Teen Vogue to Young Girls: “Abortion is Popular!”

As not-very-avid readers of Teen Vogue in its heyday, we can’t say for sure when it made the switch from teenage fashion mag to left-wing propaganda for girls. Maybe they’ve always been that. Whatever they used to be, though, they are certainly embracing their role as an indoctrination pamphlet these days. In addition to relentless anti-Trump stories, the magazine just published a piece from writer Caitlyn Cruz, in which she assures teen girls that, despite what they may hear from parents, peers, clergy, or Republicans, abortion is, like, super popular!

You want to be popular, don’t you girls?

“Abortion is almost always presented as a divisive and contentious issue,” Cruz writes.

But that, she says, is not really the case. Despite the polls bearing out that abortion is very much a contentious and divisive issue, Cruz contends that it’s all just made up in the service of the right-wing agenda.

“The truth is, though, abortion is largely condoned,” Cruz writes. “One could even say abortion is popular. And while abortion may become more divisive when you dive into party identification, many other societal markers show that the medical procedure and the freedom it allows remain popular issues.”

We suppose that anything that attracts somewhere around 50% support from 300+ million Americans could be deemed “popular” in a certain sense, but we’re not quite understanding Cruz’s point here. Is she suggesting that popularity conveys moral rightness? Somewhere around 45% of Americans support President Trump. Does that mean we can say that Trump is neither “contentious” nor “divisive?” Somehow, we doubt Caitlyn Cruz would concur.

But back to our question: Does it matter how popular abortion is? Does that say anything about whether or not it is “right”?

And, indeed, even National Abortion Federation’s Dr. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale admits that it does not.

“The majority of people in this country want us to have safe, compassionate, quality health care,” she told Teen Vogue. “Even if that were not true, [if] the majority didn’t agree, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to deny women safe, compassionate, quality health care. This is a basic human right that cannot be denied because of numbers, and a majority of people know that.”

Ohhh. We get it. So if it’s popular, that’s a point in favor of abortion. But if it isn’t, then it doesn’t matter because, well, what we say goes and that’s the end of the debate. Oh, and we love that we’re now using “safe, compassionate, quality health care” as a synonym for abortion. That’s rich.

“Abortion may have incredibly vocal opponents, but polling that’s been conducted since before abortion was legal shows that reproductive choice was and remains popular,” Cruz concludes. “Maybe it’s time for the national media to treat abortion supporters as the loudest voices in the room.”

Yes, we’re all waiting for the national media to finally give abortion supporters the respect they deserve.


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