Terrorist Group Stages Deadly Riots as U.S. Opens New Embassy in Jerusalem

The terrorist group that calls the shots in Gaza – a lamentable construction of human garbage known as Hamas – puts Palestinians in harm’s way on Monday by encouraging young, hot-headed civilians to riot and break through the barriers in a demonstration against the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. Palestinians, encouraged, funded, and brainwashed by the terrorist leaders, flew incendiary kites over into Israeli territory, attempted to cut through the fences with bolt-cutters, and told media organizations that they would “kill” Israeli soldiers and citizens if they made it through to the other side.

Naturally, these violent Palestinians are the “victims,” now that Israel has done nothing more or less than protect the peace. According to Hamas (a legitimate source for papers like The New York Times), at least 43 Palestinians have been killed since the riots began. Hundreds more have been wounded. What are the real figures? We don’t know and probably won’t know for some time. But even if these are the correct numbers, how is it that this is Israel’s fault? Did Israel FORCE these Palestinians to storm the border with their bombs and rocks and bolt-cutters and burning kites? No. Not hardly. And any other sovereign country in the world would have taken the exact same measures to protect their ground – including the United States.

Read this description from the Times of Israel: “Protesters set tires on fire, sending thick plumes of black smoke into the air at several spots along the border, while the military said protesters assaulted the border fence and hurled rocks at soldiers. Several incendiary kites were flown toward Israel. One fell in a field outside Kibbutz outside Mefalsim, sparking a fire. Israeli firefighters and emergency personnel are at the scene.”

These are not pebble-throwing, innocent kids that Israeli soldiers are shooting. We’re not going to go as far as to label every protester a terrorist or even to make the claim that no innocent person was hurt in the confusion. Israel’s not perfect, and any violent situation has the potential to claim collateral damage. But the fact remains that these people would not be in harm’s way if it weren’t for the anti-semitic teachings laid into them from the time they’re old enough to educate. This is a theocratic, backwards region where the main ideology is “hatred for Jews.” Let’s not mince words and let’s not pretend things are something other than they are.

Israel, now and always, has the right to defend themselves. And if Hamas and the Palestinian Authority cared as much for their citizens as they did about generating “international sympathy” from the terrorist states they call allies, they would discourage them from doing what they’re doing right now.



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