay this to you and yours because of your testimony and I think that you will understand and retell this comparison of USA ancient history and todays
      argument by so many over abortion…..
      1. the Native American, made in the image of God just as all people are,
      had land that the Europeans coveted….the outright, unprovoked murder
      of people was not accepted by the then Christian church and some others
      so how to acquire the land…..the answer..make of the NA*s non-persons.
      If it could be possible to change the thought that NA*s were evil, murderous
      beings and not Real people, it then would be easy to kill the NA*s and TAKE
      their land……2. Once the land was acquired, people were needed to work
      the land. indentured servants were used but being white could only be used
      in a limited way…however, black people could be made into slaves, paid
      nothing and used until they died..but many did not think that was right..so
      the black person was turned into a non-person..he/she was denied an
      education, normal considerations for any human being, and bought and sold
      as chattel…they were used as one might use an animal in many instances..
      …..3, Babies can be very difficult to carry, birth, love and care for and raise.
      So for convienience sake, the baby was changed into a “product of
      conception”, a “fetus”, “just a blob of tissue” even a disease I heard…
      so easy to abort something like a blob of tissue….a, non-person, just a
      blob……4. Do you see the common thread through all of this…..? I am
      sure that you do….PROFIT……scripture says….”the love of money is
      the root of all evil”…..not that money is evil but the love thereof……because?
      it puts that which is temporal as more important than that which has
      eternal importance….my thoughts…thank you for taking the responsibility
      to raise and love that child…..

  30. A lot of stupid people, mostly whites-American and European-somehow consider deliberately killing totally innocent, defenseless, helpless human life, “health care”. Further proof that there’s NO BOUNDS for sin and trying to rationalize it. THIS is ONE of the reasons why Western Civilization is slipping away. God no longer protects us as much as He used to, and who can blame Him?? When MURDER is called “health care, the rest of His Commandments are trashed, because someone has to BE ALIVE, to receive-and give, love. If human life doesn’t matter, then nothing else does.


  32. I really don’t care about abortion one way or the other but I think there is a easy fix. Why do women get abortions, I assume for most of them they don’t want the kids. All of you that are against abortion step up, tell these women that you will take their babies and raise them as your own. Problem solved.

  33. DON’T BUY IT FOR A MOMENT. This was the same argument the pro lifers used in the ’70’s to get the Supreme Court to allow abortions in the first place. There is absolutely no science, no numbers based on this ridiculous notions and plus, those states who have made such regulations, such as my own, have opened up dozens of centers to give options, care and treatment for pregnant Moms. This is the same old song and dance, just a different generation. Don’t go for it.

  34. The left wing never stops, we conservatives hate women and we are wanting to kill their babies, stupid.

  35. Simple solution hunny… Keep your damned panties on and then you won’t have to KILL it!!

  36. This Texas law is an abomination and should be struck down by the SCOTUS.

  37. Why don’t docs just sew promiscuous women’s legs together so they can’t get pregnant? Sounds ridiculous, but if these women, who most.have had MORE THAN ONE ABORTION, aren’t capable of making good decisions about their bodies and lives, then perhaps it is time the “morality savers” do something.
    Abortion has become an easy out for many women who like to do the dance but don’t want to pay the fiddler. How different this world would be if those same promiscuous females were forced to keep those first babies they carelessly threw away! I guarantee they wouldn’t be out there trying to make more kids.

    So abortion is the disease, we need to fix it begore it happens. In the case of incestial rape or the pregnancy endangering the mother’s life, there should be a ruling made because of the physical and emotional danger to the mother. But those women who just want to play around with no protection, TOO BAD FOR THEM. They were irresponsible and need to pay the price. Bear the child, either keep it or give it up for adoption, either way they will be more responsible with their lives.

    Did you know that even at these supposed “clinics” that abortion procedures go wrong and end up sterilyzing young women? Yes, I’m aware of two instances of friends of a friend who had that happen. Both tried to get pregnsnt latter on and can’t…scar tissue. It’s sometimes a permanent thing.

    So if someone can come up with an answer to stop irresponsible women from getting pregnant in the first place, then the issue of abortion would be minimized or go away altogether. We have a youth that thinks it can do anything it wants and that parents/govt will clean up their mess. Perhaps it’s time to teach our youth that promiscuity comes at a price…a baby’s heart is a huge responsibiluty!

