Texas Democrat: Trump’s “Attitude” Has Americans Ready for Reparations

In one of the sillier arguments for slavery reparations we’ve yet heard, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee appeared on MSNBC Tuesday to claim that America was ready to give away the farm to “descendants of slavery,” mostly because they’re sick and tired of President Donald Trump’s “attitude.”

“The commission would study reparation proposals,” Jackson Lee told Andrea Mitchell. “We would not dictate to the commission its design but, clearly, it would be designed for those descendants of slavery.

“Tragically,” she continued, “250 years of slavery in the United States for those enslaved Africans did not receive workman’s comp, salary, 401(k), or anything, and literally built the wealth of the United States and Europe. That’s why it was called the trans-Atlantic slave trade, taking enslaved Africans from Africa, frankly, from many parts of Africa. This commission would have the authority appointed by the President, the Majority Leader, the Speaker, and scholars, to really dig deep, something that we have never done before and to design the response.”

Jackson Lee continued to tell Mitchell why she thought the time was right to tackle the controversial concept of reparations, a politically-unpopular cause that has seen very little support among voters.

“I think America is ready for this because of what we have been going through in the last couple of weeks, because of the attitude of our Commander-in-Chief, and because of what we have seen,” Jackson Lee argued, saying a whole lot of nothing in a whole lot of words. “The dastardly impacts of white nationalism, white supremacy, and outright racism that has impacted others but certainly has impacted over the decades and centuries African-Americans, the descendants of enslaved Africans.”

What, exactly, have we “been going through in the last couple of weeks” that has prepared the country for giving away billions of dollars to the supposed descendants of slaves? Did we sleep through something important? She’s…she’s not talking about Trump’s Baltimore remarks, is she? Oh, surely not. That would be idiotic, even for Jackson Lee.

But it’s clear that the election of Donald Trump has convinced Democrats that they/the media/academia have been too soft on the issue of racism for too long. Dammit, we let them forget about it, and they went and elected a damn Klan Wizard, those yokels! They don’t seem to realize how deeply they have offended white working class Americans who, far from forgetting about racism, are sick of having their “privilege” waved under their noses every time they turn on a television set. So with that mistaken worldview in mind, they are doubling down on the very rhetoric that lost them those voters in the first place.

Oh well, it’s their funeral.

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