  38. With acknowledged exceptions for rape and incest, this bit of whine is and shall stay only ridiculous. Spreading for recreation can feel really good – but when it results in an inconvenience because $10 a-month tablets or condoms are foregone well……………………it is another of those things for which the public should refuse to finance.

  39. The morality of liberals, especially regarding abortion, is completely profligate! They have sunk so low that it is questionable if they can go lower! Almighty God will deal with them according to His values, not what they think is good! He is not swayed by the perverted thoughts of liberals! I don’t rejoice that the liberals will be judged and condemned, but I pray that they will change and live according to God’s values.

    • I know I come from a different era, but I was taught that virginity was a virtue, and taught same to my girls. This was taught to both boys and girls should be with virtue, Today sex is promoted as a past time, still there is little to no reason for an abortion. There are those who cannot have children, they would love to adopt AMERICAN children and pay the cost of prenatal, birth and post natal care. As stated in earlier post, birth control is not all that expensive and the4re is the after pill. Abortions due to early found birth defects, are normally preformed in a hospital and safe. There are known cases, kept quite, of fatalities in these clinics.

  40. Totally lies of the left wing lowlife’s as usual, it just wants doctors closer to patients these ghouls do abortions on. The left wing do nothing but lie.

  41. To place a little perspective …
    The Middle Passage brought slaves to America….and resulted in 2 million deaths in the 350 yrs of the’Triangle” Slave Trade…, …let’s be generous and say 3 million just to be sure….In the 42 yrs since Roe V Wade, African Americans alone have killed 4 times (plus) that many African American babies in these clinics.
    I hate math, but that these figures need no ciphering.
    The Black Community is killing themselves off, having more babies aborted than are born alive to them.
    See….. what Mrs Sanger wanted to do is being done, and by their own hand and they demand more of it.
    This is insanity.

  42. I for one am damn tired of my tax moneys used in this way as birth control for some sorry piece of trash.Obortion used as birth control is not womens health care.Sorry liberal pigs can never make me believe it is healthcare but just killing babies for profit.Murder plain and simple and we need to call obortion for just what it is. And calling me all the names you can come up with cannot change the facts or how i believe.

  43. Ronald E. Blackburn

    Well it is MUCH easier to prevent pregnancy than killing a child, all I hear is it is a woman’s right , and it is said for the child has no right. I have had know a few girls that had abortions, and sunk so far in depression, they had go to a mental hospital because after they killed their baby, and one even Killed her self, because the guilt was more for her to handle. Just prevent the pregnancy , why would you not protect yourself from STDs ! If you don’t want a child, PROTECT YOURSELF !

  44. John, it is made that way, it was made especially to break up the family. They cannot get welfare if the husband, father, boyfriend is in the home. But I have found, in the Hispanic community, where the men work hard, they come back home–through the back door in public housing–with their 14-16$ an hour paycheck, and that is how they are able to afford the Cadillac’s they drive, etc. It has become a cottage industry. I also do not believe in food stamps. I made over $1200/month, in widow’s “benefit” they are NOT BENEFITS and they took that money right out of my late husband’s paycheck, as a single male with a high end job, we used to cry at the amount of money they took out, even when we got married it wasn’t that much better and we even claimed my 3 yr old daughter. So, they are telling me I qualify for $16 of food stamps. I am not a hypocrite. I do not take someone else’s pay for my own. We have been living under Socialism for so long, for that is what it is taking from the working people and giving to the poor. simple. socialism. In our founder’s time, and even beyond, they had the poor farms that it was so shameful to be in one, they got out as soon as they found a job or got back on their feet. It was nonsensical to them. And also, the populations have always been thinned out by either war or disease, and the people are living longer and they do not understand that all resources are not infinite. And for Mark, we here in the Republic of Texas, defunded all Planned Parenthood’s and even before we put such tight restrictions on them that they had to close. Since the videos surfaced, we no longer have any taxpayer funded abortions, and even if a woman wants to get one through her own insurance, she must first watch a 90 minutes sonogram of her baby in her womb and then go home and think about it for 4 whole days. Our studies have shown that fully 94% of these women do not decide to get an abortion, instead, we have funded care agencies who help women decide if they want to keep their child or adopt it and we have made adoption a far less arduous, red tapped bureaucratic way to proceed to adoption and we give them all the women’s care, not just abortions. And PPH only had 1, count them 1 mammogram machine in the US! Now they are putting out the same old song and dance, just a different generation as they did in the ’70’s that women are aborting their own babies and these “back alley abortions,” which never had the science to back them up and if there were “back ally doctors” they just moved into nice offices and continued to steal souls and I for one would not want to be in their shoes when they are kneeling before God and trying to explain taking what was not theirs to take. P. Kathy Kleiman

  45. Liberals make up numbers and present that lie as fact. People need to question every single number a Dem spouts, because they are congenital liars. Do they have wire-taps on every woman, checking their credit card charges, sifting through their trash and sewer? It is absolutely ridiculous. The same people who are so worried about women have nothing to say about the treatment of women by Muslim men. They hate people who don’t want babies tortured in the womb, and love men who beat, rape, stone, “honor kill” women and little girls. Libs love Che, Stalin, Castro, and hate Reps, babies.

  46. Since when is it necessary to abort? Only in cases of rape, incest and mother’s life in danger and that is done in any hospital! Forcing women to have sex? Then outlaw their having sex without protection. Women can get their tubes tied and prevent impregnation. Poverty? Get real. Abortion is NOT healthcare but a stupid sexual act without prevention or thinking. By the way, they just have to go over the border in Mexico and get inexpensive abortions and that I know from having lived in Mexico for years! Stupid reasoning by stupid people!

  47. How much are souls going for nowadays? I remember when they first argued for abortion, same old song and dance, just a different generation. Oh God, we have to get rid of these back alley illegal abortionists..so they did…straight into nice clinics. Oh God, we have to stop these illegal abortionists…so they did..put them in fancy offices. Oh God, we have to give the woman a choice…BULLSHIT YOUR CHOICE WAS TO GET IN BED WITHOUT USING PROTECTION, NOW U PUT UP WITH IT FOR 9 MONTHS AND THEN GIVE IT UP TO PEOPLE WHO WOULD LOVE A CHILD BUT CAN’T HAVE ONE. That person, which the medical/scientific/genetic communities all agree conception is at birth, as the DNA is passed on to that fetus at the moment of conception. It is the DNA that make YOU WHO YOU ARE, perhaps the soul is born as some would prefer to see it, and you lost that choice the moment that conception occurred on your watch. There are plenty of women who use a little something called contraceptives and it really isn’t that hard to take a pill a day. Now, that child is protected by the Constitution as a personhood. When the Supreme Court, (ROGUE JUSTICES AND ROBED HOUDINIS) said, “We do not deign to know went a human life begins,”well today we DO DEIGN TO KNOW and it is at conception. I can’t wait to see Roe v Wade repealed. The Supreme Court is supposed to INTERPRET THE CONSTITUTION not to make law by 9 unelected men and women who decide for millions what the law is or isn’t and unless I am truly mistaken, I do not see anywhere in the Constitution of the US where it says a word about killing the unborn, just about LIFE. PPH has made billions. It is time we take a break from the killing. You cannot argue with a Progressive, for they do not argue, discuss or debate, they attack because they have no foundation for any of their claims. Why don’t they stay in their respective states and we stay in ours, and let them endure the killing because they are unarmed and the criminals are not, the taxes will kill you, oh don’t die in New York, for after the inheritance and death tax, they take the gold from your teeth. Because they voted for it, so they should enjoy it and stay put. We need to quarantine these crazies to stop them from infecting anymore of us. Boy, those Mom’s in California out on Haight Ashbury used some really kick ass LSD to have such psychopaths as Debbie Wassermann Schultz.

  48. Abortions are murder so I guess if a quack does it it’s okay. The law was made for the protection of the mother.

  49. How about two(2) adages/old sayings,,her”put a cork in it”,,him”tie a knot in it”!!,,Quit expecting tax payers to pay for your LAZINESS !!

  50. Wouldn’t it be much better to teach women and girls to say NO!!!. And for all of us to teach men and boys to keep their pants buttoned up with all males and females learning self control rather than the current liberal philosophy of unlimited and often unprotected sex? How often does the sex act occur after either drinking or using pot when the parties lack control??? Why should anyone be responsible for these immoral acts?? If you do bad things then you should pay for those acts yourself. Why aren’t abortions performed under medical processes in a hospital? Why should abortions be a used as a way for contraception? Wouldn’t it be wise to limit abortions to cases of rape, mal formed embryos, life of the mother, incest and there could be a couple of other good reasons. But all of these actions should be under review and approval of medical staff conducted at a hospital.

  51. What in the hell does Males have the rights to what a female does with her body. Many of you sorry ass men do not take care of the children your sperm caused the conception and birth. Maybe you men can show the females you are smarter and lead THEM to the Plan Parenthood Clinics to obtain the Etonogestrel Implant birth control that last for three years.

  52. What we are really talking about here is the liberals ability to access free sex…

    • Well Mahb, a little sex might unwind your uptight disposition.

      • No thanks, you are not my type.

        • I was not offering, and based on your cheery disposition, no one has offered to you for quite some time.

          • I am just saying, you have a hard on for conservatives, but I didn’t realize it was that kind.

          • I’m a libertarian and have a hard on for no one but my lovely wife of 21 years.

            Unlike you, I hold judgement over no-one and don’t believe that everything that I post is 100% correct and backed by god himself.

            You really need to pull that big old stick out of your A$$.

          • Horse shit Bob… Don’t you think your comments above are passing judgements?
            I know it is hard for you to keep track of all the lies, but please try not to be a hypocrite as well.

            “Well Mahb, a little sex might unwind your uptight disposition.”
            “You really need to pull that big old stick out of your A$$.”

            You are what I call a demoralized cupcake…

          • I don’t lie mahb, I present facts. You’re just too Dense to grasp the facts as you live your own self serving agenda.

            And yes Mahb, a little sex might unwind your uptight disposition-try it, then you could work on that big old stick out of your A$$.

            For the record-your the hypocrite here mhab.

          • First off Bob, at the best you are not trustworthy, and at worst, you are a liar…

            From your writings, I find it doubtful that you are a true libertarian. In order to be a true independent libertarian you would have to consider conservative ideals and be willing to vote for a Republican… You show signs of neither.

            That means that you are most likely lying about being an independent and libertarian, like say Ron Paul, who is as you might know running as a Republican…. To tell you the truth, I trust nothing on the internet these days, including your claims.

            And given that you are probably NOT a libertarian, you are just another liberal posing as an independent or libertarian trying to infiltrate the libertarians like Boehner and McConnell (both liberals) have infiltrated the Republicans.

            On another front, I gave you of all the trolls the highest probability to actually prove one of my “uptight” theories wrong… But, you have fallen short on every single one, and then resulted to the tried and true insults that ALL liberal socialists trolls fall back on when they have lost an argument. When you fail to prove my theories wrong and fall back on insults, you only bolster my convictions that I am right…

            So as a favor to you, I am going to let you in on a secret, you have been brainwashed by a process called Ideological subversion… The guy in this video gives you zero chance of being saved, and has a very bleak outlook for you in the future..


            Congratulations on the marriage, that is an awesome accomplishment, that is if it is true…

          • So mahb,

            Let’s examine this pathetic cry for help,

            “First off Bob, at the best you are not trustworthy, and at worst, you are a liar”…

            What have I lied about mahb? Guys like you, who are the moral authorities on everything, love to calle people liars, but you always come up short on facts or proof of your accusations.

            Don ‘t call me a liar unless you can prove that I’m a liar-that in itself makes you a self absorbed narcissist and thanks for confirming that fact for me.

            “From your writings, I find it doubtful that you are a true libertarian. In order to be a true independent libertarian you would have to consider conservative ideals and be willing to vote for a Republican… You show signs of neither”.

            Well mahb, Sometimes I vote for republicans and sometimes I vote for democrats and it almost always gets down to the lesser of two evils. Unlike you, I not mired down into some rigid cult-like ideology that says everyone who disagrees with me or does not below to my church or political is wrong or evil.

            Yes Mahb, I am an ex-republican and bona fide libertarian and independent of your cult or the democratic party.

            “That means that you are most likely lying about being an independent and libertarian, like say Ron Paul, who is as you might know running as a Republican…. To tell you the truth, I trust nothing on the internet these days, including your claims”.

            “And given that you are probably NOT a libertarian, you are just another liberal posing as an independent or libertarian trying to infiltrate the libertarians like Boehner and McConnell (both liberals) have infiltrated the Republicans”.

            mahb plays the liberal card and as usual, anyone who has the nerve to disagree with his higher moral authority must me an evil liberal! Barry Goldwater was the last true republican and you sir have no clue as You are the one who is brainwashed.

            “On another front, I gave you of all the trolls the highest probability to actually prove one of my “uptight” theories wrong… But, you have fallen short on every single one, and then resulted to the tried and true insults that ALL liberal socialists trolls fall back on when they have lost an argument. When you fail to prove my theories wrong and fall back on insults, you only bolster my convictions that I am right”…

            Congratulations, that was your best verbal circle jerk yet!

            “So as a favor to you, I am going to let you in on a secret, you have been brainwashed by a process called Ideological subversion… The guy in this video gives you zero chance of being saved, and has a very bleak outlook for you in the future”..

            Good old Yuri Bezmenov, another cold war relic. You two have two things in common mahb, as both of you need and enemy to exist and pat yourself on the back as an expert on something. The other thing you two have in common is that you’re both propagandist, or at least Yuri was until he became extinct.

            You might solicit the help of a woodchuck to help dislodge the huge stick up your A$$ loser.


            5’m betting that you have one of these at home mahb?

          • You act like a liar, you insult like a liar, you run with the crowd of liars, I have proven you a liar in the past, you are a liar now. Liberals have no credibility, they have adopted the adage that the ends justify their means… I no longer give them the benefit of doubt. Only fools give liars the benefit of doubt.

            So deal with it and quit lying.

            Hey, have a great Thanksgiving.

          • Well Mahb,

            “You act like a liar, you insult like a liar, you run with the crowd of liars, I have proven you a liar in the past, you are a liar now”.

            Care to remind me of were you proved that I lied about something?
            I’m pretty sure that you have yet to “prove” anything other than rendering an opinion with an obvious agenda and you have No clue as to whom “I run with”.

            “Liberals have no credibility, they have adopted the adage that the ends justify their means… I no longer give them the benefit of doubt. Only fools give liars the benefit of doubt.”

            There you go with the “L” word again for anyone who has the nerve to disagree with you rigid opinion.

            I don’t don’t need to quite doing anything as I have yet to lie about anything.

    • Do reublicans have sex?

      • Kind of a personal question eh, a whole bunch of people abuse abortions and contraceptives these days.

        • Abuse contraceptives? How is that even possible? You would rather have unwanted babies and/or abortion instead of birth control?

          • Yes, abuse contraceptives for free sex, and abuse abortions so that they do not have to pay for their actions.

            Bottom line, contraceptives are NOT 100% effective, there will always be the chance for offspring, that is why it is morally wrong to have sex out of wedlock.

            If you do not want the child, do not have sex… That is the only 100% effective way of preventing “unwanted” children.

          • My guess is that you are not getting “any” so you are mad at those that are. My sex life, or anyone’s sex life, is of no concern to you or your other religious friends. Deal with it.

          • silly liberal… This has nothing to do with your sex life, it does have to do with saving lives from those morally bankrupt.

            I will take this as a deflection, and that you see my point that abortions are indeed about a liberals access to free sex.

          • It amazes me you think Democrats are the only ones having sex….

          • Did I say Democrats? Me bad, Let me be clear.

            Liberals are misusing contraceptives and abortion to obtain free sex.

          • Define free sex. Sex in marriage?

          • Sex without accepting the responsibility of rearing the offspring that might happen because of that sexual act.

    • No. You are not just talking about liberals. For instance, the poster girl for the abstinence program, Bristol Palin, is a Republican. She has been pregnant twice out of wedlock. REPUBLICANS HAVE SEXT TOO!!! EVEN OUT OF WEDLOCK!!!!!!

  53. Bryan W. Carpenter

    How can it be called, “health care” when it terminates by murdering a human and selling the body parts for profit? I’m glad my mother agreed with me. I wish yours had too so we wouldn’t be discussing this right now and my taxes wouldn’t fund “Murder for Hire” aka Planned Parenthood.

  54. Maybe they should consider planning parenthood BEFORE engaging in sexual relations.

    • Married couples? Are you kidding? No birth control 100 percent

    • Thats what planned parenthood is all about. Family planning.

    • Maybe men should think about their sexual activities in general. Men are why women get pregnant. Women cannot get pregnant by themselves.

      • Short of rape, men don’t get women pregnant without prior permission. You’re correct that it takes two to tango so both parties should consider the consequences of their actions but it’s the women who were belly aching here.

        • Thats because.the women almost always.bear the brunt of any pregnancy. Huge responsibilty… physical, mental and very expensive. Potentially career wrecking. If course women care more than men!

          • Tracy – I suppose you intended to say that women care more than men AFTER the birth. If they cared more BEFORE their indiscretion, the unwanted pregnancy would likely be avoided altogether.
            I’ll agree with you that both parties should be held accountable after the birth. I don’t think it’s possible to legislate morality, as the law in question seems to attempt, but it certainly doesn’t force women to do anything more than accept the consequences of their actions by making options more difficult.

        • Totally agree here with you LH Twist, she just gave up her, “choice” when she hopped on that mattress or whathaveyou to have sex without protection, protection is not abortion, it does not allow reproduction. At least in The Republic of Texas, a woman now has to have her abortion on her own dime, or on her own private insurance. BUT we defunded all state monies from PPH butchers and stealers of souls, a woman HAS to watch a 90 minute sonogram of her baby in her womb, then she has to go home and think about it for 4 days. THOSE ARE RESTRICTIONS. We have also taken the bureaucratic red tape of waiting for adoptions, opened care centers for women who know they do not want to be mothers, AND THAT IS OK, for we are not all cut out to be moms. But there are now places where she can go, sit for 9 and have the baby and leave back wherever she wants to go. P. Kathy Kleiman San Antonio, The Republic of Texas

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  56. It ought to be a federal law that the woman has to say who the dad is in an unwanted pregnancy and notify him to see if he wants the child or anyone in his family and see to it that the woman carries that child full term and hands the baby over when it is born…

    • You going to lock up the woman? Force feed her healthy foods? Keep sharp instruments away? Make her stop doing drugs? Ciggarettes? Alcohol? Pay for prenatal care and delivery? Finance child $230,000 cost of raising thru age 17. Who pays for college? What if the mother is an illegal? What if baby is severely disabled and father doesnt want it, as most dont?

  57. Abortion is murder and it is time for people to see it for what it is. I bring this up due to this statement, “Abortion is not a moral good, no matter how much Cecile Richards and the other feminist whackadoos claim that it is. If abortion is a moral good, then so is suicide.” Abortion kills the human being that has not yet been born, not yet born does not make you less human, it just makes you helpless to defend your life. Those who stand against the murder of the unborn need to stop using the term abortion and call it what it is , murder.

  58. Nope, it is the same old rhetoric they used in getting abortion passed in the first place, touting “back ally illegal abortions they hurt women, has never had any real studies done on it and then, these abortionist who were aborting women’s babies were doing is illegally but the PPH gave these “back alley dangerous abortionists,’ nice offices to do abortions the right way. Yeah, right. Then it was women doing it themselves, which has never been proven, but what has is that women are still having their babies themselves and are dumping them into bathrooms in Dairy Queen bathrooms, or simply at the nearest dumpster, which was all done while PPH was in business. NO, the same song and dance, but a new generation to brainwash. But it no longer happens in the Republic of Texas, the PPH gets absolutely NO MONIES FROM TAXPAYERS and if they still want an abortion,they have to go through their own insurances and even then, by law, they mother has to sit for 90 minutes watching their own child in their womb, then they have to go home and think about it for 4 days. WE do have studies on this and 96 % of the women who see their child in their womb do not have an abortion. The Republic of Texas has also made the red tape, bureaucratic long waits for a child and cut them in half, and they have opened more clinics for pregnant mothers offering more thaN PPH ever did, PPH only had 1, count them 1 mammogram machine in the US! No, we are the Republic of Texas and OperationTexasSecede already has the signatures to get out of this “Cursed Alliance” for God has given us such a bounty, we no longer want the national sins of abortion and gay marriage on our heads. As I don’t believe we will really even have elections by then all Obama the Traitor has to do is to call in a jihad against the US, but then, most of those states do not have a TX NAVY, TX COASTGUARD, TX AIR, TX MILITIAS AND THE TX GUARD WHO IS DIRECTLY ORDERED BY THE GOVERNOR. Then there are the TEXAS RANGERS, TX BORDER GUARDS, and let us never forget the citizenry’s own firepower, as we are an open carry state. But we, unlike all of the states, except America,we do have our own DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE that we won at Goliad and San Jacinto, from a sovereign nation of Mexico And in that, Article 1, Section 2, we have : “The political power is, at all times in the hands of the people, who have the inalienable right to reform, abolish or change to any manner which seems expedient to them.” That is what I would call standing and precedence, We do not need America, but America definitely needs us. For almost 3/4 of all of the nation’s natural gas and oil come to them courtesy of pipelines that originate in our Lone Star State. And, almost 1/3 of the world’s drilling is right off of OUR GULF OF MEXICO, in Galveston and let us never forget one of the largest shipping ports in the US, Houston, which is the nation’s 4th largest city, and if we figured the Gross National Product out as a nation, we would come up 14th, only behind Canada and Russia. We also have already come up with #12 out of #20 laws we are ready to pass, for instance, all people coming in to this Republic, will have to show an ID. NO ONE COMES IN UNLESS WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE. That is the number one function of the govt,and we are leaderless and not clueless. Obama has already said,If there is a war, I will stand on the side of the Muslims. So no, of course he will not lead any coalition against his own Sunni people, I see this as a CONFLICT OF INTEREST as being against the oath he took when he began his coup. Rather his first term. Either he steps down, or someone takes him down, but we do not want a Muslim who cares more for his Muslim babies and widows that our American babies and widow. This is a clear violation, He must be stopped, as he will not help with the coalition forces to take down the Islamist terror jihadist, and what I know of them, they all read the same book, so they are all radical Sharia Koran thumping terrorists. and there is absolutely no way to vet them. Maybe, if he really cares, as he protesteth too much, he would have them sent to his favorite vacation spot, Martha’s Vineyard, or to Hollywood, or to Brentwood, or how’s about Beverly Hills. Yeah they would just love that one. We have had to struggle with the “alien invasion of last summer,” and we just cannot give them jobs which should go to Americans first. So, sorry Mr. President, you didn’t get one thing you wanted, hell, you got everything else and are with your family in Indonesia, so stay there for you wouldn’t want to me in the Mosque House when ISIS blows it to kingdom come, I would really not want to be in your shoes when your knees will bow and your mouth will proclaim that Jesus is Christ. Allah, might not be so happy about it, but you will meet him soon enough…in Hell.

  59. Gotta love these articles that tell it like it is (or should be) and would be if people were really honorable and caring about the innocent among us. Most people have bleeding hearts for animals, but none for tiny helpless human beings. Abortion is about the worst thing that “society” has foisted upon womanhood. Feminazis will defend a “woman’s right” to the death, as long as it’s a baby’s death – never mind the baby’s “RIGHT”!

  60. Gee so what Cecil Richards is saying here then is that OBAMACARE is not working then, because I know for a
    fact that every Insurance Policy under Obamacare is mandated that they must have abortion care provided and
    that any HOSPITAL must honor these policies right? Seems like someone is Lying to us. Either it is HHS stating
    that Obamacare is taking care of us all or Cecil Richards is lying who is it?

  61. well anything that anybody can do to stop murdering babies is alright by me …and killing babies doesn’t have anything to do with anything except murdering babies …healthcare doesn’t even come into play… don’t sound to healthy for the child there murdering does it

  62. “This important new research paints an alarming picture of the future”! You mean like raising your child yourself after having sex? That would be alarming.

  63. In the early ’70’s, when Planned Parenthood scared the parents by saying they were getting “back ally abortionists” and that it was dangerous, and all that did was to put that same abortionist in nice clinics, same old song they had to get Roe v Wade passed, are the same tactics they are using now. Same old song, just another generation. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM

    • How Profound,
      That’s like saying, in the 1890’s, they performed lobotomies with rusty nails and now they perform them with sterile surgical instruments and now only one on 500 dies from infection.

  64. No one is “forcing” them to kill their own child. It is their own choice.

  65. Planned Parenthood is upset …. they’re missing out on selling all those body parts.

  66. Quit caring for a murder of babies……unless it was a rape their is not reason for these women to have sympathy of any kind! Quit and stop the brainwashing you receive or have received and get on to living with the attitude that is correct for the
    times We are living in…which effects us all!


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